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tv   Today  NBC  November 8, 2017 7:00am-8:58am EST

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>>unoo mornin sn>> rebuk a gh election night for ugh pdemp and the gop. dra covictoes in via new jersey.y. ththvi message sent by voters a whth preside is pointing fi at this morningby >> breaking overnight.s prnt visits china to be that leg of his asian trip bu fog stops him from visiti o ts >er path you take down thisz. dkh increases the peril yac >>a path, new details dark ein abt t texas church shte incling his escape fr a mental health facility anea to kill
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suor an air force base. a w were so many warnings signed mi thto plus the so inga launched intohe ns p c that took the life fo bl star roy haay the ucla basketll players arst shoppi lifting inhree b ch cld be facing years in a che prison?arre an "today" exclusive, theho wome rescued after lost as sea fivhse us about t ordeal and address those lgeg questions.eir tar here for a live inewtod, wednesday, noer20 is >no from nbc news, ths "today" with matt lauer an savannagurie live from stio1a in rockefeller plaza. >> a good mornin weo "today" on this rnin wees morning. t we tha y for joining us. on yon happy to be here onry land. tseadg over happy he, t jennifer and tasha back oe dr
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adt at sea two >> lad a lot of people want to abt ordeal, and there are>> a so qns this morning so we askh in just a few. w >> we' ant that in a little te whe. l i startn with a busy news moin startingith voters gingcr their first mar victors of the trump er th nbc white hou coest kristen welker has tha and the reaction from democr that preside ken good morning to you. >>ep hi, matt, good he mog its very big night for d mornin deatr races for gorno legislate. tsed number of vto aley were on virginia. peape biggest political pz vors ft strong rebuke of irst s priduis diin himself from the lo a it all comes exactly onye after the president was f elected decr ralph northam beating foer rnc chair ed gillespie in a contentio ra for virgin gornpie, nom'n fueling a big nifo dernlg the army ven doctor making a cl rce to presiden trit ever mon
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hi n >> vntrhout has told us to end > th divisivess that we will n condone hatred and bigotry no ant to end the politi that to ha t this country apart. this >>ep traveling in south koth presint who endorsedveling gsp b did not campaign for him offering this criticismt ofei overnig tin ed gillespie woed haut not embrace me or wh i stand for.ked h > i new jers another big win democrats. foer goldman chs executive pl murphy defeating state lenveim guo. she starting now a startgi us new jers oming is coming backing. >po: guadagno unable to dnc herself from chris s >> che, the unpopular recarn an early lf fro srttr an known for h own combative style on dilaer during ts swi a a voter. >> it's serving folks like you t th's rely such a unique j
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yo fabulous. >>ep fgovern>> raso state legislature, via atat picking up tese in the house of sea dete inclung one from t boyfrie of roanoke news ng rteon parker who was sh and killed on live tv in who 2 running on a gun control por issue he says was iman them both. an delegate's seat going t ththnation's first openly trend elected official knng on of virginia's mt prominent social ng off crv, robert mshl l > we've ever needed someone to sta up for them when they di ha voice of their ownause t bse was no one else th wld stand with you, this o for you. >>orhe victory comes as t preside is reaching out to drato on the gop tax pl cai 12 senato from ir oeain he would not ot be fe plan personally te m my accountant ca me said you're going
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no according to multiple ed me setoth room after that this cwi t president, t cordin me erupted into a sparring ll m bet democrats and whe ecia over the dyunn in the senate, all of it underscori just how diul may be for both senate pes work together on any ult i pi t legislatn.h m savanna o >>n kristen welker, an legi iesorfter the an eio >>s mentioned, president rhtng n in china arriving the ovht a red carpet wee. the' a riding on this tr nbs peter alexsandrrali wihe president in beijing fo this morning. pegomorning. >>ep savann and matt, this gooro th pde coming here as the che t his visit as a s visit plus. it the most crucial stop he'll ma this five-nation ake to whe he's expected try is to pressure t chinese to crack do on their north korean t nbo toereth in kor beijing during th forbidden city, president trp, the world's most famous
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che communist ruler, pren xi and their wives. th presiden stopping for one of own before the pose and tnn thanking everye before stae dr for the state visit aet red carpet welcome. rof cdr greeting the pren and first lady. pridum addressi south koanlaaks, deliveri a blt warni to kim jong- wng a b he atck as a deranged tyrant lng a cult. a >> i say to the north is dotyrat no underesma us and do not tr us. the weapons you're acquiring are no making you safer.d thre putti your regime in g deetru also ca o china hand russia by na urging them to join forces wi the u.s. to isolate the br north kore regime. by >> t nations at choose to
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stl able it. o ther weight of this crisis is os yo consciee. >>ep less than 24 hours than a moderang his fiery rhorli on north kor to a deal, the president ag encouragi the rogue remeo take an alterne take an co. >l offer a path to a mh better future. . >>rt. . trump comparing c hiow succe to his own. ss t >>io korea and since my ince ec exactly one year ago go toy i celebrate wityou. >>tev praising southh ko goe with a plug for o of his properts. a >> the women's u.s. open was he this year at trump national t go clu in bed ministe new jeey it just happened to be by a great korean golfer. >pobehe speech, t prese
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o surpse visit to the dmz tryin thg divides north and south ko beb weather forced marine on to abandon the mission just fi minutes before landing >> t white house press pre sta sarah huckab sanders te u that t presidt wa disappointed and very us fra t that foiled trip. juas week the white use to reprs that the ted by prntn' be making a te hou st at the forthified detad zone. w lao when asked the at prde said you'll be sis to try to preser tt this morning sae a group of rers before schedul reng secret heir s dnait a piece of per letters dmz drawn etters act.matt and savanna >>erxa beijing, th for get to includg more dibior tied to th chuh shooting texas.urbing wreng about t gmabl past, his esem a mental health fita visit he made to fi bapst church d
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t shooting. nbs gutieez is in sularithhe laon all of this. gagmorng >>ep matt, good morning. viespewl visit he later today to sign off for so c f the victims' ater t faieod law enforcent. mhi investigars have t gunman's cell phone and hill aa h th can't unlock it and church ck mes he actual atd huanal fa fesval with his kids jus fe days before the shooting. nes morngs video taken shtlr ma murderer d ky crashed his suv and toh own life with a single goth iw record by johnn lado who chased down kl aft he fillet the cr along with steph wior man many e cang hero for shooti ke in h fight in flight ing an what i had to do. >pofoe first time wee hearing from first redeth massacre. h >>anearing struggling to tell t. sty. s words>> there for
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wee parameds to are the at church. >>h the toughest smart >tro get the horror o o mind, but you can't unsee whoupa already saw. 't >>ep emt rebecca metcalf w off duty and raced to the sce to find her father had m bn and her mother wod. >>e just so much tragedy andandr so loss, senseless loss. >>or investigato tr mee sense of it all, trblw details about the gn' are emerging. pe s show five years ageed from a mental heal facili. yea ars worker there says kelley wa org weapons and tactical ge adding kelley had also had be sneaki firearms into hom air for base atmp t carry out death th tt his superior ofrs keeea guilty to as in a court-marti lein year in detenti y a later a discharge for bad cct th families of the 26 killed a pnni funerals.are thso baptist conventi h oer to pay for all of
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cre >>o sandra ward grond is still in cral b shot five tis and lost.ward h daht-ilaw joanne and cri t grant childre brooke and em > two was the sweetest lilep her. s was always smiling, aa hp brshas alway wanted to a bana take ballet and s would go to the church, do o he a up and kick and spin a doing her ballet. >>rt kelley should not ha bn to legally buy elley thresh he used in the ch massacre but court re for a national domestic m vicenedeade it on t fbi's database. dens secrery matts is now org a independt ini ii out why has th didn't. man savannah. >> gutierr in texas for us t t mornin gab thk > ais morning, e ttepoinor are fm major league baseba pihet roy hole la day. th two-ti cy young award wi w killed tuesday
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s prat ppedr oftha was of florida. n j fryer is covering the ane cr stfohias morning.mornin go m. >pothon tror sbod the ingahe accide. athi it's too early to say halladay's singlenge acci plwe down in the gulf of mo, word of his death is cag heartache f bebl hisr sh a authoriesere causi cadng to the upside down plane thcr off florida's co t realized the sole they vi inside was someo they ll. kw l. >> it it's's sad to say it's a of. 'shall roy halladay. >> roy hallad has thrown a kn hitter. r >>oropeporte doc, the 6' pitcher w a towering the fe i major league baseball for6 seasons brief retiring in 2 itajor a tremenus run, a trou experienc sometence. i' never forge >>39-2,2, he's got the brkil that a by. >>tewa an b reak e-t all-star who won two cynaward, one wi the ttoja t oer wi
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>>e means a lot thousand, and . we really going to miss him. >>orhe of a pilot,>> repor had w passiote about fg, his twitter page fild wh images of his light smorlt r ambircaf last month. ha l day owes wife brandy exes rervio in gein pilot's license thatnse, in ha been posted on his youtube pa. i very much agn it anen i got up in the plane i it. w li okay i get it the. an >pohehee w only peon on board and close to t sh'stm and even doteey to the department to get a canine, a dog they se t naoc >>if hef's was there whenever ned of pry of the most humble an h bs you'll ever meet ever snrl manufacter of haad ple expressed e, cooltoe family and sa w
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inti. hay esd a wife upport antw t sons.. hel ha eligib for baseba's hl fame starting 2019. saah matt. se >>t'ball heartbreakg. >>ha you very much. new t twist in the mri abducti of a young cor er. picav now released sullidid showing shry patini on the morning s repst thanksging. hs nbc's gadi schwartz. >pothth morning newly rea iges from a church ges suei camera that may shhe woman's first moments erri of freedom after they say she wa kidnapped and tortured for es wes. autiaye videohe she was taken at 4:15 thanksgiving moi apar sh her running w pap ac a church parki lot and th running cko intarehe later flge a truck driver for g he f responde reportg at s s shackled and beaten. >> she has chains. is v >>e: idideo critic instin timeline was fi overlood by insts
7:15 am
chchen we spoke with laye >>sts t some time loin the video from these vid cara >>t the from one over there anthac one. tar looking through them al w tou the whole sis he s did they find snig. >> th didn find anything. ed a >>rtnt th detectiv are rei the video hoping sooi come forward with inrm w lantsto res sketch of two women th they say kidnapd her two tgha run and said male dn fod on her clothing out an said about two fights, one pi ben and her alleged one b kppot between the a kie themsel afhe was found her kidnap eonhusband, describing es. sof njss to abc n >> on tpa officers ki em m a put his arm arnd me and he said, you know, pre yoursf. th branded her. ey >>rtt pepinis are tine family for their su d askg for privacy th whean investigars hope for
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fo "today gadi schwartz, nbc ne. >me arrests in china th a getting a lot baske atio i u.s. ser etll players from uc h been accused of shot lig. nb ke simmons has the >> r la t i a good good one. ta s of america's brighst baet stars to china, w frnnd influence pple th sports. n so much.. th morning reports that the morn plr been g,released but sl legal process in s in cha. an aeg personal foul for china. t p rpc sted its supposed to be a week in ch spreang goodwill roh sps. m america's hottest young o btb talent were set to taar in a game between uclaand ande tech.. ts the way it turned t o. wit spotlig on president the tr a in morning, t hoop stars were three den by o chinese authoriti a accused of
7:17 am
uc budding stars were alge lv ithe stars int th therelege aredly reports gel thyee have been released.hat the th were questioned about stli report from a luton stt is located next to t team's hotel. t ucla coach today confirmi thhe players will not play ine game this friday. sda china time. >> individua w't play ind sda >>or ang won't espn, arn police oics aiv the team's hotel and hotel aldl the players from bo teams in their rooms for in abou hour before reed loading the three uc prs into a police in vlto ang tee e p low ball is brother of top nba recruit lopezo ball. brh dung tour earlier in china fa hismi
7:18 am
tng reptersll >>ing he'll be fine. evod making big deal. >poth bu family amily phno getting attention to an online reality show a maethigh-end basketba marke shs this. int though, unwelcome puit just as presidt t ps to meet china's mee leat a diplomatal r sei tim dip tmog reports that t sen pl w th hasi been ports o reedav to stay at th hotelel while the legal prs continues,s, and that cod days, weeks, even th moh md t savannah, that is a ous a lot of thinking ti. >> thank you. , t >> joins usha with a first tle chof weather. >liitldirnd chlythni bu igo g even colder th abl out of canada will b temperur that are the cst t season. to from yellowstone a the wo minneo anywhere fr 5 to 17 degrees below avag tow,go you'll be at 44
7:19 am
avg bismarck at 22 degrees. fr39 f a high and clnd 21 degrees below av a watch what happens wth lows on saturday mng weob going to see rerd pittsbur, d.c. alth way up to boston. wee go get to your local fostng up inhxt 30ec >>go morning. i' storm team 4 meteorolis ch bell. moy cloy skies over wainig now. tlo a thicker down to touth ci and
7:20 am
ther t north a may acalet a little sunshine he on parts of northe mand matter where you li's gng to stay chilly. wee upper 30s and low 40s now and most areas will stay inhemid-to upp 40s. goi toa a patch of drizzle evy and then as well. ath cloudy and school day tow. hi 55. by much colder friday afrnnd especially saaymorning. >>d 's yr latest wer. g aan you very mu. co u details and some qiouth rescue of tw w w say they were lost at s for five long months. th ah to t abhe ordeal and those quon >> i guys and gowns. t worthy cause. weveenf "today" a dressed up like that, but, f, s " n. dressed up like that. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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so, on november 25th get up, get out, and shop small. >> it's 7:26 on this wednesda nbe8, 2017. go m t you. >> morning we are going to hfr virginia's new gornctct ralph no w won the election. he holding a news conference at 10:00 a.m. beating republican ed gillespie with a lot of sut northern virginia a dra won the races for liteov and atto gel. >>re closely watchi the r f the vat have a house of delegat, end we're etrecounts. deat made unexpected gains in st legislature picking up seats. a races were decided by fe than 100 votes, includi dits and 40 in northern
7:27 am
elonag in the n watop. >> row let's get a look at yo f 4 traffic. wdo have? >> lo at the beltway. a broken down vehicle adding de t we're seeingtrch up 95 so headed southbound on 95 anma to t outer loop, prtyth as well. sbo95 after the icc. a crash report also causing so ple there and then 75 alewisda road, remembe we had the early vehicle fir >>nk you. wel taka eane. yoorisxt
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>>ou a chilly outside th mor with temperur oin upper 30to around 40 degrees. yolle your warm jacket. wost u much. l s with clouds around and peod lt rain or drizzle aosan especially from wngsondnd kind oforre of the same. a ofu around and drzl mo
7:29 am
f t weekend. >>l chuck. we g the head's up there. thk you. an local news update in 25 mes >>bathaysh. ha gay
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>>odmorning, erod it 7:30. a busy wednesday in >>im to take a look at a to election night for the pde the republan pay. > what, a day. >> dems dominate. a ro election day showing fo democrats. the p taking key governors rain both virginia and new jy r running on an atr platform >> tgh new jersey sent and unak message to the ene nation, we are better thhi >>li red carpet. pridum greeted a la ceremony a arrivi inhi overnight. >i want peace through stn >>t
7:31 am
dung high-profi speech sel. >> say to the north do not unstus and do not try us >> fiery landing. pseon a flight to see a scare overnight wht engine of their plane cg fire as it landed. >> patience, young grasshopp. a reseaher at a kansasity muum m a bizarre discovery a an insect lodged in a van go masterpiec somethinth hago unnedormo ta y. >> a home sweet home. a sd deryl deploy overseas fo nearly a year surprises his fay in north cali meeting h 7-month-old n for the very fi t >>t you going, you know. yo down. y know, you get homesick and yo s far away from home. >today, wednesday, novemb 8th, 2017. >>weru on sgop could have been your
7:32 am
a an exclusive live event. w h for you on monday. foer pt joe bid wi here exclusive all mo l >> i launching nationwide tr promote his new memoir ca om me, dad." ita about t personal chgedh choices his fa faced during the last ye his son beau's life. we' s down with vice prnt biden to talk about alatea much more >> he'll also take questions fr our plaza audience and will jn megyn kelly and us in the fo ho and that's all next m an find exclusive digital cod t at >>oo to welcomi him h lete with the heli rescue of two wo f hawaii w sd seoftu events le th lost at sea for five lg monthsch we told b this st fksndow qutiven raised abo t ordeal. imo we'll talk to them exiv but first their
7:33 am
>> jeif appel and natasha's sry surviv at sea reads la novel. tsel from honolulu on ma3rd heading for tahiti with hro zeus and vain th nithe pair says a major s kck out their antenna an badly damagehe the mast of t 50-foot sailboat. ath later they say another stm flooded their engine. at tis they say their boat was sude sharks. th w also say they se/ds signals and shot fles at passing ships t thr repeated calls for help wtunanswered >>e had decided that we had be lef for dead. >>he drifted 5,000 miles off coe befe finally being reuehe u. navy. >> i honest believed we were gog die within the next 24 hrs > back on dry land, some aueng their story. thu. coast gua says the won an emergency beacon abrd their boat b
7:34 am
apps she didn't use the benau they were not in imen peril. thcoar says in june th made radio contact witthe veelh identied itself as th s nymph near tahiti and th were not in distre and sd expected nobo tahiti the day. ap says they never got near ta and their gps track prs and in the major stmo women say they hit fir night of their journey, thio weatherer sflis holu sa their recordsh no major storm systems near ha dg that time and whe u.s. coast arhas no plans to investiga further, ma os are wondering wh rey happened >> jeer and tasha are jo us exclusily >> physically, emotional, h ar doing? >>bc has been phenomena >> i seee
7:35 am
l y >> start with the fit damayo take off fr honolulu. tfi night you forced a m storm, high winds and it laed shi like three da ws it is like to ride that s out? >> actually a heavy sleeper so she told me go to bed with th boys. >> yeah. >> kck out like the dead. di faze me. >>ha was it like being on th 50-foot sailboat? >am used to sailing in the haan waters so i'm used to s ss cinup, and i di expect it to be what it is i said tasha, you know, if i a mistake doing this, wee going to die tonight. >an s said oh, i trust you. go ahead. ha f > tway, i'm a boater. i shoulde y tff ba a three-week trip from hul tahiti and that has me the first night, i tui around and say bad
7:36 am
kaa,l try again. >> modificatio to the hu ot boat and so the ke, bottom part of the boat was of. tht closest harbors is only 6 to 7 feet in the harbor che and the second one is on 8 foot deep. >> but you can get close enough toho to signal someone to say trouble. lete just go back to the storm tu na w service, coast gua although there were sml craft advisories for some smls tt area, that they h no record, no predicti or no s of a storm of the sc t you're taking about. ho y come to terms with th >> well, i understand fish sts. i that the storm adrit u.s. coast gud put out west of the b island was anticitedo sm than some of the doft that we saw. i wi
7:37 am
the u say the same t i did. >> it felt big if you were on th 50-foot sailboat. >>et me move a lot further inhi ordeal. j15s, the coast arsa o unrelated search mission thd ed phone call fromnd or family meer of yours and saying we ha heard from these ladies sw they got into radio contact wa boat that was called the se nymph and said we are the cw of the sea nymph and we shd get to yo tahiti tro wh th talk to? >> i no idea but garmin mas a great producand this is one ofhe gpses that we had on our sea nymph and it shows we we nowhere near too heating >>u speak to the coas gud. >> did speak to the coast g o t
7:38 am
ca u the storm and we sa t at christmas island wh were denied access to st in hat christs island, an e next time we saw them w after the ashland. >> can we talk about sharks, ok t's part of that -- a part ofh ordeal where you guys sa y were -- sharks were arnd the boat f hours and thhe actually ramd the hu on occasion and almost in a cona attack. wh wa that like? >> terrifying, absolutely tfy > didn't -- we were too ian to reali what was gog on and the ar h been tng you're in our living rm and we're not leaving fast ennd we didn't realize ts we were being told u we're too late. >> scientis say sharks don't ba that way and we'll take yo story at its word. i'm boater. ths when i would have pushed th diss beak op. wein trouble here h t
7:39 am
les f help had. y never used your distress be why? >> the sharksre six inch tes aw and using the beacon in the lotie were, it's probably four to day before the cot d have found us on a flyover so we took our ch w the man upstairs w gave us grace and allowed us to sti be here today. >> u surviv on dry goods and ha water purifier, thank gone >>a fine. yoll go back out. thll take a trip like this agn. af wt they have been thh. >>keri with even more pra >>leom your mistakes an y know, you prepare for wh you handle. >> g thr what you went thr d bother you that youo back and people are quti wer this ordeal exte the pacific ocean
7:40 am
>> th's a unique situatio e n expecng it. d not call the media. na did, and so we're yi r and we're gl er and we're glad to be i ll we' glad that yore a sound. d tashathks for comi this rng. appria i probm. ks havi us. s go over to and get a of weath. righty. k matt. a littlwet wehe a pretty go stmhas i the pacific es g storms down to the plains om snow mong across the p mies start inhe soutrn plains w could e upwards of an to an inch and aalf from angelo all thwato nt a big stm moves in, o o inch, mountn upwar of anyerfr to two feet in t upper l io l sn fr ot a thway no the r grealas. amounti to maybe
7:41 am
t tops. 'ss on aund cotry. s happeng in yo ofhe woods. oo morning 're clou ses across area rig now. degre and it's a cold start hiey mornin sng to stay pretty chil h the afterno. gaithsbg and 39 leaman 9 degre i quantic re e clouds. cbe seng clou dn e south. really about it today. f a high and stayi mostly . owmi0s. in week and we get a having a big frze d morni. foet. t weath any time you ith our fri the henn on cable. s. >>, thankve mh. carson is ahe in the orge with a big chan you' o twtetoday. a th the pati that ot thousds at aucti e expected artts i and get the chec mp c getti a fr the men of "today." l that and a
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7:56 is your time on this esovr 8th. 7. mog you. an to chec on your comme n wi a look at yo a trafc. ou at the beltwa c slow in our normal d 210 a litt sl and th inside the beltw as 'r headi in town on 50. parky, norm stond toled sohbnd as well. y f road crash there ng left lan nk you. l te a quick break and l yoect en om. well it's a perfreo morning here, george.
7:57 am
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o morning. ras are slow getti s. w 30s on the map. gaithsbu and 39 in rg 43 in distric clint and 49 for a high . molorou the area mo clouds the farther u you head. a cole of sprin wi e,. owmid-50s and ou a w cold and wind r a high and by sard ngpr freeze rain 20s. than, sheen t the resus are in ut our elti comp in nbin app. su mite
8:00 am
>> s on "tod." i up, clear mesge do not trus. rentrump's stern i to nortkor st a a suri trip to d is cancled beuse of he en arriving in china ht a red caet e. aea to remembe y wa us to say someing t prta cancer but i que put my fier on it. thi morning we debut our al psa tackling men's ane importan of st exam t likee' a gti a . behd-e-en lo at ior messag stayith
8:01 am
ndt with us. m winner sam smith is live stuo 1a with music off h d new album and the clsic today, wedneay, nomr th, 2017. av t siste who are from indiapol fo-- uror. a baby alert. the two le their husba fi kids besgli to me a savanh! guess what. i turni - 65. a as the "tod" show. i'm here with so huge sam h fans, anth a he - e oll! y'r still here wi some sam smi fans becau e sitti right next to you. wa for sam to
8:02 am
t ou w rn me on to sam h, man in the orge room, rs daly cars kno talen o on, everydy. on. awom , welce. te you he. s start thgh with your today. nt arrid gh in beiji where whi pi his fos on chi's bo and ally north korea. s peter alexaer traveng the pridt. e go mni tyou. hey, mat go mni to m pridt ump this is the uc stop his na asi tour arrivi a red caet welce. prese p a first dy enjoying a ur nd the forbidd city idid a h ploy dinner r togh ie today in southor idum ed out china russ by name urging them foes isole the brutal north an regim de with a stern t the errat
8:03 am
onal him a ed tyra sayi that he's ng cult. wni said do not stuso t t his part the presidt did to pu off a surpri visit t fortifi demilarid t dmz earli today but s b fog. on forced to turn . e no here, china, o b twier, but a or h ofcls us tonig that whe e s brout with it ale to get arou in fi wall so the ntke tweeng ugh trip here in a he likes matt, back to you. alende tring with preden th you vermu. politi no oc savong some key i night viori e af they were stun by idum victory. captured both goverrs es for grabs la nit gimo ralph ha used anti-u imo he him defeat li gillese.
8:04 am
b did not embrace me or s fo new jers vote chose cr phil muhy over kim g roerks served lutgorn under chriie. in vors made politic or elecng daca rome who bec the first openly nd serve in at leglat a l pick me up time. m boo. ik you guys will like s one. s abt a little gi d just feelheus, us took over her body. look. i a wildre in my hear♪ ca feel it♪ mb name, 6-year-old ra dickion peorng wi church baist first cho the very first time. a danci to the goel d th's what
8:05 am
l to boog arou the a if you' wondengf a interesd inhis t viewed about 41 million s faceboo anve conta lauren nd sa watcng th video lyp her rega her ua. rememred what she loved. think that's your soul . y a every friday conrt ha her are like that. love it cool. k very muc or come this mornin di surprisi arst d that pictu that just for thousan of dollar heho readyo start r hoday shoing had a e early? l martin helps you kick s o the right way with a " &." ir let's see what's g upn "meg kly " megyn to an "" colui ne last week by caing r huckabee sanrs, the ousssecry, a t chker socce chuy r mom. decid to on our sh we' have a livel si
8:06 am
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♪ i'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain ♪ ♪ what glorious feeling i'm happy again, ♪ ♪ just singing, singing in the rain. ♪ use an over-pronounced whwashing techniquesurgery, for dramatic effect. they also know you need to get your annual check-up. now prepare for your check-up with one touch using the mycigna app,
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and more. need to be thorough... cigna. together all the way. [ cheers and applause ] lc back. e ago today, voters t count were headi pol to cast baots in t was one of t mo an a contentus nt electio eve know what hapne trll off the b victor so near ten in his presidey how caai pris ur up? wh correspdt krist r be there every step t way. en gd mornin or savnah and matt, oro a what a t has been. ontrump, a first-ti ic it's been a enho preceden tru has made good on a of hispai prise h it com to big laso far he's co up t. court
8:11 am
agplf ee th an astoshg victo rte year since wo u good morni, it's tru. ng upo a stunning tr t ent. ep t a polical ak one that has sent av a acss the d. n months we ha do say, th an de epb is that all e i now up 20% sin demp elected. hemyup, but the is stalle e is happeng, folks ep a the prede's b pris healt care . heth care collapse rtat lined three congress no gog to blame , e hones r gettg the job e ponoe preside ll loing for a ti y on tax cut e bigge cut in t ryr coury rtt li t hl which ai to he corpora tax rates simpfy tax bracke. a pridcy
8:12 am
j bencar. justice neil gor such tak bch was going to fire come sin is a madep poha plan to n immian from some muslim ty counie e vetti. wt extreme. ep h a wa in the siru decision to out -- pothidt d u the iran and mage deals i elecd to represe e citize of pittsbgh, not ra he brghwh m magane broug wrecking d.c dismali major sigcae, at the mo than had a dozen tiven kied or t revw, at the en educatn, major -e pocs reverd. cs cryinfo, but rty shing up gt exact wh his s wand. fo polic tensions ha te ak overnht, presen u taing tough on north . po escaling feu th so
8:13 am
ck is on a suicide o oril containg ert, a maj victory e ft agnst isis. po: the presint got ma for handlin icn hoton a da nst the respoe ero is an island siing in middlofn ocean, and it's big ocean. pobu most of that d remai porls, all sh by dai sglee de i shocking t morng rtatrg -p depaur and ts reveing racial and al y peoe, on both t that son of a bitch off the ri now. d! po: the ongoi stn whether on trump's team got colling with russ. d unlike previs nionthere be no p bu. prent facesp a ca w apov rat i our nbc new"wl re " nd a seri
8:14 am
s so people are concern whithoe e wi on taxes anthoth priotie namatt, guys, back ri welker at the white e. n you ve mu. m roker. tod's weath is brought to y cign r the way well, let's ta a lo. e big story is the big change emre coming. aric blast come ouof . s to really drop at y will onlye 18 in t fargo 25 and ea40 degrees. m into tomorr and that air moves into t great es n a high of 32. 42 in chag t e degree y lookg at portland d new rkity 33 and sa cleveld, and the sard lows may set rerds mpittsbur, bang all the ow washgt, d. 'st'g on arnd cotr ws happe in you ofoo il inde be very cold as
8:15 am
chil and clou outde at the hi raarhe rest of e cotr weher down to the i florida. use in town. cloudy start tohe day nd chilly as well. ie upper 30s to arou degre rig now and don't m of a warmup toda 0s tt can h little sunsne in heyland a lot me d tthf ng th your late . ys , thks. e t trend now and take a h wh's trending on . on 20. rsoo get out of bed in charter h make sense. wea had to make pla op or to do things ke dn or a weekd that we l our hea wasn't in and it anhai. ea the quti is in a "new ma" c that s this, aft you've ma pla is the any better g world when they t cancell at at last minute? at a good one. oe it bring a smile
8:16 am
fac it sounds like euphoria you get me time you didn't on yon the phone a e pretdi to be tby the fact that pla just got thrilled ou cat get the smi off ac ngac a sn day, when y di expe it and you can do hi want. ou intentio were there, to meet that co-work f dk and it canceed th canceld. feel th way ev about i wa to do. like i -- i'm still pp -- i'm stl gl to do nog. nev want to leave the house utou broug up an rehouse. tlid when you' e who cancs becae en 's a little guilt inlv when th cance you' like on them. ye t tng is, it's tru 't nt to cancel the , oer person is y happy that you di he way, numb one on use to cance ki. the babie just say no. v had
8:17 am
we'll begin with taor swift si t for a new rd on tuesd night for at y anticat album and it ud e collaraon that see with ed sheeren featured r song "the end game" and o specuti th selena h co out on threrd r presen taylor's o lab tweete about e rd taggi selena on that. need to find o on tha ut will be availab frida y h develop artistic talt, ng er th video aew s f working on a l masteres ended up puinth out au and it sold. kn who bought, roin , y of the rich famo." ho it sold for dno tell us . t way, grt caus bth and it s vegas cares to fu a l honor the victs first respoerof e g shoin and tily ad i d
8:18 am
se a food delivery to m dressi room and throu e ear pie made him repe hih she told him to t. is too hard. hi har hard. tin tiny bites. tiny bites. t, ar t i don't mean to be a diva, th't wk. g aga in a diere ain't gonna work ge u and sing it. ain't gonna work m g gd sport w one of t videos right now on ub this morng. ellen's show adam reveed gend of his seco chil ar excti anoth ba g ellen nang rts
8:19 am
. y remembe ellen named y rose, their fir baby so n see what th co up . o pop start. op he ga the delive guy a nice tip fosur daily double for you today. moments on jet skis. thiy fishi from his ki the coast of new d. g the backgun 's mako shark doing lift d had. e video irely incredie. fishern stands by it i 100% real. exciteme fun to watch, xt one from austral a guy ridi a jetski se a a trek ha s landi the 360s dresd e -- like tks 'sz when you watc it late h starts in the dinosr ar highivg other er d d that with a a unbelievle hago.
8:20 am
les get to mo of hour series of no sve g hesss ot t' rit. talki prta exams e le fact is getting ko save your life tha why we team up for a iaic ser ce reow it to youhere att me th. are a regular afteoon us t exact just anoth day the office , good. draft t will get your ti u t co here north in do you? we do just abo wa to do to get nut of the chairs and into docr ce psa take on a t gu th i't tl glaro. ae someo hears proste y knowhat theythink one in eight amic men t prostate cance e in eit chae. id not know tha
8:21 am
s g essenal prta canc sometng i escily dangero to who look li me. f you' an afrin-eran lo 73% more lily to diagsed with prostate r case, i 44, but i ee histo with kasp in famil er dd of cancer. e' reas why i ldbl get chked and n top of it becau of my lyry so looks like we're all in the check e m reason to do this is th peop see they , th think, you kno going to do it, i'it, too okay the doors wi see no n this chang one 'sd to actual get atge checke it s . v if it means walkin e gowns tou t hal ckr e omg. or ry
8:22 am
ri usin wee off to see the wird. much? ct much no real and it wa't easy. wa us to say sothi pr cance but i qui put my finger on it. lk tonfoe g ha'tlaed to run into tour looking like this. erw what's going to en i righ gh say the upside of this as breakg bre with guys, and our frnds at co graciouy let our ucea ta over their au thu ver very much. g it, i got it. eve emmy-awa winni host produr an cohen agreed ay along. there's an cohen. "wch haens live." d wh a greaspo. th good
8:23 am
r that. a it's all in the name timen's heth and scrd for prta . m a litt ss m be minor league mle ve brf distsut it t aerti. l 99% curle.r, nd mak no see not get a ni r te or two of your real men get cheed got gd fo. t way, ye, wd seit n'kw eith, t , t to wi t to e om o , i d't gu, holhon. comi. loo sann
8:24 am
n n e a an uw wha fel w t all get t cck s it o wee all a thchec you havi s y no ll r tt? ay sotg r atre i d take a whe. ry .gog ennk y guys ma a p iten kw wn we
8:25 am
g soi sci ulis a ial l ." eti "stls d t very souul s i or li in sdio g yr cane. ter your local news.
8:26 am
sehe moin cou weday, c.h t fst 4 ouou germto a o pbl tre.0 e b sl ugh h blki t rht the tyc s.we' sl ha a cck on yo thhe meac
8:27 am
whbeat the odds so i can play with my grandkids. so i can celebrate 50. when i was 14, they saved my heart so i could bring family together. so i can help cardiac patients just like me. so i can serve my country. so i can do what i love. so i can give back. so i can play in the junior olympics. so i can make plays. so i can do this. so i can race my friends. children's national didn't just help us grow up, they helped us grow up stronger.
8:28 am
odin ebo. k bee 4 orogt cl outsehis and ng eeay fr s way it wl a doy get a li d. ss norn as a hi of d
8:29 am
. s a ve clly l cck. he latt ws and her thnbwainon
8:30 am
♪ 8:30 now. t ne hf u 8, 27 st ts rnina d av so ny le w love , me sahad e othe top y'l, i hed r sg a s ley m" th. w't
8:31 am
i m♪ n'kn ou note tohos tcng naedi sam sth win a by wa he ge me th a si cd of l of s 'sdie!oi? a. yo heyc' e y saha, we' goi to inde, a l ta u si lten , gos e all the wre grt expl evywres ov facbl s'sngut
8:32 am
ght alg so fes h imor. hi, big . e " st we a vit yui new frs a d to see u ai 's sure to see yo nki kins. ne todp to kn , elm eo tnks impta to ik tbe tread. do u ink tt, s a rit, isn bir i 't t the isam ce fom h, ge m too. ivou getng ext for y s thaivg.ti a i ho i'm ef
8:33 am
yea he ca of "se re,"a y in r xtouas me strt,"the way, is . s 48tsso fst. y a littl bit 48 that o "m kly ti you ha a lo ayinli to tkle s yea jaronhis th givyoa th werl a big b h ye iis. lite dient u se wve got r ua le r the day is erd. une wi tu to e y vy cool down tou pacic norwes aorwha ia fm zi co s on io t s. ng ra do he ra he pif we on in nore
8:34 am
try and yo same d morng. er ithe s rig so b the ds wl 3 r hh erate ts lthroho the day fes thh a fo fday we mo b wdy. dai wee wang up widese frze, but co elm y guys -- y -- re ly wm, t y ybu gs wroe uko a tha gs. orls dls a liy prevwor
8:35 am
ng fks off lis or , jiy. bargnse t s he. ne to h i wa he ernega st wh t blaet w a park mi, use at f tra a yo trali to on ho a hse warng ft.cks real bau ca blac. fr. dient dls to n aweme gi use y k u and ahe
8:36 am
l re incdibl gt. ret13 d the deal is of li lury s t t tat e to b ye les std abo w oppedo an e-ml the . b rinper for81. gif a you do is a m ve va a sanh. an inia pi a sha, y can prt anng y on i het, t ctg and, , n, c ye tm.
8:37 am
d beu it a good dl t coup them ler d gat hse wmingi. oka w brt ck some of s up in yr home if e enting. ce wi gift box to oo frot de is ot choe fro and thiis ser e a men -- i to a men's h d it fi i'm goi to s o se 1% casere and so a ans an sak e dl
8:38 am
t' r tou e uc me m the go tead fr poala d you e y ens hod you wi yo eited, samt o is love a lieut to co s wain aer yogo. y gh. iiss od" rig oe er. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:39 am
avst vcer.
8:40 am
the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by
8:41 am
pfo his ne hi"t at -b." taaw. >> performing his newest hit, "too good at good-byes," sam, take it away. ♪ ♪ you must think that i'm stupid mu thk th m nk that pi u mu thi th i'm n to m♪ev a l youlo bau eve i on up e m ns
8:42 am
wh i t mo ♪ ca y ganlee w d eve you lee m qck the tes d ss i love y lk ou ba d't std a ce i'm way o good at m way too gd by way y e me cr i'm y too go by ssnow y're thiing i i kw youe
8:43 am
d i prti my i ner gna let y cle m♪ ♪even th y the i y d lve me i ut evy ti y ht me l that i ♪ qck the tea dr d ery ti y wa o, bab we dot std a i'm way too go ye wi t go at 'm
8:44 am
o way youl s me way tt yo s me m w too at m o no, no, n no n i w t go , no, n no, n n i'm w too od at w yo see me ♪ wa t gd at gooes es i c me, qck e a d lee me, a e ti y walk out, bab we dot snd a
8:45 am
i w toodt by♪ au y l chawi m also t s " n. es. this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
8:47 am
♪ oof al"w alm cleth sam sm ks i h an hange. wee n ju n t e fan ur b ersavthe mea i' ner d kid, b y d ju reheed that it's t h.yen.or f a ar a pie of my hrtle n. ou i aays ry g rht r my mike o, so a
8:48 am
one rec seg so ll ithe ste t, e th y're e y wl b o aumn t cry wh that fe likin. 's rely ovehein adm, it ninif to t or lo tim n't let ho hns ou wre on t n by whou d song that iluce saw ipir the vi t lonn, and it ju autt. ha to wri a not lo ago pple had
8:49 am
opity to d dre in th rm th , you smed home a in youelemt. i fe li tse gu wh or yes, and i t fe li i'm ha f t' suld fe onge o ngg and miss n ng at e gden so big ve re sging, itdiert anhe o y i he to pte ♪g in"ay wh to ing
8:50 am
ck d, kwl ♪ sy. t y st e u i'm n b i sti nd lo u the ni r seem o pl wl u hd my ha cse re all i
8:51 am
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get caressably soft skin. with caress. this morning on "megyn kelly today," a columnist takes on the white house press secretary with a personal insult about her weight. that writer is here for what should be an interesting discussion. and our salute to service series marches forward, with a veteran who found herself homeless. wait until you see her now. plus, we know how to get to "sesame street." >> we're making television, burt. >> the friendliest monsters from everybody's favorite neighborhood will be here, live. sunny days, dekeeping the cloud away. here in studio 6a. all that and more


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