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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  July 21, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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southbound side of 210. we have chopper 4 overhead. let's look at the aerials. here this happened at 2:30 this morning. a tremendous amount of damage to both vehicles involved. two people, one from each car pronounced dead on the scene. indian head highway has been closed in both directions ever since, between kerby hill and palmer. you're being detoured at those two roads there. we are starting to see a traffic impact. take a closer look here at the ground video here. accident reconstruction is here on the scene. they've been here all morning long. i'm told they will be here for at least another hour, perhaps longer trying to figure out exactly what happened here. both of the cars were on the southbound side of 210. it's unclear at this point if one of the cars was driving down the wrong side of the road or if one of the cars crossed the median into the southbound lanes. both of the cars hitting
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collision here. so an ongoing situation. it's going to be quite some time before things get back here to normal. at least an hour or so. of course, a major commuter route. so this is a problem for a lot of people with more on the traffic impact we're going to go over to melissa. >> megan, a major impact for a lot of people into and out of this area here this morning. take a look. this breaking news. continuing this morning. live look over indian head highway. we are closed in both directions through the ft. washington area. shut down between kerby hill road and palmer road. all lanes blocked because of this double fatal crash. your best alternate. if you're headed northbound or southbound, you can try austin hill road. it's moving but better than not moving at all. chopper 4 brad freight as has been up above for
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>> well, first breaking news about 45 minutes ago, there is a bit of a cleanup process starting now as you can see from the shot. but a large debris field from this. high velocity crash. you are going to use old fort road. those are picking up pretty heavy delays. expect this closure to last sometime possibly into the rush hour. you may want to consider that. melissa, back to you. >> thank you, brad. couple of other things happening right now. i-395 at seminary. little bit of an improvement. two lanes blocked before this. >> crash blocking the left lane. as i show you the beltway, i was going to tell you, everything was fine right now. seeing a crash outer loop at university boulevard.
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chuck bell got out of of the station at nasa goddard. good morning, chuck. >> reporter: good morning, melissa. yeah. great morning to be out here. we're all talking about the eclipse. it's 30 days from today. we'll get all that information coming up in a few more minutes. wee first have to get you ready for today and the weekend. it's going to be hot. the four things you need to know. like yesterday, welcome to the 3h club. heat, haze and humidity. heat indexes again today up over 100 to 105 or 6 degrees. haze, poor air quality. code orange air quality again today. that means it's unhealthy for a sensitive group. the very old and young and folks with heart and respiratory issues. the humidity is not going anywhere. thunderstorm chances. though relatively small today are going to be increasing through the weekend. high temperatures today, mid to upper 90s. we made 98 yesterday at national airport. 1 degree warmer than that today. forecasting 99.
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u ers burglary. they'll be in the mid-90s this afternoon. turning our focus on storm concerns for saturday. we do have a slight risk for severe weather from the folks in the storm prediction center in normal. that is for tomorrow afternoon. we could have several rounds of thunderstorms tomorrow. another round possible at 7:00, 8:00. another one closer to 11:00. several chances for severe weather tomorrow. coming up at 6:15, pointing at the big globe and talking about the big eclipse. it's only 30 days from now. back to you aaron and eun. >> thank you. chuck. it's 6:04. new this morning, we know everyone is going to survive. this is an awful scene. this happened at east-west highway overnight. >> it is back open now.
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to bury their child. that is the painful reality after her son was shot and killed inside her home. this morning, she has a strong message for the killer who is still on the loose. you did something to my son who was innocent. now you have to come after me. may god get you. >> 20-year-old john christian webster, also known as jc was shot and killed. his family and friends gathered to remember him at a vigil last night. the shooting happened inside his home on belvidere boulevard in silver spring. jc's mother said she saw the killer come into her home come into her home and shoot her son. >> i saw what you did. i chased you to your car. so you know that i recognize you and the car. >> detectives believe jc knew the shooter.
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investigation said montgomery county police are looking for three possible suspects in a dark-colored honda. >> today, a former security guard will be in court. 21-year-old michael a van owe is accused of having a sexual relationship with a student. he and the student worked at a middle school in montgomery county. he's charmgd with sexual abuse of a minor. court documents show that he worked part-time between september of 2015 and february of 2016. right now a group of teenagers from burundi is missing. the teens vanished on tuesday in d.c. police say two teens from the group were spotted crossing the canadian border. the trail has gone cold on the other four. the teens stayed at trinity washington university and left their room keys behind indicating they plan to leave on their own. >> we are learning more details about those teens. they each have a one-year u.s.
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visa. they may not be -- they issued a warning against leaving there last month. they've had violence there including frequent gunfire and grenade attacks. a leader in the community here in the u.s. thinks the teens may be trying to seek asylum. there's new information from the white house this morning as they continue to deal with the russia crisis. president trump's legal team is looking for ways to control or block special counsel robert mueller's investigative team. they are claiming there could be potential conflicts of interest. the "washington post" reporting that president trump has asked his advisers about his powers to pardon aides, family members and even himself in connection with the probe. revelations come as mueller's investigation appears to -- appears likely to look into the trump family business ties. mueller is in charge of the ongoing russia investigation. the
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to consist at the present timely evaluate the issue of conflicts and raise them in the appropriate venue. senator john mccain is promising to return to work. the country just learned of the senator's brain tumor diagnosis earlier this week. he tweeted his thanks to all that reached out during this time. it reads, i greatly appreciate the outpouring of support. unfortunately, for my sparring partners in congress. i'll be back soon so stand by. the brain tumor diagnosis is not keeping senator mccain from sticking to his political guns. hours after his health news broke, he blasted president trump after a report surfaced that the administration decided to halt cia training programs for syrian rebels fighting bashar al assad's regime. in a statement, if the reports are true, the administration is playing right into the hands of vladimir putin. eight minutes after the hour now. covering prince george's county. if you're a parent with a child in the prince george's county school system, you're aware of the issues t
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year. yesterday the ceo of schools kevin maxwell got an earful about the recent coroversies. in the last year, the school system lost the headstart grant, dealt with accusations of student abuse and allegationsf grade tampering to boost graduation rates. state dell gratz from the county asked maxwell what he's going to do to fix the problems. >> we have the school year coming up fairly quickly. i don't want people to go to another county. >> i think working together to try to find the resources to complete the important work of educating our children and doing that in a collaborative fashion is really important. yesterday was the beginning of a series of monthly meetings between maxwell, state lawmakers and members of the county executive's office. they hope better communication can help them avoid some of these issues. 6:09 now. we're about to get an up close look at what your kids can expect at a brand new school in montgomery county. silver creek middle school in kensington opens
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news 4 set getting a look at -- aimee cho, watch for her report on news 4. parole granted. o.j. simpson will soon be a free man. find out what's expected to happen when he gets out of jail and his chances of staying out of trouble. it's not something you get to see every day. get a chose look at one of nasa's coolest rides. that's so cool. you know what's not cool is the weather outside. it's very warm and muggy already. unfortunately, this heat and humidity are going to last through the weekend. weather alert day today. heat advisories in place. temperatures nearing 100 degrees. when the humidity will break. when we could see storms in a few minutes. breaking news continuing in prince george's county this morning. take a look at chopper 4 over indian head highway. hu have a section st down
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breaking news in prince george's county. a section of indian head highway shut down. chopper 4 has been over this. this is a major issue for a lot of people. a double fatal crash. investigators still on the scene. what's closed? indian head highway closed between kerby hill and palmer. all lanes blocked northbound and southboundment don't even try it. your best alternate is already getting slow. we'll talk about this. good morning ms. ricketts. >> good morning. the sun just coming up right now. coming up at 6:00 a.m. on the dot. temperatures have come down a little bit during the overnight. when i got in it was up to 86. now we're down to 82.
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we have a heat advisory. into the weekend -- >> lauryn, thank you. we'll see you then. o.j. simpson could be out of prison as soon as october 1st. >> the former football star and actor was granted parole yesterday. erika gonzalez with more on what his life after prison might be like. >> simpson was granted parole yesterday after spending nearly nine years behind bars for an armed robbery in vegas. he says he wants to move to florida where three of his four children live. >> he could re-enter public life. an attorney from his 1995 double murder trial said that simpson should become more private instead after he leaves prison. one of his close friends says that's not who o.j. is. >> o.j. does nothing wrong and clearly what he did was inappropriate, but he lives -- look, we go out. we don't hide. we go out in public. we go to restaurants. we go
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>> you can watch more of that interview coming up at 7:00 on the "today" show. back to you guys. >> erika, thank you. weapons and equipment stolen from an fbi agent's car are still missing one year after they disappeared. a year ago this week, thieves stole several guns, ammunition, radio equipment and pepper spray from an agent's car in d.c. this happened near h streets and -- the feds offered a $10,000 reward. there has been no recovery and no arrests. breaking news now from overseas. two people are dead after an earthquake. we had this video from the moment the quake hit near turkey and greece. here you can see people sitting in a restaurant and getting up and running when the quake started. we have video from inside a store here. food falling from the store shelves. this destroyed several buildings in theul
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greece and turkey. one from turkey and another from sweden were killed. we're just 200 days away from the start of the winter olympics. it's hard to talk about winter olympics about the city has been talking nonstop about building venues. i was able to go inside the venues where the best athletes in the world will compete in february. this is olympic park. there are three new venues that will host the ice events hosting figure skating, hockey. contrary to sochi and rio, they're ahead of schedule. athletes have already taken to the ice for exhibition games. they know that everything is in working order. be sure to check out the nbc washington app for my full report on the progress at olympic park and 200 days from now, can you believe it? i'm going back to pyeongchang to cover the olympics live. tot
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the mountain venues. beautiful. >> really cool to see. >> all right. 6:18 right now. today the martian buggy will be on display for mars day at the national air and space museum on the mall. the annual celebration gives visitors a chance to talk to space scientists about mars research and future missions. look at this thing. the kennedy space center commissioned the rover here. it's 5500 pounds. nearly 11 feet tall. straight out of the movies it looks like. it was created to be as realistic as possible. 41 years ago. viking one spacecraft touched down on the surface of mars july 20th, 1976. >> that is so cool. i want to get into that thing. drive to mars. i know you can't drive mars. >> give it a shot, though. see what happens. >> in just 30 days, we'll be able to
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>> the man who has his head in the clouds all the time. chuck bell. out at nasa goddard in greenbelt forest with a preview of the eclipse to come. hey, chuck. >> hey, good morning aaron and eun. you've got 30 days from today. the first continent crossing. total solar eclipse over north america. first time since 1918. we're out here at nasa goddard today. it's going to basically look like this. it's a big shadow going all across the country. unfortunately, here in washington, we're not going to get the 100% show. here's a little bit of video. we put this together with help from our friends at nasa goddard. you can link on to nasa's. what you're looking for is 2017 that's their website. you can get to -- going through our app and our website. on august 21st
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the eclipse here. so if you want to see the whole thing, you're going to need to do a little driving. you have to go down to the western carolinas. the total eclipse goes to charleston south carolina. it will be off the coast of charleston about 3:00 or 3:30 in the afternoon. you'll need to leave before that monday. because it's going to be a lot of traffic on the roads. you'll have to head down there probably that weekend before and plan to be where you watch that eclipse on monday and plan to be there on monday morning. it's hot and steamy for the weekend coming up. >> thanks so much. get to that hot and steamy. lauryn ricketts is here with the forecast. >> we're getting ourselves into trouble. remember, we're on camera now. microphones. >> happy friday. >> that's my cue to keep going. >> let's go ahead and run that
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storm team 4 weather graphic. if you notice, you noticed it's red. weather alert today. pretty much all through the weekend. it's going to be so darn hot. dangerous heat upon us. not only yesterday but again today and through the weekend. not only an isolated chance of a storm today, better chances on saturday and sunday and the heat finally breaks as we head into tuesday. temperatures dropped a little bit more. we're down to 82. we're going to swing them back up. 86 about a half hour ago. we're continuing to drop those temperatures. that heat index right now, down to 87 degrees. you can see outside the beltway, it's in the upper 70s to lower 80s at this point. as we continue through the remainder of the day until 8:00 p.m., we have that heat advisory until 1:05 to 1:09. mainly areas east of the blue ridge mountains we're already feeling like the triple digits. by noon,t
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time you head home, this is what it's going to feel like. the car will be a lot hotter with sitting on the pavement once you head outsidement it's going to be brutally hot. maybe have time to cool off your car. tomorrow, look at the heat index in the triple digits. the pool forecast, make some plans for the pool. put that sun block on. by this afternoon, it's going to be brutally hot. a chance of isolated storms. download that nbc washington app. we have a 60% chance of showers and storms saturday afternoon and again on sunday. showers and storms for your friday. isolated chances. about a 20% chance at your house. possibly strong to severe storms tomorrow afternoon through tomorrow evening. even later on tomorrow night we could have a chance for stronger storms. here's your forecast tomorrow. sticky, dangerous heat and that heat index. 105 plus. that will be the same deal on monday. we'll have that heat index
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by the time we head into tuesday or wednesday, it becomes less humid as the frontal system passes through the area. wednesday and thursday temperatures will be in the upper 80s. breaking news right now in your first alert traffic. we're talking prorn prince geor county. we've been showing you from above what this double fatal accident looks like. indian head highway still shut down in both directions between kerby hill and palmer. best alternate austin hill road getting quite slow this morning. it's better than not moving at all. northbound 395 at seminary, still have a crash on one lane. two problems on the beltway. crash in the right lane and after university. crash on the shoulder with debris there in the right lane. eun? >> melissa, thank you. a shoplifting takedown. this is not your average traffic stop. the police pull over that got the attention of a walmart
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about that gives you an extra
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walmart has to deal with its share of shoplifting. what you're looking at is what one man took off with from a store in texas. police didn't have to chase him either. he wasn't going that fast in the electric shopping cart from the store. >> what? >> the store called police to report a theft in progress. officers found him driving on the highway. that cart is actually worth about $4,000. the man was arrested and charged with theft. all right. we continue to follow breaking news out of prince george's county. a head-on collision. an update on the impact on this busy route to work. if you're looking for traffic relief, how about a train ride from d.c. to new york in under 30 minutes? we're separat in
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♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. this july visit your local volvo dealer to receive sommar savings of up to $4,500. that breaking news a deadly head-on crash. >> causing major problems on a route a lot of you take to and from the district. erika gonzalez is live with team coverage. >> know this before you head out the door. if you take 210 in fort
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issues this morning. this is the scene overnight when the cameras first got there. this is a really nasty crash on 210. we now know two men died. one driver was going the wrong way on the southbound lane there. in the light of day, we saw accident reconstruction teams that are now on there. this is the view from chopper 4 over that scene. again, two vehicles so severely mangled and now we know again that two men have died. one of the drivers going the wrong way. as far as the traffic impacts are concerned. they are big. with more on that. here's melissa mollet. >> a maim juror problem with this breaking news in ft. washington this morning. we can take a look from above and see what's going on. take a look at this. chopper 4 over the scene now. over indian head highway in fort washington showing you how bad this is. this is shut down for quite a stretch this morning. we're talking about the stretch between kerby hil
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road. the best alternate oxon hill road. not moving at all this morning. still the crash blocking one lane there. beltway looks pretty good here right now. westbound 50 at 202. landover road. a crash there right now. singing tracking between wheaton and glenn mont. we'll talk about this coming up. chuck bell at nasa goddard. >> the big eclipse coming 30 days from today. we got to get you ready for today and the weekend. be ready for another day today with a heat advisory. heat indexes. peaked at 105 with the -- mid to upper 90s across the area. as you planut
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know that both saturday and sunday, in addition to blistering hot, we have a risk for severe weather, particularly on saturday afternoon and evening. remain weather alert and keep your nbc washington app ready to go. >> chuck, thanks so much. it's 6:33. here's a look at your top stories this morning. there's a search for this 18-year-old man. thomas curtain. take a look. montgomery county police say he's from germantown. he was last seen on tuesday by family members at their home on leather bark way. they're concerned about his emotional welfare. >> prince george's county police have identified a murder victim. we've been covering this all week. santos morales' body was dumped in riverdale sunday morning. a chep oipotle customer tes positive for norovirus. the health department says more than 60 people became ill after
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it closed tuesday for cleaning. it's now back open. 6:34 right now. we turn to northern virginia where a handyman is accused of a crime against children. >> the man is accused of sexually assaulting children while working in their homes. fairfax county police arrested the man yesterday. he's accused of assaulting at least three children in the last several years ranging from 4 to 11 years old. palma came into contact with the children while working as an independent contractor. >> even in some cases while parents were elsewhere in the home and palma was around the home, it's alleged that he inappropriately touched and had inappropriate contact with these children. >> police think there may be more victims. they want to hear from anyone who thinks their child came into contact with palma. the baby-sitter who police say fell asleep on the job and let two kids wander outside is behind bars this morning. prince william county police
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she had run from police when they came to question her about that incident in dumfries. she fell asleep while baby-sitting. neighbors found the children in the parking lot. she was charged with felony child neglect. leave new york at 7:30 and pull into d.c. by 9:00. sounds like a fantasy. but it could be our future. >> a well-known dreamer says it could happen and it could be built and has the go ahead. >> justin finch in the newsroom with more. >> aaron, that's right. elon musk is used to pulling off tall tasks. he's the founder of tesla. on twitter, he said he got verbal government approval for his hyper route. by musk's calculation, you can travel from new york to washington in 29 minutes, just a minute shy of a half hour to travel through some of the busiest cities on the eastern se
6:36 am
it would look something like this. riding on tube-like canisters and their pods are launched at speeds of hundreds of miles per hour. a two-hour plus trip slices to mere minutes. as we hit peak travel season -- >> i heard it's going to go from new york to d.c. in 29 minutes. that's about it. >> when do you think it will open? >> i think give it ten years. >> wow, are you serious? >> yeah. >> that's awesome. >> would you go to new york? >> yeah. >> now, mum's the word when it comes to who gave musk that verbal commitment. that rider is right, this project would take years to complete and riders are looking for a travel alternative now. back to you guys. >> it would be pretty cool. >> coffee is being pulled off the shelves after a new fda recall. it's the morning pick me up that may
6:37 am
a young man murdered. a vigil to honor his life. a mother has a direct message to his killer on the run. we continue to follow breaking news out of fort washington, maryland. an investigation is under way after a deadly head-on crash thatilled two k p
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breaking news right now in first 4 traffic. prince george's county. take a look here. chopper 4 has been over the scene for the past hour and a half or so. we are shut down on indian head highway in fort washington. a double fatal crash from overnight. a lot more on this. what's happening elsewhere on other roads coming up. what's happening outside, sticky conditions. if we continue to have that mugginess, temperatures in the low 80s right now. we've got clouds out there as well. if you're headed out to work out this morning, do it in the morning. it's really muggy out there. it's only going to get worse. heat advisory is going to feel like the triple digits and through the weekend. we have rain on the way. we'll talk about that coming up in eye few minutes. lauryn, thanks. a coffee compa
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roasts. >> the reason why isn't what you may think. the company best herbs issued the voluntary recall after the fda found it contains chemicals similar to viagra. we're talking about natural herbs coffee sold nationwide from july 2014 through june of 2016 online and in some stores. the company is notifying customers and offering a full refund for products returned by mail. you know how many are googling that right now. >> you know how many are not returning that right now? >> 6:41. >> good morning. new questions about how much of a deal you are really getting from amazon. we'll explain the discount drama coming up. major problems in fort washington this morning. a deadly csh hasra
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it's go time at dunkin' with two egg and cheese wake-up wraps for $2. enjoy two freshly made oven-toasted wraps and keep on running all day long. america runs on dunkin'.
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if you're just joining us, we're following breaking news that's impacting a lot of drivers. >> megan mcgrath is live with details. megan? >> reporter: yeah. if you take a look behind me from this vantage point. you can see both of the cars involved in this. a violent head-on collision. just got a little information from the state highway folks. a moment ago. they are working to reopen the northbound lanes of 210. they hope to do that soon. hasn't happened yet. again, they're hoping to reopen the northbound lanes momentarily. let's take a look at the map here. you can see the exact closure that's still in place. 210 closed in both directions between kerby hill and palmer in ft. washington. we'll let you know as soon as the northbound lanes reopen. this was a head-on crash that happened at 2:30 this morning. two men, one in each of the cars pronounced dead here on the
6:46 am
how it all happened. >> that's something we're working to determine. whether or not that median was crossed or the vehicle, one of the vehicles may have been traveling northbound and southbound lanes of indian head highway. >> so the cleanup here is under way. it looks like the accident reconstruction people have cleared the scene. we're talking about the cleanup and the towing away of the cars at this point. we're hoping to see relief shortly with the northbound lanes reopening southbound. we'll let you know exactly when it opens up. back to you guys. >> megan mcgrath. thank you. new this morning. white house road in upper marlboro is open after a fatal crash. hagans of falls church is behind the wheel of a dump truck when it crashed yesterday morning. live power lines wrapped around the truck as asphalt spilled out on to the road. it appears she somehow lost control while on a
6:47 am
>> a parent should never have to bury their child. that's the painful reality after her son was shot and killed inside her home. >> this morning she has a strong message for the killer who was still on the loose. >> you did something to my son who was innocent. now you're going to have to come after me. may god get you. >> 20-year-old john christian webster was known as jc. he was shot and killed wednesday night. his family and friends gathered to re him as a vinl i will. the shooting happened in the forest glenn area of silver spring. they believe jc knew his killer. his mother is confident police will catch him. today a former school security guard will be in court. 21-year-old is accused of having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old student. they worked while working
6:48 am
colonel e. brook lee middle school in montgomery county. he's charged with sexual abuse of a minor. court documents show he worked part-time at rockville high school between -- baltimore's top prosecutor is reviewing nearly 100 cases involving the three officers at the center of this body camera video. it shows one officer planting drugs at a scene. baltimore state's attorney marilyn mosby says it's a matter of public safety to look at the evidence in these cases. they're also exploring whether there are alternative ways to prove the cases. the officer who planted the evidence is suspended and the other two on administrative leave. israeli border police throwing stun grenades at hundreds of palestinians in the streets of jerusalem. protesting in prayer near contested shrine upset that metal detectors have been installed there. is
6:49 am
attacked and killed two israeli policemen at the site last week. they're demanding they be removed, alleging they're part of an attempt to expand control over it. they said the metal detectors will, in fact, stay. i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk. erika, thank you. another battle brewing in the white house this morning. between president trump and attorney general jeff sessions. peter alexander has the latest. >> good morning from washington. attorney general jeff sessions insisting he's not going anywhere, saying he'll stay put as long as it's appropriate. it comes after a public swipe by the president saying he would have picked somebody else for the job if he knew sessions, one of his earliest supporters, would recuse himself from the russia investigation. here on hill, the senate's maverick is missed. john mccain tell those allies and opponents, unfortunately for my sparring partners, i'll be
6:50 am
we'll see you this morning on "today." our thanks to peter alexander. senator john mccain is promising to return to work. the country just learned of his brain tumor diagnosis earlier this week. he tweeted his thanks to all who reached out to him. i greatly appreciate the outpouring of support. unfortunately, for my sparring partners in congress, i'll be back soon, so stand by. vanished on tuesday after a robotics competition in d.c. two teens from the group were spotted crossing the canadian border. the trail has gone called on the other four. the teens stayed at a res dance hall at kennedy washington hall university and left the room keys behind. indicating they planned to leave on their own. it's time to check on your commute with melissa mollet. >> good morning, guys. still have this breaking news in ft. washington and an update to what we've been telling you it morning. chopper 4
6:51 am
highway. you can see northbound lanes have just reopened after this double fatal crash. indian head highway, we're talking about the section shut down between kerby hill and palmer. all lanes blocked in both directions. chopper 4 has been over this almost two hours now. brad, how are we looking there? >> now that we're getting a little more daylight, we can see how terrible this traffic crash was. this head-on collision on southbound 210. you can see the devastation caused by that head-on collision. this is not going to be something that a typical rollback or a tow truck will handle. they're calling in more heavy equipment to remove these vehicles from the scene. expect the southbound side to remain closed for a while longer. wtop traffic center, how can the folks on the southbound side get around this? >> at this point, brad, you'll be diverted to oxon hill road. with the northbound lanes open, they can potentially alleviate the traffic by
6:52 am
lights. for now, northbound lanes open as you can plainly see. southbound remains closed between kerby hill and travel west of 210 under police direction toward oxon hill road back on to 210 south beyond the accident cleanup. melissa, i know there's a lot going on. do you have more? >> you know we do. before 123, left lane blocked by a crash there. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, actually light volume here. happy friday to everybody here. as you widen out a little bit, you can see rest of the beltway and main routes into town and out of town, not bad. northbound 395 at seminary road looking better than it was. those lanes reopened. as far as the travel times, 270 southbound, germantown to the spur -- no big delay, though. 66 inbound looks okay. so does 95 northbound there from quantico to the beltway. listen to
6:53 am
when you hop in your car. good morning miss ricketts. >> good morning miss mollet. we have a hot warning. a hot muggy morning. >> thank goodness it is friday. feeling like 105 plus for today. another weather alert day. in fact, we're going to have weather alert day saturday and sunday as well. we're going to continue with this heat and humidity. tomorrow and through the weekend. better chances of storms. also a chance of a storm on monday. monday the temperatures in the mid-90s. especially considering we're going to be close to 100 degrees today. weather alert day feeling like 105-plus. we do have that heat advisory for areas east of the blue ridge mountains. that's all the areas shaded in orange from 10:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. especially for sensitive groups. watch out for that air quality isn't that good either. 82 is the temperature right now. factor in the humidity and this is what it feels like when you step outside. feels like 87 here in washington. it's
6:54 am
this morning. going to continue to be warm enough through the remainder of the day. in fact, this evening, even if you plan to eat outside. the heat index will be around 100 degrees. the air temperature still stuck in the 90s. very warm -- only isolated chances of a shower or storm. tomorrow a chance for showers and storms. in the upper 90s. here's a look, a few showers and thunderstorms, just isolated stuff. 20% chance in your neighborhood this afternoon. download the nbc washington top. good way to really cool off. some showers and thunderstorms, some which could be strong to severe tomorrow afternoon. we could get around in the afternoon and then around later on tomorrow night. we'll also have a chance for showers and thunderstorms on sunday. i do believe sunday we'll have a lot more cloud cover. look at these temperatures. in the mid to upper 90s, today, tomorrow and sunday. then monday, still h
6:55 am
a chance of showers and storms as a frontal system passes through the area. the temperatures drop off a little bit into tuesday. the humidity will drop off as well. wednesday not looking too bad with temperatures in the upper 80s for daytime highs. good morning. i am landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. the federal trade commission as part of its review of amazon's deal to buy whole foods is reportedly looking into allegations that the online retailer misleads customers about pricing discounts. the ftc is probing complaints about a watchdog group that looked at thousand products that found 60% of products with list prices, that it was higher than when amazon sold the same product in the previous same months. it signaled the agency is taking a serious look at the whole foods deal which critics say could give amazon an unfair advantage. i'm landon dowdy. >> nd
6:56 am
6:55. four things to know today. the northbound lanes of 210 in prince george's county just opened. police there are investigating where two men were killed in a double fatal crash. it happened in ft. washington. >> president trump's legal team is looking for ways to control or block robert mueller's investigative team. the latest on that and reports about his presidential pardoning power. coming up next on "today." protest terse plan to visit jeff sessions to talk about sanctuary tis. they've been at odds -- there is a search for this 18-year-old man. israel thomas curtain. montgomery county police looking for this man last seen in germantown. indian head highway between palmer and kerby hill just reopened southbound after that double fatal crash. a weather
6:57 am
through the weekend. temperatures in the upper 90s with that heat index. anywhere from about 105 to 109 for the next three days. another chance of storms on monday. storm tomorrow could be on the strong side. >> thank you. almost time to birth the ba baby. >> getting close people. >> sometime in the next week or so we think. >> going to take a little time off. >> we wish you the very best. >> we love you. and we're so excited to meet her. >> can't wait to see her face. >> happy birthday to my baby whoa! you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. whoa, whoa! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. free man. freeman. >> i do vote to grant parole when eligible. >> a nevada parole board approves o.j. simpson's release in a matter of months despite this performance at his hearing. >> i always thought i had been pretty good with people. >> this morning simpson's close friend who was at that hearing and talked to him after the decision is speaking out. >> do you worry? does anybody worry about o.j., that he could end up back behind bars? digging up dirt? president trump's camp reportedly looking for information to discredit the special counselea


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