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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  July 14, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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now. that includes another weather alert day. >> your storm team 4 is working for you. we begin with extreme heat and meteorologist sheena parveen. >> we're tacking about a warm and humid morning outside already. as we go through the afternoon, it's going to be another day where it's feeling near 100 degrees. we also have the chance for some strong to severe storms as we go through the afternoon hours. that's also why we have a weather alert for the day today. temperaturewise, as you wake up outside, it is warm like i mentioned. 74 potomac. 80 degrees in washington. centreville -- riverdale is 80 degrees right now. if you're in upper marlboro, temperature 75. beverly beach at 76 degrees. now, we are dry. few showers we've been watching around hagerstown and martinsburg. but that's about it. better chance for storms comes later today. by lunchtime, your friday planner already nearing 100 degrees with the feels-like temperature will be in the
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a strong storm surge should approach. could pro side damaging winds. we'll take a closer look at that and your weekend forecast coming up. let's check your friday commute, melissa. >> northbound bw parkway is where we have the beginning problem. just before 32 with a crash. we are seeing some delays there. right now 95 through that area looks okay. if you're looking to save a little bit of time there. eastbound 66 before nutley, still this disabled vehicle on the right side of the roadway. we're seeing delays inbound there. you can see that here over the word fairfax this morning. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway. no problems right now. keep your fingers crossed that things stay this way. rest of the routes in and out of town look okay. prince george's county as well. no big complaints there as far as travel times. on time everywhere. 66 inbound is going to be your slow spot. eun. >> thank you, melissa. following breaking news in montgomery county.
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else to live after a fire destroyed their home on haney avenue in damascus. a police cruiser with ammunition inside also caught fire making for dangerous conditions for firefighters. news 4's justin finch at the scene with more. justin? >> reporter: eun, good morning. that cruiser badly scorched the house. we're on scene searching for a cause. firefighters alongside putting out hotspots. because just a few moments ago, that badly burned home was still smoking. i want to take you down to video from chopper 4 showing the extensive damage on the 2600 block of haney avenue. this fire breaking out close to 3:00 showing severe damage to the side of that home and the police cruiser parked next door. now firefighters from montgomery county in our areas arrived to the scene. they had to put out the house fire and the cruiser fires
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within minutes of arriving here, they heard blasts coming from that cruiser. a series of blasts at that. they know there was live ammo of some kind left inside that vehicle perhaps in a box. the damage from both fires resulting in severe damage to a parked black suv and silver car in the driveway as well. back on the ground in daylight. you really do get a sense of the extent of this fire. i can tell you this home next door is scorched on the side facing this house fire here. we do know that two people inside that home's residence, a man and woman were treated for smoke inhalation at the scene. we are live here in damascus. i'm justin finch, news 4. back in to you. >> justin x thank you. it's 6:03. you should be able to board a train again at virginia station. it was closed after a man was killed by a train near that station. police say that person intentionally walked on to the tracks in the tunnel. police say he was hit around 9:30 last night. but they've not
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man's name. >> 6:04 now. new developments in the shooting of a one-year-old in d.c. d.c. police released new surveillance video and want you to take a close look. take a look. in the video, you can clearly see two people shooting at each other. parents say kids were playing outside when the two men had an argument and pulled the weapons. this happened monday night on i-street northeast. the toddler caught in the kr crossfire was shot twice. he's now doing a lot better. congresswoman stacey plaskett said she's thankful th that an indictment was passed down after -- mccullum allegedly got x-rated material from a phone and shared it. plaskett is a democrat and a nonvoting delegate from the virgin islands. snat republicans face a
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own party after coming out with their latest health care bill. the new bill includes $45 billion to fight the opioid epidemic and $70 billion to help lower income americans pay for health care. it also keeps some of the affordable care act taxes on wealthy but does not restore any of the deep cuts to medicaid. at least two republican senators already say they'll vote no if changes aren't made. one more no vote will essentially kill the bill. breaking news on president trump's travel ban now. overnight, a judge in hawaii loosened the rules on that ban. the new ruling expands the definition of close relative. grandparents and other relatives of people in this country legally will now be allowed in the country. the supreme court is expected to take up this case later this year. bastille day commemorations are still under way in paris. erika gonzalez tells us about the special guest who is there. >> good morning, eun. president trump the guest of no
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parade. seated beside the french president, macron. for the first time the parade is led by u.s. troops to mark the centennial of the u.s. entry into world war i. however, the celebrations will also likely have a somber tone to them. today marks one year since the deadly truck attack in nice. you'll remember 86 people were killed and hundreds others injured after a bastille day fireworks show last year. the president tweeted that his friendship with president macron is unbreakable. the relationship is stronger than ever. these are live pictures from france and bastille day. back over to you. >> erika, thank you. 6:06 now. virginia governor terry mcauliffe is traveling to rhode island to participate in the summer meeting. he will introduce vice president mike p
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president mike trudeau. 30 governors are attending. they're discussing health care to cyber security. >> ending opioid addiction and overdoses in d.c. is a priority for mayor bowser. they will distribute 2500 nap loc naloxone kits. the kits saved people from -- it will happen at the family and medical counseling services on martin luther king, jr. boulevard in southeast. >> a gruesome discovery. four men murdered and buried. the shocking confession. what we're now learning about the suspect's background this morning. if you're just waking up and joining us. beyonce stealing the headlines again this morning. the new post overtight that will have everyone talking today. as you wake up and walk outside. it's another warm, humid start to the day.
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back this afternoon. temperatures in the 80s. by 8:00, 9:00 this morning, also the humidity. but later today, it's going to be again feeling close to 100 degrees and we're also talking about weather alert because of the potential for strong to severe storms. ll show youi' t
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6:11. breaking news from damascus, maryland this morning. this is what is left of a home destroyed by a fire overnight. >> it also spread to a police car. what may have happened to spark the flames. you can find the latest information on the nbc washington app. it is another warm start to your day. it's friday. four things you need to know. we have strong storms in the
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degrees with the humidity, though, and the main threat with many of the strong storms is the wind. here's a look at that. as we go through the afternoon, strong to severe storms could be producing potentially damaging winds. brief, heavy rain. of course, the lightning. i'll show you the timing and the weekend coming up. melissa. >> a brand new problem. this is northbound 95 at prince william parkway. crash on the right shoulder. showing a tiny bit of a slowdown there. right now, chopper 4 over 270 at father hurley boulevard. nice light volume in both directions. that looks great through the germantown area this morning. northbound bw parkway, all lanes reopened. still have that delay, two-mile delay northbound bw. >> melissa, thank you. the families of four young men are waiting to learn more about what happened to their sons. erika gonzalez is in the newsroom with the latest. >> cosmo dinardo to killing the
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their bodies found in a common grave at their family's farm in bucks county, pennsylvania. all of the men were missing since last week. as the confessed killer was led away in cuffs, he had just two words to say. >> anything to say? >> i'm sorry. >> a person with knowledge of the confession tells the associated press that dinardo felt cheated or threatened during a drug deal. from the newsroom, i'm erika gonzalez. back to you. a dump truck driver accused in two crashes is now facing charges for one of those accidents. ismael alvarez is now out of jail. he hit a student. he suffered serious injuries a couple of years ago. earlier this week, police say he hit a woman on south dakota avenue in northeast. but he has not been charged in that accident. the woman is still in the hospital.
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like this one. officials say a woman was killed by the blast from a jetliner this week. she was watching it take off at an airport in st. martin. the woman was knocked into a wallace she tried to hold on to a fence to feel that blast. officials say dozens have been injured in recent years by the jet blast. this is the first time someone has died. the next time you head to the airport, a new security measure could slow you down. >> homeland security is rolling out new facial recognition technology at dulles international airport. take a look. this is how it works. the pictures are taken at the gate. the machines record every passenger leaving the u.s., including american citizens. homeland security says it's trying to keep better track of who is entering and who is leaving the country. >> the real problem in immigration today is not so much people comingve
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but people overstaying their visas. we don't have a way of tracking that. >> we're in a world war privacy is perhaps less of a concern than extremism. >> the photos must be deleted in two weeks. the belmont ridge road widening -- the new bridge separates belmont ridge road from the washington and belmont -- this will eliminate the potential for crashes between pedestrians and cars. the project was done 3 1/2 months ahead of schedule. if you live in montgomery county, police are trying to crack a phone scam going around. someone is calling them from county government telephone numbers. the callers don't leave messages. police are trying to figure out who is calling and why. they want to talk to anyone who has received one of these strange calls. we all make
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employee led to a data leak affecting millions of customers. the company says the employee set the cloud network to allow access. the data contained names, addresses and even personal i.d. numbers. verizon says the only person who had access to the data was the researcher who told the company about the leak. it's 6:16. for the first time, a cell phone app has been approved and certified as a method of birth control. listen to this. it relies on a woman's recorded daily temperature. nbc news medical contributor explains the study. >> the birth control pill, we basically say is 99.7% effective if used completely correctly. in this study, the women who used the app exactly according to constructions it was 99.5% effective in preventing
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if, however, they didn't use the app exactly the right way, maybe they missed a day here or there of checking their temperatures, they had similar numbers to a typical birth control pill user which is 92% to 93% effective. >> follow it exactly in order to get the results you want. if you want to see more on the story, it's coming up at 7:00 on the "today" show right after our news. come up with an emoji for that app if something goes wrong. the sun is up. it's -- what is that? see it right there? the spider is back. it's a live picture is the point here. >> i felt like honey i shrunk the kids in the background. >> in casey confused anyone. that's what i was talking about. it is going to be one of those days where it still feels like near
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storms. a weather alert out today and a swelterer. -- it's going to be sweltering hot. let's say that. strong storms this afternoon. some could be providing damaging winds. before that, though, again, it will be feeling near triple digits. the good news, once this passes today, because it's part of a cold front. that is the good news for the weekend. i'll show you that forecast in a second. still near 80 degrees in the district. 73 dulles. 75 clinton. 72 degrees in gaithersburg. the storms the second half of the day. a lot of storms up to the north. a few showers in martinsburg as well. that's about it. we really don't expect our weather to flare up until i would say until 3:00 p.m. that's what it looks like until now. here's a severe threat area shown in the yellow. potentially strong to severe storms. so if you're heading to the pool, if the kids are heading to the
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sky. have the nbc washington app. if you see dark clouds, head inside. we do expect the storms to flare up. by noon today, 91 degrees. feeling close to 100 with the humidity. 2:00 p.m., storms likely, most lie north and west in the district. 93 by then. 4:00 p.m. is when we could have a more widespread storm start. this is future weather. now we go through time. there you see 4:30, the storms north and west of the district. then moving through washington, down 95 and into parts of maryland, as you get farther south by 8:00 p.m., if you are heading out tonight, keep in mind we have the chance of showers in your friday evening forecast. the forecast for today, 87 with the evening showers around. tomorrow and sunday, though, looking really good at the beach. mostly sunny, 84 degrees. little farther inland, if you're hanging out maybe not at the beach, highs closer to 90. relatively speaking, it's going to be a relief compared to the past few days. but nice and dry. storms next week. a look at the ten-day
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let's check the finally friday commute. >> this is a good example of the sun glare making it hard to see. >> earlier disabled vehicle was on the right side of the road is now out of the way. that is good news for folks on 66. sun glare not so hot this morning. also in virginia, northbound 95. prince william parkway, still the crash on the right shoulder. rest of 95 looks okay. northbound bw parkway, before 32, all lanes open. we have a pretty good backup headed northbound that's built up pretty quickly. some of that in the past couple of minutes. chopper 4 over 270 once again at 27. father hurley boulevard, everything through germantown looking okay. nice light volume. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, we don't have any big worries there. as far as travel times to 270 south, as you just saw, looks good. top of the beltway, no worries. 66 inbound a little slow because of that earlier problem that's now cleared there. 95 north
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beltway, no issues. listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop into your car. breaking news from the live desk. >> erika gonzalez joins us with an update on a shooting investigation in northeast washington. erika? >> we're hearing this was just about 5:00 this morning when police got the call of a double shooting. this is on the 900 block of mt. olivet in northeast. we understand that two people, a man and a woman, were taken to the hospital. we hear that they're going to be okay. as far as a suspect or a motive in this case right now, it's not clear. we can tell you the traffic tie-ups that were happening in that area, all clear now. two people taken to the hospital in a double shooting in northeast d.c. back over to you guys. >> erika, thank you. meet the carter twins. beyonce's early morning post. the introduction that lived up to the hype. how about a friday freebie. where you can go today for
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♪ that is grammy award winning artist kendrick lamar. he's preparing for a performance at the verizon center next friday. we interviewed him before he was kendrick lamar. now, the chances of me interviewing him are probably not very great. anyway, ahead of the show he's opening up a one-day pop-up shop in georgetown to sell some brand new tour merchandise. >> her a
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that. the pop-up will be located at the apparel store ubiq. i'm not very cool. >> i'm thinking it's going to be packed in there. >> probably. oh, yeah. 6:25. new this morning, the photo we've been waiting for is out and no surprise here, burning up social media. we want to know. we've been wanting to see the picture of the twin babies. >> beyonce with the brand new twins. here's the picture for you. queen b with rumi and sir carter. >> there's the girl and the boy. >> one-month-old today apparently. she posted this picture just after 1:00 a.m. we had to zoom in to see the pictures. >> we want to see the babies, right? it's mostly
6:26 am
picture. >> she birthed those babies. i'm giving credit where credit is due. i'm just saying. >> over 4.2 million likes. >> thanks mom for explaining that to us. >> she's a vision. >> the 5th annual march on washington is under way. a special opening ceremony. there he is our colleague, leon harris. the ceremony celebrated gospel music and the role it plays in the movement for racial justice. special guest vocalist told us why gospel singers during that time, like ma hall i can't jackson, are still so important. >> they paved the way for us to grow another venue that wasn't from -- where music wasn't accepted then. we're singing in some of those venues now. >> the festival is the first of its kind to use the arts to honor the untold stories
6:27 am
rights era. tickets are still available. there's a schedule in the nbc washington app. search march on washington. we're staying on top of the breaking news at this hour. the sun is up over the scene of a house fire at a home in montgomery county. the home of a police officer. where the investigation goes from here. we're looking at a warm start to the morning. look at these temperatures. we're in the mid to upper 70s in the district. but elsewhere, it's still feeling warmer when you factor in the humidity. coming up, we'll take a look at what all this means for the afternoon. we have storms in the forecast and then what that means for your weekend. that's next.
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it is a weather alert day. you can expect more of the extreme heat. but it's also the storm that we are tracking that could impact us all later. sheena parveen has the up to the minute forecast. it involves a lot of heat and humidity,
6:31 am
>> that is right. the heat and humidity that you just mentioned, it is going to spark the storms as we go through the afternoon. that is why we have a weather alert day for today. we have the potential for strong to severe storms. we have an approaching cold front. that will make things really nice going into the weekend. 79 degrees currently in the district. feels like 83 right now. if you're exercising today, well, it's going to be nice this morning. this is the best time to get outside. by lunchtime, feel closer to 100 with the humidity. probably better inside. looking at the storms clearing up. some could be strong to severe. i'll show you the timing of it. what this all means. changing the weekend forecast, let's check your finally friday forecast. on metro, have an issue or -- silver blue line. delayed both ways -- taking a look at 66 before nutley, still have that volume and the sun glare. wish i could do something about
6:32 am
sadly, i cannot. the disabled vehicle is out of the way here this morning. northbound 95 at prince william parkway, still have at that crash on the right shoulder as you head through that area. the northbound bw parkway before 32, that's gotten so much better pretty quickly here. all lanes open. big look at the beltway. issues at the beltway, keep our fingers crossed. travel times coming up. melissa, thank you. we continue to follow breaking news where crews remain on the scene of a fire. >> hi, aaron. we're here at the live desk. these are vivid pictures of the scene in damascus. this is the scene that justin finch is at. he's gathering new details. these are live pictures from chopper 4 over the scene as justin prepares to give us more details, let me tell you what we have. this is an haney avenue in montgomery county. this appears to be the home of a police officer. it looks like a fire started in e
6:33 am
cruiser that was not far from that. inside the cruiser, ammunition. neighbors say they could hear some sort of sparks or pops going off. the fire looks like it all but consumed that home. the cruiser, as you can see as chopper zooms in, there's another car right there. again, these live pictures from chopper 4 over the scene in damascus. justin finch there on the ground, we'll be hearing from him with an update in a few more minutes. back over to you guys >> erika, thank you. here are the top stories we're following for you. d.c. police released this new surveillance video in the shooting of a one-year-old in d.c. in the video, you can see clearly that two people are shooting at each other. parents say children were playing outside when the two men had a fight and pulled guns. this happened monday night on i-street northeast. the toddler caught in the
6:34 am
the search is on for a missing teen. this is jesus delgado owes. he was last seen in northwest d.c. if you know him or where he is, contact police. president trump is wrapping up his visit to paris this morning. he is still at the bastille day parade alongside president macron. the u.s. military is leading off the parade to commemorate the u.s. entrance into world war i. last night the two presidents and their wives had a private dinner at the eiffel tower. 6:34 now. you may need to find alternate routes today. >> the big march could affect your friday commute. news 4's megan mcgrath is live with what you need to know. megan, what's going on? >> reporter: it all starts at the nra headquarters and then eventually everything will move here to the department of justice in downtown d.c. that means that majortr
6:35 am
times are going to be very, very crowded. so folks are going to have to factor that into their day. take a look at the map here. give you a better idea of the areas that are affected. this protest march is going to be at the nra headquarters and then they're going to march, stick to the sidewalk on route 29 in fairfax. the impact there hopefully will not be too bad. however, then they're going to go over the key bridge into washington. they're going to walk around along streets like m street in georgetown, pennsylvania avenue as they make their way downtown to the department of justice. we are expecting traffic tie-ups. once that march hits d.c. now, we caught up with a woman who was making protest signs for this rally and march. a big crowd is expected. now, here's a closer look at the exact timeline. at 9:00 a.m., protesters will gather at the nra headquarters in fairfax. at 10:00 a.m., the rally begins. at noon, the march begins. they're walking 18mi
6:36 am
the key bridge and on roads from georgetown down to the department much justice. and keep in mind, folks, this is going to happen in the middle of the day. so folks are going to be at work. we have lots of tourists in the area. as they hit the d.c. line and make their way down the d.c. streets, we are expecting the streets to get a little crowded and clogged. back to you. >> megan, thank you. the crowds at today's protests are expected to be big because of this controversial ad. it encourages people to become members of the nra. it's called the violence of lives. it criticized the media and anti-gun protesters. in the ad, an nra spokesperson says "the only way we save our country and our freedom is to fight this violence of lies with the clinched fists of truth,". >> soon motetro riders may haveo fork over
6:37 am
>> preliminary approval to charge more for saturdays and certain special events. they're considering also extending the hours to pay for parking in metro lots. they think the changes could generate $8 million. they need the money to close a budget gap. a frederick, maryland family is grieving the loss of a husband and father. >> he was among 16 people killed. this was in a military plane crash in mississippi. his mother who lives in frederick, maryland, still. her son joined the marine corps to follow in his father's footsteps. he leaves behind a wife and two children. the cause of monday's plane crash is still under investigation. it was carrying members of the elite marine raiders special ops team. some promising news this morning following the congressional baseball shooting that happened last month. congressman steve scalise has been upgraded to fair condition after undergoing another surgery. it was for a deep tissue infection
6:38 am
he's still recovering in the hospital. the summer weather is taking a toll on a former president. president jimmy carter has been hospitalized for dehydration. carter was helping to build houses in canada when he began to feel ill. he is in winnipeg with his wife working on a two-day habitat for humanity project. planning on stopping by starbucks today? you can walk out with a friday freebie if you know what to order. that's not the only giveaway today. a father on defense. the focus is on russia even during a trip to france. president trump speaks out for the first time about his son's meeting with russians. plus, we continue to follow breaking news. here's a live look as flames devoured a home and cruiser that belongs t ao
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
good friday morning. another weather alert day.
6:42 am
to upper 70s. but because of the potential of strong to severe storms. the radar is mostly dry. we have a few showers near hagerstown. but for the most part they stay to the north. still going to feel near 100 degrees. we'll look at the timing coming up, melissa. >> big problem on metro as far as delays. orange, silver blue line delays. we're talking about both directions. because of an earlier problem. we'll look at the roads and see what's going on in the travel times in a minute. a house fire overnight in damascus triggers a car fire as well. that car having a series of small explosions. what triggered the small blasts coming up in a live report.
6:43 am
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breaking news, flames break out, ammunition ignites. the dramatic scene at the home of a local officer that played out overnight. attacked near a holy site. police officers targeted. the story that continues out of jerusalem. ♪ from bastille day to the russia
6:46 am
defended his eldest son during a visit in paris. as far as my son is concerned, my son is is a wonderful young man. we are following breaking news this morning. chopper 4 over what is left of a home in damascus, maryland. we have team coverage on this fire. >> the home on haney avenue was destroyed overnight in this fire. news 4's justin finch is live with more on what happened and who lived in that house. justin? >> reporter: hey there, eun. good morning. right now montgomery police are holding this scene. behind us a close-up look at this burned-up home and the cruiser next to it. this is an officer's home and it's badly damaged. taking a look at the overhead damage. this is the 2600 block of haney avenue just off 27th. you can see this house here is scorched. the home and that cruiser burned down to the frame, rather. the scene here after
6:47 am
here was a very grave scene. we also heard that the sound of crackles and pops were heard, too, as well as the fire spread from that house to that parked police cruiser there. we spoke to a neighbor who said he heard those blasts. take a listen. >> lots of quick pops or how would you describe it? >> i don't know. i heard three or four. that's about all i heard. i didn't know what it was. i was like -- i seen all the trucks coming, so i come down to look. of course, they wouldn't let anybody anywhere close. >> reporter: and looking now at the scene here, the fire marshal leaving a short time ago and is due to return to continue searching for a cause of this fire. a man and a woman were taken from the home and treated for smoke inhalation. at this time investigation trying to figure out how this all began. did the house catch fire first or did the cruiser catch fire first? that too remains under investigation. it also appears t
6:48 am
inboxes inside of that cruiser. and was activated by that fire. we're live here in damascus, i'm justin finch. news 4. back to you. >> justin, thank you. a jury is expected to hear closing arguments today in a deadly wedding day stabbing case. for the first time they heard directly from the suspect. bonds took the stand in his own defense yesterday. prosecutors say he stabbed wedding caterer john after a wedding in chantilly in august of last year. bonds, who was a fairfax county parks employee argues that he stabbed johns? self-defense. he told jurors he was backed into a railing. the caterer had his hands-on his neck and he couldn't breathe. the argue um was recorded on his cell phone. here's part of that recording. >> boy. >> what happened? >> you hit a girl? >> oh, you stabbed me. >> she was not the
6:49 am
loved ones said and she was a soft sweet person. ♪ a show of support for a transgender woman in the district. yesterday a march was held at freedom plaza in honor of devon washington. washington was in critical condition after a hit and run. an arrest has been made. the group is calling for mayor bowser to do more to protect the trans community in d.c. the mayor's office tells us that the mayor is committed to the lgbt community. the story is trending on social media. the house defeated a proposal that would have prevented the pentagon from preventing gender re -- it failed with 24 republicans vote being against the proposal. last year the ban on transgender people being able to serve openly in the military ended. vermont senator bernie sanders endorsed former naacp chairman to be the next governor the maryland. jealous has a lifetime of jurj us
6:50 am
field of democrats looking to unseat larry hogan. a vicious and ruthless campaign. that's what prince william county board chair corey stewart promised when he runs against tim kaine. senator kaine's office responded by kag stewart is more focused on name calling than improving virginians lives. president trump is wrapping up his visit to paris this morning. right now he's on his way to the airport to head back to the u.s. here's a live look this morning. he spent time at the bastille day parade alongside french president macron. this is the first time the u.s. military led off the parade to commemorate the entrance into world war i. the presidents and their wives had a private dinner at the eiffel tower. >> president trump may be in paris but he can't escape
6:51 am
late latest -- >> he took a meeting with a russian lawyer. not a government lawyer, but a russian lawyer. zero happened from the meeting. honestly, i think the press made a big deal over something that really a lot of people would do. >> on this trip, president trump is trying to reset relations with france after he and president macron previously clashed over issues from climate change to trade. breaking news now. three gunmen are dead. two police officers killed as well near jerusalem's most holy site. we're learning the gunmen were arab citizens of israel. it's happening at the sacred site known as the tem will mount to jews and the sanctuary to muslims. there's a lot of security on fridays to muslims and a holy day of the week for muslims. because of the attack, police have said friday prayers for muslims will not happen at that site. time now to che
6:52 am
commute with melissa mollet. >> starting with metro, we have this slowdown. orange, silver blue line, delays both ways because of a malfunction at mcpherson square. eastbound 66 before nutley street. looks better than we did earlier this morning. no major problems there. staying in virginia right now, northbound 95 at prince william parkway. that crash still on the right shoulder. northbound, bw parkway before 32, all lanes now open. that's much, much better. now 95 through that area is quite slow this morning. overall, the beltway looks pretty good. that makes me laugh because i see a similarity here. the beltway, here's my stomach. roads into town are just fine. no big problems on the beltway or my belly. 270 no problems. top of the beltway, the tiniest bit slow. 66 inbound, 95 northbound, looks pretty nor
6:53 am
your car this morning. >> i still see the shadow of your belly on the weather wall. >> going to be there for a while. hopefully not too much longer, i guess. as you wake up today, warm and muggy. we're looking at another warm start. we have a weather alert out. by lunchtime, could be feeling close to 100 degrees again. then we go through the afternoon. strong storms are in the forecast. some of which could be severe tonight if you're heading out. we still do have the shower chance for your friday night plans. 72 -- clinton coming in at 75. quantico near 80. dry for most of the area. the storms are up in pennsylvania. right on the maryland/pennsylvania border near frostburg where we have some storms. they mostly stay to the north. we have a severe threat for the area shown by the yellow. this is going to be later in the day today. so some of these storms have the potential of producing potentiallyam
6:54 am
closely. if you're outside grilling today, another hot, humid one. but, again keep an eye to the sky no matter what you're doing today. see the dark clouds, head inside. we have the chance of storms throughout the afternoon and into the evening. it will help to cool temperatures down. future weather, north and west of the district. moving into the district and around the beltway, down 95 by 6:30. again strong storms possible. even by 10:00 p.m., the main threat being the potentially damaging winds. again, make sure you have the nbc washington app to stay updated. the beach forecast looks good into the weekend. mid-80s. elsewhere the rain today is part of a cold front. relief on the way for saturday and sunday. nice and dry. next week, we get high again guys. no big cooldowns. did she say wicked hot? >> we get hot. >> oh, we get hot. on this hot summer day, you may want to grab
6:55 am
>> starbucks is the latest to offer a free beverage for one hour. 1:00 to 2:00 in the afternoon, you can sip an iced tea drink >> only a sip. >> new tea flavors such as pineapple black tea. if you want something to eat with it. krispy kreme is giving away a dozen glazed doughnuts if you buy another dozen: if you buy a dozen, get another dozen for 80 cents. >> giving away free soft serve on sunday. >> all sounds good, right? >> 6:55. four things to know today. chopper 4 is live where we've been staying on top of breaking news in damascus, maryland. a police officer's home destroyed by fire. it broke out on haney avenue. it spread to a police car in the driveway. you can learn more information on the nbc washington app. >> you may want to find an alternative route on the
6:56 am
march. the participants are protesting the national rifle association. be sure to follow megan mcgrath on twitter. d.c. police released this video on the shooting of a one-year-old. you can clearly see two people shooting at each other. the baby that was shot survived. you can watch this video on the nbc washington app right now. president trump is getting ready to leave paris this morning. he spent time at the bastille day parade. we'll have a wrap hp up n his trip on the "today" show. >> right now the delays on the metro, orange, silver and blue lines. otherwise, no major problems. 66 looking better than it was. 95 approaching 32 is quite slow all of a sudden. no report of a problem but something is going on. we'll be tweeting about it from first 4 traffic. sheena? >> yeah, melissa. you see the sun glare. this afternoon, it could be the windshield wipe erps.
6:57 am
the forecast. the storms could provide damaging winds. we'll be tracking it this afternoon. still hot and humid. around 90 both days on the weekend. we get hot again next week. aaron thought i said wicked hot. >> it will be wicked hot, though. >> we're all in boston all of a sudden. >> thanks for joining us. enjoy your day and your weekend. >> make it a great friday everybody.
6:58 am
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good morning. nbc news exclusive. we're learning there was someone else in that controversial meeting between the trump campaign and a russian lawyer. another person with alleged ties to moscow. who was it? an why it matters. this, as president trump attends a high-profile parade in paris this morning. chilling confession. a suspect admits he took part in the m the murders of the four men who disappeared in pennsylvania. a new person of interest being questioned in connection with the case. we're live with the very latest. dangerous and now deadly. tragedy at a caribbean beach, popular with


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