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tv   News4 Today  NBC  August 26, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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ends saturday! begins with breaking news. harvey hits hard. right now on "news 4 today," the massive hurricane makes landfall wrecking homes and rips through the golf course. >> whipping winds and now the danger of flooding. the community is torn apart and why this threat is far from over. good morning, i'm megan fitzgerald in for angie goff. hurricane harvey is hovering over texas as we speak. >> my goodness, take a look at that. i'm adam tuss. meteorologist warned it would be catastrophic. the fear is reality. >> 211,000 homes are without power on the texas golf course. the storm made landfall just after 10:00 last night. >> let's take a look at video. roofs ripped
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scattering debris everywhere. as daylight comes over we're getting a better idea of the damage. we're going to an nbc news special report now on the damage. >> announcer: this is an nbc special report. hurricane harvey. here is craig melvin and sheinelle jones. >> good morning. this is an nbc news special report. i'm sheinelle jones. >> i'm craig melvin. we're tracking hurricane harvey. that storm is pummeling the texas golf course. the storm made landfall around 10:00 p.m. central time last night. it was a category four storm. >> it's been downgraded this morning to a category one storm but it's still an extremely dangerous and devastating situation. let's head to victoria, texas. that's where nbc's kerr sanders is standing by this morning. kerry, what can you tell us? >> reporter: right now winds are gusting upwards
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hour. here in victoria, texas, most of the city has lost power, which, of course, is what you'd expect. the good news is that two shelters are reporting they are still up and running and there are no problems. the people who made it to the shelters are safe. unfortunately overpass in this hurricane, which also packs tornadoes and lightning, this was a lightning strike that hit at one apartment complex. fortunately it was evacuated. but by the time the folks from the fire department were able to make it to the apartment complex, the blaze had gotten out of control. it burned the apartment complex to the ground. there was also a fire at a home, undetermined how that fire got started. bottom line that fire also caused extensive damage. this morning we're not getting reports of people injured, but understand it's still very
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early. communications is very difficult. as you can see from where i'm standing right now, try to show a little with the light here, the wind is still blowing, rain is coming down. the real story here in victoria this morning now is going to be the rain. they are estimating the possibility, because of the movement of this hurricane harvey stalling in this area, we're likely to see upwards 37, maybe 40 inches of rain. if that happens, there's going to be extensive flooding. the rivers in the area are expected to all be above historic stages. one they are looking very closely at is the guadalupe river. they say that river will likely get 32 feet above normal flood stage. if this stalls, as it looks like it has done, we'll hear more shortly, as this hurricane dumps a record amount of rain, the realre
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sheinelle. >> be safe. we'll check in with you in a bit. thank you, kerry. >> nbc's gabe gutierrez has been in the middle of the storm all night. he's made his way to taft, texas. that's near where the eye made landfall. >> reporter: you can see behind me the rain is still pounding this area. there's heavy winds involved, trees around this part of texas. look over here, can you see another tree down here as well. we've been trying to limit how much we've been driving in this weather, however, we have seen lots of downed power lines we've had to avoid, trees. homes have been destroyed here. not far from here is where the landfall, the city of rockport, texas. the city manager says damage is being assessed. all signs indicate utter
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devastation. there had to be several buildings housing seniors that had to be evacuated. they are not sure how many injuries there have been so far but a local jail has been used to treat patients as well and assess them. communications are difficult as kerry mentioned. local officials are trying to get a handle. we're going to be seeing rain here for quite a bit longer, even though we're on the back side of the storm at this point. you can see just how heavy the winds are. so again the eye made landfall overnight at rockport, texas. all signs point to scenes of utter devastation in parts of the texas golf course. back to you. >> gabe gutierrez in taft, texas. we'll come back to you as well. >> let's bring in dave price. what's t
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>> this is a storm that's going to continue to develop in fac phases. first, the here and now. the last few minutes downgraded to category one storm. let's not focus on the what the strength of the storm is. it's the rain that's going to be the biggest part of the story over the next several days. it's located 30 miles southwest of victoria, texas. winds now sustained at 90 miles per hour. this is another big piece of the story. moving northwest at just 6 miles per hour. now, take a look at this picture right now before we go back to some of the situation. the rain field stretches 250 miles. it's still a strong storm. the eye, right there, just about 11 miles in diameter. hurricane force winds extend 30 miles outside of that. tropical storm force winds over 100 miles away. let's track the storm. this is as expected right now.
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you can see the storm meandering a little bit. this is over the next few days into the middle of next week. again, the issue here is that this storm is going nowhere f t fast. short-term our concerns were for flooding, flash flooding. we have significant impact expected. the flood threat takes us all the way into midweek next week. you can see bay city and corpus christi. rainfall amounts 30, 40 inches isolated in some areas. again, this is a story, number one, of rain. number two, of wind, storm surge. but it all ends up with significant flooding over much of the week, folks. >> thank you, dave. >> we'll have much, much more on "today," msnbc as well, and also, of course, 24/7 on this has been an nbc news
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special report r. welcome in, 6:07 as we continue to track hurricane harvey. you're going to look at some of the devastation on the texas coast. it has been a lot of heavy rain, whipping wind, and the flooding is really the storm. >> eye of the storm 30 miles north of corpus christi as we've been reporting all along. significant flooding. homes are destroyed. the big issue here is that that system is going to stall over texas. it's not going away for several days and they are expecting flooding to go well into next week. >> storm team 4 meteorologist lauryn ricketts. what do you see. >> it's an epic storm of all categories. really made landfall at 10:00 p.m. you can still
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it's going to hang out. it has nowhere to go given atmospheric conditions. it's hanging out and going to continue to stay right there as we go through the next couple days. it's going to stay up at tropical storm force. now, look at it. it just meanders off the east coast of texas coming right near san antonio. but really hanging out right around here. half of the storm may even stay offshore, which means it's only going to really fuel the fire, some of that warm water in the gulf will tip to keep it at an intense rate. we're watching for major storm surge, lots of flooding, epic rainfalls over about 40 inches. that's going to be something we're watching not only today, through the weekend but next week. more on our weather coming up in just a few minutes. >> lauryn, thanks. now we want to get storm team 4 meteorologist amelia draper --
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>> reporter: between houston and galveston earlier today. when we arrived in houston we saw residents stocking up in preparation for the storm. they were getting water. some stores out of water. some stores have a two-pallet limit. we talked to folks that had been through ike and remembered allison and the flooding issues it caused. that is going to be the major issue here in the houston area, flooding. we're talking about rain going on for days and days. right now it's dry. by midday today we're going to potentially see six to nine inches of rainfall amounts. rain is going to continue not just today on saturday but sunday, monday, tuesday, likely into wednesday and thursday. a lot of residents preparing. some residents getting out of town to just wait out the storm. i'll have a live report coming up on news 4 later today. >> thanks, amelia. check out this carport getting rolled by strong winds. re
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amelia is in corpus christi. plowed over there. hae harvey made landfall as category four, packs winds of 156 miles an hour. catastrophic damage is going to occur along with tropical storm force winds. the hurricane has now been downgraded thankfully to a category two. >> we are monitoring the latest response to hurricane harvey from president trump. you can see him walking to marine one. he's currently at camp david monitoring the storm. in a tweet the president said he signed a disaster declaration for texas, which will free up federal assistance. white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders says the president will try to make it to texas next week. time is 6:11. we're keeping a close watch on harvey. let's take a live look at storm team 4 radar as it continues to hover over the texas coast. much more coverage of this
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i want to go a couple miles up the coast where some of the strongest and catastrophic winds forecasted to move through. take a look, see some oth
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bobbing up and down. half hour north a red cross shelter in victoria. 340 people across the gulf evacuated to that shelter, which is set up inside a school gym. one person who did not evacuate said they have second thoughts. >> i think we're going to be fine. it's just a little more than what i bargained for. next time we have a storm of this magnitude, i probably won't stay. >> certainly rolling the dice. among those that evacuated to a shelter, 102-year-old woman and her daughter and granddaughter. they say they are worried about just how long the storm might last. >> check out waves. hurricane harvey causing monstrous waves along golf course. this is a shot in corpus christi getting hit hard with tropical storm winds and flooding. harvey hit as category four with winds of 100
6:16 am
taxi army and air national guard have been scattered throughout the state. >> hurricane harvey could cause pain for days in coastal texas. >> nbc news continues the coverage this morning with a look at the storm live in galveston. good morning, sarah. >> reporter: good morning, adam and meghan. you mentioned haefb came ashore as a category four, winds in excess of 130 miles an hour. it's been downgraded. it's dangerous out here. still conditions for widespread disaster, widespread flooding right now. we know that corpus christi, it was the closest major city that was hit. we also have a lot of these smaller coastal communities, including one population 10,000 called rockport. they also took a brunt of the
6:17 am
even though the sun is not up, reports of widespread damage, people trapped and people injured. it's going to be until daylight when they can take stock of the damage, who needs help. still a dangerous situation. also, as we tip to wait for high tide, the mayor of galveston says high tide one come until rather this morning and doesn't anticipate water levels will drop for two to three days. harvey expected to bring record amounts of rainfall. some areas more than 3 feet. the city of houston, fourth largest city in america, is of particular concern. not only is it flood prone but record amounts of rain moving in. we expect to see widespread flooding. harvey losing strength but not loosening its grip on the gulf region. back to you guys. >> sarah dallof reporting in galveston. thank you,
6:18 am
new orleans is no stranger to massive storms. that city is now bracing for flooding once again as the rainfall from harvey makes its way over to louisiana. the city is handing out sandbags all weekend lopping to prepare. new orleans mayor has called in additional state police and in contact with the national guard. there is kerp it will -- concern it will wreak havoc on the drain system. >> by monday we plan to have each pump station manned 24/7 with trained personnel. we feel very confident we'll be able to hit that target. >> some businesses in the french quarter aren't taking chances and already boarding up shops. catching a flight may be tough. haefb expected to ground hundreds. we checked at our airports, so far no flights to houston have been
6:19 am
jeopardy are afternoon and evening flights. keep in mind many airlines are waiving fees for travelers rescheduling trips. if you can avoid houston you're asked to do so. may take time for the airline network to recalibrate itself. as harvey made landfall, most people in the area either evacuated or hunkered down but not tv reporters. take a look at this. that's what we do. that reporter is brandon walker from our nbc station in houston. he is one of many reporters flocked to the golf course to cover and see how strong those winds are. walker was standing or trigyingo get his grip there, about 40 miles from landfall. >> i think what people don't realize when you're out in that how much it stings when it
6:20 am
>> not a bad idea. >> it's rough down there. i was watching some of the coverage last night and early this morning when i woke up. it's brutal down there. unfortunately it's going to be brutal as we go through mid next week. >> unprecedented. >> i guess the good thing, it seems like it's downgraded. >> it was weakening. that's the thing. the water, we still have rain with it. that's the thing. now, we're not going to quite have the strong winds. it came onshore with winds at 130 miles an hour. those winds extended well out from the center of that eyewall. so again we're seeing winds extending out over 200 miles in spots with that storm from the eyewall. so of course, as to be expected with the storm surge, with the wind, with the rain, and with it being stalled, major flooding expected. now, we are expecting power loss, which we're already seeing that now. homes lost as well. so it is going to be a little bit of a nightmare
6:21 am
for months to come down there off the east coast of texas. for us we're dealing with below normal temperatures. it was a beautiful day out there yesterday. today is another gorgeous day. we have changes for early next week because we've got a little system off the coast of florida that's going to become a nontropical system. that's going to scoot up the east coast. we have to put rain in for early next week. temperatures 50s and 60s. headed to the pool, another great day to do that, although it is a little chilly outside, temperatures around 80 degree mark. nothing happening on our radar. jump down to texas. making landfall after 11:00. some of the heavier rain out lipd in yell lined in yellow and orange. we have more at 9:00. we have some tornado watches. those are north. those go through the afternoon. as we were driving in, tornado warnings, scary enough because it's dark, because tornadoes are
6:22 am
able to see them down there. this in an incredible amount of rain. more like a snow happen where they can get 30, 40 isolated spots down there. here is our area of unorganized showers that we're going to watch crawl up the east coast. again, monday night, tuesday and wednesday, we will have a chance for showers. not for tomorrow. temperatures near 80 degrees. another beautiful day. this is where we're watching our next little storm coming through. again, temperatures stay below normal. in fact, we stay below normal through much of fedex week. temperatures by next weekend, labor day
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welcome back. we are getting a fresh look at the damage left behind so far from hurricane harvey. >> you're looking at galveston, texas, right now. a live picture. -- throughout the morning as we roll along here. >> so many people are worried they will lose everything as this hurricane rolled through. >> in houston, one woman took extreme measures to keep warm and dry. why the home owner spared no expense. >> i just want to prevent itf
6:26 am
>> reporter: this local has had enough. >> our home had never flooded in 60 years. it's flooded twice in the last two years. i don't want to go through it again. >> reporter: the goal, keep the water out, so she plastic wrapped her home. >> everything flooded at once last time. the goal was to keep the water from getting in. >> she surrounded her 4,000 square feet home with 18,000 pounds of sandbags costing her more than $2200. >> our second line of defense is this liner. then we're expecting this gorilla tape to keep it secure. it's supposed to be waterproof. if it works, i'll do it again. >> an expensive experiment that cost $450 for the liners, $250 for tape and drain routers and more than $1900 for belabor and delivery fees, a whopping $4800 and
6:27 am
worth every penny. >> with one-story home even an inch you have to take four feet out. massive construction, out for four or five months. >> she only hopes her efforts won't be in vein. >> it was a lot of work and money if it doesn't work. we'll see. >> roseanne reporting there in houston. taking a look at the radar, my goodness, this thing is a monster as it continues to sit over the golf course. much more hricane harveyur
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>> announcer: "news 4 today" begins with breaking news. >> all right now. it's 6:30 on this saturday morning. hurricane harvey is losing strength, but the danger is far from over. the massive hurricane hit the golf course hard damaging homes and sending debris flying. >> now communities in texas are waking up to debris scattered throughout their neighborhood. good morning to you. i'm meagan fitzgerald in for angie goff. hurricane harvey is hovering over texas stalling right there on the coast as can you see to our left here. >> absolutely a monster. i'm adam tuss. meteorologist warned it would be catastrophic. that's what thousands are waking up to this morning. >> 211,000 people at least, their homes rather, are without power on the texas golf course. that storm made landfall just after 10:00 last night. >> roofs have been ripped off buildings. there's been scattered debris. one of the things we're
6:31 am
assess as daylight comes a better idea of just how much damage this is all starting to cause. you can see here the winds really picking up steam. we're going to check in with an nbc news live special report for the texas golf course. >> announcer: this is an nbc special report. hurricane harvey. here is craig melvin and sheinelle jones. >> good morning. this is an nbc news special report. i'm sheinelle jones. >> i'm craig melvin. we're tracking hurricane harvey. that storm is pummeling the texas golf course. the storm made landfall around 10:00 p.m. central time last night. as a category 4 hurricane. >> it's been downgraded this morning to a category 1 storm but it's still an extremely dangerous and devastating situation. let's head to victoria, texas. that's where nbc's kerry sanders is standing by this morning. kerry, what can you tell us?
6:32 am
miserable night for people in victoria, texas. anxious hours as hurricanes continue to hammer this area. gusts of upwards of 110 miles an hour. as you noted, a category 1 certainly not the category 3 or 4 they feared would slam this area. that does not mean things are necessarily much better off because at this point we know there's power outages. power lines down. we know of at least one lightning strike that hit an apartment complex, sparked a fire. by the time the fire department got to it, it was fully ablaze. by the time they started to put it out, they could not, because of all the inclement weather getting in the way. it burned to the ground. fortunately that had been evacuated. no firefighters reporting any injuries either. there was also another fire in i think it was the tanglewood neighborhood here. that was a house fire.
6:33 am
injured but there was very little anybody could do to put that fire out as well. this morning the real concern is that this is going to be a rainmaker. we can see how much rain is dropping. they are estimating between 37 and 40 inches of rain here. that's because harvey is going to sort of stall in this area and dump so much rain that the flood issue is going to be the real challenge here. the flood issue best described looking at the guadalupe river estimated 32 feet above flood stage. it's going to be a real mess here for some time. right now people hunkered down in their homes. people in the shelters. no problems reported at the shelters. people anxiously waiting when the sup comes up here. remember, it's a hurricane, not going to get that bright, there's a lot of clouds up there, to get an early view of how bad the damage is. guys. >> get a better perspective o
6:34 am
kerry, thank you. >> meanwhile gabe gutierrez has been in the middle of the storm all night. he's now driving through the hurricane. he joins us on the phone. gabe, where are you now and what are you seeing? >> reporter: good morning, we were just in taft, making our way to rockport, texas. we went across high water, potentially storm surge and had to turn around, now we're heading further inland for our own safety. there is a sense damage in some areas, rockport, texas, where the eye of harvey made landfall, they are still assessing the number of injuries. there were reports of several buildings that. local jail used for patients. no word on injuries
6:35 am
very slowly trying to avoid debris on the road, we have seen buildings that have been decimated on the way here. we started several hours ago in corpus christi. again, craig, the eye of the storm making landfall, city manager of rockport says around 11:45 central time. unclear how many injuries at this point and the extent of the damage, when first light hit that's when you expect to know the true extent of the damage. communications still sketchy, craig. >> we're going to be talking to the city manager of rockport in a bit. gabe gutierrez on the phone. gabe, thank you. >> dave price keeping a close eye on hurricane harvey's path, what's the latest? >> the combination of those pictures you just saw and this radar shot, you get the story of what's going on right now. here is what you need to know. this just in, just prior to 6:00 this morning, harvey downgraded
6:36 am
let's not get stuck on the semantics of what category it is, because it is simply the rain and the sustained power of this storm over the next several days, which is going to really be the trouble spot for so many people throughout texas. diameter of the eye about 11 miles. hurricane force winds extend about 30 miles outside of that eye but tropical storm-force winds extend 120 miles wide. now, as we take a look at where we see the storm going over the next several days, watch it. it simply meanders and hangs over texas most likely through at least wednesday or thursday dumping really massive amounts of rain. in some locations we could see what is typically an annual -- an annual rain total falling in the next several days. now let's take a look at the short-term issues which are the wind gusts. there are a lot of locations not rt
6:37 am
imagined many of those weather stations are damaged. we have gusts in the '60s. maximum winds gusted to 132 miles per hour in port aran sis, 110 in lamar. it's incredible. storm surge another short-term issue for us but it's what's going to complicate the issue inland over the next several days. you can see right around port aranses. we'll illustrate this. the wind pushes the water up and in. it has nowhere to go. it sits there. that ordinarily would be a massive problem. add to it the fact the storm is sitting over texas and will continue to for the next several days duchimping upwards of 10, 30 or more inches of rain and the moisture simply has nowhere to escape to. that's the
6:38 am
picture of the hurricane right now, a category 1. interestingly enough most people as a result of tropical storms and cyclones like this die as a result of water and flooding versus wind. something to keep in mind over the next several days, guys. >> it's important. thank you, dave. >> we will have much, much more this morning on "today" and on msnbc and also, of course, any time on this has been an nbc news special report. >> welcome back as we continue to track hurricane harvey. this looks like the perfect storm with wind, rain, storm surges. it's really the water we have to pay attention to now. >> eye of the storms dropped us 40 miles north of corpus christi just hovering along the coast, battering that area, destroying homes, dumpi
6:39 am
the concern is bodies of water there will overflow. >> amelia is on the coast and we'll check with her in the 9:00 hour. lauryn ricketts keeping an eye on the storm as well. >> as dave said, this has now been downgraded. winds when i came in 100 miles an hour. when it made landfall wind up to 130 as category 4, now 1, boy is this thing massive. can you see the eye perfectly right there. still a little off coast but the eye moved inland. we have tornado watch for areas through the north and that includes the houston metro area. that goes through this early afternoon. they have already had two tornadoes reported. in fact, a couple of injuries with the last tornado reported about an hour ago. the deputy that was driving there was money off the road. so again, we are watching a very dangerous situation continuing to unfold. this is going to unfold all the way through mid next week where they are
6:40 am
as it's going to meander off the eastern coast of texas. again, that track just came out. it's not moving too much due to the atmosphere dynamics unfortunately for them. we had a watch in another nontropical system forming off the coast of florida right now. that can have impact on our area. we're going to be talking about rain chances for us we've had to add coming up, guys. >> all right, lauryn, thank you. as hurricane harvey takes its way making way into texas residents taking cover from torrential downpours and powerful gusts of win. >> spoke with residents who hope the storm doesn't cause too much damage. >> reporter: for several hours the winds and rains have been blinding as harvey clawed its way across rockport. signs came down, tin roofs pulled away concrete walls fell and utility poles snapping. driving became impossible. winds strong enough to wrempl this
6:41 am
the bay and send it crashing into the pier. as night closed in, the only refuge was this hotel. >> safest place we feel. >> a safe place from harvey's fury, but for many the worry isn't over. >> we're boarded up. we're hoping -- we didn't think it would end up category 4. >> not alone, being forced to endure hours of the storm while wondering if she has a home to return to. >> who knows. the good lord will take care of me. he always has. >> while we are far from the storm here in the district, you might feel some pain at the pump because of it. right now the national average for regular of a gallon of gas is $2.35. but prices could jump by a quarter by labor day if the hurricane impacts a refinery in the texas coast area. in 2005, a storm in the gulf led to a $0.40 increase overnight. largest price jumps in texas and louisiana, while the country has
6:42 am
biggest issue will be if flooding hurts retypers able to send out gas and bring in crude oil. and we continue to follow that massive hurricane that made landfall, hurricane harvey, yesterday night as a category 4. it's been downgraded to category 1. we'll h live raveep
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
welcome back 6:45. we tip to track hurricane harvey ocean surges that will cause damage. >> nbc's sarah dallof continues coverage with a live look. she's live in galveston. good morning, sarah. >> good morning. hurricane harvey made landfall as the strongest hurricane to hit texas. it has since been downgraded. it is slowly losing strength. it is now a category 1. as you see behind me, those are still strong winds and we are still seeing rain. we won't begin to know the extent of the damage until the sun comes up and crews are able
6:46 am
already hearing reports of damage and of injuries including in the small coastal community of rockport, population about 10,000, where the roof to a senior housing complex reportedly collapsed injuring at least 10 people. as you can see behind me, the rain, it continues to fall. some areas expecting more than 3 feet. we are expecting to see widespread flooding across the coast, including in houston where officials say we could see neighborhoods and roads inundated by tonight. back to you. >> all right, sarah. thank you. we now want to get to storm team 4 amelia draper, who is also in texas. >> reporter: right now we're situated in sea brook, texas. this area between houston and galveston. earlier today wen we arrived in houston we saw residents
6:47 am
they were getting water. some stores out of water. some having a two pallet limit. we talked to folks that had been through ike and al sentence and the flooding issues it caused. that is going to be the major issue in the houston area, flooding. we're talking about rain going on for days and days. right now it's dry. by midday today we're going to potentially see 6 to 9 inches of rainfall amounts. rain going to continue not only saturday but sunday, monday, tuesday, likely into wednesday and thursday. a lot of residents preparing. some residents getting out of town to just wait out the storm. i'll have a live report coming up on news 4 later today. >> all right, amelia. we'll check back in with you. just imagine being on the cruise ship and being told you can't get off. that's what happened to at least 20,000 vacationers stuck out at sea because of harvey. the houston chronicle reports four ships set to dock at the port of
6:48 am
away yesterday. two carnival ships expected to reroute to new orleans and another planned to dock in mexico. it was unclear what a royal caribbean ship planned to do. my goodness. >> we're monitoring the latest response to hurricane harvey from president trump. you can see him right there walking to marine one. he's currently at catch david monitoring the storm. in a tweet the president said he signed a disaster declaration for texas, free up federal assistance. white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders says the president will try to make it to texas early next week. >> a separate major move by the president is causing a storm of its own. we've learned the president pardoned joe arpaio, former sheriff of maricopa county, arizona. arpaio was found guilty of criminal intent for disregarding a court order that caused him to stop racial profiling of latinos. another staffer at the white house.
6:49 am
assistant sebastian gorka. it's not clear if he resigned or was fired. one white house official said he did not resign. another notable, sean spicer, reince priebus and steve bannon. and the defense department received a formal directive to ban transgender service members from serving in the military. the pentagon will soon stop recruiting transgender troops. that and payment will be suspended for sexual reassignment surgery and other medical cost for those already serving. you probably woke up to a push alert about this but north korea launched three ballistic missiles spot into the sea of japan. all three missiles appeared to be short range missiles and these images broadcast over state television today. they show leader kim jong-un meeting witil
6:50 am
at what a news agency called a target striking contact. time right now is 6:49. we've talked so much about harvey but let's turn our attention to the weather here. we're shaping up to be a nice day. >> it is going to be beautiful. yesterday was gorgeous, today, and sunday. we do have changes on the way because we've had rain chances. we thought we would be dry all the way through until at least the end of next week. that's not looking like the case anymore. this area of low pressure that's trying to form off the coast of florida. so if you're headed to the beach for this last week and you're headed south to the eastern seaboard, pay attention to the forecast. looks like there could be rain in your future if you are headed to southern beach. a beautiful view outside. that sun came up just about 6 6:32. 67 here in the district. look at the shenandoah valley. some areas if the low 50s right now. it is a little chilly out there. a little crisp, i should say. certainly
6:51 am
if you want to get out, go for a run, this is the time to do it. the best exercise weather with temperatures in the 70s, plenty of sunshine and low humidity. nothing happening right here on the radar but then you head right on down to texas. this is where we are looking at hurricane harvey, which has now been downgraded to a category 1. i just looked at the rainfall rate in victoria over the last 24 hours, they got 16 1/2 inches of rain. that update came an hour and a half ago. the sun will come up for them just about an hour, then we'll have to assess the damage. there's a lot of damage with that wind and also with the rainfall. so again winds are down to 90 miles an hour. look at this. it's just going to meander along the southeast coast due to atmospheric dynamics, nothing allow it to move from there. it's just going to pour. we're talking about rain in the feet. measuring in the feet. this looks like a snow total map. i do
6:52 am
spots that get over 40 inches of rain. this is going to be with us all next week. it will downgrade to a tropical storm today, then a tropical storm next week. this is the system we're watching. really disorganized. you can't see it. it will continue to move up and off the eastern seaboard bringing us clouds and rain starting as early as monday night. tomorrow a beauty of a date. the storm late monday night tuesday and wednesday. temperatures stay below normal. then we try to make it back into the 90s as we get into labor day weekend.
6:53 am
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6:55 am
welcome back. 6:55. right now live -- stay with us for more live reports from amelia draper. we'll check in with her live in the 9:00 hour. she's on the texas coast. can you see more reports news 4 at 6:00 and 11:00 tonight. some of the most fragile texas residents are riding out hurricane harvey hundreds of miles away from home. at least 10 critically sick babies transported by air from a hospital in corpus christi to cook children's medical center in ft. worth. medical officials say they don't normally move babies this fragile but the storm paid made life or death situation. >> repr:
6:56 am
are on, lifesaving ventilators would not be able to be maintained without electricity. >> some of the babies weighed less than a pound. four planes each carried one or two babies at a time while the parents made the drive. >> hope they do all right. time right now is 6:56. four things you need to know about hurricane harvey this morning. the epic storm made landfall last night as a category 4 near rockport. this is video from rockport showing monster waves, violent wind. more than 211,000 people currently without power? >> also in rockport, you can bet this is just one of many flooded hotels in the area. you can see the standing water bubbling up from underneath the doors. outside trees have been forced down by the strong winds. >> about an hour outside where harvey made landfall strong winds picking up in the harbor. many businesses in this downtown area are boarded up ahead of the storm. >> president trump is monitoring hurricane harvey from camp david. he signed a
6:57 am
for texas, and the white house says the president will try to make it to texas early next week. you can get the latest concerning hurricane harvey on our nbc washington app. >> looking at all that storm damage, but around here we've got sunrise coming up, a beautiful day. >> beautiful day. yeah, the sun came up just about 30 minutes ago or so. we're going to have sunshine all throughout the day. same deal tomorrow. temperatures around 80 degrees, low humidity. chance of rain late monday, tuesday, and wednesday. >> thanks so much, lauryn. that's going to do it for today. we'll be back in 25 minutes with local news update. >> join us again at 8:30. until the fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever.
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good morning. harvey roars ashore. the monster hurricane is slamming the texas coast overnight as a category-four storm. 130 mile-per-hour winds, more than 700,000 people in its path. >> reporter: we're bei hit by a pretty significant band from harvey. >> high winds whipping through the gulf coast as torrential rain comes down. fears it could dump more than three feet of rain over texas. hundreds of thousands without power. president trump signing a disaster declaration overnight, amid fears that the damage could be catastrophic. >> hoping i wake up in the morning and i have a town. >> and


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