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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  September 11, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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roads are flooded below because of the storm surge. let's give you a big picture of the irma right now. >> a staggering number of people don't have power. 4.8 million, nearly one quarter of the entire state. >> hundreds of thousands had to leave their homes behind. more than 160,000 people are waking up in shelters today. no one has died. >> angie goff is at the live desk with new video we're getting of the damage and what comes next. angie? >> that's what we want to look at. we want to see what this thing has done. as you mentioned, eun, new video to show you. irma blasted naples. one person sending a drone up to see what happened. take a look from above. so much wreckage there. flooding as well. the wind still blowing this hour. major infrastructure damage may be the biggest problem. right now, we know from here. hundreds of pepco employees are headed to florida to help the crews try to get the lights back on
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the dark. as chuck mentioned earlier, the storm now downgraded to a category 1 but winds sustaining about 85 miles per hour. we know that it is making its way up the east coast. virginia one of the states in its path that declared a state of emergency. mostly so they can get down to help the parts of florida that were devastated by the storm, aaron? >> thank you. we're working every angle of the story on this hurricane. it's hard to explain how powerful it was. you have to see it for yourself. david culver is west of ft. lauderdale right now in sunrise, florida. he has more on the incredible sights and sounds from irma. >> reporter: south florida has felt the wrath of irma and now for a moment without my voice, we want to experience the force of nature like we did. the sights and sounds starting from inside this hotel.
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>> we were here going live and all of this was grass and beautiful and serene and calm. now you can see one of the trees we were standing under 48 hours ago has tipped over. that same intensity ripping apart old glory, leaving the flag tattered, bringing down traffic lights and massive trees. >> you can see this is one tree that is entirely uprooted. turned on its side. look at this. some of the piping. these are pipes just snapped and pulled up
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irma getting under south florida's skin, peeling off billboards, ripping up roofs. driefgt street driving the streets, you've got to dodge debris. many roads flooded. as the day continues to progress and hopefully folks continue to get their power on, we'll know better as we survey what is left after irma. reporting from broward county, florida, i'm david culver. send it back to you. >> now, david and his photographer have been bringing you great stories from this hurricane. if you've missed any of them, you can watch them on the nbc washington app. we'll have more reports from david as he shows us the damage left by irma. 4:33 now. while florida is taking a big hit from irma right now, it's hard to forget about the utter devastation it left behind in the caribbean. islands, including st. martin, turned into rubble due
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wrath. look at the damage here. these islands are vacation hotspots attracting americans every year. several american families were trapped there during the storm and are being evacuated back to the u.s. the jackson family was one of them. it took them one week to get back on u.s. soil last night. the whole ordeal turned their time enjoying paradise into a nightmare. right now they're happy to be home. >> i am. i really am. i'm just really glad to be alive. it was the strongest storm i've ever endured. >> jacksons say they are thankful to be back in the u.s. but they feel for the people they had to leave behind. the u.s. is expected to evacuate more people from those islands today. 4:34 is our time right now. want to give you a live look from florida this morning where irma is still hitting parts of that state. we have much more on the storm throughout the hour, including local electric crews heading to the sunsh
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of a hike you could expect to see at the gas pumps around here as a result of irma. >> just one of the stories we're following. >> here's a look at other top stories. the country will pause to remember those killed on 9/11. thousands are expected to gather at ground zero to pay their respects. at the pentagon, the u.s. flag will be unfurled before 7:00 this morning as it has in years past. president trump and the first lady will lead a moment of silence at the white house and vice president pence will speak in shanksville, pennsylvania. the downtown mall crossing at 4th street had been closed since last month. it opened over the weekend. police say heather heyer died when a man drove his car into a crowd of people protesting the rally. now it's 4:35. another check on your weather antr
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>> another look at the roads in a minute with wtop's jack taylor. first, let's go to chuck and sheena for a look at the forecast. 58 degrees? is it fall already? >> real taste of autumn this morning. we've been keeping a close eye on irma and our tampa native has been keeping a close eye on this. >> i'm from tampa. so i've been watching it closely. my mom had to evacuate. my dad didn't have to evacuate. here's a look at the track. if you haven't been keeping up with it over the weekend, it's north of tampa. it's going to continue into the panhandle of florida or parts of it. then the remnants near tennessee giving us increasing rain chances as we go into tomorrow. as far as the radar is concerned, tampa still looking at a lot of rain. you can see that really good swirl there. now there's an on-shore wind. we'll talk about irma coming up. how is it outside, chuck? >> it'soo
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there's no concern for rain in the area today. leave the umbrella at home if you like. temperatures 40s and 50s now. will gradually rise into the 60s and low 70s today. and tomorrow, you can see highs tomorrow, that's with the rain coming in. only in the upper 60s to 70 tomorrow. get ready. these shower chances which start tomorrow linger on through wednesday, thursday, maybe even into friday as well. jack taylor, dry roads on a monday is always a good thing. >> thank you very much for that. we've got an early morning crash in virginia on 395. towards seminary road. we had one left lane getting by. couple vehicles were involved. a lot of equipment has arrived on scene and a lot of police. 32 going westbound near i-95, the ongoing work has the left lane getting by. our crews have been working in the outer loop after georgia avenue have just cleared.
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back to you. jack, thank you. today is a great day to start. >> october, the nationals are nl east champions for the second straight year. walk-off homer. the nationals are the champions of the national league east. snooch . >> celebration in the crowds. the marlins had to lose to the braves -- people stuck around for the 99 -- 90 nail biting minutes watching the other game on the video board. they're celebrating after the other team lost. then as you can see, it was party time. >> your guys out here, how good is it? >> yes, it's great. just a wild bunch right now. let them be wild. you know what i mean. they earned it. >> this is like dusty baker wearing the glasses and sherri
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>> it seems like the nationals keep going to the playoffs but haven't made it out of the first round. you know this, sfliright? >> you know while we're celebrating, we have a ways to go. >> there are still three weeks before the end of the regular season. fighting back against north korea, but in a different way. the punishment several nations are expected to give that country in a few hours. it is a video that would make about any metro rider cringe. what we've learned about this driver caught riding and reading the newspaper at the same time. the breaking news this morning on hurricane irma as it moves across the state of florida. another live look from ft. lauderdale right now where things look pretty calm at this
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it is 4:42 right now. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang. take a look at the stories we're working for thu morning. the second days of the so-called slenderman trial begins today in wisconsin. the 15-year-old pled guilty to second degree intentional homicide though she and her friend are charged in the stabbing attack of another girl in 2014. prosecutors say they were trying to appease the
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character slenderman. if she's found not guilty by reason of mental disease, she will be committed until 2020. today marks five years since the benghazi attack. intruders attack in benghazi libya armed with guns and grenades. several buildings were burned and ambassador chris stevens was among those killed. the u.s. is calling for a vote on new sanctions against north korea. a draft circulated by the u.s. imposes the toughest ever u.n. sanctions on north korea, including a ban on natural and oil gas exports to the country. the north's foreign minister issued a statement warning it is ready and willing to respond with measures of its own. now we have another check of your forecast and what you face as you head out today. >> some people may want a jacket as they step out. >> i was just goingo
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might need a light jacket before you step outside. we're also watching hurricane irma. still a hurricane coming up. we'll show you when the remnants will be moving into our area. we're in the 50
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good morning. you'll need a light jacket this morning. we're watching hurricane irma in florida and south georgia. we'll see remnants of it later in the week. chuck with a closer look at that coming up. >> sheena, thank you. we saw president trump in texas after hurricane harvey devastated houston. florida is next. >> irma hit the florida coast. yesterday the president talked about how people are saving lives. >> fema and the entire group, fema has been incredible. now we'll see what happens. i think the hard part
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beginning. we'll see what happens. >> so it sounds like there is a lot of work to do. news 4's tracie potts on capitol hill to talk more about that. tracie, good morning. >> aaron and eun, goorng. he'll head to florida soon. but first the cleanup, the hundreds of thousands of people in shelters. they've got food and supplies stashed but they've got to wait until they get the okay from the governor, they have to wait until it's safe so distribute that stuff. their advice to people waiting is to work with what they have until they can get those resources where they need to be. the other thing, rescues potentially for people in the keys. the concern that fema has in trying to land helicopters down there and with still really high winds. the challenge here financially for washington is dealing with the flooding that we saw in texas. they're still dealing with that. now the damage and the aftermath that we'll likely see much more of at first
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fema, as you know, almost ran out of money. congress gave them 15 billion. lawmakers are saying they'll be hit up for more, billions more by mid-october. >> tracie potts on the hill, thank you. president trump's director of social media is under fire this morning. dan skoe vino tweeted out video. he said he was sharing it with the president. it turns out he was wrong. the person who runs the twitter account for miami's airport tweeted him saying the video was not from miami international. ska vino deleted that post. dozens of dogs left orphaned by hurricane harvey and irma have permanent homes in our area. people turned out to adopt homeless pets. look at those puppies. about 90 dogs from shelters in texas, florida and even puerto rico were up for adoption. today thousands of volunteers will be back on the national mall to continue packing healthy meals for senior
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meals. news 4's barbara harrison helped at the meal packing challenge yesterday. she caught up with a volunteer from florida who drove to d.c. to escape hurricane irma. she felt compelled to do her part after watching all the hurricane coverage on tv. >> i said, i'm going to give back some kind of way. i am not the hero. it's the people that are here are the heroes, helping out and the people helping out in florida. >> volunteers packed more than 700,000 meals yesterday. >> wow. >> the packing begins -- pretty impressive yesterday. so today the packing begins at 8:00. happening right near the reflecting pool in the mall. >> the meals will be distributed to seniors in the d.c. area. that's the one shining spot. people really stepping up to help others. it's incredible to see. sfie >> for sure. i'm angie goff at t
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we've been talking about hurricane irma. there's something big happening in houston today. the kids, children, they're going back to class. the city delayed the start of school for two weeks because of hurricane harvey. moms and dads had to figure out to repair the damage to their homes and also take care of their children at the same time. houston has more than 200,000 students. of course, there's still a lot more recovery that needs to happen in the weeks and months, even the years ahead, they say. eun. >> a long road to recovery. police in fredericksburg found a man wanted in connection with the death of his girlfriend. they took him into custody yesterday. he is charged with second degree murder. police found his girlfriend shot to death in her car on palmer street saturday night. mills is held without bond. no word on what led up to the shooting. hoardg
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caused this fire. a man who lives inside the home was able to escape the fire and was taken to the hospital. his friend was found dead in the basement of the home. fire officials are still investigating the exact cause of the fire. we have an update now to this video. a news 4 viewer sent this to us showing a metrobus driver reading the paper while driving a bus filled with people. the driver has been officially suspended by metro. a news 4 viewer caught the act on his cell phone on friday. the man tweeted the video saying the driver was even turning pages while the bus was moving. the viewer says this was on the f 6 route that left to the ten. listen, chuck bell. what's going on with chuck? people on the streets asking me. >> vacation accomplished. >> i told them you retired. been around for a long time. >> i did not wake up at
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the morning one time while on vacation. >> good for you. welcome back. we missed it. >> i spent ten days at the beach doing zip, that da, zero. i did go to the volleyball match. >> you're going to make up for it now. >> back in full force everybody. we'll be continuing to keep a very close eye on what is still tropical storm irma or hurricane irma at this point. it is going to continue to decelerate. maximum sustained winds at 85 miles per hour. should be a tropical storm in a couple of hours and then it will essentially start to unwind. still a huge impact on the west coast of florida this morning. the wind is going offshore from ft. lauderdale to miami. that will take the high water out of southeast florida. on shore winds mean a rough go of it in tampa bay and the big bend of florida. the heavy rain extends to the atlanta, metro area. because we have high pressure.
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bottled up. it will go westbound into the tennessee valley. because of that, i don't think the rain gets north of that yellow line today. maybe far down towards blacksburg, the virginia/north carolina border. the track of what's left is not coming up the east coast, it's westbound into places like memphis, tennessee. eventually, that moisture will find its way here. instead of one big blast of rain, we're going to get several days with tropical squally weather. today is probably the last dry day of the week. 58 now in washington. look at all the 40s this morning in the shenandoah valley. a crisp, hint of autumn this morning. shorts and sunglasses for later in the day. cool and comfy to mild and dry. 75 for a high today. only in the upper 60s to 70 with rain becoming more and more li
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it will rain before tomorrow is done. off and on rain chances and mild rain at that. it will be all that tropical moisture coming our way. a chance for rain tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday with highs around 80 because it's coming from a tropical place. as we get into the weekend, finally a chance to dry things out once again. now over to jack taylor at wtop and see how he's doing on a monday morning. >> at least our roadways are dry this morning. we've got issues on 395 northbound on seminary. one left lane is getting by. may have had a couple of state vehicles involved in the crash. this may be there for a little bit. hopefully it's minor and can be quick. loudoun county, evergreen mills road northbound after belmont ridge road, a crash. traffic is alternating past the scene of the accident. authorities are there. sounds like our work is just wrapping up in maryland on the beltway, inner loop near allentown road. two lanes had been getting by. but the roadwork is gone. thank yo
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they asked them to identify cinnamon and gasoline. people with a poor sense of smell were five times more likely to develop the disease in ten years than those with a higher score on these tests. the link was especially strong in men. we're working with you with an important recall. 45,000 folding chairs recalled. six reports of the fabric on the chairs ripping or tearing. there's been one report of a hand and back injury. they were sold at christmas tree shops. stores across the country. you can return them to the stores for a full refund. in the age of air bnb, renting out cars is more and more popular. >> business is growing so fast that automakers are taking notice too. towero it features thousands of vehicles on its app. high end
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corolla and all rented out by their owners known as hosts. >> we're practically no cost, they can afford to own a nice car and make that ownership experience much more pleasant for their personal wallet. >> daimler benz has been investing in turo. general motors launched its own called maven. >> would you do that? >> it would be fun to drive a porsche. >> giving somebody my car? no. >> you would never do it. >> apple's newest iphone may be coming out sooner than anticipated. >> cnbc is reporting apple would introduce a special iphonex on tuesday to mark ten years of the phone. we've seen a number of leaks about the hardware and features. but everyone is calling it the iphone 8 so far. it will come
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software. we'll find out more in the information. any time there's a new apple, it means my husband is on the list of trying to get in line. i want the next new thing. >> immediately, right? >> immediately. the money flying out of our bank account. stay with us. news 4 continues at 5:00 a.m. hurricane irma, take a look at your screen. on the left a look at the satellite i am imagine as the now category 1 storm continues to blow across florida. on the right, a look at some of the incredible images still coming in. this is naples florida. things are starting to calm down. it's the storm surge that has a lot of people on edge this morning. it is 5:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang. the latest on hurricane irma in a minute. but first a look at our local weather and traffic. a look at t


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