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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  July 10, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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prince georges county girl tracy wilkins was there, she's live tonight with a look at what happened. tracee. >> it was most unexpected. the hearing had already wrapped up when beverly began yelling at his attorney and yelling at the judge in post circuit television. it was a very strange situation, one that left the family of the victim speechless. >> they called police saying my son has killed my husband. i was inside the block. beverly had fled the scene we're talking in a brief police chase, today beverly was held without bond after he appeared
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from the prince georges jail. after the hearing, beverly began yelling at one point saying, may one person got hit by a satellite, that was me. >> he wanted to keep beverly away. >> there is a protective order against him, the mother of his child. >> he has a long criminal history, beverly does, in some cases the cases of domestic violence. some were robbery cases. and then he was convicted of a murder case. he served his time for that some time ago, but lots of questions about how this man who had such a violent history was back out on the streets. reporting live in
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in the studio. >> in the district this afternoon, there was new reaction, now, one week after transgender woman was hit by a driver who took off. her friend believe this was deliberate. they shared their concern who is at the scene of the accident. it was at fourth and tenth street in northeast. megan. >> police aren't saying they were targeted. her friends believe she was she's transgender. they're walking along here when all of a sudden wilson, or washington, rather, goes into the middle of the street and starts to dance. but before she's able to make it to that intersection down there, she was struck by a car. we talked to her friend who didn't want their identity on camera. >> when she was hit it happened so fast, none of us had time to think but call 911. she went all the way in the air. >> she said she'll neverfo
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by a car. she said she and washington who goes by the name boo boo were walking with a group of friends after leaving a club on july aat 5th. she said two guys in a dark colored car approached them and wanted their phone number. >> it became an altercation, like, honestly, we were exchanging words. as we continued to walk, we got. washington was dancing near the middle of the street when that same driver came speeding by, striking her and taking off. >> we were panicking, because she wasn't moving. she wasn't cautious at this time. >> some of washington's friends believe she was targeting. >>. >> police are still trying to figure out who struck washington and if there was a motive while her friends say they just want justice. >> do i really
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somebody think about what happened to her. >> they are looking for a dark colored vehicle that has a hatch bag with front end damage, anyone with information about this case, to contact them right away. back to you. >> they tell us she's fighting for her life. they had some challenges of trying to get to what's going on with her. they do confirm with us that she's still in the hospital tonight. >> megan, thank you for sharing that story with us. >> it has been one year since the murder of seth rich, young man whose death here made national and international headlines, for that matter, someone shot rich near his home in bloomingdale neighborhood in northwest tennessee. police believe it was the result of a robbery gone
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but so far no arrest. there had been a number of conspiracy theories related to rich who was a staffer at the international committee. pat collins checks in with the city's police chief to see where the case stands now. >> the threats to lawmakers on the rise. capitol police have investigated more threats to members of congress in the first six months just this year than in all of 2016. there have been 950 threatening communications in the first six months compared to 902 and all 12 of the months last year. following the recent shooting of scalise some lawmakers are nervous. they're asking for permission to use campaign funding and they're considering that request. >> the intelligence committee is apparently now interesting to talking donald trump, jr. in connection to its russia investigation. the top democrat
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they want to know more about the meeting the president's eldest son had with a kremlin-connected lawyer. the "new york times" first reporter, that you recall, that trump met with the attorney after learning she could have damaging information about hillary clinton. trump saying the meeting wound up being mostly about russian adoptions, also attending former campaign paul manafort and jared kushner, the president's son-in-law. the white house says the meeting did not equate to collusion of any kind. lawmakers are back in town after the july 4th, recess. top of their agenda right now, you guessed it. that pesky health care, we do not expect there to be any votes this week on capitol hill, 80 people were arrested after staging sit-ins to protest the republican plan to repeal and replace obama care. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has been trying to strike a deal between members of its own
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congress would leave for another recess without passing a bill. in springfield virginia where senator tim kaine just wrapped up an emotional round table with doctors, parents and sick children, who in large part, depend on medicaid and provisions in the affordable care act that the senator said will be in danger if they succeed in repealing the bill. this has been a big issue ever since he got on the health committee in the senate this year, he's been one of the leading voices on the left fighting back against republican repeal efforts. he and some of these moms and their children, basically, made the point today that republicans need to look at the human issue, not as a budget issue, challenging members of the right to come and talk to some of these children and their families before they make caps that could amount to cuts in medicaid spending in states like virginia, which would be, particularly hard hit because it did not expand medicaid under o
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senator kaine said conversations like this essentially give him armour and ammunition as he takes the fight back from virginia to capitol hill. guys, back to you. >> in the district, lawmakers hope campaign finance laws will give you more power over elections. government contractors would be barred from contributing to any campaigns. our tom sherwood walks us through the new rules intended to curb, pay to play politics. >> for more than four hours debate, today on how to stop big business politics from influencing future city campaign. some of the biggest proposed changes since dc home world began in the 1970. >> there's a perception of election officials is not very strong right now. >> there's an overwhelming perception by residents that big money exerts an undue influence on government decision makers. >> a half dozen different bills
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by city contractors or require more disclose sures or offer taxpayer money to future candidates who limit contributions. or other financing plans. business representatives push back today, saying they have a voice, too. >> both individuals and local businesses pay taxes and that should continue to have a voice and decision that impact their community. >> judiciary community, chairman charles allen will present a comprehensive single bill. some reforms may not take effect until 2020 because in 2018 campaign's for mayor and council already will be well underway. several witnesses says toufrghe laws won't mean anything. >> if you want to believe that there is a pay to play culture, whatever that term means, there are elements that need to be fixed in the district
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finance. >> some witnesses said council members should get out of the politically charge review of city contracts that invite suspect contributions. in the district, tom sherwood, news 4. hot day today, for sure, high temperature so far of 90 degrees. down to about 88. most areas be in -- and current temperatures around the region, there's the 88, look at dc, maryland wouldn't that be great. 70 in pittsburgh, that gives us severe weather up around the pittsburgh area. it is hot and humid. the hottest day so far this year coming in over the next couple of days, heat index should be 105. we'll talk more about that. that's advisory criteria. that's something to think about weather alert day i think on thursday, for sure. best chance of storms we'll talk about that as well, what day has best chance for some ve vesever w
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minutes. major mishap at local va hospital. why the feds had to shutdown operating room at the facility this weekend. >> also ahead, a former congresswoman from maryland, emotional mee emotional plea to congress in congress as they debate the issue of health care. >> and any one of us could have something happen that we didn't plan for. >> and also a high profile murder, the park employee accused of killing a wedding caterer during an argument over
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for millions who suffer from schizophrenia a side effect of their medication... is something called "akathisia." it's time we took notice.
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a cell phone reporting key evidence from the man who is now on trial fairfax county murder. jurors will be deciding this week whether a fatal stabbing at a park last summer was murder or self defense. it happened at a wedding. live at the fairfax county courthouse, tell us about it. >> reporter: wendy, what was an emotional day for the victim's friends and family, that cell phone audio also captured the final moments of caterer john's life. in fact, her mother left the courtroom in tears when prosecutors simply described what jurors were about to hear. now, the defense team says that audio revealed that this accused teenage killer acted in self defense on that
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prosecution says it makes it clear that first he baited wedding guest into anger and put down that cell phone and pulled out a knife. >> 19-year-old murder suspect bonds, his own cell phone audio and video, the key evidence. his defense attorney played it right away they say it shows the teenager was just trying to make sure the wedding party followed rules. when he was repeatedly ridiculed with profane and hateful words and threatened. this, the defense said, is voice of victim and wedding caterer. >> i've got bail money. >> later in the evening when he accused of packing up parks department chairs, a confrontation, he pulled a knife and fatally stabbed. this is what it sounded like on the recording. >> oh, you stabbed me. >> the defense attorney said he only pulled the knife when johns
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but prosecutors reject that claim, telling jurors "he's able to put his phone in the pocket and pull out a knife" this little incident turned deadly because this defendant turned to a deadly weapon. the victim's friend, they also see vaughn as the aggressor. if he was having trouble with the wedding party, she should have just backed away. >> he antagonized everyone. had he just fell into the background and allowed them to finish getting the chairs put up and away. we wouldn't be here and my friend would still be alive. >> even before opening statement, there was sign of high emotion in this case. in the lunchroom, the victim's friend complained that the defense attorney were sitting too close to them and they asked a deputy to have them move away. then, when court resumed this afternoon, the defense attorney asked the judge to admonish johns friend to
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bother bonds and his family. the judge said that would not be necessary. back to you now in the studio. >> julie, thank you, it can be a week before the medical examiner knows exactly how a four-month old died in montgomery county. she was found in the van over the weekend. sunday morning police were called to the parking lot here of this motel 6. brooklyn irving wasn't breathing, she was pronounced dead at the hospital. montgomery county police tell us the baby's family is now homeless and living out of that van. the federal government shutdown operating room at the district va medical center because of safety concerns, this happened last week, after an air filter failed. it caused a spike in heat and humidity inside the operating room. the hospital had to postpone the surgery they were scheduled to perform. the operating room re-opened after about three hours. >> well, congress is now back in business after the
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july holiday. now lawmakers are, once again, looking at their plan to repeal and replace obama care. >> as the senator ponder their decision, former maryland congresswoman is weighing in through the washington post, revealing a little known fact about her own. >> this was a power read. you'll remember, as we call, obama care. it cost the party of control of congress in the midterm election later that year. well, now the republicans are going to repeal it. they're the ones facing a backlash and former member of congress from maryland who recently reveal while she's ready to jump into this fight again. she's always been a being component of healthy living and never held back. but last year while keeping up her
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responsibilities and running for the democrat senate nomination at the same time. she's got some shocking news, tests following a biking accident revealed that she has ms, multiple sclerosis, that diagnosis is why she's raising her voice again, this time, on the health care debate. >> i felt like i could contribute to this important debate about health care and about the need to make sure that that we have a system that protects people with previous conditions and i mean i would extraordinarily help the bike rider, runner, jumping in the patomic river to call attention to climate change in the middle of january. any one of us could have something happen that we didn't plan for and we ought to have a health care system that understands that and that is affordable and where people can get the kind of quality treatment that they need. as for her future in
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still very much political and hasn't ruled out another run for political office. she said she's getting call for running county executive where she lives for maryland governor as well, for the senate, again, to try to reclaim feet in the u.s. house of representative. she said she'll make a decision when the time is right. >> my goodness. >> she's really showing, she's got a lot of energy to keep going. thanks. >> you're welcome. >> frustration on some area roads. it's not because of grid lock. still ahead why some drivers who thought they were phased with easy pass, may end up paying more to use those hov lanes. >> you thought today was hot, huh, wait until you hear what's coming our way. back in
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it was a little toasty, but we haven't seen nothing yet. how is temperature stuff here. i think by thursday, we're talking 98. i think we -- we had one other heat advisory that's going to come out and i think it could be during the day wednesday and during the day on thursday. real heat making its way in here. the hottest we've seen so far this year. you can see in the
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that's that humid condition that's sticking around. current temperature at 88 degrees. take a look at the current numbers around the rest of the area. 91 fredericksburg and coming in at 91. add in the dew point and heat and humidity. you get the heat index up to 95. current index you'll see, it is a hot one, the next couple of days, it will be a lot hotter than this. it will be the coolest that we are, this is about all week. the only temps should be friday. storms back to the west, well north and west of our area, towards pittsburgh, back towards parts of ohio. normally storms like this come right down towards our region, that's all going to be the case, by the time we come down. they're traveling around an area of low pressure, they're moving this way in and they'll kind of pivot back up to the north and in towards pennsylvania, may be as far in our zone as west virginia, i think
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maryland, most of us will stay on the drive time tonight, i think that will be the case. chance of an isolated thunderstorm each day, but most of us stay dry and just plain hot, humid, 87 degrees at noon. the heat index over night. so a hot lunch, for sure, 92 at 2:00, 96 degrees tomorrow. take a look at the heat index tomorrow. 2:00, 100 degrees, now as you move into the evening tomorrow night, extremely hot and humid. if you're getting dinner outdoors, that's going to be a tough one, that will be hot and humid. on wednesday, watch this, starting off at 9:00. 100 degrees by noon on wednesday and during the afternoon, near 104. heat index around 105. we're going to be close to that on wednesday and thursday, i think it gets to that heat index close to 106 degrees. that's why i'm calli f
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thursday, weather alert day, obviously download the washington app. you can get the latest there, we'll be with you right on through the heat wave here, 95 on your wednesday. friday still going a high of 90, that's the best chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms and when you keep me posted, i'll keep you back here. >> all week long. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> okay, whether ice or hot, coffee is the favorite drink of a lot of us when we come right back, another reason to rejoice over your cup of joe. >> also 18 members of a paternity, charged in the death of a classmate during an alleged hazing incident. why the hearing in this case ended in a shout
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we've got some new video that's just come in, this shows the hit-and-run suspect accused of leaving a man on a bike in the street to die. the video we got in is a little shaky, but we'll let you look at it and judge for yourself here. dc police say when you see the driver who hit a cyclist in southeast washington at the end of june. after the accident, at that intersection and then turns around, that you see here, at the intersection of 29th street and
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victim's family are hoping they're releasing the new surveillance video and help the officers. >> a year ago today, seth rich, a former staffer from democratic national committee was gunned down through what police called a botched robbery. this happened just a short distance from this home on the bloomingdale neighborhood in northwest dc today. pat collins caught up with the police chief to talk about the investigation and where things stand now, what's the latest, pat. >> jim, it's been one year and people in the bloomingdale neighborhood, they haven't forgotten about seth rich or what happened there one year ago today. >> reporter: he remembers the gunfire. >> how many gunshots did you hear? >> two. >> reporter: she remembers that night, too. >> i heard the shot. i thought they were fire
5:31 pm
crackers. >> reporter: it's hard to forget what happened here one year ago today. >> horrible to walk by the thought of every day when i'm away from my dog. >> it's been one year since the murder of seth rich. seth rich, 27 years old. he worked with a democratic national committee. shot and killed as he was walking to his home in the bloomingdale section of washington. for some people here, life is different now. >> i'm very skeptical about late night parking and going to and from the house. >> i won't walk around the neighborhood after dark. >> police believe seth ridge was shot and killed during a botched attempted robbery. >> it's a horrible case. young guy walking home. looks like it was a robbery, unnecessarily loss of life on our city streets. >> some conspiracy theorist have tried to link seth's murder to
5:32 pm
but police say they have no legitimate evidence of that at all. and to those conspiracy theorists, today seth's parents said, the continual push of false and inaccurate information about seth hurts those who were closest to seth and does nothing to bring justice to his killer. one year, and so far, no suspects and no arrests. police continue to work the case. wendy, back to you. >> pat collins, thank you, pat. the secret to living longer, it might be coffee. scientists say your morning pick me up is tied to lower chance of death from heart disease, cancer and stroke. and the results are here the same for everyone -- the results appear the same for everyone. sounds too good to be true. >> nbc medical correspondent
5:33 pm
doctor torres joins us now to explain what this means for you. i love the taste and smell, i drink regular and decalf all day. is it the caffeine or is there another component to the coffee itself? >> turns out it's not the caffeine. you've got the same benefit whether you drink caffeinated or decalf. that's good people for people who don't like it or can't drink it. what exactly in there is causing this to happen, researchers experts don't know there are thousands of thousands of compound. some of the compounds have anti-inflammatory property and something a antimute genic properties they think those properties are the ones that are causing this increased risk of benefitting from the coffee, especially, over a long term period. >> this is certainly a study that we want to believe. is it a large enough study that we can believe it and does it require a lot of coffee to get these results? >> i think the answer is, yes. it's a large
5:34 pm
people, they studied over 16 years the average age just under 60, which is important, that's the age people start getting these diseases. like you mentioned early on, there are six different things that you reduce your chance from dying from, heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, kidney and respiratory illnesses. what they found out if you drink one cup of coffee a day it cuts your risk of dying by 12%. if you drink two to three cups, after that it stays around 18%. that seemed to be the magic number for getting that benefit from the coffee. >> dr. torez, if we drink that much, we'll live longer and be very alert. >> there you go. >> be careful with the cream and sugar and all of that. >> been there and done that. >> it doesn't apply to coffee ice cream. >> thank you so much. we'll go into this even more on nbc nightly news.
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7:00 right after news 4 at 6:00. tea drinker, i might have to rethink my morning routine. >> glad you did it. a few months ago you may recall we went sugar free for a week. let me tell you, though, it was tough. george washington university is trying to get an entire neighborhood to give up sugar. researchers are starting small with an experiment as news 4 explains there are restaurants in on it, too. >> so they can see it. >> flores owns rico's ice cream. this community means a lot. trying to be part of a project to get more people drinking water. >> actually, we give them water sometimes, you know, if they want -- every time they buy something, we give them water. >> he's one of five offering
5:36 pm
lean meat served with water and sugary drink. >> he's juicing. you see sodas from the elsewhere. >> she said this is also a real hurdle. one of the reasons i think people are not drinking enough water, because they don't trust their tap water. >> her family is usually offered water when they go out to eat. >> they never offer water. >> from the likes of this
5:37 pm
project. you'll see the sugary drinks on the shelves, it's a process. he cut out sodas and sugary drinks from his diet. in langley park, kristin wright, news 4. alexandria historic city hall getting some needed repairs. and it's going to be restored, the roof. and the addition was put on in 1961. meetings normally held in the city council chamber or work room will be relocated expected to finish by september. >> a virginia shelter is taking part in a national trend. coming up, why it's no longer categorizing the dogs up for adoption by breed. do you know what this is. if you don't,
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that our families and kids -everwill be safe... good morning. in their beds... [ sizzles ] -bye! -bye. ...and in the car on the way to school... ♪ ...that our homes and workplaces will be safe... [ shouting ] ...and that when our kids play, the air they breathe and the water they drink will be clean, and trust their grandparents will hava safe flight when they come to visit... [ shouting ] ...and that our food will be safe to eat. careful. it's gonna be hot. fair enforcement of common-sense safeguards keeps our families safe. unfortunately, donald trump and republicans in congress are working with corporate lobbyists to undo these safeguards. we can't trump and congressional republicans put corporate profits ahead of our health and safety
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♪ you won't see american shelter dogs, along the national dog show. it's the only label the humane society will be use. joining the ranks categorized dogs by breed. they say most dogs don't come with papers. dna testing is expensive. the shelter will list the details about d
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but the man can understand and what kind of family. >> all right. what else could get many stretching and into a flannel shirt in july, how about throwing an act, get ready from a craze coming down from canada will have people lined up to try their hand. they opened up a pop up rink. the same folks who bring you taste of dc and other huge events, about to open their brick and mortar ax throwing bars here in town. i'll show you how you can get the hang of it and tell you why women are actually better at it than men. we'll show you the hit and we'll tell you why you may want to throwing axes part of your next office gathering or bachelor et party tonight on cracking it at 11:00. it is addictive, you would be awesome at it. >> i want to do it right now. i wanted to do it for ten minutes
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some axes. >> i'll tell you, you'll feel -- >> we have to throw them -- okay. sorry. >> you can think about people as you throw them. >> i'm curious. >> you'll love it. >> hey, if you've ever warned glasses, please wear them if you're throwing axes. you'll know that finding the right frames can be an expensive challenge and time consuming. and you need someone that you trust to say, yeah, it looks good on you. >> four things to know that can save you a bundle. >> whole bunch of bundle. speaking of saving a bundle, sales start tonight, winning strategies for navigating amazon prime day, when we come right back. >> and we're waiting to see that ax story tonight. hot and humid conditions feeling like 100 degrees or above. we'll update you on this heat wave. i'll be back in about five minutes.
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this incredible fire that left several families homeless may have been intentionally set. it was 3:00 in the morning yesterday on wheeler road and southeast dc. the family inside were able to get out, but that fire was started on their front porch. spread to the neighboring homes caused quite a bit of damage and injured one firefighter, minor injury. seen like all is over, the helicopter landed at the lee
5:46 pm
road this morning. >> the landing happened as precaution after maintenance light came on during training mission. they checked it oud and cleared it to return to the base. this is a story that effects drivers in maryland, virginia, dc. some of them are fuming because they're being told if they do not carpool they could be hit with a fine. this has to do with the easy pass flex trance responders that you use on the express lane. one thing you can do to avoid this one-time fine. >> something as simple as making this switch could save you ten bucks. if you drivers who had these responders but who haven't used them in an hov mode are getting notices and $10 penalty can be on the way. he
5:47 pm
if you're traveling on the express lane with three or more people in your vehicle. you want to make sure it's set to that hov mode. that means you'll get a toll free trip on the express lane. if you're by yourself and one passenger, flip it to that other mode. these transponders are more expensive to manufacture. if you aren't using them enough here along the express lane, you might have to pay up to make up the difference. >> jeremy has legislation to wipe away the $10 penalty. >> you get hit with an extra ten buc bucks. >> now easy pass said you can simply carpool within a six-month period to avoid it or
5:48 pm
a traditional easy pass, but some wonder why should that be necessary. driver tweets, this has always been true and they've been pretty up front about it, but specifically why i didn't get one. along the express lane adam, news 4. >> okay. frank, the eyeglass frame industry is massive and it's easy to get overwhelmed with picking out new hair. tonight reporter is looking for you and reveals much of what you see may be an illusion. >> talk about sticker shock, you're not the only one wondering why some frames are so expensive. a new report exposes it. >> i set your highs top and the choices, there's a ton, ray bands, and high end
5:49 pm
it's enough to have you seeing double. recent survey by washington consumer textbook nonprofit organization found that when it comes to choosing eyeglass frame, the variety may be an illusion. >> what most consumers don't know, they're all made in the same factory. >> some of the retailers are also owned by the same manufacture making the frames. >> really hard to make a value play when you have one pair of frames that looks exactly like another and one has the designer label on and the other pair doesn't. >> here is one thing to know when looking for frames, shop around. it is obvious. in the eyeglass frame business is truly can make a huge difference in cost. >> you know, the lower cost frame, they may be just as good as the higher cost frame to begin with. just understand that some source turns a lot more than
5:50 pm
>> >> so storms like costco and walmart, they offer very low prices you'll get more advice. >> consider buying your frames online, they found some of the least expensive sellers online, try frames on in local stores and buy the ones you like online. and remember by law your eye doctor must give you a copy of your prescription for those eyeglasses and contact lenses, they cannot require you to pay a fee or to buy them from them. washington consumer checkbook is sharing their report for free with our nbc like you, we have it for you right now and nbc washington app, the search, eyeglasses. >> great tip there. >> amazon prime day is
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the third year in a row. the with 30 hours of price cuts. we're working for you tonight with what you can expect when you start to shop, tomorrow, technically is prime day. the sales start at 9:00 tonight and run all day tomorrow. amazon will offer deals on everything from electronics to clothing to streaming movies and books, too. prime day is only open to people who pay to be amazon prime members. there is a way nonmembers, though, can participate in prime days. stein sign up for a free 30 day trial and you'll have access to all the sales. amazon will offer two kind of prime day deals, traditional deals will last all day long. the likely deals will have a time limit, usually a few hours. but prime day does not guarantee the lowest price of the year and sometimes you should know online competitors will want sales to compete with prime days.
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will offer at prime day just open the nbc washington app and search prime, but don't be a solid one. >> i thought they were going to cover me, and they didn't. >> before we do the weather, i would like to point again what is this. >> that's a nice vacation. >> yeah, i know. >> missed it here. i was so happy to be back. >> yes, i can tell. >> had do nuughnuts in the newsroom. >> take a look outside, it is a hot and humid day. national harbor live, camera looking good. >> i'm getting away, quickly. >> how hazy and hot and humid conditions. that's the way it's going to be. we talk about heat, this is going to be the hottest we've seen so far this year. current temperature, 88.
5:53 pm
84 by 9:00. it's really only humid side this afternoon. heat index still sitting at 95 degrees right now downtown. it is a hot one for sure, 91, looking at it coming in, 93 degrees. my friend, riverdale, i mean, right now, 88 degrees. now take a look at the radar, here, you notice the line of storms. it's pretty strong line, normally, this will come right towards our area and it's going to make its way, but it's going to die off as it moves in across it. if you go back towards the shan doe what valley, you may see these storms come through. take a look, humid tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. for noon, a hot lunch, for sure. 89, heat index around 95 at noon.
5:54 pm
it will be close to 100 degrees. i think it's hotter during the day on wednesday. community moves back in. today, we're on the muggy side. but tomorrow -- i think we can be at advisory level, 105. we'll be close to that heat index today on wednesday and especially during the day on thursday. it's time to think about what you'll need to do in regard to it. make sure you're drinking plenty of water. you're talking to it and say, hey, how can we get cool for a couple of hours. you know about that, too, bring the pets inside a little bit too hot 95 on friday. look at thursday, temperature of 98, i do think the heat index around 105 degrees. chance of storms coming up on
5:55 pm
best chance right now looks like friday. >> 18 members of a fraternity charged in the death of a classmate during alleged taping incident. >> why a hearing in this case ended in a shouting match pro tip: giant has great prices on produce. raspberries for john... strawberries for amy... what's a jicama? thanks! take a fresh look at giant's produce prices.
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a judge is hearing evidence, now, to decide whether 18 members of beta thetaphi will go on trial ranging charges from tampering to manslaughter. here is a look at today's hearing. >> one by one, 16 fraternity brothers headed back to court in connection with the alleged brutal hazing death of 19-year-old taking center stage inside the courtroom, text messages sent by some of the accused members. one read, make sure the pledges keep quiet about last night and this situation. in another, he drank because we hazed him and still another red, i don't want to go to jail, hazing is a huge thing. prosecutors also say one fraternity brother searched on google, how will 9 drinks in an hour effect a 200 poun
5:59 pm
son will encourage change. >> during the first part of the hearing last month, prosecutors played gut wrenching surveillance video falling head first repeatedly for hours inside the fraternity house back in february. no one called 911 for nearly 12 hours, a judge will now decide if this case is going to trial. >> news 4 at 6:00, begins with breaking news. >> in fact we have two breaking stories as we come on the air tonight at 6:00, first to a deadly police involved shooting in maryland. one suspect died, the other was arrested and all of this happened along route 27 this afternoon near the frederick county, howard county line. we're told no officers were hurt. >> also breaking tonight, new video just released of a driver
6:00 pm
dc. the driver hit a man on a bike at the intersection two fridays ago. this was the corner of 29th and eerie street. police say the car had damage to the windshield and passenger's side window and the license plate had the letter m and v. the victim is on life support and not improving. police are offering a reward for any information or assistance that leads to an arrest. we turn to bizarre rant in court as a man faces charges for killing his stepfather and posting pictures of the crime on social media. >> as he was facing a judge for the first time, news 4 is uncovering some new details about his criminal past. that includes a murder conviction in 2004. why would -- why husband back on the


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