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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  July 30, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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right now all new at 11:00, missing family members in loudoun county. loved ones haven't seen them since friday. and tonight growing concern over their safety. nearly a dozen people
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24 hours. we are live with the latest shooting and what police are saying about the violence. and more fall out tonight after more than 100 people got sick at a local chipotle. first tonight at 11:00, a virginia mother, her son, and her cousin have disappeared. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm erica gonzalez. deputies say courtney ashe was last seen leaving a relatives home in ashburn friday night. she was supposed to go to another relatives place in leesburg, but never got there. those tags are right there at the bottom of your screen. if you have any information on them or that vehicle, please give deputies a
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what has been a violent 24 hours in the district. since we last saw you at 6:00, there's been another shooting. this one at clay place. we mapped out all the shooting scenes here. and our darcy spencer with more about the victims. darcy. >> reporter: erica, we are here tonight at d.c. headquarters. since we were last on at 6:00, a second shooting victim has died. it looks like there have not been any arrests made in any of these shooting investigations. a police officer uses her flashlight to look for evidence in the dark. a canine searches the area, and an officer takes pictures of the scene. this after a double shooting on clay place not far from minnesota avenue in north east d.c. the victims the ninth and tenth to be s
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in the district. >> we have to continue to engage the community hopefully to put a squash to many of the issues that are happening. >> reporter: the shooting sprees started just before 10:00 on saturday night. one man died. a young man was also shot here on quarles street northeast. this time shots rang out in broad daylight. >> i was sitting in my house watchingative and i just heard gone shots. >> reporter: the man was found in a yard area of an apartment complex while many were outside enjoying the beautiful weather. >> i got nervous because my son had just left. i was concerned because kids do play in that yard up there. >> reporter: d.c. police chief tweeted he was very disheartened with the senseless shootings and asked for help in solving and preventing gun crimes. and this is the way tt
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help. if you know of someone that has an illegal gun, you call in a tip that and leads to an arrest in the gun case and the seizure of that illegal gun, you could be eligible for up to $125 cash reward. erica, back to you. >> darcy spencer live for us tonight. thank you. nice conditions out there right now. temperatures are falling into the 50s and 60s. so if you thought this morning was a little cool out there, just wait until we get into tomorrow. right now in the district we've got a calm wind, clear skies. this is what you're waking up to tomorrow. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. so again it is going oo be a little on the chilly side when you head off to work. you may even need a light jacket tomoow
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but then through the rest of day, we do warmup. we do have some storm chances returning later in the week. that's all coming up in that forecast in just about ten minutes. a chaotic scene developing right now. take a look at the aftermath. we're told a van got into a crash and then plowed into a crowd of people before hitting a building. l.a. police say 11 people are hurt. they say this afternoon's crash was an accident. they have the driver in for questioning, but they have not made any arrests. developing right now, the u.s. is firing back after russia announced sanctions against our country as state department official calls mus cow's decision to force hundreds of u.s. diplomats to leave russia is regrettable and uncalled-for act. vladimir putin is retaliating after congress passed a sanctions bill against russia. nbc's kelly o'donnell t
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tensions. >> reporter: tonight a new power play from vladimir putin as the russian president surveyed his nation's military might on parade, putin ordered a diplomatic retaliation against the united states. he will cut the number of americans allowed to serve in russia by 755. traveling today the vice president is in estonia, a former soviet state. >> we expect russian behavior to change. >> reporter: futen blamed the u.s. for deteriorating relations after congress overwhelmingly approved new sanctions to punish russia for 2016 interference and aggression towards its neighbors. >> the president made it very clear very soon he will sign the sanctions from the congress of the united states to reinforce that. >> reporter: the strain tonight is far greater than just three weeks
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and putin met in homburg. >> president putin and i have been discussing various things, i think it's going well. >> reporter: complicating the tensions is the political drum between the trump team and allegations of russian intrusion. there are inresolved conflicts like control over two diplomatic compounds seized by the obama administration. unknown will president trump give them back. >> no decisions have been made on that whatsoever. >> reporter: president trump doesn't have his own man in moskow yet. he is awaiting confirmation. former ambassador described putin's ouster of american dip mats as a troubling low point. >> i think you have to go deep into the cold war to remember a time we were at this level of confrontation with russia or the soviet union. though certainly even
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the cold war was a friendler time than we are today. >> reporter: the fall out continues after 135 people got sick after eating at a local chipotle. two of those customers are new suing the chain. their attorney says they ate at the sterling location around july 14th and became sick. chipotle says a sick employee may be behind the illness. the restaurant has since been sanitized. police are looking for a man who allegedly raped a woman. the woman told police she met the suspect at quincy's bar and grill. she says he raped her after the two left the bar. police need help identifying and finding him. we put the sketch of the person on our facebook page for you to share. a fire investigation turning into a death
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woodbridge today. firefighters got a call on walnut street and found the man's body inside the home. he was pronounced dead on-the-scene. neighbors talked about how this all happened. >> just flames and then heard the fire trucks coming because the neighbors called and saw the flames, too. and that was about it. once they all started coming, you know, everything was blocked off. and i was was just wishing for the best for him. >> police won't release the man's name until his family has been notified. investigators are still trying to figure out how he died and how the fire started. a 60-year-old man stabbed in the stomach by a teenager last night while trying to break up a fight. this happened just after 11:00 in bethesda. police say the victim and the teen knew each
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went into the metro station and they couldn't find him after that. as for the man that was stabbed, he is expected to be okay. people in prince george's county are about to get extra maus ketoo protection. planning to spray in the carollton area. officials are also reminding people to protect themselves by wearing long clothing and insect repellent. john delaney turn today the pages of the woeps to lay out why he thinks he should be the next president. the democrat is a former banker and one of the richest house member. delaney called for more bipartisanship and said he wants to prepare the country for a future where responsible businesses work with our government
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growth and innovation and positive societal change. that's a quote there. delaney is running for president in 2020 and is not running for re-election next year. governor chris christy once had his eyes on the white house. today he was staring down a fan at a game. the confrontation that's causing quite a stir on social media. see why tourists can't wait to leave one of the country's most popular vacation spots. passengers begged the feds to study whether smaller seats on a plane were safe. the faa didn't listen but a d.c. court did. >> we're going camping tonight on sports final. kirk cousins talking contract and feeling the pressure when karen maloney puts the soon to be dad to the test. and neeko marlin hoping to keep jamming for the red skins on the
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plus the all-star game heading to d.c. we get our first look at the
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a federal judge is forcing the faa to investigate whether shrinking airline seats are actually safe. the ruling comes during the busy travel season and as many are making last minute air travel plans. nbc steve patterson complains what it could mean for you. >> reporter: for years it's been a growing problem. americans getting larger while the space between airline seats shrinks. >> i think it's the ridiculous that the prices keep rising and
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>> reporter: the agency previously denied passenger employees that it step in and set standards to protect health and safety. critics say airlines are cramming people in for one reason. >> the airlines want to make more profits. >> reporter: the judge's strongly worded opinion told the feds to take another look. >> as we see more and more people being squeezed into the airplanes we're now reaching the point we don't think people can get out where they need to. and this is becoming a real safety issue. >> reporter: they say there's no need for the government to interfere with the market. the advocacy group fliers rights cited data over a number of decades the average seat pitch has dwindled from a comfortable 35 inches to 31, some planes as low
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while seat width narrowed from 18.5 to 17 over the last decade. during that same time the average american, well, has gotten steadily bigger. >> get them bigger. they are too smalls, not good for your toughies. >> reporter: it does say the agency has to explain why in case of passenger safety size isn't an issue. new at 11:00, the motels are vacant. restaurants, ice cream shops, nearly empty. and vacations for many tourists caught short. this after construction crews working on a new bridge cut all three cables that supply power to the outer banks. despite the inconvenience some folks are taking it alln
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last night in the camper waiting to get on the 7:00 ferry this morning. >> it's the outer banks. it's okay. it's not raining. there's no hurricane. it could be worse. >> a bad day on vacation is still a day on vacation. crews are working to restore the pewer, but they still don't know when people will be allowed to return. all right, this is one maine street looked like exactly a year ago. businesses damaged and three people died in the flooding in the aftermath. this is what maine street looks like now. the community as well as leaders came together to rebuild. they're focused on preventing future floods. their getting $18 million devoted to new projects. chris christie is trending online. he got into a
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the fan told reporters he heckled christy and insulted him. and that's when christie got right in the man's face and said, kwoelt, you're a big shot. no official response yet from the governor. news 4 is always working for you, and now we're going to do it earlier in the morning monday through friday. starting tomorrow we're extending the news through the day by three hours. we're starting at 4:00 a.m. you'll also see traffic and storm team 4 right up until the "today" show. and when you make your way out the door early tomorrow morning, you might want to grab that jacket because it's going to be a little on the cool side especially for the end of the july. it's so crazy we're even at the end of july today. if you liked today, you're definitely going to like tomorrow because we've got sunshine not only today but
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we continue pretty much through the entire workweek. friday looks like our next chance of rain. so we've got a nice little stretch of weather of dry and just quiet weather out there. current temperatures 74 right now here in the district. you step outside the beltway and that's when it gets chilly. 63 in winchester. temperatures are going to continue to fall. tonight keep those windows open because we're not going to have that humidity out there. and as you make your way out the door those temperatures going oo be in the upper 50s to mid-60s. and getting a little debris clutter from the radar. high pressure, we're not even seeing any cloud cover. blue skies all day today. hard pressed to find any clouds out there today. so it was
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is going to be a great day. it is going to be a touch warmer. now, the humidity stays on the low side at least for tomorrow. here's the planner for tomorrow. temperatures in the upper 80s. it if you want to go to the pool, get out and about tomorrow's going to be a great day to do it. comfortable conditions out there today and tomorrow or tonight and tomorrow. and then as we go through your tuesday, by the afternoon that humidity will move in little by little. you'll probably feel it on wednesday, thursday, and friday. right around 90s degrees and you tack on that humidity, going to feel on the warm side. our average temperature for this time of year is in the upper 80s. that's where we're topping out tomorrow again with plenty of sunshine and comfortable conditns
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wednesday, and thursday. the temperatures in the 90s. by the time we head into friday that's going to be the next chance of showers rolling into the region. only isolated chances though. we'll have a chance for some rain on saturday as well. and those temperatures drop by the end of next weekend into early next week. >> thank you, ma'am. maybe today's weather has you thinking about fall. today some volunteers helped some students get ahead of the game. they stocked backpacks with supplies at the hortons center in d.c. >> we have children in 28 public schools and charter schools across the city. so they'll be here before school starts to get ready for school. >> the supplies you see here was all donated. hortons kids is celebrating 28 years of service to the community. >> s
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all right, the nats coming back to redeem themselves. >> they certainly did. and they sort of had to at this point. they only played their second doubleheader of the year. game two wrapped up a much better showing tonight against the rockies. santa a his buddies hoping to see a strike-out. and the veteran delivered. charlie black made one of the best hitters in the game. starting the game off right. and then in the fourth this is arlen arenado, bye-bye. six strike outs. great night for jackson. and in the fifth, he gets all
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this one deep to left center. a two-run shot for lynn, his ninth. and the nationals jump ahead to take a two-run lead. brian goodwin, over the wall. the nationals beat the rockies in game two, 3-1. a little history for nationals first baseman ryan zimmerman, in the third inning two on, two out, zimmerman smashing it this to right field and over the fence. that's career home run. why is that important, you ask, well he passes senator legend frank howard. happy to accomplish it in d.c. and happy to have passed howard. >> i obviously respect him and what he did.
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just not here. but it's a really cool honor of growing up here. and myself and the fan base i think have grown sort of together. to be able to share that with them was cool. certainly a cool night, but a thriller for the u.s. nationals team playing in san diego. the u.s. down 3-1. but here they come. christen press shoots and scores. less than five minutes later, press, great pass up here to megan rupeeno who fires and scores somehow from this incredible angle. they were not done here. juli johnston puts down the rebound, and that is the game winner. the u.s. scored three goals in nine minutes. and they come back to win
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pretty incredible. and coming up on sports final, kirk cousins joining the round table. he changes a dieper with carolyn maloney. so the accuracy -- >> the man needs more wo
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looking for a new brunch spot or wondering where to find the best beer scene in the washington area, resident news 4 foodie eun yang helped to present the best. we posted a link to the full list of winners to the nbc washington app. just search winners. if you've got some time to get to the pool, do it. >> we've got full sunshine out there. te
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be in the upper 80s. plenty of sunshine as i said. the hummidity starts to roll in back little by little. next chance of rain will be friday and saturday. >> that is our news for tonight. "sports final" is coming up next. and then wake up with news for today. we're going to start at 4:00 a.m. so we can bring you all the biggest stories from over night. you'll also get storm team 4 right up until the
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tonight on "sports final." >> i feel like i need to prove my worth. i feel like i need a return on investment on this team. >> kirk cousins looking to prove his worth on the field and prove his worth off of it as he gets ready to become a dad. histary on the baseball diamond. ryan zimmerman with a record day in d.c. while the oryeels get a front row seat. monday isn't here yet, so one last time to get your groove on. "sports final" starts now. that guy had some pretty sweet dance moves, don't you think? thanks for joining us tonight on


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