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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  August 8, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> president trump not mincing words amid a dramatic and chilling developments with north korea. the president said north korea better not make any more threats or they'll be met with fire and fury. >> earlier today u.s. intelligence officials said north korea can make a nuclear weapon now small enough to fit on a missile. right now it's unclear if that type of warhead can survive upon re-entering the atmosphere. however, coupled with last month's test of a missile that analysts say could hit the mainland of the u.s., this is a huge development today. we'll stay on top of this story and bring you any new developments. first at 4:00 -- increasing concern about a missing fairfax teen. >> police have spent the good day searching woods off route 1 and buckman road. jewelry was the only reporter there when the search wrapped up. what's the latest?
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>> reporter: i'm standing near the spot where miguel carillo was last season, pole road and pondside terrace. let me show you where police have been focusing their effort. this heavily wooded effort back there. now, we spoke to them when they emerged from the woods a short while ago. they say they did not find any sign of the missing teen. we continue to see detectives going door to door in this apartment and townhouse community, conducting interviews to try to get more information. now, let's give you a look at this missing teen. this is 18-year-old miguel ruiz carrillo. when he didn't return home last thursday night, his mom reported him missing. his name was entered into the database for missing and exploited children. as police looked further into the case, they got information that created concern. and sunday evening they reclassified carrillo as both missing and in danger. now, there's no evidence, police say,ha
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associated with a gang but they say his disappearance is considered suspicious and gang-related. police have been searching this dense wooded area and a nearby pond since sunday. so far, no sign of the teen. no evidence that really yields any clues. everybody knows, of course, there's been a spike in northern virginia in gang-related deaths since last fall. police also emphasis that carrillo's disappearance is not connected to any of those homicides we've been telling you about in recent months. for now, reporting live near the woodlawn area of fairfax county, back to you in the studio. >> thank you. let us know if you learn anything more. first at 4:00 -- a registered sex offender tried to get into a prince william county school. he didn't get in but he did get into jail. jesse himes was stopped by locked doors at goddard school in woodbridge. police say himes entered unlocked outer doors and went into
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the school made contact and then called police. now a follow-up we first brought you last friday. it upset a lot of metro riders, especially women. there's been an arrest in that up-skirting case at columbia heights metro station. brandon williams was taken into custody today. surveillance video we shared with you allegedly shows williams roaming around the station and then putting his cell phone up a woman's skirt. williams is also suspected in other up-skirting incidents. if you think you may have been victimized, police want to hear from you. this afternoon we are learning about a maryland man who allegedly tried to help isis. that's just the first chilling accusation. >> scott poring through the details. >> he's from bangladesh but was living in landover hills when prosecutors say he tried to send resources to isis. they say for almost a year doss knowingly tried to
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of trying to murder an fbi special agent and also facing firearm charges. prosecutors didn't say when or where that attempted murder took place, but isis members and supporters posted identifying information online about u.s. military personnel in hopes that isis supporters would carry out attacks. we're told das is a legal permanent u.s. resident. if convicted, he's facing life in prison. >> thanks. two teens missing in loudoun county, 15-year-old eric martinez and 16-year-old christopher avarallo have been missing since sunday. they were last seen in leesburg. if you have any information, please call the sheriff's office. breaking news in the district now. closure in two murder cases that happened during a violent weekend in d.c. 11 people were shot and 2 died. news 4 was at police
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announced the arrest. one man was killed on coral street northeast. the shooters are behind bars. also the man accused of stabbing a man in southeast that weekend has also been arrested. >> seen a car on its top and then another one flipped over. it was scary. i mean, it seemed like something out of a movie. >> this afternoon the national weather service is now confirming that an ef-1 tornado ripped through maryland's eastern shore. winds of up to 110 miles an hour flipped cars and snapped trees bringing things down on top of cars and houses. >> neighbors there starting the daunting task of cleaning up the mess. that tornado touched down in part of salisbury. megan fitzgerald went there today to see how people in the town are doing 24 hours later. >> reporter: the mayor says the town is getting back together because crews have been working around the clock to pick up, clean up debris, putting it through wood chippers. if you take a look behind me, just to give u
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is the hardest hit neighborhood on princeton avenue. a tree went crashing through this roof. this is just one of two homes in the neighborhood that's been condemned. >> we've rated this tornado and it is a tornado, an ef-1. the maximum winds somewhere in the 100 to 105 mile an hour range. >> reporter: after surveying the damage for hours, national weather service officials say the path of the tornado was about a mile long. the width was likely larger than a football field. >> we were in the house. my daughter was upstairs. i hear her yell. next thing i know, it was like this huge boom sound, kind of. and then it was just over with. >> reporter: christine lives along princeton avenue, which officials say was one of the hardest hit neighborhoods. >> people were coming outside. >> reporter: when they did, they saw tree limbs that had crashed through two homes and damaged cars in the neighborhood. just up the road, surveillance cameras were rolling, capturing the moment strong winds flipped cars, throwing them like to
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kirby says it was scary but she's happy it wasn't worse. >> luckily nobody got hurt. >> reporter: meagan fitzgerald, news 4. >> wow. when you consider that car weighs close to 5,000 pounds, 2 1/2 tons of vehicle getting tossed around like that. >> people are really lucky. for more on the path of that tornado and to show you just how quickly it formed -- >> let's get to our storm team 4 meteorologist, amelia draper. boy, what a show there, huh? >> yeah, absolutely. pretty impressive. as you said, thankfully no one was hurt. i want to take you to the radar at the time of the storm. i put the radar between 1:35 and 1:45. that's when the tornado was on the ground. you can see the heaviest rain detected on the radar was to the north of salisbury but the tornado happened to the south around the university. we'll hone in here. you want to focus on this area south. i'll go and circle the aproximate area where the tornado was on the ground. you can see no indication on the radar there
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tornado down on the ground at that time. more on that in a moment. here was the actual path of the tornado, rated ef-1, with max winds at 105 miles an hour. why did the national weather service only issue a thunderstorm warning instead of tornado warning? take a look at this looping around, comes out of wakefield. that beam is pretty far away, south of richmond. as the beam goes away from the radar, it actually shoots up. you can see in this animation, there's the radar beam, it's overshooting the rotation that was with that tornado when it was on the ground. that's why we did not see a tornado warning issued but it certainly caused a lot of damage. >> wow. a near miss with the radar. that's amazing. thanks, amelia. now, to the couple from montgomery county who admit they broke into a home and took thousands of dollars worth of things out of it. we're talking diamond earrings, even took ammunition. we tracked down the video that shows just how the couple did it. now only
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there are more victims out there. >> reporter: ashley lowe and earnest jeffries are a couple. they have children together. they live together in montgomery county. this morning they're inside a courtroom together pleading guilty to breaking into someone's home. surveillance video shows 23-year-old ashley lowe looking into the victims' home shortly after the couple who lives in the home had left for work. she appears to ring the door bell several times while looking through the front door window moments after lowe walks away from the house, 25-year-old earnest jeffries is seen walking up to the rear of the home and trying to open the sliding porch door. notice how he uses the sleeves of his hoodie to keep his fingers from leaving prints. jeffries then walks away and returns with a rock. he throws it, smashing the outer glass door. he then comes back and throws the rock again. this time brein
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glass door. he's then able to get inside the home. minutes later, jeffries is seen walking out with a large red duffel bag. while the couple could be seen on the surveillance video, that's not how police caught them. at some point while he was in the home, jeffries forgot to keep his fingers covered with his sleeve. >> absolutely. the fingerprint of mr. jeffries was left on the fridge and it put us on the path to checking his picture out with the picture that was caught on the video. >> reporter: prosecutors say jeffreys and lowe stole diamond earrings, ammunition and cash from the home. they were arrested in a nearby hotel room where police found that red duffel bag he carried out of the house. prosecutors want to hear from anyone who thinks they may have been a victim of a similar break-in. the couple will be sentenced later this year. jeffries is facing as much as 20 years behind bars. in montgomery county, mark seagraves, news 4. >> how bold to
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daylight. >> pretty bold. in-flight incidents are getting more attention these days thanks to cell phones and social media. first at 4:00, rlt airlines listening to your concerns? >> how about this, not one but two two chances to be a millionaire. a multimillionaire. the excitement over growing jackpots and what you should do if you win that money. what's apple up to anyway? a first look at what could be the next iphone. what are you doing? i'm with the news, dude. >> you know, we can't get enough of this. adam tuss's encounter with not so driverless van is going viral. we want you to weigh in on this. what do you think about driverless cars anyway? >> it's our flash survey this afternoon. vote on the nbc washington facebook page right now. see news and weather on your screen until we come back.
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you've been complaining and the airlines have been listening. fewer people got bumped from their overbooked flights in the first six months of this year, according to a new transportation department survey. it was the lowest bump rate in two decades. the government's annual airline report card also found fewer cases of your luggage, your bags being mishandled or lost. and when it comes to getting you
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well, hawaiian airlines had the best record followed by alaska, delta, skywest and united airlines. the government considers flight on time if it arrives no more than 14 minutes behind schedule. >> amazing a little bad publicity can do, huh? >> just a little bit of bad publici publicity. have you bought that lottery ticket yet, or tickets? >> mega jackpot and powerball are up over $300 million now. news4 amy chao went out to see what people would do with all that money if they did win it? >> reporter: i'm ready to go. i have my ticket. it only cost me $1. i feel like this is my lucky day. that's what a lot of the people we talked to today said. they also said if they win, they'll be giving a lot of the money to others. over $300 million. it's enough to bring in customer after customer. at this
4:16 pm
northwest, it seems if there's one thing as big as the jackpot, it's the heart of the people entering it. >> i will definitely donate some. and the rest i probably would take for my family. >> give my grandkids some, you know. >> give my kid's program, give it back to the needy people on the street, buy them a burger. >> reporter: for a lot of these gwen generous folks, they say this isn't the first time they've tried their luck. >> this is the lottery ticket i play of day. i come in every day, five days a week, monday through friday. >> of morning. honestly, every morning. so, hope to win. who knows. >> reporter: some say they've won small before, but they'll keep coming back in the hopes of winning big. and those drawings are tonight and tomorrow. in northwest, news4. so, what do you do if you actually do hit that big jackpot? today we set out to get some answers about how to deal with
4:17 pm
windfall. now, the first tip we've got for you, stay anonymous if you can. but to do that around here, you'll have to buy your ticket in maryland. it's one of only five states of winners to keep quiet about it. in virginia and d.c., sorry, the winner and location where that ticket is bought is public record. second, before you even cash the ticket in, go talk to a tax pro. taking the lump sum or annuity, that could be a tricky decision and a big one. it all depends on your financial situation. professionals can walk you through the right options there for you. now, avoid sudden lifestyle changes. you're going to want to wait a while until you quit the job or go buy the jet or private island. experts say waiting will help you realize how much you really have and avoid make anything drastic decisions. other important steps for you to consider. pay off your debts first. also, invest prudently. hopefully with the helpf
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skilled financial adviser. and live on a budget, that will help you avoid splurging and then later finding out you lost all the money you won. the last one is the one that's the hardest one to make anyone do, live on a budget after you win $300 million. >> good advice, though. >> what would you do? >> call a tax attorney after i recovered, regained consciousness. >> how about you? >> well, have i to say, honestly, i would not do anything because i don't play the lottery. the odds, they're so stacked against me. >> but if you did? >> well, my mom plays, i'm sure she would do all those steps and maybe with we could go on a nice vacation together. >> you'd find out how much your mom really loves you, i guarantee that. >> we love the weather a little better today. >> we started off the day with clouds. the sunshine is coming out. a spectacular evening. that's going to set us up for a gorgeous wednesday. if you're headed to the nationals game, you picked a great night to go down with the family as they tak
4:19 pm
marlins. first pitch after 7:00 in the evening. take a look at your planner down there. we are back to sunshine. first inning around 77 degrees. 73 by home stretch. this is the weather if you get chilly easily, you might want to bring a sweatshirt to the game. as you're leaving, it's cool, around 70. the humidity levels are in check. take a look at our temperatures right now. upper 70s and even low 80s in culpepper. just beautiful. take a look at that picture outside of the national cathedral in the background. outdoor eating. fire up the grill with the kids. let them play outside a little longer tonight. tomorrow night and thursday as well. just spectacular august weather in the forecast. take a look at your planner for your wednesday. 7:00 a.m., we start off the day at 67 degrees. it's comfortable. it's windows open, ac off kind of weather out there tonight. gorgeous around lunchtime. 80 degrees at that point. mid-80s for a high tomorrow. 85 around 4:00 in the afternoon. low humidity in the forecast to
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81 at about 7:00 in the evening. so, the weather having a low impact on your day tomorrow. it is a picture perfect pool day, outdoor exercise, it's not too hot or humid. back to school shopping, i would definitely hold off with this nice of a forecast tomorrow and even thursday. go friday when there's plenty of clouds and thundershowers impacting your day. good day to play something indoors on friday. take a look at your ten-day forecast, high of 87. another nice day. we'll see clouds slowly building throughout the day thursday. we'll finish partly sunny. friday, showers and thunderstorms are possible at times throughout the day. our high temperature is only in the 70s. as we look to the weekend, it's okay. it's not a perfect ten by any means. you want to stay tuned because we'll continue to update this forecast as we get new information as we get closer to the weekend we'll be able to give you a lot more details. here's how it's looking right now. saturday there is a chance for a few showers. best chance looks to be during e
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chance for late day thunderstorms then on sunday. with high temperatures in the mid-80s. the best chance of rain and thunderstorms, guys, holds off until next monday with a high temperature of 85 degrees. >> thanks, amelia. >> sounds good. should people who aren't u.s. citizens be allowed to vote. that's the controversial question in one local neighborhood. not everyone's happy about it. the new safety concerns this afternoon. plus, a pop mega star in court. why taylor swift's sexual assault case is so complicated. >> it's august 8th. is it too early for fall flors? >> theav t
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so brave for using her voice. i wanted to thank her for that. >> one of the fans lining up to see taylor swift but not at a concert. she's in a civil lawsuit. joining us here mick jagger from 102.3. we checked in with the folks in denver about the progress of thca
4:25 pm
have wrapped up now. a lot of folks are wondering what's going on because swift is actually supposed to be testifying in this case, right? >> well, jury selection is beginning right now. there was like four hours where she had to sit across from former radio personality david mueller, who is accused of groping her backstage during a meet and greet. hopefully this will last about ten days and not get dragged out. they're just in day one, jury selection. >> is the expectation this will get dragged out? >> we hope not. that's something that's hard to go through anyway. hopefully they can wrap it up pretty quickly. >> let's look ahead. talk about a new gadget coming out. the iphone 8. >> oh, my gosh. everybody's talking about the iphone 8. however -- >> i'm hearing that a blogger actually got a look at one. >> yes, a very reputable blogger, evan. he leaked images of the iphone 8. it's supposed to ben
4:26 pm
the home button is not there anymore, so where is it? we're hearing it's imbedded in the actual display. what i'm hoping is they actually bring back the old headphone jack because they swindled us, they swindled us. i'm trying to keep up. >> you don't miss it until it's not there. you don't realize how much you like it until it's gone. >> we hear they're going to release two new iphones, the iphone 7 and iphone 7plus. >> the difference? >> nothing. nothing. >> 100 bucks. >> exactly. >> speaking of bucks, starbucks, they've got a new drink out. i just learned this about her about five minutes ago. she's an addict here. and they've got this new thing out that i didn't know about and you just told me is something you have to get on the secret menu, t menu. >> the
4:27 pm
it's on the secret menu. this is what starbucks is calling a perfect end to the summer, welcoming in the fall. so, move over, pumpkin spice, it's all about orchata. >> here's what's in it. it's a spanish word for a blended beverage using ingredients like almonds, barley, rice and sesame seeds and almond milk. barley and almond milk, really? >> it has coffee and, of course, whipped cream with cinnamon sprinkles and caramel. do you love it? >> i tried one this afternoon. i've got to tell you, this thing about starting autumn in june and july, that's ridiculous to begin with. it tasted more like christmas than it did autumn. >> well, you know what, as long as they get your name right on the cup, who cares. >> i got that right. >> good to see you again. >> thank you. >> back over to you. >> all about the name on the cup. thank you.
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you want to be extra careful because there's a new kind of skimming device in our area. we're working for you with things that you need to do to make sure you don't get tricked when you go to get your cash. plus, the alarming new study that shows younger people dying from a certain kind of cancer. doctors aren't sure what to do about this. also, we're bringing you the latest headlines in weather even during the commercials. keep an eye on your screen until we join you here again in
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it's a question generating a lot of emotion and a lot of controversy. should non-u.s. citizens have the right to vote in local elections? >> the city council in college park will be considering such a proposal tonight. the idea has not only gained national attention, it's also brought some council members on edge. at 4:30, tracee wilkins to explain the issue for us. >> reporter: the county police department have confirmed they'll have officers at tonight's council meeting because of the kind of outside attention the council has been getting since they started discussing this proposal. initially just local folks weighing in on this and they had strong opinions. now we're seeing individuals from outside of college park,
4:32 pm
making threats to some members of this council. those threats are under investigation. additional security will be here tonight as the city of college park decides whether non-u.s. residents should have a right to vote in their local elections. hear from some of the people who live in this city on this very debatable issue. >> i think that only american citizens should vote in elections. and people who are of foreign extraction shouldn't be participating in elections here. they should be participating in elections back home where they came from. >> you didn't take the time to become a citizen. take the time to become a citizen, then you have the right to do things. >> i guess if people have a green card, they should be able to vote. >> if people live here and they've been a citizen of this location, then they should be able to vote regardless of whether they're citizens. >> reporter: i talked with the mayor ofle
4:33 pm
the outside influence on this very crucial decision that's expected to be made by college park city council. he's saying he wants local folks to give them their opinion, but the outside influences are becoming a serious distraction that now not only does this council have to deal with, but also prince george's county police department. reporting live from college park, tracee wilkins. back to you in studio. >> we'll see how things get out there. you may want to tug on the front of the atm the next time you go to take out cash. fairfax county police say a skimmer was found on an atm at a 7-eleven store on south king's highway. they say this one had a pinhole camera that could record a hand tapping out p.i.n. numbers. here's some tips to avoid becoming a victim. police say you should pull on the card reader before you use it and see if it's loose or been tampered with in any way. and check for any signs of glue on the
4:34 pm
glue can be used to attach devices. you should also use atms within eyesight of a cashier. police believe those are less likely to be tampered with. in news4 your health -- colon cancer is killing more young people than ever, according to the american cancer society. we talked to doctors at georgetown who say they're seeing lots of cases in younger patients but they don't know why. nbc's erika edwards explores whether screening guidelines should be changed. >> reporter: this is the best kind of chaos as far as katie rich is concerned -- >> there's a lot of noise. but there's a lot of love. >> reporter: she was so busy being a mother for so many years, she may have missed symptoms of colon cancer. her diagnosis, stage 4 cancer, came at age 33, just months after giving birth. >> i never thought cancer. never. so, it was a major
4:35 pm
chemotherapy, katie is doing well five years later. new research shows a growing number of people in their 30s, 40s and 50s are not only diagnosed with colon cancer, they're dying from aggressive tumors. >> it's shifting the burden of colorectal cancer to young families. >> reporter: the american cancer society finds the rise in mortality is confined to white adults. experts do not know why. >> this increase in incidence is real and it's scary because we don't know what's causing it. >> reporter: signs of colon cancer include persistent abdominal pain and change in bowel habits. >> it's okay to talk about your bowels. it's okay to get screened. most of the time when we do a colonoscopy, they say, that wasn't as bad as i thought it was. >> reporter: the american cancer society recommends most people start colon cancer screenings at age 50. even this new research, many doctors say those guidelineay
4:36 pm
need to be re-evaluated. erika edwards, nbc news. now, it's important to note that the majority of colon cancers still show up in people over the age of 50. however, doctors say you can reduce your risk of colon cancer at any age by reducing the amount of processed food you eat and by eating more whole grains, fruits and veggies and getting lots of exercise. we've got this word just coming into our news room, moments ago, the two teens in loudoun county reported as missing at the top of this newscast, the word now is they have been found safe. all we're being told is 15-year-old erica martinez and 16-year-old christopher gray son were found earlier in fairfax county. the washington region skyline soaring to new heights. who wants to build a new skyscraper even higher than the washington monument and where would that go? plus, ahead at 5:00, the fair is in town. we're showing you the last-minute preparations to make sure the rides there a
4:37 pm
after that carnival tragedy in ohio.
4:38 pm
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just into the live desk. president trump announced his plan to combat the growing opioid epidemic across the country. the president's plan appears to focus on fighting crime. it will crack down on dealers and stop
4:41 pm
country from the southern border. >> the best way to prevent drug addiction and overdose is to prevent people from abusing drugs in the first place. if they don't start, they won't have a problem. if they do start, it's awfully tough to get off. >> earlier this year the president created a commission to combat opioid abuse headed by new jersey governor chris christie. it called on the president to create a national emergency on opioids. there's also calls to allow medicaid funding for addiction abuse. the president has not weighed in on either of those two issues. >> thank you. we want to show you this video to stop what you're doing and take a look. that is a pink dolphin. it's a rare pink dolphin seen saturday in a waterway in louisiana. the person who took this video says she actually saw two that looked like that but could only capture photos of one. t
4:42 pm
dolphin ten years ago and they named it pinkie. we were looking it up on the internet and we understand pinkie may be suffering from albinism. >> you know what they call that in the wild, orchata but you can't get that at starbucks. >> or wait until fall. >> you can see it now. it could one day meak your ride to work faster, but in the meantime, get ready for some slowdowns. we're getting you ready for the massive work that's about to start on a major highway. and an eco-friendly twist to fashion. we're working for you. a look at the recycled clothes in sle for the coming schotyol
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4:45 pm
we have a commuter alert for you. things will get worse so they can eventually get better. >> so, we believe and hope. here's a live look at
4:46 pm
where new construction project is going to begin tomorrow. express toll lanes are being added to help you move faster between north virginia and d.c. >> adam tuss is working for you, so you're prepared for all of these changes. >> reporter: huge day for the 395 corridor tomorrow as groundbreaking gets under way for new express lanes that will run right here on 395. they're going to take the place of the current hov lane. of course, that run right down the middle of 395 and that hov network right now is going to go from two lanes to three lanes of high-occupancy toll lanes, just like the express lanes on the beltway and 95. of course, a lot of us have gotten used to paying to get around the traffic and using express lanes or you can set up a carpool and use the lanes for free if you have three or for people in the car. tomorrow the governor and secretary of transportation are going to make the announcement. let me tell you every driver is happy about this. they don't want
4:47 pm
some say, the roads should just be for free. >> you pay enough in taxes, especially virginia. you're paying all this tax in virginia, it's not necessary. >> i don't mind if it's a couple dollars, at the end of the day, $30, and $30 is ridiculous. >> reporter: coming up, we have much more on news4 at 6:00 tonight, in-depth look at where this project will be and how the construction could impact you. back to you. >> a deadly accident at a state fair in ohio puts increased scrutiny on local county fairs. >> jim in the news room for what we're working on at 5:00. >> the recent death of that teenager on the ride in ohio raised a lot of concerns about the safety of summer carnivals. >> there are a number of county fairs happening in our area this month, so today we have a look at how manages and inspectors, more importantly, are handling these concerns and worries. >> plus, 100 deaths a day attributed to the growing problems with opioid abuse. today the president announced his plans
4:48 pm
>> we'll also have the story of a local mother who lost a son. we'll find out how she hopes her community will fight to save others in this epidemic. >> we have two big breaking stories on the celebrity front. a return to television, the big screen for late-night high cico >> farewell to glen campbell, "wichita lineman," "galveston," we'll be remembering him. we'll see you with those stories and more in a few minutes. >> we'll see you in a bit. turning to the weather. what's the evening going to be like? you said earlier, for the game it will be good? >> beautiful weather. it's windows open kind of weather. looking at my facebook and twitter pages. she's not walking on the elliptical, she's getting outdoors. we should be taking her lead. not just tonight but tomorrow into thursday as well. just spectacular weather for early august. we're getting a break from the heat as well as the humidity. take a look at your weather
4:49 pm
almost a perfect ten tomorrow. in fact, i think it might be a perfect ten weatherwise. it will be nice on thursday. a little more qulocloudiness. we have more storm chances into the weekend. not washouts but we could be dealing with some storms. take a look at the rainout look. tomorrow and thursday keeping completely dry. no chance of rain. friday some scattered thunderstorms and a few showers looking likely. hit and miss showers and thunderstorms in the forecast for friday. not everyone sees rain but everybody has that annoying chance. on saturday we have a lot of outdoor plans, weddings, birthday parties going on this time of year, just the chance for showers on saturday. mainly earlier in the day. on sunday some scattered thunderstorms are possible during the afternoon hours. currently our temperatures are in the upper 70s and around 80 degrees. 80 in rockville. 77 in college park. 75 over in camp springs. beautiful sunshine. a look at your commute tomorrow. biggest concern is the
4:50 pm
67 degrees. that is refreshing. really nice around lunchtime. we're at 79 at that point. tomorrow is the day you definitely have your lunch outdoors. 5:00 in the evening, still sunny skies and 81 degrees at that point. taking a look ahead to thursday, a little touch warmer, 87 for a high temperature about with clouds slowly increasing throughout the day. low humidity in the forecast on thursday. talking about the humidity through thursday, it's absolutely comfortable. take a look as we work our way into friday, does start to feel a little muggy out there. for the weekend we notice the humidity levels, it's feeling oppressive as far as the humidity is concerned. saturday and sunday, that sticky feeling out there for the weekend. take a look at your ten-day forecast. there's that 87 for thursday. we're closing out the work week with highs on friday. only in the 70s. starting to feel humidity with a 50% chance of some scattered showers and thunderstorms.
4:51 pm
kids on friday. the weekend looking okay. not a washout but there are rain chances saturday as well as sunday. >> thanks, amelia. tyson's corner could soon become home to the tallest building in our area. >> a developer wants to build a big mixed use development near the spring hill station. the current plans include this 615-foot tall tower. the developer is calling it the view at tyson's. the 48-story building would have condos, a hotel and retail space in it. the new building would be taller than the washington monument, which is just over 550 tall. but it would still be nowhere near the tallest skyscrapers in the world. the freedom tower, the tallest building in north america, that one is more than 1700 feet high. fairfax county still has to approve the project. we are working 4 you, getting you and your children ready for school. this year you can go green while you're shopping for clothes.
4:52 pm
mainstream. >> consumer reporter susan hogan explains where to find it. >> reporter: well, first of all i have to confess, i have no idea what sustainable clothing is. well, it's taking plastic bottles and other recyclables and turning them into clothing. i'm not kidding. you could actually look good and also be eco-friendly. take a look. fashion forward with recycled clothing? shopping for the perfect first day of school outfit and fall wardrobe can put you at the head of your class. the subject? eco-friendly fashion. clothes made with recycled materials. jc pen krchlt pec pennsylvania recycled clothing. jcpenney sells jeans made from plastic bottles. they cost about $42, comparable to traditional jeans.
4:53 pm
using materials of sustainable fabric made from fibers from wood pulp. other apparel is recycled from post-consumer textile waste, in other words, old clothes recycled. when it comes to shopping for sneakers, we found nike has a way you can minimize your carbon footprint. it recycles old shoes to make new sneakers. and target features some eco-friendly apparel just for kids as well. h&m, jcpenney, target and nike are part of a group called the sustainable apparel coalition. dozens of businesses focused on reducing environmental impact. if you want to get rid of your old clothes, h&m has a pretty cool deal. if you bring in your old clothes to them, they will give you 15% off your next purchase. tomorrow we'll take a look at electronics, the deals out there for your youngest kids. >> all right, susan. well, if it seems like back to school time has snuck up on you, so will the upcoming winter olympic games. >> that's right. we're
4:54 pm
a look at the rush to get everything done in time. we're letting you in on some of the big namethe world will s
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
we are exactly six months from the start of the 2018 winter games. >> that's right. and nbc's jay gray takes a closer look at the final preparations and how political tensions in south korea could affect the big event. >> reporter: it's quiet here now. stadiums and arenas waiting for the world. and in just six months, the world will be here. fans and athletes filling these venues for the start of the 2018 winter olympic games. >> to be able to compete at that stage, which is such a dream come true. >> reporter: as the excitement builds, the actual building is all but done. south korean officials say olympic preparations are 90% complete. and team usa is ready as well. >> you know, i'm looking forward to putting everything on the line. >> reporter: but
4:58 pm
so from the host city. the border with north korea. where there is growing concern leading up to the games. global tensions high as the country continues ballistic missile tests, and in the wake of new u.n. sanctions, today a direct threat north korean saying, there nigger mistake than the u.s. believing its land is safe. >> it's scary. >> reporter: as they train, the athletes are aware of the unrest. >> yeah, there's some fears around north korea. i'm sure they'll have great security, but, yeah, it's definitely like a little bit of a gray area. >> reporter: still for most, their focus is on the competition. >> let the games begin. >> reporter: in six months, they will. jay gray, nbc news. news4 will travel to pyeongchang in six months to cover
4:59 pm
reporting from earlier this year. just search pyeongchang 2018. two big stories as we come on the air with you tonight. first fire and fury. the latest reaction to the strong words by president trump warning north korea against making threats against the u.s. also a search under way as concerns grow about a missing teenager in fairfax county. police say his disappearance may be gang-related. this is a young man who has been missing since last thursday. >> and today police were out in force trying to find some clues as to where he is. they're now turning to the public for help. new since our last report, investigators tell our bureau chief julie why their concern for this teen is growing. >> reporter: this is the neighborhood where miguel ruiz carrillo was last seen. you see that pond behind me,
5:00 pm
the focus of the search. mig. lived up the street with his mom and a sibling. when he didn't come home last thursday evening, right away friday morning they reported him missing. reported him missing and now police consider him in danger. . >> this is the photo of 18-year-old miguel ruiz that police want to get out and want the public to see. he's an 11th grader in the fairfax county public school district. this was the team searching for him today just after they left the woods late this afternoon. they've been looking and investigating since saturday and the information they developed only created more concern, that's why sunday evening they reclassified him as both missing and endangered. >> suffice it to say, we have acknowledged that we believe it's gang related, again it's so out of his character to just go missing, not let his family know where he is or what he's doing. so given the totality of the circumstances, we're very


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