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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  August 24, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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that search sailors died after a similar accident involving the u.s.s. fitzgerald off the coast of japan. xavier martin was from baltimore county, maryland and dakota rigsby was from virginia. the fitzgerald and the mccain are both in the navy's 7th fleet in the pacific. the commander has been relieved of duty. we're following a develop story this morning. we're working to learn when the man who became the face of the white nationalist rally in charlottesville will be extradited. christopher cannot well turned himself into place -- police in lynchburg, virginia. he openly talked about his racist views. he was wanted by uva police for his actions during the friday night torch rally before saturday's deadly rally. at some point he will be brought back to charlottesville to face three felony charges. meanwhile, theon
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deadly rally is still causing controversy. yesterday, a man with a gun strapped to his leg tried to cut a black tarp off the robert e. lee statue. crews had to put the tarp up earlier as a symbol of mourning for -- the man said it was desecration but stopped cutting it when police arrived. the thomas stonewall jackson statue was also covered up. the debate is stretching to churches. coming up, we'll tell you about the future of the two stained glass windows honoring the confederacy at the national cathedral. it turns out that deadly charlottesville rally had little to do with a virginia priest revealing his past with the kkk. the arlington catholic diocese confirms to news 4 that a freelance reporter was about to out the father before he became clean. the priest claims he was moved to come forward after the violence in charlottesville earlier
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howard and prince george's county in the '70s. one couple he targeted didn't buy the -- he was really sorry he named the people who helped him carry out his crimes. >> he needed help with -- >> the father is on leave of absence in fairfax. he's been working in the arlington diocese for decades. the church was aware of his past. evacuate the property. >> those are police officers keeping people out, even people who called this condo complex home just 24 hours ago. police and firefighters went door to door last night at the lynn hill condos trying to get the last of the holdouts to leave. the temple hills complex was declared unsafe. neighbors say they were not given enough time to
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>> 24 hours, that's not enough time for nobody to up and leave and go to another place. >> many of the people who live there are in temporary housing or staying with relatives until they figure out their next move. anyone who couldn't get all of their items out can make an appointment with the county social services office to go back inside and finish packing. today, summer is over for thousands in our area. more than 80,000 kids are heading back to school today in loudoun county. there are more than 800 new teachers in the county this year. there's also a new middle school. bram belton in ashburn is open and ready for students. >> if you have kids in fairfax county schools, you might get a visit from their teacher today. teachers are heading out into the neighborhoods near their schools going door to door to personally welcome back students much the school year in fairfax county starts on monday. can you imagine if your teacher showed up at your
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>> worst nightmare. >> stop it. what did i do? already. some breaking news now. somebody won that giant powerball jackpot overnight. >> hopefully you bought your ticket in massachusetts. i must have family there. i'm going to do some searching. >> each if you didn't, erika gonzalez has good news for people around here. >> good morning to you. one lucky dog in boston this morning. but both maryland and virginia had million dollar winners. you might check the tickets this morning. tweeted out the numbers for you. we'll put them on the screen as well. the winning numbers pulled last night, 6, 7, 16, 23, 26 and the powerball was 4. the big winner as we said before, boston massachusetts. there's that live shot there of the reporter i believe getting ready to do a couple of live shots.
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the live pictures now, i'm really surprised that it's that quiet there this morning. i thought th there would be swarms of people at this dark and early hour. but folks, it's not our day here at news 4. we're still here at work. eun, aaron, back to you guys. >> it's not all bad news. we have a few people that could be million dollar winners, which is nothing to sneeze at. >> we should be so lucky. maryland and virginia, there are winning tickets there, million dollar tickets sold there. not the big, big, big one. the thing here is that they don't tell us where those million dollar tickets were sold. they just tell us that they were in those states. you've got to check, right? if you won that million dollar, if you matched all the first five numbers, not the powerball. again, you can check my twitter account. if you need the numbers, they'll be online as well. i'm checking my tickets. we're going to get a another check on your weather and traffic. >>
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roads for us. first, sheena parveen has a look at the forecast. >> hey guys. it's beautiful outside. i'm sure you thought so as you walked inside. i don't want to ear eun say she needed a jacket today even though it feels like fall. you can roll the windows down. it's going to be a fantastic day. not only the morning hours but the afternoon. 61 in frederick. 62 degrees in gaithersburg. 72 in the district. 66 manassas. 67 in clinton. as you wake up and walk outside, really, really nice this morning. 7:00 a.m., 70 degrees. 8:00 this morning, still in the low 70s. by 9:00 a.m., we'll only be in the mid-70s. big changes today compared to what we're used to or what we've been used to this summer. technically, still in summer even though we feel like fall. we'll talk about the unseasonably cool forecast through the weekend. let's check your roads on this thursday morning commute. hey, jack taylor. >>
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thank you for my dry roads. 7 eastbound over the toll road, left lane getting by. volume is still light. if you're headed out, shouldn't cost you any time. 123 after the dulles connector road. this work zone is getting by that project. the work just about wrapped up on 28 northbound between old ox road and noeks boulevard. that project in the end stages. back to you. >> thank you, jack. it smells like rotting flesh but people just can't stay away from the corpse flower. we sent our barbara harrison tout find out what makes this flower so special. poor barbara. >> taking a bite out of a board. a shark narrowly misses one man's body. up
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welcome back. after eight surgeries, a d.c. woman still can't walk after being hit by a dump truck. the man who hit here may get off with only a ticket. d.c. police say alvarez hit by apg abutter as she was trying to cross the street near a gas station. butler thought she would dais the truck dragged her nearly 70 feet. the driver stopped aft
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heard her screaming. he's been cited for failing to yield the right-of-way. did he talk to you after this happened? >> he didn't talk to me. all he said was i'm so sorry about what happened. i said that's all you got to say. i can't each walk now because of you. >> alvarez also faces hit and run charges from another crash from 2015, a gallon debt student was seriously hurt in that. it was -- a woman found dead buried in the sand last month in ocean city. we expect to learn more about the investigation into her death when police hold a news conference. a medical examiner has said ashley o'connor suffocated. she was a 30-year-old newlywed from texas. she was discovered when someone saw her hand sticking out of the sand. as we enter the last days of summer vacation, you might want to take a look at this. it's a photo that really could keep a lot of people out of the water.
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>> you are looking at a shark bite on a surfer's paddle board. the shark just missed his arm in cape cod. racing out of the water to warn a nearby surf class. he can't believe his luck. >> it's not like i see the fin coming at me. i never saw the shark come. >> this is the problem. you don't see it coming. the surfer is okay. he even said he plans to get back into the water as soon as there are waves. you can't keep them away. i'm telling you, people who love to surf and be in the ocean -- see, i like the sand and the sound of the ocean. >> this is not the first time he's had a run-in with a shark. he was almost bitten in 2005. >> now the sharks know him. >> stay out of the water. there's your sign. 4:42 right now. >> oh, come on. you can't live life in fear. that is a misconception. yo
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in jaws. aaron, get in the water. it's fine. 72 in the district. some areas in the low 60s right now. feeling like fall. really nice going through the afternoon. i'll show you that forecast. what you can expect for your weekend oming up. plus, incompetent stead of statues, spitz stapd glass much the latest confederate now at havertys furniture, our labor day sale is on. fill your home with well-crafted pieces at affordable prices. and through september 4th, enjoy free delivery. plus save $100 off every $1000 you spend. hurry in. summer is ending and so are these exceptional offers.
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o-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to good thursday morning. almost to friday. the weather is going to cooperate. if you're heading to the bus stop this morning, if you're taking kids to the bus stop and throughout the school day, beautiful weather for recess if the kids are back in school and each later on this afternoon. fantastic with unseasonably cool temperatures. only reaching around 80 degrees. i'll show you the weekend forecast coming
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we have one winner. this is a live look outside where that ticket was sold. only one, though, matched all the numbers in the powerball jackpot. this is in massachusetts outside of boston. there's still a chance you could walk away with six figures. taking a whiff of the stinky corpse flower. we september barbara harrison to sniff it out for us. we'll tell you about the results. >> your time is 4:46. congress may be on recess. that's not stopping president trump from setting up a fight when they get back. >> talk of a government shutdown is heating up. it's all due to this threat by president trump. >> the obstructionist democrats wouldn't like us to do it. we're building that wall. we need to shut down the government.
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border wall. >> edward lawrence is live on capitol hill now. the white house isn't backing down from that threat. what are the chances of a shutdown actually happening over this issue. >> eun, it's depends if the white house is going to push this as far as it will go. there's not much appetite in congress to pay for a wall from our side. you remember the campaign trail, president trump said that mexico would pay for the wall. but, again, now recently president trump in phoenix has gone after senator john mccain, also senator jeff flake and senator jeff flake has historically voted with president trump in a lot of his agenda a i items. that may change. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is at odds with the president and hasn't spoken with him in several weeks. it's unlikely that congress will put money in for a wauchlt we'll have to see who wins this. the government could shut down if he makes that a requirement. >> edward lawrence on the hill this morning. thank you.
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comey has a new gig at howard university. he'll be hosting his own lecture series on campus. an invitation to be -- he'll also do five lectures on campus. the school says comey is donating his $100,000 pay to a scholarship. president trump fired comey back in may. the washington national cathedral will make a decision soon about the future of two stained glass windows that honor the confederacy. these panels have robert e. lee and stonewall jackson. they were installed in the 1950s. the windows will move we're told by the officials there. >> for sure, those windows won't remain in their current place, in their current context. something is going to change. >> the cathedral already blotted out the image of two
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battle flags coming after the massacre in charleston, south carolina ziefrmg there is a good chance that a lot of us remember where we were when an earthquake rattled the area six years ago. the 5.8 quake damaged some of our iconic landmarks, including the washington monument and the national cathedral. it will be years before the cathedral is fully restored. as crews work, you'll have a chance to see something that previously required binoculars. some carvings that are normally 15 stories are are grounded as part of an exhibit. that is going to be cool. interior restoration wrapped up two years ago but they still need to reinforce about 80% of the exterior. it's truly one of my favorite spots in ts and to see some of those beautiful item at cathedr cathedral you normally wouldn't see will be worth it. they were just trying to help the community.
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in a story only on news 4, some broke into radio offices in anacostia. they took equipment, hard drives and cameras that the station uses to get out its message. the setback keeps them from helping their neighborhood. they're asking for the community's help to get back on the air. good morning to you. i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk with breaking news that's going to sound all too familiar. a car drove into a group of protesters. this is new video from right after that incident in st. louis hours ago. the people there were remembering a transgender woman killed by police. officers say three protesters were hurt in the crash shall not seriously. the driver was arrested and charged with a felony. back over to you guys. erika, thank you. it's 4:50 now. if you want to do something special, you can g
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strong sense of rotting meat if that floats your boat. this is at the u.s. botanic garden in the next few days sgiefrjts the third corpse flower could bloom today. that plapt is famous because of its smell. an awful smell. our barbara harrison went out there to check this unique perfume, if you will. >> i just kind of whacked it to you. >> smells like garlic. >> it smells like garlic o pop i diaper. >> someone said they got a whiff of sort of cabbage or a toilet. >> i'm getting sick already. >> botanic garden is staying opening late until 10:00 each night. had a chance to smell her experience with her co-workers. >> you got to get like -- a glass of wine. >> smell that if you take a big -- you get a hint of -- >> i got a
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i'm not kidding. >> why would they stick their nose into the jar? >> hold it at arm's length. >> the guard earns started, figured out a wa to bottle this smell. you can buy that. >> buy it? >> i would never buy that. >> why do we want to bottle up this smell? >> if you do this, a pafrntly it's okay. when you stick your face in there. >> we need to bottle up the smell of baking cinnamon buns or something like that. >> you bring that when you don't want people in your house. >> make a corpse flower jelly bean. that would be awful. i guess if you want to check it out, smell corporation flower. don't do that today, it's going to be nice. it's going to be a fall-like morning. by the afternoon, inseasonably cool. maybe feeling fallish for some people. e
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this morning, low 60s. even the afternoon as we go through the weekend are going to be unseasonably cool. the weekend is looking great. we're talking about tropical storm harvey. we're talking about it locally too. not until next weekend. unfortunately, that is labor day weekend. i'll show you that in a second. 72 degrees in washington, 61 frederick. 69 kwaupt coe. 67 in clinton. very, very comfortablement we look at future weather staying dry. by the afternoon, isolated showers could try to sneak in north and west. most of the area fantastic. feeling like fall this morning. if you're exercising get outside. just perfect this afternoon with highs in the low 80s. there it is. tropical storm harvey and here's what it's going to do. sbhofg texas dropping 15 inch or more of rainfall. the recommend nan of this could be giving us some rain locally.
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in the forecast, it's looking fantastic. we're not talking about remnants this weekend k rah that would be next weekend. the temperatures feeling great, feeling like fall. we'll check the forecast coming up. let's check the roads with jack taylor, wtop. hey, jack. >> love the look of 7s across there. nicely done. from hagerstown toward frederick, we have a -- excuse me, a striking project may have eased up. the left lane had been getting by. there was a little rally. crews working on the crock rock creek parkway. alternating one delay through. it's been pretty light volume. it's not going to cause too much time. after the dulles connecting road, which is the right lap getting by that. painful practices. disdushing new v
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cheer's squad. you won't me what plarts were forced to do to stay on the steam. >> it's aut to get worsebo
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welcome back at 4:57. kids heading back to school. you know that means a lot more cars on the roads and more
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you probably already started noticing the difference. >> as you spend more time sitting in traffic, it can get tempt to go pick up your phone. as scott macfarlane and the i-team show us, a lot of people are getting pulled over for distracted driving near schools. >> you'll see it as early as next week. the summer traffic gives way to stop-and-go traffic. traffic jams. making it much harder to get to your parking lot and get to work. it will get more tempting to pick up the phone and check all those e-mails and text messages. more people are doing that. an investigation shows a spike in distracted driving cases in our region. in fairfax county alone, we found 12,000 accidents linked to driver distraction just since 2014. in montgomery county, police stopped 11,000 drivers just last year. 1400 were in school zones. at the virginia tech transportation institute, the i-team got behind the wheel on a
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our reflexes. nearly colliding with strateg strategically hazardous issues on the roads. >> people are lulled into it. >> we find it a lot in stop-and-go traffic. they'll take their phone -- they'll have fender bend erts with the car in front of them. there's distraction in fast traffic too. tonight on the investigation on news 4 at 11:00, we go on the highway with police to see what drivers will cooing behind the wheel at 70 miles an hour. for now, scott macfarlane, news 4 i-team. pick up your phone while you're driving. too much traffic in our area. >> "news4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m.
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>> breaking news, we have a winner. one ticket matched the powerball drawing where it was sold and lucky numbers that may be on your ticket. >> the school we're helping you get ready for school as thousands in a local district start a new year. plus why your kids' teacher may be stopping by your house today. >> he admitted to his past with the kkk. now we're learning what caused a priest to come forward after all these years. it is 5:00 a.m. good morning everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. don't get back in bed right now. you have to get up and at 'em. you're probably not a lottery winner and you probably have to go to work. >> there is a powerball winner this morning. not in our area. it reached $758.5 million drawing. one ticket matched all six numbers and it was sold in massachusetts. >> you should still check the numbers, though. because million dollar tickets were sold in


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