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tv   News4 This Week  NBC  July 29, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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welcome to "news 4 this week." right now, maryland residents picking up the pieces after a powerful tornado lifted one home off its foundation while leaving others in the same neighborhood completely untouched. an airbnb rental gone wrong. what one dc resident said happened when he rented out his apartment and the clues police are using to help them catch the nightmare renters. and remembering our colleague, our conscience, and our friend, jim vance. ♪ ♪ this has been a difficult week for our news 4 family and the entire d.c. community. we really want to thank all of you who reached out to help us remember our long-time leader
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the age of 75. as you know, vance had been battling cancer for the past few months. it was a battle he fought with humility and strength and all week we've been doing our best to share with you the man that he was and the legacy he leaves as the face of nbc 4 for the past 48 years. his co-anchor for the last 28 of those years doreen against lgins us a look at vance's full life. >> we do a story you never know if it's going to be amusing and terrifying. >> here's the jim vance you knew for 48 years, that smooth voice and calm presence that made us all feel like no matter how bad the news was, we would be okay. over the years vance was who he was. you probably know a lot about him already. he wasn't shy about sharing. you know he rode motorcycles, he liked cars and fishing and sp a
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whomever was reporting on sports. >> what did he say? >> vance always had a way with kids. before becoming a journalist he was a teacher in his hometown of philadelphia. he started reporting here in 1969, but from the start the bosses knew they had an anchor in the making. he made a name for himself covering stories all over the world, vietnam, el salvador, south africa, but he didn't have to go far for some of his best work reporting on the people right here in his adopted hometown of washington. think about every event, every big story that's happened here over the last 48 years. vance covered it all. the race riots on u street and in columbia heights. the plane that crashed into the 14th street bridge. watergate. the attempted assassination of president ragan. 9d 9/11. he covered inaugurations for 12
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washington mayors. in 1977 vance was the guy the muslims asked to speak to the night they seized three buildings in town and he was the first journalist marion berry called after he was arrested in 1 1990. vance interviewed every president, some at the white house, others on a fishing boat and he gave his view with a dose of reality that could be refreshing, even if you didn't agree with him. vance had some dark times here, too, and some struggles of his own that are well known, but he came out of those a better person and always used the lessons he had to learn the hard way to try to make life better for students trying to navigate their own path. it was just a few months ago that vance told us he had cancer. and as we tried to hold our emotions in check, vance reminded us about the incredible life he's lived. >> the
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flowing. >> the last time vance was in public was when they put him on a mural at ben's chili bowl just a few weeks ago. he's received so many honors and rewards. you could tell this was special. >> an honor. >> all of you meant so much to him, too. he never grew tired of reminding himself where he came from. >> hello, i'm jim vance. >> and how lucky he was to be invited into your homes for so many decades. >> you know, with vance's passing we realized that we aren't the only ones who held him in such high esteem. we've heard from people all over the country who either knew him or knew of his work. just days after his death we learned vance was going to have a spot in the smithsonian's national museum of african-american history and culture. jim had a chance to visit the museum not too long ago when he interviewed director lonnie bunch. in
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interview that vance would ever do. barbara harrison tells us all about it. >> reporter: when jim vance behind a camera recorded the last interview of his career as a journalist, no one knew it would be the last after 45 years on the job. but lonnie bunch, a young student studying history at howard university some 30 years ago, knew the first time he saw this journalist in front of a camera that he was making history. >> jim vance was my generation. there was a sense that here was somebody who was cool, who understood the importance of hard work but who was committed to making washington, not just black washington but washington better. jim vance really did it. he symbolized possibility. he symbolized that it was really important that america was changing and his presence was a symbol of that change. >> reporter: and what would he want to display in the museum to tell the story of jim va
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clear to me is that, first of all, jim vance did his homework so it would be really nice to have maybe some of the pads that he wrote his questions on, even the ones that he used to interview me. i think it would be important to help people understand how he did the work he did. and then i think because this is television, what you really want is images of vance in action. >> reporter: here at the museum of african-american history and culture the visitor numbers have far exceeded expectations with upwards of 8,000 visitors a day since it opened back in september. many visitors will one day come to learn how jim vance became the admired journalist that he was. >> you want people to be able to see how he moved, how he thought, how he engaged the camera, how he engaged the public and how he laughed. and so in many ways the key would be what would allow us to understand who jim vance was, what kind of
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he believed in, and how did his commitment to his craft also mean he had a commitment to making this city better? because there's no doubt he loved his craft and, boy, did he love this city. >> reporter: history here will soon record how a city with all of its diversity of interest but income, background, race and politics would come to invest so much trust in this journalist. >> people trusted jim vance, and they trusted him in a way that they knew that he would be true, that he would be candid, that he would be professional but more importantly he would be human. you always felt that jim vance was a guy on the corner that you could talk to. >> jim would find no greater praise than lonnie bunch saying that. last night we shared some of vance's best work in a special broadcast, and if you missed it, we'd love to give you another chance to see it. doreen
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tribute to jim vance. check it out sunday morning at 5:30 a.m. right here on nbc 4. as vance would have said, we invite you to join us. coming up on "news 4 this week" a nightmare inside a man's home after opening his door to people vacationing here in the nation's capitol. and the eastern shore in
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maybe you've used airbnb on your last vacation or rented out your home or apartment to make some extra cash. that's what one man in d.c. did, and he said his guests ended up stealing his stuff. news 4's molette green explains what happened. >> reporter: this was no ordinary airbnb rental. social media images of a renter going too far reportedly wearing stolen air jordans. >> he took a video of him and his boys wearing some o
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roommates here. >> reporter: and that's not all. on instagram the renter appears to invite friends over to party. this home on 18th street northwest is where local jazz musician aaron myers says it all happened. he and his three roommates rented out their home last week believing four people were staying here. >> there were like ten people here. went upstairs to see what they did. people were running out the back door. >> reporter: this is the d.c. report on this case listing all of the stolen items. among them diamond earrings, designer clothes, and shoes. but myers says the bad renters tagged the kitchen chalkboard leaving the word swindle and he believes it could be a big clue to possible evidence of fraud. >> they left their laptop here which is not the smartest thing to do. apparently it had been lifted and they were still logged into all of their devices or whatever. you could seeha
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making plans to wire money into stolen cards, into gift cards. >> reporter: we reached out to d.c. police. no arrests yet in this case. aaron myers says a $1500 airbnb deal turned into a costly case for him dealing with stolen property, damaged property and, of course, he's left feeling violated. in northwest d.c., molette green, news 4. >> what a price to pay. next on "news 4 this week" a new place for the four legged members of your family. which neighborhood is going to get the first park for pets. on the eastern shore the damage from a tornado this week is overwhelming. that ef-2 tornado hit in the
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from chopper 4 you can see the devastation. a tornado touched down this week on the eastern
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many homes blue tarps now replace the roof. yards are covered in items from inside people's homes, but it's only when you get to see it up close that you truly realize how long the cleanup will last. it's going to take a lot of heavy equipment and even more phone calls to insurance companies to fix all of this. the damage is concentrated in stevensville, a town just over the bay bridge in queen ann's county. derrick ward tells us there are additional complications for first responders. >> reporter: the cleanup began within hours of the wind calming down, but there's a lot of work to do. people's lives were turned upside down quite literally. that's what happens when a tornado with winds topping out at 123 miles an hour come down. getting to the scene is a challenge. >> every time we try to get somewhere there was trees down and wires down. we had to make sure we could get through safely. >> reporter: when they got through, things like this awaited them. a man inside when thi
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first responders still had to find him. >> he was hiding behind a car when the ambulance got there. >> reporter: everyone made it out of this house, too, despite "the wizard of oz" like experience after having the home listed and having it drop down. it was surreal to the homeowner and the responders. >> going out and talking to residents and everyone is traumatized. everyone is happy and blessed that there were no fatalities. >> the wind was blowing so hard and the rain was coming down so bad and my son was freaking out trying to get everyone out of the house. you could hear the tree hitting the roof. >> reporter: ironically that tree came down as the roof was lifting off and kept it in place. amid all of this devastation there's hope. a costly future, but hope nonethele nonetheless. >> it seems like it's always going to happen somewhere else but it did happen here. queen ann's county is a very resilient community. they can recover quickly. that's one of the good things. >> reporter: in stevensville,
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with property damage may qualify for tax relief. this is a look at what a tornado left behind in queen ann's county. the maryland state department of assessments and taxation said it's going to send assessors into areas impacted by the storm in the next few weeks. these homeowners could qualify for reduced property assessments. they're encouraging people to fill out a reduction application. once a decrease in value is confirmed, a new tax bill may be issued. if you already paid your tax bill, you could get a prorated discount. you can find it on our nbc washington app. search prachg ton damage. the fight for 15. a rework bill sets montgomery county on a path to a $15 minimum wage by the summer of 2020. the proposal eases the minimum wage higher over the next three
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years. it gives small businesses more time to phase in the increase. companies with 26 employees or less have until 2022 to get to that level of $15 an hour. the bill requires yearly impact studies and gives the montgomery county executive the power to halt increases if money gets tight, but the subject remains polarizing among folks who live in the county. >> they will be able to provide for their family and live comfortably as opposed to living in a way in which they are very stressed. >> they motivated themselves to really -- >> county executive vetoed a similar bill back in january but he left the door opening to considering a revised bill. this one could have legs. we did a quick check to compare minimum wages across our area.
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the hourly minimum wage to $15 by the year 2020. right now virginia's state minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. maryland is on the way to $10.10 an hour. prince george's county is ahead of the rest of the state. the minimum wage goes up to $11.50 in october. to northern virginia now where you will still be able to see spot run at a new dog park in burke. fairfax county has approved a $10,000 matching grant to create a dog run at mon at t monticell. it's been raising money for several years to build an off leash park. it will be an acre in size with separate areas for big dogs and the small ones. the park is expected to be done by next summer. it's hard to believe, but the new school year is right around the corner. nbc 4's working for the community with
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in our annual backpack for kids school supply drive. just head to the nbc washington app or website and search supporting our schools to see how you can help local teachers and students get ready for that new year. more tributes to our colleague, jim vance, when we come introducing new parodontax. the toothpaste that helps come prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease.
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eleanor holmes norton is serving her 14th year in congress. her work on behalf of d.c. residents earned her a place on the mural at the chili bowl. her image next to jim vance. this week she read a tribute to vance on the house floor and noted that vance took the anchor desk at a time of tremendous racial, economic and political upheaval in the district. >> jim vance took the dare and told our ever changing story straight. he made us see ourselves from a city with too much crime to today's d.c. with low crime and a
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only a combination of consummate professionalism and enduring after ability could cover so much quick moving news without ever missing a beat. jim vance brilliantly told our story throughout our first era of home rule. these years also encapsulated jim vance's service and now drawing his legacy with the district's own history. >> congresswoman norton told us she wanted to read that tribute because vance deserved to be on the congressional record. that's going to do it for "news 4 this week." i'm chris lawrence. i first saw vance on a tiny 13 inch screen in my college dorm room in maryland and had the honor of working with him decades later. we're going to leave you with a touching tribute to jim vance at nats park. thanks for joining us. have a great week. ♪ ♪
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here is what we're dealing with this morning. roads washed out, cars stranded and a whole lot of water. storm team 4 tracking what's doing to be a soggy saturday. it's weather alert day and timing means everything as you plan your weekend. >> feels nice to be indoors and dry for a moment. a lot of rain coming down. >> we've got a lot. of course, the flooding concerns out there. >> it's doing to be an issue today as we welcome you in saturday morning 28th of july beside my friend


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