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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  September 12, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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chuck you'll let us know about irma's impact here. we doen want to show you some video, some of the newest video just in to the newsroom which is now as you know a tropical depression take a look. that my friends a water spout forming off the coast of south carolina from tropical depression irma. the water spout spun up from the atlantic ocean. you can see it almost mimics and looks like a tornado and back on land that storm turned roads in charleston into rivers. you can see little waves there, powerful winds damaging several roofs and storm surge also pouring over the sea wall along the waterfront and then we wan to show you what's going on in georgia. look what it did, the winds. bringing down trees right on top of someone's house. this happened many times over we heard, the homeowner said that she heard this big bang a
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lot of screaming. her daughter and grandson and a family friend. they were trapped under all that insulation when that tree fell on their bedroom. we do know that three people in georgia died from the storm and there is widespread dang across the state and chuck we want to check in with you on the latest with the storm. my husband was in south carolina yesterday. there was not a business opened. they were prepping for this. >> always better to be overprepared then underprepared. the heaviest of the rains has spun back across western tennessee and northern mississippi. very heavy rain through parts of the carolinas and for us, we will start to feel the effects of irma. all those clouds that moved in yesterday, but finally at least a little bit of a break coming down to our friends and neighbors to the south. for us the outer post limit of the moisture from that storm is just now bringing a couple of sprinkles here north of fric
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this day is done. check out that forecast and we'll start talking temperatures in the weekend. >> thank you. back to south carolina where we've already showed you some of the damage done by irma there. we're also learning this morning about a man who died while clearing a tree limb from his yard as a storm was passing. the coroner said the man was picking up the first limb, another one or as he was another, another one fell right on top of him. in awe irma is being blamed for 40 deaths in the u.s. in the caribbean. officials say it's just a tropical depression flooding will continue in florida, georgia as well as south carolina for several days. we're starting to understand the economic impact of irma as well. insurance losses alone including homes, businesses and vehicles are estimated to cost between 20 and $40 billion. and that number, it could very well go up once people are allowed to get back to their
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keys which we know is devastated by the storm. jay gray takes us to the hardest hit areas where people are still trying to wrap their mind around their new reality. >> reporter: as irma continues his run through the southeast, we're getting a closer look now where the storm first made landfall in the u.s. >> it just blew everything apart. look like a nuclear bomb went off. >> reporter: irma exploding through the keys leaving a trail of twisted metal, shattered glass and little else across the barrier item. >> real bad, going to take months maybe years get this cleaned up. >> reporter: all of florida will be dealing with the effects of the storm for a long time. >> eve got downed power lines all across the state, roads that are impassable, debris all over the state. >> reporter: miami, orlando, garden city, naples and
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still rising. >> this is potentially a week long event with water and the tides coming pane going. >> reporter: it could take longer than a week to restore power for some of the more than 5 million still without it right now. >> it is a magnitude that we just haven't seen before. >> reporter: irma overwhelming for so many here even as the sounds of the wind and rain are replaced by saws and stacked debris. jay gray, nbc news, naples. ft. lauderdale international is resuming service we just learned. the airport did not get that much damage from irma and never lost power. now miami international is expected to reopen today, but will run on a limited schedule. now both airports now urging people to contact their airlines to
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news4 david culver as you know has been in florida and now showing us the clean up process and things are hoping things will get back to normal. his coverage will continue today. he is headed to the western part of the state where he will survey some of the damage there. of course you can stay with him every step of the way. you can follow him on twitter at david_culver and watch his report throughout the day. the man accused of killing the lion sisters more than 40 years ago is expected to plead guilty today. lloyd lee welch reached a deal to plead guilty to the abduction and murders of sheila and katherine lion. he's expected to be sentenced to life in prison. justin finch is following this story and we'll have the very latest details later in the show. today the engin
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that deadly amtrak train derailment will be in court. he's charged with manslaughter and reckless endangerment. the train derailed after leaving philadelphia this was in 2015. it hit a turn at 106 miles per hour and then flipped on its side. eight people died and 200 were hurt. today the college city council will vote on people who are not u.s. citizens can vote in local elections. it's bane highly emotional debate leading to some councilmembers actually getting threats from others. college park would be the third city in prince george's county to allow the change in voting. heightsville and rannier already allowed local citizens to vote in local elections. all eyes will be on california today for apple's big announcement. they're expected to introduce new products including a new iphone, including three iphones they're saying. this one causing people to think lo
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$1,000 for it. it's called the iphone x reportedly and it's highly anticipated and it will actually -- that's according to some leaks. it's going to feature edge to edge screen, facial recognition and there's one thing chuck bell i know about apple when it comes to releasing and debuting its products, you never know until they actually release it, you can hear all the rumors but $1,000, talk about sticker shock? >> you know why they call it the x, $1,000, no thanks! . that is insane. mean while we are watching the clouds move in and the shower chances are going to be creeping ever ever upwards as we go through the day. not a whole lot out there just left. spouts and sprinkles through stafford and fauquier county. we'll show you how our rain chances climb with time coming up. we got new video coming i
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whoa. plane crash caught on camera. we're learning about the pilot's condition and you are not going to believe how this all ended. and much ado about nothing? the name brand store it's planning to open up with nothin seriously nothingg,
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that had built his house once thout of straw.tle pig one day a big bad wolf huffed and he puffed and blew the house down. luckily the geico insurance agency had helped the pig with homeowners insurance.
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cost coverage, so his house was rebuilt, good as new. the big bad wolf now has a job on a wind farm. call geico and see how easy it is to switch and save on homeowners insurance. >> announcer: you're watching
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news4 today. ♪ as a follower of america's got talent, hearts are going to be really heavy tonight for those watching the show and that's because the father of one of the show's 13-year-old contestants has died. her father passed away last week from colon cancer just one day after his daughter reached the show's finale. claire's father had been fighting cancer for more than a year. america's got talent will air tonight at 9:00 p.m. after the hand in hand hurricane relief telethon. welcome back, everyone. so we've got some new video you got to see. out of nowhere, watch what happens. that plane crashes into that tree. this happened in connecticut in that parking lot right there. it wasn't far actually from an airport. luckily, though, the 79-year-old pilot is fine. he's doing okay. he was taken to the hospital. he had minor
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were told that there was a minor gas leak. the ntsb now investigating. chuck bell, i think another part of the story that baffles me is that the man said that he was just on his way to breakfast. >> fair enough. a friend of mine shared that video with me on his facebook, this is what you call ceo parking. >> there you go. >> flies to work and takes the front spot. he needs to work on the landing just a little bit. temperature-wise we're mostly in the 60s here this morning, not quite as chilly as the last few mornings. upper 50s, 64 downtown washington. it'll be a milder day but not all that sunny. i'll show you the future weather and we'll start taking a peek further down coming. it's the breach effecting a lot of people, maybe even you. what to know if you were one of those targeted in the equif ax
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welcome back. the time right now 4:15. you're looking live at the national cathedral and you hear that jingle and music. it is called "my mood" and this is the song that our very own jim vance picked out many years ago to close out the end of our 6:00 p.m. show and it's never changed. today, many of us
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the time to celebrate the wonderful and remarkable life of our dear friend and long time colleague jim vance. a memorial service for vance starts at 10:00 this morning. >> tickets for the service were already distributed but we know that many of you would like to take part in some way, we are providing live coverage right here on news4 on as well as washington app and what a celebration of a great life it'll be. welcome back. we do want to take a look at some of the other stories making headlines. new u.n. sanctions being put on north korea now. it's in response to the country's latest nuclear test. the u.n. security council unanimously approved sanctions yesterday that ban north korea from importing all natural gas liquids. this is a watered down version than the u.s. originally wanted. south korea and japan are praising
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crews still battling the eagle creek fire in oregon now. it has reached 34,000 acres, only 70% contained and a highway shutdown. clean up could take a week. a lot of us still uneasy over that equifax security breach. experts warning that this hack means we could be at risk for the rest of our lives. there are some steps that you can take right now to protect yourself. tom costello explains. >> reporter: financial and cyber experts warn the equifax hack has the potential to haunt americans for decades and every adult should assume their information was stolen. names, social security numbers, dobs, addresses, driver's license numbers and 200,000 credit cards. >> really disconcerting because equifax is trusted. >> reporter: frustration and anger as equifax'
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>> i don't think there's any good excuse and i think their response is trust. >> you don't know who you can trust or where you can use your information or credit cards. >> reporter: amid a public backlash said customers who sign up for one year of free credit monitoring and theft protection will not surrender their rights to sue but the hack means we could all be at risk our whole lives. >> your name, address, social, date of birth, that information is not going to change. the five years the threat is not gone, in 10 years, 20 years the threat is not gone. >> reporter: every american should take immediate steps to safeguard their credit. sign up for fraught alerts. consider paying for an identity theft monitoring service. also set up fraught alerts on your bank and credit cards. consider freezing your credit reports so only companies you already do business with will have access. criminals will be locked out, but you'll need to unfreeze it when you need a
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credit check. and that was tom costello reporting. department store chain nordstrom is planning to launch a new concept store, with no intri, it's called nordstrom local and the store will offer tailoring, manicure services even beer. it'll be stocked with personalist stylist and you can buy online and pick up the order the very same day. the first concept store will open up in l.a. next month. nordstrom not stocking up their clothes in usual, chuck, it doesn't look like you're stocking up any sunshine for us today. >> no sun for you today, unfortunately. all the cloud deck from what was hurricane irma several days ago is now ceiling out the sunshine for us for today and really for most of the next couple of days. sunshine will be at a premium around here. there's a live picture over washingtonar
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skies are cloudy, not a whole lot of rain in our area just yet. the outer most stretches of moisture from irma are just now inching their way into our area but we had a very dry air mass overhead, the dry air is eating up most of the rain as it comes north. i could rule out a sprinkle or two but most of us have to wait until later on for a slightly better chance of steadier chances to come in. rain down to roanoke, virginia, to raleigh, north carolina. there's a ripple of rain drops that extends over the potomac about port tobacco all the way out to the south sides of winchester. it is really light. just really a couple of drops. this is the kind of rain that you pay to get your car wash yesterday and then this happened just to put those beads on the car. here's future weather. there's that little ribbon of rain chances sneaking on through here the next cup of hours. it looks more impressive on the model than we're actually going to get. later on
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cloudy. here comes those steadier rain chances. rainfall amounts aren't going to add up to much even though it was what irma. rainfall amounts about a tenth to quarter inch at the most. temperature-wise, 50s and low to mid-60s as you head out the door. highs in your hometown together, 68 in gaithersburg, 75 in fredericksburg. that whole ten-day forecast later on in the show. back to you. >> looking forward to it. she is the mother of his unborn child, but still no sign of a missing pregnant woman more than a week after she was last heard from. what her boyfriend has to say to her or anyone who may be holding her? >> let's play -- they're being held accountable for child neglect after a series of controversial videos. why these
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born and raised incian, dr. rrural virginia went to vmi. trained at johns hopkins. an army doctor who treated soldiers seriously wounded in the gulf war. eighteen years as volunteer medical director of a children's hospice.
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expand healthcare in virginia. he'll get it done as governor. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, and we need to provide access to affordable healthcare for all virginians, not take it away.
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>> announcer: you're watching news4 today. now to some new developments in the search for a montgomery county woman who's been missing now for more than a week. her family is now making a plea to the public and for the first time we are also hearing from laura walen's boyfriend. news4 kristin wright has the latest. >> i just pray that -- i pray that she's safe and she comes back. it's all i care about right now. >> reporter: the boyfriend of missing teacher laura wallen with these words to the mother of his unborn child. >> laura, if you're listening, it doesn't matter what's happened, it doesn't matter -- it doesn't matter what type of trouble, there's nothing we
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your family. >> reporter: tyler sat next to laura's parents at the press conference holding her mother's hand. laura's father hopeful that his daughter is out there. >> i wanted to let laura know that we're out there looking for her and we're not giving up on her. she is still alive some where. >> reporter: the family's putting up a $25,000 reward as police cast a wide net and wait for crime lab results from laura's suv found thursday at the apartments in clupia near her school where she never showed on the first day. >> members of electronic crimes unit are searching her computer for clues as well. >> students searched over the weekend and hung flyers and no miswallen. >> if somebody has her, please understand that you've taken away a huge, a huge person and so many peoples' lives. >> it's one of the hardest
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your child taken away, way away too soon. >> and that was kristin wright reporting. the time now 4:26. we continue right now. >> announcer: news4 today starts now. >> good morning. i'm eun yang. he's accused of a crime that's rocked our area for decades. today the man police say killed two young sisters is expected to announce his guilt. it is a crash that killed her and left her children fighting for their lives and today investigators head back out to the scene. what they're looking for and what it could mean for the charges in this case? and we continue to track the latest on what is now tropical depression irma as people in our area start feeling the impact
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that storm. first, we want to show you some of the newest video coming in this morning of i wera. take a look at that. that is a water spout forming off the coast of south carolina from tropical depression irma's winds. the water spout spun up from the atlantic ocean just off isle of ponds. you can see it looks like a tornado. back on land, the storm turned roads in charleston into rivers and those powerful winds damaged several roofs. you can see it blowing there. storm surge also poured over the sea wall along the waterfront. in georgia irma's winds brought down a tree right on top of somebody's home. the homeowner said she heard bang and screaming. her daughter, grandson and a family friend became trapped under all that insulation when that tree fell into their bedroom. the storm is still rolling over parts of the south right now but it's so big that our area is already seeing at least a little bit of rain. >>
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meteorologist chuck bell before we get a look at the roads with jack taylor. good morning. >> good morning. a lot of clouds came in yet and rain chances just creeping upwards ever so slowly. >> we have rain chances increasing but not just today. it's also going to be through friday. temperature-wise, most of the area just seeing the cloud cover. we're on the mainly dry side this morning. temperatures in the upper 50s, 64 washington, 54 fredericks. 60 degrees in clinton. your wakeup weather with all the clouds around from irma and the chance for just some sprinkles this morning. temperatures are just going to stay about 60s through your morning hour. there is going to be some rain in the forecast today, not a lot, though. it's few and far between until the afternoon. but tropical depression irma is mostly on the georgia/alabama border, but you can see the cloud cover. some of those showers getting closer into our area.
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can expect for the rest of the week because of this. that's coming up. let's check the roads on this tuesday with jack taylor. good morning, jack. >> good morning. we've got a top side of the beltway. it is after georgia avenue and crews have been working. they've had two right lanes getting by blocking the left half of the roadway. so far not a delay. inner loop of the beltway, we do have a work zone with two left lanes getting by. volume light not closing a slowdown. crews always working at the rock creek parkway and the kennedy. aaron, eun, back to you. right now ft. lauderdale international is resuming service. the airport didn't get that much damage from irma and never lost power. miami international is expected to open today at some point but it will run on a limited schedule. both those airports are urging people to contact your airline to confirm your
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irma is still pouring rain on the country right now. it's a tropical depression this morning. >> it is now moving into alabama and the storm is being blamed for 40 deaths but that number is likely to rise. in south carolina, a man was killed in his yard. the coroner said the man was picking up a tree limb as the storm was passing and a second limb fell right on top of him. >> falling trees also being blamed for two deaths in georgia and possibly a third. we know one tree fell on someone's house and pretty much split it into two. another fell on to someone's car. we'll get to angie at the live desk now with the latest coming in. >> we are starting to see the same kind of dramatic flooding that we were dealing with and we saw with hurricane harvey down in houston. the dangerous flooding continues in florida. crews working to save peoples' lives. this is coming to us out of orlando. 45 people were stranded where river overflowed there. that special water rig


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