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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  August 21, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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the countdown is on. people are scrambling to find the best way to enjoy the experience. samarra? >> yes, we are just a few hours away. what are the viewing conditions going to be like? i'll set the scene in just a moment. thank you for joining us this morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm angie goff. it is eclipse day, and everyone is gearing up for the solar event.
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if i can score them in glasses, i'm going to blocking. >> samarra theodore is here with us. you will definitely get enough breaks to get a good view with your safety glasses. temperatures will start at 86 degrees, but as that moon passes in front of the sun we could see the temperature drop by just a few degrees here. so remember, use the proper eyewear. don't forgot we're looking at 82% totality. the start time is 1:17 p.m., our chief meteorologist doug kammerer
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totality. it is what everybody is talking about, the great american solar eclipse. about two hours and change, the eclipse will race across about 14 states. >> it will move diago neal and exit near charleston, south carolina. in our region, you will notice changes between 1:20 and 4:00 this afternoon. we have reporters across the country tracking this event. our coverage begins in the sky. ad adam, you might have the best seat in the house here. >> reporter: this is a pretty unique view from up here, but let's look at what's going on outside right now. we have a lot of haze over northern virginia. we just lifted off from manassas. somara was seeing we'll see the haze, but you've got to remember, n
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on, if you're going to stare into the sun, have those protective glasses. take a look at this video we've got of people trying to get the glasses at the last minute down at the air and space museum. of course, there was a big crush from us trying to get them this morning. we were handing them out, but listen, people are excited. there was one kid who cannot wait to see this event. >> i'm very excited, because i never seen an eclipse in my life before. >> okay. >> it will be fun to see how the moon like comes up and sun. >> reporter: one thing that road crews have been telling us. when the eclipse is happening, no stopping on the side of the road. that's just dangerous. don't do that. maybe sure you stay safe, whether you're looking at this thing with yr
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safe on the road. we're going to be up here in chopper 4 as the entire eclipse is happening. this will be an intel pet spective. we'll bring you that live, guy. >> stay safe. we have everything to be if -- we are pumped for this, especially this guy, this dude. he looks like mad max out there. to my south carolina gamecocks roots. what's going on? >> this is what everybody will be doing all day. these are actual ly solar glasses. we have they special glasses. we've got looking up there all day.
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they already gone through about 18 thousands. so they had about 32,000 pairs left. a lot of people were in sign waiting. >> the eclipse will start after the 1:00 hour. we'll tart to see the among go across very, very slowly. totality here is -- it's 237, and 100% totality. which mean we will be in the dark form that's what i'm most excited for. we're going to be able to actually with the naked eye now, we'll be able to take the glasses off during totality. is and see the coron ooh. it will be
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the coolest thing about this, is there are so many people down here from washington, d.c., all made that i way down. a lot of people said they would be down here. others have said they would go to charleston, but they have not come up to the clemson area. this is called upsay south carolina. right now now a cloud in the sky. another person who came up here? chuck bell. he brought the dogs, said he was going to find -- but i don't want see him. in the amount of excitement down here, so amazing. i met something here
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compete the excitement. >> this is truly a rare event. in the path of totality. we're going to check back in with you. we are so pumped here. if you are stuck inside, don't wire, you can tune in. it begin at 1:00 on the dot. we'll be checking back in with doug as well. >> it is back to school for thousands of students. some in the extended years schools, but as of today. everybody is in, especially at
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the students are the happiest. take a look. more kids crossing, it, to slow down, instead some of the students have to navigate this intersection, and they may be distracted, considering what they're returning to the school year. >> this building has been fully modernized for 21st century teaches and learn. >> this neighborhood institution is among the system's most -- also a day clair clinic, an integrate part of the neighborhood.
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will learn squirming and physical education class right here it he marie reed -- >> there's new programs and instructions as well. when you sioux the night, the pool, the know it is a building that our kids deserve. >> reporter: they came right down to the hour with the finishing touches. this is the new playground, but unfortunately the kids won't have access to it yesterday. there's still tarp and more landscaping to be done. for the actual use of the kids, but the only thing going on inside those walls. it's open to this community. always v
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we're live, derrick ward, news 4. back to you. 11 another 09. today a dramatic scene for clinton, maryland man accused of stabbing his 6-year-old sister and their two young cousins. we were in that courtroom for the bond hearing. she says after family on both sides, they started fighting in the courtroom. williams had a series of strange outbursts. the judge stopped the hearing and ordered a mental evaluation. prince george's county police say williams killed the three girls inside a house in clinton on friday. police say he confessed to the crimes, but did not say why he killed them. just a short time ago a judge sentenced a dietscher's aide to decades related to child porn and students at the school where he worked. justin's
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hearing. what is the latest, justin? >> reporter: good morning. dion taye apologized and said he was not a monster, but said he did not know what he was doing until it was far too late. the judge sensing something else, choosing to sentence care eway to 75 years in federal prison on the 15 counts for the purpose of child pornography. again, former prince georges school aide did speak before that sentence. he also said he loved the families still of those children he abused, despite their feelings against him. for months last year he was accused of sexually abusing those children. there's at least 20 young children involved. their ages ranging from 9 to the
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i remembery preteens. much of this abuse also to captured on control phone cameras. the federal prosecutors were pushing for a 100-year term behind bars, a statement they say to show caraway and others were egregious and to deter future cases the the defense moved for a 60-year sentence, with that the judge did strike on middle ground with the 75 years, the defense saying caraway only had a 62 i.q., still very much a child trapped in a man's body, and he too was abused, unaware of the pain and toormt he was causing these young people and their families. this abuse taking place on school campuses as well as children's homes, a church and community center in this case as well. he also still has a state case pending as well in which he has additional charges to face. the defense lawyers in this case
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been given a life sentence, there's not much more the courts can do. he's already serving his max time behind bars. news 4, back to you in the studio. >> a lot of gathering there. we're the big show in the sky. still ahead, live to wyoming
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welcome back. the strategy in afghanistan will become a little clearer tonight when president trump addresses the nation. he's expected to outline the path forward in that country. news4's edward lawrence has a preview. >> reporter: back from his working vacation, president trump will address the nation tonight to discussion his strategy in afghanistan, the president met with his national security team at camp david over the weekend to discussion a path forward in afghanistan and south asia policy. they are being tight-lipped about the outcome. >> i was not making significant troop it until we need the strategy, the commitment going in. in that regard, the president has made a decision. >> reporter: the president already increased troop size this year to 8400. mainly acting as advisers.
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>> the real question is what is our strategy, then when you lay out the strategy, the troop strength question. >> i think we should begin to live and reserve the opportunity in the right with a proper basing of our forces in the region to be able to strike. >> we will find out the president's final decision tonight during his address. his speech tonight will be from ft. mey ft. mier, not the without. >> edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. we have live covering of the are from myer henderson hall. just days since a van attack, a van razz rammed into two bus stops in france. one woman has died. it's not clear if this was terror related. the dr
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custody. all the this week the news4 i-team is working to keep your children safe. >> this morning there's paul outfrom a recent eye-team report whether -- the news4 sky mcfarland takes a deep look. >> a virginia state senator has asked the state department of social service to consider a change in its regulation after a news4 i-team report found a schoolteacher found to have engaged in sexual abuse managed to keep teaching for years, across state lines in thomas johnson middle school. that loop holes allows them to appeal cases and keep their licenses and teaching during the appeal and keep their names off a registry that would normally prevent them from working in schools. some of those 'peals, we found, last years. >> this is worthy of our attention. we have to come up wit
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that protects our children as well as protects the rights of the accused. >> reporter: why this could aload children in all districts, that's tonight at news4 at 6:00. be sure to check out the i-team's special half hour, "slipping through the cracks." just visit our app for that report. big days typically mean some big deals. >> we are running down the deals aroundtown,
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this morning jerry lewis is being remembered as a comedy icon and philanthropist. the tributes continue to pour in from celebrities and fans. nbc's craig melvin looks back at the funny man's career. >> you said you loved me. >> reporter: this morning tributes are pouring in no comedy legend jerry lewis, honored at the l.a. comedy club the laugh fact tire as fans gather at the hollywood walk of fame. born to vaudeville entertainers, he launched hess career after dropping out of high school and taking hess comedy act on the road. >> jerry it's
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>> reporter: becoming a star after teaming up with singer dean martin. ♪ and try as she may >> reporter: in a straight into hiss manic persona. lighting up the nightclub circuit and appearing in 13 movies. they became a pop culture phenomenon. he talked to matt about is it here on "today" in 2005. >> what was it like. >> i was at the bank at the time, never withdrawals. >> reporter: but the relationship eventually strained and the two men called it quits. >> on hi os hen had a career writing and directing several films. the biggest hit "the nutty professor" but his passion went beyond entertainment. he's best known for hosting
11:24 am
annual labor day telethon lazing more than $2 billion an achievement though earned him his own oscar in 2009. >> thank you and good night. >> ladies and gentlemen, john lenon and yoko. >> reporter: it became a star-studded event. >> i have a friend who loves what you do every year. >> reporter: with frank sinatra even stage ago reunion on live tv. this morning there is an outpouring of love, carl reiner and ellen degeneres saying he was a comic icon. jim carrey adding, that fool was no dummy, calling him an undeniable genius. >> i go ahead paid for doing what children get punished for. don't ever forget it. [ bell
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>> that would be the last time you hear the sound until 2021. renovations are being made. lawmakers cry size the lon long timeframe. this would be the longest period since the bells first rang in 1859. go ahead. put your powerbomb tickets away. there was no winner, so you may want to buy a new ticket or two. wednesday's jackpot now up to $650 million, the second biggest jackpot in u.s. history. the odds of winning that one, though, 1 in 292 million. today's eclipse is inspiring stellar offers. >> from pancakes to even furniture, they find a way to capitalize on everything.
11:26 am
can eat mooncakes for $4. >> he they just regular pancakes? >> they say they're shaped like the full moon, but obviously all pancakes look. frigidaire having a blackout sale, black stainless steel appliances will be at least 30% off. krispy kreme and sprinkles cupcakes are selling eclipsed-themed pastries. pizza hut has also produced a video showing how to safetily view the eclipse by poke poking pinholes in the pizza box. >> i brought meyer cereal box. these things, i had to buy all over the place. >> i'm so glad you found them. >> how about the forecast? a lot of folks are worried about what it will be like outside. >> i know, right? you know what? it's not
11:27 am
quintessential weather for this, but it's not the worse. we are expecting to see clouds build, we even have a rain charge, but remember we're going to be seeing the zenith at 2:42 p.m. as he head around 1:17, that's when it will start, but there will be breaks in the clouds. so be sure to have your glasses on. as we head towards 2:42, about 81% of the sun will be covered by the moon, we will be seeing sun and clouds in the area. as we head towards the end of this experience, that's when we'll see a chance for storms real real really reffing up. >> we are actua d
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do have clouds moving in and out. you'll have to find a break in the cloud, but as we head into the evening we'll see the chance for showers and storms. notice those breaks i was talking about, that's when you'll want to look to the sun, then the 3:00, 4:00 hour, just after the peak, that's a chance for isolated thunderstorms, we'll be making it by the skin of our teeth, guys, and then we'll see things dry out. temperatures today in the low 90s. it will be pretty hot out there. tomorrow it's really heating up, temperatures in the mid 80s. another and then by wednesday, talking widely scattered sho
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now "news4 midday," after weeks of wondering and years of waiting, the countdown to the great american eclipse is just about over. just about three hours from now our area will get at least a partial view of this phenomenon. >> one of the cities on that path of totality is kasper, wyoming. news4's jay gray is there with what's expected to happen as things get started there, as everything starts to line up
11:32 am
>> yeah, aaron and angie, we are excited, everyone is filling in the spots over this ridge that looks over the city, everyone waiting for the moment when things go from daylight to darkness here. there is a sense of history here. >> it's been almost 100 years since we've had a total solar eclipse go from one coast to the other. >> reporter: but in just hours, the shadow of the moon will travel across the united states from oregon to south carolina at close to 1500 miles an hour. each spot along the path going from daylight to darkness. >> the brightest stars and planets will show up. it's the temperature will drop, maybe up to 10, 15 degrees. even animals and plants are going to respond to this like it's night. >> reporter: it would only last 2 1/2 minutes or so, but those who have seen it say the experience will last a
11:33 am
>> reporter: for many there's an emotional even spiritual effect as the earth, moon and sun align. >> it gives you a sense of elation, plus a humbleness to realize we are so tiny and small in this incredible universe. there are people with tears running down their cheeks, i've seen people on their knees praying. >> reporter: reactions from hours from becoming reality. >> so the picnic blank either are laid out. cameras, telescopes in place, everyone getting ready for the big event here. just two hours away from totality. it should be quite a show. >> we're banking on it. jay gray, live for us. it looks look a great spot there. >> i think all the celebrations are saying it's a total eclipse of the heartland that way. >> that's pretty good. >> that's what i heard. if you're planning to watch
11:34 am
see the sun sort of peeking out from behind the moon if you look up. if you're not planning to wash, you may not notice much. we talked to an astronomer. >> you may not actually notice much. you may feel like there is a cloud over the sun, but you have to pay really close attention to notify that difference. >> well, we do want to head back down to the being eclipse viewing party. doug kammerer and now chuck bell are in clemson, anxiously awaiting the big show. what's going on now? you've got some company here. >> reporter: yeah, we have a lot of company. we have a lot of company from the d.c. area, a lot of maryland folks, these guys are from northern virginia. this is the barry family. they came down to florence, south carolina first, and they weren't sure where to go, and they decided on clemson. why did you
11:35 am
either go big or go home. this is the only eclipse probably in our lifetime around us. >> you say go big or go home. this is about as big as it gets. >> super big. but it's so hot, though. >> reporter: this is honestly one of the most exciting things i'm excited to see. when the moon goes in front, our temperatures could drop 5 to 10 degrees. >> i'm looking for the total eclipse. go big or go home. i gotta see everything. >> reporter: you're dow jug that? >> yep. i got nothing to say here. >> reporter: where are you from? >> from rockville, maryland. >> so many people here from the dmv. but the amazing thing is it will last from three hours, about that 2:37 hour,
11:36 am
2 minutes 37 seconds of totality, and then going through 4:00. so extremely excited. the lines for the food trucks are way out the door. thousands and thousands. everybody have their glasses? does anybody need nini? good, because i don't have any. 1:00 to 3:00. we're going to be live during totality. if i can contain my excitement during that time, go big or go home, i love it. anything else, jamison? >> that's all, folks. >> reporter: i love it. my man right there. back to you guys. thanks so much. maybe we'll have a shift in energy. >> all sorts of things might happen, right? as doug mentioned, can you tune into the special coverage, and we will check back in with doug and chuck bell. >> now if you're fed u
11:37 am
delayed and getting nothing for it, there may be changes on the horizon. still ahead, what it may take to get sweet justice for your aircraft troubles. you're watching "news4 midday."
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if you've ever had your fligt delayed or canceled, you probably haven't been too happy about that. >> nbc's chris clackum tells you how consumer advocates are trying to help people get compensated. >> reporter: for all the talk, critics say the u.s. still lags behind other countries when it comes to flight delays and/or cancellations. >> the airlines in their contract of carriage promise to get you from point a to point b, but that's all. >> what they don't promise according to travelers united, is when you'll
11:40 am
he and others change if that could change if only the u.s. had airline rules like europe. >> so if your flight from europe to the united states is delayed by four hours, you get 600 euros, which is about $650. >> reverse that delayed flight, though, and he says you get nothing, and even with recent improvements in compensation from u.s. airlines. >> the think about air passenger rights and flight compensation is it's bigger in europe. >> scott ginsberg is with air help, which is light flight right and get service a flight compensation company, which for a fee helps passengers file claims against an airlines. full disclosure, my wife and i learned a lot about this aspect earlier this summer when you're international flight got canceled. when we got home we filed a claim and were in fact compensationed for our inconvenience. but only after being told about all this by
11:41 am
leoca and ginsberg say it should be the responsibility -- >> i dream one day the u.s. will have passenger rights as generous and as human as the european counterparts do. >> reporter: federal regulators have a website dedicated to passenger complaints, that doesn't cost anything. chris clackum, nbc news. the eclipse forecast, everybody worried about these clouds. >> i know, i know, and we are going to have some clouds moving through, but we'll be in the transition phase. what's has is clouds are building in, we did start off with a good amount of sunshine. we do even have a, eclipse at 2:42, and we make get a break in the clouds. i know that thunderstorm looks ominous, do not freak out,
11:42 am
temperatures in the mid 80s around the time of the eclipse. it peaks at 2:42, and we're expecting that chance for isolated showers and storms to roll through. a few people will see some rain, but overall we're going to get some breaks in the cloud, as long as you have your glasses on you you can look up to the sky. let's look at the radar. we're actually very dry. we'll be watching this area along the i-81 corridor, as we are going to expect? showers to materialize and move through. here's a look at the future weather here. it does have some showers or storms along that i-95 corridor, as we move through the afternoon, though, you'll see we'll start to clear things up. we're looking for that is breaks in the clouds. tonight, though, we are quiet. let's get a look at the forecast for today. you can see here we've got that major chance for afternoon this morning around 5:00 p.m. it's going to be pretty hot,
11:43 am
the temperature, with temperatures in the low 90s. the next greatest chance for storm activity is going to be wednesday, with widely scattered showers and storms. those will be on the strong side. that's a look at your forecast. we'll talk soon. somara, thank you. a monument from missy elliott? >> find o
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a new movie is hitting the big screen next friday. we are talking about "crown heights" it's based on a true story how the teen that winced the shooting ended up behind bars. joining us is the actor appeared director. thanks for being here nnamdi. >> a five-fine document quarries of carl and of colin, and i was just blown away at the fact that someone could go through 21 years for something they didn't do and come out and just be forgiving to everyone. the fact that someone could spend 21 years of their life trying to get them out, i was blown away. >> carl, what is it like to you to see your story told in this
11:47 am
>> i hope people learned a lot that what happened in 1980 is still happens in 2017 and they know they can make changes. >> what do you want the message to be from people who watch this movie? >> i think it's he galvanize the community behind them and really right a wrong is something that i think everybody kind of needs today. just to see that hope and inspiration and that we can be the difference makers. i think that's the important thing to take away. >> how did you do that? people have seen a lot of hate, a lot of division. how do you find the heart to forgive after something like that? >> colin, one, was in a situation, i was his friend standing by, but i think talking for colin, all the anger he went through was he was going through the trials at jail. he had to let it
11:48 am
focus and see better ways to tackle the system as far as to overturn the conviction. >> your background is protessal sports, you played in the nfl, how did you transition to movies and acting. >> it wasn't easy. i'm still making the transition, but right after i finished playing,ty produced a film in ghana, we were shooting it, and i just had a great time. i figured this was something that i could really tackle. then from the acting perspective, it just -- the same muscles are being used. so the preparation is the same, using those instincts. i just felt like it would be as smooth a transition as i could probably find. >> i never thought about that. that's interesting. >> yeah. >> carl, what do you want people to know after they leave the theater, something they might not have known either about your story or about
11:49 am
that perseverance and when you believe in a cause, you sometimes don't look on the outside for help, but you can start where you are at to organize and do something about it. that's one of the things i like people to know, we have the power within us. we can make differences. >> nnamdi, what kind of feedback are you getting so far? >> overwhelming. the film won the sundance film festival earlier this year. we just started sending it into the theaters, and the response has been just overwhelming. it's been great. >> certainly looks powerful and inspiring. carl and nnamdi, thank you for joining us. "crown heights" hits theirs friday, september 1st. the latest question offers an idea for a replacement. a petition to replace a
11:50 am
statue of rapper missy elliott has already more than 21,000 signatures online. the man put the petition up on he's call it that honors the grammy award winner, who is from portsmouth. it is reported that the star has not yesterday made a comment. as we count down the minutes to the solar eclipse, wee check in with somara theodore in a few minutes. and later today, on "ellen" visits from johnny depp, and there's some fun with ellen. you can see the interview here. "ellen" airs weekdays at 3:00, and catch up on all
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htc is dropping the price of the vibe virtual reality headset by $200, this comes weeks after facebook made a similar move for its goggles. the vibe cost $200 more than the rift. sales of high-end end systems having sluggish, and there hasn'ting a blockbuster to send hardware flying off the shelves. several chains are offering special deals that can't be eclipsed. among them krispy kreme is selling its original glazed doughnut with a
11:54 am
po i sea hut has produced a youtube video showing how to safely view the eclipse by making a projector out of the -- and the maker of moon pies wants you to tweet a photo. the best post could win a year's supply of the tasty treat. that's the business report this morning. i'm landon dowdy. today's total solar eclipse is said to be the most viewed ever. totality hits the oregon coast before racing across the country to charleston, south carolina, the last of 14 states to go totally dark. nbc's tom costello is getting ready. >> reporter: it may be the most anticipated solar event in history, about you from coast to coast, it's a traffic jam of epic proportions, with millions rushing to get the best view. 5 million people have flooded into south carolina, the last state to fade to black this afternoon. historic charleston has been sold out for months. how
11:55 am
town? >> this city is packed. we are 100% occupied. >> reporter: there is no rain date. >> there is no rainy date. so people will come no matter what. >> reporter: at city market, we found eclipse chasers from across the country. >> it's very unusual. >> an unusual phenomenon. >> and we'll remember it the rest of our lives. >> it's a communal experience to be in this unbelievable moment in time with everybody else experiencing this moment. i think it's goose bumps. >> reporter: nasa says it would move at about 1500 miles per hour. the so-called past of totality 7 on miles wide. for most people total darkness will only last 2 to 2 1/2 minutes. >> at that moment there will be a bright flas, the last bit of the bright sun, you will see the faint outer atmosphere of the corona creating a wing. >> reporter: again thorn
11:56 am
without the special glasses. >> gazing without safe solar filters can burn a hole in your retina. especially remember if you're supervising kids, don't let the kids take the glasses off and gates at the sun. >> reporter: talk about distracted driving. aaa is warning driving to pull off the road. please don't wear the shades while driving. for people who have to drive, turn on your headlights and keep your eyes on the road. now, since we won't see totality here, it won't be that dramatic that you need to turn on the headlights. >> no, but still if you're looking at it for a few seconds. you don't want it to burn any of the retina and the core of your eye. time now to get a final look, though, at the eclipse forecast. >> somara, what do you have? >> i have my moon pie and my glasses, so you know i'm ready. right now a look at the forecast, so here's how things are panning out. around
11:57 am
begin. we will see sun and clouds. the good news is you should be getting some breaks in the clouds to be able to view that. temperatures around the mid to upper 80s. at 2:42, we'll actually see the temperature drop a bit. we are expecting more clouds to build in, so we'll be looking for those breaks, and then just after that, we're going to start to see the scattered our isolated showers and thunderstorms move through, as we head into the end of this event at 4:on 2. so really spectacular stuff. be sure to have your glasses when you're looking up to the sky. back to you all. >> thank you, somara. make sure you tune into our special coverage that starts at one hour at 1:00. we'll be checking in with check bell and doug kammerer, who are on the path of totality in south carolina. they were joining a big eclipse viewing party that's happening and unfolding there. it will be a lot of fun. that's it for "news4 midday." we'll be back
11:58 am
afternoon at 1:00 and then 4:00 too. and all countless patients. countless ailments. countless hours. and guess what? you can handle it all. be a leader in your field with a bsn from strayer university. a nursing program created by and for nurses. let's get it, nurses.
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stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, 2, 1. >> i'm sorry that we have to wait around until 2017 before we can do that one again. >> wait no more, it is finally here. today is the day, the first u.s. total eclipse of the heart. d dandre whitfield is here with us today. natalie is off


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