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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  September 14, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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morning commute. we'll have an update on your forecast as well. all the news you need to know in a moment. but we want to get to your coverage of that breaking news on the roads. >> this is in the northbound lanes near the 12th street exit. northbound, eastbound. inbound is the point. megan mcgrath there before we check in with wtop's jack taylor. megan, bring us up to speed. >> reporter: literally, seconds ago, you can see this second truck has pulled up on the scene. we've been told all morning they were waiting for a piece of equipment, a truck to come and help secure what's left of this large and heavy concrete slab on to the truck. they've got a large piece of concrete on the other side that broke off. you can't see it here. it needs to be lifted up and hauled away. it looks like we might have movement in terms of getting that done. right now, we're still seeing delays here on 395 inbound as you're approaching the case bridge. of course, a major, major commuter
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google maps in the area of fern street. near pentagon city. we're seeing a big slowdown as people try to make their way in to work this morning. this truck carrying this prefab concrete wall was traveling on 395 as it went underneath a csx rail bridge. it hit that bridge, caused a section of the concrete to come off into the roadway. what they're worried about now is they've gotten a lot of the debris out. but they're worried about the slab itself. whether or not it's secure enough to the truck so that they can move the truck out of the way. at this point, the right-hand lane is closed. there are three lanes getting by to the left. also, if you take ohio drive, you take that ramp off ohio drive on to 395, that is closed. although we are seeing buses that are being allowed through. but not car traffic. things are starting to slow down here. so patience hopefully we'll see movement h
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>> thanks, megan. as you said, the delays are going to build on 395 northbound. this is a major route heading into the district. as you can see on the shot, the beginning of the 14th street bridge. that would do nothing but grow. plan ahead for this. if you take the hov bridge, you are able to get on to the freeway eastbound. just that reminder out of ohio drive, that ramp remains blocked. we have our closure point in bladensburg on baltimore avenue. alternate route 1 at 450. this early morning crash brought down a pole and wires. chopper 4 found the -- nothing moving here. this is a normal path of travel. you'll be rerouted as well. back to you. thank you, jack. a cloudy start in northwest washington. we've had a sfirs period of rain at the tv station. there's likely to be more areas of rain coming through to affect your plans on your thursday.
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otherwise, it's a pleasant enough day to be on the outside. temperaturewise, a live picture of our friendly washington monument on the national mall under a cloudy sky. periods of rain, several periods of rain likely for today. no more than an isolated shower tomorrow and the weekend is still somewhere between really nice and super. so that is excellent news. it will be a rainy commute today. if you're outdoor exerciser like me, you'll probably get wet doing that. >> most of the rain in southern maryland and across parts of the panhandle of west virginia. for a look at the day planner, let's go to my colleagues, somara theodore. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. this rain will be on and off today. if you plan to runner rand, you want to catch it during the break. you can track the radar with us. pretty muggy out there. as chuck was saying, we're in for a nice weekend. more on that weekend forecast coming up. somara, thank you. it is 6:03
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developing story this morning. police found the body of a missing pregnant teacher. >> her boyfriend is charged with her death. laura wallen taught at wild lake high school in columbia, maryland. yesterday her students and colleagues held a vigil before they found out that she had been found. some told us she changed their lives. >> like, how could you be possessed with so much hate to take a soul that meant so much to people. look around you. look around you. these are kids. >> i had a lot of trouble in the past. 11th grade when i finally had her, she turned it around. she made sure i did what i had to do as a student, as a person, as a man. >> the suspect, tyler tessier is expected in court today. news 4's justin finch is live in howard county with how police broke the case. justin? >> reporter: eun, good morning. police say the focus of this case was right in front of them the entire time. early on, authorities said they
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boyfriend, tyler tessier. montgomery county police believed he is the father of her unborn child. she was 31 years old and four months pregnant. she would be found yesterday in a wooded area in the damascus area. police say tessier was the last to see her alive sometime on september 2nd. her last communication, a text to a friend saying tyler brought her to a field in the damascus area and despite being a person of interest, he did appear on monday for a public plea and authorities say there was a reason for that. >> the decision to allow him to participate in that news conference was a calculated decision made by the detectives in this case for the express purpose of hearing what he had to say. it was done with the approval and knowledge of the victim's family.
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critical in building this case. police also believe that tessier used laura's cell phone to text a family member to say he was not the father of that unborn child. they also say that he has admitted to driving laura's suv and removing the license plate and at this point, we're awaiting a motive and a cause of death. back in to you in the studio. >> justin finch, live for us this morning. justin being thank you. news 4 has been in contact with laura wallen's family throughout the last week and a half. her father texted kristin wright after the police broke the news here. he said simply that laura is in the loving arms of god now. laura wallen, four months pregnant, just 31 years old. 6:06 now. the mother of the man accused of setting his pregnant girlfriend on fire says he's being portrayed as a monster. la quinn phillips' family don't believe that he doused his girlfriend,
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set her on fire. phillips has no criminal past, is a trainer and was recently accepted as a firefighter with the d.c. fire department. >> he's a coward. he's less than a man. walk away. if you don't want the responsibility, walk away. >> this is not my son. my son could not have done a heinous crime like this. >> fphillips is charged with attempted murder. his attorney maintains he is not guilty. grinage and the baby are still in critical condition. if you know someone who needs help or need help, search safe at home. you'll find a link to local resources for people affected by domestic violence. seven minutes after the hour. today the president's attention will be focused on hurricane irma cleanup. president trump will travel to naples, florida, today. he's expected to meet with members of the coast guard and fema, as well as first
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parts of the state are dealing with rising rivers and flooding, as well as major power outages. as of this morning, 6.8 million customers were without electricity. about 13,000 people are still in shelters in florida. hardest hit areas of the state is still off limits. we're talking about the lower keys that remain closed. crews check 42 bridges on the only highway to the mainland. >> we told you about the elite group of first responders from virginia helping with hurricane relief efforts in the caribbean. this picture shows members of virginia task force one in action as they get an elderly woman to the hospital. they found the critically ill woman stuck inside her home in st. thomas. due to all of the hurricane damage from irma. new video this morning showing the suspect captured by police after opening fire at a washington state high school on wednesday. >> authorities in washington state say one person is now dead with three more seriously injure
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newsroom with more on this terrible event. chris, good morning. >> yeah, guys. the person who was killed was a high school student in washington state. dozens of people were gathering to remember that student. the vigil was held at a church in fairfield. one of the many held to honor this student. authorities say a free man high school student pulled a gun, which then jammed. but they're telling us this student had multiple weapons, pulled another gun, shot another student and then killed another who tried to confront him. an officer came from a nearby middle school and was able to take that student into custody. we're hearing at some point today, there will be a hearing where officials will request that the suspect be charged as an adult. in the newsroom, chris lawrence, eun, aaron, back to you. >> chris, thank you. 6:09 now. developing now the top house and senate democrats announce a deal with president trump to protect
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would keep protections for 800,000 immigrants who would benefit from a program created by former president barack obama that trump announced he was ending. the board is set to meet in a few hours as transit agencies general manager called for more from the region to keep the system in good shape. keep an eye on transportation reporter adam tuss's twitter account for updates from that meeting. the washington mystics will be back on the court tonight. they're looking to even up the series against the lynx. tuesday night, the lynx won 101-81. that was a whopper of a game. the lynx have home court advantage. tipoff tonight in minnesota. thees
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for sunday at 3:30 at the capital one arena. >> home is always better. redskins are on their way to california to play over the weekend. of course, that is a big time difference. the team is doing what it can to get an afternoon. cornerback josh norman is trying to stay consistent before the game. >> my thursday movie and then call it a day. >> what are you going to see this week? >> i haven't seen it yet. scary movies, i can't do it. i have to find a date or something. can't do that. >> this shouldn't be tough. >> man, it is tough. trust me. it's tougher than you think. i'm a homebody. i don't go out. i'm not finding nobody at the grocery store. >> will now. >> i do not believe for a second josh norman is having trouble finding a date. i'm just saying. i'm t
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successful and handsome. >> ain't nobody walk to you and say hey, you want to go out? >> the head coach of the rams was a former redskins offensive sean mcvay. that will be an interesting matchup. i hope he doesn't see "it." i'm afraid the scariness will rile him up on the field. >> can't have that. the 'skins are getting a sleep specialist -- maybe we should do that. >> that might keep you up at night. >> this past weekend was a tough loss to the di viegs rivision r eagles. hopefully ghetet -- we'll bring all of these students and the parents and the faculty out to bishop mcnamara high school. it's a shiny new student center here in forestville. coming up next, why it's going to serve the larger forestville community.
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community. go ahead and take a look at the fitness forecast. hitting the pavement, maybe make it a g ym
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break news on the freeway eastbound downtown. the trouble spot is after the 14th street bridge before the case. the ongoing activity blocking the right lane of four. potomac park blocked. hov lanes moving on to the freeway east. limited run but you can do it. westbound on the freeway before 6. the new accident blocks the right lane. still the crashing on baltimore avenue. at 450. chopper 4 has been on
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no traffic moving whatsoever. eun, aaron, back to you. >> jack, thank you. it's 6:17. did you ever watch him on sopranos. >> i never watched the show. >> the actor who played mob boss, frank vincent has died. he played several tough guys. he was in goodfellas and raging bull. jungle fever and do the right thing. vincent has two daughters, a son and two grandchildren. his family said he died peacefully. memorable characters. a new affordable senior center is coming to prince george's county. the map shows the new complex will be located along st. barnabas road in suitland. construction begins later this morning. now to a special tribute to a student who meant so much to a high school community. >> molette green has details of the multimillion dollar
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opening in his honor. molette, good morning. >> good morning. dedication day here. so many young people and parents and faculty up early to officially dedicate this new student center here at bishop mcnamara high school. it will be named for a former student who was a football player, whose family donated a lot of the money to make this student center happen. joining me now to talk more about the need for this and the larger community that will be served is the president and ceo, dr. marco clock here. big day for you guys. what does all of this mean? >> you know what, being here in prince george's county, as a lifelong prince george's -- we're please today give back to the community. there's so much great development happening in the county. for us, it's a develop bragceles about community and being a part of ts
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>> this center will serve the community and the students and they can use the space for camps and all kinds of events, performances as well. dr. clark, thank you so much. cardinal worrell will be here in a couple of hours to bless the center much the students are very excited about that. back to you in the studio, eun, aaron. >> molette green live in forestville. looks like a great facility there. >> nice tribute. we have to talk about rain in our forecast today. you have to be ready for it, right? >> yes. a little rain here. you both drove in, in the rain you said. >> it was dry when i came in, then it rained. i've been on the lawn a couple of times, been dry then. that's the pattern for the day. lather, rinse, repeat kind of a day outside. mostly cloudy here in washington right now with an increasing chances for more rain later in the day. current temperature, a mild 70
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southerly winds averaging 9 miles per hour. bringing up that warm, humid tropical air mass. all a soeshed with what was irma. there's of the last of it now. spinning into southwestern pennsylvania. ahead of it, the fetch of moisture coming from the south. that will keep us in the clouds and the rain chances for much of the day. it's not going to rain all day. you may get rained on two or three different times. chance number one headed on to the eastern shore. chance number two into montgomery and frederick counties. this little rain, off and on rain chances continue with us for the remainder of the day. rain along 68 and 70. also on the west side. most of it is rain-free at this point time. there goes the first chance in future weather in motion here. unlike yesterday, when we broke into the sunshine, you may get peeks
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chances return after 3:00 or 4:00. into the evening hours. the baseball game tonight, the nats may be impacted. you can have our nbc washington app to stay ahead of the rain. follow me on facebook, twitter and instagram as well. then again, your forecast today showers and -- often and likely today. maybe even a rumble or two of thunder. much lower. chance for rain and isolated little chance for rain on saturday. most of your weekend, will be dry and warm. that will be a pleasant one for sure. let's go back over to jack taylor. wtop, he's got breaking news on the roads this morning. >> sure. unfortunately, we still have the activity on the freeway headed eastbound. the trouble spot is after the 14th street bridge before the case, left half of the roadway is getting by. two right lanes on scene. they're dealing with off loading or potentially the fixing the load that shifted on the truck. two right lanes remai
6:22 am
coming on from the hovs, you are fine. westbound on the freeway, before 6th street, the activity blocks the right lane. baltimore avenue, that's alternate route 1 closed at 450. they're dealing with a pole and wires down across the roadway. traffic is being rerouted. aaron, eun, back to you. >> jack, taylor i. thank you. security breach scramble. freezing your credit. news 4 working for with you tips about your next move after the equifax hack attack. lee and jackson, names associated with the confederacy, the new move to take down a part of history and the change that could impact your address. today on ellen, the most streamed song of all-time will be -- will give ellen a g-rated explanation of the song. >> good luck. >> watch he wi answer thell
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welcome back at 6 kwlon 25. new developments in the equifax breach affect the half of the u.s. population. >> millions of americans are rushing to limit their exposure by freezing their credit reports. you can temporarily lift the freeze if you're applying for a loan or credit card. but that could take a few days. veteran cyber security experts says
6:26 am
their information is in the hands of criminals. >> someone can ruin your credit rating. that day you go to buy a car or a house, you find out you've been ruined by cyber criminals. right now, there are seven attorneys general launching investigations over this massive data breach. this sign racism is as american as baseball. -- >> new overnight, controversy at the ballpark. what inspired protesters to make a bold statement. if you take the 14th street bridge, the case bridge, into d.c., you can expect tie-ups this morning thanks to a truck carrying large concrete slabs. a live report coming up. and it's a damp start to our morning. take your time out on the roads. they are pretty slick. temperatures topping off in the upper 70s, near 80
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♪ ♪ ♪ with the company trusted for more than 75 years, you have the compassion and strength of a name. giving you the power to keep pace. carefirst blue cross blue shield. live fearless. that breaking news at 6:30 is on the roads. parts of i-395
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giant slab of cement fell on to the highway. >> while some lanes are open, the backups will impact us for hours. you can see wtop's jack taylor working on alternate routes. megan mcgrath is at the scene to begin our team coverage. megan? >> reporter: good morning, guys. since i last spoke to you, we are seeing another lane taken away. so two lanes now gone. oh, if you look behind me live, you can see that piece of equipment we've been waiting on to remove this large, very heavy piece of concrete that was broken off when this truck hit that csx bridge, they're start to go hoist it out of the way. my understanding is they're going to put it back on to the truck, secure the other slabs still on the truck and hopefully they are going to be able to move this truck on out of here. while they do this work, they have taken away yet another lane on inbound 395 as you approach the case bridge. two lanes getting by to the
6:31 am
left. two lanes blokds on the right. that's going to be the case here until they can move this out of way. we're seeing dig delays. google maps says about 26 minutes in terms of delay. with more on traffic, we'll go to jack taylor. >> man oh, man. with that 26 minutes, it sounds like you're back to king street and it's doing nothing but getting worse. our shot here of traffic trying to get across the 14th street bridge. as megan showed you. two to the left gets you by. potomac park, no access on the -- in the hov lanes, it's a tough merge but still passable. our crash on the westbound freeway, near 6th street, that finally cleared from the right lane. we still have our closure in prince george's county along baltimore avenue, all the mat route one at 450. the early morning crash, with a pole and wires down. police remain on scene, redirecting traffic until they can clear this.
6:32 am
>> jack taylor, thank you, sir. let's head out to the weather deck and check in with meteorologist chuck bell. no umbrel brel this time -- umba this time. >> i'll probably need it later on today again. only a c-minus today because of all the clouds and rain chances. from frederickm maryland to lovettsville, the showers are headed into montgomery county. n rainfall ready with that. otherwise, temperatures are mostly in the mid up toer 60s, around 70 degrees downtown. it's going to be a nice weekend this weekend. if you're headed down to the beaches, it will be dry weather at the coastline. what about our planner for today, let's go inside to my colleague, somara. >> good morning. if you don't have the umbrella handy, make sure it's on lay away. you're going to need it as we head throughout the day. temperatures rise to 80 degrees this afternoon. muggy out there. we're going to see
6:33 am
showers as we head. very hit or miss on and off. the good news is, our weekend is shaping up to be fantastic. a little bit of a rain chance. overall, a lot of sunshine. we'll look at the numbers for the weekend as well. over to you. >> somara, thank you. it's 6:33. here's a look at our top stories. the boy friend of a pregnant maryland teacher is in custody after her body was found in damascus yesterday. laura wallen had not been seen since before labor day. montgomery county police believe tyler tessier killed her and buried her in a shallow grave. >> a man who confessed to killing a local yoga instructor will spend 30 years in prison. duane johnson pled guilty to mccull i's death. johnson admitted to sexually assaulting the d.c. woman before killing her and her leaving her body in her car. president trump tweeting no deal made on daca. this after
6:34 am
president and congressional democrats. chuck schumer and nancy pelosi released a statement saying they discussed daca and the border wall. the president went on to say, massive border security would have to be agreed to in exchange for consent. would be subject to vote. there is a bit of a debate happening in at that koek a park right now. it has to do with certain street names. at that koek a patakoma park -- inspired street names -- a historian says there's no documentation about why -- if takoma seeks any change, the city council would also weigh in. here's a story in the news feed today. a controversial sign delayed a game at fenway park last night. four people held a sign reading racism is as american as baseball. during
6:35 am
red sox/athletics games. they were removed from the game. you may remember, boston was where a baltimore oriole, adam jones, was bombarded with the n-word and attacked back in may. prince george's county police officer has been acquitted of all charges after striking a handcuffed suspect. a judge found officer vaughn not guilty of assault and misconduct. vaughn's attorney says his client had been trying to detain an uncooperative suspect who kept spitting on him. he says vaughn struck him in self-defense. vaughn remains suspended pending an internal review. 6:35. the latest on the freddie gray case in baltimore. attorneys for gray's family held a news conference which led to another new accusation. one of gray's attorneys, billy murphy, claims some members of the baltimore police force deliberately sabotaged the prosecutor's murder investigation. the department of justice announced the six baltimore officers involved in gray's death would not
6:36 am
>> have been legally made privy to documents that i believe, one they're able to be released to the public, will show without question that in several significant ways, her investigation was sabotaged. >> gray's attorney would not elaborate where the documents came from or when or if they would be released. gray suffered a broken neck and lost consciousness after being placed in a police van during the arrest in 2015. he died a week later. 6:36. rights now, facial recognition on the new iphone sounds cool but it's getting the attention of lawmakers. the new privacy concerns connected to the apple's latest technology. mcnamara's new $4.5 million student center can fit all 800-plus students and feed them in one hour here and it also feeds a larger need in the community.
6:37 am
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the international olympic commit eye hosted los angeles will host 2028 and paris in 2024. >> the first time the ioc granted two summer olympics at the same time. it will be the third olympics for each city. l.a. hosted back in 1932 and 1984. very cool. both cities. all right. i know it's thursday. some of us looking forward to the weekend. take a look. we have an isolated shower chance on saturday. overall, this is a home run forecast. his in the 80s. tons of sunshine. we're dealing with rain this morning. when we come back, chuck will
6:41 am
395 northbound, normal travel, you're going to be in for big delays. on to the eastbound stretch after the 14th. headed toward the case bridge. most, if not all of the activity we're hearing being cleared to the right shoulder. that means our through lanes will be open. but it's still something to look at. the ramp from potomac park and ohio will remain blocked as the cleanup continues. top end of the 14th street bridge. more tragedy after hurricane irma. eight people die in an un-air-conditioned nursing home. >> they struggle to get the power back on. this is the howard county school superintendent speaking in lum i cancoluia, maryland. mb
6:42 am
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i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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breaking news to that could affect your commute. it heads over the case bridge as well as the ohio drive ramp. this truck and that huge concrete slab, it was carrying, some of the concrete broke off into the roadway. >> a live look at the scene right now. the worry is whether or
6:45 am
you can see now there is a crane tow truck moving that concrete away. crews are trying to make sure it's safe and secure before they can move it completely out of that shoulder. wtop's jack taylor will have your alternate routes in a few minutes. first, back live to wild lake high school in columbia, in maryland. a news conference just wrapped up there about the death of laura wallen. the superintendent talking about the efforts the school district has to go through to help students. >> let's go back live -- justin finch is there. tell us what happened. >> reporter: good morning. that conference just wrapping up a short time ago. the superintendent telling us this will no doubt be a very difficult day for the students and staff here at wild lake high school. many of them waking up to learn that laura wallen was found dead yesterday. he says there will be
6:46 am
today helping students and staff make sense of what he calls a very unsensible situation. he's walking back into the building to meet with the principal as well as students and staff inside. he says this will, no doubt, be a jolt to the day. students fearing this could have been the result of the investigation, trying to find ms. wallen for what has been weeks. he says additional services will be here also perhaps after school and in the coming days helping everyone come to grips with the reality of her death. we've also mentioned to you all morning that her boyfriend, tyler tessier is now in police custody. he's charged with her murder. police say from the very beginning he was a critical part of their investigation. he even was allowed to speak at the family plea this week. that was for a reason, they say. to hear what he had to say and help them piece together the steps that have led to his arrest. we're going to be following throughout the course of the da
6:47 am
air and also on our nbc washington app. but now, here at wild lake high school, school is beginning now officially without laura wallen, that beloved teacher here at the school. live in columbia, justin finch, at the school. >> it does appear school is going on. i know it's early. have you seen any people arriving today on this sad occasion? >> reporter: actually, we're seeing what appear to be staff and teachers arriving. we're seeing buses beginning to pull up right now. we do know that many students plan to wear white shirts in tribute to ms. wallen. i haven't seen signs of those at this time. of course, still very early in the school day for many students here. perhaps as the day wears on, more will show up in the white shirts. more students and staff, teachers as well, of course, there are just so many questions they have this morning. as was said here earlier, many
6:48 am
person in their lives to die. to have it be a teacher, someone who was so close to many people here who was so entrenched in their lives, it will no doubt be a big blow for students who just never thought they'd see this day. >> justin finch live in columbia, maryland. >> the mother of the man accused of setting his girlfriend on fire says he's being portrayed as a monster. la quinn phillips' family says they don't believe he doused his girlfriend, andrea grinage with a flammable and set her on fire. the judge denied his bond. he was a trainer and was recently accepted as a firefighter with the d.c. fire department. >> he's a coward. he's less man a man. walk away. if you don't want the responsibility, walk away. >> this is not my son. my son could not have done a heinous crime like this. >> phillips is charged with attempted
6:49 am
his attorney maintains he is not guilty. grinage and the baby are still in critical condition. new video showing the suspect captured by police after opening fire at a washington state high school yesterday. authorities say that a free man high school student carrying multiple firearms shot one student and killed another who had tried to confront him. three others suffered from injuries as well. an officer from a nearby middle school arrived on the scene there and took the young man into custody. the death of eight people at a nursing home in florida is creating concern across the state where millions are still without power after hurricane irma. >> nbc's gabe gutierrez has new information on how this could have happened. >> reporter: new developments in the heartbreaking case of eight nursing home patients found dead
6:50 am
more than 150 others evacuated. we're learning new details about the timeline that led to all of this. firefighters getting the initial call around 3:00 a.m. and returning a second time around 4:00 a.m. before making the decision to evacuate. now the administration of that nursing home is facing tough questions about why they didn't evacuate these residents sooner. i'm gabe gutierrez in hollywood, florida. we'll have the latest on the developing story coming up on "today." today, d.c. mayor muriel bowser set to -- she wants to simplify the process of sealing -- to give them a second chance for employment and housing. the announcement is set for noon today. keep an eye on the app as we learn more. there are concerns about how much our phones know about us. after apple revealed facial recognition software
6:51 am
ipho iphone. senator al franken -- specifically, he's worried it could be shared with police. news 4's kristin wright talked to prosecutors to say police need a search warrant. 6:51 our time right now. want to turn to meteorologist chuck bell. talk about this forecast. i know we dealt with a little bit of rain coming in this morning. >> we certainly did. and we have more rain to deal with before the day is done. >> it's going to be one of those be ready for the rain kind of days. >> my last trip to the storm team weather deck. a nice pick tufrt crescent moon in the sky. take a look at my twitter feed at chuck bell 4. just don't count on being dry all day. 70 degrees in washington with a south wind averaging 10 miles per hour. what do you need to know about the weather? >> rain showers and clouds, that's irma. that's what's left of irma
6:52 am
could rule out a rumble or two of thunder after this afternoon. the weekend is looking nice. jose is still off the east coast of the u.s. between the bahamas and bermuda. may have a chance to affect our weather. periods of rain. rain chances going down, down, down. only an isolated shower are looking quite pleasant to be outside. hurricane irma is pushing all of the moisture in here. rain chance number two in the northwestern suburbs now. rain chances three and four are back down to our south and west. let's take you through future weather here. showery weather for frederick county, maryland. this is going to be off and on through the day. be wran fall ready. cloudy through 10:00 a.m. a sliver or two of sunshine late early and middle parts of the afternoon. after 3:00 or 4:00, more rain chances coming back in. there could be a
6:53 am
much thunder with those. there you go. 60% chance of rain today. only a 30% chance tomorrow. highs today and tomorrow, both around 80 degrees. saturday and sunday, highs in the 830s. plenty of sunshine. that tuesday rain chance might be -- we'll keep a close eye on that. breaking news in first 4 traffic. let's go o jack taylor in the traffic center. >> opened all the through lanes on the freeway going eastbound. the long-standing crash and continued cleanup. here's our delay. back near the pentagon. we've got delays back near duke street. the whole ride north -- the crash on the freeway eastbound after the 14th and before the case bridge moved to the right shoulder. the cleanup continues. the ramp from ohio drive and potomac park. unfortunately, still blocked while the cleanup continues. bladensburg with a crash. alternate route 1 at 450. the accident activity, authorities remain on scene
6:54 am
as they possibly can. aaron, eun, back to you ziemt jack, thank you ifrjts special tribute under way to a student who meant so much to prince george's county. >> molette green has details on a multimillion dollar center opening up in his honor. already packed in there it looks like, molette. >> reporter: absolutely. $4.5 million center. in just about an hour or so cardinal worrell will be here to bless this center, named for andy mona, a former student whose family put up a lot of money to build this center. they can now get 850-plus students inside and feed them in one hour. they couldn't do that before. this center feeds a larger need in the community. joining me is dr. nigel trailer. feeding the need of the larger community. >> we sit in the heart of district heights. one of the exciting things about the
6:55 am
a summer location for students and their families to provide free breakfast for them. it's not prevalent in this part of the district. we're excitinged to be able to serve a greater need by giving back in that way >> i love it doctor. you're feeding your students free breakfast this morning ahead of the blessing. cardinal worrell will be coming in. it's beautiful in mere. the district heights children's theater will take up the space and do their performance here. there's a plan to do summer lunch for the county. the county lunch program having it right here on this side of the community. all that and much more coming from this student center. that's the latest. back to you. >> that looks like a lot of good, too. thank you, molette. it's 6:56. president trump says no deal was made last night on daca. this after congressional democrats said an agreement was made on protections for the so-called dreamers. complete breakdown from the
6:56 am
more than 60 people died after hurricane irma, including eight people inside a florida nursing home. president trump will be in florida to look at the damage and talk with people in need. >> tyler tessier is expected in court charged with his girlfriend's murder. laura wallen taught at a high school in columbia, maryland. justin finch is on hand at the high school where students are grieving. all lanes of 395 are back open over the case bridge coming into the district. crews had been working to remove a truck. this is a live picture where some of the concrete cement that fell on to the roadway is being lifted up. d.c. police on the scene helping out as well. you can follow megan mcgrath on twitter for updates on the story and the delays we're still seeing on the highway there. not a pretty commute on 395 this morning. not a pretty day dodd either. you may get a little sun here and there. most of the day will be
6:57 am
time to time. what was once the mighty irma -- an isolated chance for showers tomorrow. this weekend may be one of the nicer one was the mornt of september. >> love it. chuck. that is the broadcast this morning. >> the "today" show is next. see you in 25 minutes for weather and traffic and breaking news. until then, enjoy your day. >> make it a great thursday everybody. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor and i sponsored this ad narrator: ed gillespie says dr. ralph northam doesn't show up? dr. ralph northam was an army doctor and a volunteer medical director at a children's hospice.
6:58 am
requiring concussion standards for school sports. the smoking ban in restaurants. and dr. northam is working to connect veterans to good paying jobs in virginia. ed gillespie is a washington dc corporate lobbyist. he shows up for whoever pays him.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. breaking news. no deal. president trump clashing with top democrats after a late night white house dinner, denying they reached an agreement on d.r.e.a.m.ers and border security with no money for a wall. what the president is saying this morning and where this fight goes next. practice run? chilling videos emerge of a teenage suspect in the tragic school shooting in washington. >> sounded like a huge firecracker going off in the hall. >> one student killed, three others wounded, the suspect in custody. this morning, the custodian being hailed as a hero for ending the rampage. nursing home tragedy. a criminal investigation launched in the wake of irma after the deaths of eight residents at a sweltering rehabilitation center


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