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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  September 14, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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event under way today. the fall wee sale is happening in prince george's county. you can head there today at 9:00 a.m. to pick up great consignments for little ones. stay with us. "news4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. that breaking news only two left lanes getting by right now on 395 in the district after concrete fell off a truck. it is 5:00 a.m. right now. good morning everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang. it's a mess out there. let's check in with jack taylor to get the latest. before we check in with chuck and somara. what's going on? >> this is the trouble spot. it may be there for a little bit on the freeway going eastbound. off the 14th street bridge as you drive
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the truck hit the overpass. the concrete spread across the roadway. two left lanes gets you by. in the hov lanes moving northbound, your ramp is closed. from ohio drive, no access on to the freeway. on the main line across the 14th street bridge, two left lanes getting by. could be a little bit of time before they move this vehicle with the concrete on it as well. we've also got trouble in blade especial ens burglary. all lanes blocked. a vehicle hit a pole. the wires are hanging above the victims in the car and as of yet, they cannot get the -- off the vehicle. the road remains closed until they can shut off the power. eastbound before the case bridge, nbc4's megan mcgrath is on scene with more details. >> reporter: good morning. we are seeing an improvement in the situation. some traffic is getting by. but we're also still seein
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problems. especially for folks who get off ohio drive on to the case bridge. that ramp is closed. we have the right-hand lane on 395 heading towards the case bridge, that's closed as well because of this. this large truck with prefab concrete slabs. early this morning, it was making its way inbound toward the case bridge. apparently hit an overhead csx or a rail bridge and you can see the left-hand side of that slab completely sheared off and came away. the concern here now is that the slab is very, very heavy. they're not properly secured to the truck. if a car was to drive alongside, for example, and that slab were to fall, it would be a very, very bad potentially dangerous situation here. they have stopped the truck. they're not allowing any traffic to go on this side of the truck until they can either remove these slabs or somehow better secure them to the truck so that it can move. the traffic impact here
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get this out of the way sometime soon. we have this impinging of the right-hand lane as you head over inbound on the case bridge. you can see that some of the traffic is getting by in those left hand lanes. ohio drive, you usually use that ramp. forget about it at least for now. you can continue to keep an eye on the situation. we'll let you know when everything opens back up. >> megan mcgrath live for us. now to the latest on the weather. you can see megan with her umbrella and her live report. >> it's not raining everywhere, is that right? >> tell us more. >> there's no rain here in our studios at northwest washington. but at 2:30 this morning when the parking lot was dry, now the parking lot is wet. we had a first little shot of rain showers here. there's a look at radar. you can tell northwest washington is sort of in the midst zone. washington into prince george's county, that's the
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keep all of that in mind. temperatures aren't that cold this morning. that's for sure. with all the humid air in place, mid-60s in the shenandoah val toy 70 in town. for more on how mild it will be in the afternoon, let's go inside to somara. good morning. >> good morning. we're expecting temperatures to be around 80 degrees this afternoon. throughout the weekend, we'll see improvement. i wouldn't let the weather deter you from making plans this weekend. best day to head out towards the wineries, definitely on sunday. temperatures in the low 80s out there. our best chance for rain throughout the weekend forecast is actually going to be friday afternoon. somara, thank you. >> 5:04 now. a major break in the case of a missing pregnant teacher. police have found her body and her boyfriend is in custody. >> this is the same man who stood beside laura wall
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the public's help. tyler tessier is expected in court today and we're learning more about why he was a suspect since she was first reported missing. >> justin finch is live in columbia outside the school where wallen taught. justin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, aaron. her absence is being felt today. on social media, students here at the high school are asking each other to wear white shirts in tribute, a sort of symbol of the life she was for so many of them. this is what they'll remember most. her smiling face and of course, how she lived. sadly, she was found yesterday we are told in that shallow grave in a wooded area say police. that find was made off a road in damascus. wallen, of course, was four months pregnant. montgomery county police are telling us that tyler tessier, her boyfriend, was the last known person to see her about september 2nd
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the next day. police say she texted a friend saying tyler took her to an open field and later police believe he used her phone to text err sister to say the baby she was carrying was not his. last friday, her suv was found at an apartment complex near wild lake. tessier admitted to driving that suv and removing a tag and police say he was a person of interest early in this case. >> right now he is the only suspect in this case. but as with any case that we have, the arrest doesn't end the investigation. the investigation continues. >> reporter: and the cause of death will be determined. at this point, the motive is unclear. the alarm bells went off when she didn't show up for school on the first day. that's when people began to fear the worst.
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indeed. >> justin finch in columbia, maryland, thanks. she was a tiech e. teacher at wild lake high school. last night students and teachers held a vigil. it was an emotional night as several students said wallen changed their lives. >> this is just one of those tragic cases where you have an absolutely innocent victim and it's just senseless, senseless killing. >> police say tessier used her phone to send text messages to wallen's sister claiming he may not be the father of her baby. she was four months pregnant. >> after we learned her body had been found, her father texted news 4's kristin wright. he said simply, "laura is in the loving arms of god now." she was 34 years old. we'll have more on the investigation throughout the morning.
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wall. >> you remember that chant from the trump campaign trail. well, it could be that president trump's tough talk on immigration may be softening. last night, president trump sat down with top democratic leaders, nancy pelosi and chuck schumer at the white house. funding for the wall is out say democrats. but press secretary sara sanders says on twitter, that's not true. the president is considering making the protections of daca law. schumer and pelosi released a joint statement saying they would work with the president on a border package that would be acceptable to both sides. it was called a positive step towards bipartisan solutions. 5:08. breaking news about a school that caught fire. chris lawrence at the live desk. >> aaron, the fire broke out at an islamic school in malaysia. the flames blocked the only exit from the boys dorm. 23 people have been killed, most
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teenagers. it was an horrific scene. they saw boys screaming behind barred windows. investigators think there's an electrical short circuit that ignited that fire. aaron. chris lawrence at the live desk. today, president trump travels to florida where 4 million people across the state still don't have power after hurricane irma. the issue had deadly consequences. lack of air conditioning being blamed for the deaths of eight people at a nursing home near ft. lauderdale. officials are encouraging all floridians to check on their elderly neighbors. >> conduct a welfare check on any elderly residents you might know. either in your neighborhood they don't have power or assisted living facilities or condominiums where there's a large concentration of elderly people. >> the nursing home has been temporarily shut down. other people have been evacuated as a precaution. the eight people who died there are
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directly blamed on hurricane irma. an update on the amount of money raised for the victims of the hurricanes. at this time yesterday, the hand in hand telethon had raised 14 million d. this morning, that number climbed to $44 million. >> i won't be afraid ♪ the telethon aired here on nbc4 and other networks tuesday night. all the money collected will go to nonprofit organizations like the united way and save the children to help out with the efforts in florida and texas. we know louisiana was hit and other places too. >> an incredible showing of support. you can still give. text and digital donations are being accepted. text give to 80077 to donate $25. the nation's capitol is not short on star power. check out this star who didn't throw out his shot on a quick trip to the district.
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trolley. ding, ding, ding congress train. >> lin-manuel miranda. riding the train under the capitol yesterday. he was lobbying congress to keep the national endowment for the arts budget off the chopping block. >> looks like he's on the speaker's balcony at the capitol. he posted several videos with visitors and staffers and a few lawmakers during his trip to the hill. >> in my mind, he always sings, wherever he is. always singing. the washington mystics will be back on the court tonight as they fight for the wnba championship title. minnesota claimed game one of the series tuesday night 101-81. ouch. the lynx have home court advantage. tip off tonight. >> the best of five
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arena. 5:12 your time right now. turning on the tv this morning, heads up to bring an umbrella, right? >> absolutely. we're going to continue to experience irma's remnants. we're going to see shower chances. make sure you have the umbrella handy. pleasant conditions for your weekend. also ahead, the man known as farm a broe
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ralpand i sponsoredralph northam, canthis adfor governor narrator: ed gillespie says dr. ralph northam doesn't show up? dr. ralph northam was an army doctor and a volunteer medical director at a children's hospice. he passed the virginia law requiring concussion standards for school sports. the smoking ban in restaurants. and dr. northam is working to connect veterans to good paying jobs in virginia. ed gillespie is a washington dc corporate lobbyist.
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5:15. staying on top of the breaking news on i-395 into the district after a piece of concrete. a big piece in the live pictures. fell off of a truck. d.c. police just tweet thad all lanes are being reopened. they've got a handle on this, it seems. this is going eastbound coming into the district. another check with jack taylor in a minute. take a look at some of this video. the massive rice ridge fire exploded again. growin
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acres. just look at that. hotshot crews been working all night to get it partially contained. they think they may get some weather. some rain later this morning that may give them a leg up in a lot of homeowners certainly praying for that. eun? >> chris, thank you. 5:16. a school shoot not guilty the state of washington tops our national headlines. >> this happened wednesday ach the morning bell rang at freeman high school outside of spokane. the suspects shot four people and killed a fellow student who tried to stop him. we've learned a custodian was able to stop the shooter before anyone else was hurt. authorities have not named the shooter. but a friend says he's been watching documentaries about school shootings. the student who died had just lost his father in a tragic accident on father's day. chris soles is accused of leaving the scene of an accident in april. a 66-year-old man was
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the man's tractor. if convicted, he could spend five years in prison. the man known at pharma bro. martin shkreli, known as the skrid who increased the price of an aids medication by 5,000%. he promised facebook providers 5 grand for a strand of hillary clinton's hair. his lawyer says it was a joke. a judge says he's a danger to his community. he's awaiting sentencing for a fraud conviction, now he will be locked up again. now news for your health this morning. the flu shot is supposed to protect your family's health but a study backed by the cdc indicates otherwise. an uptick in miscarriages when women had flu shots year after year. medical experts say the study is small and not proof of anything. doctors still recommend that pregnant women still get the vaccine until more studies are ne
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their babies. he's 11 years old and he will have the biggest mowing job of his life. frank from falls church, virginia, is going to help the grounds crew cut the grass in rows garden. earlier this year, he wrote to president trump and asked if he could cut the grass. the president is taking him up on his offer. his mowing skills are only one of his specialties. he's also good at weed whacking. >> an 11-year-old still doing hard work. i hope he gets a big tip. >> do they trust him to trim the rose bushes in the rose garden? the ultimate test. >> maybe weed whacking along the sidewalks. >> maybe he could bring roses back to his mom. >> i don't know if that's legal. >> you're going to get him in trouble. >> i've never given bad advice to kids ever. maybe that one time. everything turned
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the handing out of bad advice. >> we've seen a little light rain at the tv station in northwest washington. so far the month of september has been cool and showery. average for rainfall. temperatures so far for the month, 5.5 degrees below average through the first half of the month of september. we'll be eating away at that deficit as temperatures stay at or above average as we go through the weekend and early next week. this big l, that was irma at one point in time. what's left of that massive hurricane now is just bringing spiraling chances of rain into our area as we go through the remainder of our thursday. spiraling band number one, moving out to the bay bridge and to the eastern shore. there's more rain where that came from. light rain getting ready to move into martinsburg, west virginia. leesburg, a few showers to the west. they're making their way towards dulles airport right now. may want to call ahead.
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flight delays because of irma. the chances of rain off and on through the day, unlike yesterday when we broke out into sunshine later on in the day, i don't think that will happen as nice today. might get a sliver from time to time. on the whole, today is a cloudy day. you'll want to keep the umbrella ready to go. by the time we get past, 3:00, 4:00, another chance for showers to come back into the picture. temperatures in the 60s to around 70 as you go out the door this morning. the daily grade, with clouds and a 60% chance of rain, the best i can do is a c-minus. but it won't be a total washout of a day. have your umbrella, rain slicker ready to go on your way out. temperatures for the baseball game. the braves. if we're going to win the whole world series, the braves ko took two in a row. one more tonight against the braves at nats ballpark. maybe we get a rain delay or postponement of the
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get the ee owe nowhere near as much of a rain chance on friday. hit and miss chance in the afternoon. highs tomorrow 80 to 82 degrees. >> 80 today, 82 tomorrow. most of the weekend will be rain-free. that is always good news. with temperatures in the mid-80s. jack taylor, i would never charge you for rain. you can have it for free. that's a freebie. thank you very much. i always appreciate the freebie. downtown, our delays are almost eased completely. which is fantastic. the trouble spot on the freeway. eastbound off the inbound 14th street bridge before the case bridge. a truck hit the overpass. concrete debris fell across the roadway. it's blocking a right lane. you have three to the left getting by. unknown, still unfortunately, the hov lanes. the ramp to head to the freeway east if that is open. off of ohio drive on to the eastbound freeway in question whether or not that's open. if these are normal paths of travel for you, pay
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may take extra time to get out of the house to get to work. alternate route 1, baltimore avenue closed. crash involving fallen wires. back to you. thank you, jack. an oscar winner helped start it, noble restaurants is opening a location in the district's west end on m street. robert deniro and he started the restaurants. they have 37 locations around the world now. innovative sushi restaurants, specializes in sushi and family-style sharing. i've been to three different locations. it's delicious. >> is it? >> more unique dirks are coming to the d.c. locations. look out for that. ever evolving technology can be cool sometimes. but some say apple's latest facial recognition could impact your safety. how
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local criminal cases. join us later today for the ellen degeneres show this afternoon. you can watch. ellen welcomes jessica biel.i'm, and i have clients, and i am proud to do what i do on behalf of my clients. narrator: the clients john adams and his team are so proud to work for? banks accused of money laundering. big corporations accused of defrauding taxpayers. and mortgage lenders accused of unfairly foreclosing on homes. now he wants to be attorney general.
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powerful and well-connected can buy. i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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unlocking your phone is intuiti intuitive. you raise it, look at it and swipe right up to get started. >> i don't know. i don't know. it's a little creepy. do you do this all day? >> no. >> who came up with that idea. gaze into my phone? >> there are concerns of safety and privacy when we talk about this new iphone 10. >> you looked like you were enjoying that. >> no. >> the technology is raising some concerns. senator
5:27 am
apple asking for reassurance about the safety of the technology and wanted to know how the technology would affect law enforcement. so far we're told it would be a big help. >> when a person who is alleged to have committed a crime wants to say yes, that was my phone but i was not using it, if it can only be opened up by facial recognition, then you were using it. >> law enforcement would still need a search warrant to get into the phone. new overnight, controversy at the ballpark. what inspired protesters to make a bold statement. lee and jackson. names associated with the confederacy. a new move to -- the change that could impact your address. storm team 4, meteorologist chuck bell, be rainfall ready on your thursday. have a couple ofhances f cor
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breaking news in the district. >> a major accident in the northbound lanes at the 12th street exit. >> megan mcgrath is live on the scene now to explain what happened. meg megan. >> reporter: hey guys. the right-hand lane of 395 over the case bridge, that's closed
5:31 am
on to 395. right here as you approach the inbound side of the case bridge. the reason? this truck right here and these huge, very, very heavy concrete slabs that it's carrying. early this morning, the truck was making its way toward the bridge. it hit the csx rail overpass. a bridge here that goes across the freeway and you can see the left hand section of the concrete slab broke away. the problem now. i just talked to the crews on the scene. they're worried about whether or not this is properly or securely attached to the truck. so they're afraid to move the truck. what they're going to be doing here is bringing in some crews. they're going to get more chains and encircle these slabs, make sure that they are secured to the truck before they move that truck out of here. so expect delays through the area. that could take a little while. half hour to an hour we're told. back to you. jack? >> wow. quite a morning. unfortunately, we've got a little b o
5:32 am
building quickly. kind of comes in fits and stops. sometimes the bridge is flying, other times it will stack up. with the right lane blocked on the freeway, as megan said, this could cost you a lot of time. be aware. >> we have authorities in prince george's county dealing with a crash in bladensburg. baltimore avenue closed at 450. unfortunately, a vehicle hit a pole. the pole and wires came down across the roadway. that's closed for quite some time. we're busy on the roads. chuck how is our weather? as busy as the roads. >> not that busy maybe. but we have raindrops in front part of your thursday morning. more rain chances later on in the day. be ryne fall ready. as far as radar, there you can see it. raindrops moving into parts of the shenandoah valley. virginia, the blue mont fair is this weekend. go on out there. it's a beautiful festival out there in northern virginia. you can enjoy
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rain chances are coming into the d.c. metro area in the next couple of hours. temperatures to get you started, 66 in center develop. 67 at the county seat in upper marlboro and 69 degrees in waldorf and la plata. >> let's go indoors now with somara. >> expected to reach 80 degrees believe it or not. we'll see the showers on and off. if it's not raining, expect more rain on the way. it's going to be muggy out there as well. we are going to see the rain chances diminish heading towards the weekend. sunshine peeking through this afternoon, may get a few rumbles in there. i'll look at your forecast coming up. for now, over to you. >> thank you, somara. here are some of the top stories we're following you. the boyfriend of a pregnant maryland teacher is in custody after her body was found in damascus last night. laura wallen had not been seen since before labor day. montgomery county polic
5:34 am
tyler tessier killed her and buried her in a shallow grave. justin finch will have the latest in the investigation at 6:00. the historic equifax breach is now affecting nearly half of the u.s. population. millions of americans are rushing to limit their exposure by freezing their credit reports. there are seven attorneys general launching investigations over this massive data breach. president trump and congressional democrats appear to be closing in on a deal for protections for so dreamers. >> this coming out of a bipartisan dinner with the president. the president made clear he would continue pushing for the wall, just not as part of this agreement. >> the time is 5:34. today the president's attention will be focused on hurricane irma cleanup. >> the president will travel to naples, florida today. he's expected to meet with members of the coast guard, fema. parts of the state are still dealing with rising floodwaters
5:35 am
major power outages. in hollywood, florida, a call to check on the elderly after eight residents of a nursing home died yesterday. the home did not have power. a total of 158 people were evacuated from the facility and taken to area hospitals. let's they can in with chris lawrence on the cleanup in the caribbean. chris? >> the other day we mentioned that virginia task force 2 is in st. thomas right now. they're just one of the teams trying to save people in desperate need of food and water. the marines and the national guard have been deployed to the virgin islands to deliver food, water, gas, anything that's needed. a lot of churches are pitching in as well. it's a dire situation in which some families have been waiting hours to get what they need. eun. >> chris, thank you. a prince george's county police officer has been acquitted of all charges after striking a handcuffed suspect. a judge found officer levi
5:36 am
misconduct. his attorney says his client had been trying to detain an uncooperative suspect who kept spitting on him. vaughn struck the suspect in self-defense. vaughn remains suspended, pending an internal review. there's a debate in tacoma park that has to do with street names. they've identified 18 streets and one park that appear to honor civil war figures. the confederacy has sparked discussion after the violence in charlottesville. a historian says there's no documentation about why the streets were named for confederate figures. >> it was sort of a naming convention to pick a theme and do it. you ask about documentation. there's no documentation that any confederate organization lobby -- >> the montgomery county council also would weigh
5:37 am
park seeks any changes. worlds colliding in washington. two rallies, one with trump supporters, another with so-called jug lows, we're working with you. what will be the biggest inconvenience as they prepare for this weekend. fast food and a fast delivery. the whopper of a story for a family welcoming a new child
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mark herring: my mom to provide for our family. at one point, she got fired for of all things --
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that was a lifelong lesson for me: when people are hurt, you need to stand up and do something. and i've never forgotten that as your attorney general. whether it's protecting veterans and seniors from shady debt collectors, or cracking down on gangs and drug traffickers, i have one guiding principle: do what's right for people. i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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you won't find this double on any burger king menu. >> i hope not. >> it's in the parking lot. >> two separate families ended up delivering their little wh whoppers in the same burger king parking lot about 24 hours apart. >> i wonder what it's about, this burger king. both families tried rushing to the hospital. it's probably on the way to the hospital. there you go. just couldn't make it there. both babies are healthy and happy. >> someone thought it was a joke. they were remembering the day before. no, no. there's a woman giving birth in the parking lot. after she was born, we're getting a glimpse at serena williams' new daughter. the tennis star posd
5:41 am
her name is alexis olympia owe hannian jr. along with her first photo and name revealed, williams shared a montage of memorable moments from her pregnancy. including her first ultrasound, and belly bump selfies. so wonderful to welcome a baby into the world. congrats to all the new moms. there are mounds and mounds of stuff for your kids that you can get for a steal. the chance to save a little cash begins today. and rain may have kmcome an deered our sunshine. overall, looking pleasant with temperatures in the 80s. more weather after the break. got a crash north 395 off of 14th street bridge headed towards the case bridge. single right lane remains blocked at the scene. it is
5:42 am
born and raised incian, dr. rrural virginia went to vmi. trained at johns hopkins. an army doctor who treated soldiers seriously wounded in the gulf war. eighteen years as volunteer medical director of a children's hospice. as lt. governor, he's fighting to expand healthcare in virginia. he'll get it done as governor. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, and we need to provide access to affordable healthcare for all virginians, not take it away.
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break news. this could affect your commute. the right lane of 395, the case bridge is closed. the reason is the huge truck and concrete slabs you see right here, earlier this morning, some of that concrete broke off into the roadway. >> there's a live look at the scene right now. the worry is wlosht those slabs are properly secured. crews are working to make sure they are secure before they can move the truck. >> megan mcgrath is at the scene and we'll have alternate routes in minutes. if you saw chuck schumer and nancy pelosi trending last night, this is way. >> they've reached a deal on daca protections. to protect the so-called
5:46 am
ers. >> how it could affect border security. tracie potts is here with more. >> eliminating the border wall for now. after this meeting, the white house spokeswoman was very clear that the president has not given up on the wall, but democrat chuck schumer's office said he did not include it in this deal, which will allow them to push for a quick fix to daca, allowing the young immigrants brought here illegally to stay. they also talked about supporting subsidies for obamacare. something democrats have wanted. the president not agreeing to it. but he's open and they'll keep talking about that. big win for democrats. republicans, some of them tweeting kudos. others scratching their head on how he continues to go behind closed doors with democrats and come out with deals with no republicans at the table. tax reform, trade. other things they talked about. daca is the big story this morning. discrepancy over whether the presid a
5:47 am
burner for now. tracie potts, thank you. a family twist into the investigation into russian meddling. the son of president trump's former national security adviser is the latest subject of a federal probe. michael g. flynn worked for his father michael flynn's lobbying firm. the younger flynn is facing questions about his role in the business. his lawyer refused to comment. a maryland congressman wants to make sure the secret service is paid enough to keep our president safe. earlier this year, we outlined the unusual high cost of protecting president trump and his unusually large family. it reported cost $3 million to. the secret service says it's being stretched thin trying to protect various trump properties in addition to the president's children. that's why elijah cummings says the secret service needs a pay raise. he wants the salary cap for
5:48 am
$160,000 a year to $187,000 a year. the bill also requires the agency to recruit and retain more secret service personnel. i'm chris lawrence at the live desk. fire broke out at an islamic school in malaysia. the flames blocked the only exit from the dorm. most of them were teenagers. 23 were killed. boys were screaming behind barred windows. investigators think some sort of electrical short-circuit ignited the fire. chris, was there only one way out of building? >> eun, there were two. but there was a wall separating the students from that second exit. a government official said that wall wasn't even supposed to be there. by all accounts, some of these deaths could have been prevented. >> just terrible. chris, thank
5:49 am
apparently, it looks like it's working. if you're going to power wash a national memorial, you want to do it right. the national park service is using lasers to clean off the jefferson memorial. this is new video and it appears that that biofilm is coming right off. pretty incredible considering the grime covered the memorial for more than ten years. at this point, they're only testing the equipment to make sure it works. it couldn't find a cleaning agent to keep the memorial safe. it's like removing a tattoo it looks like. >> i hope it works. there is lin-manuel miranda. you know him. the hit show hamilton. he was posting videos with visitors, staffers and a few lawmakers. they're delighted to be around him. >> otherwise, it's like who
5:50 am
train. >> they know. they know he was lobbying to keept national endowment of the arts off of the budget chopping block. always been a huge proponent of arts. >> he has a good voice. so i guess it's okay. we told you stories about hurricane victims who lost everything and the photo of one woman really spoke to a news 4 viewer. >> her name is ann dahms. she made it her mission to replace something for a victim. hines was one of the houston residents who lost her belongings, including mugs given to her by her mother. >> "the new york times" reporter hand delivered them, capturing the moment hines opened the box and was overcome with
5:51 am
>> whenever she was feeling down, she would get one of those mugs and she said, i'd drink me some coffee. i just realized, she had to have a new one. >> hines is so thankful and that the cups brought back so many wonderful memories during a very tough time. i won't be afraid ♪ >> an incredible update on the amount of money raised for the vix tyms of the hurricanes. at this time yesterday, the hand in hand telethon raised $14 million. that number has climbed to $44 million. all the money collected will go to nonprofit organizations like the united way and save the children. it's now 5:51. we want to check back in with jack taylor. he has breaking news that could impact your commute. jack, what's going on? >> it could definitely slow you down. that's for sure. 's
5:52 am
inbound 14th street bridge. the trouble just beyond the bridge before you get to the case bridge. we had an incident with a tractor-trailer carrying large slabs of concrete that hit the overpass. they're going to try to break the slab in half to off load it and move things off of the roadway. three left lanes get by but delays will grow. plan ahead, please. >> activity at prince george's county closing baltimore. alternate route 1 at 450. pole down, wires. mt. airy i-70 westbound toward new market, you may have the right lane getting by at the scene. only in the left lane. it definitely stepped up presence. back to you. chuck, how is the weather looking today? >> on the rainy side, mr. taylor. one wave of raindrops came through the d.c. metro area. there's more where that came from. it's a humid start. upper
5:53 am
70 at national airport right now. mid-60s in most of the shenandoah valley. low pressure, that was irma. will i be so glad if i never have to say that the name irma again. this storm was named the end of august. irma has had a name for more than two weeks now. all the moisture with what's left of irma is going to be c e coming through in waves. wave number two through the shenandoah valley. through the northern and northwestern sides of shenandoah valley. break in the action mid to late morning. more rain chances later on today. martinsburg, lovettsville to frederick, maryland. blue mont and leesburg, getting in on the raindrops. rain in calvert county to st. mary's county. beautiful california, maryland getting a little light rain. first chance for rain moving out. la
5:54 am
once the daytime heating cooks back up, the rain chances return after 3:00, 4:00. the nats game could have a rain delay, which may be a blessing in disguise. the braves have been putting it to the nationals the last couple of days. 60s to 70. you can stay ahead of the weather with the interactive radar feature. find and follow me on facebook, twitter and instagram. forecast for you on instagram. usually a lot of dog and food pictures on there. temperatures this afternoon, highs in your hometown, 78 waldorf and la plata. as i mentioned, about the nats game, at 7:05. there's a chance for rain. there could be a postponement or a delay. delay is more likely than postponement. here's your ten-day forecast. 60% chance you'll need the umbrella at least once today. only a 30% chance of rain tomorrow. barely even an isolated chance on -- hurricane jose still out in the atlantic. we may have some effects from that on tuesday.
5:55 am
that. we'll be back to take a look at today hour by hour in a minute. see you then, chuck. thank you. we're working for you with information that could affect your weekend plans. >> several busy d.c. roads and smithsonian metro station will be closed due to several events happening in d.c. on saturday. two events are rallies which take place on the national mall. one of the rallies will be what organizers are calling the mother of all rallies. it's organized by supporters of president trump at the same time a group will be marching near the lincoln memorial. they're inspired by a rap rock group and upset the fbi labeled the fans as a gang. d.c. police chief peter knew sham expects both to be peaceful. he expects every d.c. police officer to be on duty on saturday. here's another story in
5:56 am
a controversial sign delayed a game at fenway park. four people held a sign that read racism is as american as baseball. over the park's famous green monster. that was during the fourth inning of the red sox/athletics game. you may remember boston was where adam jones says he was bombarded with the n word and racist taunts back in may. good morning. i'm kate rogers at cnbc headquarters. senator al franken is pressing apple to detail the privacy and security safeguards in place for biometric data after it showed off facial recognition technology in the new iphone 10. senator franken sent a letter to apple saying the primary concern is that it could benefit for other parts of its business. apple could sell it to third party for surveillance or get
5:57 am
with the cnbc business report, i'm kate rogers. >> kate, thank you. parents looking for sweet deals on children's clothing can find it today. the annual wee sale. 800 consigners will offer -- clothing ranges from newborn to size 16. this all starts today running through sunday at the prince george's sports and learning complex at fedex field. admission and parking are free. check out the app for the hours it's open. search wee sale. next at 6:00, the scramble to freeze your credit. >> plus this. >> we're up early to dedicate this new student center for bishop mcnamara high school. $4.5 million. why this place will serve a larger need in the forestville community. that story coming up next on
5:58 am
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and i am proud to do what i do on behalf of my clients. narrator: the clients john adams and his team are so proud to work for? banks accused of money laundering. big corporations accused of defrauding taxpayers. and mortgage lenders accused of unfairly foreclosing on homes. now he wants to be attorney general. john adams: the best attorney general the powerful and well-connected can buy. i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. is that breaking news out of the district. slow start to the morning commute after cement fell on to the highway. the backups impact your drive to work this morning. just about 6:00 a.m. good morning everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang. not a
6:00 am
morning commute. we'll have an update on your forecast as well. all the news you need to know in a moment. but we want to get to your coverage of that breaking news on the roads. >> this is in the northbound lanes near the 12th street exit. northbound, eastbound. inbound is the point. megan mcgrath there before we check in with wtop's jack taylor. megan, bring us up to speed. >> reporter: literally, seconds ago, you can see this second truck has pulled up on the scene. we've been told all morning they were waiting for a piece of equipment, a truck to come and help secure what's left of this large and heavy concrete slab on to the truck. they've got a large piece of concrete on the other side that broke off. you can't see it here. it needs to be lifted up and hauled away. it looks like we might have movement in terms of getting that done. right now, we're still seeing delays here on 395 inbound as you're approaching the case bridge. of course, a major, major commuter


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