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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  August 31, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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nbc's jay gray picks up our story. >> reporter: it's been a full week now, and in some parts of south east texas, the water is still rising. >> it's really deep. survivors are using everything they can to save anything they can. while rescue teams continue to save lives. >> thought i was going to die. i really thought i was going to drown. everything in my house was floating. >> reporter: in bow mont. >> patients were pulled from a hospital surrounded by flood waters but no clean water for treatments. >> she's a dialysis patient and there's no clean water. >> reporter: first responders are going door to door trying t
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>> everything, about everything we own was destroyed. it's overwhelming. you know if you stop, you'll just cry. so, you just keep moving forward. >>. >> reporter: and so they tear away the sheet rock, pull up the flooring and pile up the soaked remnants of their lives before the storm, understanding as bad as all of this looks, it could be so much worse. >> i'm so grateful that we're here and all alive and together. these are just our possessions, but this is my family. >> reporter: it will be to vital as they begin the difficult recovery here. jay gray nbc news houston. breaking just now we learn the death toll has risen to 38. meanwhile, if you've been to the gas pump this week you may feel
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harvey's impact, a major pipeline from texas has been cut off, which means gas prices will go up in d.c., maryland and virginia. aaa tells us you may spend up to 25 cents more a gallon. >> they should fill up now, prices will continue to increase over the next few days until this all place out. >> tonight the average price of gas is 10 cents more compared to before hurricane harvey. the pipeline is expected to reopen on sunday, but it's not certain when prices will go back down. we're following republican in prince george's county tonight a deadly hit and run shut down suit land road between silver wood and shady side. >> reporter: prince george's county police are about to wrap up this scene
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you see i am walking on the sidewalk? this is not where they say the man was walking. they say he was on the side of the road, and if you look right over here, you device, you see this circle, this is where his shoe was located on the other side of that white suv right there there's another circle, that's where the other shoe landed, to show you the impact of this cries. as a point of reference we are across the street from the u.s. sen sauce bureau. they say the man was walking on the $4,500 block of suitland road around 8:15, a vehicle, police have not told us if it was a car or suv, hit the man and kept going. he was in critical condition and died in a hospital. they have not released his name. police are trying to determine who he is. suitland road between silver hill road and shady side avenue was closed three hours. you can see this police cruiser right now.
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speed cameras in this area, there are a lot of businesses around here, perhaps they have cameras that would show the suspect's car just driving away. the suspect in this hit and run crash. prince george's county police urge anyone with information to give them a call. we will bring you the latest information on our nbc washington app, facebook page and twitter. thank you. a mother is apologizing tonight for her son. she said he struggles with mental health issues and she's sorry to hear he's acaused of attacking a liquor store employee. edwards is under arrest. he through a molotov cocktail at a employee would wouldn't let him inside. the employee's manager said the employee has third degree burns. >> he's in
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>> bureau chief found out sunday's attack also hurt a customer. he's already out of the hospital. montgomery county police confirmed they have taken this man into custody. d.c. police say he is sees sar morales, he brazenly opened fire last fried afternoon, all of it caught on video. investigators gave us his picture today. >> now to the other metro story, the one so many of you have been talking about on line this week. the woman who threw her own urine on a metrobus driver walked out of court. she pleaded not guilty. a d.c. judge ordered she get a mental evaluation. you can imagine metro union workers are not happy. they want tougher punishments for attacks on drivers like
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road. three men are on the loose after breaking into a business and taking off with a atm, this video shows the guys pulling up, getting out of the car, broke in, took the atm, hauled it outside and put it into the trunk of a suv. the redskins closing out the preseason with two straight wins, carol maloney's in the newsroom. they have a lot to win week one. >> momentum from tonight and the last game, it might help them going into next week. from now on it counts as you know. the question tonight who is going to make that final roster. doesn't matter what season it is, some players just want to hit somebody, even if it's each other. fourth play of the game, intercepted by josh harvey clemness with the play of the game, he's going all the
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the rookie line backer gets some blocking, takes it 41 yards to the house. redskins beat the bucks 13-10, second straight win to finish out the preseason. now tough decisions by saturday the redskins along with every team in the nfl have to put down their roster to 53. we'll talk about later in sports. that's a lot of cuts coming this weekend. we'll check back later. threats throw back thursday we decided to share some of our back to school photos. these pictures bringing back some fond memories and bad haircuts. >> it's a project some people in our area would like to federal government, but they can't. the purple line project has some folks seeing red. >> reporter: i'm jackie benson in north east washington, this man is
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there's a man in the district who's planning to spend another night chained to his own house. he's been up there 48 hours. >> he said the poor upkeep led to water damage that's ruing his foundation, and to fix it would rip the home's history out of the walls. >> reporter: you can see mr. fair is sitting out here, he
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instead he is chained to his house trying to preserve a piece of d.c. history. >> we're still paying our taxes, mortgage and rent on the home. >> reporter: within site of the new h street home goods, he's wearing his purple heart shirt and cap chained to the home. this plaque bearing the home's name gives a secret who what it hides inside, it's a rare piece of d.c. history, foundation walls made from stones carried from tieber creek which once ran nearby. these boards are holding up the ancient foundation collapsed after years of drainage issues in the nearby water. >> it was our living room, we had a antique fireplace down
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owns the ally has said it will force by law repairs to the home. >> the lawyers i've talked to, their offering to pay is a recognition of liability. >> reporter: deputy mayor relaysed a statement that says we understand this process might be disruptive to the homeowner but it is important that we make sure the property is safe and restore access to the public ally that serves the businesses and residences. >> reporter: many people in our audience have wanted us to ask you this question. we don't have a lot of time for a long answer, but how long do you plan to stay here? >> i plan to stay here until i get a reasonable resolution from the district of columbia or until the -- they cut me out and drag me away. i'm here for the distance. >> reporter: you heard him say that here in front of his very old home that does indeed contain a piece of d.c. history that he'd like to
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new at 11:00, dozens showed up at a ceremony of remembrance. it was meant to memorialize lives lost to drug addiction. today is international overdose awareness day. it's to bring -- family members and friends remembered loved once and lit candles. >> life is about to change for those o who walk and bike on a popular trail in chevy chase. construction for the purple line is the reason. it stretches 3 and a half miles from downtown bethesda to silver spring but it's closing tuesday and stay closed up to five years. a temporary trailer detour is being set up, but it goes down busy streets. many people say they use it
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>> my son rides his bike to school, takes him about 10 minutes. without the bike he could take a school bus and it takes about 40 minutes each way on that bus. >> we spoke to people on both sides of the issue. it's so divisive, those who support it didn't want to be identified. you may have seen the ads on instraw gram, restaurants are donating part of their proceeds to the victims of harvey. tonight was the dig d.c. dines out for houston event. hundreds of restaurants participated in the event. there were a lot of spots giving back through the holiday weekend. you can find the list on our nbc washington app search restaurants donate. >> we're craving pause ta. >> so many efforts to try to help the folks in texas. it's wonderful to see.
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country. we're looking at some potential harvey effects here and soon. >> the good news it will be much weaker when it comes here. this storm providing big problems in areas like memphis they've had 4 to 6 inches of rain, they're dealing with flooding. once it gets here it will be a lot less of a storm. we're talking maybe a inch, inch and a half at most. it will have a impact on the labor day weekend. right now a pretty nice night for most of us, 76, winds out of the north 12. there's winds of change. nothing except this right here. shower okaytivity coming through, with the cold frant. that cold front, we talked about a chance of a shower, right here along 29, over on maryland city, seeing shower activity. you see it jump right there with the latest sweep there by the radar, but that's it. that's the only showers
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region. it's all because of this front. you can see it dropping on down behind had your region and bind it much cooler air. you'll notice a difference tomorrow. temperatures in the 60s. harvey moving slowly. look at the thunderstorm activity. numerous tornadoes and tornado warnings. flooding back warned the memphis area. this moves in our region and comes in tomorrow tonight. here's future weather hour by hour in the morning just the cloud covers, we'll be in the clouds all day tomorrow. i don't expect to see much in the way of sunshine. it'll be cool, a little breezy, too. here's 11:00 at night. starting to see the rain move in, the rain continuing in the day saturday, saturday morning just about everybody seeing a good chance for showers, a better chance south and east ward during the day on saturday. that's where i expect most of the rain to be. good idea to keep the umbrella handy, saturday the one day we see the rain. tomorrow cloudy and
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temperatures 15 to 20 degrees colder tomorrow across our region. now talk to irma, hinds of 115 miles an hour. it's way out there in the atlantic. you can see the eye. very well developed storm for being that far out in the atlantic. moving west north west, it's expected to become a category 4, move close to the islands, and then what? well so much different, so many things can happen here. somewhere along the east code, somewhere long the gulf, toward the big islands in the caribbean. lot to talk about. it's at least 7 to 8 days out if it was to make its way into the u.s. up one thing for sure, sunday and monday looking much, much nicer before we get unsettled again as we make our way into the end of next week. all in all, sunday monday looking good. >>
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>> you're supposed to pick her up at the airport. >> if she's back, she's watching. thank you. welcome home. now the b question whoig
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this is the xfinity sports desk. >> lot of guys had stuff to proof and they did it. >> time to shine and they took advantage. 57 players dressed for tonight's game with the redskins, 37 will be cut by saturday. sleepless nights for so many
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does that include the starting quarterback? kirk cousins? he didn't play. tonight it was the nature sudfeld show. >> matt hazel with four catches, 60 yards. sudfeld 228 yards. was it enough to warrant a spot? >> the grandson of marly, the 5'8" line backer, with a nose for the ball. he had a sack with the ravance josh harvey, he's been quiet this preseason. we haven't heard his name a lot. but would this one play help him make that final roster? 14 yards to the house. redskins beat the bucks 13-10. second win to finish out the
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preseason. out live to tampa. >> reporter: he said he wished he played better at some points, but you got to admit he played so well. preseason games are made for guys like marly, leading the team 5 tackless, one sack and a tackle for a loss, we just caught up with him as the team was coming out of the locker room. this is what he had to say with his summer with the redskins preseason. >> i wasn't the my that -- i'm -- i didn't know if i was going to play ever again. i went home after rookie camp. they called me two days later. i really thought it was over. to play the game again was awesome. >> reporter: did that fuel your fire more that they let you go once and brought you back. >> the fire is always blazing. i don't need nothing to feel this fire. >> reporter: with those cuts coming on saturday, i asked
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what are those next day and a half look like for you. he said he's going to chill. his kusen will be in town. it will be like a normal off day. what else do you do before your job is maybe on the line. did he all he could and on saturday we'll see who makes the final ross sister. >> live from raymond james stadium. thank you for joining us. niko. the nats tonight, they were starting a series against the brewers. problems with jonathan vah lar. you see im, bernie brewer down the slide. this goes right to -- geo gave up -- the nats fall 6-3, and the orioles, i have a score for you. they had a six game winning streak going, lost
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blue jays. that's a seven game winning streak was
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- billy crystal, derek hough and the winners from nbc's "world of dance,"


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