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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  August 24, 2017 5:00pm-5:59pm EDT

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we're saw the fbi and paying a lot of attention here in the back of this yard and going in and out of this basement door of this temple hill's home. come to find out, fbi was primarily focused on credit card fraud. >> that black car right there, who is that agent right there, have been coming in here and sitting and watching. >> neighbors who did not want to be identified tell me they knew something was coming. fbi agents carried boxes and boxes out of one temple hill's home. the home was being rented by rodriguez norman. he's one of 11 people facing charges for conspiracy to commit bank fraud and wire fraud. they raided homes, including this home on devin hills drive in fort washington. and this rented home on saint claire drive in temple hills. one neighbor and a few sources close to this investigation say dog fighting was also discovered at the temple hills home. the fbi won't confirm them, but dogs were taken from the house this
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beautiful animals, beautiful. >> what kind of dogs. >> it was a couple of pits. he was -- he bred these things here. and they use them, just like that. >> after hours in the temple hills home, agents left carrying poles. aaccording to dog fighting sites, it's used to strengthen their jaws and necks. you can imagine all the fbi agents who were coming out of this door carrying boxes, you look over this way and see all of the houses of people who were looking and figuring out what in the world was going on, but come to find out what brought the fbi here again, these federal charges involving credit card fraud, at least one person was arrested from this house. reporting live from temple hills, back to you all in the studio. >> tracee, thank you so much. right now people in texas and louisiana are
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sandbags, stocking up on water and boarding up their windows, preparing for hurricane harvey to make land fall late tomorrow. now, this storm is going to be so serious even life threatening that many people are packing up and getting out of town. you'll hear meteorologist talking about a category three storm and that means major flooding and damage with winds reaching up to 130 miles an hour. storm team 4 is tracking harvey's path and, doug, this could be historic. there hasn't been a storm like this anywhere in the u.s. in, what, more than a decade. >> we're talking about a major hurricane. that's a drought that we've seen across the united states. that's something that's been good news. the last major hurricane, category three or higher was wilma back in 2005. now this one is expected to become a major hurricane by tomorrow afternoon. it has been strengthening rapidly. look now, in the last couple of frames here in the last half hour or so. we've seen the high develop most of the satellite
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it's making it way right towards the corpus christi area. harvey is still off the coast. winds of 85 miles an hour. this is the latest advisory. pressure has fallen a little bit, meaning it continues to strengthen and continues to get better organized. coming on shore, very close to corpus christi, 125 mile per hour cat 3 hurricane and then moving up and just sitting, literally, just sitting here for days, saturday, sunday, monday, possibly back into tuesday, parts of the car pus christy up towards the houston area could receive upwards of 20 to 30 inches of rain. this area is very prone to flooding. we're had a situation like this back in 2001 with tropical storm allison. we're saw $9 billion worth of damage. one of the worst storms ever to hit that part of the country. >> all right, doug. thanks so much. we are following breaking news from prince william county. police have just identified the body found of that of a missing 18-year-old. investor
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the latest victim of gang violence. fairfax police missing about two weeks ago, his remains were found -- in nooksville this past tuesday. now, three people are under arrest in connection with his disappearance. but no murder charges have been filed at this point. we are working our sources right now, we'll give you a live report later on tonight. >> two young men from maryland were on that navy ship that crashed earlier this week. they are the two missing sailors are presumed dead now. today the navy called off its search after finding one sailor's body. chris lawrence is at the live desk with more. >> our colleague, megan fitzgerald sat down privately with one sailor's grandparents. this new information really brings this loss home. the family gave us these photos of petty officer echols. his grandmother told us, they're all proud and that he wanted to deploy on a ship out to sea. he
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singapore, astral ya. he group up in montgomery county and graduated. he was work as an electronics technician and both were on board the mccain monday when it collided near singapore. >> remains of reverberating, the commander of the fleet was relieved of duty. after four accidents i've seen this year, the navy ordered world wise pause for one day to review their safety procedures. susan. >> all right, chris, thanks so much. >> virginia's democratic candidate for governor had advice, think before you tweet. yesterday's tweet was about confederate memorials, which ralph wants moved to museums. the republican party o
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tweeted, ralph northam has turned his back on his own family. some political activists slammed the tweet believing it refers to the ancestors who were slave holders. they deleted the tweet and apologized. well today bureau chief julie carey sat down with lieutenant governor northam. >> the violence in charlottesville prompting strong statements from the -- from government alike, both place the blame squarely on white supremacist, here is republican. >> theirs is a twisted mindset rooted in hating and oppressing certain of us. and my fellow virginiians and my fellow conservatives reject that kind of twisted mindset. [ applause ] >> democrat. >> we have made it clear we're do not welcome these kind of people to virginia and we're ask them to go home and not come back. >> on the issue of
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memorials a sharp coop trantras says they should remain in place. northam says they belong in museums that position is what the republican party attacks, accusing him of turning his back on his an scestoancestor, a gre grandfather who they say fought. they say, that was out of line. >> well, let's think about this before we're make tweets like that and that are going to be divisive and continue to promote hatred. let's not put them out there in the first place. >> he doesn't know whether his great grandfather fought for the confederate s confederacy, his focus on more recent, his father was a prosecutor. his brother served in the navy and he served as an army doctor. >> my family history we're not proud of. i've done everything in my life as has my family to promote equalitity and to promote exclusy
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continued to do. >> now, the campaign which was not involved in that tweet, issued a statement saying the policy was the right thing to do, and disagrees with the lieutenant governor, he knows we're can disagree on issues on this without evolving into rhetoric. libertarian candidate, said it should be up to localities to decide about memorials. >> tweet got a lot of attention today. >> news 4 is sponsoring a debate between the candidates, ralph and ed, it will be september 19th. 7:00 at night. nbc's political director, chuck todd will moderate and they'll be on the panel. well, next week, we're expect a big step forward for one of maryland's most anticipated and controversial transportation projects. governor larry hogan plans to take part in a ground breaking next monday, the 16-mile light rail will connect prince georges county, earlier
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reported that governor hogan pr. transportation secretary, aine, is expected to be at that ground breaking. >> well, many of you were stuck this that horrible traffic jam on 395 tuesday morning. it was because of a horrible wrong way crash in the hov lanes that left one man dead. the two vehicles that collided were part of the team building, the new 395 express lanes. so what, exactly, happened, our transportation reporter adam tuss is working for you tonight to get some answers. >> well, sources with direct knowledge of this accident now say an independent investigation is going to open into what happens here along the hov lanes of 395. this all played out here early tuesday morning. check out this picture sent in by a viewer. you can see a dump truck and pickup truck colliding head on at a high rate of speed. the driver of that pickup truck, 55-year-old brian of fed ck
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later pronounced dead after this horrible accident, of course, a side effect of all of this was so many people were tied up in photographic that stretched for miles because of the investigation into this accident, but this is all part of the express lane work that is happening here along the 395 corridor in northern virginia. these guys take safety off in so many signs that says no one gets hurt that's why they're going to be an independent investigation into exactly what went wrong and how these two vehicles, these two work vehicles could have ended up going in the opposite direction as that work was taking place. guys, back to you. >> all right, thanks so much. what a horrible story. well a high-tech way to make your neighborhood safer. dc is giving out security cameras an it won't cost you a dime, mark segraves explains how you can get your hands on one. >> cashing in, one the sole winner of the $750 million power ball said whe s
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>> serious than first thought, some of the victims hearing loss, traumatic brain injuries damage to their nervous system. nbc news is not independently confirmed some of those symptoms, americans are not the only diplomats effected, though, some canadian staff have been impacted. u.s. officials said the sonic attacks appeared to have stopped but they won't say if any actual device has been found. jim, back to you. >> chris lawrence. thank you. >> the first day back to school always brings a range of promotions for kids, parents, teachers, too. louden county just wrapped up the first. they went to ash burn today where she found a teacher with a special connection to her school. >> the idea here at
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elementary is to make school a memorable experience starting from day one. >> the first day of school. >> and how do you feel about that. >> really good. >> it's a good feeling and something school principal bob marphle and his staff take seriously. >> third grade teacher erica spencer knows a thing about feeling special here at cedar lane. >> i actually open the school back in 1999 whenever the doors first opened. it was nice and brand new. >> ms. spencer said she was so inspired by her teachers when she was a young girl. she knew she wanted to come back and pay it forward. >> my love of teacher was probably built in this school. and all the excellent teachers i had and wanting to make a difference in a kid's life. >> now she's teaching third grade in the same classroom she had nearly 20 years ago. >> number four,
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>> they positive and memorable experience can be. >> looking forward to the school year, for sure. >> erica's mom, also works at the school here so this will be their first time working together, as well. reporting in louden county, megan fitzgerald, news 4. >> more and more people were riding their bikes to work. there are some troubling new numbers that drivers and cyclist should really hear. deadly bikes and car accidents nationally rose by 12% in 2015. that's to the governor's. alcohol played a role either for the driver or the cyclist. but, safety officials say the district is leading the way and improving safety in a number of ways including awareness. >> the capital bike share program is a huge success here in dc. so we're encourage the folks to get out and use bike share. bike share has a great saf
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record, nationally, there are only two fatalities. >> they found most fatalities happened at night. it's important cyclist make the themselves visible and wear a helmet. two people made a mistake that could have cost them their lives. listen to this, now the residents at a home left their vehicle running in the closed garage. they were over come by high levels of carbon monoxide around midday and they were taken to the hospital in serious condition. nearby townhouses were evacuated and checked just to be careful. >> well, it wasn't you and me, pure joy and shot. the winner of last night's power ball jackpot claimed her massive prize today. she didn't wait long. the first thing the massachusetts hospital worker did was call a boss to say, hey, she ain't coming back. nbc chris claker
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now, forever known as winner of the historic power ball jackpot. >> today as i'm driving here, i'm like this isn't true. >> it is $58.7 million. without hesitation, opting for the lump sum of 480 million. and also quickly deciding what to do about our job. >> i knew i called them i would not be coming back. >> once it was the only person in the country to purchase the lottery ticket with 7, 26, 16, 23, 6 lined up with power ball number 4. all numbers she chose herself. choosing to come forward. >> i want today do this. i wanted to just get it over and done with and everybody can just leave me alone. >> she bought the winning ticket wednesday afternoon just hours before the drawing. at the prion
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the owner got word thursday morning. >> the phone started ringing at 8:00 and we're -- we're as surprised as everybody else. >> hers is the largest jackpot in north america by a single ticket. >> what are you going to do tonight to celebrate? >> i'm doing to go hide in my bed. [ laughter ] >> chris, nbc news. very big bed now, multiple beds and multiple houses and some of our neighbors may suddenly be millionaires in maryland, million dollar winner was sold at the shell gas station on darns town road. that was in gaithersburg in virginia, a million dollar winning ticket was purchased at the parkway express station in -- 758 million, hey, what's a million. >> i'm telling you, my daughter and i were trying to figure out how much money and what we're going to spend the money on and what we're would do. oh, gosh. >> we're pay to dream per
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>> you know what -- >> no harm in that. >> and i didn't play. and i was so mad when i found out. because i'm like, oh, darn and there was a million dollars ticket. >> oh, that's right. >> i could have easily been me. >> could have had your name on it. >> i want to know who that woman was. her new best friend. >> all right. who wouldn't. coming up. it's the game day home of the redskins. and one of the biggest stars in basketball, kevin durant, now a new distinction for prince georges county, why it's becoming known as tennis county usa. >> and some local teachers and the importantission m t
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but the living room's pretty blank. it's really nice when clients come in and have done some of their own research. working with a bassett designer was really easy. just kind of ties in very well. we love it!
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you're going not the next couple of days, but next week. . it's a hot month of july, august, started off kind of cool and then it got kind of hot. we're ending on a cool note. i think we'll end a whole month below average. take a look outside, clouds, sun shooi shooin. we' -- shine. 73 by
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you, this is the city forecast, that puts most of you in the mid to upper 60s by around 11:00. many of you will be in the 50s. right now, these are the afternoon temperatures, how about this, 73. 73 winchester. 82 in hunting town, just a beautiful spectacular afternoon. i have mentioned we're have a chance of showers to the north and west. you see what i'm talking about, up around pittsburgh, some showers trying to move down in towards our region. maybe the panhandle of west virginia, along i-81 most remaining dry for the rest of the night tonight. no problems there. no problems tomorrow, as a matter of fact another beautiful day. currently sitting at 82 degrees currently, with that calm wind across our ree majgion. many of you into the suburbs into the upper 70s. here is that system, you see what i'm talking about, that little system coming out of the great lakes
5:25 pm
our region. here is hurricane harvey, is this thing getting its act together. look at the last couple of frames. it gets close enough that you will see the rain wrapped right around. the eye getting better formed here, when that happens you know you have a strong hurricane, that's exactly what we're seeing here, on this track, moving right towards corpus christi area. once again at 5:00. -- now, around, tomorrow, around 1:00 in the afternoon. this is central time, coming on shore. on 0 shore tomorrow night before sitting and stalling across the southwestern area. this is going to be major storm system. catastrophic flooding. and look what we're get here. beautiful weather, saturday and sunday, highs only in the
5:26 pm
look at all the saturdaysbere hr way. tracking harvey. it's going to bring us moisture. bringing us some rain too. . the latest impact on what this storm means and what it could mean for our holiday. >> thank you, doug. some clarity tonight to controversial presidential order. >> what we're now learning about the efforts. >> firefighters -- helping to keep the city safer and did i mention, he'
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>> is growing in popularity across the district. the dc government has now handed out more than one million dollars to help residents install security cameras on their homes and businesses. the program has been wildly successful. tonight news 4, mark segraves is working for you telling you
5:30 pm
cameras installed for free. >> there are now thousands of these cameras on homes and businesses all across the district, watching over allies like this one here in northwest. district leaders say that this program has been so successful, they've actually handed out more than twice the amount of money in rebates that they originally intended to. the response was so popular, more money was add today the budget. started out at $500,000. now, after just 18 months, more than $1 million in rebates have been issued. more than and police have documented nine investigations where security camera video has
5:31 pm
helped. chris dire overseas he's had to personal inspect every camera that's been installed. he's traveled more than -- checking out security cameras and one. >> a little bit unusual. you don't expect to see livestocks when you do inspections. >> dire says the cameras are keeping the city safe. >> from one case, there was -- in the perpetrators were caught and the footage was used. i also know that there was a homicide that was caught on footage by not one of our cameras, another private security camera. >> the rebates are offered to all dc residents and vouchers are now available. to find out how to get your free security camera, go to the nbc washington app and search, security cameras. in the district, mark segraves, news 4. a dc fire boat nearly went bottoms up at the southwest waterfront park, it was found partll
5:32 pm
officials suspect mechanical failure to board. dc fire department tells us the safety of our local waterways won't be impacted. >> one of the men at the center of violence in charlottesville is not granted bell. nationalist turned himself in last night on felony charges for using tier gas and causing injury. he admits pep ir sprper spray. in court this morning, he said he plans to hire his own attorney. the judge says he can ask for bond hearing then. >> from the 1920s to the 1960s, carls beach was one of the beaches where african-americans could swim freely. and top black artist such as james brown jackie wilson performed sold out crowds. today only photos and memories remain. annapolis entrepreneur and
5:33 pm
time on the beach. it was the only place that they could go i would say within 50 miles of this area, to get in the water. >> it was a place they could go on saturday an sunday and go in the water and have a good time and get out of the water and go in the pavilion which was huge. almost 1,500 people, so as a child, it was kind of like a place where my parents would take me, a guy by the name who was number one disk jockey. >> whatever entertainment they had. or jackie
5:34 pm
i was a board operator for mr. adams. i said, you know what, i would like to become a disk jockey, that's how i became a jock. >> it was a warm memory and it was very very sad when it went away. -- >> and condos, i think they historically, and emotionally, it was not a good
5:35 pm
but. >> yeah, i know. it is what it is. though, developers coming in, but the history still is there in people's memories. >> he's got the memories, that's for sure. >> yeah, very cool. >> well, they are training champions in prince georges county. this week the best in the world are competing right here. i've got a chance the rising star whose name you're going to recognize. >> plus, google pulls hundreds of apps because of issues related to spy ware, what you
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>> if you're android user, make sure all of your apps are updated. mobile security firm has apparently found spy ware in more than 500 apps. consumerist supports that they actually downloaded a combined 100 million times the issue, i know, right, is apparently related to a software development used by app makers that allows hackers to change what the apps do after they're installed. google has removed the apps from google play and replaced that have a bad code. >> redskins star, jordan reid, is a game time decision for sunday. yesterday we're told you about his much anticipated return to practice, today, news 4 sherree is for one of the biggest trash
5:39 pm
>> it could not be stated enough. the return of jordan reed makes the redskins offense that much more powerful. out here today at practice, we're saw just how happy it makes head coach. >> did you hear what he said? >> no, i know he always talking trash, man. >> all right. he would try to shut me up. but he can't. he called a couple on one of them. that's about the only thing he can laugh about. >> very competitive period 101 receiver versus d'backs and great catch and fortunately it was a great throw and great catch for jordan. >> the exchange, an example returned and the team's confidence. >> great to have them back. you know, many times you have to -- this
5:40 pm
>> coach commit to saying -- and egg -- kirk cousins, sherree burruss. >> this is a story, so many parents, girls, forced into painful positions cheerleader camp, one of them -- caring --
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but the living room's pretty blank. ar r. working with a bassett designer was really easy. we love it!
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calling transgender people from serving in the military. details are still being worked out. at this point it appears secretary mattis and other officials won't have authority to determine if someone is deployble. it calls for a ban and it calls for a halt on payments for medical treatments. the white house is expected to give the dod six months to implement the new policy. >> the first day of school nerve wrecking for children. some teachers are determined to ease those first day jitters they're make sure the backo
5:44 pm
exciting for students. they tagged along with fairfax counties. >> it's the day, teachers at virginia run elementary have been waiting for all summer. >> we're going to go left on to 609. >> on the road to new adventures, new memories, new students. all right. first one. oh my gosh. >> fairfax county schools welcome block is tradition. >> good morning. >> teachers go door to door to personally say hello and deliver hand made cards to read the night before the first day of school. -- teaches second grade -- >> and my dad is an art teacher, also, i'm from a family of teachers.
5:45 pm
>> okay. >> we're in a profession where we're have the ability to change the world with the students that are in our classroom. >> from special messages in sidewalk chalk. >> they've just made us feel so welcome when we're get here. >> to small tokens of appreciation. the admiration here is a two-way streak. >> i think it's awesome that they come out and meet, you know, the parents and the kids. >> are you ready to come back to school? >> yes. >> are you ready to learn? >> the bond between teacher and student will be a strong one. >> my sister was like, your teacher is coming. >> william was waiting at the door. >> i'm going to be in second grade. >> that's awesome. good luck. starting the school year on a high note in fairfax county, kristin wright, news 4. >> back to our breaking news tonight at 5:00. we're told you about at the top of the hour, police have
5:46 pm
identified. remains of an 18-year-old who went mising earlier this month. der derrick ward is live in manasa. >> it's been missing since august 3rd. 18-year-old was last seen on august third in a wooded area near his home. now, detective determined that there was suspicious circumstances. this is fairfax county detectives we're looking into this case. there may be gang related implications to this story, as well. they've been searching this that wooded area in the mount vernon area. also an area near pond side terrorist. now, on monday, three people were arrested, 20-year-old jose vincent and 18-year-old edwin moreno and female juvenile has not been named and since then, detectives were looking at these
5:47 pm
they got some information that this body of the individuals and the area, fairfax county and prince williams county that teamed up and searched that area that did, indeed, uncover remains there and later, those remains were identified as the missing 18-year-old miguel. now, prince william county is now handling the murder investigation. they're working with fairfax county detectives as well. whether that means the place was actually the murder scene remains to be seen. but detectives say they are happy they are making this -- happy that they are, indeed, making progress with this case and hope to bring closure to the families soon. we'll have more on this story later on on news 4. we're live in prince william county, derrick ward, news 4. back to you. >> disturbing new video showing teenagers crying out in pain as they're pushed into splits over and over and
5:48 pm
teammates. we're want you to know some of this video is difficult to watch. >> please stop. a coach can be heard telling her she's making it worse. the video was taken at a cheerleading camp in colorado and to the nbc affiliate in denver. >> i just didn't expect to have to do elevated splits and be forced into it. >> this is a grown man pushing my 13-year-old girl so hard that he's ripping tissues in her body. he learned it growing up. it's nothing unusual for him. some coaches and school officials have been placed on leave while police investigate this. >> it's tough to see.
5:49 pm
tennis. this week they're coming from all over the world to play here in prince georges county or what county executive baker calls, tennis county usa. it's all because of a program that has put college park on the map for junior tennis in this country. i had a chance to hit with one of their star students this week, whose name you're going to recognize. >> they are the cream of the crop in the tennis world, from around the world they're descending on college park, the largest and next to last leg of tournaments for these 18 and under players. >> all the kids here will play in the u.s. open in two weeks. >> around this facility, you'll see argentina, russia and beyond. but three competing here this week have called these courts home for a huge chunk of their childhood. rockville, william of dc and andrew fendi of the district. if that last name sounds
5:50 pm
was mayor of dc. >> these years andrews making a name for himself on courts around the country and adding the juniors and -- and since the age of 7, andrew and his twin brother matthew have trained here at the junior tennis champion center. >> whoa, killing it. >> he may be soft spoken, but he's confident and determined. >> i think i've become a better person. i know when i came here, i was -- that was my first like two years i was kind of crazy. we're see them grow up as a person. they're all gentleman. they're well rounded young guys. >> at 17 years old and 6'4" today he can clock serves at 128 miles an hour. when he was just starting out, his father was
5:51 pm
only in politics but triathlons. >> we'll run miles he wants to know the mile time. >> he's -- what's his support meant to you, he's been there everywhere for you. >> it meant a lot, you know, that i can -- i was talking about tenants. he always tells me to work hard, give me the best. it doesn't matter about the results. as long as you give it your all. >> andrew's advice to seven-year-olds thinking about taking up competitive tennis. >> be willing to work. >> did i mention competitive, well, now, some of the players there break out and turn prolike francis, we've talked about, still 19, but the large majority work hard to earn scholarships at top colleges across this country. ray calls him a means to that end. you know, i hit with andrew for about 20 minutes. i must admit it was a little sore crawling out of bed this morning. >> i a
5:52 pm
>> i know, that's crazy. >> thanks. >> cool weather. >> cool weather for today. i mean, again, we're talked about this yesterday. tennis outdoors. make the tee times. you can do anything you want outdoors, that's the kind of great weather that we're have, i was out and about last night for dinner, boy the places were packed out there on the sidewalks. plenty of sunshine, temperature wise, we have ear sitting at 82 degrees. the winds are calm and looking at plenty of sunshine, a beautiful night. notice on the radar, tracking a couple of showers in our west. we're watching this little system that's drifting on down into our region. so we're could see some showers into our northwest areas, back towards the i-81 corridor here. heads up and still remaining dry in dc and east ward definitely on the dry side. same deal tomorrow, similar to today. 81 degrees. sun and clouds, great afternoon out there on your
5:53 pm
looking great. i like to call them fantastic fridays. here is that system moving on down. but the big system that everybody is worried about and we're going to be talking about, this is hurricane harvey. look at the latest, this has become better and better organized as we're showed you this time and time again. the eye really forming here and once that eye forms. this thing may just continue to strike it and it's expected to strengthen as it moves up towards the corpus christi area. right now winds of 85 miles an hour, but this will go up by around 8:00 and around 11:00 with the new advisory could be at 1 -- by 11:00 tonight. by tomorrow it's expected to become a category three with winds of 125 miles an hour coming on shore, close to the corpus christi area and then just sitting here, saturday, sunday, monday, into tuesday. this will be four and five days of rain, speaking of rain, speaking of the impacts at south texas is going to have. we're sending one of our own down there. meteorologists, amelia draper, ad
5:54 pm
my desk writing down everything i need to bring in my iphone. bring lots of socks. any ways; before we're talk about the rain fall amounts, i want to show you what corpus christi looks like right now, the calm before the storm, if you will. but take a look and you can see traffic, too, going out of c corpus christi with the evacuation orders in place. and that's a good thing. not only are we're talking about winds and storm surge, but also look at these rain fall totals in the corpus christi and houston area, anywhere from 20 to 30 inches of rain, the storm then heads towards new orleans, bringing about 4 to 8 inches of rain there. this much rain is going to lead to massive problems in parts of southeastern texas. numerous homes are going to be lost we'll see power outages in those areas like corpus christi, like houston, going on for weeks. when we're talk about this storm, we're think back to
5:55 pm
it didn't become a hurricane. but the damage it caused was massive over $9 billion in damage, we're saw rain fall amounts with allison anywhere from about 30 to 40 inches of rain fall there. so similar event here and harvey already likely becoming a major hurricane, doug. we're all going to be watching it again. i'm heading out there tomorrow morning. i'll be there with live reports throughout the weekend and on monday, as well, you can find me on facebook and twitter, it's all the latest, back to you. >> good luck down there. it's going to be a tough go, thanks for sure. nice for the weekend here, we're tracking harvey next weekend for the -- for the labor day
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5:58 pm
you've seen our beautiful white marble monuments. now here is something new, massive mural honoring the workers who helped build the lincoln memorial decades ago. tom sherwood has the story. >> a new mural, finished this week, already drawing, consumer attorney and amateur photographe photographer. >> it's honoring the men and women who actually built the lincoln memorial. it's important for historical purposes and also beautiful work of art. >> seeing even from far away, the mural by new york artist, he won
5:59 pm
by the district government to commission the work in an old city warehouse. he told news 4. it's important to remember the sons and grandsons of slaves who help construct. it's called 28 blocks for the stones needed to make the lincoln statute. the mural the part of the purposing of industrial land into new businesses and homes. >> what we're doing here is bringing art and history to what was a blieted area. >> it was alongside and brightens the increasingly metro p -- metropolitan trail. >> this gets people to look at it and take some time to appreciate, you know, how beautiful this is. . i use to do that when there was nothing to look at. >> and guided that and gabriele told honors diverse neighborhood. ceremony saluting was expected
6:00 pm
in the district. tom sherwood. news 4. >> news 4 at 6:00. >> and the latest victim of game violence his remains were discovered, two weeks after he vanished, now three people are under arrest tonight. >> the panic is over now but questions remain down in charleston, a hostage situation, restaurant, and by suspect and we're learning more about what led to the violence. chris lawrence is at our live desk, he'll have a live report in a few minutes. >> hurricane harvey


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