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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 9, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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future? we're working for you to breakdown his prediction. >> we have a team of reporters working these stories this evening. let's start with doug in storm center 4. he's here with dramatic changes in temperatures the next several hours. >> what can we expect when we cake up in the morning? >> it is going to be quite brutal tomorrow. you talk about that every once in a while, but tomorrow is going to be that shock to the system where you step out the front door and you go, whoa, wait a second, what just happened to me? temperatures in the mid 50s, you have cloud cover, shower activity around our region, too. one thing we're watching as we move on through the rest of the afternoon, rest of the evening hours is going to be that temperature going down and those temperatures coming down quickly as the system moves in from the north and west. that system right now coming through the great lakes. you can see some snow associated with that. once that moves through, temperatures go down in a big way. 50s right now. look where we are by tomorrow night into saturday morning. down into the 20s, wind chills will be in the teens in some locations. that's the coldest air by far of the season. the deep freeze is on. a f
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areas in the purple here. that's for tonight. a freeze watch in effect for the rest of the area tomorrow night into early saturday morning. we're going to talk much more about this cold and, yes, that winter outlook including the snow fall maps. i've got that for you, too, coming up in just a bit. >> okay, doug, thank you. we continue to follow some breaking news in southeast washington. a boy shot just a block away from ballou high school. news4's jackie benson joins us at the scene with new developments and reaction from the mayor. jackie? >> reporter: well, doreen, we now know that the young man who was shot is 17. we know he was shot in the chest. we know he is a student at ballou high school. i want to show you what's going on here. take a look at that metro bus. there is an investigator inside there downloading what i -- doing what i believe is downloading the video from the bus's camera. police tell us that a black vehicle -- they're not sure what kind of car it is, but they believe it is black with tinted
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i'm sure that d.c. police are going to look at that camera inside the bus and see if it captured any images of that vehicle so they can give us a better description. this happened just as school let out. police tell us that it was -- began as some type of argument, that people heard an argument on the street and shortly after that the 17-year-old was shot. we are told that he was unconscious, but he was breathing when he was taken away from the scene here. earlier we heard from d.c. mayor muriel bowser. she came to the scene a short time ago. here's what she had to say. >> this happened at 3:45. we know that people were definitely on the street, walking on the street, driving by on buses. >> reporter: now, we can tell you that police have provided us only with that bare minimum description, a dark
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windows. we are hoping that this bus behind me may produce a more detailed description to give out. live in southeast washington, jackie benson, news4. >> all right, jackie benson, keep us posted, please. now to a bizarre case in a district. a couple arrested for trying to steal a $3 million mansion. >> steal, that's what they're doing in this case. the real homeowners showed up. they got there and found a man and woman inside their home insisting they were the rightful owners. >> mark segraves has the confrontation caught on security video that you'll only see on news4. >> reporter: security video shows the man and woman climbing over the fence and breaking into the home. it also shows them taking down the for sale sign outside of the house, all the while the homa los angeles ra -- home alarm is going off. the homeowner expected to find a real estate agent showing the home which is for sale. >> i thought one of them must be a realtor.
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these are intruders. >> reporter: but they were intruders and they ordered the woman to get out of her own home. the couple claimed they were moorish nationalists whose ancestors were the original inhabitants of the land. the homeowner called police and asked the man and woman to leave. >> i'm panicking. i'm definitely panicking and just trying to keep them calm until the police arrive. >> reporter: but the couple refused, insisting it was their right to stay. >> what you're doing is illegal. >> reporter: when police showed up, the man and woman continued to argue that they were the rightf rightful owners of the property. uh [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: police heard the couple out. but tensions escalated.
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arguing, police arrest the couple. prosecutors charged the man and woman with unlawful entry and they were released pending a court date, but they were ordered to stay away from the home. >> i'm terrified that they could come back here. they're very scary people. >> reporter: in the district, mark segraves, news4. >> something similar to that happened here in 2013. lamont butler moved into a bethesda mansion. he said his religious beliefs as a member of the moorish nation entitled him to the home. police disagreed. moorish american nationals believe black americans are descend ants of an ancient moroccan empire. most members are a law abiding group. but some believe their ancestors were here before and don't believe federal and local laws apply to them. >> a bombshell about alabama senate roy moore. a report said moore had sexual
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years old, he was 32 at the time. his campaign calls it baseless and a fabrication, but republican senators are not rallying to defend moore. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and at least 12 other republicans told nbc news that if these accusations are true, moore should withdraw from the senate race. that special election is scheduled for december 12. >> some heart breaking new details tonight in the high profile murder of a young woman from prince george's county. ashanti billie went missing from her job at a norfolk military base, her body found days later, more than 300 miles away. news4's erika gonzalez has more on the man arrested in her kidnapping and reaction from billie's parents. erika? >> doreen, your heart just goes out to these parents who had to endure the last two months, and now to see and read the charging documents which graphically detail what authorities believe happened to their daughter. outside fbi headquarters in norfolk, virginia, billie's parents td
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person allegedly behind the murder of their 19-year-old daughter is a navy veteran. police say 45-year-old eric brown who you just saw there was homeless and worked as a day laborer on joint base little creek. authorities say they've got video evidence, they've gone phone history and dna linking brown to the crime. ashanti billie went missing in september from where she worked. her body was found ten days later in north carolina. steps away from the suspect child's home. >> to know that you have birthed a child and you have, you know, raised her just as the bible say, to do the right things, and i mean, you talk and you -- hey, be safe, be careful. you're human, i understand that. but you're a soldier. we're trained, we're geared up to different regulations and respect.
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you're trained differently. your job is to protect this country, to protect every life. and you took the freedom of my child. you took her life. >> that's really hard to listen to him talk about that wedding day that they will never have. while her parents say they are thankful they have been able to get to this step in the investigation, they still have so many questions and concerns, namely for those or for the security, i should say, for those that are on the base. doreen, leon? >> thank you, erika. only on 4 tonight, a problem inside va's medical center. surgeries canceled because of a safety concern. scott macfarlane has been covering the va for years. he joins us now to explain. scott, what is going on here? >> leon, at least nine surgeries called off friday at the va medical center. hospital employees who asked to remain anonymous say there were concerns about the surgical equipment used and the va spokesman said the equipment was a concern. it was
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there was concern the equipment might therefore not be safe to use. the potential cause, too much cleaning solution used to prep the equipment. we are told the agency has brought in a team to d.c. to train staff in how to properly prepare surgical devices now. and the va's new inspector general is officially reviewing the matter. no injuries report ed in all this. a recent news4 i-team investigation revealed a series of other safety incidents the dv va, including holes in the walls, cracks in the floors that needed to be fixed in the surgery department, a cockroach infestation has since been resolved in a food service area, and a patient's body undiscovered for more than 24 hours in a parking lot outside the main entrance. the medical center is i a giant facility. it seize 98,000 patients each year, 2000 employees, and it's just miles away from the offices of the va secretary himself. scott macfarlane, news4 i-team. >> thank you, scott. scott and the i-team have reported
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surrounding d.c.'s va medical center. to see previous investigations head to our nbc washington app online. >> there have been several deadly shootings in northwest d.c. over the last few days, and police tell us some of them may be connected. the number of homicides in the district so far this year has climbed now to 100. one man was gunned down on georgia avenue, a 16-year-old was killed on rit enhouse street northwest, and another man was shot to death on shepherd street. as news4's kristin wright shows us, some of the shooting may be gang-related. kristin? >> reporter: well, police arrested one man in a shooting that happened just up the street from the police station last night. he actually had been shot himself. a lot of violence, 100 homicides this year, a grim milestone. a violent week in washington fourth district. two young man and a teenager were shot to death in three separate shootings. >> we are exploring the possibility that the
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ritten house streets and georgia avenue are gang-related. >> reporter: crime scene tape is piled up in the trash right at the bus stop outside lucky corner market on georgia. police say they found jonathan wounded inside the store where he died. >> that ain't gonna work. >> reporter: william red man is one of many sick and tired of the repeated violence in his neighborhood. >> it's scary. it's scary. i'm 65 years old. i can't come outside. you know, you come outside, you can't come outside and enjoy the weather. the last time you come outside or what. >> reporter: red man worries about the future. >> these kids don't want to work, they don't want to do nothing. they don't have a future. >> there's gangs, you know, and bullies. >> reporter: and annie says she has to walk her 12-year-old son to and from the bus stop, and by no means is she ever out past dark. >> well, a lot of people hanging out, especially men, a lot of
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police, the ambulance. >> reporter: police say they're concerned about the uptick in violent crime. today officers are visible in the neighborhood. the department says they're adding patrols and doing more to help bring closure to the victims' families. >> we are also going to be deploying other investigative units to assist us in obtaining information that can help us prevent additional crime, retaliatory crime. >> reporter: because 100 homicides is too many. in the district, kristin wright, news4. >> a working mother breaking barriers in politics. >> yeah, meet the new virginia lawmaker whose campaign was interrupted with twins and why she says her family will help shape her agenda. >> and one of our favorite stories of the day, a major retailer offering curb side pickup for clothing, shoes, lots of stuff. see how it works and why it tiuld revolu
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senate republicans unveil their tax plan today and eliminates all deductions for state and local taxes. but it keeps deductions for mortgages and major medical expenses. those are scaled back or cut out of the house plan. the senate plan also delays corporate tax cuts to 2019 rather than having them go into effect next year. the house version could go to the floor next week. the differen
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will have to be reconciled before the bill can be sent to the president. it is something that would derail a lot of political campaigns. a candidate giving birth to premature twins. >> it didn't stop a certain woodbridge woman we know who just became part of the wave of female delegates elected tuesday night. bureau chief julie carey reports how the experience is going to impact her agenda in richmond. >> we are ready to get down and go to work! >> reporter: for jennifer carol foye, winning her house delegate rate may not have been the biggest event of the week. >> this is a tremendous thing -- >> reporter: in fact, she's been doubly blessed. midway through her first ever campaign, she gave birth to zander and alex, identical twin boys, born early at 23 weeks. >> he wasn't doing that a minute ago. >> reporter: that began a pattern for this public defender days spent campaigning, nights in the anova nicu with her husband.
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happening, no jobs, no campaigning. it was us and them and it was absolutely amazing. >> reporter: then last friday as carol foye was making her last big push for votes. >> i was knocking on doors. i received a phone call from the drr, he said i've got some great news for you. sander is ready to come home. >> reporter: now he's in her arms, his brother to follow soon. the election party was begun with a sleepless night. he was up. >> he's wide awake, looking around. >> reporter: but carol foye says becoming a new mom while campaigning will shape her work, her priorities. in richmond. >> paid attorney leave is hi-- leave is high on my agenda. >> reporter: she may benefit from a common bond with governor elect ralph northam. both are vmi grads. >> he's super proud of me. he told me that. i know you're a woman of ire word and i know your a hard worker. i'm excited to work with you down in richmond. >> repo
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new delegate and new mom. in woodbridge, i'm julie carey, news4. >> that's a brave woman there. >> when you look in the dictionary for multi tasking, you ought to see her picture. great story. now let's get to the story of the weather we're going to have moving in here. >> drastic drop in our temperatures overnight. doug, i saw all of the stuff we had on our website about how to prepare for the cold weather. i'm done all of it. >> good, because if you haven't picked out everything from the closet or the attic or wherever you kept the big puffy coat, it's time to pull that out. we are talking a major chill in the air tomorrow. temperatures dropping below freezing in some areas. wind chills below freezing everywhere by tomorrow morning. out there right now a little bit of a nasty view. you notice the clouds lowering, a little bit of fog, some drizzle out there. temperature sitting at 55 degrees, winds out of the west at 5 miles an hour. average temperatures in the low 60s, we're just below that. it's not nearly as cool as it was earlier this week. but that cold air is
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the cooler side. only in the mid 40s, 45 winchester, 50 right now towards culpepper and over towards patuxent river coming in at 56 degrees. we have shower activity now, most of it light and most of this is just some drizzle or just some light showers. you see where they are. right around the beltway around the bethesda area in towards fairfax county, around manassas, prince william county, fauquier and stafford counties. roads will be on the wet side. those windshield wipers, have them going a little bit tonight as that rain makes its way on through. we could be seeing that right on through say 10:00, 11:00, 12:00 tonight. you can see it here, 17 in minneapolis. that cold air moving in overnight tonight and it is racing on down from canada. this is the temperatures you'll be waking up to. temperatures 8:00 a.m. tomorrow, 30 degrees. that's the feels like temperature. that's the wind chilled tomorrow at 8:00. 19 in martinsburg, 27 gaithersburg, and we don't
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here's noon down to 29 in d.c., 27 in gaithersburg. so, not a very nice day. let's say you're heading to the gonzaga game tomorrow night. big game. if you're heading there, wind chill around freezing just in time for the game. yeah, we're talking about not just the coats, maybe the blankets. if you're watching friday night football games. 42 degrees, the high tomorrow afternoon. 42 on saturday with a morning low of 26. that would actually set a record -- high record of low temperature. sunday and monday chance for showers, nothing too big. next week we get back into the mid 50s. still below average, but not nearly as bad as this. the next two days, guys, are going to be extremely cold. speaking of cold, speaking of snow, your winter forecast coming up in just a couple minutes. >> we're looking forward to hearing about it. we've certainly been hearing about it for days now >> i know. >> thank you, doug. hey, the tsa is under fire right n
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under cover tests. the warning ahead of the busy holiday travel season. >> plus, christmas songs already playing on some radio stations. some people say it gets them in the spirit. others, though, and experts lookg at this, they're sinay
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what do you get the person that loves to tailgate? ♪ how about a new tailgate. ♪ i can almost smell the brats from here... ♪ ring in the holidays with buick. ♪ discover the new buick and get 20 percent below msrp on all 20-17 enclave leather models. that's over 96 hundred on this enclave leather. ♪
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well, it's time to pack away those sandals, even if you've been wearing them with sox. now it's time to pull out the snow boots and ho
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>> that's hard core. okay, winter now takes a lot of different forms around here, you know that. the blizzard of 2016 still fresh in our memories. >> are we in for a calm winter or is this one where we're going to get walloped? doug is working for you with his official winter weather outlook. >> that's right, guys. you know the last few winters we have seen some extremes. from the blizzard of 2016 to the record warmth of last year. hard to believe. this was just two winters ago. news4 was working for you after that record snow fall. schools closed, roads and cars covered in snow. some areas picking up close to 2 feet. and if you remember, we mentioned it in our winter forecast three months earlier. so, here is this year's official storm team4 winter forecast. >> i'm hoping for snow, like a light winter. >> i think we're going to get more snow this year than last year. >> hopefully not too much, it's
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not too fun. >> winter is my favorite time of year. >> if you're one of those people hoping for more snow this year, i think you're in luck. we saw a 3.4 inches of snow, it was one of the warm est winters ever. this year, i think it's time to pull out those snow shovels again. in my winter forecast, i look at a number of fax torz. the first factor i look at is whether the pacific is in a el nino or lanina trace. we are in lanina meaning cooler waters in the central pacific, and that is expected to increase in intensity. this has a large impact on weather around the globe, and normally give us average or above average winter temperatures and slightly below normal snow fall. there are other factors at work as well. the amount of shania snow in siberia is another factor i look at. that snow fall is above average and that normally helps produce colder temperatures and the possibility of more snow in the winter months. there are numerous other factors as well, but since time is o
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i still think this winter will be warming than average overall, but we will see some serious cold, too. i see december as being close to average. january is the month to look out for. i think we could be in for some deep cold the first half of the month. february should be just below average, and march should be well above. so what does this mean for snow? our average snow fall in d.c. is about 15 inches with dulles receiving about 22. this year i expect about average snow fall with an active storm season. southeast of d.c. i'm going 7 to 12 inches of snow. the d.c. region might receive 11 to 19 inches. farther west 17 to 26 inches. in our western zones we go even higher. now, when i look back at history to similar patterns, there are extremes that come up. for example, one of the past winters that comes up is 1995, 1996, that winter just happened to be one of the biggest snowstorms of all time in our region. so
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and wouldn't we all love another big one? >> no. >> wouldn't we all say -- there is a chance for another big storm, but lanina years like this one we don't tend to get those blizzards. i'm not calling for that, but coming up in just a little while i'll show you when i think we have the best chance to see some significant snow in our area. i do think you need the shovels, maybe even the snow blowers out there as well. i'm also on facebook live right now answering your questions. you see it over there? >> i see it. that's what's been going on. we have a whole audience for you. >> we have guys from gonzaga that came over as well. they're touring the studio. just happened to be here during the winter storm forecast. >> you'd think it was a movie premiere or something. we have a red carpet. >> my limo is now out front. i'm excited about that, too. coming up 6:45, wait until you see when i think we could see the biggest snows. >> okay. warmer than usual. >> not bad as long as we don't get it all at once. >> you're not expecting that, are you? >> no, but it would be a
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thank you, doug. still ahead, a soldier's life changed forever in eight sekt seconds. what i did next earned him the nation's highest military honor. the struggle to move on and how he turned the tragedy into a tribute to the fallen. >> z2l2xz z16fz
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y2l2xy y16fy
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breaking news. if you're just joining us here at 6:30, a young man shot in the chest as school was letting out. police are now looking for whoever it was that shot a teenager near ballou high school in southeast. the 17-year-old victim is a student there. police say there was some sort of argument before the gun fire. our jackie benson is working the story tonight. we'll have updates for you on news4 and on the nbc washington app. >> now to a case that many believe highlights the brutal nature of one of the nation's most violent and powerful street gangs, an accused ms13 gang member is on trial right now in fairf fairfax county for his role in the death of a gaithersburg teenager who was tortured and stabbed. day four of his trial just wrapped up with prosecutors showing jurors some extremely graphic evidence. >> today the jury got a look at some cell phone video of the killing allegedly recorded by another gang member. news4's chris on
6:32 pm
courtroom. >> reporter: this is the first time this video has been seen by anyone other than police, prosecutors, and the lawyers in this ms13 case. the jury watched in stunned silence as a reporter who has covered murder trials for years, i have rarely seen anything more disturbing. i could only imagine what the victim's family was feeling as i looked over and saw some of them crying in court. 15-year-old alexandra reyes is seen tortured and stabbed on the cell phone video taken by an alleged gang member. her body was found near a lake in springfield in february. she had been missing since december. the lead detective investigating her murder testified in court that 21-year-old wilmer sanchez serrano is the person on the video spearing reyes with a long sharp stick as she lay helpless on the ground. detective brian briar son
6:33 pm
before being stabbed, lifeless afterwards. on an earlier video, the detective identified a man holding a knife as the defendant serrano. he is not the only one facing charges in this case. 17-year-old venus told an investigator she used the knife to stab reyes 13 times and slice a tattoo from her arm. the defense argues that the other gang members charged in this case are teenagers, that serrano is 21 and has no prior record of being involved with ms13. the jury will begin its deliberations in this case of first degree murder next week. reporting from the fairfax county courthouse, chris gordon, news4. >> new concerns about airport security tonight as we head into the busy holiday travel season yet again, under cover agents from homeland security were able to smuggle test weapons through airport checkpoints. this time tsa screeners were more effective than they were in 2015 when
6:34 pm
identify 95% of the inspector's weapons. this latest failure rate was not disclosed, but government sources described it as unacceptably high. >> additional investment would make travelers whether americans or people visiting our country safer. >> in a statement, tsa officials say they take the findings very seriously and they are implementing measures to improve screening at checkpoints. they are also asking for funding for new 3-d screeners that better detect signs and weapons and carry on bags. >> a dispute between neighbors at a fence won't fix. a marijuana dispensary wants to open up for business right next door to a church. in fact, they'd share a wall. that church is in i a strip mall in camp strings on allen town road. prince george's county buf owe chief tracee wilkins explains why the church can't do much about this new neighbor. >> the notion of a medical dispensary, marijuana dispensary next to a house of worship is
6:35 pm
i don't get that. >> reporter: hope of wellness wants to open a medical marijuana dispensary in this shopping center on allen town way next door to the connect church. >> you can literally walk up and down this street and ask does anyone know the county is proposing a medical marijuana dispensary and no one in this community is aware of it. >> reporter: in a statement a spokesperson said the company is committed to well-being and health within the community, and working to advance knowledge and understanding of its sevg says. county law states the dispense risk must be 300 to 500 feet away from day care rec programs and schools. the pastor of this church feels it should be the same for churches. >> what happens if it were approved for recreational marijuana? then we have a real issue. >> i agree with him. >> reporter: the councilmember over sees the district and sides with the church, but says he also understands how hard it is for these new businesses to find locations that meet state and county standards. >> it's a little difficult for them,
6:36 pm
type of medical facility as well. >> reporter: according to state law, medical marijuana dispensaries must be near a medical office. turns out, one was just built here. on monday, members of this church and folks who live in the community will be gathering to try and influence the county council's decision on whether a dispensary will go here. the council takes that up on tuesday. for more information, you can log onto nbc washington and search medical marijuana. in camp springs, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. >> forget about online shopping. a major retailer is getting ready to offer curb side pickup around the clock. how it works and where you can test it out for yourself. >> plus a potential downside to those christmas songs already playing on some radio stations. why some say it is actually bad for your health. doug? >> there is no way that's possible. no way! guess i have to watch that story. temperatures tomorrow, a far cry from where they are right now. look at these wind chills down to
6:37 pm
in leesburg. if you don't have the coats ready for tomorrow, time to get them out.
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♪ ♪ it's already out there. there are two kinds of people out there, folks, right now. those who enjoy christmas carols and grinches who say it's too soon. linda blair, psychologist, says it is correct. it is bad for your brain. it stresses you out, makes you feel like you're behind on your holiday shopping and your cooking and party planning and all that stuff. retailers use that reaction to their advantage. they actually play this christmas music as early as october because they hope that stress causes you to come in and make an impulse buy. >> yeah, i don't like it. i think we should wait till after thanksgiving. celebrate one holiday at a time. >> at a time, thank you. doesn't seem fair, like you're cheating the other holidays.
6:40 pm
>> stop trying to manipulate us. nordstrom is testing a new service for holiday shoppers who cannot fit all of their errands into regular mall hours. what do you think about curb side pickup around the clock? the pilot program starts december 16th and runs through christmas eve. nordstrom is testing it out at ten locations nationwide. it's going to be available in our area at the tyson's store. keep it in mind for those predawn shopping runs. consumer reporter susan hogan is taking a deeper look at the changing landscape for retailers. her series airs all next week on news4. >> that is an invitation to impulse buying. how many people bought ginsu knives because they were up at 3:00 a.m.? >> if you wait until right before christmas, that's a pretty good thing to have, i think. >> smart, smart, okay. well, as winter approaches, doug is making his predictions and answering your questions. he's pinpointing our best chances for a big snowstorm. >> first the incredi
6:41 pm
a war hero with deep roots in maryland. how he turned his pain into purpose after surviving a
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
as veterans day approaches, a local medal of honor recipient is opening up about the day a suicide bomber killed four men and nearly killed him in afghanistan. before he joined the army, flo grew up in montgomery county and graduated from the university of maryland. his new book hits store shelves this week. he sat down with news4's aaron gilchrist and explained how he overcame pain and guilt to honor his brothers in arms.
6:44 pm
later, about 20 feet away with my foot facing me and my fibula out, bleeding everywhere, leg melting, my entire life changed. >> reporter: he will plainly tell you that talking about august 8, 2012, is hard. it was months into his second tour in afghanistan, this time he was in charge of a protective detail for an army colonel. >> i put all the vips that i could into our diamond formation, which was typical. individuals from structures to our left walked out, walked back, yelled out, screamed to them, realized he had a suicide vest on. i got as fara way as quickly as possible. that's the only thing i could do to protect me teammates. >> reporter: in his new book 8 seconds of courage, he tells that story in vivid frightening heart breaking detail. four men he had grown to respect,
6:45 pm
that suicide vest detonated. >> when he realized we could go into details to tell the story of those incredible individuals, all the service members we deployed with, i jumped at the opportunity. >> reporter: he recounts wanting to be a soldier since childhood and losing his favorite uncle would fought terrorists in algeria in the '90s. the 2011 atta-- 9 /11 attack was call to service. his men, his brothers, lived to come home. >> we go through pretty tough times together. this is really representative of love. so, i went in with hate and i came out with love. it's just an incredible transformation that i try to put in the book. >> reporter: his second tour ended in emotional and physical agony, losing four comrades, more than a dozen injured. the explosion he survived left him with a traumatic brain injury and even
6:46 pm
surgeries cost him most of his left cast and hearing in one ear, all of it almost cost him his sanity. >> and the pain and the doubts and the self-doubts, and the survivor's guilt, that was really tough for me. i was at the brink of figuring outweighs to end it all. >> reporter: he says his book is part tribute and part therapy. talking about what happened to him and singing the praises of the men who died allowed him to find daylight again. when dark days resurface, love again brings him around. >> beyond our relationship, being engaged to be married and everything, we makeup a really good team. >> reporter: he will marry an american hero next year. she's been by his side since they met in 2014. the love of his life, flo will tell anyone who will listen. he endured years of sleepless nightmare filled nights. until her. >> when i slept next to her, i actually slept.
6:47 pm
about her that i couldn't pinpoint. >> kind of one team, one site. if he's having a rough night, i'm there getting through the rough night with him. >> reporter: three years they took the photograph with president obama at walter reed. he stood next to his commander in chief. [ applause ] >> on his very worst day, he managed to summon his very best. >> reporter: in the book flo writes of that surreal moment and the excruciating pain in his left leg. the pain in his heart as he thought of the men who died and fought back tears as he stared into their families eyes, eyes that would also bring him relief. >> that they were there, even though someone so close to them, a loved ones, father, son, a brother, didn't come home, they were all there to support me that day, and that to me represents everything. >> reporter: now he dedicates his new book and his life's work from now on to those
6:48 pm
>> you have a responsibility to be a better person. you have a responsibility to honor those who didn't come home and be an inspiration for others. >> reporter: in washington, aaron gilchrist, news4. >> a lot of strength there. >> fascinating stuff. >> captain grow berg's book is in book stores now. >> you can read an excerpt in the nbc washington app. just go there and search the term medal of honor. fantastic story. glad to hear he was able to tell that story. >> me, too. doug is back with more on -- we'll be talking about tonight and tomorrow night. talking about the long range. >> tonight first, then we'll get back to the long range stuff. we've been talking about for days here, right now not bad unless, you know, you want the colder air. it's coming. we're dealing with temperatures in the 50s. this is the high today, 57 degrees. that's actually not too bad this time of year. 56 to the west, cooler, 45 winchester, 46 toward martinsburg. notice where we'll be tomorrow
6:49 pm
this is 8:00 tomorrow when most of us are getting out of bed -- actually, most of you get out of bed earlier than that. but, hey, getting out of bed it's going to be cold. 27 gaithersburg, 21 in winchester, 27 down towards the cull penner area. that's with the wind. winds could be gusting 25 to 30 miles an hour. that could put it down to the 20s 3:00 in the afternoon. wind chill 34 in d.c. if you're heading out friday night, once again a lot of big football games out there. temperatures tomorrow night are going to be brutal. 27, feels like temperature in d.c., 19, 18, back towards martinsburg. really cold numbers as you step on out tomorrow night. your friday night going to be one to put on those -- all the coats, the hats, gloves, same deal on saturday. saturday morning, only in the low 20s. so, some incredible cold. at least for this time of year. i'm going for a record low temperature in d.c. of 26 degrees early saturday morning. now, we are still dealing with some rain. you notice it right along the i-95 corridor. nothing back to the west. we've been seeing some drizzle and some shower activity in this .
6:50 pm
down through fairfax, prince william county, quantico area. i-95, a little bit of a wet drive for some. not going to be too much to worry about, though. all of this is going to be extremely light, it will continue to stay that way. school bus tomorrow, coats, blochlz and hats for kids. 39 degrees at the bus stop. wind chill as i mentioned between 20 and 25. 42 by recess, and 40 degrees by afternoon with those wind chills between 25 and 30. as i mentioned with the winds, gusting 20 to 30 miles an hour, just amazing. the cold air that is coming on in here. it's sticking around for saturday. tomorrow alert day because of the cold. sunday a chance of showers late, but mostly dry. temperature back to 51. we start to rebound a little bit. then we're into the mid 50s all next week. not a bad week for the most part. we'll see temperatures still below average, but not all that bad. it does look like a chance of showers next week. now let's talk about that snow fall forecast here. what are we going to be seeing? well, to the south 7 to 12. i knew that was
6:51 pm
fast. let me move that back for you just in case. show you what is going to be happening the next few days as we move on through. temperatures will be cold enough for snow a few times. i do think we're going to get a good number of snow events. notice 11 to 19 through the d.c. metro area. that is right around average for this time of year. so, i do expect average snow fall. here's the thing. i would not be surprised and i've said this the last couple weeks, i would not be surprised to see some snow toward the end of this month into early december. another chance possibly close to christmas. and then early in january, this is what i really want everybody to remember here. early in january, a good chance the first two weeks. that's when i think we have some of the coldest air and that's when i think we have the best chance to see some significant snow. not a huge one, not a huge one, but a good one that will shut schools down for a day or two. not three, but a day or two. >> okay. first part of january. >> first part of january is the time to look for. >> thank you, doug. >>
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk. >> and it's vikings week. burgundy and gold, another injury announcement for the redskins. today it's the team's top tackler. zach brown. he's on the list, he salt out with an ankle injury. stay tuned for his availability on sunday. jay gruden, he's used to adjusting his game day roster by now. another key player not practicing today, trent williams, he's still
6:55 pm
curt cousins might not have twice the subbed, looks like he's getting some weapons back. jordan reed getting work in. good sign. also dealing with hamstring injuries. talking about receiver jameson crowder, he makes a great catch. that was my friend john from the espn. hi, john, photo bombing that play. meantime, josh stockton, everyone else agrees, second year josh stockton looks like he's ready to take the next step. in eight games he has just 11 catches but is averaging over 17 yards per catch. ba dachshund is coming up, making the game winning touchdown, seattle. leon fist pumping. curt cousins took time to have a conversation with his young wide receiver after the game. >> let's make sure this isn't a one and done this can. let's make sure this is a repeatable thing and something that, you know, people expect to have happen, not just next week, not just this season, but
6:56 pm
>> he works hard. he's quiet. he does exactly what you ask him to do. he's just waiting for more opportunities to come. i think from a statistical standpoint, people are waiting for him to have the ten catch for 200 yard performance with three touchdowns. i think those days are coming. >> dachshund and his quarterback, earning his quarterback and his coach's trust. meantime the playoffs are still in the picture. i knew someone was going to say that. nfl and nbc tonight, thursday night football, favorite coach tony dunge weighs in on eight games in. >> division games down the stretch will tell the story. having already lost to philadelphia, that definitely hurts the redskins chances. but this nfc race is still wide open. i think washington has to feel pretty good about where they are and see if they can string together three or four and get to 9 and 7, 10 and 6. if you get in these playoffs, you're going to feel good about your chances. >> you can c
6:57 pm
rodney harrison and the whole crew tonight at 7:30. kickoff between the seahawks and cardinals right here on nbc 4. the drama continues for dallas. first he was then he wasn't then he was again. now he is. cowboys running back ezekiel elliott 16 game suspension upheld today. elliott turned down in court. cowboys will be without the nfl second leading rusher until at least december 1st. that's when according to pro football elliott will have another appeal heard. redskins game at the end of the month. stay tuned for more and the cowboys turn. it's wall versus ball. take two, john wall wizards hosting, looking to rebound from tuesday's loss. they want to get revenge from the three-point loss in overtime a couple weeks ago in l.a.. and oh, yeah, by the way, guys, they want
6:58 pm
win at home for the first time. >> it's wolf season.
6:59 pm
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breaking news tonight. bombshell allegations against u.s. senate candidate roy moore. the alabama republican accused of fondling a 14-year-old girl when he was 32. other women saying moore pursued them when they were teenagers. there are loud and growing calls for moore to drop out of a critical race. also breaking tonight, star comedian louis ck accused by five women of sexual misconduct. his movie premiere canceled. another scandal rocking hollywood as the avalanche of allegations against notable men continues. news tonight about your taxes as senate republicans unveil their own sweeping plan. what it means for your money. the big chill on the way across a huge part of the country. it's about to get dangerously cold. al roker is here with


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