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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  November 8, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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the state leaning left this morning and the results from recounts could spark major change. plus an election of firsts. candidates historic wins has the whole country talking about our area this morning. >> and back to class after a school scare. the white powder mystery that sent five people to the hospital. plus double the stakes for your tweets while you have extra room to express yourself this morning. >> did you notice that? >> i did. >> it's too much, though. i'm sorry. >> i am. go off. >> i need a quick tweet. i need to know my news and have it. tell me your message and move on. >> i'm talking about traffic now. i'm just going to complain and -- get my white pants and go to town. >> good morning everybody. >> you've opinion warned. >> great, awesome. >> start the show by complaining. he'll get you ready with all the election results and a look at your forecast. >> melissa will have
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the commute. let's start with storm team 4. >> we're standing by. it's a chilly morning outside today and we won't get much sunshine either. >> not really not unless you want to head farther north. temperatures this morning are in the 30s for many areas. many of our suburbs, 37 gaithersburg. warm jacket this morning. 40 clinton and we're looking at 44 even in annapolis. we do not have the rain like we did yesterday. that's going to stay down to our south. the loud cover mostly to our south but around the district the clearest skies will be farther to the north, bus stop, the kids want the warm jacket. 7:00 a.m. 40 degrees by 3:00 p.m. we're still in the 40s and still chilly out there. let's see how the roads are doing. good morning, melissa. >> good morning. first problem here is actually on marc so take a look at this here. brunswick train,
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a.m. has been canceled today. metro is honoring your tickets to 7:05. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, road work there has just gotten out of the way. you don't have to worry about that any more. 270 looking good. in damascus, 27 there at 124 crash reported. e68 and 95 in virginia are okay. slow spot northbound 95 near triangle, crash blocking the left lane. live look at the beltway coming up. >> thank you. we're talking about the roads. a will the of you use every day. one person was killed in a crash that shut down part of d.c. 295. accident happening on kenilworth. police reopened the lanes there. it's 5:02 and decision 2017 is in the books. virginians sent a mes
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their votes. >> just two more sits would give the democrats a majority and that could still happen. several races are too close to call. but what everybody will be talking about today is democrats holding on to the governor's mansion. >> ralph northam beat ed gillespie 54% to 45%. northern virginia turned out big including a 20 point margin in louden county. that was a big battleground. northam is the first doctor to be governor. that is a skill that will help him unite virginians after this bruising race. >> we need to close the wounds that divide and bring unity to virginia. whether you voted for me or not, we are all virginians and i hope, i hope to earn your confidence and support. >> ed gillespie gave his concession speech around 9:00 last night and offered his support to the governor of elect. after the electio
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gillespie saying that he worked hard, quote, but did not embrace me or what i stand for. throughout the race the gillespie campaign struggled with how to deal with president trump. the gains the democrats made in virginia could be a sign of things to come next year during the midterm election. >> we have team coverage for you now. news4 chris lawrence here in the newsroom to explain what the house of delegates could mean for national politics going forward, chris. >> i looked at the numbers from all the races for the virginia house of delegates. some of them were decided by less than 100 votes, including districts 28 and 40 right here in northern virginia. parts of fairfax and prince william county. democrats have gained 16 seats in the house. a lot more than analysts were betting on. a gain of ten seats could be a sign. the house of representative in congress could flip to democrats next year.
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lot of first time candidate. those who won, there's some new diversity. we'll have to see whether that translates into new legislation, aaron. >> all right. thank you. chris thank you. we are also hearing from voters about what they said mattered most to them. >> justin finch is live in sterling with a closer look at those issues. good morning. >> reporter: eun, good morning. lots of sigh of relief over virginia voters this morning many of them for months seeing those campaign ads that had issues of immigration of the economy and education but it turns out that the big winner of the night, governor elect ralph northam many of his voters voted on the issue of health care. in fact, the polls also found as well that the big driver in this case was not president trump. in fact, just under half of voters who turned out yesterday actually said that donald trump was an issue in their voting.
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yesterday. more than 2.6 million voters turned out for this race. that is higher than the 2009 governor's race proving that the rain and cold of yesterday was no match for virginia voters. another twist. nbc news exit polling was that many of the votes who turned out, many more were younger. more voters in the 30 year range in this year's race than year's past. they came out to vote on the issues they care about and also the candidates that they support. >> to me it's a referendum of what you believe about this country and i have a hard time voting for any republican candidate at this time. >> it's unfortunate i am not getting the republican party but i'm pretty against trump, so that's why i voted democratic today. >> reporter: and
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tweeting up another big issue in addition to health care was the issue of guns brought to light with those tragic events in texas. live here in sterling, news4, back in to you. >> justin, thank you. plenty of historic wins in decision 2017 as well. the win many people are talking about this morning is danica roem. >> she's the first transgender to hold a seat in the house of delegates. >> the next delegate from the 13th district, danica roem. >> we'll have from the delegate elect at 5:30. >> the second african-american in history has been voted into statewide also. justin fairfax will be serving at lieutenant governor. we also have two latino women who will be
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and guzman later in morning. to see all the election results just head to the nbc washington app. right now president trump and the first lady are having dinner in china with that country's president. it is happening in the forbidden city. this trip like mr. trump's visit to south korea is expected to have a heavy focus on north korea. before the president left south korea he spoke to that country's national assembly and he returned to the tough talk aimed at the north. >> do not underestimate us, and do not try us. we will defend our common security, our shared prosperity and our sacred liberty. the president said it is up to all nations to help denuclearize north korea. your next tweet can go a little
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twitter has doubled the character limit. >> do you have that much to say? >> i do. >> you do. you may not want to hear it but i have a lot to say. >> it's too much. the social media company began testing the new format last month. they said the 140 character said it made people edit their post too much or not send at all. >> they did a test run with this and what they found was that most people still kept it close to at least that 140 limit. they didn't want to have long drawn out tweets any way, so it should be okay. >> i still want an edit feature. sales tax increase, d.c. wants you to pay more to fund metro. how much the plan could cost you each time you shop? >> plus remembering a legend. new details about the plane crash that killed a former
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i'm storm team 4 chuck bell. not a pretty day to be outside so the daily grade is a d minus. temperatures staying in the mird to upper 40s with periods of mist and drizzle. you could get away without the umbrella today but i'd have the warm coat and long sleeves and the jeans ready to go before you head out the door this morning. sheena's got a look at that five day forecast coming up. and life with leo, so i never thought i'd have a dog and this is my first dog ever. i'm sharing the best training techniques i le
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welcome back. the whole country is talking about virginia as you wake up this morning because of major wins for the democrats. >> not only did the governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general positions go blue, there's a possibility that democrats could take control of the house of delegates for the first time since 2000. we have team coverage this morning. >> one of the democrats who won a seat was a former tv anchor who ran in memory of his girlfriend. chris hurst quit his job at a television station after his girlfriend allison parker was killed during a live broadcast. he tells nbc news, politics was how he found purpose after her death. hurst campaigned hard on universal background checks for guns.
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we turn to a developing story. police investigating a deadly double shooting in northwest. this happened last night near 13th and rittenhouse streets. one man died, another was injured as shots rang out in an alleyway there. the surviving victim described it as a drive-by shooting. today vice president mike pence will travel to texas to meet with the families of the mass shooting victims. 26 people died when a gunman opened fire during a sunday church service. this morning, we're also learning more about the gunman devin kelley. according to a police report he briefly escaped from a mental health center in new mexico in 2012. he also was in trouble for bringing guns on to a military base and threatening his superiors. he was also named as a suspect in a 2013 sexual assault in his hometown. he killed himself after sunday's shooting. today the ntsb is going to try to figure out what
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hala day. he was the only one on board that plane when it crashed off the coast of florida. he died. he was only 40 years old. he's best known for his stellar baseball career when he won 200 games and multiple sigh young awards after he retired. he bam an avid flier. he bought the plane that crashed just last month. >> so young. >> two of the washington nationals top pitchers are hoping to win a big award as well. >> they are finalists for the national league sigh young. we're talking about mac sherser and strasburg. sherzer won it last year. this is the first time strosburg has been a finalist. congratulations to all. it would be great if the nats could win that award. kershaw from the dodgers
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last week i told you about the new addition to my family. don't get any ideas. it's a puppy. we did take a giant step in our family and welcomed a new puppy. his name is leo. i've never had a pet before and i really do not want one -- not because i don't love puppies, it's so much work right now. i did enlist the help of an animal behavior specialist from the humane rescue alliance. >> reporter: the benefits of getting a dog from the practical you'll get more exercise, to the sublime, you'll be happier, the truth is being a dog owner requires a lot of work. >> you're building has been its for him right now. so you want to manage, manage, manage so he doesn't develop bad has been its. >> reporter: alexandria offers advice for new dog families like us. >> you don't want him to be running around the entire house learning how to pea and pop all over the house
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things, right. so that's why you want to have a crate for him that he's crate trained. one fun thing you can do is hold him in your lap and hold a bone or some other chew that he enjoys. >> reporter: it is important to socialize a puppy as much as possible. >> he can sleep in the same room as us. >> reporter: as long as he's in his crate at night. he should be crated every single night. >> in the crate up to our bedrooms and let him sleep in the crate. >> reporter: a lot of dogs get scared by the camera and he's a natural. i guess because he's in your family. >> my kids are fighting over who gets to sleep with him. you should put him in the crate every night. >> no, me. >> so do you? >> we put him in the crate. >> and he says all night? >> in the kids bedrooms, though? >> once he's house trained, alexandria said we can be loose with the sleeping rules.
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crate all night in the kids bedrooms. if that was me, i'd wait till you go to sleep, i'd take the dog out and put it in my bed. >> i don't know. i'm going to work. alexandria is such a great resource. you have to stay vigilant with the training. >> you really do. they'll take advantage of you. they're so smart. >> and your kids too. they're very smart. i love the dog story. we can't wait to see more of those. we have a pretty different start to the day today. we're not looking at the rain. we're looking at pretty cold temperatures. we have 30s around. it is cloudy out there for most of you. but it is going to stay dry. the best chance of any showers will be farther down to our south. we do have colder air coming. friday into saturday morning. that's a weather alert day. we have widespread freeze. so if you have plants that you don't want damage, cover them up or bring them
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teens. this is going to be our coldest yet. temperatures in the 30s for our suburbs, 37 leesburg and gaithersbu gaithersburg. warm jacket before you step outside. mostly looking at the clouds. can't rule out a couple sprinkles but overall we are pretty dry out there. the best chance of rain that's going to lie to our south clearing conditions as you head farther north. if you exercising for today, that warm jacket's very helpful this morning through the afternoon we stay cloudy with temperatures in the 40s. now we'll jump ahead to friday. this is the feels like temperature when you factor in the wind. look at friday afternoon. we could only be feeling like the 30s. it's going to be a cold wind day. then we go to saturday morning. we could only be feeling like the teens and through saturday afternoon we could still only be feeling like the 30s. it's a cold one out there after thursday. temperatures start plummeting. sunshine in the forecast into yourek
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stay nice and dry. we'll talk more about this cold in a bit. let's talk about traffic before you step out the door. good morning, melissa. >> good morning. i have a new problem here on metro. we're single tracking at this point this morning between arlington cemetery and foggy bottom. orange and blue line situation here. eastbound toll road. the ramp to the inner loop, crash blocking the left side of the roadway. sounds like a car versus a deer. taking a look elsewhere. northbound 95, 619, triangle crash still blocking the left lane. volume there as you're heading into quantico this morning. looking pretty good on the beltway. >> thank you. kids helping kids. a look at the local program that's changing minds about mental illness one teen at a time. plus a white powder scare inside a school. more
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announcer: you're watching "news4 today." >> welcome back. we want to tell you about this innovative program that helps teens navigate the challenges they face. that time of life can be. >> rough and tricky. >> yeah. many teens say dealing with homework relationships, social media and all that pressure to do well in school can be overwhelming. >> sources of strength is a program that helps teens focus with the difficulties they face. >> sources of strength is a radically strength based protection program. >> reporter: it is kids helping kids, students learning to identify signs of emotional or mental distress and learning what to do when they see them. >> we'll start with a fun game. >> reporter: the students in this room are all here on a rare friday off. some ice breakers and positive exercises so everyone can le
5:25 am
a little more about each other and themselves. >> i want you to write on that poster the things in your life that give you strength. >> reporter: the subjects become more intense. bobby has just asked the teenagers what stresses them out the most along with school and sports, they say. >> not getting work done in the house. >> relationships are huge. >> reporter: sources of strength not only encourages young people to speak up about their own feelings, it urges them to reach out to adults who can intervene when needed and help with treatment and it teaches them how to navigate that tricky line between being a caring trustworthy friend and sounding the alarm. >> for more information on that program, you can head over to the nbc washington app and search changing minds. our election coverage continues. democrats winning big in virginia's decision 2017. and one winner is being talked about nationwide here o
5:26 am
delegate elect who made history overnight. and good morning, everybody. lot of clouds outside. split personality forecast. temperatures in the 30s across northern maryland, low 40s around town. i'll show you a future weather and let you know who mayet g
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right now at 5:29, democrats win big during election 2017. republicans ousted in high profile races in the historic number of women who will soon serve the state. >> i'm adam tuss. finding more funding for metro. is this the answer, one penny. i'll tell you why some people think it is. that story coming up. plus, after a rainy day, what to expected to and a warning about the arctic blast will be feeling this weekend. announcer: "news4 today" starts now. >> just about 5:30. good morning everybody. i'm aaron gill crest. >> and i'm
5:30 am
we're working for you with a look at the commute and the forecast. >> we start with meteorologist chuck bell. what do you have, guys? >> it's cold out there. as you walk outside, warm jacket today. i would've even gone for a scarf but did i have time to grab one. >> really? how long does it take to grab a scarf? >> i have to find one. and they smell like moth balls, kind of. >> that's rather unpleasant. glad you didn't wear the scarf then. future weather around the area for today on the whole mostly cloudy day but the clouds will be thinnest up across parts of northern maryland and southern pennsylvania. through the day today, it's hard to tell the computer model is hinting that you might get a sliver of sunshine today from about leesburg to frederick but they'll be no sunshine south of the city today. all cloud cover through southern maryland and down through fredericksburg. temperatures are in the upper 30s and low 40s
5:31 am
high temperatures in your hometown today about 50 in frederick, maryland. only 45 in fredericksburg, virginia. talk about the weekend coming up in a few. let's go over to melissa who is wearing blue and talking about blue. >> i'm talking about the blue line and i'm wearing a blue dress with lines on it. arlington cemetery and foggy bottom. the silver line operating between wheelly and boston. this is a track problem outside of roseland causing this issue. the ramp to the inner loop still has that crash blocking the left side. no real slow downs. beltway looking okay as well. clara barton parkway, little falls pumping station, still have that crash. i-95 this is a tractor-trailer accident blocking the left lane and you can see those delays northbound as you're headed into the quantico area. >> thank you. it's
5:32 am
and it was a big night for democrats. they won all three statewide races, governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general. ralph northam beat ed gillespie 54% to 45%. northern virginia turned out big for northam as well. >> democrats have a chance to take the majority in the virginia house of delegates. they needed to flip 18 republican seats for that majority. democrats won 16 seats with four additional races too close to call. we saw a surge in the number of women running for virginia's general assembly this year. 51 in total. last night's election brought a number of historic firsts for female candidates, mostly democrats. and one of the winners everyone is talking about this morning is dana roem. her supporters took to twitter just moments after her win was announced last night. >> she's become the first transgender person to be elected to a state legislature in the united states. >> every person who is e
5:33 am
singled out, who is ever been stigmatiz stigmatized, whose ever been the misfeet or the kid in the corner, who's ever needed to have someone stand up for them because they didn't have a voice of their own, this one's for you. roem beat out long time incumbent bob marshal whose known for opposing lgbtq rights issue. council voted unanimously yesterday to raise the sales tax to 6.5%. >> that amounts to less than a penny but all of it will go to cover metro cost. transportation reporter adam tuss is in fairfax right now. will that money make a big difference? >> reporter: absolutely. if it ever ever got passed and this is what we're talking about. basically it amounts to one penny for every dollar that is made a sale in the district. this is something that the d.c. council voted to do but it does not mean that maryland and virginia have agreed to do it andha
5:34 am
factor comes into play. here's what you need to know about this. this would be about a penny on every dollar that is sold in the district. it would raise about $500 million a year annually and the general manager says that that is something that is needed to fund safety and reliability on the system, something that he has been pushing for so hard. so this is not a done deal yet and as a matter of fact, virginia and maryland haven't agreed on what kind of funding mechanisms they want to put in place to help fund metro. this is something we'll be seeing going on in the coming weeks and months and a debate that's starting to divide political leaders not thinking regionally but thinking how they can fund the system on their own behalf. >> if local leaders can't agree on a funding mechanism, what happens next? >> reporter: that's where we are right now. maryland has one idea in terms of what they should to do fund metro. d.c. has put this plan forward and virginia hasn't said much. er
5:35 am
jurisdictions and asks people here who are on the metro, regular people to fund the system and that's where we are. the general manager asking the loelg jurisdiction just to kick in more money on their own. >> people don't want to pay more for their fares. that's for sure. thank you. in washington may be close to erecting a monument honoring former d.c. mayor. berry served four terms as mayor and three terms at d.c. council. it gave preliminary approval yesterday to put up an eight foot bronze statue outside city hall. final approval is scheduled for the d.c.'s council next meeting. >> he died in 2014. he was 78 and this will be a controversial issue depending on what happens with the proposal for this monument. >> absolutely. we will all see for sure. forget delivery to your door. amazon is bringing your boxes inside your home. the new program starts today and we'll let you know what you need to do to make it happen. plus $15 an
5:36 am
wage? it's about to happen in a local county. how long illt'
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5:38 am
five employees of john f. kennedy high school in montgomery county were sent to the hospital yesterday. staff members found an unidentified white powder substanin
5:39 am
backpack. the staffers went to the hospital as a precautionary measure. police are still working to identify what that substance was. this morning we're learning new details about a domestic murder in the white oak area. we now know that the suspect -- we know his name and have his picture. montgomery county police say anthony strong called 911 yesterday morning and admitted to killing his girlfriend. we want you to hear the dispatchers instructions to the responding officers. listen. >> said he's outside with his hands on the truck, that he spent all the money and he's crying now. >> when they arrived at that home, detectives found the victim shawna blackwell dead upstairs. chopper 4 was there as investigators placed strong under arrest and gathered evidence at the home. detectives are not saying exactly how blackwell died, only that she had pattern trauma to her body. >> investigators say a fire that kille t
5:40 am
this fire gutted a vacant home last thursday. the two homeless men inside died of smoke inhalation. detectives are working to find out who started the fire. good morning. it is a cold one out there. you will want the very warm jacket this morning. temperatures only in the 40s today. many areas in the 30s. we're not looking at the rain for your wednesday commute but you will notice all those clouds around today. take a look at the colder air heading our way coming up. >> good morning. right now, new problem northbound 95 in virginia, just before the beltway. we just saw some response come by this scene here right now. we are starting to get delays. m
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yet another democratic sweep today. >> reporter: democrats score big. the first key wins in the trump era. >> congratulations. >> thank you for everything. >> reporter: one for the record books. history is made in our backyard. the first transgender person elected to the state legislature in virginia. a political tidal wave. a power shift. the ripple effect that goes well beyond the commonwealth. >> we have live team coverage across northern virginia and with the surge in turnout, it's now clear what drove voters to the polls. >> it's unfortunate, i am not against the republican party but i'm pretty against trump, so -- right now president trump is in china. >> this is the third leg of his asia trip and like the other stops. the president will focus on north korea
5:45 am
edward lawrence live on capitol hill right now. what is the president's message to china's president? >> reporter: the president wants to get china to understand that it helps nobody to have a nuclear north korea being so hostile. china is north korea's only friend. before the president left seoul, south korea, he spoke to their national assembly there and he gave some very stern warnings. in fact, he gave the strongest warning of his asia tour yet. just listen. >> the weapons you're acquiring are not making you safer, they are putting your regime in grave danger. every step you take down this dark path increases the per ill you face. in china one of the other big goals is trade. he wants to get more access to markets there in china for u.s. companies and ease some of the restrictions where u.s. companies have to partner with chinese companies to do business
5:46 am
hill. thank you. and while north korea's nuclear threat has increased, south korea is focused on the winter olympics in february. the president was in south korea yesterday but did not visit the dmz. that is the most militarilyized border in the world. i was there at the dmz for a tour back in june. it separates north korea from south korea and you can only visit the dmz with a tour group and the tour really focuses on the sites that you can see from the observatory and not necessarily the history of the korean war. it really is an eery place, unlike any other in the world. you can watch my full story from the dmz tonight on news4 at 6:00. you don't even realize that it's a part of both koreas in a way but that section of the world is considered very dangerous. >> you didn't tell me you'd been there? it is dangerous. i would've looked for that story
5:47 am
twitter to talk about decision 2017 last night. he slammed the republican candidate for virginia governor. he had previously supported. the president said ed gillespie worked hard but did not embrace me or what i stand for. during his trip to asia, the president had been very active on twitter, campaigning in a sense for gillespie as a candidate who would be tough on crime. yesterday, cold and rain didn't stop a lot of people from turning out to vote. >> chris lawrence is in the newsroom to talk about the turnout this time around. expectation was going to be record breaking. >> and it was. tafs a lot higher this year. well over 2.5 million people voted in virginia. that's a jump of some 300,000 voters compared to the governor's votes four years ago. when you look at the exit polls, a lot of voters say their number one concern was health care and that may have been benefited ralph northam in a big
5:48 am
even though president trump weighed in on the results, he may not be the overriding factor some experts predicted. nearly half the voters in virginia say the president was not a reason for voting the way they did. guys back to you. >> all right. thank you, chris. we also saw a surge in the number of women running for virginia's general assembly this year. 51 in total. >> last night's election brought another of historic first for female candidates mostly democrats. >> kathy tran flips the first position plu. her district covers parts of fairfax county. >> virginia is 9% hispanic but has never had a latino delegate now there are two, elizabeth guzman. >> and democratic also won the prince william county area. she beat republican whose held that seat since
5:49 am
takes the district. foy say public defender from woodbridge and was one of the first black female graduates of the virginia military institute. she's also a new mom to twins born earlier this fall. for all of the election results, you can head to nbc washington app. former teacher has been indicted on sex abuse charges involving an underaged student. latoya parker used to be a high school teacher in charles county. the sheriff's office says that while she was a teacher parker solicited the student and showed the minor sexual materials. a d.c. charter school is under investigation for possibly failing to report suspected child sex boonchs this is a story the news4 i-team is breaking today. investigative reporter scott macfarlane. >> reporter: d.c.'s attorney general's office tells the news4 i-team is investigating how people handled the
5:50 am
coleman. the school fired him in 2015 days after learning he was suspected of sexually abusing a 14-year-old school of inn a prior school. the d.c. police say they didn't hear about coleman until a year later when the victim came to them. coleman's pleaded guilty to child sex abuse. likely faces years in prison. he didn't comment to the news4 i-team after court. capital city public charter school declined to answer our questions to, declined to be interviewed an issued a statement instead saying we're competent that we discharged our responsibilities properly in this matter. we've cooperated with law enforcement in our faces of its investigation. the i-team has learned in between the year between his firing and arrest he found a new teaching job in a different school district with some great references from some of his former capital city colleagues. that part of our story in our full news4 i-team tonight. for now, scott macfarlane,
5:51 am
i-team. >> they have been on top of this story. it's about these predators slipping through the cracks in our school system where they're close to children. very alarming. let's talk about the weather. you've promised cold. we got -- >> delivered. promises kept. >> is there anything worse than cold and rain combined? >> that was a pretty ugly day yesterday. that's about as ugly as it can get around here from a cold, rainy day. perfect day for soup or nice hot bowl of chili yesterday afternoon. that's going to be chili eating weather. four things to know about the weather. no sun for you. if you want to see sunshine today, drive north. it's not going to make it to washington and points south are even cloudier than that. missty and drizzling at times. cold pattern is here to stay and our first shot of subfreezing temperatures for the area arrives on saturday morning. friday night, saturday
5:52 am
wind averaging 13 miles an hour. trying to bring some dryer air to the service and as a result temperatures down to 33 and 38 in martensburg, down south of the city where the clouds are thicker. temperatures are a smidgen higher. don't plan on. sunshine today except for our friends and neighbors in northern maryland. temperatures in the upper 40s. sun's down at 5:00 today. that means tomorrow, sun's down before 5:00 in the afternoon and it stays that way until early january. yikes. there's the jet stream just down to our south. that's the reason the clouds and rain are mostly going to be on the southern half of our viewing area for today. afternoon highs in the upper 40s to around 50 degrees. it'll be chilly this weekend. stay ahead of the weather on our nbc washington app. my forecast for you handle there mostly pictures of dogs and flowers and food on instagram. not as mas
5:53 am
michigan and maryland playing a football game saturday afternoon. cold and dry for that. and the redskins-viking game sunday afternoon. 50 degrees with a lot of clouds around. both of those games should be rain-free. our next chance for significant rain around here shows up on monday but each and every day on that ten-day forecast is colder than average. >> lovely. lovely. i don't like when the cold starts really hitting us but what are you going to do? northbound 95 in virginia before the beltway in stringfield, we have this new crash about a five mile backup. we do see delays here in the morning through this area but we really are seeing some extra delays. we have just one lane blocked at this point so that is better. but take a look here, it really is quite slow as you're heading northbound before the beltway. another problem on 95, triangle crash still blocking that left lane this morning. eastbound toll road, the ramp to the inner loop crash
5:54 am
beltway is good. right now orange and blue lines single tracking. and foggy bottom. remember on marc, brunswick train, the 6:40 canceled. 7:05 will run and honor metro tickets there. no problems on 270 or the beltway. 66 is okay 95 north very, very slow because of that problem we just showed you. aaron? >> thank you. montgomery county is raising its minimum wage. the county council unanimous voted to raise the wage to $15 an hour over the next seven years. larger employees must pay the new wage by 2022, smaller employers i should say, need to pay the higher wage by 2024. montgomery county is the first county in the state to require the $15 minimum. today marks the launch of amazon key. it's a
5:55 am
prime customers that would allow delivery drivers to enter your home and leave packages inside your front door. that would happen with your permission, of course. you'll have to buy this kit which includes a camera and wi-fi connected smart lock and that would allow you to view your delivery in realtime. so, this new service has a lot of people a little bit uncomfortable about letting strangers into their homes. i am one of them. even with that camera, we put a poll on twitter, 90% agree with us, saying no way. leave the packages outside. we'll take our risk. >> i live in an apartment building so i don't have to worry about it at all. let some of the other folks try it out. see if it works, the fedex, ups, i can't believe they want their people going into peoples' homes. >> i applaud delivery folks who go the extra mile and try to hide it some where on the porch. thank you, thank you very much. >>
5:56 am
some of its shoppers a taste of black friday deals even earlier this year. the company is offering early access shopping to its credit card holders. that will be on november 22nd, the wednesday before thanksgiving. more than 100 deals will go live on target says it's the most black friday deal that's ever made available before thanksgiving. >> we don't need any excuses to go to target and spend money. i just go near it and all of a sudden my money's gone. >> start's falling out of your wallet. thanksgiving is a time to give thanks but it can get pricey especially if you eat like me. >> the average consumer will spend nearly $100 this thanksgiving or more. here are some tips to save money on your turkey day. decide what kind of event you'll have. if you're hosting a party, have a potluck. i'm going to a friends giving. >> i like that. >> some people like to have all the control. >> you're not going to cook anything. >> some people liketo
5:57 am
>> that's true. create a budget. decide what is important. if no one eats the green beans, leave that off the menu. >> bring a veggie any way and don't wait until a week before thanksgiving to start shopping. most items you need for thanksgiving are on sale right now. shop around. compare prices. plan ahead. different stores have different deals. it's going to be here in no time. >> right around the corner for sure. next up at 6:00. being brief may be a thing of a past. >> twitter is making a change you should know about. >> danica is still trending on facebook. the local race that made the entire nation take notice. >> the results are in and now we are getting reaction after virginia's big election night. i'm justin finch live in louden county with what voters are saying this morning.
5:58 am
5:59 am
virginia, you have a any governor elect. it is the race in the national spotlight. what this means going forward amid a wave of political shakeups? making history in prince william county. the one candidate who used attack ads to work in her favor. and democrats are hanging on the edge of their seats. >> the races still up in the
6:00 am
hitting home. announcer: "news4 today" starts now. 6:00 a.m. good morning everybody. i'm aaron gill crest. >> welcome to "news4 today." i'm eun yang. many races may come down to a recount. >> we need to get to breaking news. let's turn to melissa. >> breaking news. take a look at this. a big delay here. 95 northbound before the beltway because of this crash still have some lanes blocked here this morning. this right now has gone to a six mile backup. we are sending chopper 4. have our eyes above this in just a minute. you can see everything being pushed to the right in those main lanes. 95 north before the beltway. northbound 95, triangle left shoulder still blocked. still causing delays there. inbound inner loop crash. metro orange and blue lines. no other problems. good morning. >> good


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