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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  September 12, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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20,000 workers are on the job 14 r 24/7 all over the sunshine state trying to restore power. >> just a day late operation, we will be restoring power day and night. we're in the same position as everybody else. we want to get the lights back on as quickly as possible. >> the utility company says fewer poles are down than they anticipated. most were brought down by falling trees and not wind. one of the other major concerns in florida, of course, is gasoline. >> and where it is available, the lines are quite long. we have team coverage tonight starting with david culver who traveled from fort lauderdale to naples. quickly found things are getting kind of tense there. david. >> reporter: this is becoming a sight that's all too common down here. long lines for gas. i was just talking to one woman who has been in the car 45 minutes. she's only halfway there. another 45 to go. look at this line. it wraps about 50 cars all the y
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shopping center, outside of the shopping center, back onto the street. why the desperation? well, this is just one of a few gas stations that's actually working. how are you on gas? let me see where you are. >> i'm on empty. >> oh, my gosh, you have less than a quarter tank left. >> reporter: gas tanks draining and drivers growing frustrated. post-irma lines longer than ever. you were in line few hours at a gas station only to get up to the pump -- >> the generator was down, they could not pump gas. they had fuel but their election trigs was not there. they could not pump gas. waited yesterday for an hour, same scenario. didn't have a generator. >> reporter: some overwhelmed by tears. can't even talk. others angry as some try to cut the line. watch this woman using her body to block a car. the driver keeps hitting the accelerator. this, this is desperation. long lines at some gas stations, others without gas, and still others look like this.
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devastated. we found this on our drive from marco island up route 41 to naples. this one will take a lot of repairs. driving into naples, look out. you're dodging dangling power lines in some parts. along 5th avenue, mostly debris. and on marco island, a tossed boat greets you from the bridge, and torn roofs seen from above. as a military chopper surveys the raft left behind from irma, the so-called war goddess. david culver, news 4. >> president trump will be seeing this destruction firsthand thursday. during the press briefing, the white house confirmed the president will be visiting florida. not sure which part of the state he will be going to or if he will meet with any victims. this is a sample of some of the widespread damage irma left behind in florida. jacksonville, cars and homes
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submerged in flood waters. some beach front properties decimated. officials warn it could be still be a few days before that water reseeds. >> the first major humanitarian aid is arriving in caribbean where the situation is even more dire. from above you can see entire communities wiped out. on some vacation islands, hundreds of tourists have been left stranded, waiting for flights to resume. and now all that rain, it has got to go somewhere. the remnants from irma are now going to impact our weather over the next several days. >> let's get our first check of the forecast with doug. how is it looking here? when is the rain going to start falling? >> well, we're going to see a little bit of rain. guys, this is not a big deal in our area. it's really not. you might need the umbrella at times overnight into tomorrow, thursday, but that's about it. david is mentioning people down there waiting in line. my father waited 45 minutes today, cops at every point along that line to make sure they were not getting in those fights. show you what's happening down there. my f
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area. what's happening in our region? not a lot. we have showers to our north. we have showers down to the south. roanoke right now only 63 degrees. kind of nasty there. all of this because of irma. it's becoming much broader system now. look at the flow here. off the ocean, all the way around and right on down in towards parts of mississippi. that's where the center is around the memphis area, south of memphis. all eyes on jose. where is this storm going to go? it is a hurricane, it is expected to come back towards the coast. right now it's moving away, but it is expected to turn back towards the coast, but most likely stay out to sea. i'm going to have the latest track on this, it's just coming out. i'll have that for you in 15 minutes. >> we'll see you then, doug. it's just the beginning for the clean-up. flooding damage isn't over yet. we're work rg for you with a look at how to help the storm victims. head to our washington, d.c. app and search irma. >> breaking now, the u.s. justice department says it will not charge six baltimore police officers in the arres a
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>> gray's death, of course, april of 2015 led to protests and riots in the city. baltimore states attorney charged the officers, but dropped the remaining charges against three officers after the acquittals of the first three. late next month, five officers will face internal disciplinary trials. >> there could be a measure of closure this evening for a family who has suffered for so long. >> after 42 years, the lyons say they are grateful detectives didn't give up on their daughters' case. lloyd welch pleaded guilty today to two counts of first degree murder. one count for each of the lyons sisters. the plea earned him 96 years in jail. he'll serve 48 years. >> sheila and kathryn vanished on a tuesday, march 25th, 1975. their disappearance shocked our region. news 4's darcy spencer was in court today as a long-time suspect helped close this case.
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>> what do you plead? >> i plead guilty of the felony -- >> reporter: lloyd welch pleading guilty in the abduction and murders of sisters sheila and kathryn lyon. finally getting justice 42 years after their daughters vanished. their dad spoke to reporters after welch received his ses ten. >> it's been a long time, never tired. we just want to go home. >> reporter: in exchange for pleading guilty, prosecutors took the death penalty off the table. he was sentenced to 48 years in prison. he'll be eligible for parole when he's in his 80s. >> the likelihood of a parole board granting him any type of parole is very slim, if nonexistent. >> reporter: the sisters' disappearance from the wheaton mall in 1975 haunted residents in maryland county. they brought the sisters to bedford county where they were killed and their bodies possi
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we lost our innocence, we began to rear our children differently. >> reporter: welch maintains he did not sexually abuse or murder the girls themselves. >> there is no credible or reliable evidence that i'm aware of that suggests mr. welch was the perpetrator or the murderer of the lyons sisters. >> reporter: welch named others he claimed were involved. they say his story has been inconsistent. right now they don't have the evidence to pursue charges against anyone else. over the years welch has told investigators that other people were involved in the crimes, but prosecutors say his stories have been inconsistent and at this point they don't have the evidence to pursue charges against anyone else. in bedford county, virginia, darcy spencer, news 4. >> and just into our newsroom the engineer involved in the amtrak crash that killed eight people will not be facing any charges. a judge has dismissed the case against
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it accelerated to 106 miles an hour on a curve. that was more than double the speed limit. the train which started in d.c. derailed in philadelphia. more than 200 people were injured. investigators believe the engineer lost his bearings when he became distracted by an incident with another train. >> they prey on the vulnerable. that's how an investigator tells us a self-proclaimed psychic was able to con a bethesda woman out of $82,000. this happened over the course of six months. tonight the suspect is behind bars. news 4's megan fitzgerald is working for you tonight, talking to an expert about how innocent people could get caught up in these schemes. >> it was roughly 82,000, including credit cards and cash money. >> reporter: the question so many want to know is how someone could be ripped off to the tune of more than $82,000. it happened to this woman who we
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vulnerable. >> i was experiencing some relation difficulties and so i was looking online that, you know, to see if i can find some answers. >> reporter: brenda found self-proclaimed psychic gina marie marks who used the name natalie miller. she operated out of this rented home in bethesda. >> she claimed that she had the power to fix everything. and she said that i had something, black magic behind me, some darkness around me. >> they basically have a really good product and that product is false hope. people are going through very difficult times. >> reporter: it may sound ridiculous to some, but private investigator bob nygar says it's more common than most people think. brenda eventually realized she was getting ripped off and called nygard and the montgomery county police. a warrant was issued for her arrest, and nygard ended up tracking her to the miami international airport. he shot this video while officers arrested her moments before f
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take off. >> what psychics will do is they say if you go to the police and report me, none of those personal details that you told me, i'm going to disclose them. now the psychic will engage in emotional extortion. >> reporter: but because brenda came forward, this suspected con artist is now off the streets. megan fitzgerald, news 4. >> fall out from a news 4 i-team investigation, lawmakers in virginia will now look into rules for local child protective service agencies. weeks ago the i-team revealed that an arlington school teacher who was found to have engaged in sex abuse of a third grader managed to find a new teaching job after that, a job that took the person to prince george's county. that's because arlington child protective services failed to ensure that his teaching license had been revoked. because of our report, the virginia commission on youth will review rules for the cps at a hearing next wednesday. >> cancer
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continue for senator john mccain. mccain had an mri yesterday at nih here. after looking at the images, doctors recommend more targeted radiation, then chemotherapy. they say he'll keep working. senator mccain is fighting an aggressive form of brain cancer. >> gone without a trace, a 12-year-old girl suddenly missing. and tonight her family is speaking only to news 4. >> plus, a final farewell to our friend jim vance. the tributes that made us cry, made us laugh at times, just as he would have wanted us to. >> he is also the same guy who could get up from the anchor desk during a newscast, walk over to where bob ryan was doing his live weather broadcast, drop trou, and moon b ob
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born and raised incian, dr. rrural virginia went to vmi. trained at johns hopkins. an army doctor who treated soldiers seriously wounded in the gulf war. eighteen years as volunteer medical director of a children's hospice. as lt. governor, he's fighting to expand healthcare in virginia. he'll get it done as governor. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, and we need to provide access to affordable healthcare for all virginians, not take it away.
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imagine not knowing where your pre-teen daughter is. that's exactly what a maryland mother and father are grappling with tonight. 12-year-old jayla smith disappeared from greenbelt around lunch time yesterday. her parents are talking only to news 4 about this ordeal. prince george's county bureau chief tracy wilkins is here with that story. tracy? >> reporter: throughout greenbelt, you can see pictures of jayla, literally everywhere. she was here at the greenbelt community center
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morning. for reasons that are unclear, she left the community center and was running that way toward a metro bus that she boarded. now her parents want to know where she is. >> words can't describe it. we're devastated. as a mother, you know, your heart goes out. you don't know where your child, your baby is. >> reporter: the world has gotten so much bigger and lonelier for kamala and tobin smith. since their 12-year-old girl went missing yesterday. >> i couldn't sleep all night. i don't know where my baby is. >> reporter: police say jayla smith was at the community center with her mom at 11:30 yesterday morning. for unknown reasons she got on the metro bus. >> got on the g-12 bus, took it to the new carrollton metro station. got a fare card, got off at the minnesota avenue stop. that was the last time she was observed. >> reporter: police believe she still may be in the area of
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although her parents say she has no known connections in northeast, d.c. it's a mystery. >> i just want her to come home and know that she's not in trouble, like my wife said, and we'll take her back in open arms. just give us a call, come back home. >> reporter: the only thing that matters is her return. >> we just love her. we're real blessed to be her parents. we're just so blessed to have her in our lives, and we just want her home and safe. >> reporter: police say she is 5'2", about 83 pounds and, again, they don't know what she would be doing in northeast d.c. if you see her, greenbelt police want to hear from you as soon as possible. reporting live in greenbelt, i'm tracy wilkins. back to you all in the studio. ♪ ♪
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>> jim vance loved music. this song performed by the powerful voices of the howard university gospel inquire at the national cathedral today, just part of a beautiful tribute there for our friend and long-time colleague down the road on wisconsin avenue. >> it was the best place to be today. it was the happy est place to be. >> it was. >> just fabulous. barbara harrison joins us. everyone, old colleagues, everyone was there. >> home going, home coming all at once. >> best, it really was. >> absolutely. the memorial today honored jim vance's signature brilliance, his style, his wit and sense of humor. as many of you know, vance died in july after a very short battle with cancer. it was an emotional scene inside the cathedral, but also one of laughter and joy. family, friends, fraternity brothers, news 4 viewers colleagues, all on hand. d.c. mayor bow
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persona. >> he knew every part of our city. our bumps and our bruises, our tragedies and our progress. these stories changed jim, and he became a part of us. along the way, his ability to capture our humanity, both our frailties and the best of us, became a part of us as well. >> and there was also a different side of vance that many don't often get to see. we heard from d.j. donny simpson who say vance surprised him by flying to detroit to attend his father's funeral and flew back to d.c. to anchor the news that night. craig melvin talked about how he confided in vance for love advice because he was starting a relationship with his now wife lyndsay. we heard from once of vance's fraternity brothers who talked ou
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jim vance. his friend hamilton talked about how his mother loved him, so taken by vance she kissed him on the lips. something he jokingly said he didn't do to him, her own son and even her own husband. that got quite a laugh. everyone talked about his infectious laugh. here is doreen with that. >> i've been thinking about what a spectacular gift he left all of us. now we can call up that video any time we want and hear that joyful infectious laugh. i know i have done that some lately. >> you know, everyone talked about his sense of humor and his deep sense of caring for this community and all of us who knew him. and for folks who didn't know him, and there were a lot of them in the audience today, too. >> any contact with jim vance, even if it was through a tv screen, he was
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>> what you felt was truly him. >> you know, we've all worked with him more than 25 years, but we learned a lot about him from what he was 9 years old to 19, his fraternity brothers. >> his fraternity brothers were so -- >> they had a lot to say. >> so funny. and they sang that song, i guess the fraternity song. >> he was a duop singer which we got to hear today a little of that. there were people from across the street who work for other stations who came. many of them were there. and i'm going to share some of the things that they said about jim vance. a few of them saying they had no competition. he was the guy. >> he owned this town. thank you, barbara. >> he did. >> it was a good day. >> we'll look forward to it at 6:00. >> vance didn't use social media too often like the rest of us. so, he probably wouldn't appreciate this, but the #vance has been trending all day in d.c. if you missed any of the coverage, we want -- and you want to watch it again, or if you want to just watch it again, go
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search advance. >> for somebody who didn't use social media, he sure did go viral a lot, didn't he? >> that is a packed church. >> there is so much on our nbc washington facebook page, too, still. if you want to check it out online as well. well, the remnants of hurricane irma could impact our weather here for the next several days. >> doug is going to join us with a look at when you might need to break out that umbrella. >> you're watching news 4 at 5:00 and we're coming right back. stay with us.
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all right. doug joins us now. beautiful day out there today. >> some rain, nope? >> a little bit. really, this is not going to be a big deal. if we hadn't heard, if you hadn't been watching the news about a storm, a big hurricane down in the south, you wouldn't even know what this was from. that's the kind of weather weeg going to see the next couple of days. not bad, a few showers here and there, a little bit unsettled. most of us probably won't need the umbrella all that much over the next few days. although you might want to carry it around. especially tonight and into tomorrow morning. right now, though, a beautiful picture. take a look as we look down towards the cathedral, capital looking good. 78 degrees, winds out of the northeast at 6 miles per hour. so, a beautiful, beautiful tuesday afternoon. temperature wise, 73.
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near 80, manassas, it is nice and it is comfortable and that's the way it's going to stay for the most part. now, we are tracking some rain out here. this is what we awere talking about yesterday. ha areas of hagerstown, through baltimore, baltimore county and across the chesapeake. down to the south, even more around the roanoke area. so, if you're thinking of traveling down 81, you'll run into that. traveling down 95, a lot of people from florida actually came up here and then driving back down, i've gotten a few e-mails. what's going to happen when i'm driving down 95 towards raleigh? you're going to get some rain there, too. the whole system is moving out of florida. you can see showers earlier today. watch the motion here. here's the center. watch the motion, all the way around. this is how big of an impact it's having. fortunately, no more severe weather, no more flooding that's going on in the areas where it's raining. we're still dealing with the flooding and the
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parts of the carolinas right on down towards floor. now, what are we going to be seeing here? shower activity? it's possible tonight, around 10:00 seeing some showers. in the morning hours we'll see some 2:00, 3:00 in the meteorologying right through 7:00 a.m. the roads may be slick tomorrow morning. give yourself extra time. that system moves out. by tomorrow afternoon, we start to get into some sunshine across the region. that's something we'll be watching, too. we have to talk about jose. just off the coast here, you can see it spinning. actually spinning away and out to sea. the latest computer models for the most part and this is what the national hurricane center is going with. take a look at it. winds right now at 75 miles an hour. a minimal hurricane moving east at -- yeah, east, away from land. that's good news, right? but it turns and comes back towards the coast. computer models, almost all of them, take this out and out to sea. now, there's one, there's one that does still bring it towards the east coast. it's also the one that put irma in cuba, which it did in fact do. i'm going to continue to watch this very closely, but right now
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away from jose. that's some good news. we do not need another storm in the u.s. 82 on your wednesday, 80 on your thursday, best chance of rain on thursday, i think, chance of a thunderstorm, too, as remnants of irma move over. right now the weekend really, most of the next eight days, ten days looking great. >> sweet. thank you, doug. >> well, eight days without so much as a whisper from that missing pregnant teacher, now her students are starting an effort that they hope will bring her home. >> plus, only on news 4 this evening, a local mother holding on to hope that she won't be ripped away from her two young kids. >> i grew up here and basically everything i know it's from here. >> and her family may not be the only one torn apart. the advice to families and an immigration controversy. >> and ted cruz is trying to shake off a moment that kind of startled twitter. what he says really h
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>> announcer: you're watching news 4 at 5:00. >> first at 5:30, it has now been more than a week since a pregnant montgomery county teacher disappeared. >> her car was found, but still no sign of her. news 4's kristen wright is in towson, maryland this evening where one of her former students attends college. >> that student put an emotional tribute together in hopes that someone has seen her.
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>> reporter: yeah, well, laura wallen's disappearance has upset and worried people across our entire area, including here at towson where one of her former students felt that she had to do something to help find her. >> ms. wallen, if you're watching this, i want you to know how many people love you. myself included. >> reporter: raw emotion, hurt and hope. >> we are all missing you and looking for you and trying to spread the word so we can find you and bring you home. >> reporter: towson freshman lyndsay marie heartbroken over the disappearance of her favorite teacher laura wallen. she taught lyndsay at wild lake high school. we met up with lyndsay today to talk about her youtube tribute. >> she's one of those people who is really close to her students. she helped me through some personal family stuff. she was always there and she always knew when something was wrong so we developed a really close relationship through those years. >> laura, we love you so much. >> repor l
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classroom door covered with notes pleading for her safe return. the howard county school system telling me today, we are deeply concerned, hoping throughout every day that she is safe. we will continue to hold onto hope. lindsey and ms. wallen were just texting a few weeks ago about lyndsay's first few days at towson. now laura wallen's missing, gone for an entire week. >> i hope it spreads awareness. i hope people watch it even if they never knew her, want to help and spread the word. we want to find her and we want to bring her home safe. we miss you, wallen. we miss you so much. >> reporter: i talked with montgomery county police today and they told me they received a piece of information after yesterday's press conference, but they would not elaborate exactly on what they found out. but the hope is that it will help bring laura wallen home. back to you. >> w a
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kristin. some students in the district walked out of school in the middle of the day in protest of president trump's decision to end daca. he saw dozens of kids as they left. we saw them from wilson high school in northwest d.c. headed for metro. the kids told us they plan to demonstrate outside trump international hotel downtown. among those living in limbo, a local mother holding onto hope, she won't be torn away from her two young children. she is one of 800,000 who call themselves dreamers, hoping the president and congress reach a deal to allow them to stay. news 4's mark sea graves talked with an immigrant who got free advice on issues including daca. >> reporter: she appears to be living the american dream. she has a good job as a medical assistant. she's raising her two young children. but while her children are u.s.
5:34 pm
she's one of about 800,000 young people allowed to stay in the united states under daca. but since president trump's threat to end daca if congress doesn't act, she's facing a grim reality. that leaves her speechless. >> are you afraid you'd be separated from your mother and your kids? >> reporter: she says as a 14-year-old girl, she made her way to the united states from el salvador. she says she was kidnapped and raped along the way, but she made it, and 12 years later she's a productive part of her community and wants to stay in the united states. >> because of my kids, i know we can get a better future here for myself and for them. >> you have to apply for asylum. >> reporter: mayor bowser has dedicated a million dollars to provide legal support like this know your rights seminar for families facing deportation. that help includes
5:35 pm
>> we do see that fear a lot. we've had power of attorney workshops also here so people can feel more prepared, make some plans in case there were a situation where they weren't able to be with their children. >> reporter: she's talked to her own children about that possibility. >> i tried, but i don't want her to think bad about the president or about the people who have been doing this because i don't want to put that on her heart. >> reporter: a really resilient young woman there. one of the things, jim and wendy, lawyers told me today is all these daca applicants, they have to go and be fingerprinted as part of the process, and many of them are afraid to do that now. they've seen people who have been picked up when they go in for their interviews and check-ins and whatnot. the lawyers said they haven't seen any daca applicants who
5:36 pm
detained so they should go and do that in order to keep this process going in case the president and congress do reach an agreement and their daca applications are extended. of course, if you want information on this for free legal advice the district is offering, we have it on the nbc washington app. >> a lot of anxiety. >> you could feel it in the room today, the uncertainty. >> thank you, mark. >> thank you so much. >> texas senator ted cruz is blaming a staffing issue for his official twitter account liking a pornographic video. chris lawrence has been listening to the republican senator's explanation and he's in the newsroom with what the senator had to say about it. chris? >> reporter: he joked about it. if he knew it would get this much attention, his campaign would have posted something like it during the primaries. when asked if he personally liked the porn link, senator cruz said no. >> it was a staffing issue, and it was inadvertent. it was a mistake
5:37 pm
we are dealing with it internally, but it was a mistake. it was not malicious conduct. >> reporter: an account called sexual post tweeted a link to a 2-minute video featuring two porn actresses and one man. suffice it to say we can't describe it in much detail, but you get the gist. twitter went nuts, when people started noticing that around 1:00 in the morning that tweet got a like from cruz's official account. that put the video under his like section for all of his followers to see. while senator cruz has not identified the staffer who clicked like, the team has deleted it from his feed. jim and wendy, back to you. >> thank you, chris. >> eight months in the making and now the big day has arrived. consumer reporter susan will be breaking down the big things you need to know about apple's two huge reveals. >> reporter: i'm tom
5:38 pm
this little baptist church has prompted a county wide effort to find and respect and save small cemeteries. how they'll do it coming up. >> and when would you need the umbrellas as the rain from irma continues to try to move sbinto our area. we're going t break that o
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iphone x, this really is the future. >> today apple introduced oh, not one, but two new iphones. can you stand it? >> get in line, folks. it's all the buzz this afternoon in the tech world, and among consumers, too, if the price is right. >> and even our newsroom. people are like oh, my gosh! susan hogan is here to tell you what you need know about this. >> it's hard to believe. it's been ten years since the last iphone. >> no! . >> yes, it really has been. today apple event did not disappoint anyone. as expected, apple revealed the new iphone 8, but the surprise, apple also unveiled the iphone x. it is the biggest iphone redesign to date. there is no home button. instead you actually swipe from the bottom up and get this, you guys, to unlock the iphone x uses what they're calling face i.d. it's like facialre
5:42 pm
and automatically unlock, even in the dark. and then look at this. this x has 3-d emojis. they talk to you. isn't that cute? the cost for the phone starts out at $1,000. right. and the iphone 8 will cost you a little bit less starting at $699. the iphone 8 plus, 799. apple says it is the most durable glass ever for a smartphone. let's hope. it runs faster than previous iphones and of course apple says the cameras take the best pictures yet. apple also unveiled a new apple watch so you don't need your iphone to work that, to sync with it and apple tv more pixels and high-def. i can hear my husband checking that out. >> when you take pictures of your food it will be that much more crisp and focused. >> yeah, it really is pretty. it's pretty
5:43 pm
pictures, they call it, the selfie pictures are unbelievable. so, yeah, i mean it's pretty neat. but the facial -- >> facial recognition is like a selfie. you hold it up to you, right? that's so cool. >> you just have to update that as you get older. [ laughter ] >> you don't have a bad morning and the face isn't quite right. >> doesn't recognize you. >> thank you, susan. that's cool. >> a loaded gun and three little kids left behind in an suv at these gas pumps. now a winchester man is under arrest after one child shot the other this season do your holiday shopping on us. introducing the monumental gift shop at mgm national harbor. just use your m life rewards card when you play now through november 7. the more you play, the more gift bucks you'll earn to redeem for monumental gifts like jewelry and electronics.
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holidays. play to win. win to shop. the monumental gift shop at mgm national harbor. now through november 7. this is monumental.
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we wanted to give you a feel for what it's like driving on the road down here. let me show you some of these conditions. you're dodging everything from falling debris to this. do you see this? look at that. power lines just dangling over the street. this is becoming a sight that's all too common down here. long lines for gas. i was just talking to one woman who has been in the car 45 minutes. she's only halfway there. another 45 to go. look at this line. it wraps about 50 cars all the way around here, through the shopping center, outside of the shopping center, back onto the street. why the desperation? well, this is just one of a few gas stations that's actually working. from gas stations with those long lines to gas stations that look like this. destroyed. this is along 41 from marco island up towards naples. we're just outside the city of naples.
5:47 pm
quite a hit from irma. >> well, here at home, doug and amelia are looking at the remnants of irma and the impact it could have on us. they're going to join us for an update in just a few minutes. >> ava man is -- a virginia man in jail after his 2-year-old shot a little girl. they were left in the car at a gas station in fauquier county. he drove off with the kids instead of getting medical help. >> reporter: alarming sight for convenience clerk last friday evening. a man and woman walked in from the gas pumps with a little girl who was bleeding badly. >> she was like screaming, upset, she was covered in blood dripping all over the floor. >> reporter: they told her the child had been bitten by their chihuahua dog. the >> the woman was flipping out. shen'
5:48 pm
she said she was freaking out, she had no clue what to do. so, she took her back to the bathroom to clean her up. i had taken her some peroxide and band aids. >> reporter: the store clerk told me she decided to call authorities when the woman came back out to the gas pump and got on her phone and started talking instead of rushing the little girl off to get medical help. she got this photo of the suv, but when sheriff's deputies arrived, the pair had driven off. these markers followed a trail of blood left in the parking lot. but hours later, miles away in colonial beach, another police call. that led to the arrest of the man, 26-year-old isaiah davis. only then did authorities learn what really happened at the gas station. three kids had been left alone in the suv with a loaded gun. davis' 2-year-old son allegedly shot the 4-year-old girl. she was finally taken to the hospital and treated for her injuries. >> i thank god because i was worried about her so much. i mean, with a little
5:49 pm
that lost so much blood, the first thing you think, is that kid going to make it. >> it could have been far worse. this young lady, this child is very, very lucky. this could have been deadly. >> reporter: investigators say davis, a convicted felon, wasn't supposed to have a gun in the first place. now he faces a number of charges, including felony child abuse and neglect. i'm julie kerry, news 4. >> we've had another beautiful day and there are some wisps of what's left of irma out there heading our way? >> kind of out there heading our way. that's exactly what you would think, you know. not a whole lot coming our way from irma. but we're tracking irma still as we may see some showers the next couple days. and still have to keep an eye on jose. >> the good news is as we're looking at jose, most indications, 90% of the indications are that it's going to stay out to sea. >> we like 90%. we'll take that. take a look, show you what we're dealing with right now. we have sunshine across the area and parts of the region. some clouds and some showers just to the north. but right now downtown looking really good. if you're thinking about getting
5:50 pm
nice. 78 degrees. 74 degrees by 7:00, dropping to about 69 degrees by 11:00, nice, nice and nice, a trio of nice. that's pretty nice. all right, 76 degrees in twin brook, 76 in centerville, leesburg coming in at 77 degrees. downtown right now coming in 79. that is right along the capital on our weather underground network. now, showers up around hagerstown, north of baltimore, that's about it. notice this guy down around the leonard town area, southern portions of saint mary's county, that's it. the bigger picture here does show the rain trying to move in towards our region as a result of irma. and you just track this, it goes up and in towards cincinnati, over towards st. louis and right on down towards irma which is now a very broad area of low pressure spinning around the memphis area. this piece will make its way into our area tomorrow into thursday. we have a chance for shower activity there. take a look at this. rain down to the south, especially roanoke. whwe
5:51 pm
seen 70s. roanoke 63 degrees. if you're traveling down i-81 this evening you're going to get on the wet side. what we've been talking into is jose. everyone is wondering where the storm team4 is going to go. i know who knows, her. >> as we look at the satellite imagery of jose, it doesn't kind of look like that classic irma look that we were seeing. and that's because the storm isn't as strong and it's not as organized. but also noticing a bit of a connection up to irma, that band right there. so, jose right now currently a category 1 hurricane. it's moving toward the east at 5 miles an hour. the maximum winds at 75 miles an hour. take a look, this kind of does a loop ty loop. right now jose south of the bahamas, turks and caicos. over the weekend it stays out, it curves out to sea, doug, and that is exactly what we want this tropical storm to do. i think we're all a little
5:52 pm
weary of the tropics at this point. but the weerkd here is looking great. >> the only place it's going to affect is north carolina. where are you going next week, amelia? >> north carolina, yeah, yeah. >> going to affect that with high seas and maybe rip currents. keep an eye on your husband if he's going to be swimming out there. 82 degrees on wednesday, thursday looking good, a chance of shower or thunderstorm with a high temperature of 80 degrees, thursday and friday. not just nice, but warm on saturday and sunday. we go above average and look at that entire ten-day forecast. besides tomorrow and thursday, it is really looking good. guys, irma almost out of our hair. we've got a couple moefr days before we don't have to talk about it at least on the weather maps any more. we'll be talking about it a lot more in the news next two days. >> good riddance. doug, thank you. stars like bryce harper wow us on the field. it's some of the things they do behind the scenes that are the most impressive and rewarding. our carol maloney joins us live from nats park. you got some rarely granted access to an
5:53 pm
>> reporter: yeah, we've been trying to cover this story three years now. since the beginning of bryce harper's heroes, it's a day at nats park for kids battling cancer and their families. we want to thank harper, the nats and the leukemia and lymphoma society for letting us bring our cameras in to find out what it looks like. what it looks like? it's adorable. >> harper's heroes. >> there's nothing better than bringing in a group of kids and their families. take them away from the everydayness of going to the hospitals and the pain and suffering they go through. take them away from that for at least a day. >> reporter: once a month or so, this is how bryce harper pre-games, answering the important questions. >> favorite food? i'm on a pizza high right now. how much do i weigh? 219 pounds. [ laughter ] >> who is your best friend on
5:54 pm
>> jason ware. i love free pebbles. >> i know you don't like a lot of attention, keep it small and private. why is that important to you? >> because, you know, it's not about me and cameras or anything like that. i just really -- people have come to me and ask if we can spread the word about it, things like that. post it on social and stuff like that. but, you know, i want it to be intimate, i want it to be real. >> reporter: there's no rush to this event. harper answers all questions. signs whatever is put in front of him. and takes picture after picture. he wants it to be a day to remember. it's not something other people know he's doing this. he's doing this purely for the kids. he's doing this because he knows that they suffer and this is something that will make them smile. so, somebody has a heart like that, that's a good man. >> thank you. >> you have a question, smiles, the laughs we get, those are the best. >> reporter: fruity
5:55 pm
>> they're my favorite. absolutely. >> reporter: cocoa pebbles are so much better, but that is a story for another day. we do want to point out this is this charity is harper's inspiration. he grew up with friends who battled cancer and his grandpa, so it's close to his heart. he knows how much some time away from the disease can help. now, as for harper getting back on the field that's a topic for discussion. in a second we're going to have that story coming up for you on news 4 at 6:00. nats park, carol maloney. >> you find out so much about
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
ralpand i sponsoredralph northam, canthis adfor governor narrator: ed gillespie says dr. ralph northam doesn't show up? dr. ralph northam was an army doctor and a volunteer medical director at a children's hospice. he passed the virginia law requiring concussion standards for school sports. the smoking ban in restaurants. and dr. northam is working to connect veterans to good paying jobs in virginia. ed gillespie is a washington dc corporate lobbyist. he shows up for whoever pays him.
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a battle to preserve an african-american burial site offer river road in bethesda could spark change across montgomery county. >> news 4 cheryl tells us there is strong public support for finding and respecting these old burial grounds. >> reporter: supporters of the mass doan i can't church last winter say it is a long ignored cemetery in the path of the redevelopment. the dispute is now in mediation. >> that takes us to agenda item number 10. >> reporter: and today the montgomery county council heard public testimony on a bill to discover other cemeteries before they are paved over or moved. >> burial grounds are sacred
5:59 pm
places but they are also historical and genealogical resources. >> reporter: casey anderson backed the bill but allowed cemeteries to be moved if financially viable to do so. that prompted criticism of the planning board itself. >> this rubber stamp board would put a building or a garage on top of king tut's tomb if a developer wanted it. >> reporter: a leader of the macedonia effort called for a citizens pabl to over see any inventory of cemeteries and their future. >> in long view of the history of the planning board favoring developers over community interests. >> reporter: sponsors of the bill including member craig rice said the county is trying to correct how it views cemeteries. >> the founders and historical markers for us as a community, we can't forget our history. >> reporter: the council has scheduled a work session on the county wide bill for october 16th. in montgomery county, tom sherwood, news
6:00 pm
>> now at 6:00, not enough gas, not enough power, fears and frustrations on the rise in south florida tonight. as that area begins recovery from hurricane irma. >> a pregnant teacher now missing for eight days. how some of her former students are trying to bring her home. >> and hugs, tears, laughs and memories. news 4 celebrates the life of our leader and friend, the trail blazing jim vance. >> my mother loved vance. [ laughter ] she was always asking about him. when they would see each other, she would kiss him in the mouth. [ laughter ] she didn't kiss me in the mouth. [ laughter ] she didn't kiss my father in the mouth. [ laughter ] >> announcer: news 4 at


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