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tv   Today  NBC  August 3, 2017 7:00am-9:58am EDT

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testing the limits. testing the limits. for the first time scientists edit the dna of a human em barrio, removing a mutation that causes a life-threatening condition. a major breakthrough raising major concerns. >> means we can control human evolution now. >> is it science gone too far. breaking overnight, a second body pulled from the rubble after a natural gas explosion and building collapse at a school in minneapolis. a woman injured in a that blast now sharing her harrowing tale. >> everything started coming down and my shoes were blown off. >> this morning the latest on the victims and the investigation. nbc news exclusive, president um
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war in afghanistan. stunning his own advisors, telling them the top commander there should be fired. we're live at the white house as the president gets set to meet with his national security team again today. those stories plus what's behind the historic high for the dow. the chilling new photo of that near disaster at the san francisco airport. and another frightening ride mishap leads to a dramatic rescue. "today," thursday, august 3rd, 2017. from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. welcome to the show on a thursday morning. we're happy you're joining us, happy to have hoda here while savannah continues on vacation. >> good morning, everybody. we do have a lot to get to this morning starting with that ground breaking first that have have wide ranging implications. >> this is a b
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edited genes in human embryos to correct a mutation that could cause serious diseases, but it comes with a host of new concerns. nbc's anne thompson is joining us with more on this. good morning to you. >> good morning. this is really a remarkable and controversial development. by using what amounts to genetic scissors to eliminate potentially fatal diseases, but the question this morning is could this break through lead to so-called designer babies? >> the target of the research an inherited heart disease that often leads to sudden death in young people. scientists say they have successfully edited genes in dozens of embryos who remove the mutation that causes the disease while at the same time not triggering any new harmful mutations. to do this researchers used a revolutionary technology called crispr. a method they say could eventually eliminate inherited
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diseases such as some cancers, hemophilia and sickle sell anemia. jennifer is a co-inventor of crispr. she spoke with nbc news earlier this year. >> we have a level of control over biology that in the past we didn't have and it's very profound. it means that we can control human evolution now. >> and that's what's raising alarms. while many agree curing deadly diseases at the genetic level may be a good thing some fear the technology could be used to create designer babies, controlling things like intelligence, height and hair color. critics say in the wrong hands crispr could be used to develop bio weapons like a plague or killer virus. >> james a clapper called such technology a possible weapon of mass destruction. they say it could be
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to -- >> there is a way to regulate it. >> but still the technology offers a strand of hope for those impacted by the more than 10,000 conditions caused by inherited mutations. >> this would allow us to direct it and transplant back into womb so that this time they could have worry free children without mutations. >> a big step for science that is years from reat. >> one of the researchers says now that the technical hurdles have been cleared this is the type to grapple with the ethical and societal questions that this breakthrough raises. >> let us bring in dr. natalie azar. good morning. >> good morning. there are questions of course about ethics and things like that, but in your expert opinion let's talk positives, what are some of the positives this brings about. >> i think we do have to separate the science, the
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compared to the ethical. we are talking about imagine when women are pregnant and they undergo -- i can't think of the word -- they do ibf and they have screening tests and they detect an abnormality and don't implant that unhealthy embryo. this is taking it at the earliest stage, the one cell stage they splicing out the genetic mutation. what these researchers did in oregon was create a healthy embryo that then theoretically would be reimplanted in the woman that would be missing that genetic defect that causes this disease. >> way, way down the road here but do we have any idea what this might cost if it actually comes to the public? >> think about first of all the cost of ibf first, you can imagine that this is going to be an additional cost above that and then as we talked about before the legal and the regulatory hurdles that you would have to go through and ethical to have insurance companies pay for it, honestly this is years, years and years awa
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we get there would you rather pay for this process than pay for treating a deadly condition down the line? >> matt, that's a very, very astute point. you can see that this is -- while this is a phenomenal scientific breakthrough it has certainly opened up pandora's box in terms of all the conversations that will be happening. >> dr. a dplar, thank you so much. a lot more to get to this morning including investors hoping the good times keep rolling on wall street. on wednesday the dow soared to a new record climbing above 22,000 for the first time. more than three times higher than where it was back in early 2009 during the throes of that economic crisis. nbc's stephanie rhule is here with a closer look. yesterday it was a lot about apple, they said we have higher than expected profits, investors love that sort of thing, but go back and look at the trend over the last six months or so what's driving it? >> there is some level of a trump trade. people say that there's not, b
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he said i'm a pro business guy, we are going to have deregulation, infrastructure spending. if you look at business sentiment that excited people. so during the obama administration people felt like there was a lot of regulation, whether you were a ceo of a fortune 500 company or ran a small business. president trump said i'm getting rid of that. he hasn't yet, it's just been promises, but people do know they are not going to get more regulation. separate from president trump we do have good earnings. things are chugging along. president obama took us out from a dark hole and the beat goes on and things are slowly moving higher. it's a combination of the two. >> how much credit does president trump get? the dow is up nearly 20% since he was elected and since he was sworn into office the dow is up more than 11%. so does he have the right to take credit for this right? >> he can have some credit but if you actually speak to real inversers and ceos they are not that focused on the administration. in the beginning ceos were
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the trump tweet. there's so much noise around the administration corporate america is kind of ignoring it. >> stephanie rhule, thank you very much. now to the white house and major new controversies facing president trump this morning. topping that list, his push to overhaul the nation's immigration policy with a merit-based system. it's already drawing fierce criticism. we have two reports from the white house starting with peter alexander. peter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this new plan the president's latest effort to cut the number of immigrants coming to the u.s., it would prioritize english speakers as well as those with higher level job skills, marking what would be the biggest changes to this country's legal immigration system in decades, but this remains a long shot with some members of the president's own party already saying it is a non-starter. president trump declaring america's immigration system broken. >> it has not been fair to our people, to our citizens, to our
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proposal sponsored by two conservative republican senators that would slash legal immigration by 50% in ten years moving the u.s. to a system based on merit. >> this competitive application process will favor applicants who can speak english, financially support themselves and their families and demonstrate skills that will contribute to our economy. >> reporter: the president's senior policy adviser steven miller arguing the idea puts american families first. >> public support is so immense on this. >> reporter: and clark with reporters. >> this whole notion of they have to learn english before they get to the united states, are we just going to bring in people from great britain and australia. >> i have to honestly say i am shocked at your statement that you think that only people from great britain and australia would know english. actually it reveals your cosmopolitan bias to a shocking degree. >> you're trying to
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racial and ethnic flow of people into this country. >> that is one of the most outrageous, insulting, ignorant and foolish things you have ever said. >> the statue of liberty says give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, it doesn't say anything about speaking english or being able to be a computer programmer. >> the statue of liberty is a symbol of liberty enlightening the word, the poem you are referring to is not part of the original statue of liberty. >> reporter: the proposal faces an uphill climb in congress with some lawmakers criticizing the potential impact on the agriculture and tourism industries. >> this immigration proposal is not going to go anywhere because it really would devastate the economy. >> reporter: the white house is dialing back the president's claims he received a pair of climt ri phone calls. >> even the president of mexico called me. >> reporter: the first he said from enrique pena nieto but mexican officials say there was no such
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before the boy scouts the president said the head of the group hailed his performance as the greatest speech that was ever made to them, but the boy scouts say didn't happen. the white house with this acknowledgment. >> they were direct conversations not actual phone calls. >> so he lied. >> i wouldn't say it was a lie. that's pretty bold accusation. it's conversations took place, they just simply didn't take place over a phone call, that he had them in person. >> reporter: also this morning nbc news has confirmed another phone call, this one from the new white house chief of staff john kelly to attorney general jeff sessions. despite the president's tweets kelly called the ag on saturday to reassure him that his job is not in jeopardy. kelly is also cracking down on the information that gets into the president's hands. "politico" reporting the chief of staff will not accept aides simply walking into the oval office anymore and anyone briefing mr. trump needs to show him
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matt and hoda. >> peter, thank you. want to turn to an nbc news exclusive on another major development out of the white house. growing increasingly frustrated with the situation in afghanistan. president trump wants a new strategy there and recently suggesting firing the war's top commander. nbc chief white house correspondent hallie jackson has that part of the story. hallie, good morning to you. >> all of this went down in a situation room meeting that apparently got so tense that two pentagon officials close to the defense secretary tell nbc news that jim mattis was visibly angry when he got back from the white house after those discussions. the question now revolves around what the president plans to do next in afghanistan where just this week two more american service members were killed by a suicide bomber. all of it with no new strategy yet from the white house and no real timeline for one with more talks set for today. >> today new urgency at
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longest war, with a new meeting by the president's national security team to talk strategy in afghanistan. where some 8,000 u.s. troops are in danger every day, but senior administration officials now describe the president as increasingly frustrated, femur in the situation room two weeks ago. quote, we aren't winning, we are losing. those administration sources taking nbc news exclusively behind those closed doors saying over the course of two hours in that meeting surrounded by his top advisors the president suggested they fire the top commander there, general john nicholson who has strong support from the pentagon and from the president's national security adviser. those sources say the president vented nato allies aren't pulling their weight and asked for plans on how u.s. businesses can make money mining minerals in afghanistan. stunning some in the room, those sources say the president compared creating a strategy for
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the war to renovating one of his favorite manhattan restaurants, in an analogy describing how the 21 club paid an outside consultant for what the president called lousy advice. stressing that talking to the waiters instead might have been better for business. the message according to one senior official that high level advisors aren't always more useful than lower ranking workers on the ground. >> in the end the president didn't make a decision and asked them to go back to the drawing board and make changes. >> reporter: in 2016 then candidate trump blasted military leaders under president obama. >> you've already said you know more about isis than those generals. >> well, they would probably be different generals to be honest with you. >> reporter: now questions of the president's confidence in his own team. >> if the president doesn't listen to the generals like general nicholson and he goes down the road that president obama went, afghan is going to collapse. >> reporter: the white house declined to comment
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internal deliberations on a afghan strategy but tells nbc the president's advisors are still developing options with no decision on troop levels. in a fight top generals have described as a deadlock. >> it is frustrating that we've waited six months and there still hasn't been a plan laid out. >> in that situation room meeting one top commander suggested general nicholson personally meet with president trump to try to smooth things over, but while a pentagon spokesperson says secretary mattis has confidence in nicholson's leadership a defense official admits there are talks about his future. also breaking overnight a second body has been recovered a natural gas explosion caused part of a school in minneapolis to collapse. nbc's blake mccoy is at the scene. blake, what's the latest? >> reporter: hoda, a sad and somber mood at this school. two staff members killed, a
7:16 am
second body was pulled from the rubble behind me overnight. nine people injured in this blast including the school's president who is sharing her story for the first time with us. the force of the blast was so powerful it ripped a hole through mini ha ha academy and through the heart of the school's president donna harris. >> you could see straight through the building. i just was in shock. literally in shock. it's a hole that i feel in every core of my being. >> reporter: harris had to be rescued from the ledge of her second floor office. >> everything started coming down and my shoes were blown off and we were taking in all of the dust and the debris. >> just assigned building collapse. possible fire. >> people trapped in the existing parts of the building, windows are blown out in all of the floors. >> reporter: those who made it out alive found their way to safety and into the arms of loved ones. >> it felt like we got bombed, all the windows blew
7:17 am
the impact of the blast. >> it was bad. it's not, you know -- it's scary. >> reporter: the explosion taking the life of receptionist ruth berg, engaged to be married next month. 81-year-old custodian john karl son also killed, his body found overnight by rescue crews in the rubble. from a wheelchair president harris leading parents and students in a prayer vigil last night, confidentp/i thl move forward together. >> in my years of living you trust god and don't question. >> reporter: harris isn't sure what kind of work contractors were doing on the building at the time of this gas explosion, but she says she is so thankful that there were no children inside of those classrooms. school is set to begin in three weeks here and she said this could have been a much more tragic story. >> blake, thank you f
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let's turn to dylan for a first check of the weather while al is off today. what do you have? >> it got pretty nasty yesterday with some of those storms, especially up near boston, wicked thunderstorms produced really intense flooding in dorchester, we saw 3 1/2 inches of rain in just 80 minutes and that's a bus with the water coming right through. so we did see some significant flooding with those heavier downpours and we even saw some delays at the airports here in new york because of all of the thunderstorms that we saw. so we will see some improvements today. out west, though, we are looking at probably the worst of the heat. so we have heat warnings and heat advisories from seattle right down into california. 900 miles of the western coastline under some sort of heat advisory, it's all because of this huge ridge in the jet stream. temperatures are running about 15 to 20 degrees above average. olympia, washington, 98 degrees, medford, oregon, 111 degrees. as we look at some record high temperatures most likely portland we will crush the record of
7:19 am
record high is 107 and we are forecasting a high of 105. we will cool off a couple of degrees, though, as we go into the weekend. that's a look at the weather across the country, your local forecast is coming up in the next 30 seconds. good morning. 73 degrees right now in washington. plenty of sunshine. it's going to be another sunny hot, humid day, but we do have the chance for a couple isolated thunderstorms later on this afternoon. by lunchtime around 90 degrees. if you're going to sit outside for lunch you probably want to sit in the shade. 4:00 p.m.
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isolated storm chances will be lingering into the evening, not everyone will see one but some will. the weekend forecast shaping up nicely at the beach, around 80 degrees, mid 80s if you're farther inland. >> that's your latest forecast. coming up question for both of you, do you buckle a seat belt in the back seat of a car? >> it depends. >> we have new information that will change your habits in a car. >> and is your computer infected with a dangerous virus, one that can track your every move? on a new rossen reports, how you can tell and what you can do to protect your private information. but first this is "today" on nbc. oday" on nbc.
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this is a "news 4 today" news break. 7:26 is your time now on this thursday, august 3rd, 2017. good morning to you, i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. we are following breaking news up in the district this morning, a d.c. firefighter critically injured overnight. dane smothers jr. was hit by a ladder truck on f street northeast as he rushed to the scene of a fire overnight. an investigation a under way into why he was struck. shothers has only been a firefighter for a few months. now we want to check your forecast with sheena parveen. 73 right now washington, 70 leesburg, 68 in clinton. if you are about to head outside mild and humid to start the day, hot and humid later this
7:27 am
storms, tomorrow we will be dry most of the day, late chance. when we go into the weekend, lower humidity, temperatures in the mid 80s, rain returns on monday, aaron and eun. >> after the break we will show you how to participate in our backpack 4 kids drive.
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hey, everybody, we are live this morning in kings town in alexandria at apple federal credit union. we are looking for you to come by and donate a new backpack and school supplies for our kids in the community. we need to make sure that this crate gets all the way filled up. we have had some good donations this morning. we are nestled right in between if you know this area there is a kohl's, there is a walmart, there is a movie theater across the way. if you don't have time to shop you can just come and bring a cash or check donation, put it right here in this box and help get our kids off to a wonderful school year. we're live this morning in kings town and we're looking for you to help us out. we'll see you
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>> erika, thank you. lots more information on the nbc washington app. another update in about 25 minutes. >> for now back to the "today" show after this short break. have a great day.
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7:30 7:30 on a thursday morning. it's the 3rd of august, 2017. inside studio 1a i'm matt lauer alongside hoda kotb. >> those guys work hard in the control room. >> we are going to begin with this hf hour with a check of the headlines. a dangerous hazmat situation at a ymca in durham, north carolina, sent 42 people including 40 kids to the hospital. it all started when a lifeguard noticed a strong odor. officials say a mechanical issue caused chemicals used to maintain the pooel to mix in an unintended way,
7:31 am
released. a new photo shows how frighteningly close an air canada jet came to planes on a taxi way at san francisco international airport last month. the pilots mistook the taxi way to a runway next to it and flew within just 59 feet of the ground before a borgt the landing. the jet was so far off course it did not appears on a radar system used to prevent collisions. california firefighters came to the rescue of three people last night who got stuck on a bungee jump attraction. one man was left dangling upside down 30 feet in the air for more than 30 minutes. nobody thankfully was hurt. fire officials say a mechanical failure is to blame for that mishap. >> i don't bungee jump into no, and won't after that. let's move on to another story. this is something to think about as you head out the door this morning, when you drive you buckle up if you're in the front seat, but do you reach for a seat belt wheu
7:32 am
nbc national corresponderesorre gel almaguer has research. >> reporter: the report highlights the dangers to all passengers in the car when someone in the back seat isn't wearing a seat belt. it serves as a warning that no matter where you are sitting in a vehicle, buckling up can be a matter of life or death. caught on camera, low speed accidents with a big impact. this morning a new report reveals passengers in the back seat admit they are much less likely to buckle up than when riding up front, but researchers at the insurance institute for highway safety warn unbelted rear seat passengers not only put their lives at risk, this he also endanger the lives of other passengers. accor t
7:33 am
drivers are twice as likely to be killed in car accidents when the passenger sitting behind them isn't buckled up. >> the unrestrained passenger flies into the back of the front seat pushing the driver forward into the deploying air bag and steering wheel. >> in a survey of more than 1,100 people researchers found four out of five adults who admit to not always using rear seat belts say they almost never wear them in a taxi, uber, lyft or other car services. when asked why, 12% said seat belts were uncomfortable. 10% found them difficult to use. but a quarter perceived the back seat to be safer than the front and believe using a rear seat belt isn't necessary. according to experts, that's a deadly misconception. in 2015 60 minutes correspondent bob simon was killed while riding without a seat belt in the
7:34 am
car service. >> the laws of physics aren't suspended just because you are in the back seat. >> reporter: while the laws of physics may not be enough to persuade rear seat passengers to wear a seat belt, 29 states and the district of columbia have laws requiring it. >> respondents told us they would be more likely to you can aboutel up in the rear seat if they knew that there was a law requiring them to, but technology could also help. >> reporter: audible seat belt reminders have been an effective way to make more front seat passengers buckle up, but very few car manufacturers include them for back seats. the national highway traffic safety administration estimates seat belts save nearly 14,000 lives in 2015. the fix is simple, buckle up no matter where you sit before you hit the road. some might find it surprising that not every state requires passengers in the back seat to buckle up,
7:35 am
police officers to pull you over because someone isn't buckled up in the back seat. experts say new laws would save more lives. back to you guys. >> miguel, thank you very much. i get in a car instantly grab for the seat belt if i'm driving. but i have to consciously tell myself to reach for it if i'm in the back seat. >> just that part of the story that says if you don't do it for yourself in the back seat do it for the driver because your propelling forward could hurt or kill that person. >> al is off. >> yes, and we've got nor storms that are likely through the midwest today, minneapolis seeing some of the heavier rain right now, even just northwest of minneapolis st. paul we have some storms moving through, they are not severe right now, but we do still have lightning with those storms and those are extending through central iowa as well. we are looking at a second round of storms to develop later on this afternoon and that could produce a slight risk of stronger storms from madison and milwaukee, wisconsin, right down into chicago, into peoria, too. large hail and an isolated tornado is possible
7:36 am
damaging wind gusts as well. on friday it will shift mainly across the great lakes, pennsylvania, western maryland, too, and most of iowa. it's all ahead of this front. as you've noticed out ahead of it it's humid, uncomfortable, back behind it it's cooler and dryer. so that's going to be the trigger for some of these storms that we will see, but once this front moves through you will notice a huge drop in humidity and much more seasonal temperatures if not a little bit below average coming into the upcoming weekend. and our weekend will be nice because of that, too. currently it's 73 degrees in the district, sunny skies. the rest of the area right around 70 degrees, 70 dulles, 68 clinton, later today 92 degrees, the hot and humid summerlike day. we do still have the chance for a couple isolated afternoon thunderstorms, so that's going to stay in the forecast today. tomorrow we're dry most of the day, maybe a late night shower or storm, but yourwe
7:37 am
. >> and you can find your forecast anytime on the weather dhanl on cable. >> dylan, thanks so much. just ahead, do you know what's hiding in your computer? >> good morning, i'm jeff rossen. you use your laptop every day for everything, but wait until you see what we found on some personal computers. lots of spy ware. coming up, the tips and how to get rid of it right now.
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of our special series, keeping safe. >> how to protect your self from dangerous computer viruses that could be tracking your every move only. today correspondent jeff rossen here with that story. hey, jeff. >> this affects all of us. we use our computers and laptops every day. so many cases of hackers attacking computers recently. a major breach this week. click one wrong thing and, boom, your computer is affected with a virus, spyware that tracks your every move, even watching you on your webcam. no clue you're infected. don't worry, this morning we're here to keep you safe. showing you how to spot it and then get rid of it. these volunteers are in for a big surprise. >> careful. >> handing over their computers to this reputable company for a free system scan. they think their devices are clean, but not so fast. turns out millions of us are at
7:43 am
risk every day. just this week hbo revealing a new cyber attack, comp ro myselfimysel -- compromising information. spying on users for possibly years. also this year a worldwide cyber attack hitting more than 300,000 computers in 150 countries, threatening to delete people's personal files unless they paid hackers a ransom. would you know if a nasty virus is on your computer right now? we're about to show you everything to keep you safe. to do it we've come here to speed geek. these are the specialists that do inside the computer and tell us what's on there and why. here is the owner. >> most of time people install programs. they don't realize it but they come with other programs that spy on you and hit xt
7:44 am
it. e-mails. >> suddenly they were in the computer and spying and we don't know. >> have no idea. >> so what will our expert find on our volunteers laptops. he gets to work scanning every file. some are totally clean. >> no issues here. >> but not the others. >> this has nasty spyware, very, very bad stuff. >> i see red, what did you find. >> we found spyware on half of the computers you brought us, four out of the eight. >> half? >> yes. they plant themselves in the browser. everything you do through your browser is at risk. >> for the people outside waiting for their computers. >> they have no idea. >> it's creepy. >> exactly, it's very creepy. >> time to break the news to our volunteers. >> do you guys know why we asked you to stay behind? >> no. >> we found tons of malware and
7:45 am
spyware on your computers. >> oh, no. >> you're the only one using it. you're not using it in front of an audience or anything, so you think you're the only person on this computer but i guess we're not. >> they are watching. sally we found viruses on your computer because you clicked on pop-up ads that come up. you know pop-up ads. >> i knew i shouldn't have. >> to know someone has access, looking at it freaks me out a little bit. >> here is the advice, never click on pop-up ads, never open e-mail attachments from people you don't know, and back up all your files on an external drive. the best part is we cleaned all your computers for free. >> thanks. really appreciate it. >> got it. good to go. get out of here and follow the advice. bye, guys. >> see you. >> they were great sports. here is another great tip. always make sure to install software updates on your computer's system. a lot of times updates help protect youro
7:46 am
how do you do that? i have a step by step website right for you on that will walk you through it. >> every time i see a report like this it scares me. >> you buy clothes online and all of a sudden ads pop up. >> not always a thief. sometimes we click on something and we're allowing them to spy on us. >> thanks. the trust about your wine rituals, including why you're probably chilling the wrong kind. >> sheinelle is in the orange room. what do you have? >> good morning. we're going to tell you about one couple's wedding surprise
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all right. we are back and sheinelle is over in the orange room for carson. what do you have this morning? >> good morning. couples we all know put a lot of thought into their wedding guest list. many never think of inviting a president. leave it with liz to go big. her daughter shared this on twitter. my mom sent the obamas a wedding invitation in march and just received this in the mail. i'm hollering. the obamas letter reads, congratulations on your wedding, we hope that your marriage is blessed with love. her tweet went viral. shortly after others shared their own letters from the obama, ray writes, did this when our daughter was born in october. another tweets, i sent them one of my high school graduation announcements and got this a monday later. most of these letters were sent when the obamas were in office. the wedding invite months after he left. looks like there's still tim
7:52 am
invite obamas to the event. somebody is getting the letters and giving them to the obamas and they are responding. >> by the way, we're registered at crate & barrel. coming up, justin bieber speaks out for the first time about his world tour. we're going to hear from him. >> what you can d
7:53 am
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7:56 am
this is a "news 4 today" news break. 7:56 is your time now on this thursday, august 3rd, 2017. good morning to you, i'm eun yang. we want to get right to wtop's jack taylor for a check on your commute in your first 4 traffic. good morning, jack. >> good morning, eun. we had activity, it was big doings in centerville eastbound 66 to go north on 28, this was the end of police activity. at one point the ramp was closed. with he now have traffic getting by on the left side. authorities were taking a suspect into custody on scene. a live look at the ramp right now it is a tough merge. we have delays coming out of gainesville on 66 east towards the scene. baltimore washington parkway southbound before powder mill road everything finally has been put over to the shoulders but the delays crept back toward route 32. we will take a quick break and chaek your forecast next.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning. a warm start to your thursday, hot this afternoon, 92, humid, a few thunderstorms later on developing. tomorrow mostly dry until we go into the evening hours, into your weekend, though, cold front moves through, temperatures in the mid 80s and low humidity. >> thank you. don't forget to donate to our backpack 4 kids drive today in alexandria until noon.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, breakthrough, once a science fiction dream, researchers are now able to edit genes in embryos to remove deadly diseases. >> means that we can control human evolution now. >> are longer lives and designer babies on the horizon? plus, sentencing day. >> now find you guilty. >> the massachusetts teen convicted after encouraging her boyfriend to commit suicide learns her fate today. this morning what the victim's aunt is pushing for. and surprise. the adorable moment a mom and dad reveal the newest member of the family to their two daughters. today thursday, august 3rd
8:01 am
♪ >> okay. on your 38th anniversary you've been to dubai, spain, what's left? >> to be on the "today" show. >> we have a birthday on the plaza. >> i'm marie and i'm 60. >> good morning to you. >> good morning. it's my 65th birthday. >> savannah is not here this morning but we have a special throw back thursday. >> we missed you, savannah, from moberly, missouri. ♪ >> and we are back now on a thursday morning, we thank you for joining us. savannah is on vacation this week, we're hoping to have hoda fill in. are you having fun? >> i'm having fun. that was a funny throw back picture. >> there's a lot happening on this thursday morning. let's get ride to your news at 8:00. president trump hitting the road today after pushing an immigration bill that plays right to his core supporters. >> we have exclusive information about his
8:02 am
war in afghanistan. nbc's white house correspondent kristen welker has it all covered. all covered. good morning. >> prosecute hoda, matt, good morning to you. the president is trying to get back to his base today. he'll travel to west virginia for a campaign style rally this afternoon. it comes on the heels of the president backing a sweeping and controversial new immigration bill. the white house says the proposal sponsored by two conservative republican senators would cut legal immigration by 50% within ten years. officials here say it will create a merit-pacbased system. it faces opposition in congress. limiting agriculture, tourism. to foreign policy, fresh signs the president is growing increasingly frustrated with the strategy in afghanistan. senior administration officials tell nbc news exclusively during a two-hour meeting two weeks ago, the president was fuming, telling his team, we aren't winning, we're losing. over the course
8:03 am
president repeatedly suggested defense secretary fire his top commander, general nicholson who has support from pentagon and national security adviser h.r. mcmaster. president trump not commenting on that. denying he called white house a dump. he said i love out white house, one of the most beautiful helms i've seen. fake news said i called it a dump. totally untrue. matt, back to you. >> kristen, thank you very much. for that, a stunning medical breakthrough also raising concerns about the possible misuse of that technology. for the first time scientists have successfully edited genes in human embryos to erase a mutation that causes a serious form of heart disease. the work was done at oregon science and university in portland. the technique might someday be used for inherited diseases including breast and ovarian cancers. but critics worry it
8:04 am
lead to designer babies with parents choosing favorable traits. however, clinical trials could be decades away and they are currently prohibited under law. sentencing for a massachusetts woman found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for using text messages to push her boyfriend to take his own life. morgan at the courthouse. good morning, how are you? >> good morning. she's spent the last months out on bail but her freedom could end today. a judge ruling she did, in fact, encourage her boyfriend to kill himself. his family is speaking out and they are asking that same judge to throw her the maximum sentence of 20 years pinned bars. today michelle carter could face up to 20 years in prison. >> now find you guilty. >> reporter: her sentencing in a massachusetts court coming after a bombshell ruling found her guilty of involuntary manslaughter for pressuring her
8:05 am
suicide. her father is asking the judge for leniency, probation, and counseling. but roy's aunt is hoping carter receives the maximum penalty writing in a letter to the judge 20 years may seem extreme but it's still 20 more than conrad will ever have. he trusted her, which in turn cost him her life. >> she used conrad as a pawn in her sick game of life and death. >> prosecutors argued she manipulated roy convincing him to end his life, hoping to play the role of a grieving girlfriend. court documents reveal multiple disturbing texts the then 17-year-old sent hours before his death. tonight is the night, she wrote, it's now or never. roy responded, i'm freaking out again, overthinking. carter replied, i thought you wanted to do this. the time is right and you're ready. you just need to do it. on july 13th, 2014, roy drove to this kmart parking lot outside of boston and filled his
8:06 am
with carbon monoxide. at one point he got scared and left the truck but carter later texted a friend saying i told him to get back in mplgt i couldn't have him live that way. i couldn't do it. i wouldn't let him. >> this court finds that instructing mr. roy to get back if the truck constituted wanton and reckless conduct by miss carter. >> reporter: carter's defense attorney argued she tried to help roy who suffered from depression but ultimately gave in by supporting his plan. it's anywhere from probation to 20 years in prison. regardless. regardless of the sentencing outcome her attorneys can appeal the conviction and the sentence. her sentence begins today at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. in the meantime we're expected her to read that letter out loud, roy's aunt in court, along with other members of their family. in the end a judge alone will decide carter's fate. >> a disturbing this
8:07 am
officers in massachusetts are being treated for carbon monoxide exposure and officials fear the cause might be linked to their modified ford explorer vehicles. nbc's stephanie gosk is in auburn, massachusetts with more on this. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. now four police officers from this department had to be hospitalized for elevated levels of carbon monoxide. here at police headquarters they are not taking any chances, they have already installed carbon monoxide detectors in all of their vehicles. in morning growing concern across the country that dangerous carbon monoxide fumes may be poisoning police officers who drive certain ford explorers modified as police cruisers. last night two more officers with the auburn, massachusetts, police department were hospitalized after they tested positive for the dangerous gas. one of the officers driving this 2017 modified explorer wednesday morning was rushed to the hospital after
8:08 am
>> it's very scary. we hadn't had any issues until today. we hadn't had anyone experience any signs or symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. >> reporter: the police chief immediately ordered all department vehicles tested. all ten of the department's explorers showed elevated levels of carbon monoxide and are now out of service. last week the police department in austin, texas, pulled nearly 400 modified explorers off the road after its officers started getting sick in march. similar incidents have been reported in louisiana and california where a police officer crashed his explorer into a tree, claiming he passed out when carbon monoxide leaked into his vehicle. ford issued a statement writing in part, safety is our top priority and we are concerned for all those involved. the auto maker believes the problem may be caused when the explorers are modified by police departments to add special equipment like extra lighting and police radios, but the holes aren't p
8:09 am
ford says it has a team in auburn to inspect their vehicles and the modifications made to them, adding that in the auburn cases it's premature to draw conclusions and more investigating is required based on initial carbon monoxide level. 15 times lower ford says than when most people feel effects. >> we have not found elevated levels of carbon monoxide in any ford explorer. >> but now citing more than 2,700 complaints federal regulators recently expanded their investigation into all 2011 to 2017 ford explorers, including civilian models. ford says it will work with police departments to make sure their vehicles are safe and cover the costs. meanwhile, the website here for the auburn police department is recommending that other departments around the country check their vehicles and consider getting those detectors. nice, back to you. >> that's a good idea. thank you very much. do you know what time it is? >> what time is it? >> time for your morning boost. >> i love this time of
8:10 am
a couple in texas posted this video on facebook and it shows what happens when they surprise their daughters with their new adopted baby sister. keep in mind, you guys, the girls had no idea that their family was about to get any bigger. take a look. >> reagan, harper. >> what are y'all doing? >> are you kidding me? >> what is that? >> it's your new baby sister. >> don't cry. >> are you excited? you're going to make me cry. >> by the way -- i know, kleenexs. casey and shane also have two boys. what happened was the final part of the adoption process happened so quickly so they decided why not make it a surprise. they say their daughters' reaction made them feel blessed as parents. do you not want to -- here, one for you and one for me. by the way, if you guys have an
8:11 am
idea for our morning boost share it on i feel that we have a good one for for tomorrow. >> already. that's great. we have a lot more to come on a thursday morning including how you can use your credit cards to make money. this is all about having a strategy with those cards. >> also ahead, why chances are you're drinking wine the wrong way. >> and then fashion hints and misses, miley cyrus reveals her favorite and least favorite outfits. and katie lee will take you inside her home kitchen, she will share a dessert recipe from a family favorite. all of that is coming up after this.
8:12 am
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on tuesday afternoon, linda discovered the chex mix™ combination of one corn chex, one rye chip, and two pretzel pieces. then she won $27,000 on scratchers. coincidence? yes, but now she calls it money mix and we're okay with that. pick your mix with chex mix™.
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"how could there possibly be this many blues?"alize, don't worry, at lowe's we guarantee you'll always love your paint or we'll replace it. get paint and primer now starting at only $17.98 and save an extra 5% with your lowe's advantage card. ♪ ♪ ♪ welcome back, everybody. are you guys ready to trend? >> you chose the subject. >> i chose the subject. jbh is with
8:15 am
this is not wines day wednesday but i was going to make it work anyway. thirsty thursday. we all like to drink wine at the table. rules for wine, fact and fiction. paddles in front of us. true or false. commonplace wine rituals, tell us whether true or false. the shape of the glass affects the taste. true or false. >> true. >> you say true? >> i say false. >> i say true. >> you've got the answers. >> i shouldn't do it because i do know the answers. so the answer is definitely true because there are reasons i don't want to bother getting into. >> more air, the wine gets swirled around more. >> speaking of swirling. here we go. here we go. swirling and slurping your wine enhances flavor. >> sounds silly. >> makes you look fancy but true. >> helps to warm up the wine if it's red wine. >> swirling o
8:16 am
>> and slurping. slurping adds the oxygen. >> can we hear a slurp, please? that's cold. next one, serve red wine at room temp and white wine cold. >> i always thought that's true. >> i like cold red wine. >> slightly chilled. >> the best flavor, can chill both red and white. >> as it warms up it changes its flavor. >> that's exactly right. all right. rea ready. so red wines with meat and white wines with fish. true or false? >> personal taste. >> it's false. you know what it is? it's about the sauce that goes on the food, for the the fish itself. lastly expensive wine is better than cheap?
8:17 am
it depends. you can screw the top off and it can be delicious. >> what about out of a box? that's how i like my wine. >> she wears one of those packs. >> by the way, did we do this just so we could have wine. >> welcome to my world. >> pop start now? >> let's do it. >> first up, justin bieber the singer has finally spoken out about the recent canceling of his world tour. bieber had a few more scheduled concerts when he made the sudden decision not to continue. yesterday he released a statement on instagram explaining the reason for canceling the tour. he said i'm so grateful for the adjournw with all of you. i'm grateful for the tours but most of all i'm gritful to go through this life of you. i have let my insecurities get the best of me let bitterness and fear run my life. he said i want to be sustainable, i want my career to be sustainable but i also want my mind, heart, and soul sustainable so i can be the man ian
8:18 am
bieber said he doesn't expect everyone to understand but wanted to share where he's coming from. we suddenly wish him the best. miley cyrus making headlines in a new interview with cosmopolitan magazine. the singer opened up about lessons through the years. one of those lessons, her parents marriage. nothing stays the same, grow and evolve and celebrate your love's journey. she says pretty much anything from 2008 to 2013. she says the grammys -- >> she looks great there. >> i think she looks beautiful. >> and we can all relate to fashion, you know, issues. >> that's your pop start. >> are you ready for your daly
8:19 am
click? >> i like this one. >> do you know what i like about sheinelle, she just goes through them on her own. >> it's perfect. >> i love beyoncé, when this toddler gets upset there's only one person who can lift her spirits. take a look. ♪ >> oh, my gosh. ♪ ♪ >> that's so cute. >> that's my child. >> omg. >> 21 months old, but she already has love for her queen bee. future backup dancer, right. watch, when it comes on, look. >> okay. all day long. >> beyoncé's youngest fan right there. >> isn't that cute? i love it. >> it's good. >> top that is correct dylan. >> i've got nothing. okay. anybody want to talk about the weather? >> sure. >> we do have a cold front that's moving through the midwest and it is going to cool
8:20 am
degrees. we will be seeing temperatures about 20 degrees below average in some areas, pierre, south dakota, 73 degrees for a high today, minneapolis 68, that's 15 degrees below average. that cooler air settles into chicago and st. louis on friday, st. louis not even hitting 80 degrees, chicago not even hitting 70 degrees. we are going to notice temperatures moderate a bit as we go into the weekend but it is still going to be below average. knoxville 86 on sunday, new york city beautiful weekend especially sunday with low humidity, monday, though, temperatures only 77 degrees. not what you would expect for the beginning of august. we do have some storms with that front as it moves eastward and does start to cool things off. best chance of severe storms in and around the chicago area, most of iowa, in through the rest of illinois, too. large hail, damaging winds, with he could an isolated tornado possible, too. good morning, currently we are in the mid 70s, sunny skies right now, later on today
8:21 am
back into the low 90s for the area. we are at 72 dulles, 71 gaithersburg, quantico 76 degrees. pool forecast for today, it will be a good day to pit the pool, by 2:00 p.m. 90 degrees, an isolated storm chance. if you will be out and about keep an eye to the sky for stray storms developing. cooler and dryer into the weekend, temperatures in the mid 80s. >> if you're heading out the door don't forget to check us out on our sirius xm channel 108. >> dylan, thanks very much. a question that probably has a simple answer, who you would you like to have more money in your pocket? consumer reports compared 83 different credit card rewards programs and they came up with the best combination and that's a keyboard to help you earn cash back as you spend. cnbc's landon dowdy is here with a closer look. good to see you. >> good morning. >> this is important for a lot of people. with he all have these cards but a lot of us don't have for lack of a better word a strat. he in terms of using them. >> you need that in terms o
8:22 am
financial aspects but especially when it comes to credit cards. you have to know your spending and what you're spending on. we're going doing through some kretsds and see what dem traffic you fall under. >> before we get to the information and it's a little bit dense, is there one consumer beware in this? beware in this? >> there post definitely is. when it comes to cash back cards, everybody likes them and cold hard cash, if you're not paying your balance off in full, it's no good. they have high interest rates and annual fees so you have to pay the balance in full. >> i'll say ahead, a lot of information on the website, a lot to digest in a short period of time. consumer reports looked at 83 cashback cards. let's start with different categories. let's start with families. >> as a family you're spending a lot on groceries, gas, department stores. amex is great for that because you get 6% cash back on the groceries you spend, 3% cash back on the department stores
8:23 am
out at $6,000 annually. once you cap out, the best thing to do is switch to this card to maximize cash back. that's citi unlimited 2% cash back. >> that's for families. >> family. >> all about spending habits. what about retired couples? >> they kind of have the same spending, gas, groceries, it's the same. they get a little bit less so a little bit less. >> different cards or the same cards? >> same cards work there. >> let's go to single females. what i found interesting here, the next two categories, gender matters? >> it does matter. we spend differently. think about it. i'm probably going to spend more on clothing than you are. >> maybe not. talk about single females. >> single females, they are spending on clothing, entertainment. the great one for that is hsbc card. you're going to get two foints for every dollar you spend, concerts, movies. the rest you want
8:24 am
penfed card. it's specific. it's for government employees or if you've been in the military. we all don't fall in the category. the other thing would be, go back to the citi card to get unlimit 2nd%. >> single men. what's a good cash back for buying beer? >> funny enough, the thing men spend most on is like gas versus women was entertainment. the thing is you want to maximize a card that focuses on gas. that's going to be this wells fargo card. you're going to get three points for every dollar you spend. that's why you want to max that out. back to penfed, if you don't fall you said that category go back to the citi. credit union, not everybody falls under that one. >> last category, small business. this affects a lot of people. >> you don't have to have a brick and mortar store, this can be home etsy business. for that you're spend
8:25 am
things like that. chase business card, 5% cash back up to $25,000. but the rest of your spending, the best thing you want to do is capital one spark visa and it's going to give you 2% cash back unlimited. all this after three years you would save about $2500. >> again, there are people at home right now saying, wait a minute. >> so many numbers. >> we'll make sure we put this on the website so you can go back and look at it at the he said of the day. >> but you have to pay off your ba coming up, the recipe for a perfect summer dessert from our good friend katie lee, but first on a thursday morning, your local news and weather. y mornin local news and weather.
8:26 am
this is a "news 4 today" news break. morning, everybody, i'm erika gonzalez. we are live in kings town this morning for backpacks 4 kids. it's already time for our kids to get back to school and we want to make sure that they get off to a wonderful start so we are trying to support the kids that need a little extra boost, right? this is what we've got so far, we're doing good, we can do a lot better. hi, mom, how are you? thank you so much. we appreciate you coming out. this one is full. hi, buddy, thank you so much. you guys have a wonderful day. thanks for coming out here. that's what we need for you to do, come by here, bring a new backpack with school supplies and make a donation. we want to say thank you to
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we're back now 8:30 on this thursday morning. it's the third day of august, 2017. by the way, look up and you will see not a cloud in the sky here in new york city. it's a beautiful day. actually there's a big cloud over there. >> what's happening here, dylan. >> thanks for keeping me honest. by the way, >> by the way, this time tomorrow, do you like this crowd? >> yes. >> this plaza will be filled with country music fans.
8:31 am
we've got brad paisley live on the plaza. on his set list, by the way, is the song that you voted for, so be sure to listen in for that. >> that is going to be a fantastic concert. so now it's that time, where we get to find somebody on the plaza who we are going to single out out of this entire group. who is it going to be? all right. i might need the assist of our crew, we've got a couple of bucket list things here in a row. we have three different bucket lists, a texas teacher, she says she must have a selfie with matt lau lauer. matt, you're needed. what's your name? >> sandra. >> we might have just done this. here we go. >> all right. check. >> check. this one, 38 year bucket list, visit dubai, visit spain, visit new york, be on the "today" show. will you guys wave because you're on. it's happening. we are going to check that out. and things to be five five a host. dylan, sheinelle, we need some high-fives down here. >>
8:32 am
>> there you go. and check and check. all right. you guys, we got it. >> hoda kotb once again bringing good things to people. >> dylan, what's coming up? >> coming up olympic gold medalist gabby douglas opens up to jenna about her future during a special tour of a new office space here in manhattan that's getting a lot of attention. and do you need a due dessert to try? katie lee is here to share her grandmother's recipe for a jump shoes dessert. >> let's get a check of the weather. >> do you want to talk about the clouds? if you look left it's fantastic but we do have a chance of some storms in the northeast today, in the south we're seeing the rain falling right now, heavy rain through new orleans right over into pensacola, florida, that's going to be an area where we will see the chance of real heavy rain today, this stalled front will be the trigger for these storms, we will see a lot of moisture streaming from
8:33 am
so this afternoon and again tomorrow afternoon we will see heavy downpours with rainfall up to about 3 to 6 inches or more in some spots, especially across the panhandle of florida. then as we look across the rest of the country we are going to see pretty nice weather back through the northern plains with lower humidity and temperatures comfortable in the 70s, but it is very, very hot with more record high temperatures likely in the pacific northwest today. that's a look at the weather across the country, here is a peek out your window. >> good thursday morning. we have dry conditions right now on radar, no isolated storms expected until the afternoon hours today. 74 right now washington, most of the area in the mid to low 70s, if you are off near the shenandoah valley and the higher elevations we are in the mid 60s right now. 92 for a daytime high, hot and humid, isolated afternoon storms possible. tomorrow we're dry most of the day with a chance for a late evening shower. that's a cold front moving through, so for the weekend lower humidity, temperatures in the mid 80s.
8:34 am
anytime you can always check it out on the weather channel on cable. hoda. >> all right. dylan, thank you so much. a new consumer reports study out this morning shows that more than half of all americans take prescription medications on a regular basis. that puts the u.s. at the top of the list worldwide, but in some cases all medication can -- some can do more harm than good. nbc's medical contributor dr. natalie azar is here with important info. atalie azar with >> hi, hoda. >> it's startling, we seem to take medicine for everything. >> we overprescribe. according to cdc in 2014, 1.3 million visits to the emergency room because of adverse effects from drugs. we're going to help you. >> first things first, you should kind of clean out what you've got already. give your drugs a checkup. >> i love this idea, you go to see your doctor once a year, bring your medicines with you. take everything out of the medicine cabinet, throw it
8:35 am
find out if what you're taking is okay. what happens a lot is people are taking prescription medications, over the counter medicines and supplements not realizing those could have interactions. a lot of people end up taking more than one drug for the same indication. >> not realizing it. >> a lot of people, this happens quite obvious, people keep on taking medicine month after month, year after year without anybody saying, hey, let's stop and check if you really need this. >> mixing medicines is something people do. sometimes you take something because it cures your symptoms and you get side effects and you take something else for that. >> absolutely. there's two issues there. you mentioned that exactly perfectly. take you a medicine prescribed for one indication. you have a side effect from that medication and then you end up taking something else. that's poly pharmacy, we don't want to do that. another issue, you might be taking two different medicines for two different things completely and they can have serious interaction. perfect example, a blood thinner, it is lifesaving. if you
8:36 am
anti-inflammatory, cy increase your risk of bleeding. those kind of drug drug interactions need to be reviewed. your pharmacist is one of your best friends for that. >> let's see what we have coming up next. this is one of those things when you look on one of your drug things that says expires, should you toss it? >> here is the thing. the expiration date is the last date which fda and pharmaceutical company can guarantee a drug is safe and effective. now, this is the pearl i think everybody should take home. for lifesaving drugs, epipen, nitro nitroglycerin, things like that, better to not let your drug expire. we've had a lot of research studies that show a lot of drugs end up potent after expiration date. i say if you're in an emergency situation, you take it when you call 911. but again, for lifesaving medicines, better to not let them expire. routine other things. >> over the
8:37 am
>> might be effective. >> be careful giving your children a dose. >> this is important. i know parents will know this. you're giving your child medicine. you use it in a cup, measuring like this, not 100% sure if the dosing is accurate. according to some studies syringes are more accurate than cup for smaller volumes. another nice thing that is a take home for parents, people with my daughter, tylenol, advil for migraines, write it down so you can communicate with caregivers. >> how to get rid of meds when you're done with them. >> this is very, very important. really important to seal these things. put it in kitty litter, dirt, make it unappealing for somebody especially if you're getting rid of narcotic medicines. >> throw it in the trash. >> throw it in the trash but seal it well. again, for storing, cool, dry places, not in the bathroom, not over the stove. >> doctor's a ar, you're a busy woman today. thank you.
8:38 am
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we are back at 8:40. new york city headquarters is the talk of the time and getting gold medal attention. >> jenna her took a tour of this incredible space with gabby douglas. >> not too shabby. a massive office space in the middle of the big apple architecture magazine called it stunning. after reading about it, i had to see it for myself. come on, gabby douglas was the perfect guide. a game changing office space. nike, based in oregon, unveiling new east coast home. nearly 150,000 square feet spanning six floors of a tower in midtown manhattan. we just scored the ultimate tour guide. >> it's a gabby gold. >> nike athlete and three-time olympic
8:41 am
douglas. >> hi, how are you? >> it's been so long. >> i know. >> shall we? >> as soon as you enter the building, it's game on. >> you are an athlete but this tunnel is supposed to make everybody walking in feel like an athlete. >> this is the vibe. it's dark and you walk up and it's bright. you enter, this is what it is, i'm ready to go. let's get some merchandise. >> i don't know what you're ready to do but i'm ready to box, or do gymnastics. >> i'm ready to shoot some hoops. >> lucky for us in the office a 4,000 square foot basketball court that can hold a crowd of more than 400 and two girls who can clearly use some practice. >> i love you can come and clear your head. >> anybody can come here and play whenever they want? >> almost. almost. >> keep going. >> this is what an
8:42 am
keeps going. >> we balance each other out. >> after a good workout, we needed a little pick me up. >> now we're at the food truck. >> no big deal, food truck. >> new york vibes, artwork. >> this the thing, though, of course it's healthy. i kind of wish there was a doughnut. >> also in the new space, a replica of the van where nike's founder first sold sneakers back in the company's early days. >> so people have meetings in here. >> sure. >> meetings. >> we can discuss our game plan. we can discuss our game plan or -- >> or -- >> we could play tick-tack-toe. >> this the closest thing you'll find to an office or cubicle. it nike decided to do away with the traditional work space. >> so there's no desk per se. nobody has an assigned space. >> no assigned seating. it will just flow and work throughout the space creatively depending on what project we might be
8:43 am
open to olympics. >> speaking of olympics, i couldn't leave my tour guide without asking about tokyo 2020. >> maybe no olympic basketball in our future but maybe gymnastics? >> we'll see. i'm enjoying my time off with family, different activities. >> we'll see. never know what the future holds. >> exactly. >> as our day came toen a end, we had to see the crown jewel of the headquarters, the rooftop terrace. >> this is my favorite part. >> a rooftop. new york city. >> take in the heart of the city. >> awesome. thank you for the tour. >> thank you so much for joining me. >> isn't that cool? that's a great shot. >> i know. not too shabby. by the way, check out today's facebook page for virtual reality experience from nike's facility. >> when you walk in, you can put your stuff in
8:44 am
>> like an athlete, which i never was one. this the new way people are going to work. >> did you get a basket? >> no. again, i wasn't an athlete but i do think it's a really great place to work. >> thanks, guys. up next katie lee takes us into her home and shares a family favorite recipe. first this is "today" on nbc. shawn evans: it's 6 am. 40 million americans are waking up to a gillette shave. and at our factory in boston,
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8:46 am
we're back with our ongoing series today's family kitchen where we take you inside the home kitchens of some of the country's most celebrated chefs. this morning we take take trip tout to long island to visit our good friend katie lee. >> i think i have the best job in the world. i basically get to cook and eat for a living. it's a pretty good gig. >> for over a decade, katie lee has been at the top of the
8:47 am
simple straightforward approach to food, she's cooked up two tv shows, three cookbooks, and frequent visits to "today." >> our good friend katie lee is here with prime rib. >> yes. >> that anyone can make. >> i kind of pinch myself because i love to tell that 16-year-old girl who is standing outside that one day she would be on the show. it's pretty cool. >> her journey from small town girl to celebrity chef was written in the stars. >> i moved up here to long island and i started working in a fish market. i started a website about food and it just kind of snowballed. i was married to a rock star, so that certainly helped me get my foot in the door. >> katie grew up in milton, west virginia, a town of just over 2,000 people where cooking wasn't just a hobby, it was a way of life. >> i owe my whole career and passion for cooking to my grandmother. she is the best cook there ever
8:48 am
garden. we were always eating whatever was coming out of the garden. my grandma taught me if you had the best ingredients, you really dependent need to do much to them. >> almost every day you can find her shopping at the green thumb market, a local favorite. >> i love this place. >> it's my very favorite spot. >> that's where i met up with her for a lesson in everything farm fresh. >> i want you to get some corn. get about six ears of corn for me. >> got it. >> i'm going to get some radishes. >> you go by the rule where partially shuck. >> i pull it apart. people get mad at me. just to see the top to make sure they are good. look at this. they are perfect. all right. a little parsley for my mussels. it's doing to be so good in th broth. these are obvio i right now. it's a
8:49 am
it's so easy to eat healthy in the summer. >> when you eat like that, do you pay for them later, say, by the way, i had two sugar snap peas. >> these are great. >> so are these. >> no pressure but who is a better customer? good to see you. we'll see you soon. >> time for the mussels. >> with her market gems katie serves farm to table feast for some close friends. >> hi, the party is here. >> my family doesn't live around me, so i created this group of friends that are like my family. everybody comes ready to eat and ready to drink. >> here we go. mussels. >> my favorite. >> they smell amazing. >> my favorite part of cooking for people is the feeling that it creates when everyone is eating together. the laughter that happens, the
8:50 am
conversations. >> want some snap peas? everybody ready for desert? >> yeah. >> the summer sun, a table shared with friends, and memories to last a lifetime. >> to summer and friendship. >> cheers. >> katie is here now to show us how to make a great desert. just one question, why was i invited for the shopping part and not the food and eating part. >> well, you know, it's all girls but i'm going to feed you this morning. i'm making my great-grandmother pearl's angel food cake. >> with peaches and cream. not to be funny, this is a very popular restaurant in milton, west virginia. i'm sorry, recipe. >> my great-grandmother used to enter this cake into all kinds of contest. she won her stand mixer, stove, washer drier, everything with this cake. >> that's cool. >> it's a family recipe we've had for generations. it's really simple. eggs, creamf
8:51 am
cream, vanilla extract, almond extract. let's start with eggs. do you know how to separate an egg? >> i don't. do you want to show me. >> it's easy. i like to do these one at a time. if you get any egg yolk in this it won't work. you can have no fat for this to work. do back and forth and add it one at a time. >> a little time consuming but important. >> take your time. if you mess up one, looks like i got a little yoke in this one, save it for breakfast tomorrow. beat these until they are foamy and then add in cream of tarter. it's an acid, this is essentially a meringue you add a little flour. sugar when it comes to a stiff peak. >> let's pretend we've done it already. >> it's doing to be like this when it's do
8:52 am
you're going to take vanilla extract and fold this in. gentle. use a spatula. really dpentel with it. nice gentle fold. almond extract which gives nice flavor. >> we're running out of time. >> slowly cake flour. it goes into an angel food cake pan. take a knife through it to get rid of any air bubbles. after it bakes. >> how long does it bake. >> 325, 20 minutes, up to 350 for another 30 minutes. i put it onto a wine bottle and this helps it cool completely. >> circulates the air. >> don't grease the pan. this is a cake you don't grease the pan. peaches and whipped cream. >> take that, matt. >> it's so yummy. >> do you like it? >> yummy. >> i love the peaches this time of year. that's what tastes like summer to me. a peach. >> so springy. >> hoda likes the recipe because she gets to drink the win
8:53 am
use the empty beadles. katie le >> fun shopping with you out where we both live. get this recipe and a 360 degree virtual tour of katie's home kitchen at we are back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. back in a moment. this is oday" on nbc. "t
8:54 am
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8:55 am
welcome back, everybody. dylan, you've got a check of the birthdays. >> we ate the cake before we celebrated. >> exactly. >> let's spin around those smucker's jars and see who we're celebrating today. first up, happy 103rd birthday to dr. joe moore of boulder, colorado. throughout his career he delivered more than 2,000 babies. vivian dee stefano is 105 years old, a world travelers from long branch, natalie morales. she says the secret to longevity is eating pasta every sunday night. happy 100th birthday to theresa alon alonso. you will find her dancing the night away. mr. lloyd henry of odell, illinois, is celebrating 101 years. he served in the air force for 30 years and retired as a chief master sergeant and we thank you for your service. and look who we have here, happy 108th birthday to ethel ford of ft. davis, alabama. she says the secret a
8:56 am
cream. happy 75th anniversary to wilder and dorothy lindsey, these love boards are from louisiana. together they have eight grandkids and 14 great grandkids. >> wow. my goodness. >> a busy day ahead. you will take the reins of that. this is a "news 4 today" news break. 8:56 is your time on this thursday, august 3rd, 2017. good morning to you, i'm eun yang. we want to get a check on your morning commute with wtop's jack taylor. good morning. >> good morning. our late trouble will be in fairfax 66 eastbound at route 50. still have two left lanes blocked, a lot of fluid down on the roadway, they have cleanup still to do, two r
8:57 am
before the fairfax county parkway, our lanes are finally open southbound on the baltimore washington parkway, the early activity before powder mill was cleared and the delays are starting to ease nicely. >> jack, thank you. we will take a quick break now and check your forecast next.
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning. 77 degrees now, but we still have that nice sunshine out there, we're going to keep this for most of the day today, then we have an isolated storm chance later this afternoon. part of the area could see a couple thunderstorms flaring up, otherwise 92 for a high, hot and humid tomorrow, much of the same, but more of tomorrow will be dry until later tomorrow evening, over the weekend, though, we're sunny, dry, mid 80s. eun. >> thank you, sheena. get the latest news and weather anytime in the nbc washington app. we'll see you in 25 minutes.
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," the hollywood putin baring it all in a magazine cover. don't miss the big reveal. surprising food hacks that will change your life. plus the star of the americans, who hails from wales, matthew reese, coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take," live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. welcome to this thursday morning august 3rd, 2017. you're listening to aftershock. al was on assignment. last night he was on a flight and then i don't know what happened. >> so many flights were canceled out of new york, spoke
9:01 am
shoot, then at like 4:30 he said, i'm on two different flights, they are both canceled. i'm doing to be on strapped by just in case. >> by the way, when i got that e-mail as well, i was flying from chicago. all of the flights were canceled besides mine. i landed at 1:00 a.m. >> rerouted through toronto. >> yes. >> doing the wrong direction. >> it was not a fun night at the airport. >> you made it. >> i'm here with y'all. al. >> wait a minute. that means you were probably out celebrating your birthday thinking you were going to party all night. >> good they think is out all night celebrating my birthday means having a few drinks at 1:00 in the afternoon. when i got the e-mail is like, i'll be asleep at 8:00 anyway. >> special grandma kind of year. >> the deals we get in a restaurant all the time. >> with kids you do that, before kids, i like a
9:02 am
on and sit on the couch. >> i missed baby calvin. >> it was a surprise. >> what time did this happen? >> the 9:00 show. >> i know. what exactly, where was it? >> 9:14. >> thank you for including me. >> where were you? >> i was not here. >> you were in chicago. >> i was here in the morning but i left. >> this is like my go to surprise face. >> is that his go to surprise face. >> the fact you can happened him off to anyone and he's as happy as can be, clearly in the arms of superman, he's dressed up as superman, he's doing fine. >> does he own that? >> no, somebody in wardrobe. thank you so much for getting that. >> does he like the camera or what? >> i kept him tin the outfit th rest of the day. the cape was my favorite. >> thank you to everyone who mid that happen. m
9:03 am
>> happy birthday a day late. >> thank you. >> a golden moment. >> what's going on with you? >> bra came to work yesterday, which was so much fun. >> i didn't get to see her. >> do you always call her sissy? >> we call each other sissy, one name, two sisters. she came to work and she thought it was so hilarious. we were walking down the plaza. first of all she was taking pictures of us in the sleeping bag. this your work? i know, it's really important. then she goes -- i was like, hi, y'all, this is my sister. to people on the plaza. she's like, that man is just heading to work. >> they don't know who you are. >> he's just going to your cubicle and saying why is this woman talking to me. it was fun because we announced our tour. sisters first. we're headed to all those places. those are my sisters.
9:04 am
sisters. >> there's the hope tour. >> maybe y'all can come. >> sisters. >> what do you do on a book tour? >> we read from the book. we meet people. hopefully friends and sisters. men are allowed, too, will come out. it's national sister day on sunday. we announced it. we're just excited. i hope we stay friends. it will ab long tour. >> i'm sure you will. sunday? that means on instagram and social media, everywhere else, get out your pictures. >> i already know. >> the picture? >> yes. >> sissy. >> sisters first. >> we were sitting in the morning meeting, you saw that pick. it's the highlight of our day half the time, that morning meeting. if only we got out the camera at the morning meeting. we're talking about the new movie coming out, have you heard about it? it's called spanx on a plane. >> have you heard about it? >> i've heard
9:05 am
>> it stars me. >> did we really get a graphic? >> this is what happened. >> remember when i supported you earlier? >> thanks for that. >> spanks support you. >> they do hold me in in all the right spots. yesterday after barbara and i did our little thing. >> this the plot of the movie. >> you know what, you can be the flight attendant if you want. >> here is the thing, i'm the flight attendant in the movie, i see jenna bush hager getting on my flight. she goes on behind me, smiles, nods. all of a sudden i see her dress tucked in her spanx. you see spanx and dress. >> biopic. it's a true story. >> the best part is what the woman said to you and your response. >> excuse me, i think your dress is messed up. >> the first woman that took my tickets said, ma'am, your dress is tucked in. i felt back, there was a lace detail, that's my dress. i was like, no, ma'am, that's the way it was
9:06 am
first woman. i'm thinking to myself, i can't believe she thought -- i walk onto the plane. the second woman said, hi, you have your dress tucked into your underwear. that loud, too. there was like a man that looked up from his paper. i was like, no. i felt it, one person shame on them. two person, shame on me. my dress was tucked fully spoke my spanx. it really is a new movie you're going to make a lot of money on. >> how many minutes was this happening for? >> spanx on a plane. i'm sure other people have tucked this dresses. this is the thing we found out this morning, your preference for underwear. >> do you know why i'm bringing it up? you just sold me out. >> what are you talking about? we had a graphic. the graphics department. >> we might have a
9:07 am
for sheinelle. >> here is the thing. >> spanx on a plane. >> i was going to say, we'll make it a happy moment. most women you know if you're walking and you see a woman whose shirt is tucked in her spanx, i'm always the girl that says, your spanx is tucked in. but for 30 minutes you were walking around and no one said anything. >> a lot were men commuters. i'm sure they found it frightening. the spanx frightened them. >> a lot of people thought you had bicycle shorts on. >> when i put my first spanx on for the first time, harry was like what is that? i said they are new things called spanx. he said, i never want to see a spanx again. you like a full body. >> full disclosure, yes. does anybody in america care about that, no. but i like full coverage.
9:08 am
about my spanx. >> the graphic on the plane. >> in her mind the light bolt went off when she's like spanx on a plane. she came up with this game that probably existed before. >>thankfully there was a hashtag. >> just like eat clean in 2017. >> which i'm going to start tomorrow. >> move on. >> in the eighth month of 2017. >> there's always time. >> as we ate a muffin today and tammy our executive producer doesn't eat carbs very much. the way she looked at us when we ate the first bite of the muffin that was delicious. thank you, erin, our producer made them for us. they were home made. as we bit into it she was like, can we have a drink sometime. i told her she cannot come with us. >> where is the picture? >> doughnut. >> really nice. moving on. >> are we doing
9:09 am
confident shals. >> y-- confidentials. >> yes. food hacks. this is supposed to change the way you cook and eat. >> let's do the first one. >> i really love these. first things first, chocolate chip cookies. put them in a plastic bag with a piece of bread. >> does it have to be white bread or any bread. >> any bread you want. >> it keeps the cookies moisture. >> maybe not these cookies but homemade cookies. >> really? >> it sucks the moisture out. >> can i do this one? this is an avocado. >> thanks. >> you're welcome. you look for the stem. if you pull the stem out. isn't it if it's green. >> no, the inside. >> if the inside is green. >> who showed it? >> if it looks green. >> does that count? >> that one looks brown. >> you know wha
9:10 am
do, just peel the avocado. that's what we do in texas. just touch it. >> if it pops out. >> if it's green -- if it pops out it's ripe. >> not about the color. >> both. >> that doesn't look good. it feels good. feel it. soft. >> if it pops out and green. this popped out. >> grocery store, popping the tops off. >> i don't think you should do that. i think touch it. >> this one is my favorite because i like to eat sliced ams so i don't get lipstick all over it. i used to bring a huge knife with me. >> roll it up. >> like a giant butchers knife. >> i'm scared. >> here is the tip. you slice your apple first, wrap the rubber band around it. you take off the rubber band and it's sliced but not brown. >> brownish. >> this particular apple is. >> lokids lunches,
9:11 am
>> don't actually. >> pour it like this. >> what you should do is pour it like this. >> bizarre. >> i'm not a good pourer and that's a beautiful, clean pour. >> did you shake that first? >> it has no pulp. >> there's stuff. >> pulp. one other thing. >> i have a mosquito bite on my ankle and i can't stop scratching it. i'm sorry. >> i like this one. you put hot water in a coffee mug and then you pour -- or just microwave it, which is what jerry does for matt lauer and us, gives it in a cold cup. you pour your coffee and it keeps it warm. >> that's good. >> that was good. >> up next, a hollywood beauty like you've never seen her before. find out which star went au natural on a magazine cover. [ dog whimpers ] man: let's go!
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9:15 am
>> that whole first chat. >> can they see it? can you look? >> what they need to see -- >> do you see my foot? >> he went in. >> there and there. >> you think this is a luxurious place to work, but not always. >> there's also mice under our -- >> that is true. >> we are not allowed to say that? >> i don't think so. >> we can't tell the truth around here. okay. >> joseph goes, nope, you can't. >> i want to tell you about this a lister -- >> i killed the mosquito. >> she killed it on her leg. >> i tried to get you some anti-itch medicine but there was nothing to be found. >> do you know who doesn't need spanx on a plane? this is an a lister bearing it all at the age of 45. who do you think it is? >> time is up. sofia vergara. >> she looks amazing. >> how old is she? >> 45. >> she posed on the cover of women's health magazine and acknowledges that people s
9:16 am
she has noticed a difference in her skin. i have not. >> clearly not. >> she said she never thought about the word pore but know she says what do i do with these. all i say is she keeps doing what she's doing. >> not that she doesn't work for t but sometimes it's genetics. sometimes people have very good skin. >> that looks genetic. >> my mom has beautiful skin. some people -- >> you have beautiful skin. >> but hers is like -- >> so is yours. >> okay. thanks. you know what i mean. sometimes i think it's genetic. >> it definitely is. >> i'm sure there's genes involved. >> you know what i mean. >> do you know what i think we should do just to end this, do the weather. >> i'm allergic to mosquitos. it's going to swell up big. >> pure luck, like that guy in pure luck, your face is going to swell up. >> no, not that. >> can we get to the weather, please. >> let's take a look at the excessive heat out west where we have heat advisories and heat warnings up and down the west
9:17 am
washington through oregon down into california as well. this ridge in the jet stream allowing those big temperatures to pour on in. >> that looks like your leg. >> it does. we are looking at highs 20 degrees above average. portland the old record is 99 today, we're forecasting a high of 104. in eugene, oregon, 100 is the record and we are forecasting a high of 105. we will cool off a couple degrees going into the weekend but not much relief, highs still staying well up into the 90s. good morning. temperatures in the 70s, about the mid to upper 70s now, but we will quickly be heating up as we go through the afternoon again. if you're heading to the pool it is going to be a good day, you definitely want to be in the water or in the shade. sunblock also out there by noon, near 90 degrees, 2:00 p.m. we are still in about the low 90s as well as 4:00 p.m. topping out around 92. keep an eye to the sky, we have an isolated storm chance later tod
9:18 am
we're cooler for the weekend with lower humidity and mid 80s. >> and that's your late st forecast. coming up next, watermelon pizza? sounds strange but you don't believe how good it is. five juicy ideas for your favorite summer fruit. right after this. for your favorite fruit right after this. buy one take one is back starting at $12.99 at olive garden. so you can enjoy family time, one more time. come in for a fan favorite like smoked mozzarella chicken here. plus all the salad and breadsticks you want, and leave with a great meal too. buy one take one starting at $12.99 have seconds of food and family. hurry in, it's only for a limited time. at olive garden. here at persil, the top notch team of stain experts has performed over 10,000 stain evaluations to prove persil delivers a premium clean. we've made a new stain with wasabi and goji berries. make that 10,001.
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9:22 am
ideas for the summer staple. >> here to spill ought juicy details, good morning, tara. how are you? >> good. i'm ready to talk watermelon. >> this is my baby's favorite fruit. >> how fun. >> she eats a ton of it, stuffs it in there. >> it's a good one. we're making watermelon cake first of all. this is the party comprehensive dish you can take. it's so easy and healthy. what i've dup is slice strawberries and cut them out of the center of the watermelon. i cut a slice out of the watermelon. if you want to help me we can each make our own. pa it a circle and layer strawberry. instead of piping icing, we're putting strawberries. >> what's the topping. >> whipped cream. >> spoon that in. >> i love whipped cream. >> i could just eat that. >> pile it on as high as you want. swoop it up. i love
9:23 am
raspberries. >> these are tons of raspberries. >> just another mosquito. >> so i added the pistachios for crunch and color. >> this is beautiful. how do you cut it? >> you can even use a butter knife. >> because it's watermelon. >> i love it. >> serve it just like that. >> perfect. that's a great idea. >> really fun party favors. this is a drink, cocktail. >> there's jenna. >> i love that. >> we've got our names down here. you literally use little cookie cutters from the craft store. a thin slice of watermelon. put it in there. if it doesn't come out of the cutter, i use a skewer. the dull side. >> make it. >> make a p. >> put it on skewers. >> could you freeze this. >> absolutely. that's a gre
9:24 am
we'll get to more freezing later. >> this and watermelon. >> best way to juice watermelon, cut the top of it. a little secret, cut the bottom so it doesn't tip. >> then take your blender, put it in. >> you have one of those. >> no. >> you're juicing that. then you can eat it or ladle it out and make watermelon. can you believe it, melon ball. cut that, freeze it, and you've got a nice ice cube for your drinks. >> it won't dilute what you're eating. >> popsicles for your kids. >> i want to show you a trick for melon balling. i like to push that into the melon baller and scoop it. you don't get that flat side. >> melon balling. >> this one is a watermelon pizza. >> you've got sweet and savory. >> sweet and savory because watermelon goes well with savory. i've just decorated a few.
9:25 am
>> what kind of cheese. >> feta. something salty and wonderful. >> emmy nominated wiback like it could used to? neutrogena hydro boost water gel. with hyaluronic acid it plumps skin cells with intense hydration and locks it in. for supple, hydrated skin. hydro boost. from neutrogena if you have bad breath and your mouth lacks moisture, you may suffer from dry mouth. try biotène®, the #1 dentist recommended dry mouth brand. it's the only leading brand clinically proven to soothe, moisturize, and freshen breath. try biotène®.
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9:27 am
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z2fwdz z16fz
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y2fwdy y16fy
9:30 am
it was 11 years ago when matthew burst on the scene playing kevin walker on hit tv drama brothers and sisters, he starred alongside kiera knightly as dylan thomas, "edge of love." >> he's been keeping up as a soviet war posing as an american in the korld war in the popular drama "the americans." >> we should mention he's been nominated for an emmy. >> thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> congratulations on your emmy nomination. >> thank you. >> where were you when you heard the news. >> we take the entire brood up
9:31 am
upstate. it's now a superstition we go upstate. >> that's good. good news. your co-star, partner i should say kerry russell, she was also nominated for her role, right? >> thankfully. that's a relationship saver. >> who found out first or did you get a dual call situation. >> first year ego, first years, no nominations, we're never going to get nominated. the phone was buzzing significantly. we thought sadly someone died. finally a lot of agents saying, pick up the phone. >> isn't it better they said pick up the phone instead of we have some sad news. >> this is the sixth season, the final season. people around here -- people around america are very sad about it. are you? >> very much so. it's doing to be a very bittersweet experience, i think.
9:32 am
well. i do think it's good to end it relatively stronger rather than petering out. >> a lot of people think you and kerry met on the set of "the americans." you actually kind of had your eye on her rainfall by the way, who wouldn't. >> yes. i'm only human. we did actually a long time ago, about 17 years ago we met at a kickball party, which i had no idea what kickball was, similar american traditions, hosted by jennifer grey no less. i was left in the parking lot with kerry after it all finished trying to sort of woo her very unsuccessfully by promising i could open a bottle of beer without an opener. >> that's good. >> that didn't do it. >> no. >> a beer trick usually works. >> if you can successfully remove the top from the bottom. >> did you do it? >> i just damaged my thumb and tried not to cry. then i left a
9:33 am
her answering machine. real class move. an unsuccessful peer opening and drunken voice message. >> did she call you back? >> no. why would she? it took a good 20 years. >> look at you now. have you a beautiful one-year-old, sam. >> yes. >> does he have beautiful curly hair, too. >> please him, with her and my curly hair, that kid did not stand a chance, so we straighten it out every morning. >> you could get him the anti-perm. >> around three or four, we thought we'll give him the brazilian then. >> what's it like being on the set? you're with your real life partner and you also play partners on this show. what's it like? >> it's not without its difficulties. the hours are long. you're spending every minute with each other. the flip side of the great bonus. if she is mad at you, she has the perfect excuse to hitou
9:34 am
for real, in certain experiences or scenes, which has happened. >> are you reminding each other of chores. >> you mean between fight scenes, yes. >> you said you'd get it. >> you get it. >> before you leave us this morning, producers, i love the fact they do a little digging. they do the dig. they found out that your first role ever, elvis. is that true? >> it was. >> i think i could see it maybe. >> maybe when -- >> elvis? >> oh, my god. >> here we go. >> i haven't done elvis in a long time. >> do it. ♪ ♪ ♪ viva al roker >> where did that come from? came from the depth. >> i was 17 the last time i did that. the lyrics are slightly different. >> saying al roker would be a little weird. >> come back any time. >> thank you very much.
9:35 am
"the americans" returns in 2018. >> wow. >> wow. up next, award winning fashion. real women. this is good. real style, go to tim & charlie, 4th graders. this is good. real style, go to lazy 3rd graders. they even have those new easy open gogurt tubes. we used to struggle 20 minutes to open our gogurts. we were on our own. and when we finally got those things open, we'd be overcome with the sense of accomplishment no 3rd grader today will ever know. hi guys. get a job. you believe this guy? new ez open gogurt. kids never had it so easy. ♪ ♪
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ask any woman and she'll tell you her plate is full, so planning what to wear every day usually takes a back seat. >> but for some women you are about to meet getting dressed is the easiest part of their day which is why red book has named them real style winners. lillian vasquez. good morning to both of you guys. >> you both look so chic. >> thank you. >> red book really takes the effort to make sure they highlight real women including put them on the cover. >> they are on our september cover. september is usually a month when we look at amazing celebrities wearing million dollar outfits and at red book we felt like why not celebrate women who are maybe n
9:40 am
celebrity stylist help them out or maybe don't have a million dollars to spend on a dress, maybe aren't a size double zero, put them on the cover and prove that you don't have to be a celebrity or model to look amazing every day. >> you were the judge, one of the judges. what were you looking for? >> for me i'm always an advocate of diversity when it comes to fashion, diversity in size, diversity in style, diversity in passion. just be different and own who you are and be passionate about t i saw this in every single one of these women. >> we love this. can we bridge out our first. >> i had to comment on her makeup. this is kelly. what did y'all see in kelly? >> i mean, i see it. >> what do you not? >> i see it. >> what did you all love about her style? >> first of all, the head wrap which she makes i will say and she does them herself are so beautiful. she is a mom. it's just a perfect mix of classic and a little more exciting. >> i want people to see
9:41 am
eyes. can we see kelly a's makeup. kelly, you do these things on your own. where does your inspiration come from? the rest of us look in a closet and say blah. >> i'm inspired by my culture, i'm 100% jamaican, so beautiful colors and the brights of the colors, it's totally me and just every day women like you and i, i'm con constantly looking at bloggers and taking style tips and switching it around and making it my own. >> you say don't be afraid of color, correct? >> definitely, yes, correct. >> you look good. >> so our next one is rebecca. come on down, rebecca. look at that. confidence palpable. you guys felt her confidence, is that right? >> i think for me her ownership of style and understanding what works for her body and how to show and flaunt these amazing assets that she has. she has an understanding of what and she's -- what i love about her she's been every size and she owns that, she said that and i feel my best right now.
9:42 am
version of you. and you can see that she clearly owns her style, her confidence, unbelievable. >> talk to us about confidence, how do we all get it? >> it's been a work in progress, like liliana said i've been everything from a size 2 to a size 12. i'm the largest i've ever been but i'm also the most confident i have ever been. i think it comes with being a mom as well. i have two daughters and i want them to grow up feeling confident and also i have more to worry about than, you know, if my cellulite is showing. when my girls are older they're not going to look back and be like, gosh, mommy had a lot of cellulite. they're going to remember she played with us and she was so confident and that's really where it comes from and it just -- once you start telling yourself that you really start believing it. even if you're lying a little. >> you're awesome. >> thank you so much. >> and now, great, finally. last but not least. >> all right. >> i love at
9:43 am
>> grace's style is so great because it's a little bit sexy, a little classic but also low key and laid back. i love how she combines those different things. >> you said fashion has helped you since you were a teenager. >> yes. i've been through a lot growing up so it's just kind of like my way of just coping. >> your escape. >> yes. >> well, you look beautiful. >> you look amazing. >> thank you so much. >> everybody, leave your clothes down stairs in the green room. >> exactly. >> you guys can all come back out. thank you so much. you are all such inspirations. >> thank you for highlighting real women. >> it's amazing. refreshing. >> it really is. >> that's another real woman, dylan. >> thank you, sheinelle. let's take a look as we inch closer to the weekend. we are going to see isolated severe storms across the eastern great lakes on friday, much cooler temperatures, 60s and 70s through the midwest and northern plains, still hot out west tomorrow. on saturday heavy rain likely through the middle of the country, cooling off by 5 degrees or so in the
9:44 am
showers and storms up and down the east coast saturday morning, but we will see improvements with sunday being a beautiful day, low humidity, temperatures in the lower 80s, unsettled through the midwest and down through the gulf coast and still pretty warm out west. that's a look at the weather across the country, now here is a peek out your window. good thursday morning. plenty of sun, nice and dry right now. temperatures 77 degrees in washington, 74 gaithersburg, clinton is 76 degrees, mostly the mid 70s as he get closer to the shenandoah valley. by noon today near 90 degrees, we will be reaching the low 90s later on. isolated storm chance this afternoon so keep an eye to the sky as we go through. hot and humid today. over the weekend we're cooler with low humidity in the mid 80s. >> and that's your latest forecast. coming up next, the ultimate college application checklist. if you are a high school senior for the parent of one, we have everything you need to know right after this.
9:45 am
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hance we're willing to take. meningitis b is different from the meningitis most teens were probably vaccinated against when younger. we're getting the word out against meningitis b. our teens are getting bexsero. bexsero should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects are pain, redness or hardness at the injection site; muscle pain; fatigue; headache; nausea; and joint pain. bexsero may not protect all individuals. tell your healthcare professional if you're pregnant or if you have received any other meningitis b vaccines. ask your healthcare professional about the risks and benefits of bexsero and if vaccination with bexsero is right for your teen. moms, we can't wait. it's crunch time for teens headed into their senior year of high school with those college applications they're almost looming for kids and parents. >> but there are five things you can do right now to ease the stress. say yes to
9:49 am
steinberg is here with secrets to success. >> good morning. >> i'm going through the textbooks and everything. so the whole college application process, i mean, the application itself can be pretty stressful. what are tips to get through the application. >> before we get into the tips just kids and parents need to relax. this is amazingly doable, pace yourself, there's plenty of time, we're talking about this in august. the first thing to do is look and see if the colleges you are interested in accept a common application which is available at common and start filling in your personal information to that. the good news is it's accepted at more than 700 colleges and you only have to fill in that personal information once. >> do you know what stressed me out the worst and i was a good student, had all as, the he is a. they say that's what makes you stand out. then i had all of my teachers and parents -- >> i went to rutgers because i didn't have to do an essay at the time. >> what can you tell us to take the stress out of that. >> irs f. of all, the he is say
9:50 am
never met you before what would you want them to know about you, it's almost like a blind date, a first date. what challenges have you faced, what problems? what are the experiences that have sort of made you who you are. not all of those experiences, but what are some of those experiences and how would you want to tell your story in that way. >> does it have to be long? >> it doesn't necessarily have to be long. there are on the common application there are shorter prompts and longer prompts, but take as much space. there are limits, but take as much space as you need to tell that story and introduce yourself to someone who likely has never met you before. >> someone is actually reading those essays. >> absolutely. students should know that they will be read and don't let your parents write them for you. >> good point. >> and the sat we were talk about this it's administered now in august, i was thinking it was late but actually it's early, if you want to take it again -- >> so this is the first time that i know of that you could take the sat on august 26th and the late registration deadline is the 15th for students that are interested for that. most colleges accept either the sat orth
9:51 am
exam. and so it's important for students to know, you know, maybe take some practice questions on each and see which one you're more familiar with or feel more comfortable with. there's nothing wrong with taking that test again if you have the time and interest. >> what about finances? i feel like colleges get more and more expensive. >> the first step on the financial pace is to fill out something called the fafsa, the free application for federal student aid, that form is available on october 1st, but students and parents can use time now to get to know that form, to gather some of the documents that they will need for it and to actually create an id for that website and start exploring online, there's lots of websites that will tell you about financial aid and loans that are available. >> last but not least we were talk about this off camera, staying organize sd so important. i told him, full confessions, i had good grades but i had this big walgreens and cvs bag full
9:52 am
the house. it was overwhelming. how can you stay organized so you can make a sound decision. >> you have to find what works for you, is it an excel fred sheet, a white board, something that keeps track of deadlines for the schools you're interested in and also scholarship and other financial aid forms, deadlines for things like interview, try to use whatever works for you to organize and then start asking yourself questions as students limit that list of over 2,000 colleges in this country, what part of the country do you want to be in? what are you hoping to get out of this experience, do you want to be in a rural or city setting, do you want place that will be intense or a little more relaxed? suddenly that list of -- that folder full of brochures you've gotten from those colleges will start to get smaller and more manageable. >> did you put that purple tie on for northwestern university? i'm kidding. jaques, thank you for coming. we're back in a moment. first this is "today" on nbc. mo. first, this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
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we're missing people. >> i know. >> i will sit in for kathie lee, but nobody looks as good as she does. >> nobody said anything, we're in there yacking. >> it was me. thank you. >> i'm not the one in a completely inappropriate outfit, but that's okay. >> every day when i walk in she goes, it's a little short, but it looks good. reminds me of my grandma. >> yeah, i remind everybody of their grandma. >> who do you have? >> lorry laughlin, tara reed.
9:56 am
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this is a "news 4 today" news break. 9:57 is your time now on this thursday, august 3rd, 2017. good morning to you, i'm eun yang. a d.c. firefighter was critically injured overnight, dane smothers jr. was hit by a ladder truck on f street northeast as he rushed to the scene of a fire last night. an investigation is under way into why he was struck. smothest has only been a firefighter for a few months. now i want to check your forecast with sheena parveen. good morning,
9:58 am
the afternoon in the low 90s, hot and humid today, isolated storm chance later on this afternoon. tomorrow in the evening we have a chance for a few showers or thunderstorms, but most of your friday will be dry. cold front will move through into the weekend so your weekend does look on the dry side, any isolated shower chance will be very early saturday otherwise mid 80s saturday and sunday, low humidity, the weekend will be fantastic. we go into monday and we have a more widespread chance for showers and storms. >> we want to remind you to donate to our backpack 4 kids today in alexandria until noon and also donate online.
9:59 am
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody. welcome to thirsty thursday. so glad you joined us. today is august 3rd. that's american saturday night by mr. brad paisley. >> by the way, who will be on the plaza singing his, you know what, off, tomorrow! >> his fine little country bump-kin. >> yes, he will. he'll be great. >> actress laurie laughlin is here. a mysterious role and return to one of your favorite


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