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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  July 12, 2017 6:00pm-6:56pm EDT

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to the ground. >> she was on her knees like this holding her head. and then once the air. that is what you saw? >> yes. the gun was fang straight up. she wanted to shoot him she could have shot him. >> you can hear fellow
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>> officer-involved shooting. officer is injured. >> i need medic. >> police say this is the third officer-involved shooting since 2015. the most recent the attack against the gop congressional baseball team. tonight the officer involved in today's incident is recovering in the hospital. >> i was visiting with her. she is going to survive her injuries. i thank you for asking. i think she will be okay. reynolds is charged with malicious wounding of a police officer. >> david culver reporting. and tonight we have encouraging news about the republican congressman who was injured in that shooting in
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steve scalise is out of the intensive care unit. he was transferred to the icu last week. he under went surgery for an infection and remains in serious condition. he and four other people have been recovering since the gunman opened fire during a congressional baseball practice. we have a story for you you will only see on news 4. the little boy back home after he was shot in his stroller hit by a stray bullet after three f we talked to the boy's mother who called him her miracle baby. >> reporter: there are many reasons why 1-year-old jeremiah white is special. >> i wasn't supposed to have children. >> reporter: just one reason why. >> anybody that knows jeremiah ow
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and clap. >> reporter: on monday night the playful boy was in the backyard with his dad. they were heading in for the night but before they could make it shots rang out. d.c. police say three men got into an argument steps away from where kids were playing. >> everybody froze. the doctors found one bullet and a fragment. he had three holes. >> reporter: the one year old was rushed to the hospital where he under went emergency surgery. less than 24 hours later he was released. she was able to take this video and capture pictures of jeremiah doing what 1 year olds do best. >> my son is full of spirit. >> reporter: it will take time for the gunshot wounds to heal but doctors expect him to
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another reason why she says jeremiah is her miracle boy. >> doctors say he will be in some pain for the next few days but his mom says he has been up and playing with toys. a go fund me page has been set up to help the family with medical expenses. for more information you can go to our nbc washington page. >> are they close to catching these guys? >> we talked to the police chief. he seems very confident. he says they know who they are. >> good to see him. he is precious. very cute. >> doesn't look like he is in pain. he is adorable. >> the number 12 represents the problem and the proposed solution. 12 deadly shootings in 12 days. now 12 hour shifts are in effect
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violence. people in prince george's are hopeful but nervous. tracee wilkins joins us live. neighbors are so frightened that they wouldn't talk on camera. is that right? >> reporter: the latest murder scene we went door to door with really friendly people with great conversations but didn't want to talk on camera for fear that the person responsible is still out there. they are saying they want the violence to stop and the chief of police is saying the same thing. he believes longer shifts is the way to do it. >> when i saw the white sheet i knew it was serious. >> reporter: this woman who lives inn with eye shot of the latest murder says she does want
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morning. it is going to be a long day for this detective and everyone on the force. >> i think if they do the regular shift, regular hours, devote them to really solving the crime that should be able to do it. >> reporter: i expect because of their engagement and the job they do this isn't going to last
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>> reporter: detectives are working to close these murder cases. they closed one of them today. chief is saying they will receive additional resources on the street and work to prevent from happening. i'm tracee wilkins back to you all in the studio. >> from start to finish today the russia investigation hovering like a cloud over the confirmation hearing of the man nominated to replace james comey. >> christopher wray was asked about the investigation. he insisted he would make decisions independent of the white house. >> on capitol hill breaking it down for us. >> a number of those questions seem directly inspired by some allegations made by former fbi director james comey. wray was asked if he had been requested to make.
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confirmation hearing as next director of fbi largely guided by controversy surrounding firing of predecessor james comey. >> if the president asked you to do something unlawful or unethical what do you say? >> first i try to talk him out of it. if that fails i would resign. >> reporter: and pointed questions about the ongoing russia investigation he would lead now turning his focus to the president's son donald trump jr. and a meeting with a russian lawyer during the campaign season. >> you consider this endeavor a witch hunt? >> i do not consider director mueller to be on a witch hunt. >> reporter: the president repeatedly insisting it is a witch hunt praising his son who appeared on fox news. >> for me this is opposition research. they had maybe concrete evidence. >> and more from the president's personal attorney. >> a decision was made. nothing came out of that meetin
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>> reporter: after three days president trump talking about his meeting with uthz pr vladimir putin. >> many things that i do. dismissing the notion of russian election meddling saying putin would prefer to have clinton in the white house. nbc news washington. here is some background on christopher wray. previous experience includes stint as assistant attorney general. wray was in charge of criminal division of the justice department. during his time at main justice he worked with james comey and robert mueller. when he left the government he became a litigation and served as chris christie's personal attorney during bridge gate controversy. news 4 is uncovering new details about the driver invo i
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wonder why he was still behind the wheel of a dump truck. a treatment that could be a game changer in the fight against cancer. >> reporter: here in north fore forestville where here it wasn't just about food
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can you take the heat? you will find out tomorrow which could be one for the record books. >> going for forecasted high temperature of 100 degrees. that high temperature, the old record setback in 1954. if we hit 100 it has been that long since we have seen 100 degree temperatures on july 13. heat index 105. heat advisory in effect. it is tough to get a heat advisory in our area. we do not see the heat index above 105 very often. last year we saw four days at or above 100. tomorrow could be the first one of the year. the big story, is also the chance of strong to severe thunderstorms. in order to break the heat we need strong storms to give us cooler weather. i will update you on all of that. >> thank you. new developments on a story we broke on friday. a woman who has been arrested for trying to breach white house
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stand trial. she is from south carolina. secret service says an officer stopped her as she tried to jump a security barrier on july 4. she was arrested for a similar incident in 2016. this video is from a similar arrest. prosecutors say she tried to get on to white house grounds six times in the past 18 months. the numbers are staggering. opioid overdoses up more than 21% just in maryland just last year. up nearly 40% in virginia in the last five years. that's the highest rate ever in the district this year. some lawmakers are calling it a national emergency. they are trying to figure out how do you reverse this. >> reporter: 52,000 dying in
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leading cause of death among americans under age 50 librarians are being taught how to administer the drug that can reverse an overdose. >> at some point this will happen. i would rather feel that i am able to save a life and help someone. >> reporter: of those deaths, 33,000 were from opioids and more than half of those involve prescription opioids. so state officials sounded the alarm on capitol hill wednesday. >> america is in the midst of opioid and heroin addiction epidemic. >> reporter: an epidemic that is escalating because the synthetic opioid is finding its way to addicts. >> deaths related to fent naul have increased from 29 in 2012 to over 1,100 in 2016 in maryland. >> reporter: a house committee wednesday was told one way to
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in the overprescribing of opioid pain relievers. many in the medical profession agree. >> like a broken leg or kidney stone don't always require opioid. >> reporter: another call to treat addiction as a chronic medical condition, not a crime. nbc news. in news 4 your health it could be a real milestone in medicine. a food and drug administration panel has unanimously recommended approval for a new gene therapy. in 2012 emily whitehead was dying from a form of leukemia. nothing was helping this little girl until experimental therapy. it extracts immune system cells from the patient and reprograms them to find and destroy the cancer cells and then inject back into the patient. >> a few years from now
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trying to beat leukemia seems like a far stretch. >> the treatment if approved would be for children and young adults. it can have severe side effects but it sent a third of patients into complete remission. the fda could approve the treatment by this fall. this is one of those days where you run to the air conditioning. leon harris is a tough guy sweating it out in prince george's county. backyard barbecue. how are you holding up? >> i am not that tough. the weather -- we had a great time out here at the reck center. backyard barbecue. you can see the remains of the crowd out here. tons of kids enjoyed the fun. in addition to the fun and the grilled food and face painting
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our friends at 102.3 what we were seeing being done was real person to person community building. linda turner with prince george's county transforming neighborhood initiative was here as part of all of this. tell us what the initiative is all about. >> county executive signature initiate where he brings county government resources into the community and work hand in hand with the community leadership and members. this is a new area. this is the first large community engagement program that we have had here. it has been great. we have enjoyed it. we appreciate nbc 4 for hosting the event here. and thank you very much. >> we appreciate the plug. today had to be a success for everybody. >> it was extreme success on behalf of county executive we appreciate you coming out here and appreciate all residents coming out and supporting the
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this will not be the last time you see nbc 4 in the neighborhood. make sure you always say north forestville. i made that mistake earlier. >> wouldn't think of it. >> no. this is a staple of bethesda row. details behind this concept store. breaking news, an accident involving a dump truck that slammed into a woman crossing the street. the driver is in custody but not because of this crash.
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today seemed really, really hot. knowing tomorrow will be even worse -- >> this is balmy today compared to tomorrow. >> it really is. we are talking heat index. that is the real factor here. what does it feel like when you step out the front door. temperatures today in the mid 90s. heat index close to 100. right now one of the hottest teams we have seen. cloud cover helps us a little bit this afternoon. current temperature at 94 degrees. under partly to mostly sunny skies. current temperatures up to 89 now. it was much cooler to the north
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little bit earlier. down to 82. right back up to 90 degrees there. 93 fredricks burg. you add in the humidity you get heat index and look at the heat index in annapolis, 103. 99 manassas. a very hot day today. take a look at how many 90s we have. tomorrow i think all of these are 100s. that is why we have the heat advisory tomorrow. 105. philadelphia under extensive heat warning. they need 105 to get to a warning. we need it to get to an advisory. criteria higher in our region. southern maryland where that heat index above 105. satellite and radar shows cloud cover coming through earlier. mostly in our northern zone. richmond hit 98.
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i'm still tracking systems north and west. very small systems. any of these could produce more cloud cover and maybe scattered shower or thunderstorm. 8:00 a.m. sunshine. by noon a couple of clouds. thunderstorms and a few showers. this may help keep us below the threshold record at dulles 97. we do heat again during evening. friday starting off with a few clouds and sunshine. friday afternoon 1:00 not much but just about everybody seeing a good chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms. heat tomorrow and then thunderstorm potential on friday. friday is going to be on the hot side with
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100. if the clouds come in earlier this number will come down just a little bit. let's hope for that. next couple of days 96 degrees on your friday. strong storms likely on friday. heat index close to 102 on friday. 89 on saturday. here is the key. less humid on saturday. 89 average high temperature this time of year. 90 on sunday. 91 monday and another heat wave as we head next week. all eyes on tomorrow. that is the weather alert day with a high of 99. friday could be another weather alert day with a chanceo storms. striking similarities between two crashes. what news 4 just learned about the man behind the wheel of this dump struck. known as one of the most dangerous stretches of road in our area. a big redesigns i
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we have breaking news at 6:30 involve ag crash between a dump truck and a pedestrian. police took the driver into custody just a short time ago. this arrest not related to yesterday's crash on south dakota avenue but rather to a previous crash. let's get right to news 4's pat collins with details. what's
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>> reporter: sources say a few minutes ago the truck driver was arrested not in connection with the dump truck crash yesterday but in connection with a truck hit-and-run case two years ago. now, when you hear this story you are going to wonder why his company continues to let him drive. sources tell news 4 that the fort mayer construction truck driver who allegedly ran over a woman yesterday on south dakota avenue has been identified as 62-year-old alvarez. sources say alvarez was involved in a similar accident two years ago, an accident that seriously injured 22-year-old ethan zimmerman, a student. according to court documents alvarez was charged with hit-and-run.
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alvarez didn't show up for trial and there was a bench warrant issued for his arrest. there is also a $25 million lawsuit pending in the ethan zimmerman matter. yesterday sources say alvarez was behind the wheel of a dump truck when it ran over a young woman on south dakota avenue. she nearly lost her legs. police say alvarez stayed on the scene of that accident. so far no charges have been filed in that case. but back in 2015 sources say it was a different story. they say the fort mayer truck alvarez was driving -- and then they say that truck drove away. according to court records zimmerman suffered injuries to his brain, broken bones in his legs and arms and
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wounds. he went through several operations and spent months at the hospital. alvarez was eventually charged with aggravated reckless driving involving bodily harm with disability and leaving after colliding in an accident with personal injury. it's unclear as to why fort mayer allowed alvarez to drive a truck after that. we tried to get a comment from the construction company today but so far no response. again, driver alvarez in jail tonight on the hit-and-run charges. there may be more to come here. wendy, back to you. thank you. new at 6:00, the feds slamming the brakes on proposal for the northeast corridor. the federal railroad administration has dropped a plan that would have built new tracks to parts of connecticut
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and rhode island. lawmakers complained the project would devastate neighborhoods and tourist attractions in those two states. they are going ahead with $150 billion master plan to rebuild the railway line between boston and d.c. it's going to be over the next 30 years. cars, pedestrians and bicyclists mix dangerously close to one another. we are talking about new york avenue in northeast d.c. now there is an effort to reshape that road in the name of safety. transportation reporter adam tuss is along new york avenue tonight where some say changes can't happen soon enough. >> reporter: a lot of people want that. better sidewalks. take a look right here. be careful. this is what we are dealing with here on new york avenue on a daily basis. this road has a notorious reputation. what would a pedestrian like the most tke
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safer? >> i think you only have like 27 seconds to cross the street. >> she says there is a lot about new york avenue in northeast d.c. that could be changed. >> cars coming out this direction and that way and everywhere. >> reporter: it can be a dangerous mix of pedestrians and cars. sometimes they are all too close to one another, not following the rules of the road. >> it's kind of brutal. either cars coming from this way will catch you. >> reporter: kimberly jones walked through the area every day and says there are too many close calls to count. >> this truck is coming through. eechben cars come right here they even miss it. >> reporter: grass, trees and light poles block some sidewalk
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every day. working on a complete redesign something some say can't come fast enough. >> it all intertwines together. it's a mess. i don't know who did this but they need to revamp it. >> this stretch has been the site of some deadly accidents d.c. has seen an increase in traffic fatalities. last year there were only 12 at this point. that is an increase of 50%. d dot hopes to make changes to this roadway by the fall. prince george's county needs bus drivers before the school year begins. there is a job fair right now trying to fill those critical positions. the school district had a shortage last year that led to some kids getting
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or not at all. the job fair going on right now at northwestern high school going to go on until 8:00 tonight. pay starts at close to $19 an hour but can top out at $35 an hour. >> we have news of a big change to bethesda row. anthropology will take over the barns and noble site. this will be a destination store offering one stop shopping for furniture, bridal wear, outdoor decor, shoe salon, beauty products in addition to clothes, jewelry and kitchen wear. this is the first concept store of its kind in this part of the country scheduled to open in the fall of next year. >> my credit cards are already smoking. >> melting in my wallet.
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>> a different concept. parking is a premium in some neighborhoods as you know. tonight the i team shows how the police are tracking down parking predators who take valuable spots. pictures sparked international intrigue. we were talking about this last week. now experts say it is not the key to unlocking the amelia earheart mystery. temperatures today. hotter in places tomorrow. updated forecascoming up next. t
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there is a new twist in the amelia earhart mystery. it is vindication for
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around the world in 1937. history channel investigators thought the photo recently found in the national archives suggested the aviators survived a crash landing where locals insist she landed. the photo was thought to date back to 1937. a facial recognition expert says there was compelling evidence. a japanese blogger found the same photo in a book published two years before the disappearance. the history channel team plans to continue the investigation. let's check in with leon harris. >> reporter: it was a blast hanging out here today. you can see just about everybody is gone now. we had a great time with all the families and kids that came out and showed up. we want tothank everybody here
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join them. neighbors were watching on television and came down because they saw and joined in on the fun. we have yet to decide where the next backyard barbecue will be. somewhere in the prince george's county area i believe. we will let you know when and where that one will be next month. a great time and can't wait to do this again. after being out here all day i am capable of performing as the next extra crispy colonel on kfc commercials. >> you will be a good one. >> clogged with people parking and they don't live there. the i-
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this next story has many of you talking on social media and why not? it's about your parking nightmares. packed streets keeping you from being able to park near your house. >> a spike in people parking in neighborhoods where they don't even live. scott macfarlane shows us that has officers hunting down parking predators. >> reporter: you pay a fortune for your home and every inch of the yard. so it's frustrating when strangers plant their cars on your front curb for hours at a time. david freedman sez said this happens to him all the time. >> the kids from the high school just clog the roads. >> reporter: took your spot? >> took all of our spots. >> reporter: counties trying to
6:45 pm
spots in neighborhoods by restricting parking spots to residents only. local neighborhoods have petitioned to have those restricted parking permits. >> they choose this. this is something that they choose versus us going out and putting it in there. >> reporter: chief of montgomery county's parking management says more than 30 county communities have residential parking. if you think these no parking signs are enough think again. our investigation found increasing epidemic of parking cheats. so bad full time policing is needed to stop. we pulled parking citations from communities and found thousands of violations including sharp spike in prince george's county. number has tripled in one year. >> we will check that out. the i team took
6:46 pm
for policing parking predators. with a license plate reader he scans cars to make sure they are connected to a legitimate person. >> that's a hit. >> and that's a hit. >> reporter: he finds the cheating widespread in communities near apartment complexes where parking is limited and cars are plentiful. >> between 20 and 30. >> a night? >> yeah. >> reporter: on this night he sees violators near the transit hub. >> that apartment complex has cars. >> reporter: county officials say they are getting more petitions from neighborhoods wanting to restrict cars. >> it could turn into a parking lot. >> reporter: miles away we checked out neighborhoods near high schools where homeowners have complained about parking. i-team cameras caught students parking in restricted spaces and getting in and driving away
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local investigators say some people are willing to risk the ticket and acknowledge a black market for residential parking. >> people are selling these things. there were instances where they were being sold. >> like the case of tony benjamin after being convicted of selling counterfeit parking not far from fed ex field, a sign that as permit parking spreads so will the new hunt for parking predators willing to break the rules. scott macfarlane, news 4 i-team. the penalty you will pay differs in each community. to see how much it would cost and to see the neighborhoods in which parking is restricted go to our nbc washington app and search investigation. doug is here. what can we expect after this heat wave? >> i think before that we talk about this all the
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>> could we have them while we sleep? >> a couple last night. these will come unless you are sleeping at 4:00 in the afternoon on friday. >> i got to tell you out there right now looking at very hot, humid and hazy conditions. current temperature 94 dropping to about 90 next hour. we might be 92 at 7:00. it's definitely on the hot side. 82 degrees by 11:00. we saw a few clouds earlier today and a couple of light showers in through parts of fredrick. those are now out of here. this is all part of a system. we see numerous small systems, small scale systems. you can see a couple of them back towards chicago. you can see this guy right here that came through our area earlier. if one of these happens to be in the right area tomorrow it could help to keep numbers down just a bit. heat index tomorrow
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105, maybe 108. that is why we have a heat advisory in effect. you want to make sure you are ready for it. i know somebody ready for it. she was out there having fun all day today. i know people have left right now probably getting into ac. i'm sure you are ready to do the same. >> reporter: you know it, doug. then there was one. that's where we are at now. we have everyone breaking down. the food was great. we did get a good amount of mid level clouds. a nice breeze but as the clouds flared we started to see sunshine and things heating up right now here we are at 91 degrees. still pretty hot out there. i remember those summers where every now and then you used to have no ac in the house or broke down. here is a graphic, a way to keep cool without ac. here is the deal. i want you to switch the fans. there is a switch on
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that you can switch to spin counter clockwise. tomorrow avoid mid day washing and drying if you are doing laundry or mid day showers. that increases the humidity in the house and makes it feel hotter. unplug gadgets you are not using as well as appliances. that will keep heat budget down. stay cool, my friends. stay hydrated. drink lots of water. i will throw it back to you. i'm going to get water myself. >> wendy is like i have to change my ceiling fan. >> who knew in. >> thank you very much. >> she knew. >> i'm going to be cool in my house. pool forecast still hot. 94 degrees at 2:00. 99, feeling like 105. we could see isolated thunderstorm or two. that might be the only reason you have to get out of the pool. a great place to be. friday is the y
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because of the heat. friday could be a weather alert day because of the strong storms. that is something we are monitoring. much better this weekend. highs close to 90. another heat wave next week.
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that our families and kids -everwill be safe... good morning. in their beds... [ sizzles ] -bye! -bye. ...and in the car on the way to school... ♪ ...that our homes and workplaces will be safe... [ shouting ] ...and that when our kids play, the air they breathe and the water they drink will be clean, and trust their grandparents will have a safe flight when they come to visit... [ shouting ] ...and that our food will be safe to eat. careful. it's gonna be hot. fair enforcement of common-sense safeguards keeps our families safe. unfortunately, donald trump and republicans in congress are working with corporate lobbyists to undo these safeguards.
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put corporate profits ahead of our health and safety because our loved ones should come first. ♪ this is the xfinity sports desk. >> this year's mlb all-star game did have the
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that didn't stop the best players in the game from showing out. american league. the national league made headlines in the mid summer classic. what a show down in south beach. fifth all star appearance for bryce harper. max scherzer getting the start. scherzer taking down home run derby champ. two strikeouts in just an inning of work. harper turning heads with a shot to center. here comes bryce. the signature hair flip. mariners giving phone to molina for a photo-opin the middle of the game. canoe hit game winning home run 50 years to the day the last time someone hit a game winning extra winning homer.
6:55 pm
straight all star win. now imagine a wimbledon semi finals without rafael nadal, novak or andy murray. leaving those three out. the first american man named grand slam semi final. out in full force for the hometown favorite. second champ getting a fight from the 24th seeded american sam querry. check out this incredible point. a little lengthy. he can get to the drop shots. so can murray. somehow still going here. wins the point and takes it. we head to a decisive match point. 27th ace of the day. that completes the upset. takes down andy murray to advance to semn
6:56 pm
you can see querry with the washington capitals starting july 26. at wimbledon. putting on a clinic. federer. check out this backhand down the line. just a perfect shot. he takes the first set then in the second set on the serve. cruising in the second. 6-2. the match point. puts it out and federer moves on to the semi finals in straight sets. and john harsh scored first gold for black and red. nominated for best male college athlete for accomplishments last year at wake forest. i asked him what are you wearing tonight. he said he was throwing something together. we will have to see.
6:57 pm
>> who are you y2d1iy y16fy
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breaking news tonight. exclusive video showing president trump with some of the key players in his son's russia meeting controversy as the president denies any knowledge of it until days ago. the hot seat. president trump's pick for fbi director vows strict independence at his confirmation hearing. why he rejects the president's labels of the russia probe as a witch hunt. cancer breakthrough. the cutting edge treatment that supercharges a patient's own immune cells. the first child to receive it now cancer free for years. trillion ton iceberg. one of the biggest ever recorded breaking away from antarctica. is climate change to blame? and taking a mental health day. why so many are applauding one boss' response to something so many workers can


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