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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  August 14, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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protesters call for peace as mourners gather and remember the victim in this weekend's violence in charlottesville. ♪ >> what heather heyer's mom wants you to know as her accused killer heads to court. >> she didn't accomplish a thin with his hate. he's done more harm. >> the picture that's more than a thousand words. the final moments of one woman's life. and life changed for several others. the man who police say is behind it can look the families in the eye for the first time in court. good morning everyone. i'm angie goff. we want to take you live to charleston right now to show you what's happening overnight. we have a live look at community members gathering here. it's a city still reeling,
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senseless violence that happened overnight. you can see that a memorial has been set up for the victim, as well as those who were wounded. we continue to have complete coverage of this tragedy in charlottesville, all throughout the morning on news 4. in fact, derrick ward is live there. we're going to check in with him in a minute. but first, we want to bring in chuck bell who is helping us plan for the week ahead. starting things off early on this monday morning, chuck. tell me something good. >> there is good news in the forecast. there's a chance for a shower today. but i think there's a couple of days with more dry weather than wet to get things cleaned up after the heavy weather friday night into early saturday. this is all ground clutter. there are showers on the virginia/north carolina border. with time, that ripple of moisture may sneak its way our way. on the whole, it's a pleasant way to get your week started. temperatures in the low
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around downtown, but most places comfortably in the 60s. afternoon high of 82 degrees. your rain chance today, only 30%. i'll show you future weather, show you where it may be maximized and minimized. back to you, angie. new overnight, one person was arrested at a demonstration near vcu in richmond. this is according to the richmond times dispatch. the group was protesting police in the white supremacist rally over the weekend. the co we say fight back. >> back here at home, hundreds of people gathered right up to the white house last night to denounce hate and violence and to show their support for the people of
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from the white house, demonstrators marching down pennsylvania avenue right past the trump international hotel. president trump has received a loet lot of criticism for not calling out people on their hate. in washington state, you see protesters showering riot police with silly string. hundreds of people taking to the streets in seattle in dueling rallies. the police creating a barricade to keep the groups separated to prevent any more violence. and in california, from los angeles down to san diego, people holding candlelight vigils and marching to show solidarity with the city of charlottesville. the anti-racism protest remains peaceful overall. as we
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during the weekend's violence. the man accused of ramming his car into the group of counter protesters, he's expected to make his first court appearance. the video may be disturbing. alex fields, 20-year-old alex fields charged with second degree murder for this violent crash believed to be the man behind the wheel. 19 others were hurt. the counter protesters were protesting against the white nationalist rally. he was photographed carrying a white supremacist shield. ♪ and this morning, as we showed you earlier, there are candles, flowers lining the street where the deadly crash happened. some are trying to get things back to normal after the chaos and carnage. derrick ward joins us liv
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mood there this morning. hi, derrick. >> reporter: good morning, angie. if you want to know about the mood here in charlottesville this morning, take a look at this. this picture says it all. these three folks showed up obviously well before dawn to stand here and contemplate. there's tears and quiet prayers. this was a crime scene after the incident when that driver plowed into the crowd that was marching here and now it has become a memorial. james alex fields jr. is charged with driving that muscle car into the crowd of protesters. 32-year-old heather heyer was the sole fatality. what's wounded is the mood of the town. people describe charlottesville as a little spot of blue among a sea of red. it's a bastion of liberal thinking and mood here.
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happened was not charlottesville. it was not the mood of this town. that's something they're aiming to recapture. this is the first weekday since this happened. the barricades will come down and this will be removed because this is a significant thoroughfare that leads you up from the pedestrian mall where folks will be traveling, a lot of businesses there and also down to water street, another thoroughfare getting you on to the freeway. that remains to be seen. this is something of like hallowed ground for folks here in charlottesville. >> derrick, we know they removed the statue of general robert e. lee. going forward, any word on what the city will do so something like this doesn't happen again? >> reporter: first off, there's legal wrangling that has that tied up in
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precipitated the events that happened here. that's tied up in court. we talked to a minister yesterday at the mt. zion african baptist church. he talked about a day of reconciliation planned involving ministry and community leaders from all over this town. i think that's where it's going to begin. right now, there's still a period of mourning for folks trying to understand how this happened. of course, later today when the suspect appears in court, it may add another layer to the mystery of how all this happened and why. >> the hearing it's only beginning. derrick ward live in charlottesville this morning, thank you. we're also learning more about the victim in that deadly crash in charlottesville. heather heyer, as derrick mentioned, she worked as a paralegal. her frinds say she wasn't necessarily an activist but felt strongly about certain issues. her mom is struggling to understand what happened. >> i'm really not
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i'm very sad. i'm very, very sad. but i can't be angry, because angry will make me hate and hate leads to more hate. there's no point to that. >> that shows strength right there. heyer's mom hopes her daughter's death serves a greater purpose. we're also learning more about the two virginia state troopers who died over the weekend. their helicopter crash as patrolling the rally. the lieutenant was company promoted this year and trooper pilot base would have celebrated his 41st birthday on sunday. he just transferred into the aviation unit in july. the faa and the ntsb are now investigating what happened. we do want to give you another live look from charlottesville this morning. we have several crew stationed there at every angle of the story as it unfolds. we'll check in with derrick in a little bit again and
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you can always find updates on nbc washington on mine as well as in our app when you're away from your tv. now, for another check of your weather, i knew that yesterday was not going to last, chuck. that heat and humidity is returning. >> nice and comfortable to get your monday morning started. temperatures down in the 60s this morning. we'll time out the rain chances coming right up. hits the bag and goes down clutching -- >> they are the two words nobody wants to hear together. harper and hurt. the latest on nats out fielder after his nasty play. we're hoping to keep hope alive for all of you. how much you could win
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hi. welcome back everybody. the time is 4:12. we want to show you the stories that will have people talking this morning. it has happened again. hackers broke into hbos computer network releasing more unaired episodes from some of the network's top shows. this time it includes several from the highly anticipated return of larry david's curb your enthusiasm and sunday night's episode of insecure. the hackers did not release episodes of game of thrones.
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too the bag to get harper who hits the bag and goes down clutching. >> that was so hard to watch. that scared a lot of people, nats fans especially saturday night. but it looks like bryce harper will be back this season. mri results are in showing a hyper extended knee and significant bone bruise. harper was barely limping into the nats press room yesterday. he's being placed on a ten-day disabled list. get the tickets out. let's play. >> you've still got a chance to become a multimillionaire. there's some monday motivation. no winner in saturday night's $356 million powerball drawing. the next drawing set for wednesday night. the jackpot has grown to 430 milli million. the mega millions ticket was sold in illinois. good for them. chuck, no winning ticket for you.
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i've won life's lottery already. i can't complain too much. temperatures back up into the 80s. still a few degrees cooler than average. haven't been above 90 degrees in over a week. that might change before this week is through. when i show you future weather in a minute,e'll show y wou fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone
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we are following breaking news in wisconsin right now. three men were killed in a
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we're told all three were shot at point-blank range near the concession stand. close to 5,000 people were at the raceway when that shooting happened. so far no suspects have been arrested. right now, more than 150 california firefighters are work to go save homes here. the blaine wildfire is burning out of control outside of los angeles in riverside county. some evacuations have been ordered already. no word on what started the fire. chuck bell, nice comfortable start to our monday. >> it certainly is. a very nice way to get the workweek started. temperatures right about average for the middle part of august. a little bit of a warming trend coming our way the next couple of days. you want to be ready for a little more heat and humidity than we've had to deal with lately. radar, continues to show very little in the way of actual rainfall threats. that is welcome news.
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go mode. just needed to hit go. that's amazing. if only life were that easy. mostly cloudy across the area this morning. raindrops are still way down to our south and west. that's likely where they'll stay. temperatures in the 60s now. will climb up into the 70s and low 80s today. here's your future weather. here the clouds are gradually on the increase. not much of a rain threat in the first half of the day. past noon, 1:30, showers along i-81. that's where most of the rain chances will be focused today along the shenandoah valley. there is a chance that a few of them, they could migrate in closer to the d.c. metro area. we'll keep a 30% chance for rain in the forecast. areawide today. but i think that most of the rain chances will be north and west of the immediate d.c. metro area. again, highs today mostly into the upper 70s and low 80s. a lot of clouds around. not necessarily the best pool day.
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minutes. >> sounds good. thanks, chuck. today is the first day of school for several schools in the district. a new school year, of course, brings the jitters and the anxiety. one of the biggest challenges a lot of kids are facing at all ages is bullying. molette green talks to a prince george's county mom about how she's helping her children. >> three kids in tow with school supplies in the shopping cart. >> i have purchased today some binders. >> anxiety builds for the howard family as the first day fast approaches. >> i have one in elementary, one in middle school, one going to high school. >> you love school? >> yes. >> you can't wait to get back? >> yes. >> i'll tell you -- i'm a little nervous. it gets harder and harder. i'm trying to -- >> one of the biggest worries, bullying, which could start on day one in the classroom. according to
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nonprofit group stand for the, 60% of fourth through eighth graders report being bullied. like his siblings, john howard has jitters. high school is a different world. >> on the first day of school and first week, your mind might be more focused trying to find a group to hang out with. my high school is a very nice friendly child. sometimes that translates into other things in the school system. >> her strategy, no cell phones which bullies often use to get around obstacles. child psychiatrist recommends a direct approach. >> you have to teach them to speak up. if someone is bullying them online, you can't keep it in private. if somebody is threatening them, making them feel less than, you have to be -- >> it's a parents' jobo
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welcome back. the highly anticipated solar eclipse is just one week away. more than the counterfeit solar eclipse glass rs flooding the market. that's causing amazon to take action. the company issued refunds to customers who bought the glasses that may not comply with industry standards. they've also removed a few from its website as a precaution. the american astronomical society posted a list of verified vendors and websites who sell the glasses that meet the industry standards. something else out of this world is considered the best of humanity. a message from earth sent nearly 12 billion miles
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now 40 years after the voyager probe launch, a gift to the cosmos is available here on planet earth. nbc's joe fryer explains. >> reporter: gazing into space, it's hard to imagine that drifting out there some 13 billion miles away is a message. >> hello from the children of planet earth. >> reporter: just waiting to be found. >> we have ignition. >> reporter: you see, 40 years ago when nasa launched voyager 1 and 2 into the solar system, each carried a gold plated record with greetings in 55 languages. music from various cultures. not to mention nature's symphony. on top of that, 115 images, a snapshot of earth meant for any extraterrestrials who may stumble upon the spacecraft. >>
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our planet. >> reporter: now the golden record is getting a bigger audience. these three are reproducing the album for earthlings. >> it provides a sense of hope. a lot of people could really do well with some hope. >> reporter: after raising $1.3 million on kick-starter, they've created a boxed set. >> to think people will be sitting down with this thing in their living rooms right around the time of the 40th anniversary is super gratifying to me. >> reporter: has this been an emotional experience at all? >> absolutely. >> incredibly emotional. >> reporter: scientist carl saying an and -- whose heartbeat is on the album. >> that was me. i am so eternally grateful and proud that it was me because
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love diffuses that record. >> reporter: they'll get the best of life on earth. >> blue skies, a sunset. a string concerto. human laughter. a baby's cry. it's a lovely reminder of what it means to be a human. >> joe fryer, nbc news, city of industry, california. down here, sounds like a hit to me. the time is 4:26. "news4 today" continues right now with aaron and eun. good morning everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang. now on "news4 today." >> we say fight back. >> from one washington to another. protesters call for peace as mourners gather to remember the victim in this weekend's violence in
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♪ >> what heather heyer's mother wants you to know as the man accused of killing her daughter heads to court. >> he didn't accomplish a thing with his hate. he's done more harm. it is the picture that says more than a thousand words and stirs thousands of emotions. the final moments of one woman's life and the instant life changed for several others. here's a live look from the scene where a vigil continues to grow. the man police say is behind it all will go before a judge for the first time. before we get you up to date on all the developments out of charlottesville, we want to get a look at weather and traffic. >> we'll get a check on the commute in a moment but let's start with chuck bell and the humidity that's going to st
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creeping back in here. >> yes indeed. it's been more than a week since we've been above 90 degrees. been a vacation from the mid-summer in washington. there's a hint of that towards the middle and later parts of the week. off to a generally quiet start. this is tropical storm gert off the atlantic coast. the outer banks of north carolina. it's going to make sure that takes the right-hand turn and stays out to sea. other than elevated wave heights, there's not going to be much of an impact along the eastern seaboard. still watching rain along the virginia/north carolina border. that impulse will try to ride our way later on today. off to a dry start. mid-60s in the suburbs to 70 downtown. rain chances sneaking up to the 20, 30% rain chance. low to mid-80s. jack, you may want that umbrella ready for a stray shower or two later on this afternoon. >> i don't want it, i don't want it.
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howard county 100 route 1, north of 100. the right lane getting by in each direction. we'll have that on 355 going southbound, jones bridge road, right lanes getting by. also work in virginia. but it just cleared out of gainesville, 29 northbound after 15. the left lane had been getting by. but now all travel lanes are available. you don't have to worry about that. back to you. new overnight, one person was arrested at a demonstration near vcu in richmond. that's according to the richmond times dispatch. the group was protesting police and the white supremacist rally that caused chaos in charlottesville this weekend. at times, chanting cops and the klan go hand in hand. >> bac
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of people gathered outside the white house last night to denounce hate and violence and to show their support for the people of charlottesville. >> from the white house, demonstrators marched down pennsylvania avenue past the trump international hotel. president trump has received a lot of criticism for not calling out hate groups by name in his remarks following the violence. >> in washington state, protesters showered riot police with silly string. hundreds of people took to the streets in seattle in dueling rallies. the police created a barricade to keep the groups separated and prevent any violence. >> in california, from los angeles to san diego, people held candlelight vigils and marched to show solidarity with charlovi


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