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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  September 12, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> now at 6:00, not enough gas, not enough power, fears and frustrations on the rise in south florida tonight. as that area begins recovery from hurricane irma. >> a pregnant teacher now missing for eight days. how some of her former students are trying to bring her home. >> and hugs, tears, laughs and memories. news 4 celebrates the life of our leader and friend, the trail blazing jim vance. >> my mother loved vance. [ laughter ] she was always asking about him. when they would see each other, she would kiss him in the mouth. [ laughter ] she didn't kiss me in the mouth. [ laughter ] she didn't kiss my father in the mouth. [ laughter ] >> announcer: news 4 at
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>> good evening, everybody. from florida all the way to the u.s. virgin islands, there is a desperate search for gas, power and food in the aftermath of irma. >> the death toll from the storm now stands at at least 42. six of those delgts on the u.s. main land. in parts of florida, power could be out for two weeks. 90% of the homes in the florida keys are damaged or destroyed. and now we know president trump will visit the state on thursday. >> we have team coverage tonight. let's start with david culver who traveled from fort lauderdale to the west coast of florida today as tempers flare in the face of a gas shortage. >> reporter: fitting to hear a military chopper surveying the damage caused by irma. a name which means goddess of war. the storm left significant damage on the paradise vacation spot of marco island. roofs ripped up. a massive palm tree crushing this classic car. and on the water, the winds and
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we wanted to give you a feel for what it's like driving on the road down here. and let me show you some of these conditions. you're dodging everything from falling debris to this. do you see this? look at that. power lines just dangling over the street. this is why it wouldn't be safe to drive at night down here. for some, driving may not be an option. gas is hard to find. do you get nervous waiting and seeing it go down? >> no, i'm not nervous. i'm be empty, i leave my car, that's it. >> reporter: daniel martinez willing to abandon his car if need be. but other drivers determined to fill up. this is becoming a sight that's all too common down here. long lines for gas. i was just talking to one woman who has been in the car 45 minutes. she's only halfway there. another 45 to go. look at this line. it wraps about 50 cars all the way around here through the shopping center, outside of the shopping cte
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why the desperation? well, this is just one of a few gas stations that's actually working. people willing to wait, even taking turns in the driver's seat. but don't try to cut. watch this woman, using her body to block a car. the driver keeps hitting the accelerator. this, this is desperation. >> you know, like lieutenant dan said, this is no storm. >> reporter: others like jim todd keeping calm. how do you keep from getting angry after waiting that long? >> an ice tea. >> reporter: in his mind it's not worth burning fuel and energy. best to stay positive. >> you got to, man. god is on your side. we've been through this before. been down here 18 years. >> reporter: david culver, news 4. >> and aid is arriving on the caribbean islands devastated by hurricane irma. royal marines are on the ground in the british virgin islands right now. they are distributing water and medical supplies. the locals there turned out in force to help the helic
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quickly as possible. french president emmanuel macron is visiting st. martin and saint barts. more than 40 people were killed in the caribbean. >> for a closer look at how irma will impact our area, let's go to doug in storm center 4. what do you think, doug? >> it's going to be okay. it's going to be just fine here. i'm not expecting any wind. showers, yes, you may need the umbrella from time to time. but this is not going to have a big impact. i can't say that enough. today we had a little bit of a shower earlier. now showers to our north around the baltimore area, up around portions of cecil county into maryland, fulton county, you're seeing showers in pennsylvania and around roanoke, a lot of rain there. that is actually because of an on shore flow coming to the mountains and wringing out the moisture there. the storm itself way back towards the memphis area. you see it back here spinning a now very broad
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pressure. no longer a tropical storm and no longer a tropical depression. a post tropical storm. it's going to continue to make its way up the region and give shower activity the next couple of days. the other storm we have to watch, well, here's jacksonville, florida. here's miami, two places that got walloped. jose moving off the coast to the east, we're going to start to see it move away and back towards the coast here. i'm going to update you on the latest track. i think you're going to like it. not a big deal. >> thank you, doug. >> president trump will travel to florida on thursday to assess the damage and the recovery from hurricane irma. first, though, he hopes to build on the success of the debt limit deal he reached with democrats last week. tonight he's hosting six senators for dinner at the white house. the menu includes tax reform. blain alexander is live at the white house for us this evening. blayne? >> reporter: remember, president trump is somebody who ran saying he could make a deal with anybody. so, with tonight's dinner he's eager to prove
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washington politics and sitting down with both parties. >> general electric -- >> reporter: president trump bringing both sides to the table over a bipartisan meal at the white house. so, who is coming to dinner? republicans and democrats. six senators sitting down with the president to talk tax reform. >> the administration has been clear. we want to sit down with anybody who is willing to be serious about real tax reform for this country. >> reporter: republicans hoping to jump start a stalled agenda are now more open to dealing with the other party. >> making our tax code much simpler than it is today, and i hope we're going to find that there are democrats who are willing to work with us. >> reporter: it's the latest action from a president who is showing he is now willing to work across the aisle, even if it means challenging his own party. >> this is the strategy for this white house, is to engage democrats, to grab the attention of republicans. >> reporter: the president embracing new strategies both at home and on the foreign
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against north korea, the u.n. approving new economic sanctions against the regime. >> those sanctions are nothing compared to what ultimately will have to happen. >> reporter: but criticized by some as being watered down in order to get china on board. >> but in compromising those sanctions, i worry about whether or not they really are going to get north korea's attention. >> reporter: the administration calls these the toughest sanctions yet. now they are waiting to see how north korea chooses to respond. blayne alexander, nbc news, washington. >> we've got an update tonight on the health of arizona senator john mccain. he had an mri at the national institutes of health in bethesda yesterday. his doctors advise him to continue receiving targeted radiation and chemotherapy treatments at nih, but he will maintain a regular work schedule according to a statement from the senator's office. he was diagnosed with brain cancer in july. he told cnn he's
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is a vicious form of cancer. he's seen excellent treatment results so far. >> two little girls vanished on their way to the mall. four decades later, justice for their mother and father. today lloyd welch pleaded guilty to two counts of first degree murder. the 60-year-old will serve 48 years of a 96 year sentence. sheila and kathryn vanished in 1975. it changed how people around here parent. news 4 darcy spencer was in court today with the girls' mother and father. >> reporter: the lyons sisters parents leave the courtroom after their daughter's killer was sentenced to 48 years in prison. >> it's been a long time and we're tired. and we just want to go home. >> reporter: they had a front-row seat watching as their long search for justice finally came to an end. lloyd welch stood and said the words they had been waiting to hear for 42 years. >> wha
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>> i plead guilty. >> reporter: lloyd welch pleading guilty in the abduction and murders of sisters sheila and kathryn lyon. montgomery county cold case detectives credited with their relentless pursuit of the case, which they called operation worthy cause. >> today a despicable human being lloyd lee welch answered for his part in the crimes against kathryn and sheila. >> reporter: in exchange for the guilty plea, prosecutors took the death penalty off the table. they say he won't be eligible for parole till he's in his 80s. >> the likelihood of a parole board granting him any type of parole is very slim, if nonexistent. >> reporter: the sisters' disappearance from the wheaton mall back in 1975, haunted residents in montgomery county. prosecutors believe welch brought the sisters to bedford county where they were killed and their bodies possibly burned. >> that day in march was the day we lost our innocence. we began to rear our
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differently. >> reporter: welch maintains he did not sexually abuse or murder the girls himself. >> it is very remorseful and had intended and wanted to make sure that the lyon family understands that his role and what his role was and that he's sorry for that. >> reporter: in bedford county, virginia, darcy spencer, news 4. >> only on news 4, the parents of a missing 12-year-old maryland girl are talking about the emotional pain they are feeling. >> words can't describe it and we're devastated. as a mother, you know your heart goes out. you don't know where your child, your baby is. >> jayla smith was last seen yesterday around lunch time. tonight her parents are hoping you might be able to help bring her home. prince georges county bureau chief tracy wilkins has that story. tracy? >> reporter: here at the community center there are pictures of her everywhere. this is the last place she was seen before she came out of the community center, ran that way toward a bus, a
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parents want to know where she is. >> has she eaten? is she warm? is she safe. >> reporter: what else can you say, what can you think when you're the mother of a missing child? >> i couldn't sleep all night. i don't know where my baby is. >> reporter: police say 12-year-old jayla smith was at the greenbelt community center with her mom around 11:30 yesterday morning when for unknown reasons she left and boarded a metro bus. she was eventually seen exiting minnesota avenue station in northeast d.c., but then the track went cold. police are hoping posting her picture on social media will help find her. >> i just looked at our facebook page. we've had over 134,000 people reached. >> reporter: police believe she still may be in the area of minnesota avenue station, although her parents say she has no known connections to northeast d.c. it's a mystery. >> i just want her to come home and know that she's not in trouble, like my wife said, and we'll take her back in open arms. just give us a call, come back home. >> reporter: the only thing that
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>> we just love her. we're real blessed to be her parents. we're just so blessed to have her in our lives and we just want her home and safe. >> reporter: [ inaudible ] working with the family to try and find this young girl. they are right now at minnesota avenue station passing out fliers to see if anyone has seen her. if you have greenbelt police want to hear from you. reporting live in greenbelt i'm tracy wilkins, news 4. >> the disappearance of teacher laura wallen has upset people across our entire area, including here at towson university where one student felt she had to do something to help find her. on news 4 at 6:00, what she's doing. also video of ms. wallen in the classroom. >> plus some good news for women dealing with fatigue and hot flashes caused by menopause. a new study is offe s
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>> and a final farewell, the tributes to our friend jim vance that made us laugh and cry today.
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now to the search for answers. tonight a college student is hoping a
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will generate some new clues in the disappearance of a montgomery county school teacher. >> something really close to me has happened recently, and as you can see, i can't talk about it. >> that tribute dedicated to laura wallen. she's pregnant. she's been missing for more than a week now. news 4's kristin wright is in towson, maryland with reaction from the college freshman who created that video. kristin? >> reporter: well, doreen, laura wallen used to walk around this campus. she got her teaching degree here at towson, and now one of her old students who goes to school here has made a special tribute. and she is hoping and praying ms. wallen comes home. there's no doubt laura wallen's students at wild lake high school love her. new video tonight of the missing social studies teacher in the classroom where she is missed. >> we're going to read.
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>> reporter: lindsey marie now a freshman at towson keeps watching these videos of her favorite teacher and now in much darker days she has recorded this one. >> ms. wallen, if you're watching this, i want you to know how many people love you. myself included. we are all missing you and looking for you and trying to spread the word so we can find you and bring you home. >> reporter: we met up with lindsey today to talk about her youtube tribute. >> she's one of those people who is really close to her students. she helped me through some personal family stuff. she was always there and she always knew when something was wrong so we developed a really close relationship through those years. >> laura, we love you so much. >> reporter: lindsey showed us this picture of laura wallen's classroom door covered with notes. pleading for her safe return. the howard county school system telling me today, we are deeply concerned, hoping throughout every day that she is
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hope. lindsey and ms. wallen were just texting a few weeks ago about lindsey's first few days at towson. now laura wallen's missing, gone, for an entire week. >> i hope it spreads awareness. i hope people watch it even if they never knew her and want to help, want to share and spread the word. >> we want to find her. and we want to bring her home safe. we miss you, wallen. we miss you so much. >> reporter: i talked to montgomery county police today. they told me they received a piece of information after yesterday's press conference, but they will not elaborate at this point on what exactly they found out. of course, keeping some things very close to the vest. now, doreen, and aaron, also want to make sure people remember the family of laura wallen is offering a $25,000 reward to help find her. back to you. >> kristin wright, we hope they find her soon.
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thank you. >> residents of a troubled condo complex in temple hills may soon have some money coming to them. pepco and washington gas will pay $100,000. the companies shut off utilities last october due to more than a million dollar in outstanding bills. maryland's attorney general says they didn't give enough notice before shutting off services. if you lived there last october, call the ag's office to see if you are part of the settlement. just last month lynn hill residents were forced to move out after the complex failed a fire safety inspection. ♪ ♪ until i see my savior face to face ♪ ♪ oh, i'm going up yonder ♪ >> he lived an extraordinary life, and today we celebrated that life. our leader, our friend, my co-anchor nearly
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after a very brief battle with cancer. today a remarkable tribute to him. >> the washington national cathedral was filled with those who loved and admired jim vance. he touched so many lives over so many years. we were all there, barbara harrison was there as well. just a beautiful tribute to him for the time we were in church today. >> absolutely beautiful. and it was a beautiful day for a celebration of life for a man that we have heard called a brilliant journalist, a mentor, a father, and, of course, a friend. there were words of tribute from many. there was music, of course, and while there were certainly tears, there was also a lot of laughter from the folks who were there. laughter about the things that he had said, some of the things that he did. we want to share the final good-byes to our friend and colleague jim vance. ♪ ♪ from the soaring anthems inside to a brassy style of new orleans
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an amazing life, there were few who weren't moved from the stories of jim vance that were shared today. ♪ we shall overcome ♪ >> his daughter said the memorial was just perfect. >> he would have loved this, absolutely loved it. >> reporter: among those who gathered outside the national cathedral were many he never actually met. >> he was in the living room every day. he was in my bedroom at 11:00 every night, just great, great guy. great human being, too. >> i know jim vance by watching him every night. >> reporter: and there were fellow journalists who have worked for competing television stations across town. >> telling the truth and being honest, that's his legacy for me as a journalist, and as a friend. >> we had such respect for each other. i used to say to him, i have a better voice. he says, yeah, but you're short. >> he has set the standard that we are all trying to live up to. >> how can you compete with someone like jim vance? he's
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>> reporter: there were many community and national leaders who called jim vance a friend. >> was a prince, but never lost the common touch. he was a friend. >> reporter: and, of course, there were old and new coworkers from channel 4. >> we had more fun to think that we got paid to do what we did. >> and i just thought it was a profoundly moving tribute to a really remarkable person. >> i also credit jim vance for this. he gave me lots of love advice. >> it worked out for you. >> and it worked out for me. i appreciate him taking his advice. >> the absolute confidence of the guy. we all looked up to him. we all did. ♪ ♪ >> as vance would say, man! what a life, what a celebration, and the joy i think is just -- that he brought to everybody is out there. it just filled, filled the
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>> reporter: and it couldn't be a perfect tribute without the sound of revving harley engines. the sound that so often accompanied jim vance's taking leave of all those who have loved him for so many years. and he will live on in our hearts and our minds and in our work for a long time, with us and with the people who we consider our competition. they say that he was the standard that they wanted to be able to attain. >> and we all felt that way, it was quite a send-off today. >> it was. >> we'd encourage people, if you weren't able to watch along with us, we've got lots of, lots of excerpts posted on our facebook page. so, you can go and hear all the speakers there. >> i think it has to be said, doreen. i know how difficult this has been for you the last few months. you have been a bastian of strength and grace for every person in this building and so many
6:24 pm
several months. it is a blessing to have you share the legacy. >> i appreciate that, aaron. it meant a lot of us to honor him in the right way. it was a wonderful send-off today. >> and so many wonderful stories were told by you today. you'll be able to hear them if you check it out online. you were terrific. >> thank you ,
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there's irma, there's jose,
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weather tonight, doug. >> there's a lot to cover. fortunately for us it doesn't have a huge impact on our weather. what will, we have cloud cover across the area, but right now seeing sunshine, really a beautiful evening setting up. 76 degrees, southeast wind 8 miles per hour, a nice little breeze from time to time. 75 leagues burg, 75 towards fredericksburg. the numbers looking good. here's the showers just to our north. again, with a system like this the showers could have been across our region. we have one down along the patuxent river. saint mary's county. most areas dry this afternoon. tonight a better chance some of the moisture from the south will make its way in here. you see where the moisture is coming from. right down here from the atlantic into our region tonight. a good chance of shower activity all around irma which continues to spin. look how big this storm is, too. chicago, all the way down towards florida taking up most of the eastern half of the nation. for us tonight, 7:00, no problem. eat dinner you're googd. 10:00 starting to see showers in the western and southern
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fredericksburg, warren ton and winchester. by tomorrow morning we see it coming in. here's 2:00. watch by 7:00. so, between 2:00 and 7:00, we'll see showers along our area roads. so that may impact you early tomorrow morning. make sure you're heading out. give yourself a little extra time. maybe some wet roadways, but during the afternoon we clear out nicely and i think we get into some sunshine. so, how is this going to impact your day? how is it going to impact your kids' day? how about the school forecast? showers 68 degrees 7:00 a.m., they may need the umbrellas. this girl too much of a jacket. you won't need the scarf. 82 degrees by 3:00 in the afternoon. even if you have a jacket on early, you can take that off for the afternoon. really looking quite nice. the next ten days, the best chance of storms on thursday, high of 80, before we get into the weekend, right now the weekend looking good. a closer look at your ten-day and jose's forecast at 6:45. >> all right, doug, thanks. >> still ahead, a young mother fighting to stay with her family as a popular program for young immigrants is canceled. >> her story of perseverance and the pam
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believe, but a 4-year-old girl is recovering tonight after she was shot by a 2-year-old when the kids were left in an suv at this gas pump with a loaded gun. coming up,
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>> announcer: you're watching news 4 a
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>> now at 6:30, only news 4 is talking to the gas station clerk who alerted police to a frightening and disturbing scene, a toddler got hold of a gun and shot another child. the kids had apparently been left alone in an suv at a gas station. tonight the young victim is recovering and as our northern virginia bureau chief julie kerry reports, authorities hope the tragedy is a reminder to gun owners to always lock up your weapons. >> reporter: what happened inside this suv almost unimaginable. three little kids left unattended with a loaded gun. in this gas station parking lot, a 2-year-old boy shoots a 4-year-old girl. convenience clerk anna never heard the gunshot, but was shocked friday evening as a man and woman walked in with a little girl who was bleeding badly. >> she was like screaming, upset, she was covered in blood, dripping all over the floor. >> reporter: they told her the child had been bitten by their
6:33 pm
bathroom to clean her up. i took some peroxide and band aids. >> reporter: the store clerk told me she decided to call authorities when the woman came back out to the gas pump and got on her phone and started talking instead of rushing the little girl off to get medical help. when sheriff's deputies arrived, the pair had driven off. these markers followed a trail of blood left in the parking lot. but hours later, miles away in colonial beach, another police call that led to the arrest of the suv driver, 26-year-old isaiah davis. a convicted felon, he wasn't supposed to have a gun in the first place. it was his toddler who had allegedly shot his female companion's daughter. she was finally taken to a hospital and treated for her injuries. >> this young lady, this child is a very, very lucky. this could have been deadly. >> reporter: the sheriff's office using this incident to underscore the importance of unloading and locking up weapons. their demonstration shows it's quick and easy. >> you have an empty firearm, there's nothing in the chamber,
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you insert that up through the magazine well. and it locks. >> reporter: and no excuse for not having a gun lock. they come with most guns and the sheriff's office gives them away for free. i'm julie kerry, news 4. >> gay rights pioneer edith windsor died today. she had such a huge impact in the world. news of her death is trending on twitter. windsor was the lead plaintiff in the supreme court case that led to the legalization of same-sex marriage in 2013. in 2007 windsor married, but passed away a couple years later. windsor was 88 years old. >> more than 100 people turned out for a know your rights seminar focused on immigration issues like daca. it's part of a pledge by d.c. mayor muriel bowser to help residents fight deportation and navigate the immigration system. president trump's recent threat to end daca in six months has some 800,000 young people wod
6:35 pm
among those who call themselves dreamers, a medical assistant raising her two children, both of whom are u.s. citizens. maritza came here as a young teenager from el salvador. she tells us she was kidnapped and raped on the journey. now like so many others she hopes congress and the president can find common ground on daca. the current uncertainty has her fearing separation from her young children. >> i grew up here. and basically everything i know is from here. we need to have a second chance. >> current daca recipients have until october 5th to get renewal applications in. we have a link to free help at our nbc washington app. search dreamers. >> immigration rights are at the center of a controversial proposal. the college park city council will vote on tonight. the proposal would allow any college park adult to vote in local elections whether they are u.s. citizens or not.
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prince george's county police are looking into reports of threats against some councilmembers. tonight's vote is set to take place at the regular city council meeting that starts at 7:30 at city hall. for sometime it's been a confusing issue for women. still ahead, the news about hormone replacement therapy treatment that could help millions coping with menopause symptoms. >> and apple's newest iphone is out. it's true, it does have a thousand dollars price tag. still ahead,he t f
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introducing the monumental gift shop at mgm national harbor. just use your m life rewards card when you play now through november 7. the more you play, the more gift bucks you'll earn to redeem for monumental gifts like jewelry and electronics. come in today and play to earn your private shopping event for the holidays. play to win. win to shop. the monumental gift shop at mgm national harbor. now through november 7. this is monumental. in news 4 your health tonight, important information for women dealing with the symptoms of menopause, a new study of the long-term effects of hormone replacement therapy is offering reassurance that the treatment can be safe. earlier studies raised concerns, big ones, about the risks of blood clots, stroke and breast cancer with hrt. researchers followed up with 27,000 women nearly two decades af t
6:39 pm
lead to early death from any cause. >> there might be nuances in risk in any individual item, but globally the risk of death is no different whether you are on the hormones or not. >> tonight on nbc nightly news with lester holt, a closer look at the new findings and hormone replacement therapy's relationship with breast cancer. >> so, now we know you can unlock apple's new iphone x face. just stare oddly into your phone like that. is that enough to make you pay a thousand dollars for the phone? the face i.d. even recognizes you in the dark apparently. look at this guy. that's not right. the phone is water resistant and you can charge it wirelessly. that's kind of cool. die hard fans we know can't wait to get their hands on this thing. apple knows the iphone x is not for everybody, not with that price tag. so, it's also unveiled the iphone 8 and 8 plus, $300 less than the x right
6:40 pm
preorders for the new iphone begin october 27th. >> you get it the old-fashioned way on the cheaper phones i guess. >> i guess so. that old thumbprint. old school. [ laughter ] >> a $100,000 police training facility, but a year after it opened, it's still not being used as planned. >> still ahead, the news
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it's a new $100 million state of the art academy to train public safety workers, but less than a year after it opened, the news 4 i-team learned one part can't be used and another doesn't work the way it's supposed to. investigative reporter jody flesher joins us s
6:43 pm
that will cost more than a million dollar to fix. jody? >> reporter: doreen, imagine getting a fancy new present christmas morning and letting it sit on the shelf a year before you can use it. we heard this from police officers because the wait to use two new driving areas was driving them nuts. many officers consider their patrol car their office. constantly on the move, racing from call to call. >> it's one of the most critical areas because we spend so much time driving. >> reporter: he is an instructor at montgomery county's public safety driving area. it cost more than a million dollar and opened late last year. >> that was immediately recognized, this could potentially be very hazardous to the recruits. >> reporter: when officers started driving the new track, they noticed this small hill where they actually lose sight of the road on the other side. he
6:44 pm
training for veteran officers, but rookies who don't have driving experience could lose control. >> we have a potential for it going up on that berm. >> reporter: some areas of the track have guardrails, but officers think more are needed especially around these light poles which can also be a hazard. >> most officers whofrm been killed in the line of duty were killed in vehicle collision. >> reporter: he said practicing dangerous situations prepares officers in case those happen for real, like this skidding maneuver which teaches officers how to regain control. the training area is called a skid pad, but at the new academy, you can't skid on it. right before construction, the county realized its environmental protection department had banned the pavement sealant slated to be put on top. now it will cost another $440,000 to install a slick polished concrete center instead. >> we'll be able to use this in limited ways, but until that concrete gets put in place, we can't use it as a skid pad yet. >> reporter: the general
6:45 pm
montgomery county came up with that fix before construction. >> absolutely, that will fix it. >> reporter: but then scrapped the idea to save money. >> now that we know we need to, it's not outside the scope of the project, but it was certainly a cost we didn't want to spend if we didn't have to. >> reporter: while the contractor is still out there doing stormwater work, the county will install three extra guardrails along the driving track and widen the shoulders. >> give us that margin for error to allow the recruits to make a mistake without potentially hurting them or tearing up equipment. >> reporter: but those recruits who use the training track the most will just have to be extra careful on that hill. >> the issue of adjusting elevations on an existing road are quite challenging and expensive. >> reporter: he says if the hill becomes a serious problem they'll look at fixing it down the road. but he wants officers to use both features for a while and see what else needs to be done. the initial improvement should be finished by early next year. >> we actually okay to be in this place because we want to get this right. >> reporter: he says county projects always
6:46 pm
the cost of the improvements won't be higher than the taxpayer money that was already budgeted. in the meantime the officers have been using the state training track in siekzville so they aren't missing out on building those skills. jody fleischer, news 4 i-team. >> that training is important. thank you, jody. the i-team is looking for its next story to dig into. if you have a tip visit the washington app and e-mail them and search investigations. >> doug kammerer is here now. we are anticipating rain from irma, but nice little chunk of simmer today. it wasn't that bad. >> i think we have a lot more coming down the road. we'll see more of that kind of weather than we will the rain from irma kind of weather. don't put the umbrellas away, but you may not need them all that much. you know which borelli need you to bring the next couple days? purse umbrella. >> purse umbrella. >> hang onto that for a second. >> no, you would use the pocket umbrella. i would use the purse one. >> that's true. how do you know? let's take a look outside and show y
6:47 pm
looking pretty good. yeah, that's really -- you do not need the big gulf umbrella for sure. maybe the pocket umbrella, purse umbrella. whatever you need, just a small one because we're going to see some showers the next couple days. right now really quite nice. 76 degrees. temperatures dropping through the 70s down to about 69 by 11:00. a nice evening across our region. no real areas of rain now. 75 twin brook, 75 riverdale, prince george's county, beverley beach. these numbers on our weather underground network. rain, we see a shower at the patuxent river. the baltimore area over towards dover. most of us on the dry side. we are watching this rain move up from the south, from the carolinas, moving up i-95. if you're traveling i-95, or 819 down to the south expect some showers. that's all they are, too, shower activity. you don't really see any real areas of thunderstorms. and here is the center of irma, a very wide, broad area of low pressure. now we're going to watch this move back across our region.
6:48 pm
our weather on thursday. i can the best chance of rain. where it is raining roanoke right now. only in the 60s, 64 roanoke. we're still at 76. some nice weather across the mid-atlantic today. as we look towards the south, we're watching jose and everybody is asking me about jose. where is this storm going to go? here is miami. here's the bahamas. notice it's moving east and then looks like it's actually starting to drift to the south and that's going to be the forecast here. drifting to the south and then down and around and then back up. we've seen a couple storms do this in the past. it does look like it could be off the east coast on saturday into sunday. here's sunday at 3:00 as a category 1 minimal hurricane there. it will provide a lot of surf, and maybe some rip currents. if you are still heading to the beaches, great normally this time of year because not a lot of people there. looking pretty good towards the beaches. now, a couple computer models do try to still bring it to the east, but most of them keep this out to sea. of course we will be watching this for you up close over the next couple days. as i mentioned the remnants of irma moving ov.
6:49 pm
morning. make sure the kids have the umbrella early in the morning. 80 degrees on your thursday, 40% chance of shower or thunderstorm with that upper low coming overhead from irma. 82 on your friday. look at the weekend. some beautiful weather if you like summer-like weather, here you go. we haven't had a lot of it lately. saturday and sunday look great. 83 next monday. tuesday also looking quite nice and really all of next week. that's not a bad ten-day forecast. just a few showers tomorrow and thursday.
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk. >> nats fans were cheering the braves sunday. >> they were. >> not happening tonight. >> it's interesting to see how the nationals fans react to the braves being in town. on sunday they needed the braves to beat the marlins in order for the nats to clinch. at the ballpark they were watching the game on the jumbo tron, even doing the tomahawk trot for the braves to beat the marlins. so, a huge thank you goes out to the braves who are playing the nationals tonight. it was sunday when those fans were cheering them on because the nats clinched the division. but the work is still not done yet for this ball club. carol maloney has more from nationals park. >> reporter: the party is over! no remnants remaining of that wild sunday celebration here at nats park. it's back to work. 19 games left for the guys, including tonight's series opener versus the braves. dusty
6:53 pm
shouldn't change the guy's day to day passion for winning. >> if this is the game to play, you might as well play to win otherwise you're wasting everybody's time. so, we'd like to be -- keep rolling regardless who we put out there and really roll the last week of -- or so of the season. >> there's nothing better than bringing in a group of kids and their families. taking away the everydayness of going to the hospitals and the pain and suffering they go through. >> reporter: also on the nbc washington app, a story we've been trying to bring you for three years. a behind the scenes look at harpers heroes. bryce harper, like you've never seen or heard him before. hoping to see harper back on the field soon, the latest today, still progressing. he hasn't been able to run with that knee injury yet. that is the final test. from nats park, carol
6:54 pm
mlb announcing the 2018 schedule today. the nationals opening up on the road in cincinnati on thursday, march 29th for the first time in several years, every team opens on the same day. the nats home opener will be on thursday, april 5th against the mets. and, of course, the day a lot of fans are anticipating, the all-star game on nationals park july 17th. you know you're good when you get not one, but two jersey numbers retired. that's the case for kobe bryant. that story breaking today. the lakers will retire kobe's number 8 and 24 jersey before their game against the warriors on december 18th. the 18-time all-star played 20 seasons with the lakers winning five championships. and sticking with the nba, how about our local guy and nba champ kevin durant stepping on the haters literally. this is what the insole of his new shoes look like on both sides, the names he was called, like coward with a k and a d
6:55 pm
traitor, cheater on there. but written on top as you see, 16-1, 2017 nba champs along with his stats from the finals. so, k.d. looks to be get being the last laugh to all those people in oklahoma city that were not a fan. they run 150 bucks. could have paired to the iphone much better, but they're pretty cool shoes. >> so we can all buy some of those, is that what you're saying? >> we can all buy some. >> i really enjoy it, the ones k.d. had with the doppler radar on them. i wanted to buy them. i don't know if you remember those. he's a big weather nut. i've been trying to get him to come and and do the weather with me. i don't know. >> mystics are tonight, too. >> awesome. >> good stuff. >> speaking of weather. >> quick update. >> let's do some more. kevin durant if you're available, buddy, i'm here with you. shower activity coming through parts of the memphis area. if you care about memphis, if you don't, maybe coming through our area over the next couple of days here, couple of showers tomorrow. better chance as irma, you can seet
6:56 pm
moves over our area during the day thursday. that is something we'll be tracking, but once again, not a huge deal. >> okay, good news. thank you, doug. >> nightly news is coming up next. >> and we leave you with some of the sights and sounds from jim vance's memorial today. ♪ ♪ >> he has been the wise and compassionate leader in our newsroom for as long as i can remember. so many of us have talked about how we still hear his voice in our heads as we make decisions about, about how to cover the news of the day or how to write our copy. somehow he connected with all of us, didn't he? he spoke from the heart. and he was always interested in listening. >> and i can't tell you how
6:57 pm
that god put him in my life, a man with this kind of strength. thank you, jim. i love you. until we get to kick it again, my brother, rest in peace. >> he always valued his dual roles as a gifted story teller, but also a change maker. >> we remember a man who in so many ways epitomized the city in which he lived the bulk of his rich life. >> you fought authorize us your entire life and gave us unquantifiable gifts that will lacht o last our life times, your children, grandchildren and beyond. rest easy now. you lived an extraordinary life and made the world a better place for everyone blessed to have been in your presence. thank you.
6:58 pm
born and raised incian, dr. rrural virginia went to vmi.
6:59 pm
seriously wounded in the gulf war. eighteen years as volunteer medical director of a children's hospice. as lt. governor, he's fighting to expand healthcare in virginia. he'll get it done as governor. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, and we need to provide access to affordable healthcare for all virginians, not take it away.
7:00 pm
tonight misery in paradise from the keys to the caribbean, warships and cruise ships aiding in massive emergency operation for islands left devastated by irma. and across florida 15 million people left powerless, could be knocked out for month. growing outrage, congress stepping in as lawsuits pile up over the security breach hitting nearly half the u.s. population. tonight every american adult urged to take protective action. hormone replacement. news for millions of women dealing with menopause. after headlines about health fears, why researchers say it's option you might want to consider. about face, unlock your phone just by looking at it. big announcement from apple.


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