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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  July 21, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> storm team 4 is tracking other things. >> doug and amelia are watching storms and moving into our region right now. >> the storm just off to the west. we've been tracking the the heat for the last -- we had heat advisory. we have some today, but the threat really increases tomorrow. >> there's the potential for strong to severe thunderstorms in the forecast tomorrow. cancel my plan, should i change them. i will say have a backup plan. >> you'll have much more coming up at 5:45. this is pretty strong storm here. we had some storminess. that's all died off and that's plain rain here. you can see a lot of lightning with this storm. it's actually developing and moving a little
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east. heads up if you're in jefferson county, west virginia. this storm moving in. but that storm to expected to die over the next one to two hours. it's something we can continue to watch here. look at the heat index now. 104 in d.c. 103 in fredericksburg. it's like a broken record, we continue to see it day after today and another heat advisory in effect until 8:00 tonight, could see yet another heat advisory tomorrow and into sunday both weekend days weather alert days. we'll have much more on that and we'll have the storminess coming up in just a minute. >> doug, thank you. >> police say he sexually abused a three-year-old girl while she was sleeping. >> and now, they're working to find out if there are victims after that montgomery county day care. this has happened last year at the kinder care in gaithersburg. live there this afternoon with a look at why it took so long to make this arrest. >> well,
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up to here where this kinder care is located, they're reaching out to kinder care trying to find answers to those questions. they sent us an e-mail statement stating, and i quote. we learned of the allegations against him, he was immediately placed on administrative leave. all procedures must pass a state and national background check during the hiring process. montgomery county police are trying to figure out are there more alleged victims here at this kinder care. they arrested this day care worker and he allegedly sexually abused a three-year-old. let's show you a picture of him now. detectives went to the home here in montgomery village and they took him into custody. he worked in the lunchroom at the kinder care here and what's interesting is that they say he would -- drive some of the children to and from the learning center. but the charges are coming down, as you all have stated, nine months after police were first notified of the incident. police say this was a veryw
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his story at least three times. finally, admitting he did come into some type of contact with the three-year-old, however, he did not admit to sexually abusing the child. police say he did inappropriately touch the child. now, there's a lot of unanswered questions right now. we arrived and tried to get some answers from the employee here. she said she has no comment and told me to refer all her answers to the e-mail statement. we'll continue to work this story and bring you updates at 6:00 and indepth report tonight at
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>> they say both priebus and spicer. the wall street maker, president trump -- spicer resigned but did tweet he'll stay on in the next month. he's suppose to join the administration on some issues with his wall street fund which he sold to chinese conglomerate right before the nomination. >> he targeted me. and i feel that struggle. and i want to be here to help make things better for the american people. >> he also announced that spicer's deputy, sarah huckabee sanders will replace him. >> chris lawrence, thank you, chris. >> to support a northern virginia pastor who was suddenly on his way to
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his case is one of the latest examples of the trump administration's crack down on undocumented immigrants. bureau chief is at the pastor's home after talking to the heart broken family members there today. >> reporter: wendy, that house behind me, that is his home. and the church he pastors gathers down in the basement. it is a small congregation on when they meet normally 10 to 20 people might be there. tomorrow those numbers expected to swell as they spread the word about what has happened to this tight knit family. this is the tiny church that pastor juan leads in the basement of his home. his wife, shows us around as she prepares for a vigil to pray for his return. she was with her husband late last month when she went to his usual check in at immigrations and enforcement offices and suddenly taken into custody and now slated for
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>> she came home and broke the news to the couple's 13-year-old daughter. their son serving, got the bad news, too. he came in for peru in 2002 to play music, something he does as part of a worship service. his wife, u.s. citizen, became president and -- but in order for removal was issued in 2012 and now is being enforced. >> he does not have a criminal
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no class of category is exempt from arrest for removal. now, his family will gather with friends and supporters for a day long vigil hoping, praying, they say for miracle of sorts. >> and i hope some -- is coming and helping my family. >> now, the attorney late this afternoon. she says nearly all of his appeals have already been exhausted. there's one last thing in emergency stay of deportation, but those are rarely granted. back to you in the studio, jim. >> all rightful. thanks so much, julie. >> this, we've got to follow up to a story our pat collins have been covering for you for months now. a dc woman has pleaded guilty. bennett admitted to killing walter clark earlier this year, beating him with a baseball bat inside her apartment on 21st street northeast. she faces a senate of ten
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deal. police found the victim's body at hallway closet. bennett allegedly told investigators that she beat clark several times over two days after he made her use drugs. >> and when a warning light goes off on dashboard, you may pull the car over. it applies to air force helicopter. this one made a precautionary landing this morning. after indicators showed the crew that the oil pressure was low. it landed near marlow heights medical center. it was from the first helicopter squaw drant based at joint base andrews. there was no damage to that helicopter and no one was hurt. another deadly crash on busy stretch of highway. two families are in mourning. we don't yet know the names of the men who died. we know one of them was driving the wrong way on indiana highway in fort washington. news 4 derrick ward is life at the scene speaking to a minister trying to make the road safer.
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all up and down the highway are concerned about what has been happening here. this is the manifestation of something to address of those concerns. this is the future of indian head highway, where this accident occurred. it's going to be an interchange, eliminates some of the dangerous intersections. some people that can happen -- can't happen too soon or soon enough. >> two more lives lost on the stretch of road that is gained notoriety for pedestrian deaths and carnage. >> i've seen quite a few bad accidents thus far when last night was the worst. >> investigators believe car was traveling in the wrong direction on southbound side of 210 when it collided with a southbound car. two men died in the crash. >> before you knew it. it's always something in this ten years i know personally. there have been close to 30 people have had fatalities
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mile expanse. it's just too many lives lost. >> the accident brings the death toll to four this year along on route 210. >> it's always been a lot of speed on 210. >> and bad crashes. people who live in the neighborhood around the highway countless tales to tell. he's been an advocate for change, speed cameras, more police controls and more difficult changes in the mindsets of motorists. >> the speeding, the riding the shoulders and breaking that speed. it's things that people would do that you know safety is not the primary thing that they have in mind. >> getting where i need to go, as quickly where i want to be. >> police have yet to determine where and how got up to the wrong side of the road. that report is done. state official investigate things like lightning, trying to keep this from happening again. now, authorities say they do know the identities of both
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publicly, however, they're still trying to notify the next of kin from both of those drivers. back to you. >> a lot of people know how dangerous that road can be. thank you. there have been several deadly crashes along indian head highway. you can learn more on our nbc washington app, just search, indian head highway. >> still ahead, hero's welcome. which was bombed, as you know, in that surprise attack on pearl harbor. >> you've got a child in montgomery county schools. you may already know, some of the schools are over crowded. we'll take you inside a brand new building to help fix that problem. >> driver's licenses and ids in maryland and d.c. are going digital for a small group. it's a pilot and test study to see how it goes. on news 4. how theroject i ps
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>> it taylors how much information is
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sfw l. >> this thing -- this brings us to our flash survey question. so far most of you think it could be helpful. >> washington post reports the same person is wanted in two other robberies. one happened
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other happened the day before in northeast washington. >> there are only five living survivors of the attack on the arizona in pearl harbor that day. >> and some of them are being honored today at the white house. our chris lawrence is here in the studio to tell us what happened. >> yeah, guys, i mean, we're really running out of time to pay tribute to look them in the eye and say, thank you. one of them is kim, a sailor who watched that armour piercing bomb hit the forward deck of the uss arizona and exploded million pounds of fuel. >> and was on the shore of pearl harbor when the attack began, rather than flee from the power, he drove his small boat into the blazing hot. he climbed aboard the arizona and carried off passages one
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>> two other survivors as well as the daughter of the men who saved them. joe, has to wait 20 years ago, the first survivors awaited line that donald and used about 70 feet of burning water. the surprise attack killed more than 2,400 americans and wounded a thousand more. >> karen, lauren, don and joe ann, i want to thank you for reminding us who we are, where we come from and why we never never ever give up. >> he was told to cut his ship loose from the burning arizona, but when he saw survivors standing on the deck, he -- >> he tossed that line, any way. >> i'm surprised there are just five left. >>
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>> and they've got to be well into their 90s. >> the uss memorial -- it's stunning. it is so -- it is there in hawaii. it is a living memorial. they never raised the arizona. it is the resting place for more than 1,100 sailors and marines who guided an attack. >> i'm so glad they're getting recognition. >> thank you, chris. a beautiful spot to visit this weekend. we're sprawling fields of some flowers. hey, they are popping, folks and you may not even realize it's right in our backyard. >> you think about those sun flowers, we'll give you a
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boy, do we look today, again. >> we've got the heat advisory. you know, you guys were asking about your weekend. you've got a party you're going in. that's really the thing, don't cancel your plans tomorrow. we do have a good chance of strong to severe thunderstorm. they're not going to be everywhere but have a plan b. so if you're about how far you're flying, if you're flying tomorrow, plan b for you will be there. good luck with that. >> it's up in new england. >> take it and it's a piece of cake there, maybe for you guys, maybe it's a good
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backup plan. >> if you need to. >> so take a look, i'll show you what's happening out there right now. we've got the storms. you notice some cloud cover on our area. the haze continues, 96 degrees with winds out of the southwest at 7 miles per hour. heat wave continues, look at the heat index. 93 or rather 104. you're seeing it -- 104 as well going as well. winchester, only 73. why, the storm around winchester area right now. some rain back the valley, wouldn't that be nice. we could cool things off before i get to that. i want to go show you in towards portions of the area right now. moving in to jefferson county west virginia. the storm weakening just a bit. it has had a lot of like ning associated -- lightning associated with it. as well as clark county. this is moving right towards cable town area along 340. heads back up towards that region. now,
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system came all the way from the north, just like this one is going to do tomorrow. this one is going to run right down the topside into our area, the same is giving us all the heat and give us a good chance of storms tomorrow. let's show you this evening, the storms die out. i think most of us stayed dry on your friday night looks okay. it's on the hot side. tomorrow morning, waking up, i think we'll be okay dry for the most part and here we go around 1:00, notice thunderstorm activity. we'll track the storms through the day. 3:00 a couple of strong storms developing, notice a lot of the area is on the drier side. they're going to move in here pretty quick, they'll move out pretty quick by dealing with storms. the severe threat is there tomorrow, it will be hides winds. very heavy rain and not anticipating flooding, however, as these storms will move fairly quickly. high winds could be a big factor associated with these storms. tomorrow
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hot and humid. i still expect to see another heat advisory just like we have out there today. just like we had yesterday. weather alert on tomorrow and sunday. sunday 97 degrees. monday high temperature of 95 degrees. on tuesday temperature there around 89 as we move towards the middle part of the week. next weekend looking great. now, to watch what you're doing as you make your way in towards the next couple of days. severe weather is a big thing. did you know you could set weather as home screen, open it up and open upsettings to change your preference as weather as your home screen. any time you've got the radar, we've done it. it's easy, thank you doug. >> i thought that had niece head to the south of france. >> south of france is beautiful next weekend. beautiful. we're all heading to niese. >> the son and the moon are putting on a show. we'll tell you where you can go to get a seat close to the stage. throughout the area, over cr
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problem. ahead on news 4. i'll have a look at brand new school that's set to help with that problem. >> and the unique way of enforcing laws designed to keep one of our local rivers clean, but you may not work for everybody. we'll be right back.
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the goal is to have classes no bigger than
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>> her class. >> there's less opportunity to be called on to share the answer and you get less attention. are minimized. >> you know, we always want them to be able to have access to the teachers. but we want them to be able to ask questions and feel free to open to ask
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>> the house tried unsuccessfully to slice the funding in half saying metro needed to improve financial management. >> if you're trying a new kind of coffee, beware, a certain coffee is being recalled. >> yeah, it is. wait until you hear
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-- texas based best herbs coffee issued a voluntary recall after the fda found its brew contains a chemical similar to viagra. it's got a weird name, the new of copy traditional. >> remember that samsung smartphone twice after -- the company appears ready to launch the next generation of the galaxy note. invitations are going out for an august 23rd ev
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expect that's when samsung will unvail the galaxy note 8. there are rumors. >> yoga, massages.
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opening in early 2019. >> hey, you grew up with kerr mitt and. >> and exhibit at the museum of the moving image, the permanent exhibit, includes more than 45 as well as story boards and sketches from a muppet show and sesame street, to help visitors reminisce, but also inspire a positive
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>> he has strong roots here. >> he started in this studio. >> he sure did. >> how are you celebrating mars day. it's today. we're not talking about candy bars, the aerospace. it gives visitors to -- scientists about mar's research, future missions there, part of celebration, 11 foot tall mars rover concept vehicle is on display today and tomorrow. >> just the encore. >> and new today, research shows some unexpected -- there are unexpected consequences of freddie's gray death. >> what some baltimore mother's experienced because of the rioting and nonstop police presence in the streets. >> and we cannot stop showing these acres and acres of sun flowers that are hitting their peek bloom in maryland. we'll tell you where you can get some
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>> and if you're heading to the beach this weekend, some storm chances there, both saturday and sunday this afternoon very similar to here, the water temperature, it's rising. coming up at 5:45, doug and i are going to break down the storm chances when you can deal with severe storm chances and also the latest on heat and humidity. >> a look at your first 4 traffic and the rails for your weekend, remember on the red line, we're shutdown at two different stations, medical center and bethesda stations will both be closed. on the yellow line, regular weekend between huntington. taking a loo at
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>> the incident in 2015 led to civil unrest to lewding. the new research is out of the university of maryland school of medicine. half of the mothers who lived in the effected neighborhood showed signs of depression, including insomnia and loss of appetite. great diet while being
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police, none of the officers who were involved were found liable. the baltimore son reported this new research. >> the freddie gray case led to police officers wearing body cameras, now there are new detai details. >> you may remember the global outrage after an american dentist killed one of africa's most beloved lions. >> two years after cecil was killed, his cub has been
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killed the lion cub. this is a picture of the cub taken earlier this year at the national park. the -- obviously, the cub had grown up to an adult. he was shot in the same area as the older lion. local authorities say unlike the first hunt, this one was legal. it's bringing fresh krcriticismf trophy. the number of african lions living in the wild has plummeted. >> and at exactly one month today, the nation will experience the first coast to coast solar eclipse in 90 years. >> helps you get ready to watch coming up. >> look at it, considered to be one of the most beautiful views overlooking right here in fredericksburg. the problem is, there's trash. there's one man, who is trying to keep it clean and he needs
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you may want to go somewhere where you can cool off and enjoy nature's beauty. trash is clogging up some of those sites. fredericksburg police officers had enough. he showed northern virginia reporter, david his approach to law enforcement. >> fredericks police officer joe young took us on a tour. he's there alive. >> eight to ten hours a day. >> this is part of your regular patrol. >> this is part of it. >> not only is he a police officer, he's also the
5:45 pm
water city manager, combining for law enforcement and love at the river. >> my goal is zero litter, zero graffiti. >> it's a lofty goal, give it. just look around. trash all over. that's why officer young is trying a new approach to enforcing the law. >> this body cam video reported last weekend. it shows officer young talking with a man who had been drinking beer in public out of a glass bottle. officer young should have issued several fines. instead, a choice. >> $250 worth of fines of court costs or do you want to help me out. it will take about five minutes of your time and hand this to you. >> watch what officer has done, pulled out his vest. >> i carry garbage bags. >> together they started cleaning up. >> he's more than happy to do so.
5:46 pm
man. he actually filled up three of my garbage bags. >> for officer young, it's about preserving sites like this. >> once you see the view, you'll understand why. >> keeping the water fresh. >> it needs to be protected. it is beautiful. it is this region's light source. we had to keep it clean. >> an officer, carrying his load and more. to protect and serve his community and his environment. in fredericksburg, virginia. david, news 4. >> he's doing it. >> yes, he is. >> you know, a month today you're going to experience something really rare and fabulous. the moon is going to pass and an e collapse. >> take a look at this. the dc area will be close to the
5:47 pm
storm team 4, chuck bell explains what makes this e collapse so special. >> first continent crossing, total solar eclipse in north america since 1918 will occur on august 21st. >> during the solar eclipse, we have a unique view. we're able to see it invisible light -- and that's the only time we can do that. >> this is something special even for those who studied the sun for a living. >> i've been studying the coro na for 20 plus years. >> it's the outer part of the sun's atmosphere. >> it's very almost silky-like structure that's coming out. that's a special region of the sun for us to study. and the reason is because that is where space weather comes from. it can impact communications, satellites, there can be
5:48 pm
hazardous to astronauts. >> there are a lot of interesting things that take place during an e collapse. >> right as stars -- during an eclipse. the temperature is going to drop maybe up to 10, 15 degrees. >> some of the coolest sights come right at the end of totality. >> you'll see a little small, people call that the diamond ring or the engagement ring. before that, you may see lots of little tiny ones. the light from the sun is shining through. >> this eclipse will be something everyone can enjoy. >> we have an opportunity to sort of connect with the science, but also to connect with it. >> the path of totality will go through the western carolinas while we'll get 80% of the sun covered by the moon here. >> so excited for this. that was my colleague news 4 today, m
5:49 pm
reporting. so you would rather gaze at the moon, the storms. we've cure ated just in dc for you. you can find it in the nbc washington app. all you have to do is search science. i'm so excited for this, i get to go down there, as well. we'll be live down there. the sunday before, we'll be out there during the day on monday. it's going to be total about 2:30. we'll be live. so, again, the afternoon shows. i cannot wait. >> he's been in a full e collapsclips. -- eclipse. >> i went in 1969 in eighth grade and it was almost. >> it's dark. it's very cool. >> and we get to wear these things. >> we have shoe box and this thing you use. >> but the hole, it suddenly gets dark. >> i can -- >> i love that temperature drop, you talk about just like that. >> i mean, to go -- i. >> guess one of those
5:50 pm
you get some rain showers here, that will do it. let's take a look and show you. nice seg way. there you go, there's the eclipse, that came because of some rain that was out that way. rain right now backwards the winchester area. look at the heat index, around 104 especially closer to the dc monaco all coming in at 104. here are the showers, jefferson county, these are really dying off. the strongest showers now are up towards portions of berkeley county. ri
5:51 pm
the wider view here shows another round of storms well towards chicago. this is what we're going to watch during the day tomorrow. this is what comes in. we have both tomorrow and sunday with a good chance of storms and the impacts, well, depends on where you live. we've been looking at this all afternoon. we think tomorrow is going to be the day for potential for severe weather. sunday has that potential, as well. >> well, especially tomorrow. when we talk about severe weather, it will be mainly during the afternoon and evening hours. going to be more of hit and miss showers and thunderstorms. still keep the plans outdoors, make sure you're weather ready tomorrow and have our nbc washington app and have a backup plan to be able to get indoors quickly. heavy rain fall, the biggest concern, these storms will be moving, but some high winds could lead to some wind damage, also some hail if possible tomorrow. can't rule out an isolated when we look at the wind tomorrow. but that will be the exception by far. not the
5:52 pm
outdoors, it's hot and humid, not wearing about the storm chances, earlier or better. as we've been talking about that. have a plan b. still some storms potentially at the beach as they've said earlier, always a great day to be at the beach. not until next day -- >> we need it to break. we talk about the fact that, you know, thunderstorms help with the heat. but not in the next couple of days. the thunderstorm remains. here is the chance for storms tomorrow, 1:00 i think we're dry. the clouds starting to move in, the storms starting to move in from the west, too, back towards the valley. by 3:00 once again some of those could be strong, possibly, severe right on through tomorrow evening. once again we'll see them during the day on sunday, too. high temperatures getting up to the 96-degree number. feeling like 105 again could see another heat advisory posted for tomorrow. we have both tomorrow and sunday as weather alert days as you talk about the heat going away middle part of next week.
5:53 pm
87 next weekend. looking pretty good. >> that's more like it. thank you, doug. >> a shelter dog gets a new chance at life and at health. >> it's thanks to donations for people who will never meet her. star wound up at the bark shelter up in baltimore because her owners could no longer care for her. but the pit bull will arrive with a problem, a giant tumor on her leg. there it is. it isn't cancerous, though, removing tumors can be expensive. they can perform the surgery because of something called the franky fund. >> which is a fund of private donations that help says, hey, outside where that specialized care and specialized surgeries. >> the franky fund will help fix broken bones and sent straight cats with heart murmurs to a cartologyist. >> it only -- cardiologist. >> it happens once a year.
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>> tried to rob three different banks, he first stole money from the bank on 12th bank less than 20 minutes later he tried to rob bank of america but didn't get any cash. minutes later he failed again to get any money on the bb and t. police and the fbi believe they man they caught
5:57 pm
suntrust on 17th street on monday. authorities released surveillance pictures from that heist. >> typically we all get excited when the cherry blossom and asail yas are full blown. >> wait until you see this. as you can witness now, another plan in our region is putting on quite a show today. >> acres and acres of sun flowers, bursting out, wild life management area. that's in montgomery county. news 4 mark seagraves reports on how you can get loss in the sea of yellow. >> this is one way you can beat the crowds and enjoy -- acres and acres of the blooms. >> it's like a sea of sun flowers. and it's really
5:58 pm
>> there are nine different fields to get lost in. each easily accessible from three parking lots. >> take some pictures of the flowers and bees and all of that. really hopes, you know, nice relaxing kind of environment out here. >> if you come, you'll want to remember your camera and you want to remember that it's against state law to pick the sun dplou we ares. >> the bah loolens are expected to be in their peak for the next few weeks. >> it's amazing. big secret, but now won't be a secret. >> i'm sorry.
5:59 pm
fall, it's actually the fees from the hunting license that pay for everything you see out here. >> check them out on our nbc washington facebook page. >> now at 6:00, reaction coming in after another stash shakeup. sean spicer out as press secretary, so what happens next. >> a pastor with no criminal history detained by immigration officials in
6:00 pm
>> so that heat index over 105, last night at 9:00 at night. the heat index at dc still 100 degrees. big-time heat over night tonight, it's going to continue right on through the


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