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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  July 18, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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amazon is good at doing. >> it may have sent blue apron stock sliding. on top of that announcement, amazon is opening new stores planning to buy whole foods and reportedly considering the pharmacy business. just taking over the world basically. >> remember rosie from the jettisje jetsons, i want her in my kitchen. >> but you won't have a self-driving car. you can feed -- they're testing out family-style meals at chick-fil-a and two new sides as well. they can feed a family of four and unentree, two sides and eight mini rolls. the bacon baked beans and mac and cheese are the two sides. >> the meals are offered in three locations right now, none of which is in our area. >> check on my instagram, i had the biggest chicken sandwich this weekend. oh, my gosh, it was so good.
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we begin with news 4 and breaking news in northwest washington right by new york avenue. two houses went up in flames. take a look at this video here. eight people survived this fire. but two firefighters were hurt. >> d.c. fire says the smoke alarms saved lives. the two injured firefighters will be okay. this happened on morgan street northwest not far from dunbar high school. molette green is headed to that area right now. she's going to have live updates as soon as she gets there. good morning everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we're working to get you up and out the door on time. >> melissa keeping an eye on the roads and rails this morning. let's start with chuck and sheena who have made their way outside to test things out. what are you thinking, guys? >> another sticky morning. like yesterday morning. it's warm and humid and not a good hair day. >> not a fan. >> no. >> we were talking
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feels like someone put a wet electric blanket on you. >> that's not a good analogy. sounds dangerous. >> temperatures are a lot cooler in the shenandoah valley this morning. 64 winchester. gate urs berg in the upper 60s. the urban heat island effect. it's 78 right now. plan on more than enough sunshine to get temperatures into the upper 830s and low 90s like yesterday. doesn't sound like much. only a 30% chance of a stray shower or thunderstorm. but they'll be slow moving super soakers. just like yesterday. some folks might get an inch or more. most of us won't have to worry about that. it will be hot and sticky. >> especially if you're playing in a cornfield. >> the corn is as high as an elephant's eye by the fourth of july. that's the rhyme i always remember. >> why do we know how high the corn is by the fourth of july? i've never heard that befo
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>> east capitol -- brand new crash there. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, just fine right now. no big issues there. eastbound river there. all eastbound lanes blocked by the utility work. the westbound lanes carrying two-way traffic this morning. this has cleared. 95 south at fairfax county parkway. don't have to worry about that anymore. >> thank you, melissa. it's 5:03. we've been following this breaking news story out of northwest washington. you can see the massive flames shooting from two row houses on morgan street. >> the firefighters were injured there and several people don't have a place to live now. news 4's molette green just got to the scene. she joins us live with the latest. molette, bring us up to speed. >> reporter: just seconds ago, the big ladder truck and most of the fire apparatus moving out of here. let's take a look at the house, the origin of the fire. the good news is, s
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tors alerted folks to get them out. eight people in all forced out of their homes. we do have some video of the fierce battle the firefighters waged just a couple of hours ago here on morgan street. we're in the 200 block off new jersey avenue. big flames coming from the second floor, the attic, rear portion and firefighters were able to get this thing under control sometime around 3:00 a.m. i just spoke with the fire chief who just left the scene. he told me that two firefighters suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. one of them suffered minor burns. the other one suffered heat exhaustion. we can tell you that three homes in all, three town homes in all impacted by this blaze. much more to come in the next half hour. back to you now. >> molette, thank you. >> coming up on 5:05. we're following big news on capitol hill this morning. the senate republican health care plan is dead, at least for
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health care for millions of people in limbo. news 4's angie goff is in the newsroom with what happens next. angie? >> big development overnight. the fact that this is set into motion with two more republicans coming out against the bill last night. that means four republicans overall on record now opposing the current version on the table. so where do things go from now? senate majority leader mitch mcconnell coming out and saying that the senate will now vote on a straight repeal of the affordable care act. saying in part, "a repeal of obamacare with a two-year delay to provide for a stable transition period to a patient centered health care system. that gives americans access to quality affordable care." . that's exactly what president trump called for in a tweet that we saw posted online shortly after the latest defections were announc announced. just to recap or reiterate. that won't take effect for two years giving lawmakers time to come up with a new system. democrats, meanwhile,al
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for a bipartisan effort to improve the health care law. that's the latest. eun, back to you. >> ainge, thank you. here's a look at the four republican senators opposing the health care plan. the latest, senators mike lee and jerry moran. chris pollone will have a look at why the lawmakers came out against the bill and how the process to repeal it will work. it's a case that could send shivers through parents and tonight they will take action to see that it never happens again. >> parents want to know why it took 7 months to arrest a former classroom aide accused of creating child porn at school. carlos bell was arrested earlier this month. parents found suspicious text messages from bell on their child's phone in december. he worked at benjamin stoddard middle school in waldorf. the group is having a town hall meeting tonight. the goal is to show parents how to ida bus and how to talk with their children about it. it starts at the church of st. charles in waldorf tonight at 7:00. justin finch will have more
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police action in this case. ang goif at the live desk with new video into the live desk. this is where a three-story building collapsed with people sleeping inside in pakistan. rescuers are digging through the rubble still trying to free trapped survivors. unknown how many are missing. the cause of the collapse spell a big unknown also. the building is very old and poorly constructed according to initial reports. we'll bring you more as we get it. aaron? >> angie, thank you. it's 5:07. this morning, fairfax county police are checking missing person's reports to identify a dead man. the man's body was found floating in a lake on trinity parkway in centreville last night. a fisherman found him last night. police are also examining a backpack for evidence. it was found along the shore there. fairfax police say an autopsy should give investigators a better idea of how the man died. the family of a hit and
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speak up if they have seen this car. take a look. d.c. police say this was the car that hit burgess johnson at the end of june. he was riding his bike near 29th and erie street in southeast. after spending weeks on life support, johnson died at the hospital on sunday. chopper 4 was high above a serious crash that involved cars and motorcycles. you can see parts of those vehicles scattered on the sidewalk and grass. this was on harry s. truman drive. this morning the accident scene has cleared. one man was taken to the hospital in critical condition. but the other drivers were not hurt. police are trying to figure out how the two cars and the motorcycles collided. today a woman arrested for trying to break on to the white house grounds will be back in court. alicia keppler was arrested july 4th running along the south fence of the white house. it was the second straight year she tried to get on to the grounds. last year the case was dismissed
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mental health treatment. juan mccullum will be arraigned on cyber stalking charges today. he's accused of posting nude photos from a house member's iphone online. that was stacey plaskett from the virgin islands. another former colleague faces charges for obstruction of justice. lawmakers across the area will be watching a move by leaders in prince george's county today, a move that could give you healthier options when you need a quick snack. the prince george's county council will decide whether to require at least half of the items in county-owned vending machines to meet stricter nutrition standards. those standards come from the american heart association. it would mean a limit on snacks and drinks that have a lot of sugar, salt and fat. every drink vending machine would have to offer bottled water as an option. redskins quarterback kirk cousins will be back this season. after this year, it's not clear how long he'll be in a d.c.
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bruce allen said the team offered cousins a $53 million long-term deal with the second highest guarantee of any nfl quarterback. but, allen says they never got a counteroffer from cousins's agent. cousins will play for almost 24 million bucks on the franchise tag and then -- >> he says it's not about the money. >> what is it about? >> you have to ask him. >> it's not about the money -- >> if you're just getting ready to head out the door, you may want to put the umbrella in your bag. >> especially if you're out this afternoon. we have isolated thunderstorms in the forecast. a lot like we did yesterday. it's going to be a lot like it was yesterday. it's already sticky and warm yesterday. this afternoon, low 90s. dry roads for the morning commute. you might run into showers later on today. we'll take a look at the forecast. plus, more heat this week coming up. they may be cute, but these little guys have some people a little scared. >> they're not cute. >> the
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that left a woman with stitches and one homeowner says there's nothing they can do about it. >> a brazen bandit going after old glory. they have evidence that could lock him up. how they hope to catch the man accused of burning several american flags. she was days away from walking down the aisle. now her fiance is planning her funeral. what we're learning about the
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parents want to know why it took seven months to arrest a former classroom aide accused of creating pornography at cloos. this is carlos bell. he's accused of -- there will be a town hall meeting tonight so parents can learn to spot the signs of abuse. >> justin finch joining us live on how parents can protect their kids. justin, good morning. >> reporter: aaron, good morning. no surprise that parents have lots of questions and concerns out here. they'll likely have even more given word that investigators need more resources to work cases like carlos bell's. you'll recall that bell's case came to light earlier this month. he's the former public aide
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accused of sexually assaulting at least ten boys. why did he take so long to catch bell. our news partners at wtop uncovered a -- meaning it's taking longer to process evidence in cases like bell's. his cell phones were key and said to have recorded his encounters with minors. wtop found the lab had four people working and ten months behind on their work. back in early july, the charles county state's attorney asked the public to bear with this investigation. >> reality is that resources get it done more quickly. doesn't mean their twiddling their numbers not doing anything. they're busting their hump. >> reporter: looking now at a public parent meeting being held tonight at 7:00 p.m. at the church at st. charles here in waldorf, maryland, we can tell you is sponsored by the group women of action
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of the county social services will also be present to help parents with their questions, also identify signs of sexual abuse in children. we're live in waldorf, i'm justin finch, news 4 back to you. >> justin, thank you. hot, dry weather is making wildfires kind of more dangerous. firefighters now saying nearly 200 fires are burning in british columbia. the entire province is under a state of emergency. so far, no one has been hurt. but response teams have evacuated tens of thousands people. a woman shot at her own gender rejeel party was never pregnant. the woman told people she lost her baby after being shot. >> police say false statements are hurting the investigation and so far no arrests. we'll find out whether there will be another trial in the case of ray tensing. the former university
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cincinnati police officer shot a man during a traffic stop in 2015. the murder trial ended in a hung jury and the voluntary manslaughter trial ended in a mistrial. a man wants to know why his fiance was shot and killed by a police officer after calling for help. she was supposed to be getting married in a month. instead, they're planning her funeral >> the death of justine is a loss to everyone who knew her. she touched so many people. she was loving and generous heart. >> his fiance called 9-1-1 on saturday to report a sexual assault in an alley near her home. somehow she ended up dead. a newspaper reports that she was shot standing alongside the squad car in her pajamas. family and neighbors want more details. the officer's bodnd a dashcam ras were turned off. there is no video of the incident.
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on 4. now it's happened again. more families say the american flags outside of their homes have been set on fire. this time neighbors say they have the suspect on video. one man's home security camera was recording when he says the suspect went door to door. >> i saw one house up the street go up. the next house go up. a gentleman come up walking this way, opened my front gate that we're standing in now, walked up to my house, lit it on fire and went up the street this way. that video is now in the hands of arson investigators, which is why we cannot show it to you here. some of the homes targeted sunday night were also hit when this first started the week before the july 4th holiday. raccoons are attacking people apparently. one neighborhood in northern virginia is trying to solve the problem. people are on alert after a recent string of attacks. these pictures show them coming through a doggie
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>> no. don't even compare them to my pandas. >> one person had to get 87 stitches. the arlington county animal welfare league says this is happening because homeowners associations don't allow trash bins outside, only trash bags. >> that's a problem. >> easier to access if you're a raccoon. >> the raccoons scare me. i'm telling you. >> they should. >> so should a bear. >> i'm not the judge. >> the two of you trying to hate on my pandas. >> another chance for needed rain dops across the area today. doing pretty good on the rainfall after the third driest june. there's shomari stone yesterday. here's the number one thing you should never do. you are begging for trouble when you
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because you don't know if the road hasn't been washed out underneath of there. >> shouldn't walk in it either. >> i would agree with you there. got to be extremely careful. turn around, don't drown. the number one safety rule when it comes to flooded roadways. outside, we have been picking up the rain as i mentioned this month. for the month of july, 3 inches of rain. that's about an inch above average. it's also been a warm july. so far, we haven't even got eb into the ten-day forecast which is looking ever hotter awful the time. we're already 3 degrees above average for the month of july. out of the first 17 days, 13 of them have been 90 degrees or higher. right now, it is a balmy 78 in washington. already a little hint of a heat index this morning. just know that it's going to feel like 95 to almost 100 degrees for most of the next several days. 60s and 70s to get your day started. planning it out hour by hour. a 20 to 30% chance of an
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mostly the upper 80s to low 90s. 92 downtown. 89 in hagerstown today. as far as rain chances, just hit and miss. nothing out this on radar early in this morning. let me show you the high resolution model. it's updated each and every hour. little hint of showers bubbling up around 3:00 or 4:00 along the i-95 corridor. in the 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 time frame, hit and miss. any one of those individual storms could leave you with a half an inch to inch of rain. there's the five-day forecast, it's up, up and away. 95 tomorrow. 97 thursday. 98 on friday. even saturday, mid-90s. heat indexes all up close to 100 degrees. that means melissa mollet, you need to have that baby sooner rather than later. >> i know. this is going to be a hot couple of days if this lady stays in there too much longer. annapolis road, still have that
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up north eastbound before 415, 340 blocking the right lane right now. downtown, morgan street, again in northwest, shut down for that fire. that's where molette green is on the scene. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. she was supposed to be watching a 2-year-old boy and his baby sister. police say she was doing something else instead. the area baby-sitter who jumped out of a window sand on the run. the behavior behind the voice of kermit the frog that sent him packing. and remember, tune in for the ellen deneres egsh
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welcome back. the
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kermit the frog's muppeteer is not over. it dismissed chief whitmire over unacceptable conduct. they say he failed to address feedback and it spanned many years. he thought the studio was too outspoken in addressing how kermit should be in a series. matt vogel is now taking over as kermit or the muppeteer. which is the voice. >> right. get ready to hear alec baldwin say these iconic lines. you can't handle the truth! >> that's the best movie. >> i love when you rise to the occasion. >> vhs. i still have it. >> the actor signed on to play the role colonel nathan jess up in the live stage version
5:27 am
how is this going to work. you remember the role jack nicholson made famous. you can expect to see it -- alec baldwin is a good one, though. >> should be good. 5:27. mother nature issuing a code red. that's another one for the -- you need me on that wall. code red for weather around here the next couple of days. we'll be soaring to perhaps near 100 degrees by the weekend. check of the forecast for today coming right up. we continue to follow breaking news. a house fire sending two d.c. firefighters to the hospital. molette green is live at t he
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that breaking news at 5:30. firefighters are monitoring hotspots after flames broke out inside a northwest washington town house overnight. >> two firefighters taken to the hospital here. molette green is there. we'll check in with her for an update about people who live there. >> also developing this morning, the plan to change your health care coverage is dead. but republicans are already working on a new way to overhaul obamacare. we'll fill you in on what happened since you wept to bed. only on news 4, we spoke to the homeo o
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a lot of you will have some cleaning up to do after yesterday's storms. news 4's shamari stone found pockets of water up to his knees much this is so dangerous. driving through these high water spots, right? >> most of the flooding we saw was in maryland. today, more storms are expected. we'll check in first with chuck bell and sheena parveen. >> then an update on your commute and the breaking news we're following this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning. we're just talking about that video. never do that. >> never, never, never. a lot of times it's sort of a false sense of security. i have four-wheel drive. i'm going to be all right. it only takes 12 inches of water to float most cars off the road. >> be very careful. if you're headed out today and going to walk the dog, we're looking at hot conditions out there. we're talking about a very sticky morning. warm and sticky by 7:00 a.m. 78 degrees by noon. you don't want to be giving the dog a short walk
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flooding like in the video in some parts of area because of an isolated storm chachblnce. if you're headed to the pool or the barbecue and all that stuff, keep an eye to the sky. we'll take a closer look at that coming up. let's check the roads with melissa mollet on this tuesday morning. good morning, melissa. >> a problem on the beltway. inner loop at annapolis, a little bit of a slowdown there. this is the closest camera showing us a little bit. the rest of the beltway looks okay. you can see a little bit of that delay approaching 50 this morning. headed up north to frederick county eastbound, 70 before 15, disabled vehicle still blocking that right lane and causing some slowdowns in the district. morgan street northwest shut down for that fire response. east capitol near
5:33 am
northeast, we have some lanes blocked for a crash there. >> melissa, thank you. it's 5:32. we continue to follow that breaking news story out of northwest washington. the american red cross is on the scene on morgan street after two row homes caught fire. >> news 4's molette green is live with a look at who is displaced and more on the firefighters who were hurt too. molette, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. firefighters are still here on stand by for those hotspots that could flare up in these kinds much cases. take a look. this is the fire -- where the fire started. in this white town home. flames broke out on the second floor. the renters were out of town. the lower bottom tenants were able to get out. this fire impacted several homes on this street. we spoke with the man who lives right next door. his home was impacted by the firefight. he tells meal a neighbor called him, wokim
5:34 am
>> most of the flame was on the alley end, the back of the house. that's where the flames were. i didn't see that until i came out and looked over the roof. >> reporter: back live here on the scene on morgan street. you can see some of the neighbors were were forced out. eight in all. two firefighters injured. they are expected to recover. that's the latest live from northwest d.c. back to you. >> molette, thank you. developing this morning, back to the drawing board for senate republicans. >> the plan to repeal and replace obamacare is dead. this comes overnight. that brings the total number much republicans opposing the billow physicianly to four. >> now the table is being set for a straight repeal of the health care law. nbc's chris pollone will have a look at what this means coming up. our other top story this morning, fairfax
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reports to identify a man whose body was found floating in a lake on trinity parkway in centreville last night. a fisherman found the man last night around 7:30 p.m. they're examining a backpack found along the shore also. prince george's county police are looking for the people who dumped a man's body in a riverdale neighborhood. that body was found on 60th avenue off riverdale road. tonight parents can attend a town hall meeting about spotting sexual abuse. this is in response to the recent arrest of carlos bell in charles county. the former school aide is accused of sexually abusing students at benjamin stoddard middle school in waldorf. it starts at the church of st. charles in waldorf. justin finch will be here with more at 6:00 a.m. a loudoun county sheriff's deputy could be in trouble after being carjacked and his
5:36 am
weapon stolen. this happened in clark county last week. the depp tip was off duty at the time and he was in his own suv. investigators say he had dropped off a man at a convenience store. when he realized his cell phones were missing, he confronted that man. that's when police say the guy stole his suv and service weapon and eventually crashed nearby. police say 22-year-old zachariah alz a nam was taken into custody after trying to steal another vehicle. they've started an internal investigation. the deputy was on sick leave at the time of the incident. facing child abuse charges is wanted in prince william county. amanda sue allen is on the run. she allegedly escaped through the window of an apartment on saturday when police came to the door. she was supposed to be watching two kids. but instead was sleeping. the 2-year-old boy was found playing in a parking lot. his 11-month-old sister was found crawling outside of
5:37 am
police say allen was wanted for violating parole. she now faces charges for felony child neglect. it is 5:37. changing choices. the snacks you love could soon disappear from vending machines. the latest county considering cutting back on calories coming up. plus, could the president's golfing trips impact your day? the new security m
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welcome back. an international robotics competition continues today. an all girls team from afghanistan -- >> they were denied until president trump intervened. they're competing against teams from 150 countries. they took their first robotics class this year. most teams had up to four months to build theirs. they built theirs and tested theirs for only a day before they had to ship it to the u.s. news 4's doreen gentzler will have more on the girls and the competition tonight on news 4
5:41 am
how is this for good sportsmanship. when the team from iran couldn't get their materials into the country. students from george c. marshall high school from falls church helped out. they used skype, took instruction from team members in iran and were able to help build their robot so they could have a full competition. >> that's what it's all about. building teamwork. >> great kids. parties without permission. a man says his home was trashed by teens twice. the story he's only sharing with news 4 and how a local principal is getting involved. good morning. 5:41 on a tuesday morning. temperatures mostly in the 60s and 70s now. it's going to be a big-time warmup today. in the mid to upper 80s by lunchtime. many spots will be 90 or higher. a whole lot more 90s in the ten-day forecast. that's coming up in ten minutes. >> taking a look at the roads. 4:50 here. two lanes are blocked because of the crash. take a look at travel times coming up.
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enjoy two freshly made oven-toasted wraps and keep on running all day long. america runs on dunkin'.
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that breaking news out of northwest d.c. as we take a live look. this is a place where two firefighters were hurt. they're now in the hospital. this after trying to get a raging fire under control. multiple row houses were badly damaged here where the 200 block of morgan street and the 1200 block of kirby street are still closed. you're looking at earlier video. one of the victims taken away in a stretcher. the fire alarms we just learned working. that is what warned people who live there to get out. molette green, she's there on the scene. she will have an update in a live report at 6:00 a.m. aaron? >> angie, thank you. it's 5:45 now. the vote on the senate health care plan may be dead. but the health care battle is heating up again. >> that's because senate republicans are preparing to vote on a straight repeal of the affordable care act. this comes as two more republicans cape out against their latest healt
5:46 am
overnight. nbc's chris pollone is live on capitol hill. how will this work and what affect on people? >> hi, eun. it's complicated. mitch mcconnell says now that the senate bill has collapsed, what he plans to do is to bring up the house bill that passed several months ago and it's a way that they will have to agree to move that to the floor that will then allow the senate to vote on a clean repeal. so the question is here, will conservative senators who objected to what was in the current bill, which was largely similar to what the house passed, will they be willing to move it to the floor so that they can eventually get to a clean repeal bill. mitch mcconnell putting it in the conservative factions court saying if you want to get to a clean repeal, that's what we have to do. we have to watch and see if they're willing to do that. that's not a guarantee. a lot of members have trepidation here b
5:47 am
a full repeal, the cbo said it would leave anywhere from 30 to 32 million people without health insurance and add about $137 billion to the deficit. so certainly not a slam-dunk coming up here. >> so the question, if you can drill down a little bit for me on why these latest republicans say they're against this bill? >> mike lee and jerry moran, lee from utah and moran from kansas, they issued a joint tweet, if you will, last night around 8:30 taking political cover from each other, neither one going out on a limb themselves, basically they're coming at it from the rand paul perspective. you'll remember that there were two senators originally who came out and said they were against the bill, rand paul from kentucky who said it doesn't do enough to replace obamacare. obamacare has taxes and regulations in it. and sue son collins from maine said the medicaid cuts would hurt her constituents.
5:48 am
the rand paul side of things saying it doesn't do enough to get rid of obamacare. we want to start clean. >> chris pollone, live on capitol hill for us. thank you. 5:48. a woman arrested for trying to break on to the white house grounds will be back in court. alicia keppler was arrested on july 4th running along the south fence of the white house. this was the second straight year she tried to get on to the grounds. last year's case was dismissed when keppler agreed to undergo mental health treatment. a driver is in custody after crashing a car into a gate near the library of congress. a capitol police officer was injured in the incident injured. investigators ruled out terrorism but haven't identified the driver. they initially called the car suspicious. but found nothing after using explosives to open the trunk of the vehicle. the people who boat and fish on the potomac
5:49 am
restrictions are going too far. >> the coast guard is adopting a policy that cuts off access to two miles of the potomac where it borders trump national golf club in sterling. it would trigger when the president and senior officials decide to spend a day on greens. this has sigh ykayakers and oth upset in poolsville. >> it seems blatantly unfair that trump shuts everything down so he can have a nice day playing golf and the rest of us are out of luck, you know. 200, 300 people don't get to have their fun day. >> boaters can find out about a shutdown through a hand-held system. but many don't carry them. opponents can submit written comments about the new rule. the principal at walt bhit man high school ith
5:50 am
a warning to parents after teens trashtd a home. the homeowner said high schoolers broke in, partied and trashed his home july 4th weekend. they cost $50,000 worth of damage to the empty rental property. the homeowner spoke exclusively with news 4 but asked not to be identified. >> walls kingd in, windows broken, sliding glass doors kicked in. all unnecessary damage and destruction. so a few teens could have some fun. >> the homeowner has boarded up the house but it was vandalized again the next day. a teenage girl and two teenage boys were arrested for the incident. officers want to know who was involved in the first break-in. 5:50 right now. lawmakers will be watching a move by leaders in prince george's county today. a move that could give you healthier options when you need a quick snack. this morning, the county council will decide whether to require at least half of the items in
5:51 am
meet p standards. this would mean a limit on snacks and drinks with a lot of sugar, salt and fat. every one would have to offer bottled water as an option. the governor race in maryland is more crowded. richard mat lan -- physicianly p p p entered the race. former naacp president, ben jealous, baltimore lawyer, jim shea and maryland alec ross. in his announcement mat lane owe said that the state needs to stand up to president trump and republican governor larry hogan. >> we need a strong message, a strong vision, not just saying no to trump. that's where i have that record in order to show that i'm not -- i haven't been just the opposition. i've been governing -- >> madaleno, hasee
5:52 am
the maryland senate after spending four years in the house of delegates. he was the first openly gay member in the senate. -- kirk cousins will be playing quarterback for the redskins for a another season. after that -- he was offered a $53 million long-term deal with the second highest guarantee of any nfl quarterback. but allen says the 'skins never received a counteroffer from cousins' agent. cousins still will play the season for a big price tag. nearly $24 million. got to be something we don't know. >> you get us in the super bowl, you can have what you want. keep dreaming. it's not going to be this kind of weather. >> talking about near
5:53 am
>> if you think it's too hot, stay indoors. here's what the temperatures are in there. it's warm and sticky outside. 77 right now. in washington, surrounding areas, potomac, low 70s. 72 degrees. centreville at 71. arlington, 74 degrees. prince george's county, mid to low 70s. riverdale, it's 76 in beverly beach. mid to low 70s for the rest of the area. the weather outlook, isolated storm chances again this afternoon. it's going to look a lot like yesterday. wednesday, near 100 degrees. thursday feeling over 100 degrees. friday feeling over 100 degrees. we're going to -- this morning, as you're about to head out the door, we are dry. the rain is down to the south and east. our best chance isn't until later this afternoon. if you're grilling today, 3:00 p.m. there's an isolated storm chance. 91 des
5:54 am
still that chance, 92 by 7:00 p.m. we're still pretty warm. 87 degrees. here's future weather. the storms start bubbling up early afternoon today. 3:30. there you see a couple around the district and areas farther to the north. even into this evening, we could have a chance the storms start to wind down. the uv outlook, it will be high. sunburn in 10 to 15 minutes. friday looks like the most extreme. about a 10 to 11. those are the higher numbers. you definitely want the sun block as we go through the rest of this summer. temperatures will be in the mid 90s tomorrow. 97 thursday, 98 friday. with a storm chance, it's going to be hot around here for quite a while. let's check metro delays out there. not good news, melissa. >> good morning. not so hot on the green line right now. delays to branch avenue because of a disabled train there. inner loop at annapolis road. still slowdowns through that area because of th e
5:55 am
crash. it's looking a lot better because that is on the shoulder. the rest of the beltway is okay. don't have big reports of any problems. this is slow northbound side. have a crash reported there. you can see the delays adding to the pain there and the 301 and branch avenue area. 66 here and 95 looking pretty normal right now. no big complaints there. but your travel times 270 southbound inner loop and outer loop looking good. 95 northbound, same situation there. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car today. melissa, thank you. if you don't feel like making breakfast this morning, you can snag a stack of thecheap pancak. ihop has a short stack of buttermilk pancakes will cost you 59 cents today, offer is od
5:56 am
today. >> breakfast for dinner is always good. the company is hinting at plans to enter the ready to cook meal delivery service. >> the amazon registered a trademark as we do the prep, you be the chef. >> the news sent the -- planning to buy a whole foods and is reportedly getting into the pharmacy business. do it all. maybe it just needed a vacation. a d.c. security robot may be out of commission this morning because it went for a swim. >> bad idea. you have to see the photos here. they're all over the internet right now. the robot patrolled the harbor office and retail complex in georgetown. this is sad. >> it fell down some steps. tumbled into the fountain there and basically drowned. people online saying this is a far cry from flying cars. one person suggested getting
5:57 am
lifeguard robot to prevent this in the future. it's not clear how much damage was done there. >> too bad. next at 6:00, it would be a new way to get across the potomac river. a bridge to relieve traffic is causing tension in maryland and virginia. we'll tell you about the crucial vote happening today. a neighborhood terrorized by raccoons. hear about the woman recovering from an attack that left her with 87 stitches. we're tracking breaking news. flames forcing eight people from their homes and sending two firefighters to the hospital from d.c. molette green is live with an update in less tn two minutes. ha
5:58 am
5:59 am
that breaking news coming out of northwest d.c. two firefighters hurt after flames broke out inside a town home not far from dunbar high school. >> firefighters are still monitoring hotspots now. this is what it looked like when they first arrived this morning. look at these flames. we know at least eight people displaced. molette green will have a live update in minutes. >> good morning everybody. it is about 6:00 a.m. on this tuesday morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we're following big developments
6:00 am
republicans are working on a new plan to overhaul obamacare after the senate bill died last night. angie goff working to bring you up to speed on that. first, we want to check in on the weather. storm team 4 forecasting more storms today after yesterday's caused this flooding. much of it across maryland. >> meteorologist chuck bell and sheena parveen start us off before we check in with the rest of the crew. chuck and sheena, good morning. >> good morning. it's a sticky one outside. the rain is going to make it less of a good hair day. >> i thought your hair looked fine. >> thank you, chuck. yours too. >> i must admit, the gray ones are less affected. >> i thought you dyed them that color. >> no. we have a rising sun in eastern sky this morning. it is a humid start to the day. we're 74 in cheverly.


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