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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  July 10, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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breaking now at 11:00. >> they said everything is grounded and we're stuck. >> flights delayed, cancelled, rerouted. how a construction project caused chaos in the a
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the fbi staying put. thousands of jobs we thought were coming to prince georges or fairfax counties no more. and police responding to a shooting tonight find a 1-year-old victim. flight controllers finally back to work tonight after a hazmat situation delayed or cancelled hundreds of flights at all three of our major airportance the ripple effect could be felt tomorrow all because of this scene at the washington center in leesburg, virginia where controllers handle high altitude including anything flying through our air space. >> that facility had to be evacuated because of potentially dangerous forums because of construction on the roof. we are live with the look at the
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noticed that the skies over washington were a little more quiet than usual. that is because of those problems at the washington center which is of course in leesburg but we are starting to see movement on the tarmac now. but problems there led to problems here and other places as well. planes were grounded. dulles, bwi and reagan national. this boston-bound traveller. >> they won't give us a hotel. they rerouted us for the morning and said everything is booked solid. >> reporter: her d.c. vacation got longer and less comfortable. >> washington is beautiful this is not beautiful. >> reporter: ava jones will miss out on her daughter's first day of college. her flight was cancelled until tuesday. >> this is not
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reunion with his wife and niece is not going to happen as planned. >> they were coming in from toronto and were redirected. >> reporter: after being in the air since 11:00 a.m. our time. it was only after hours of on the runway that these passengers learned why this was because of hazardous fumes at some place they have never heard of. >> the fire department -- anyone in the building. >> reporter: knowing the situation doesn't make up for missed moments or delayed reunions. but the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. and much of the best-laid plans will have to delayed until tomorrow. the faa said that people were being allowed back in that center at 9:40 and that's when we started to see movement here.
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cancelled and rerouted. things won't get back to normal until tomorrow. >> a lot of frustration. also breaking right now, d.c. police on the scene of a shooting that injured a 1-year-old boy. this happened herer in 13th and i streets just a block north of the h street corridor. shomari stone is there for us. what have you learned? >> reporter: i talked to the police chief and he tells me that the shooting happened around 8:50 tonight. the 13-month-old was caught in the cross fire, an innocent bystander. the police are talking to people in the area. there was an exchange of gunfire in the area and a 1-year-old innocent bystander was caught in the cross fire. let's show you
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[ inaudible ] of the gunfire that occurred in the alleyway over there. police have two suspects they plan on looking for. they have not identified who they are. the description is very vague at this point. but again, two suspects, no motive and we're now going to hear from the police chief. >> we talk about this all the time. you know, you got older guys out here. they resort to firearms in our community and this is the result. you have a little baby get struck by gunfire. a little kid who is in a hospital under surgery right now because two grown men wanted to settle a dispute with a firearm. it's despicable. >> reporter: police are urging anyone with information about the shooting to give them a call. a 13-month-old is in stable condition. the child was shot in the leg and in surgery right now. we'll bri
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our nbc washington app. back to you. reaction tonight to a stunning announcement from the trump administration. we first told you about this at 6:00. the "washington post" and the "washington business journal" are reporting the government will drop the search for a new fbi headquarters. we have reached out to local lawmakers for reaction and they are saying they are disappointed even devastated by this. fairfax and prince georges county have been fighting to bring the headquarters to their communities. the construction is something that would promise thousands of jobs be created. we reached out to the stake holders. they were supposed to be notified by phone tomorrow. but tonight, a virginia congressman, a democrat is already blaming the president. in a statement he writes, quote, reports that the federal government is pulling the
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reveals trump conflicts with gsi and others. one of the three finalists to build the headquarters, they own buildings with president trump and jared kushner. back to you. we hit 90 today here in washington. but that's going to feel refreshing compared to later this week when we might hit triple digits. >> heat wave weather alert days. we are going to feel this. >> we are. most likely the hottest days of the week or the year especially on wednesday and thursday as far as the heat index is concerned. tracking shower activity right now. look at the radar. you see the storms moving our way and quickly dying off. the rain is dying as well. no longer seeing the yellows
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don't be surprised to see showers in the leesburg area and frederick. 90 in d.c. 92 in richmond but it gets even hotter. the hottest so far this year. the heat index near 105. that would be near heat advisory level. and we'll talk about the best chance of storms too. we'll see you back here in ten minutes. emotional reaction from the twin brother of ronald pinckney, the man who was killed by his stepson who had his photo taken and posted online. he posted selfies with the body on twitter. ronald's brother said he had a feeling something bad was going to happen. he said beverly choked his step dad. eventually he let beverly back
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something else led to his brother's death. >> i think that warrant he had, my brother went and filed papers against him and that's what really triggered this. >> beverly went on a bizarre rant when he faced a judge in court today. he has an extensive and violent criminal background including a murder charge that he served several years for. another bombshell tonight according to "the new york times" donald trump jr. knew russia wanted to help his father's campaign when he met a kremlin connected lawyer who he believed would give him dirt on hillary clinton. trump jr. was informed via e-mail that the material was part of a russian government effort to aid his father's candidacy. the white house pushed back today saying there was no collusion and the meeting took place during a time when the campaign was in
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in the meantime, the president's eldest son has hired a lawyer. he said he will be cooperated with a senate committee. leon harris back with more breaking news. at least 12 people have died in a marine corps cargo plane crash. investigators say the plane likely exploded in midair. new video coming in shows the c-130 on fire, smoke pouring out of it in a field 85 miles north of jackson mississippi. it went down just before 5:00 this afternoon. the marines are calling it a mishap we'll keep an eye on the story. 12 dead and 4 unaccounted for. jim, back to you. a difficult day is almost over for the parents of former dnc staffer seth rich. their son was murdered walking
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year ago today. his killer is till out there. people who live in the area tell us the murder is always on their minds. >> you're certainly more aware of your surroundings, what possibly could happen. >> i'm very skeptical about late-night parking and going to and from the house. >> d.c.'s police chief is reiterating there is no evidence that rich's killing has anything to do with his work at the dnc. his parents had this message for the people spreading conspiracy theories, the continual push of inaccurate information about seth's death hurts those who are closest to seth and does nothing to bring justice to his killers. a police officer saves a man's life at a crime scene. plus we're throwing axes at bars. what could go wrong?
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that was fine. i'll tell you about the newest game coming to bars right here in the district. and doug is back to help you plan your week wi
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thanks to a trauma kit, a fairfax county police officer was able to save a stabbing victim's life before paramedics could treat him. he arrived on the scene to find the victim bleeding heavily. he had been
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artery. the suspect was still holding the box cutter. the police officer was able to disarm and handcuff the attacker. but the victim was bleeding to death. he asked the crowd of onlookers to help him with the suspect. >> the people out there did a great job because i looked over to them and i said, stand on him. keep him here. and i ran over to the other guy and at that point i put on the tourniquet over the shoulder. get ready for a game ready to take d.c. by storm. i just got schooled in the art of axe throwing. i found out pretty fast you don't have to be a lumberjack to like it or to win and just about anybody can play. >> welcome to the world of axe
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throwing. think darts that can do more damage and give you a bigger adrenaline kick. >> that's very satisfying. >> doesn't that feel good? >> yes, it does feel very primal. >> but there's a learning curve. crackin' axe's founder has mastered it and makes it look easy. >> oh, my god. perfection. >> each fenced in range has an exexpert instructor who will run you through a less son. >> six times out of ten, not heavy. >> they're not. >> how sharp? >> sharp enough. >> they're four to six pounds. >> we have this designed so that it's one rotation in. >> it begins with the grip, similar to grabbing a golf club. >> the right hand at the butt of the axe. >> then the ro
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forward, backwards. >> if you try to muscle with, you'll get nowhere. you are using your core and a beard or flannel in july won't help. women have an edge with axes. >> women tend to do better than men primarily because men try to strength it in there and use the muscle to get it in. it's a precision sport. my mom who is 67, came out here. she was wailing away at it and loved it. she played for two and a half hours and had a great time. >> go mom. >> the craze started in canada. but september, d.c. will have two brick and mortar axe throwing bars. players are never allowed without an instructor and can't leave with the axe. >> we can accommodate from 6 to 96. think corte
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if you have an office group, a group of friends, bachelor party and we have up to about 20 different games that our coaches can lead you through. >> there are five or six things to focus on and the first couple of throws can be frustrating. >> it did not make a dent. >> eyes went up. >> but after three or four you start to find that sweet spot and your rhythm. >> lean forward, lean backwards, go. perfect. >> better. >> nice shot. >> three time's the charm. we're stopping there. >> crackin' axes will take reservations on their website. the two bars will open in september. they will also set up reens for private events. i am hooked. you are going to be great at this. but wendy might take you --
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i can't wait to get my hands on an axe and alcohol. >> what could go wrong? >> interesting stuff. you did good, man. >> that is really cool. >> it's fun. >> yeah, very clever. >> i have done that before it is a ton of fun. >> what is not going to be a ton of fun is thursday. >> really any day in the next few days. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, all temperatures that could be the hottest we've seen this year. we have been 95 a few times. i think we'll be at 96 tomorrow. out there a mild 82 degrees. winds out of the south at 12 miles an hour and humid across the region too. 75 in manassas. win chester with 70. we have shower activity. hagerstown, most of this, not even hitting the ground here. th
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that is trying to move across the blue ridge. most of us will remain on the dry side. these were the storms earlier, some severe weather in parts of ohio. these are the storms that are moving into our region. take a look at what is happening behind the system. we are going to see clouds from that boundary tomorrow. how much do they help? they keep us on the cooler side. but here we go on future weather. timing out a couple of clouds during the day. but around 3:00 showers and thunderstorms develop. it will not be a lot, not at all. but any storms could have the potential to become strong to severe. they are out of here by 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 with isolated showers. same for wednesday, an isolated shower tomorrow evening too. you are going the need a pool. if not, you might want to dream about it. 87 at noon. 92 at 2:00 and
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the high temperature tomorrow the highest we've seen so far but the heat index around 2:00 afternoon, close to 100. even tomorrow night at 6:00 at night, still a heat index close to 100. so we've got real big heat. even hotter on wednesday with the heat index at 8:00 a.m. close to 90 and by noon around 100 degrees and 103 by wednesday afternoon. and thursday is even hotter. i think the heat index on thursday will get up to 105 degrees. think about your heat safety. take breaks indoors. light colored clothing and loose fitting as well. bring in the pets if you can. three days in a row with temperatures in the 90s. 98 on thursday. that's why we're calling it a weather alert day. i expect the possibility of a heat advisory on thursday. friday a good chanc
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an isolated chance tomorrow and best chance on friday. next week looking good before another heat wave next week. what do they call this? >> july. >> coming up, baseball's newest star shines at the homeun r
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all right, home run derby night. >> i watched the home run derby and i was thinking how great is d.c. going to be next year? >> d.c. well represented. the marlins
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on a show. he was up against the force in the first round. aaron judge. bryce harper was hitting out tonight. no crying in baseball. he does promise to join next year in d.c. harper in the derby next year in d.c. but this giancarlo stanton. in his home park. he gave his fans a show. 496-foot homer. upset by gary sanchez. this is justin bore right here. he's representing westfield high school alum. 22 home runs for him. getting it around. and bryce harper giving him a chest bump. only problem, aaron judge after he is good he hits 23 homers in the first round, this a monster display. with three homers over 500 feet. this one off the window. and you can see
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in the finals, aaron judge beat miguel sano and wins his first career home run derby. to wimbledon. nadal stealing jim handly's warm up routine. an epic match. mueller up 5-4. nadal evens it at 5-5. later in the set. mueller with the match point. rafi going crazy. but his luck ran out. 4:48 hours later. that's why he was late. we forgive him for it. jim handly he takes it 15-13. you know d.c. sports are going to be talking about this. weil
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less than a week for franchise tag players to work out a long-term deal. no news which is big news. per mike florio no new developments between cousins and the redskins. the last we heard they were far apart on getting a long-term deal done. you know we're going to be talking about it a lot this week. >>
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that does it for us. the tonight show is coming up. >> we'll see you again tomorrow. let get hot and sticky together.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- gal gadot. barry manilow.


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