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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  September 11, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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traffic. storm team 4 meteorologist sheena parveen has your local forecast from the weather deck. a little chilly out there, sheena? >> okay. daye have my light jacket. i had it on a minute ago. it's not the cutest so i took it off. this is what you need this morning. it's a little chilly outside. i wouldn't recommend sleeveless. don't follow what i am doing. we'll feel the cool temperatures the first half of the day. the good news, is the roads are nice and dry. open up the windows later. 70 degrees by noon. mid-70s for an afternoon high. then we'll see the clouds developing. they're going to be from irma. then we'll see the remnants tomorrow through friday with showers in the forecast. speaking of irma, let's head inside to mr. chuck bell. he's back in town. he's talking about irma. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, sheena.
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video of tampa bay with all the water blown out to sea. they had dry land in the middle of parts of tampa bay and near the shoreline there. the complete opposite has happened. no longer an offshore wind, now howling on shore wind has brought flooding back into tampa bay with some 8 to 10-foot waves on top of the high water. so this is probably the worst case scenario for tampa here early this morning. the heaviest of the rain now has moved up into parts of southern georgia and northern florida. the heavy rain shield will migrate northbound towards the atlanta area. atlanta, a lot of flights changed there. keep in mind, there could be a lot of significant flight delays today as that tropical moisture goes up. the first of that moisture goes towards memphis before it comes to us. we'll have showery weather mid to late week. we'll update that part of the forecast coming up. but
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>> might have an issue on the george washington parkway. at this point, park police officers saying everybody behind us please divert everyone off. northbound lanes of the gw parkway temporarily closed. same situation potentially in maryland on 95 southbound. three of four vehicles were involved in a crash after route 32 on the left and right side of the roadway. we believe that all equipment has arrived on scene just south of 32. the lanes are blocked on 95 southbound. again, temporarily. please man ahead for that. for now, back to you. jack, thank you. 6:02. we want to go to angie goff at the live desk with what irma is doing now. >> it's affecting people in other places other than florida. you have new video to show us? >> i do. we'll start with the video out of florida. this is orlando. people getting quite the light show in the sky. those are transformers
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out, the flashes there. we also saw over and over again, shingles being ripped off the top of houses and buildings. also seeing video. you mentioned other state, georgia, that's where there are power outages right now in the southeast. they're dealing with ferocious winds as the category 1 storm works its way up the east coast. we have learned that the atlanta airport has canceled a quarter of its flights. eun? >> angie goff at the live desk. thank you. new video showing hurricane irma unleashing her wrath on naples, florida here. wind gust frs the hurricane storm wall had gusts of 145 miles per hour. this is drone video showing the aftermath. you can see homes damaged and streets flooded. >> we're working for you bringing you every angle of the story on hurricane irma. david culver is west
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he has more on some of the incredible images he was able to capture of irma. >> reporter: south florida has felt the wrath of irma. now for a moment without my voice, i want you to experience this force of nature as we did. the sights and the sounds starting from inside this hotel. >> we were here going live. all of this was grass and beautiful and serene and calm. now you can see one of the trees that we were actually standing under 48 hours ago has tipped
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that same intensity ripping apart old glory. i'm david culver, back to you. we're getting dramatic video from cuba which was not hit by irma's eye but the storm surge. take a look at this video out of havana. firefighters had to save some people in boats. 2 million people were evacuated around the country. david culver and his photographer have been bringing you grate stoeat stories of the hurricane. he will show us the damage left behind by irma later today. five minutes after the hour. people all over the country will pause to remember those killed on 9/11 today. moments of remembrance will be held this morning at the pentagon. >> news 4's justin finch has a look at some of the events happening in our area today. justin,
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>> reporter: eun, good morning. for a 16th year the pentagon and the nation will pause to remember the thousands killed on this day 16 years ago. it was a harrowing moment that continues to touch so many lives in our area. 16 years ago, hijackers took control of american airlines flight 77 crashing it into the pentagon, killing 184 people on board that plane. also in the building. they are among the roughly 3,000 people who lost their lives that day in three attacks, one happening here and the third in shanksville, pennsylvania. the president and the first lady are set to appear at the memorial at the pentagon. they're among at least two other remembrance events taking place today with pentagon ties in the arlington area. several others are planned throughout the day today and back out live. 6:45 this morning, there will be a sunri
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it will be unfurled from the rooftop and will face the tent gone memorial. back to you. >> justin finch live for us at the pentagon. justin x thank you. there is also a lighting tribute to mark 16 years since the september 11th attacks at the world trade center. >> nbc's chris pollone has more of the team coverage events. chris, good morning. >> good morning aaron and eun. it's been 16 years. hard to believe for some it feels like yesterday for others. a lifetime ago. there will be another memorial service here on the site of the 9/11 memorial just behind me starting a little bit before 9:00 this morning as they have for the past decade and a half or so. we're expecting that to get under way with a moment of silence at 8:46 a.m., the time the first plane hit. in all, about six moments of silence being observed during the course of
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commemorating the four plane crashes and also the time that the two towers of the world trade center collapsed. as in years past, the names of all nearly 3,000 victims of this attack will be read by members of their friends and family. this will go until well after noon today. as you mentioned, the two beams of light being shot into the sky, blue beams called a tribute in light to honor the victims of this attack, it will be visible for miles. it will go from dusk tonight until dawn tomorrow morning. always a very striking tribute to all the people who gave their lives here. the enduring legacy, of course, of 9/11 in new york are the people who continue to die and have illnesses from 9/11-related causes. the fdny adding 32 new names to their mia
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aaron and eun, back to you. >> chris pollone live for us in new york. thank you. you can see ou places around the country are marking this 9/11 remembrance day today. go to the nbc washington app. walk-off homer. walk-off homer. the nationals are the champions of the national league east. >> pour yourself a little champagne or douse yourself like the nats did. that's the plan for this morning. they're the division champions, second year in a row and fourth time in the last six years. but you know, they haven't made it out of the first round of the playoffs yet. this is a new season. this is a new playoffs. let's go, let's go. >> maybe this year. >> as you also know, it was a different story for the redskins. also facing a philadelphia team
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so was getting it done in the red zone. the 'skins have lost their opening games for several years in a row now. next week the 'skins will be in los angeles to play the rams. remember, this is just game one. week one. we have the whole season ahead of us. >> shake off what you need to shake off. they're back home later this monday. >> september 24th, sunday night football. mark your calendar. sunday night ends in violence. how awe cowboys watch party turned deadly. it's back to normal for some kids in houston. what they're doing this morning for the first time since hurricane harvey. we're off to a chilly start. a lot of the shenandoah valley in the mid-40s this morning. milder. low to mid-50s around the city at this point in time. early morning color coming our way. you'll need your light
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welcome back at 6:14 on a monday morning. a perfect day to get back out and get back into the swing of things. in the mid-50s between now and 7:00 or 8:00 in the morning. noontime temperatures near 70. afternoon highs today in the low to mid-70s. plenty of sunshine early. more clouds later on today and rain chances are back soon. sheena has the five-day forecast coming right up. >> a couple problems on the northbound george washington parkway. we had an accident after the memorial bridge. all traffic was being diverted in the memorial circle to get them off of the northbound lanes. doesn't sound like a serious crash. maryland 95 southbound. after route 32. trying to clear accident activity out of the roadway. they're hoping to get traffic by on a shoulder. for now, very slow traffic
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route 32. fine if you're exiting there. most of the equipment sounded like it was along the right side of the road. left side by too. back to you. >> angie goff here at the live desk following breaking news where a cowboys watch party turned into a mass shooting. you're looking at video from the scene. this is in plano, northeast of dallas where eight adults were fatally shot. among them, the suspected gunman taken down by a police officer after arriving to the gunfire. they're in the hospital right now. no official motive released. but before the shooting, they saw a man and woman arguing outside of the house. eun? >> at least 90 people are dead after last week's historic quake in mexico. dozens of survivors took their sunday worship outdoors. they celebrated an open air mass.
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wooden pews that were carried outside of the church. thousands of homes and hundreds of schools have been damaged or destroyed in two of the country's southern states. 7 people arrested in portland, oregon over the weekend after a march against white nationalism turned violent. police changed the route to avoid violence. tensions began to rise when an opposing protest group was scheduled to host a rally. that's when protesters were throwing smoem smoke bombs and other projectiles. the downtown mall crossing at 4th street was closed since last month. it opened over the weekend. heather heyer died when a man drove his car into a crowd of people protesting the
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right rally. james alex fields jr. is charged with heyer's death. more than a thousand people from multiple faiths sang listened and walked as part of the -- the group celebrated togetherness ahead of today's 9/11 commemoration. the walk encouraged people to learn about different faiths and cultures at open houses. some of the stops took place at the islamic center of washington and the community of christ church. today, family, friends and the d.c. police department will say goodbye to a former leader. funeral services are being held for former police chief isaacfulwood jr. he served as chief during a tumultuous period in the history. d.c. mayor bowser is expected to attend. new this morning, a sure sign of recovery after hurricane
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harvey. hundreds of kids go back to class. school there is starting two weeks late because of the terrible flooding. moms and dads had to figure out to repair the damage to their homes and take care of their kids at the same time. houston is the biggest school district in texas. 6:18 right now. today thousands of volunteers will be back on the national mall to continue packing healthy meals for seniors. >> the goal is 1.5 million meals. wow. news 4's barbara harrison helped at the aarp meal packing challenge yesterday. she caught up with a volunteer from florida who drove to d.c. to escape hurricane irma. sherri hughes says she felt compelled to come down and do her part after watching all the hurricane coverage on tv. >> i said, gim to go give back some kind of way. i am not there to help. i am not the hero. it's the people here that are heroes that are helping out and the people helping out in florida. >> she's there
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so she's a hero. there you go. volunteers packed more than 700,000 meals yesterday. that's a lot of work. the packing begins at 8:00 a.m. today near the reflecting pool. >> they will be distributed to seniors in the area that need a little extra help getting healthy meals. nice to see people stepping up when other folks are in need. sheena. >> a lot of stuff going on. >> we know irma has weakened. that doesn't mean it's all clear. >> it's not all clear. last week we were watching this thing and it looked like we would get a lot of rain and wind. now we're talking about tennessee getting the remnants of that. as we go through this morning, we now have beautiful weather, a little bit of fog over the potomac. we have video here. a little bit of fog on the potomac. if you're driving, your conditions are nice and clear. mostly clear skies across the area this morning. we will be seeing the clouds
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beautiful look at the sun that's about to come up. you're headed to the bus stop, you need a light jacket. it is a little chilly outside. your commute, the roads are dry. this morning, this evening, it's all going to be dry today. we start to see the changes, lunchtime sit outside, exercise, low humidity. get outside this afternoon. now, here is irma, weakened to a category 1. barely. max winds at 75 miles an hour. the center is about 60 miles north of tampament it's going to continue to move to the north and northwest. into alabama and tennessee and eventually we get some of that rain. the heaviest of rain is in north florida and south georgia now. if you look at the tampa bay area, you see this clear spot north of tampa. that is the eye. that's the center of irma. it's always clear and much calmer there. we do have that on shore wind. the water is now rushing back into tampa bay. and high tide is approaching. that's not going to be good for the tampa bay area and surrounding waters. here
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they'll be seeing clouds increasing later on today. temperaturewise, cool, 51 dulles. 58 washington. it's 46 -- 45 degrees in -- light 50s for the kids at the bus stop. by 3:00 p.m. still looking pretty good. future weather, we go through today and tomorrow. clouds increase and our rain chances start to increase as we go into tomorrow afternoon. wednesday, thursday, friday, also holding on to those rain chances. the temperatures do start to warm up. so far, the weekend is looking pretty good. we'll look at that with the ten-day coming up. let's look at how traffic it on this monday morning. good morning, jack. >> we had early issues. we're going to start with potentially what we believe is better news. traffic once again moving slowly. but they're moving. 95 maryland. sounds like state authorities have put the crash to both shoulders. at least your through lanes are
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a number of vehicles were involved in crash. northbound on the george washington parkway, we had activity after the memorial bridge. all northbound lanes of the gw parkway are closed. traffic is being pushed off on to the memorial bridge. still have our accident 395 northbound blocking the single right lane. an early delay is back near the beltway. back to you. jack, thank you. 6:22 now. caught reading on the job. the new action taken against the metrobus driver who appeared to be reading the paper behind the wheel. rihanna proves she can work the runway. the show stopping moves that had nothing to do with the performance of the star. ellen is having royalty on the show. check out queen latifah on ellen at 3:00 this af
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take a look at this. for the first time ever, new york fashion show rihanna had bmx riders fly above the crowd. what was going on there? her team transformed the stage into a glittering pink mountain range with pastel pinks made of sand rising from the floor. the bmx inspiration extended to the manly brightly colored bikers. it concluded with rihanna herself on the back of a bike. >> ut will at this is not her thing. she is making an
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it's been a pretty rough two years for rafael nadal. >> thanks to a win at the u.s. open yesterday, he's back on top. >> there you have it. nadal beat kevin anderson to win his third championship at the open. >> this was the first time in more than two years nadal made an appearance in a major final. just dominated this match. won in three straight sets. overall, this is his 16th grand slam trophy. only one person has more than nadal. you want to guess who? roger federer with 19. 6:26. turn our attention back to the weather and mr. chuck bell. >> good morning. it's a pleasant start to a monday. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. little taste of october here on a september morning. but you can see there from our live city camera view, skies are clear.
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this week. it wl not staily
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6:30 is the time right now. thanks for waking up with us. you're watching "news4 today." we're up early getting you ready. sheena is monitoring the track of irma and wtop's jack taylor is watching your commute. >> we'll begin with your forecast and welcoming back meteorologist chuck bell on the storm team 4 weather deck. welcome back, mr. bell. >> thank you very much. glad to be back. glad that it's college football season. i hope your day feels as good as this picture looks from our tower camera. a golden glow on our eastern sky this morning. going to be a fine way to
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the day and the week started. a little chill there. perfect running, biking and walking weather early this morning. we're giving today an a-plus. no chance for rain today. temperatures in your hometown, 70 the high in gaithersburg. 73 in culpepper, va. no remnants from irma here yet. but that may change later in the week. for the latest on irma, let's go to sheena. >> we expect some -- it's going to be moving away once it moves inland. here's the update on the advisory. it's a category 1 barely. 60 miles north of tampa. it's going to continue moving to the north and northwest. then the remnants moving into parts of northern alabama and tennessee. then we'll see showers from it. in the tampa bay area, they have an on shore wind. you may have seen video of a lot of the water that rushed out of tampa bay. now it's coming back in. and high tide is approaching. so they're now starting to see
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the bay fill up. they could still be dealing with -- wave heights now have increased to a little above ten feet. they'll be watching this very closely. like i mentioned for the flooding. we'll be watching closely for our rain chances increasing. we'll take a closer look at the timing coming up. let check the road on this commute with jack taylor. good morning, jack. >> the northbound lanes of the george washington parkway temporarily blocked after the memorial bridge with the early morning crash. police officers directing will be diverting to take you to memorial bridge clearing the accide accident. lanes are once again open southbound -- chopper 4 has been on scene. the through lanes are indeed open. man, what a delay. inner loop of the beltway, georgetown, two right lanes getting by.
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far left side of the roadway. back to you. thank you, jack. it is 6:33. we continue to track hurricane irma's impact on south florida. today the miami international airport will remain closed. take a look at this. irma caused damage to the airport last night. you can see flooding in the gate waiting areas. part of the ceiling came crashing to the floor. it is unclear when the regional airport will be open. the airport tweeted yesterday that it needs to assess the damage before deciding whether passenger flights can resume on tuesday. irma's winds took down three cranes in downtown miami like they were made of plastic or something. you can see one of the cranes dangling from an unfinished high-rise. mnl crews weren't able to secure it because it was too dangerous. they have no way to get there because the roads are flooded due to the storm surge. hurricane irma and har
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your budget. gas prices continue to rise as hurricanes batter the country. we've seen it in our area. >> prices jumped about $.30 over the last week. our transportation reporter adam tuss is live in tysons with more on why you should fill up today. >> this is an important trend all of us are seeing. if you want to fill up, now is a good time. especially at this gulf station. there's nobody here. $2.67 for a gallon of regular. that's the national average. $2.67 around the country. we're seeing our prices creep up just a little bit. off in the distance, you can see $2.69 at the sunoco. this is something that everyone is dealing with because of this. look at the long lines. everyone is trying to get gas in florida. of course, we're coming on the heels of hurricane harvey, which was a huge impact to the refineries in the gulf
6:35 am
dealing with in the weeks and possibly months. aaa says we're up about $.05 a gallon over the past week. here, just in our area. if you want to fill up, we'll see the prices increase. again, $2.67 here for a gallon of regular. let me know where you are seeing the cheapest gas around our area. tweet me at adam tuss. i'll retweet it to help each other out, save money as we get through the aftermath of the storms. back to you. adam tuss, live for us in tysons much thank you. our other top stories. today the country will pause to remember those killed on 9/11. at the pentagon, the flag will be unfurled just before 7:00 this morning. president trump and the first lady will lead a moment of silence at the white house. vice president mike pence will speak at the flight 93 memorial near shanksville, pennsylvania. police in fredericksburg find a man wanted in connection to the death of his girlfriend. they tookor
6:36 am
murder. they found his girlfriend antoinette beverly shot to death. mills is held without bond. it marks five years since the benghazi attack. armed with guns and grenades. several buildings were burned. four americans were killed, including ambassador chris stevens. we have an update to video that a news 4 viewer sent us showing a metrobus driver reading the paper while it was filled with people. our transportation reporter adam tuss says that the driver has been officially suspended. a viewer caught this on his cell phone. the man said the driver was even turning pages while the bus was moving. the viewer says this was on the f 6 bus route. the focus for the team today after a big loss against the eagles. >> have you heard? the pope is nursing
6:37 am
how the pontiff ended up
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live pictures from outside the pentagon as we begin to mark 16 years since the 9/11 attacks. the plane crashed into the facade of the building. the moment we're about to see is a moment that's happened every year since then. >> it's an indication of the country to never forget the victims who died when that plane crashed. they unfurl american flag around this time to mark thi
6:41 am
>> if you don't remember 16 years ago in the aftermath of that plane crash here at the pentagon after the fire was out, we saw first responders go on to the roof of this building and take a huge american flag and drape it over the side covering the hole where the plane had hit. just a triumphant moment saying we would not fall to terrorism. we continue to embrace the american way. >> there is a memorial at the pentagon to honor the victims. seeing this live pictures, 16 years later, is so somber and moving toe know that this country continues to honor the memories of the lives lost, to remember something that really changed our lives in an intimate way and as a country the way we live out our lives, the way we travel and the safety in the buildings that we go to to work and how we live every singl
6:42 am
flag right at the edge of the roof of the building here at the pentagon. these first responders preparing to again drape this over. we're going to continue to watch this for you and try to grab the moment as the flag comes over the side. first, let's go to weather and a quick look at the forecast. good morning guys. we're going to be watching that closely as well. temperatures this morning are cool. so i think a light jacket before you step outside. 56 degrees by 7:00 a.m. by 9:00 a.m., around 60 degrees. just a gorgeous day. then we'll see clouds increase later from the remnants of irma. coming up, a closer look at irma and how that could impact our weather locally. jack taylor, breaking news in the traffic world. >> good morning, sheena. unfortunately, the northbound lanes of the george washington parkway, the scene of our breaking news. our crash occurred northbound after the exit for the memorial bridge. all traffic northbound is being divertedar
6:43 am
you have stacked up traffic now. jack, thank you. a programming notoriety now. we invite you to jim webb us this week as we celebrate the life and legacy of jim vance. our friend and colleague passed away on july 22nd. he will be remembered at the washington national cathedral on tuesday morning and we know many of you also want to honor him. we will provide live coverage of the memorial starting at 10:00 a.m. right here on nbc4. we'll also stream the service on
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it is a day that none of us will ever forget. september 11th, 2001. >> moments of remembrance are happening all over the country beginning in our area. this is a live look as the u.s. flag is unfurled over the pentagon building. >> this is a moment that happened on september 12th, 2001 in the aftermath of the attack at the pentagon. still smoldering, the building was, at that time. as the story goes, the commander of the military district of washington sent for the largest flag that anybody could find at fort myer near the pentagon. they sent over their garrison flag and
6:47 am
month. >> it was a symbol of the the strength of the nation to overcome the attack. that the terrorists cannot defeat this country. it is also a memorial to the 184 lives lost on that fateful day. >> justin finch is outside the pentagon for us this morning as well with a look at what's planned in the day ahead. justin? >> reporter: aaron, eun, good morning. watching that unfurling along with you, it's hard to look at that and not feel something. it's one of several ceremonies that will be happening to mark the 16th year since the 9/11 attacks. of course, 184 people died in that pentagon attack after terrorists took control of the flight and crashed it into the building killing workers inside and all aboard that plane. they were among the near 3,000 killed on that day. now, we have several events happening today. among them, the president and first lady
6:48 am
this morning, they will mark a moment of vici lens at the white house. that is about the time the plane truck the tower in new york city. later this morning, the president and first lady will attend a pentagon remembrance event here, including the reading of victims' names at 9:11 a.m. at 9:37 a.m. a moment of silence marked for the victims. so many in our area remember that day and have connections to the victims who were lost. also a reminder if you are traveling in this area in that 9:00 a.m. hour, there might be delays in the area that could tie you up. we're live outside the pentagon, justin finch, news 4. back to you. thank you. will be visible for miles in new york tonight. two towers of blue light will shine into the sky. the tribute of light will honor the
6:49 am
2001. northern virginia will honor those lost in the september 11th attacks as well. multiple ceremonies are being held this morning in their remembrance. arlington county will have a moment of silence on its plaza at the county courthouse at 9:37 this morning, the exact time the plane struck the pentagon. a bell ringing ceremony in alexandria at 10:00 a.m. in the old town market square. hurricane irma may be getting weaker but it's still wreaking havoc on parts of florida. category 1 storm hammered much of the state with roof ripping winds, causing millions of power outages. sarah dallof is in naples, florida, with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, eun and aaron. it was a weakened hurricane irma that swept across the tampa st. petersburg area overnight. the et
6:50 am
unknown. elsewhere in the state, the dramatic images of roofs pulled off buildings. flooded streets. streets turned into rivers essentially. right now we're told about 5.5 million, really an astounding number without power. irma is now a category 1 storm as it moves out of this area across state lines and very light rain. but no real wind to speak of at this point in this area. a storm surge warning is still in effect for tampa bay. now, experts predict that the storm is going to be one of the costliest in u.s. history. right now, anxious residents want to get back to their homes to survey the damage for themselves. aaron and eun. >> sarah dallof for us in tampa. we continue our team coverage from west of ft. lauderdale in sunrise, florida. >> news 4's david culver is there and shows us how strong the hurricane winds can be. >>.
6:51 am
one tree that is entirely uprooted. turned on its side. look at this. some of the piping. these are pipes just snapped and pulled up with it. >> irma getting under south florida's skin. peeling back billboards, ripping up roofs. driving the streets, you've got to dodge debris. many roads flooded. as the day continues to progress and hopefully folks continue to get their power on, we will know better the damage as we survey what is left after irma. reporting from broward county, florida, i'm david culver. back to you. >> they say it gives them a sense of pride. hundreds of pepco employees are headed to florida to help crews down there get the light back on. more than 5.5 million people don't have electricity across
6:52 am
the state. because utility crews are stretched so thin, pepco is sending 250 people to help and their trucks. they will end up in florida or georgia, wherever the assistance it needed the most. a different response team not far from here is going to the u.s. virgin islands. members of virginia task force 2 from virginia beach will do what they can for people in st. thomas. irma ripped through the caribbean before slamming into florida. on st. thomas, the hospital was destroyed and thousands of tourists were trapped in the storm. these are just some of the devastating images that have been coming into the newsroom showing the damage caused by irma. cities in the caribbean now look like a bomb was dropped in place is. parts of cuba and other places that people once called home are barely standing. this is a stark reminder of the wind and water that comes from the hurricane. our coverage of irma continues on the nbc washington app. that's where you can see more pictures and
6:53 am
damage and watch david culver's coverage from florida. since jay gruden became coach of the redskins, the team has not won a single opening game. they continue that trend. they could not get it done in the red zone. it felt like that turnover turned the game. it's bad enough when we win. just hurts more when we lose to the eagles. the 'skins play in los angeles against the rams next. it's only one game. onward and upward. >> that's right. lot of baseball season left. there's always baseball to be happy about. >> yes. the nats clinched the n.l. east division. >> good place to be for the nats. breaking news in first 4 traffic. let's get to jack taylor. sorry, jack. >> that's all right. northbound on the george washington parkway. all lanes temporarily stopped. the crash occurred after the memorial
6:54 am
to bridge to head westbound on arlington boulevard. headed into rosalyn. chopper 4 has our crash after route 32. everything was pushed over to the shoulder. major delays back toward route 100. 29 and the bw parkway not doing well. the accident still blocks a single right lane. delays back in springfield. back to you. all right. thank you, jack. sun is up on a beautiful monday morning here in the nation's capitol. we'll get to keep the sunshine for most of the day. here's a look at future weather. starting out with a relatively clear sky. however, clouds begin to increase during the course of the afternoon. no rain chances for today. really, rain chances don't come until much later in the day tomorrow. through the overnight hours, clouds thicken a bit. notice rain chances don't start to ramp up until after lunchme
6:55 am
that's the leading edge of the steadier rains. it will be here wednesday, thursday and friday. shower chance late tomorrow, but most of us don't need to worry about heavier or steadier rain until wednesday. a good looking monday morning. 58 in the city. 40s in the shenandoah valley. afternoon highs today, low to mid-730s. about 75 for a high today. again, rain chances start coming back in tomorrow. for more on the latest with harvey, let's go into sheena. >> and you mean irma. i know you mean irma, chuck. we are pecks ekting the remnants of irma to get here eventually. we're watching it in florida. it's 60 miles north of tampa now. that's where the center is. eventually some of that rain will be here. it's a category 1 barely. it's holding on to the hurricane strength. it will be moving into northern alabama. parts of tennessee and then we'll see the remnants here on shore flow in tampa. it's pushing the water back into tampa bay. there you see the eye to the
6:56 am
wave heights of the on shore wind over ten feet. here's that radar image. a lot of heavy rain but the cloud cover down to the south. we'll look at the ten-day and see the rain chances. chuck? >> rain chances, small chance for rain tomorrow. best rain chances are wednesday, thursday, lingering on into friday. as of now, though, the best thing i can tell you, the weekend looks dry. very nice. thank you, chuck. it is 6:56. here are four things to know. barely a category 1 storm but still causing problems. more than 5.5 million people in florida don't have power. georgia also being impacted now. the "today" show will have coverage on how bad the damage is. the country will pause to remember those killed on 9/11. less than 15 minutes ago, the pentagon unfurled a u.s. flag over the building. president trump and the first lady will also lead a moment of silence at the white house. police in fredericksburg found a man wanted in the death of his girlfriend. they t
6:57 am
custody yesterday. they found his girlfriend shot to death in her car over the weekend. pope francis is dealing with a bruised eye. he hit his head on a metal beam of his hoope mobile yesterday. he is expected to be okay. that's the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you waking up with us. the "today" show is next. we'll be back with weather, traffic and local news. we'll leave you with the image of the u.s. flag at the pe
6:58 am
6:59 am
ralpand i sponsoredralph northam, canthis adfor governor narrator: ed gillespie says dr. ralph northam doesn't show up? dr. ralph northam was an army doctor and a volunteer medical director at a children's hospice. he passed the virginia law requiring concussion standards for school sports. the smoking ban in restaurants. and dr. northam is working to connect veterans to good paying jobs in virginia. ed gillespie is a washington dc corporate lobbyist. he shows up for whoever pays him.
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good morning. breaking news. breaking news, irma marching north after hammering southern florida. fierce winds ripping roofs off homes. causing cranes to collapse. major damage and flooding across the state. millions without power. >> we don't know what, you know, the next few days is going to bring. >> president trump trying to reassure anyone in its path. >> this is some big monster, but i think we're very well coordinated. >> a historic storm, it's wrath still being felt today, monday september 11th,


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