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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  August 30, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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$500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to now at 11:00, getting ready for harvey. >> the cities now in the path of massive storm. >> harvey has leaf the houston area, but the cle
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just gun with water in many homes. >> we're tracking harvey here just in time for the labor day weekend. >> new at 11:00, parents are targeted as they drop their kids at day care. i'll tell you what you can do to keep yourself and your stuff safe. >> there is good and bad news as we come on the air tonight. good news, harvey is weakening and downgraded to a tropical depression. >> the bad news, it is pouring rain, it's next targets tennessee and mississippi. in the last ten minutes the death total went to 28. >> in texas the storm has passed but rescue operations have not. more than 1800 people haveee
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rescued. >> shelters are bursting at the. 3200 people are waiting it out. >> we'll be walking as vice president mike pence and his wife travel to texas. >> dive teams found the submerged van that was owned by the exactlidy various family. two grandparents and the four children between the ages of six and 16 were found inside. >> the search and rescue mission has 2400 national guards troops deployed. a elite team from fairfax swift water rescue specialists, task force 1 are in a houston suburb right now. dug is standing by in our storm center and harvey's next move. first amelia draper is on
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to people returning to their homes for the first time in days. >> i still feel blessed, so, could have been a lot worse. just it was really scary because the waters rose from something to six or 7 feet high in a matter of hours. >> this area was one of the hardest hit with flash flooding. you can see area roads turned into creation and residents trying to get back to some sense of noernl alsy. look at my boots covered with 12 inches of water. as the water gets deeper as you head further out into the road. >> it just makes your heart happy i'm in this sad time, to see all these people working together to make -- to help each other. kind of disproves all those bad things. just a small
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population's bad. the rest of folks are good, good folks. >> we're here where the worst flooding happened on saturday night. take a look at how high the water level was. you can see here with the debris still on the walls. family members coming over today to start the cleanup process. the garage already cleaned out and everything here in the home that was touched by water has to be trashed. take a look, water just every where on the floors, and you can see already items removed from shelves, put into bins. the cleanup process only just beginning. this is something that will continue to take months. >> the neighbors have been wonderful. we've been giving directions, telling them what stores are open, lending fresh eggs, whatever we could do, for those of us who had power. most of us kept power. the difference it was this was a rain efent. we had ike, wind and a lot of damage to this neighborhood during ike but i
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wind. this was very, very unusual. >> new tonight, nationals pitcher is chipping in to free up space for local pets. his wife and family are covering adoption fees in the district. the waived fee is for animals currently at the shelters. the idea is to make room for animals coming from the gulf. to learn more how you can adopt, check out the home page of the nbc washington app. >> all that rain has to go somewhere. now it's all about timing its next move and how it's going to impact your labor day weekend plans. doug is standing by. >> we're tracking the storm now. not moving all that much. it is a tropical depression. all day long it's been moving less than 10 miles an hour. it is still in the portions of louisiana and texas. take a
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it has at least moved, made land fall, moved into central louisiana. showing where the storm is and where it will continue to go, in the northern frink into parts of north carolina. but the storm will move into the middle of the country, memphis, possible flooding there, until it moves to us in time for the labor holiday. great weather tomorrow. we'll track har vichlt we'll feel the effects sloons friday afternoon. if you have plans for labor day weekend i'm going to help you make those plans and show you which days are better than the others. only on news 4, the woman accused of dumping a cup of her own urine on a metrobus driver is giving us her side of the store.
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opal brown is the one who told us -- she told us the driver was rude to her. >> it was a accident like why is he so mean to their customers. we're on the bus. i pieced in the cup. pour it oul. i had to relieve myself. that's so inconsider it. >> police say the attack was unprovoked. she'll be charged with simple assault. a crime of opportunity, targeting parents as they take their kids today care. this isn't the first time. this latest case, bright and early outside of chester brook academy preschool, here's ways to keep your stuff safe. >> i'm a parent and i know what it's like when you're picking up your kids from school, we're in a return, distracted not knowing someone could be watching u
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this is the perfect opportunity for thesis. >> see you guys. jan elbody picks up her sons jackson and in fairfax. alexander come here. >> it's a little frustrating. >> reporter: we talked to her about car break ins. a school spokesperson told us safety is their concern and the school told parents about what happened. this isn't the only area with breakens in d.c., maryland and virginia. this is unique, the thesis target parents who are picking up their kids. police want us to remind you not to leave your car running, take your keys and remove valuables and don't forget to lock your door even if you plan on going quickly in and out of the school. thieves usually use
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fairfax police are investigating. meanwhile, jan elboid hopes they catch the crooks. >> we all work hard. i think any type of wrongdoing, anything like that, just isn't -- shouldn't happen. >> reporter: that's right it shouldn't happen and it's unfort iat. police urge anyone with information about the car break ins to call the fairfax county police department. we're working for you. a big traffic relief for maryland county drivers. the mayor says a $23 million project will add a fourth east bound lane to route 50 on the bridge. workers will shift a median barrier to make room for it all. work will begin next week and be complete by next spring. a maryland mother made the
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when she received nor body, kaechb sayer bushel was one of ten sailors killed on the uss john mccain this month. maryland governor larry hogan ordered flags to be flown at half staff for bushel. rescuers recovered the body of tim think eckels junior, he was from carol county. tears of joy in prince george's county when a woman comes face-to-face with the firefighter who saved her life. in july, she was knocked unconscious after her car overturned in a ravine on route 301. william agreesen usually takes route 5 to get to work but made a wrong turn. he saw the wreck, went down the embankment and rest
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>> we're all trained the same. i would pray, i have daughters, someone would look after them if they were in need. >> i don't know what i can do to ever repay you for saving my life, but i can show you that i'm grateful and say it to you today finally. >> she acknowledged state police and other firefighters and saving her was a true team effort. in a few years the new purple line is supposed to connect neighborhoods from bet he is do you to college park but until then it will send runners and bikers on a trial to quite a detour. >> something struck me, you maybe it's the same man. >> that posting on facebook likely saved a man's live. what it was that made her determined to reunite a family. plus talk about parking pain. how much time
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here in w as
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only on news 4 tonight, a woman opposite up about her pivot all role in reuniting a missing man with his family. >> she said it wouldn't have happened if she didn't trust her gut instinct. >> new at 11:00 she shares her story and explains how persistence paid off. >> and you can see
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cross the street. that was taken over here. >> reporter: at this dumfries mcdonald, she saw a man crossing the street, he looked like the man, she shared his missing poster. >> george, a husband and father of two disappeared two days ago, dozens of friends and strangers fanning out across sbrandia and fairfax county trying to find him. his wife said he suffers from depression. as we were interviewing rebu winstead, lieu leases followed this face into the mcdonalds. >> something struck me maybe this is the same man. she snapped this picture without the man seeing. >> reporter: after taking the picture on her
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decided to post it on facebook, and that changed everything. >> my friend pulled the picture up and i told the detective, this is where he is. send someone to get him now. >> reporter: you've got a very observant eye. what's your background. >> i retired in april from 29 years of being a background investor. and they teach you, you know, to keep alert. >> reporter: alert and persistent. because of that, reba says george is getting the treatment he needs it in. she's hoping his story will change minds about mental help. >> the more open we are about people getting help when they need help, the better everyone is going to be. >> reporter: this retired investigator who called off one more search. in dumfries virginia, news 4. >> great story. nbc 4 is committed to raise awareness and reduce the stigma about mental health. for more and
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community visit nbc >> people who rely on a popular hiking trail are upset their trail will close completely next week for up to five years. the georgetown branch trail will close tuesday for construction of the purple line. it shows the existing trail and the work zone, that is what will close. the red line is the trail detour, it sends user along busy jones bridge road. critics say the road is too busy and unsafe. if the construction goes as plan, you should be able to ride the purple line in 2022. i shared something about this on my facebook page. check it out. >> lot of people use that. a lot of surprise out there to a lot of folks, too. we know parking in d.c. is a wa
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when you break down the numbers it's depressing. trying to find the elusive spot in the district causes each of us to wait 65 hours a week. the driving in circles adds up to $1,300 a clear in gas and maintenance, then the $350 you put in the meter but don't use. transportation leaders are working on reducing congestion and suggesting the parking apps like district mobile, spot hero park mobile to help you out. >> i think we have information on those on our app. check it out. >> we sure do. >> doug, now harvey is headed in our direction, isn't it. >> it is. but this is not going to be a big deal for us. the only reason it's any kind of a big deal for us is because it's coming during the labor
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holiday. in south east texas, it's ended, but in portions of louisiana. we saw a much nicer day today after yesterday's rain and coastal system that brought us almost a inch of rain. today's temperatures more than 10 dress higher. only one shower, west of fredericksburg, that is it. all eyes continue to be on harvey. here it is, continuing to spin here. we saw shower activity and thunderstorms around atlanta, making its way up to our region. harvey spinning right here in towards louisiana, bringing a few more inches of rain, but the feet of rain are done. that's some very good news for places like houston where the water level is starting to come down. harvey is a depression with winter of 35 miles an hour, moving to the north, north east, only at 9 miles an hour. it will pick up speed. by around saturday it will be on our
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toward us. not tomorrow. tomorrow another nice one, clouds and sunshine, 85 degrees, but a pretty nice afternoon. there will be a chance for a shower tomorrow afternoon with a cold front that moves down, but most of the day does look dry. the shower activity most likely after 5:00. this is tropical storm irma. it's up to 65 miles an hour, it's looking healthy here. it's expected to become a major hurricane, category 3 hurricane just to the east of the lesser and till he's and a lot of computer models bringing it close to the eastern units. maybe in 7 to 10 days. we're going to be talking about it for a long time up to 7 to 10 days before it goes somewhere not just in the atlantaic. most of the day friday will be much cooler, 85 tomorrow, friday 68, 76 on
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harvey, chk, we will see shower activity early friday. on sunday, up to 81 degrees. and then right now, labor day looking really good before we see another chance of rain next week. we talked earlier about which games to play. these were the three big ones on my facebook page, monopoly, strabl and appless to apples. if you want to play board games saturday, there they are. >> thanks doul. >> i try to help my friends. coming up
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this is the xfinity sports desk. >> it was all about strasburg at the park today. >> he's the talk of baseball tonight. just fine. today he wipes away any remaining doubt about his endurance coming off the dl. he does crack a smile afterwards. on the mound to start and finish today's game against the marlins. ninth inning, man on first, facing osuna, strike out of the game. two batters later, derrick detrick grounds out to end the game. call it complete. strawsberg's second complete game. he's jumping for joy. not. it was a 4-0 win. dusty asked why even tonight strasburg looks so serious. >> he doesn't do anything good or bad and he doesn't talk that much. >> when you f
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make him happier. do you think he is happier? >> i haven't accomplished it yet. he's making we very happy. >> big smiles all around. strawsberg is getting the winning run. he tags this one to right center, a solo shot to get the nats on the board. second homer of the season. he added a single and guess what, unexpected hitting makes him smile. very happy. here's the proof. >> we haven't had bp in such a long time, i haven't picked up a bat, probably since my start in san diego i didn't pick up a batment sometimes you're just lucky. >> birds are lucky and looking good. going for a sweep of -- goodbye
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ties manny machado. then in the eighth, tied for 7. takes this one of the center, kay will he be joseph comes in to score, 99th rbi, 8-7 the final. kirk cousins and doug williams making a entrance today at the 56th annual redskins welcome home luncheon. daily air heart junior up there, a great chance tore place and coaches to connect with fans. a chance to show off swag there. tomorrow night it is the preseason finale. it's on nbc iv, 7:30, they kick it off, a lot of the backu try ps
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greater works. they're moving on, folks, a upkate on the local choir director danle damon. did you see him? damon is choir director in prince george's county but leads the national choir greater works. they wowed the crowd
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they'll move to next tuesday's live show you can see on nbc 4 at 8:00. they know how to rock a stage. wow. >> so,citing to have somebody so great on the show to root for him. next tuesday. >> that's going to do it for us. the tonight show is heading yo way.ur
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- harry styles, jenny slate,


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