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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  November 13, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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always what comes next that gets you. >> i'm glad the rain moved out this morning. starting to look like an ugly day. >> actually, it's a perfect day. after everybody was pretty much in with their sunday activities. should be out relatively quickly. >> always nice to sleep through rain as it's falling. hopefully, you had a good sleep and it didn't wake you up too much. as we go through the day, a lot of the clouds will be clearing out and we'll see improving conditions. as far as the temperatures are concerned, we in fact have some areas in the 30s right now. so we are off to a chilly start with this rain starting to clear out. here's a look at the radar. the rain around early this morning. most of the areas starting to see the clearing. any snow will -- not moving here. if you're across the bay bridge and headed in that direction, it is still raining steady. temperatures in the 30s for many
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37 leesburg. gaithersburg. frederick 39. manassas, 40 degrees in the district. as you wake up and walk outside, you will notice the temperatures staying in the 40s. the clouds will be with us. you want a warm jacket, but you start drying up. through the day today with developing sunshine, still a chilly afternoon. the numbers coming up. >> let's take a look at the commute. hi, sheena. good morning. taking a look at the roads. live look 270 at middle brook. here through germantown, show you the delay on 270. from 70 down through urbana. little bit slow. nothing happening there. just have the normal delays. eastbound 70 before 75. new market, still have this crash with the left lane getting by. it is still slow through ha area. in leesburg, now, 7 at west market street. have that crash hanging around. right now, as we widen out, overall beltway is looking good. as you approach woodbr
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thank you, melissa. following breaking news this morning, a man is in critical condition after an officer involved shooting on newton street in bladensburg. this all started around 9:00 in a parking lot near the blad jens wood condominium. >> reports of a man with a gun. an officer shot the suspect in the lower body. it's not clear what led the officer to fire his gun. we know he's on administrative leave right now. that's routine. police recovered a gun from the suspect as well. prince george's county officer accused of misconduct while on the job will head to court today. the trial of corporal george merkel is set to start. prosecutors say he assaulted a woman outside a pawnshop in 2016. two other officers witnessed merkel yell obscenities at her and hit her on the head. >> 6:02 right now. an urgent call to find this missing woman in arlin.
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they left her home thursday afternoon without her medication. her family and friends searched for the 28-year-old. they received a tip she was seen at the shopping center about a mile from her home. no one has heard from her since, though. >> this is the worst nightmare that any parent can go through. >> if you have seen her, please contact police. >> a small texas church that was the scene of a massacre has reopened as a memorial. it has been one week since a gunman killed 26 people inside the church in sutherland springs. a space is all white with 26 chairs. they're arranged where each victim sat that day and is adorned with a red rose. the pastor said they did it to remind everyone that love never fails. the church helped sunday
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baseball field. the congregation was showered with love when hundreds attended that service. >> breaking news at the live desk. >> u.s. officials. >> the suspicious white powder. they immediately -- investigators with biochemical protective gear. initial tests show the powder does not contain a harmful substance but due to the harmful activity to suspend all applications for the day. >> your time is 6:04. now to decision 2017 where this could be a critical day in determining control of virginia's house of delegates. >> all because three races are too close to call. >> there's a battle over whether some provisional ballots will be counted. >> justin finch in live in fairfax county where they could get answers today.
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>> that's right. answers here at the fairfax county government center. every voter wants to have their voices heard and today, the provisional ballots here will have their chance as well. they could swing close races here. take a look at this graphic. they have three seats now in play in the house of delegates. democrats holding 49 seats. republicans edging up with 51. a slim margin here. starting at 9:00 a.m., voters will be able to make their cases before fairfax election officials as to why their provisional ballots should be counted. a provisional ballot can be used if a voter has an issue with their registration, their polling place or their ballot or forgot their photo i.d. for example and today, those ballots can truly count. a gain of just one seat could give a 50/50 split in the house. a gain of two, of course, would lock in a definite upper hand. i'm justin finch. news 4. back to you in the
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>> justin, thank you. one of the races that is too close to call is in stafford county. >> right now, republican bob thomas leads joshua cole -- 55 military absentee ballots and provisional ballots are not being counted but should be. election officials say the ballots came in after the deadline. the stafford county electoral board will discuss what to do with the provisional ballots later today. 6:06 now. we'll update the election results in the nbc washington app as the final counts are certified. just search election results. cousins, in trouble. down he goes. >> from a shocking win last week to one of the most disappointing losses this week. the redskins are in a world of hurt. you know what, cornerback josh norman had did not mince words. he said the defense played like trash in the secondary. >>
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especially coming from him. sherri burress reports on how the team will try to regroup before next sunday. >> if you blink, you would have missed it. from a three-point redskins lead to a 3-4 deficit in less than five minutes adding up to the redskins losing 38-30 to the vikings. a good start for the redskins early on. kirk cousins looking downfield. coming off the practice squad saturday. wide receiver mo harris with what may be the catch of the year. 'skins ahead early. it's not how you start. it's how you finish. three unanswered touchdowns for the vikings. the deficit, the redskins couldn't overcome. >> we couldn't get a stop on defense. gave them another touchdown and put us in the hole by 11. our third quarter. they go up 18 right away. that was a big swing. >> tough pill to swallow. we're going to eat it up and look at it and see things we
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wrong. got a high-powered offense against the saints. >> next up, won't be easy in the big easy as the redskins take on new orleans who put up 47 points on sunday. from fedex field, sherri burress, news 4 sports. they are taking off the jackets and putting on aprons this morning. we're kicking off firefighter cookoff this week. molette green is live in the community in manassas. uh-oh. molette, i see you're ready to go. >> reporter: i know. they took off their jackets and i put one of them on along with the hat. i can tell you, this is really heavy. hard to balance. it gives you another sense of respect for the guys who are, some of them cooking up in the kitchen here. they have had a call last night. a lot of them are getting a little bit of shut eye before coming down this morning. we showed you the appetizer, the crab risotto. air anyone i. i'm saying that so wrong. justin, i
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justin cooked that up. we have him working on braised short ribs. if irene can get over here. we'll show you how delicious they look. they'll be giving away this food to special needs who will be coming here in a little bit. later on this morning for a tour. coming up, we'll talk to the firefighters next about why food is so critical to keeping this firehouse a family. that's coming up next. i'm still staring at the -- >> dried risotto balls. >> we'll check in with you a little bit later. >> it is just the beginning of the ewing era. he had a lot of star power to back him up. how the georgetown hoyas performed with its new coach at the helm. >> plus a stabbing in the mall. macy's turned into a crime scene all because of what went down in
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>> i'm storm team meteorologist chuck bell. kind of a nasty start to your monday. if you're thinking about the weekend. looks like sunday may be the drier half of the weekend. but the colder half. saturday looks like quite a bit of rain.
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good morning everybody. it is cold and wet outside this morning. so the daily grade is the best i can give you is a c minus. temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s. we'll be up near 53 for a high today. see a peek or two of sunshine later on. a soggy morning melissa mollet.
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>> use the seat heede erheatersr sure. we'll talk about that coming up. thank you, melissa. this morning, learning more about an unthinkable situation for shoppers. police in bloomington, minnesota. two people are recovering after being stabbed at the mall of america an sunday. >> police say one of the victims is trying on clothes at the macy's. that's what you're seeing in this individual dwroe. when he went back to his dressing room, he caught the suspect trying to steal from him. that's when police say things turned ugly and the suspect pulled out a knife. police say he stabbed the victim and another man. the suspect is in jail. >> fairfax county police are searching for the person who shot a man early sunday morning. they responded to the restaurant on columbia pike. they found one man -- at last check in critical condition. >> police in the district came
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tribute to lives cut short by gun violence. they gathered at mt. mariah baptist church in northeast to honor those killed by guns. each shirt bears the name of a victim. many of them were young people. >> been killed in our community and it's sad to know that my children's friends are dying when they really shouldn't have to. >> the people we spoke with called for stricter gun regulations to help fight the violence. >> 6:15 right now. >> not a lot of -- some of the best cooks around here are the bravest people in our community. we're talking about firefighters. >> what a great combination. firefighter cookoff week. >> bragging rights on the line. molette green live in the community with her delicious assignment. i hope you have a taste for short ribs. i've been thinking about them all morning. >> hey guys, a littleha
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hear in this fire station. we're at engine company number 1 on centerville road in manassas. this was the only fire company in the city of manassas that served the whole city of manassas. a lot of history here. so we're cooking it up. manassas up first in this firefighter cookoff. we've got justin and dusty. justin cooking up shrimp right now. we saw his delicious crab risotto. >> arron sin i. >> oh, my goodness. we haven't tasted it yet. dusty is doing the main dish. what's on the menu. >> braised pork rips over red mashed potatoes. doing it right now. getting the veggies done. hopefully turns out well. >> dusty, why is food so important in the firehouse. >> keeps everyone together. i mean we're on different rigs throughout the day. >> eat lunch, breakfast lunch and dinner tog
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it's nice. >> 62 career firefighters. they have a fire museum here with a truck that as old as 1909. justin fire safety very important this time of year. >> right now, during the holidays, spoken a bit more. becomes more of an issue. >> in the kitchen around the house. >> some of the biggest things i see. keep your food attended. don't leave something on the stove. stuff in the oven. that will happen a lot of times. >> what's happening with those shrimp. >> we're doing those up to be shrimp scam by. sauteing them in butter. >> we're going to see the finished plate later on in the show. they are fighting for bragging rights because we've got other
6:18 am
trying to get in on this show you guys out. are you going to win? >> of course. >> we'll see. >> we'll see. >> that is the latest live from inside the kitchen at engine company number 1. we've got a lot more to show you coming up in the hour. back to you. >> all right. looking good already. short rib shrimp scampi. >> thank you, mo he let. my brother is a firefighter. they make the best food. i'm not even kidding you. >> right. >> they cook all day in the firehouse. they cook for each other. 24-hour shifts. >> it's a brotherhood. >> if they're good, they will give you grief for it. >> if you're not good, you quickly learn how to be good. they're good cooks. my brother is a great cook. i'm going there for christmas. he better be listening. >> he's down in florida. >> could use warm stew or grits or something down in
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it's pretty chilly outside this morning. it's not as cold as the weather saturday morning. but as we go into the early morning commute hours, which we're in now, we have areas in the 30s. as you step outside, we have drying conditions but the roads are wet. you will notice still need a warm jacket this morning. the bus stop, the warm jacket. recess chilly but dry. if you're exercising, wet pavement. but we're going to see improving conditions throughout the day. a hot of the rain moved out. snow up to the north. pretty cold to our north. but we have cold temperatures. just not supporting any snowfall. rain mainly near the eastern shore. that's where it's going to continue to head. we'll see the clouds breaking up later on today. look at the temperatures. 37 ft. meade. leesburg, 36. 39 dulles. clinton. 42 in washington. now, if you're walking the dog today or if you need one to adopt and walk, they're available at the humane rescue alliance. warm jacket this
6:20 am
pavement is wet. 44 degrees by 8:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m., clouds break. highs in the low 50s. here's future weather, the rain continues to clear. dry through the afternoon. look what happens tomorrow morning with clear skies. the cooler temperatures moving in. we'll be in the 30s. warm jacket tomorrow morning. high temperatures for most of the week. normal highs 59 degrees. below normal until thursday. around normal and drop again. we have a pretty different week and forecast each day. for the rest of the week after today, we stay dry until thursday morning. that's the next chance for showers. wait for the weekend forecast. chuck is back with a closer look at that. good morning, melissa. >> have a new problem. trying to pull this camera up for you guys. inbound 66 this there at 28. take a look here. very, very slow crash blocking the middle of the roadway. going to try to get more
6:21 am
inner loop at gallows road. crash report there had as well. the tiniest slowdown. not too impactful right now. northbound bw parkway, single lane getting by the crash. still have the situation on 70 before new market here. eastbound. left lane is the only thing getting by there. back down to 66 and 95. northbound fairfax county parkway near 50. a crash as well. get you another picture of the problem on 66. melissa, thank you. sexual harassment scandal hits team usa. aly raisman's tell-all book and what she reveals about a team usa doctor. holiday shopping about to get a reboot. we're kicking off our series, reinventing retail. how stores are raising the stakes. former vice president joe biden talking politician on ellen. at 3:00 p.m. find
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thanksgiving hasn't gotten here yet. christmas has. >> the christmas tree at national harbor. take a look. the national harbor christmas tree is 55 feet tall. the tree is on waterfront plaza and adorned with 20,000 lights. >> it's beautiful. don't get me wrong. i need to celebrate thanksgiving first and then i will be in the christmas spi
6:25 am
christmas music every day. the tree goes up. but thanksgiving. >> not yet. >> this holiday season could make or break one of our local malls. up against the convenience of the online shopping, they need a game changer now. >> new this morning, consumer reporter susan hogan looking at how malls are reinventing themselves. here's a question for you. when was the last time you've been into a mall. been a while, huh? >> you're not alone. in fact, just in the past several years, we've seen 13 malls in our area close down. what would it take to get you back? would this? this is not an urban street or neighborhood. it's the westfield wheaton mall in montgomery county. it's what got mayor lee mow zig a out of the -- >> i had to come. i thought this was awesome and i wanted to feel i was a part of it. >> retailers are looking for the malls to drive traffic
6:26 am
can drive traffic by, again, taking space that might be unproductive right now, turning it into event space. >> it's all about creating an experience. >> nbc4 is working for you. we're showing you how local malls are literally reinventing retail on news 4 at 4:00. >> an armed man shot by police. new details emerge about breaking news while you were sleeping. what we just learned about what led up to this encounter. >> today is the day. a busy metro station gets a major overhaul as a couple of escalators are going to be replaced.
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fast approaching 6:30 on a monday morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang. you may notice wet pa
6:30 am
weather and traffic. >> let's begin with meteorologist chuck bell on the weather deck. we've reached the point where the coat is necessary. >> temperatures in the upper 30s to around 40. a lot of puddles for the kids to jump over or into this morning. be ready. there's our tower camera. still a lot of low clouds and low visibility early this morning. this will eventually be an improving weather picture. you can see on radar. most of the rain is on the southernmost tip of st. mary's county. it's cold. upper 30s to 40 degrees as you plan out the day. we will get sunshine later on in the afternoon. temperatures around 53 degrees. on the cool side but hey, it is the middle of november. >> there are some monday morning issues on metro. more on that, let's go to melissa mollet. >> good morning, chuck. that's right. this popped up. wanted to let you know. silver and blue line. single tracking between addison
6:31 am
silver and blue. add time to your morning commute. eastbound 66 at 28. the middle of the roadway. it's getting bad. you can see it here. fairfax county parkway. inner loop at gallows road. you can see a little bit of a slow down on the roadway. >> single lane getting by. >> eastbound 70. new market. still have that left lane. the only thing getting by. >> melissa, thank you. we're following breaking news on the alexandria mayoral race. >> the live desk with details. >> vice mayor justin wilson going to run for mayor. >> he's a democrat and current mayor. silverburg is running for reelection. the two have had their differencve
6:32 am
how much to develop, redevelop to raising the city's tax rate. but again, democrat against democrat in the pry mayor any june. it's a race we'll keep an eye on. >> chris, thank you. the other top stories we're working on for you. today we could learn who will control virginia's house of delegates. three races are too close to call. it's one of the seats turned democrat. it would create a 50/50 split in the house with democrat lieutenant governor-elect justin fairfax holding the tie breaking vote. provisional ballots to determine the final vote counts in the races. >> president trump is in the middle of the last stop on his tour of asia. during an event earlier today, an annual summit of world leaders. that's where he said he's there to advance peace and promote security. >> part of the redskins schedule this season. yesterday proved to be a tough day for the burgundy and gold. things started off pretty well
6:33 am
just called up from the practice squad, made this amazing one-handed catch. but the team didn't have an answer for the vikings offense and quarterback case keenum. who knew he would have such a good game. redskins lose 30-38. more condolences after a wheaton woman was killed after leaving her job at kfc. her body was found next to a dumpster friday. a cook is now charged in her death. kfc is offering support and counseling to her family and other employees. in a statement, the company is shocked and saddened by this senseless tragedy. the company says it is committed to doing everything it can to support the family and friends. this morning, a prince george's county woman is in the hospital after a fire tore through her home. look at those photos. the fire broke out yesterday afternoon on eastern avenue in capitol heights. firefighters rescued one woman from the basement.
6:34 am
fire investigators say the fire started in the basement, quickly spread to the rest of the house. a firefighter battling the flames sustained burns to his ears and was treated at a burn unit. 6:34. right now, a pair of escalators at a busy metro station in the district is out of commission. >> this morning, work has begun at the judiciary metro station to prepare two escalators but the work will take months. news 4 transportation reporter adam tuss is live at that station now with a look at what's happening and in the future. adam, this could slow down commuters. >> reporter: absolutely, eun. we've seen people out here getting confused by all this. you can see the signs are up, the entrances closed starting today. we've got the lock here. you are not getting into this entrance as the escalator work is starting here at judiciary square. this is 4th and indiana. the side closest to u.s. district court of judiciary square. of course, this is a busy metro station along the red line. we've got about 9,000 people a day who
6:35 am
there are two entrance toss judiciary square. looking at this map, you can see this is the 4th and indiana entrance that's going to be closed for the next ten months, guys. you got to be aware of that as these escalators are fixed. the other entrance is at the national building museum over there. metro has been trying to focus heavily on fixing escalators. they have a big project over the next ten years to replace over 100 escalators. this has to be a big focus for them. some of the escalators are really old. they date back to the original metro system in 1976. guys, a little trivia here. if you didn't know, the original part of the metro system, the original section that opened in 76, farragut north to -- a lot of it needs to be fixed and replaced. that's what's happening with these two escalators.
6:36 am
>> adam tuss live for us at judiciary square. thanks. it's the new era of georgetown hoyas basketball. patrick ewing made his debut. me tum bow and -- even michael jordan came out for the game. as for the game itself, ewing couldn't is ask for a better start. he helped lead the team to a win over jacksonville. the hoyas win 73-57. your time is 6:36. the roy moore scandal creating a political divide. the candidate for u.s. senate in alabama stands accused of fondling an underage girl. now, local republicans are taking sides. a bombshell interview, a decorated gymnast speaking about the sex assault scandal. foind
6:37 am
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nse of security. ♪
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if you noticed our iphone x doesn't work in cold weather, another glitch with this phone, apple received reports that the screen becomes unresponsive in cold weather. some owners say they were able to get it working again after locking and unlocking the device. apple is rolling out -- the temperature is between 32 and 95 degrees. what about the people who live in buffalo and st. paul, minnesota. do you have a choice when it comes to winter time? >> i'm sure it's a great phone otherwise. >> rock you to sleep and all that stuff. one of the most accomplished gymnasts of all-time. she's only 23 years old. >> aly raisman is becoming a new kind of leader. this time against sexual abuse. >> why are we looking at -- why not look at -- what about the culture? what did usa gymnastics do and larry nasser do to
6:41 am
these girls so much that they were so afraid to speak up. >> she says dr. larry nasser sexually abused her for years she said he gained her trust by giving her gifts starting when she was 15. she details the story in her new book released this week. he's currently in jail on child pornography charges, a separate case. aly raisman will appear on the "today" show to share more of her story and what she hopes will change moving forward. that's at 7:00 a.m. after "news4 today." right now, it is 6:41. molette green up early this morning. doing a little cooking or watching other folks cook. >> that's right. what's going on out there in manassas, molette? >>. >> reporter: they're plating up the first cookoff in manassas. the challenge from the next fire department coming up on "news4 today." uh-oh. breaking news in first 4 traffic.
6:42 am
on 66. because of an earlier crash, because of traffic problems straight ahead. early morning rain. a lot of that rain cleared out. but the kids need a warm jacket in the bus stop. we have some neighborhoods in the 30s.
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
is it appropriate for a 32-year-old to kiss a teenager? >> a u.s. senate candidate lashes out. >> the first public appearance of roy moore you may have missed and what comes next. >> deadly quake. scrambling to safety. the death toll is climbing as we begin to see the impact of this massive tragedy. breaking news, a police shooting in prince george's county. up to the minute details on the officer who pulled the trigger and the person who was shot. >> election day fallout. tight races on the line. why this could be a big day that could shape the future of politics in virginia. this is "news4 today." time is 6:45. we're following breaking thus this morning. a man is in critical condition
6:46 am
shooting on newton street in bladensburg. it all started last night in a parking lot near the condominiums. for the man with the gun. police confronted that man and an officer shot the suspect in the lower part of his body. it's not clear what led the officer to fire his gun. he is now on routine administrative leave. police say they also recovered a gun from the suspect. new video is surfacing following a magnitude 7.3 earthquake along the iran/iraq border. this is video out of iraq showing the destruction. you can see buildings and roads are just reduced to rubble. >> chris lawrence at the live desk now with the latest death toll from this disaster. chris? >> aaron? >> we hoped the number would not rise. but expected that it would. this is new video from the iran side. iranian state tv increased the death toll to 341 people. they also raised the number of injuries to
6:47 am
the powerful quake was centered outside the eastern iraqi city. we're keeping an eye on the devastating toll. now, back to you. >> chris, thank you. 13 before the hour right now. the chairman of the prince william county board of supervisors is defending candidate roy moore. the republican is accused of initiating sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl when he was in his 30s. during a facebook live event, cory stuart says the allegations against moore are 40 years old. he won't believe the allegations until he sees proof. moore is in his 70s now. hogan is calling on roy moore to step aside saying he's up fit for office following sexual misconduct allegations. he made the allegations on twitter yesterday.
6:48 am
completely false and has vowed to stay in the race. the future of politics in virginia could be decided today. >> that's because elections officials will count provisional ballots from last week and that could determine the outcome of three race that is are too close to call. >> at stake, the balance of power in virginia's house of delegates. justin finch is live in fairfax with more. justin? >> reporter: eun, you can bet that both parties will be watching all this play out. the fairfax county government -- the play out of the counting of the ballots. let's take a look at this graphic here. we have three races now in play. three districts in the house of dell gratz. two are northern virginia districts and democrats are counting 49 seats, republicans 51. that could very soon change. starting at 9:00 a.m. this morning, fairfax voters who used provisional ballots for various reasons will make their cases for election officials to count
6:49 am
these races are very tight. these votes could decide the difference between a 50/50 split as well as a clear majority. so a losing candidate in this race so far can ask for a recou recount. you can bet a lot of eyes are watching what will play out today in fairfax county. back to you. >> justin finch, live for us in fairfax. thank you, justin. of course, we'll update the election results in the nbc washington app as the final counts are certified. search, election results. we have breaking news in first 4 traffic now. we'll check in with melissa mollet to find out what's going on out on the roads. >> good morning, guys. breaking news. we have quite the delay on 66 headed inbound here. this has been a problem here for the past 20 minutes or so. what i can tell you is that it is getting a little bit better. that, of course, is great news as you head inbound on 66. the problem is there at 28. near centerville here this morning. taking a look elsewhere. you can see on
6:50 am
morning. things are getting a little better than they were. columbia pike at carlin springs road. a brand new crash there this morning. 95 not so bad. inner loop, that crash on the shoulder. northbound bw parkway, you have to stay far right to get around that crash this morning. eastbound 70 before new market, lanes are open there. taking a look right now on metro, silver blue line, single tracking right now. as far as travel times, just your normal slowdowns. problem inbound on 66. good morning, chuck bell. i'm out of breath. >> is everything all right? >> everything is fine. i'm good. >> just wanted to be sure. >> walking too quickly. no running in the hallways, melissa. cloudy skies this morning. our little stretch of colder than average weather is set to continue. today will make seven days in a row colder than average. the longest streak of
6:51 am
since may. average high now 59. average low is 42. we'll be cooler than average most if not all of the week in front of us as well. what do you need to know about the weather? the rain coming to an end this morning. a lot of puddles and wet leaves this morning. be careful for that. afternoon clearing today. back into sunshine tomorrow. here's the area of low pressure causing all this. most of the steady rain is east of our location. there are still showers back here across the mountains of west virginia. i couldn't rule out a stray shower or two in northern maryland. northern parts of the shenandoah between now and 9:00 or 10:00. by lunchtime, the rain is over. shortly thereafter, we should get a break of sunshine after 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon. it is a cold start. we're in the mid-30s now. places like leesburg, virginia. gaithersburg, 36. 42 at national armt. 40 in fredericksburg in stafford. a cold and cloudy and wet start. 48 at noontime. temperatus
6:52 am
into the low 50s later on in the day today. the nbc washington app. find me on social media on twitter. most of instagram is dogs and food pictures just so you know. >> temperatures staying at or below average today, tomorrow and wednesday. at least tomorrow and wednesday will be dry. chance for rain showers easterly on thursday. more rain on saturday. blustery and noticeably colder weather for the early parts of next week. >> thank you. 6:52 is our time right now. firefighters we know are the bravest people in our community. this week, they're going to put their helmets aside and pick up their spatulas. >> they're some of the best cooks. bragging rights are on the line. in the community in manassas. they have previewed delicious dishes. i'm ready for the finale. >> this is it. i mean, they're fighting for bragging rights. let's show the final plates cominou
6:53 am
we've seen you the appetizer, the crab risotto. there's the braised short ribs. mashed potatoes underneath that. the broccoli on the plate. here's another finished plate here. >> we got more firefighters to get up out of their beds. they had a call. we let them sleep in a little bit. just a few minutes ago. kevin schafer here. >> good morning. >> good morning to you. thank you for letting us in your kitchen this morning. engine company number one. >> we had peanut butter and jelly toast. >> thanks to dusty and justin. they did a great job this morning. where is the food going today. >> the special ed he had department is bringing their kids for a tour of the fire station. >> they're going to come over and do a tour. we're eating with the special ed he had kids today. >> it was nice to see the museum. >> we got a peek inside. >> stop by any
6:54 am
there. >> 1929 to 1947. 1966 they're in there. >> got 62 career firefighters. 50 volunteers. you guys stay busy all year round. >> we're usually in and out the door. >> 15, 20 times a day. >> this firefighter cookoff challenge, big success. >> the food looks good, smells good. >> hang tight, hang tight. >> it is a challenge. i thought for a second that we would go against -- pg -- so then i thought we could go against montgomery county. then i said washington, d.c. why not shoot for the big dogs, right? why not go. 13 engine, right? engine. and 10 truck. we're coming for you, okay? 13 engine, 10 truck we're coming
6:55 am
>> there's the challenge. >> it's on. >> the fighting. d.c. -- >> it is on manassas. >> big drop. >> do look like -- >> bring that plate down here. >> thank you, molette. >> all the firefighters at engine 1 in manassas. thank you. >> it is 6:55. here are six things to know. virginia election officials will be counting provisional ballots today from last week's election. three races are too close to call. today's count could determine who controls the chamber. make sure you have the nbc washington app. we'll update the vote totals as they kocome in. >> metro -- crews started to replace two escalators at the judiciary square station. that means the fourth street entrance will be out of service
6:56 am
for the next ten months. adam tuss with a look at how to get around the work. >> after an officer involved shooting in bladensburg. no word on what led to the shooting. the man was armed and an officer shot him in the lower part of his body. we'll keep you updated in the nbc washington app. >> president trump on the last leg of his asia tour. he spent the morning meeting with the -- the "today" show will have a complete look at the president's trip. that's next. right now, still have that problem there. not showing you the video for some reason. problem there on 66. slow for about four miles headed inbound. cameras looking a lot better than at 28 and citadel. >> a shill i start melissa. as we go through the afternoon, we'll see clearing conditions. more sunshine. still chilly, though. 53 for a high. tomorrow morning in the 30s. wednesday morning as well. pretty cold mornings. warm jacket this week. by thursday.
6:57 am
different rainy, saturday. blustery on sunday. >> that is the broadcast this morning. appreciate you waking up with us. >> we leave you with engine 1 in manassas. enjoying the delicious meals they cooked up. firefighter cookoff. enjoy your day. >> make it a great monday everybody.
6:58 am
before we start, i just want to say if anyone still doesn't have fios, please stay out of the way so your lag doesn't get us all killed, ben. what's so good about fios anyway? uh. what's so great about a 100% fiber-optic network that
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good morning. breaking breaking overnight, a devastating earthquake on the iraq/iran border leaves more than 300 people dead, 5,000 more injured. a desperate search for trapped survivors now under way. we're live with the latest. last leg. president trump wrapping up his asian tour, meeting with the philippines controversial president. >> we have had a great relationship. >> and facing criticism for appears to defend vladimir putin's claim that russia never meddled in the u.s. election. this morning former u.s. vice president joe biden weighs in on that and a much more in an exclusive live event. fake news. roy moore blasts the sexual assault allegations agast


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