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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  July 10, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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as news 4 scott mcfar lane and the i-team reports it's the latest inside this local medical center. good afternoon. news 4 has learned feds shuttered that operating room three hours late last week and they postponed the surgeries they were scheduled to
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this is a growing list of issues inside this hugely important local medical center. it's about 100,000 patients a year. in this case, an air filter failed, we were told, triggering spiking heat and humidity inside the operating room itself. in early spring the agency order prepares potentially dangerous cracks in the floor in the surgery center and holes in the walls inside the medical center. inspectors also found a cockroach infestation in the area in 2015 and the u.s. congress is investigating, too, a patient's body went undiscovered for nearly two days in the parking lot outside. the agency failed to fine the man, despite calls from his family to do so. it was irrelevant, she was frustrated by the inaction and searched and found the body herself, on site. the agency has reassigned the head of the va medical center to the new job at headquarters, did so in april under scrutiny for
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inside. he's still on the payroll. at least he is for now pending disciplinary action, back to you. >> thanks, scott. first at 4, police say he shot his stepfather and then posted pictures of the crime on social media. >> it's a disturbing crime that spilled into the courtroom today with dramatic reaction from family. beverly just faced a judge. it's not the first time he's been in judge with the law. tracee kiwilkins with the new details. >> reporter: this is not the first time he was in trouble with the law. i just found out, they tell me that he was not even suppose to be in that house to have the opportunity to commit this murder, that he had been told to stay away from that home and that that stay away order was issued by the victim who was killed on saturday. let me take you back saturday. according to the prince georges county police
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ber beverly killed his stepfather inside of that home in buoy. they say this happened saturday morning, indeed, it was the victim's wife and mother of the suspect who called police who said my husband has killed my son, have the police come to the home to find the father's lifeless body there inside of the garage. now, in a bizarre twist to all of this, navar took pictures laid on the ground next to his stepfather's lifeless body and took pictures and posted them on twitter. this is all a part of this investigation. here now from the state's attorney office how those social media post will impact this investigation. >> the pictures are part of the evidence. there's not any ramp on prosecution, that becomes part of the evidence, certainly it makes this case even more shocking and even more sad, as i
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this and then attempted, apparently, proudly to share it with the entire world. but that does not change the way we prosecute the case. that will simply be part of the evidence. >> now police are saying initially beverly ran away from the home, he was caught just a short distance away from the house and taken into custody and then, again, today held without bond, the judge saying that he is an absolute threat to the community. now, after the hearing, beverly then began to yell at his attorney and also at the judge, saying i want to speak, of course, the hearing had already ended. he then said i answer to the law and then said, that he was hit by a satellite. he said name me one person hit by a satellite that was me. he was forcibly removed from out of range from the camera we couldn't see what happened after that. we assume taken back to his cell after that. we'll have more on what happened today in court. it was a
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reporting live, i'm tracee wilkins back to you in the studio. chopper 4 over the scene after helicopter from joint base andrews had to make an emergency landing. the chopper landed at lee field in tacoma park. a maintenance light came on, crews landed the helicopter as a precaution, they created a scene for the softball camp and using the same field for practice this morning. >> came out and talked to the crew. they said they were having a little bit of a problem around the last propeller. they said they were sending another crew to come and get it, they said we can go ahead and keep doing what we do here. >> maintenance crews checked out the chopper and gave it the all clear to fly back to the base. >> it's a case that made international headlines, a year later there are still a lot of questions surrounding the death of rich. rich staffer was shot and killed on the way home from a
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in dc. there have been no arrests in the case. today news 4 collins met with the police chief to discuss this. what did you learn today, pat. >> reporter: i'm here because that's where the police chief is doing a crime walk. i came here to talk about the murder case that occurred across town in the bloomingdale section of northwest. you see, it was one year ago today that seth rich was shot and killed as he was walking to his home while he was only about a block and a half away from his home when he got shot and killed. seth rich was 27 years old. he worked with the democratic national committee. so far no arrests, no suspects. here now an update from police chief pete. >> it's a horrible case. yo
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home. looks like it was a robbery, unnecessarily lost a life on our city streets. we don't have a lot of new information, the case we're continuing to urge folks, if they've heard something or if they saw something, no matter how insignificant they may think it is. give us a call. conspiracy theorist trying to link it to the dnc e-mail scandal. i can say, we don't have anything to suggest that it was any way related to his employment. >> robbery gone bad. >> that's what it appears to be, yes, sir. >> now, to those conspiracy theorists, this statement from seth ri rich's parents today, please cease using seth as a political football in a predetermin predetermined political na narrative. how did it effect the way people are living in bloomingdale today come back at 5:00 and we'll talk about that, th
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you, pat. turning now to the weather, most of us could hit the 90-degree mark this afternoon and believe us when we say today will be the coolest day we're going to get for a while. >> all right. folks, get ready to feel the factor, that's turning it up at the storm center. how hot are we talking here. >> you can see it in national harbor, hazy, hot and humid. that's exactly what we're talking. i think we'll see the warmest numbers we've seen so far this year. 95 degrees, i think we get to 96 tomorrow and hotter. we are at that 90 degree mark, wouldn't that be nice. temperature there 83 degrees, now up to 95 degrees. so it is hot and it is humid out there and the hot up there so far coming in this year over the next couple of days, the heat index near 105, that puts us near advisory level, we'll talk much more about this ng
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chance of thunderstorm, i'll mention that as well and see if that came back. >> thank you, doug. it's been nearly a week since someone ran over a transgender woman and took off. dc police are still looking for the driver. her friends believe it was -- they join us live from the scene of the accident. megan, what else are the friends telling you about this? >> reporter: well, pat, the victim's friends tell us right now she's in a local hospital fighting for her life. they say it all started because of an argument. i want to show your, they tell us they were walking with a group of friends when they were approached by some guys at that over pass. they got into an argument but they continued to walk down here. when they reached -- just before they reached fourth and k that's when devon washington was struck. we spoke with her friends, they said they did not want their identities to be revealed. >> we were outside just, you know, just hanging out.
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>> she says 26-year-old devaughn washington, who goes by the name boo boo and a group of friends were walking home on july 5th. she said two men inside a dark colored car stopped them and wanted to speak with washington, but she wasn't interested. they continued walking up k street. that driver ran over washington and took off. >> when she was hit, it happened so fast that none of us had time to think but call 911. don't move her body, because she went all the way in the air. and we were panicking because she wasn't moving. she wasn't cautious at this time. >> now, police aren't saying if washington was targeted because she's transgender. they're telling us that the lgbt unit is helping with this investigation. as for her condition, police aren't seeing anything more about that, but we do know that witnesses told police they're looking for a dark
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back, they're asking anyone who has information about this to contact them right away. back to you. >> megan fitzgerald, thank you, megan. wedding day tragedy, park employee accused of killing a wedding caterer after arguing over chairs, now the case heads to trial. >> also first at 4:00, pay up while you could be penalized for not taking advantage of something in your car. >> plus going public, a former lawmaker reveals a personal health struggle. >> it's not about me, it's a way to convey a problem that millions of americans face. >> and remember, we're always working for you, even during the break. >> check out storm team 4 and the top stories on our app
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it came as a surprise to many people. edwards reveals she has multiple sclerosis. she made the revelation at the washington post asking congress to not pass the gop health care plan. edwards said she was diagnosed about a year ago after taking a fall on a bike. >> that prompted another set of test. it was to the second round that
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with ms. she said you never know when you'll need health care. >> this can happen to anybody, i mean, i was extraordinarily healthy. any one of us can have something we ought to have a health care system that understands that. she said she's not ruling out another run for office down the road. >> emotions running high in a fairfax county courtroom. that's where a teenage parks department summer employee charged with stabbing a wedding caterer to death. she just left the courtroom after listening to opening
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statements. >> reporter: the victim's mother left the courtroom in tears. it captured some of her final words. the explanation, oh, you just shot me. that cell phone recording came from the phone of the defendant. he was the seasonal parks department employee at a wedding and reception at fairfax county facility. prosecutors say from the start of the evening, vaughn confronted the wedding party pointing out they were breaking rules in the contract like taping signs up on the wall and putting flower pedals on the floor. in time, the bride and groom and others turned on him, ridiculing him. one threatening to smack him. it all came to a head at the end of the night when the victim accused the chef, the caterer of taking the when she was packing
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up. . they say he was defending himself when the caterer reached out to choke him. victim's friends, though, they see vaughn as the antagonist. . we wouldn't be here and -- if he had allowed them to finish, he would still be allowed. >> both the victim's friends have turned many supporters of this teenage defendant. now coming up, you'll hear some of the key evidence from the cell phone audio and different interpretation provided by both the prosecution and the defense. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. thousands of people are fleeing trying to get out of the way of fires out west. the so-called walls fire has hurt four people and
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homes in northern california, nearly 5,400 buildings are in the fire's path. we're told more than a thousand firefighters are battling flaming from the ground from helicopters overhead, nearby 15 wolves were evacuated because of spreading wild fires in western nv nvr. >> meanwhile here it's just hot. . it is a hot one. the in full effect. hot and humid. take a look outside. 13 miles per hour. current heat index in the city is now 95 degrees. it is a hot one, for sure. 91 in leesburg.
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temperatures we're looking at 95 in dc. 93 back towards leesburg, yeah and this is going to be, as you mentioned earlier today. the coolest day so far this week is the coolest day of the week until we get to friday. a lot of severe werth, parts of ohio. looks like it's moving our way. not going to get here. take a look at the wider picture. this is all moving around up to the north and riding along that front. we still need so see some rain as we've been very very dry. we saw quite a bit of rain. we still need to see some of that, only an isolated chance of thunderstorm. humid conditions arn the noon hour, around 92 degrees by 2:00. 96 by 4:00. that's the high temperature tomorrow and i think that will be hit tomorrow and it's so tomorrow will be the hottest day of thea
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as we move on through the day wednesday and thursday. how about your humidity as we move on. that heat index on your tuesday, starting off tomorrow, 81 at 7:00, that's going to be hot and humid. here we go. 101 around 2:00. 101 in fredericksburg and leesburg. by tomorrow night, as many of us are getting off work, 99 dc, but wednesday, even more humid. we'll see a temperature at 8:00 in the morning, working our way up to near 100 by noon and watch what happens by the afternoon, up to 104 and we get to advisory level at about 105. we could see a hit on wednesday, but i think we'll see a hit during the day on thursday. going for high temperature thursday of 98 degrees. we get 96 tomorrow. hot and humid on wednesday, 98 on thursday, i think that heat index is going to be 103 to 108 on thursday, so incredibly hot day thursday by far theho
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chance of storms, best chance of storms coming up on friday with high temperature of friday. get ready for the heat moving on. >> can you tell the difference between 104 and 105 what it feels like. >>. we know a wrestless night. possible link and alzheimer's disease. first parents willing to do anything to help their son provide including the journey
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it took crews hours to clean it up. >> yeah, expect to see scaffolding going up soon at alexandria city hall that building is getting a new and the breakfast sign is going to be restored. part of the current city hall dates back to 1871 with an additional adding as 1961. meetings normally held will be relocated to during this work and expected to be finished by september. first at 4:00, new hope for a terminally ill baby. >> british court gave his parents until wednesday to gave the decision came after an emotional and 11-month old. -- and the hospital wants to
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. paying the price, a nasty surprise for thousands of drivers not on the road, folks, but in your wallet. why you can be forced to pay up to something you're not even using. >> and your brain, new at 4:30 the potential link
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well. >> tracking some intense summer heat that's about to make the nation's capitol fizzle. >> if you're an easy past customer, you should read the fine print. >> turns out if you've got one of those easy pass, you could be hit with a penalty for not carpooling. new at 4:30, transportation reporter is tracking the story. he joins uts now live at the express lanes. >> what do you do in all of this. . the reason there is because vdot said the transponders are more expensive than a regular easy pass
4:31 pm
therefore you should have to make up the difference if you're not using the hov and carpool function. the problem here is that so many drivers, we're told. >> he's actually calling it a hidden fee. >> so adam, how do you avoid getting hit with that fee. can you avoid it? >> yeah, you absolutely can, there's the question what you should do if you want to avoid getting hit with the $10 fee. a lot of this comes in an e-mail capacity. within a six-month period you have the hov this flex transponder and carpool in the
4:32 pm
express lane or you can simply put this in for regular flex or regular transponder, i'm sorry. you can see it getting all confusing here and people wondering why to get to first place. you could be facing that $10 penalty, guys. >> thanks, adam. who reportedly said that she had information to help the trump campaign. blaine alexander lye on capitol hill, blayne, explain this one for us. >> reporter: well, leon as we're kobting to learn more and more about this, here on capitol hill is telling nbc news the lawmakers may be interested in speaking with trump, jr. about this meeting, he
4:33 pm
involving the son and meeting during the 2016 campaign. >> don, jr. took a very short meeting, for which there was absolutely no follow up. >> they first reported on the meeting, which included then campaign manager paul manafort and the president's son-in-law, jared kushner now a top white house adviser. trump, jr. acknowledged they did meet with ties to the kremlin who reportedly promised information damaging to hillary clinton's campaign. the president's son in a tweet the talk went nowhere, adding his father had no knowledge of the meeting with the russian attorney. >> in fact, by even taking the meeting, they knew that he would be compromising himself because that's what's happened here. >> today trump, jr. said he's happy to cooperate if called by congress, as the white house defends those meetings president's
4:34 pm
with his own meeting. lawmakers ridiculing a plan for the two countries to work together to prevent cyber hacking. >> i also think it's like the road runner working with the coyote to ban dangerous acne products. >> the president himself admits he doubt it will actually happen. meanwhile on that meeting between the president's son and the russian attorney. today a spokesperson said it had no knowledge of any such contact between the two and does not even know who that attorney is, pat. >> all right, blayne alexander, thanks blayne. they have chosen michelle obama to present a courage award to his family during the wednesday's espy award. back in the late 1960s to
4:35 pm
she died in 2009. her sister rosemary was mentally disabled. the heat on for sure, looks like it's doing to stay that way, heat index 95. but it's only going to be going up over the next few days and take a look at the temperatures that we've got out here as we move on through the next few days, 96 tomorrow. 9 95 wednesday. i think we could be advisory level as far as heat advisory goes as heat index could be 105 degrees maybe more than that, thursday being the hottest day and we'll talk more about this. if you're not getting a good night sleep, you probably need to hear this. why some doctors say there could be a link between how well you sleep and alzheimer's. and ahead at 5:00, we're getting the details of a new dtudy that coul
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new information this afternoon about our quality of sleep and our risk for dementia. >> erika edwards explains the link and what you could do to sleep better. sleep expert says too many wrestless nights could lead to a variety of health issues. >> problems like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. >> we may need to add alzheimer's disease to that list. when people don't sleep well, their brain cells don't get a chance to rest. >> the doctor tracked the sleep habits of 17 healthy people at home. and it also had to spend two nights in her sleep lab in washington university's school of medicine in st. louis. each time the participating to deep sleep, a beeping monitor would rouse them out of it and into lighter
4:40 pm
cause it to rise in their spinal fluid. >> also when they look at the home sleep, the worse they sleep, the more it increased. that are proteins that are involved in alzheimer's disease. >> one or two, should not cause long-term damage. the concern is for chronic sleep despra va depravati depravation. >> if you're not getting enough sleep over months and months. >> sleep experts advise, staying away from caffeine, alcohol and electronics before bed. erika edwards, nbc news. >> so with getting super sleep, really deep sleep to help prevent the alzheimer's, another research product looking into that. the answer could be out soon. >> never get enough. >> super sleep. >> well, some people never get enough shopping. hi
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be talking about amazon's prime day, what you need to know before you shop and why some retailers are trying to swoop in with some better deals. >> would you rather get more sleep or shopping. >> have to think about that. >> think about that. >> plus someone in our area is a millionai re the students of strayer university. time has taught us, the strength in them is in us all. and to all who seek their true potential, we say, let's get it, america.
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four things to know this afternoon. and we're involved in it and they say but the suspects ran - ran -- -- medical center had to be shutdown. >> today
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neighborhood. and -- and -- >> retailers are hoping to take a pie and bigger winner in this frenzy, sales -- and add anything to your shopping cart. >> this time, usually, and it's really kind of jump starting and getting the retailers which is giving us in july, you've got to love that. >> an estimated 79 million people subscribed to amazon prime and the retail giant is looking to gain more subscribers
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and the bandwagon and retailers such as target and toys r us are offering deals electronics and promoting up to 60% on everything. sears is calling its sale a summer splash event. >> and search prime day. amazon prime is so popular. they'll have shipping throughout the
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>> yeah, i mean, it is one of those things. >> at my house waiting. and unfortunately it happened again a maryland state trooper recovering now after traffic -- and west georgia counties. and moved down to pull a vehicle over and a truck hit him from behind. the truck was charged with
4:48 pm
this is now at least a maryland trooper has been injured. a local college reaches the beyond campus borders to teach healthy habits, they'll take the patrons water in minnesota. >> it could be the restaurant, this is a business deal, ahead at 5:00, kristin wright explains the latino community and sugary drinks and tell us why there's more to it breaking up people with sugar addiction. >> if you had to shop for glasses, it's not easy to pick out the perfect pair, you can get overwhelmed there are so many choices, they all look good on you, right. >> but are there really significant differences beten
4:49 pm
revealing why much of what you see when shopping for glasses may be an illusion. i've got three prescriptions now. that's where my eyes are going. that's the direction i'm looking. >> i've got parker on my speed dial. so, any way, we'll see you soon with those stories and a lot more. >> monday. >> leopard print ones. >> yeah, baby. >> you'll be surprised. >> all right. >> you never know. >> thank you guys. see you in a bit. >> doug, are we going to cool off any tonight. >> you know, not much. tonight is going to be humid night. that's the thing. it's the heat and humidity, that's the thing that you feel. it's the humidity and out there right now. kurc current heat index, 95 degrees, that picture shows you the hazy, hot and humid across our region. current temperatures sitting at 90 degrees. temperat
4:50 pm
did put night, it will be humid. it won't be too bad. we'll take about doing the barbecue out back. might be too warm and humid for that. 89 currently, under ground temperatures, only in the lower 80s here. 88 degrees up towards riverdale and coming in at 85. there are some showers and thunderstorms moving in. normally, you see them back towards ohio, they're a little our way, and look at the showers making their way into parts of maryland and it's dying off as we head towards and we'll see anything over night. if we were to see anything, it will be well to our northwestern part of northwestern maryland, that's going to be about it. tomorrow it is all about the heat. tuesday planning e 75 degrees at 7:00 a.m. 89, if not 90 by noon. yeah, we'll call it a hot lunch. that's what it's going to be
4:51 pm
isolated afternoon storm. any day this week we can see an isolated storm, best chance will be on friday. the big deal will be humidity. it's ton t it's on the muggy side. we have advisory level, humidity between friday and thursday, i think we're close to 100 with that heat index by wednesday and thursday and close to 105 and advisory level, i'm calling thursday weather alert day here at nbc 4 for the simple fact we will be at 98 degrees. the hottest temperature, i expect heat index about over 105 today on thursday, call the weather alert day. they'll do it and could see that advisory on wednesday, as well. friday, that's the best chance for storm, temperature around 90 degrees and into the weekend, not looking too bad.
4:52 pm
saturday with most of the weekend looking dry and we'll be back. >> thank you, doug. >> well, if you play, check your power ball tickets, you could be a millionaire or something close to one. no one snagged the big jet, but there was a million dollars ticket sold in manassas. they were bought at the in and out mart, the winning numbers were 8, 10, 29, 40, 59 and the power ball was 27. the million dollars ticket match the first five numbers and only miss the power ball. >> we've got the out of luck part. >> that's why i'm here. >> you need to shop somewhere else. >> all right, folks. listen you' got to stop what you're doing. you've got to watch this next story. check out this video. this is a very very creative way that a man managed to get out of the way of money in the bulls in
4:53 pm
spain. >> you check that out. >> some move, wasn't it. >> he flipped completely over. the crowds there immediately cheered this guy and they shared the video all over instagram. not everyone, though, has been so good. the man from virginia beach, one of the five people said the festival starts on friday. >> that's pretty cool. yeah. >> they'll do that any way. >> all those people. they're all in their right mind. >> they liked being chased. very short. >> you're not one of them. >> no. >> all right, now for weeks have been what they call commute from hell. today was the day. so was the crunch of the big apple. >> that's expected, news 4 first at 4:00.
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later tonight, metro will start a new project to improve service on the red line. the transit agent will be testing out waterproofing technique to shutdown parking insulator. they'll be single tracking between the center starting on weeknights. and it's on weekend. we're suspected to go through early august. >> after more than a year of metro track repair, commuters now know what it's like to deal with all of the service interruptions. >> they start making emergency tracks, nbc mike found out how passengers are bearing it. >> they made it to penn station. this is the first time that many of these commuters had to change their route or start out earlier to deal with the beginning of our transit summer of hell. >> i just woke up to the earlier train and transferred at jamaica. >> how did it go so far this
4:58 pm
we didn't have no problem. so hopefully there's no changes. >> there's concern about rerouting suburban commuters on to new york city subways. >> in a normal atmosphere, that would not be a problem. with trains already as crowded as they are and subject to break down. it's doing to make that situation worse. >> the people we spoke with are cautiously optimistic, after this their first morning commute. there's still the trip home. this man wants governor and other leaders to ride with them. see what people are going through. if you look for yourself and get on the train and experience the ride. do depend on your supervisors to come back and tell you, oh, this is fine and this is not fine. >> other problems along the train line. >>
4:59 pm
wendy. >> news 4 at 5:00 begins with breaking news. a burglary that ends with a police-involved shoot out that occurred in the middle of the street. one suspect now dead. police have another in custody. >> officers in maryland say when they tried to pull the burglary suspects, over the suspects rammed their car into a police cruiser, then drove at the officers, that's when police opened fire. >> this happened right on the frederick county, howard county line and we're told none of the officers were hurt. we are monitoring the story. we'll bring you on a new information as we get it. >> first we begin with a bizarre day in court for prince georges county murder suspect. >> beverly is accused of killing his stepfather posting the pictures on social media. this happened saturday just off central avenue in buoy. and today in court beverly started ranting at the judge,
5:00 pm
prince georges county girl tracy wilkins was there, she's live tonight with a look at what happened. tracee. >> it was most unexpected. the hearing had already wrapped up when beverly began yelling at his attorney and yelling at the judge in post circuit television. it was a very strange situation, one that left the family of the victim speechless. >> they called police saying my son has killed my husband. i was inside the block. beverly had fled the scene we're talking in a brief police chase, today beverly was held without bond after he appeared


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