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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  September 6, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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breaking right now at least three people confirmed dead from hurricane irma, the storm barrelling toward its
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fall tomorrow. puerto rico breathing a sigh of relieve while miami is watching and waiting. a local family getting the word out about a disappearance of a pregnant woman, a teacher who didn't show up for the first day of school. >> i'm worried we need to find her quickly so we can get her home. first up tonight she's already left a path of destruction and is now putting millions of americans on notice. let's get right not storm center and chief meteorologist for the latest. >> this is still a category 5 storm and still breaking records isn't it. >> it is. we're well over 30 hours of this storm being a category 5, this is a new record, this is not the kind of record we want to be breaking across our region. the largest storm ever to make land fall anywhere on earth.
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fall in the islands, making its way to the north of port rauert, toward the bahamas. there's a little bit of a change, no change as far as the wind speeds are concerned, still 185 miles an hour storm, moving to the west northwest at 16 miles an hour, the pressure about the same as it was before at 9:16. change comes through the bahamas, it is a very good change for miami, the farther this is off the coast here, the better. but again this is the cone of uncertainty. it can be toward the bahamas or florida fees. the hurricane center has it at 140 miles an hour category 4 storm along the coast of florida then making its way up the coast line eventually coming toward our region most likely as a rain storm. we've got rain now. i'm tracking it and how it affects your morning compute. and the latest on irma i'm going to break it down for you in
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minute. >> so far, at least three deaths are being blamed on pushing irma, two people killed on the french islands of st. martin and saint batters, another died in barbuda, the island of about 700 people practical particularly wiped ou. officials are saying 95% of the structures there completely gone tonight. the you noticed nations say as many as 37 million people can be affected by the storm. the eye is north of puerto rico, the wind has flokd out power to nearly 900,000 people. fortunately the overall damage isn't as bad as it could have been. irma moving back into the atlantic. meanwhile the process of slowly evacuating potentially millions is under way, a hospital in miami moved $200 patients this afternoon. mandatory evacuations for
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dad county are happening right now. evacuations in produce ward county start tomorrow. we have a look at the situation there tonight. >> we're here in pemburk pines. we have a few folks waiting behind each pump and it lookts like it's moving smoothly, until we reveal what's waiting down the street. and you can see down there the line of cars, it stretches back probably about 30 or so cars. and this is repeated at most every gas station that you see around the area. i can also tell you that starting thursday at noon, that is when they're going to begin evacuations on the east part of bowward county, so north of miami, they are taking it seriously and there is a lot of concern here. that's
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florida. >> huge population centers there. david thank you and stay with news 4 for more live reports from david starting tomorrow as irma draws closer to south florida through the weekend. time is the enemy for a local family waiting for word about a missing woman, laura wallen is missing. news 4 is in olney is the latest on the search. >> reporter: when she failed to show up for the first day of school, family and friends immediately suspected something was terribly wrong. >> from everything i know it's totally out of her character. >> reporter: echoing the sentiment of everybody, sis appearing is not like wallen, the 31-year-old was not at her condo when he went
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the lights were on and the dog was running around. on tuesday the award winning teacher failed to show up for the first day of school. nonhas seen her car, a black 2011 forward escape with maryland license plates m 522473 since she left home saturday. >> i spoke with her on saturday. just through text message. and then briefly on sunday. then i had one text message in the morning on monday. >> police who are investigating have asked that the content of that text message not be released. her family says laura is four months pregnant and so excited about the baby that she posted her sonogram pictures on the refrigerator. >> totally torn our world apart. it's like a tv drama that you wish you could shut off, but you can't. >> reporter: laura's family is asking you to please keep your eye out for her, k
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out for that black ford escape, if you see them, call montgomery police. live. the march to confront white supremacy made it from charlottesville to washington today. tonight we know their journey isn't over. after a 10 day trip, the protestors held a ralry at the mlk memorial. group organizers said many of them will camp out there until the march for racial justice in d.c., september 30th. the violence in charlottesville prompted a major change at the national cau theet recall, it is removing four stained glass panels honoring confederate general recalls stonewall jackson and robert e. lee, the you noticed daughters of the confederacy sponsored the windows in the 1950's, they say
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teaching. >> we think it's important to do it now, the sooner we can take care of it, the sooner we can move on with the mission and ministry of this place. >> after the massacre in chartville, the church removed two tiny tv flags from the same panels. this is a look at the remembering our fallin memorial at the steps of the lincoln memorial. it pictures 4300 men and women from across the country who died fighting the war on terror since 9/11. the memorial will officially be opened to the public at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. tomorrow donald trump junior will testify behind closed doors. senators will ask the president's oldest son about a meeting he took with a russian lawyer in june of 2016. trump jr.'s e-mail suggests the lawyer was offering him dirt on
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hillary clinton. also tom the inter connector will be remaimed to for governor ehrlic. the governor will make it official tomorrow. a judge rules whether there will be more delays for the purple line. friends of the capitol crescent trail filed a temporary restraining order to stop work along the georgetown branch trail. some who love the trail say they'll use it whatever the judge decides. >> the truth is i'll use it until somebody comes and arrests me. new at 11:00, a california parole board voted to free the young he have of the charles manson's followers. leslie van houten participated in the filli
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years ago during the manson murder spree. the parole board found she was not a threat to society. jerly brown has the final decision. last year he prevented the parole. a star says this video from tmz force shows las vegas police using excessive force against them. defensive end michael bennett says he was leaving the mcgregor fight when he started running because of reports of gunshots, then he said police pointed their guns at him and threatened to kill him. police officers thought bennet may have been involved in the shooting. >> lot of people who experience what i experienced at that moment and they're not here to live their story. >> he was placed in handcuffs and detained while officers involv
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>> police are promising a full investigation. bennet got support from the nfl commissioners. he's one of the -- >> pope francis told a crowd don't ever lose faith and hope after he apriefd in columbia. he landed in bowinga ta. he smiled and waved to the thousands of people who lined up along his mote are kaed group. he's set -- $400 million in debt and now toys are us can keep them from filing for bankruptcy. cnbc confirms the toy giant might have to file for bankruptcy unless the attorneys can dig them out of debt. it comes ahead of the all important holiday shopping season which can make or break brick
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amazon reporting to price gouging while people stock up ahead of irma. >> i've been through a gather door 3 and 4, and this is way past. this is nothing to play around with. >> irma not the onlyurricane h
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snieflt lot of people arriving in our area after jetting
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florida to escape hurricane irma. >> talking to some of them after they landed here in reagan national airport. he joins us live with their biggest concern. >> reporter: many of them concerned about their homes, neighborhoods, their apartment buildings, college campuses. they flew in arrestingen international to get away from the hurricane. she evacuated from miami beach and flu to reagan international as hurricane irma moved toward florida. >> i said i have to get out. i'm not going to mess with no water, electricity, no way of getting up and down the elevator. i called my sister in montgomery maryland. she said of course. >> reporter: miami beach is one of the coastal areas under mandaty
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luke left sara soda and flew in virginia. >> cindy tells me she's relieved to go to tacoma park. she has a message for irma. >> go somewhere else. not new orleans, not houston, somewhere else. >> reporter: that's right, cindy, go somewhere else. more south florida ians are expected to arrive at reagan national. fema's budget is stretched thin as he struggles to find damage done by hurricane harvey and what's to come from irma. 30,000 fema workers are in texas now to help the victims of harvey. the $8 billion in funding approved by the house today won't come close to covering costs from harvey and irma comb.
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spending money on 20 natural disasters before harvey hit. >> amazon is pushing back on accusations that it's not doing enough to not price gouge. it showed screen shots of a $63 jug of water and a 100 block of water. they said low price items are sold out leaving high priced items from third party providers. the examples on twitter were from third party providers. >> we have to support our brick and mortar stores because when we need them we need them. so changes in the path way? >> slight. even a slight change could mean the difference between a major disaster and averting one. that would be a difference of 10
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if it was 30 miles to the east of miami rather than 30 miles inland. you mentioned there are two other hurricanes out in the atlantic basin. you can see irma as it moves across puerto rico, the eye stayed well north of puerto rico, they didn't see some damage, but lots of rain. cattia is in the gulf of mexico, does not move to houston, just mexico. jose is on the heels of irma. the only worry, if it comes across the same islands hit by i rememberia, but this storm expected to stay out to sea. it's all about irma. this is the storm. this is san juan, here's puerto rico, they're still dealing with heavy rain, but most of the rivers have remained in their flood banks, the wind has not been all that strong, the stes
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eye still clearly formed her. it is getting a little less formed, a little bit less organized, but still at 11:00, it had 185 miles an hour winds. this is a mon store of a storm moving west northwest at 16 miles an hour, it's moving toward the turks and kay cos. water kills more people than wind. they can have 15 to 20 foot storm surge in parts of turks and kay cos and south eastern portions of bahamas, that can be devastating, 155 miles an hour category 4 storm close to south florida. this is the key. it moves around miami. if it's inland on miami, it gets in on the storm surge, if it's to the east, not nearly as much storm surge and water. this is huge that the exact track, but because of the cone of uncertainty, t
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out to the bahamas or maybe back into the gulf of mexico, closer to tampa. all eyes on central florida. what many a i telling my family? my brother will be on a flight friday, he was able to get tickets. thank goodness. i said get your house prepared now. you you have a little bit of time. tomorrow they'll ton to evacuate dade count, follow evacuation orders. have to get away from the coast. have to get as far inland as possible. but even orlando, depending on the exact track of this storm, may not be safe. the storm itself continues to move up. here's the latest advisory moving it to the east of jacksonville on on shore around charleston south carolina as a strong category 2 storm at 110 miles an hour. what about our region? by the time it gets up here,
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conditions. that is it. we're not going to see anything like hurricane force winds. right now i don't think we send tropical storm force winds. not bad. today not the best day. we saw rain, cooler temperatures, that rain moving out, we'll see much better day tomorrow after some locations picked up and a half a inch to a inch of rain. tomorrow sunshine, temperature into the low seventies as we move to the next couple days, saturday, sunday, everybody in the 70s. tuesday and wednesday we'll track irma. i'm not worried about it at all in our region. coming
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this is the xfinity sports desk. >> magic number six here we go. >> so their next 10 games are at home. so, nats fans, you got to be there. >> got to go. >> the nationals can clinch a payoff spot this weekend. it will be the first time the ball club will make back-to-back appearances if they do. after beating the marlins and sweeping miami this week. taking on the marlins top of the first, nats up 1-0. ryan zimmer man on first, kendrick hits it down the line and left, 32-year-old ryan zimmerman showing off the speed. this ball all the way back to the wall. zim being sent. heading straight
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steps and down the hall. looking more like bo jackson. nats up 2-0. in the fourth, zimmerman back from the clubhouse, crushes this ball to right center. this lands in the second deck. this is the 31st of the year for zim. he stays in the dugout this time. geo gonzalez, bases loaded. catches brian anderson looking. geo fired up. four strikeouts in five shutout innings, beat the marlins 8-1, that magic number down to six. the redskins back on the field getting ready for the eagles. bad news for kirk and cousins, the redskins have won five straight against philadelphia. kirk cut instance 0 for 2 as a starter.
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excitement of the opener while coming up with the win. >> there are a lot of emotions in week one. it's always a balance of, you know, not refusing too much, but also not falling asleep. you have to find that balance. week one tends to be you're a little too refed up. be able to be accurate and go through my reads and not rush anything. that's the challenge the first couple of years, you're still finding your way and figure out what kind of team you have. >> leading the mystics in her first season in d.c. she led the way, mystics up, dela done, 8-0 run mystics. mystics a 10, pass inside to dela don, finding room, gets the
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bucket. triple late off a dallas wing meets. fighting for the rebound, then they're fighting for real. these two really getting into it. fouls handed out. powers eventually ejected from the game. mystics win 86-76. they'll play sunday. we're waiting to see who they'll play and u.s. open roger federer losing 2 sets to 1. he's a tough opponent if he can get out of this one. >> that's a
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that's the moment we wish had gone the other day, danell daymon and the greater works will not compete in the finals, you c
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