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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  November 13, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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people are now dead in iran and iraq after a powerful earthquake and that number could rise. these are new images of some of the damage that could take days to assess. final count. today election officials are counting provisional ballots from last week's election and each vote is critical especially in three key races. and dry for the rest of the day today, but we'll see what happens to those temperatures and colder mornings in the forecast, too. all of those numbers coming up. news 4 midday starts now. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron
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>> i'm e eun yang. right now three house of delegates races are too close to call. >> today's count could determine who will control the chamber. justin is live with how this is going to work. justin? >> aaron, right now the counting is continuing here, bub the window for voters for provisional ballots to get their cases in, that wind owe is now closed and we have just under an hour left to make their cases here before the fairfax county board of elections. we have a look in there set up a short time ago and close to 700 ballots are now ready for review here. these are provisional ballots given to voters who might have an issue at the polls like not having proper i.d. or having an issue with their registration or even the ballot itself. voters know they must apply the election missing to the board of elections as soon as possie
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risk having their ballots here rejected. today is the day the county election board makes its big decision. >> once the board makes the final decision whether they should be accepted or not they'll be tabulated and that will be added in as its own separate precinct which is what we call the provisional precinct. for our county we'll add them to our results and you'll see them on the website. >> and at last check, no one has shown up here so far, but over the weekend four people did show up to make their cases here before the board. we could see those results, those early results as soon as this afternoon on the website. the next step, though is for those results to go to the state county board of elections where they'll be reviewed one more time and certified by the state as being final. we are live in fairfax, i'm justin finch. news 4, back to you? thank you. >> one of the other races that's too close to call is in stafford
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county. >> he leads joshua cole by 28 votes in the district. there are protests happening in the county because democrats say 55 military absentee ballots and some provisional ballots aren't being counted. election officials say the absentee ballots came in after the deadline. the stafford county electoral board will discuss what to do with these provisional ballots today. >> and we're going to be updating those election results for you in the nbc washington app as the final counts are certified. just search election results. [ speaking foreign language ] >> a pretty scary situation here. you can see the broadcasters shaking during a live show when the powerful earthquake hit the iran-iraq border and the magnitude 7.3 quake was centered outside of the iraqi city of halabja. >> overnight the
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became too clear. the death toll and injury numbers have been rising at an alarming rate. the latest numbers are on your screen right now and iranian state tv reporting 341 people have died and more than 859 others are hurt. the tremor also damaged the dam holding back the dayala river in iraq. people in costa rica also felt a strong earthquake on sunday. take a look at this map that shows where the powerful magity in oquake. it was center outside of the capital of san jose. two people are seriously hurt. and a twitter user shared this home video with us. it was in costa rica during that earthquake. so far there are no reports of major damage in
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cold rain around here. looking outside right now. skies are starting to clear a bit and a warm-up in just a bit. we need that. let's see what we can expect for the rest of our monday. here's our meteorologist sheena par veen. >> it will be warmer than it was this morning. we will see more sunshine as we go through the day outside, and temperatures, 46 degrees and starting to get out there. all of the rain is gone. we're going to watch a lot of these clouds start to break so the thicker clouds will move away and we're left with the thinner clouds. if you live in the suburbs and many may get up to the 40s and more sunshine into the forecast today and tomorrow morning we'll be on the colder side and we'll take a look at what to expect coming up. >> sheena, thank you. developing this morning a man is in critical condition after being shot by a cop in blatensburg. this
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bladensburg condominiums. an officer shot him in the lower part of his body. it is not clear why the officer fired that the point. he is on routine administrative lead and police did recover a gun from the suspect. a national fast food chain is sending condolences to the family of a local murder victim. dania mendes went missing after leaving her job at kfc in wheaton last week. her body was found a few days later and now a cook at the restaurant is charged in her death. kfc is offering support and counselling to her family. it is quote, shocked and saddened by this senseless tragedy. the company says it is committed to do everything it can to support those close to de guera. right now you can only use of
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why it will impact your commute for months. >> this is what you will find as the judiciary square entrance and commit gets replaced. behind there is where the work is taking place. take a look at this map and this gives you a better understanding where this is. fourth and indiana. this is by the u.s. and d.c. courthouses and everything that goes on in judiciary square. the other entrance and exit is over by the national building museum and here today the guys have been working through the night to start this project and they want to replace over 100 and performance has been improving on the escalator side of things and they have a target of 93% escaor
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they've been hitting about 95%. so above their goal for their escalator performance and in here, you can hear that they are actually making announcements about what is going on and if you are in judiciary square, just know that this can be closed for the next ten months. back to you. if you've ever walked near dupont circle at night. chances are you have seen the rats. >> you can't miss them. they're the size of small puppies. >> they walk up to you and ask you for a light. >> i'm telling you! it is a problem mayor muriel bowser is aiming to fix. later the mayor will be joined by community members to highlight the plan to deal with rodents. new tactics include solar trash cans and smart litter bins and a waste compactor program. i will try anything. >> it sounds like a plan to deal with us. >> the newest news 4 i-team covered this issue a few months ago and you can watch
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on the nbc washington website and look under the i-team section. i can't even look at the video. i know. stop. happening today mike liggett is expected to sign into law a bill that would give workers bigger paychecks. the bill would raise the minimum wage to $15, and that is up from the current $11.50 an hour and it all depends on the size of the business. for instance, companies with 51 workers would need to transition by 2021. smaller businesses would have until 2024. new criticism this morning during president trump's trip to the philippines. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> it surrounds this man singing along at a gala dinner. president trump calling his relationship with the philippine president great. why that comment is being questioned. >> yeah. i always thought he was weird, but i just thought he was weird, and i want people to know that i really didn't know it w
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and an olympic gymnast coming forward to talk about abuse a shend
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france is marking two years since the country's worst terror attack. you can see french
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emanuel macron. isis militants attacked outside a stadium inside restaurants and at the bataclan concert hall. france's counter terrorism prosecutor says authorities are still looking for suspects involved in the attacks. president trump is in the philippines today, the last leg of his tour of asia. >> so far the focus of the day has been his meeting with the controversial leader of the country rodrigo duterte. duterte is hosting the summit of world leaders the president is attending. >> you can add entertainer to his role as host of his summit after he sang a duet in honor of president trump. ♪ ♪ >> duterte joked that he sang on the orders of president trump. news 4's tracie potts has some of the highlights of the president's visit.
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canons holding back protesters, president trump opened an economic summit in the philippines this morning urging more balanced trade with the u.s. >> we want our partners in the region to be strong, independent and prosperous. >> he's promising more details wednesday from the white house. >> we have deficits with almost everybody. those deficits will be cut very quickly and very substantially. >> he met one-on-one with rodrigo duterte who supports killing alleged drug dealers. the president avoided provoking kim jong-un after noting insult on twitter adding i tried so hard to be his friend. >> strange things happen in life. that is a strange thing that happened. >> reporter: and he defends befriending russian president vladimir putin after criticizing u.s. agencies for accusing russia meddling in our election. >> i believe in our intelligence agencies. >> i think he's
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to mr. putin that donald trump can be played. >> reporter: more questions about russia as the president wraps this trip with the focus on trade. there were questions about whether human rights would come up in this meeting between president trump and president duterte of the philippines. it did, the white house says briefly as they were talking about the drug war and isis and trade. tracy potts, nbc news, washington. she won six olympic medals and became an icon for girls who want to become gymnasts and now aly raisman is speaking out against sexual abuse. nasser worked as the doctor for two decades raisman details what nasser did to her. nassar manipulated her into
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>> i really didn't know it was happening to me. he was a doctor and he told me that his treatment would help heal all of my injuries, and i was so young. i had never really worked with another doctor or trainer before and everyone said he was the best. he would give me these gifts so i really thought he was my friend and he always seemed like he had my back. >> raisman says she wants usa gymnastics to change its culture and do a better job of protecting athletes. dr. nassar has previously denied assault charges. in a separate case, nassar is in jail after pleading to pornography charges. it's been one week since a gunman killed 26 people inside the church in sutherland springs. the sanctuary, as you can see here is now all white with 26 chairs. they're placed where each victim sat that day and are adorned with a red rose each. the pastor said they did it to
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fails. the church held sunday services under a tent on a baseball field. the congregation was showered with love when hundreds of people drove to attend that first service since the massacre. >> show up and show respect. >> as a fellow texan, and as just basically a christian, basically it's our duty to basically support everybody who is around us and the community that is hurting. >> senator jon cornyn was at the service and said this week he will improve bipartisan legislation for buying guns. the shooting at virginia tech could also have been prevented if that shooter's information had been entered. nbc's justice correspondent pete williams explains the gaps in the federal database. >> reporter: ten years ago it was the third worst mass shooting in america, a virginia
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wounded 17. more than a year earlier a judge had declared him a danger because of mental illness, but that information never made it into the federal database for checking the backgrounds of gun buyers. if it had, the sale would have been blocked. the shooting prompted states to dramatically step up their reporting of mental health records. since then, those reports have more than quadrupled, but other factors can block a gun sale including a felony conviction, drug addiction or a history of domestic violence and the full range of information sent by the states and the military to the fbi at this facility in west virginia remains frustratingly incomplete. >> let's not pretend we just woke up yesterday in amazement that the records of people who are seriously mentally ill or have been convicted of crimes aren't ending up on the background checks. >> the massive database is maintained by the fbi handle an average of 52 checks
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second. 27.5 million last year and 120,000 gun sales and less than 1% were blocked. the defense department says it's now reviewing how the military reports information to the federal databases, after the air force admitted it failed to flag texas gunman devin kelley's conviction of domestic violence. it was 20 years ago by the inspector general who found a high level of non-compliance with reporting requirements, and former fbi officials say it's still a mixed picture for the states with some unable to pass along the data blocked by state laws that prohibit sharing some mental health records. >> it's not that the system is weak. the system has a lot of records in it. the problem is we can't afford to have a single record missing. >> last sunday's shooting exposed more flaws in a system that even the nra says is important in keeping guns out of the wrong hands. pete li
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washington. time is running out if you want your opinion to be considered about toll lanes planned for 66. what you neat to know about the upcoming public meeting. >> the defense took a beating yesterday for the redskins. hear how they plan to right the
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this week was a little disappointing. >> a lot disappointing and the redskins in a world of hurt. quarterback josh norman not mincing any words on this when he talked about the defense. he said they played like trash in the secondary. >> like trash? >> like trash. seriously. >> news 4 sports sherry burress explains how the team will try to regroup before next sunday. >> if you blink you would have missed it from a three-point redskins lead to a three-score deficit in less than five minutes all adding up to the redskins losing 38-30 to the vikings. a good start for the redskins early on. >> kirk cousins looking downfield, coming off the practice squad saturday. wide receiver mohairis with what would be the catch of the year. skins ahead early 7-0, but it's not how you start. it's how you finish. three unanswered touchdowns for the vikings. a deficit the redskins couldn't overcome.
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defense and started in the third quarter and they go down by 18 and right away, so that was a big swing. >> it will be a tough pill to swallow, but we'll eat it up and see things that we did wrong and we have high-powered offense for the new orleans saints. >> next up won't be easy in the big easy as the redskins take up new orleans who put up 47 points on sunday. from fedex field, sheri burress, news 4 sports. all right. >> the saints are going to be tough. i'm just saying. >> i'm trying to be optimistic. >> this is true. all you can be from here on out is optimistic. >> that's the way we need to approach life. >> it definitely applies to the weather because today will be rough. it will be cold. >> it will be chilly this afternoon, but tomorrow morning will be cold. tomorrow morning will be cold when you walk outside. >> you shouldn't be allowed to walk outside. you must stay home until the sun comes out. >> we can just
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>> we can facetime you from your car with the heated seats. >> i do, and i put them on right away and get the electric blanket and walk out to your car, that will help you. >> temperatures will stay chilly through the afternoon and clouds have been locked in, but they'll start to break slowly as we get through the afternoon and temperatures will be in the low 50s and we'll stay dry from here until tuesday morning and that will be the next round of showers into the weekend. we have rain and we have cold and one week this week will be rainy and next week will be pretty blustery so pick and choose which day you want the activities. >> the rain is offshore and we still have the clouds around and a lot of them are locked in, but we have some thinning out across the area and we'll start it see breaks of sunshine and then we'll see clearing overnight tonight and that's when temperatures will drop off and 44 dulles and 46 quantico. so everyone is pretty much in the mid-4
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if you're walking the dog, warm jacket through the afternoon. if you need a dog to walk we have beaker hill available, and find out how to adopt her. 4:00 p.m., 53 degrees and we'll see the numbers dropping and they'll be dropping into the 30s. here is future weather this afternoon and you'll see the breaks and the clouds and clearing overnight. by 7:00 a.m., we're looking for the upper 30s in the district and mid to low 30s and it will be a chilly start to tomorrow morning. the normal high is 59 degrees and we'll stay below normal until wednesday. wednesday, we're until normal and we go into the weekend and changes coming for your weekend forecast and the rest of this week we're looking at thursday morning for the rain chance and cooler as we go into friday and coming up, i'll show you the rain across your weekend and how cold it's going to be once it leaves and that's straight ahead. >> sheena, thank you. you notice that your iphone x doesn't work in col
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didn't the phone just come out? >> it did. >> apple receives reports that the phone is unresponsive in cold weather. some owners were able to get it working again after locking and unlocking the device. apple is rolling out a fix, but until then the company recommends that you use your phone only with the temperatures between 32 and 95 degrees. >> what if you're from buffalo or rochester or minneapolis? >> you're right. >> you better get an android. >> don't say that. thanksgiving is now just ten days away. can you believe that? it's a week from this thursday. hurry up! we're working for you to get you and your holiday destination and get there on time. >> the travel secrets you may have never heard of. >>. >> do you think you could have beaten donald trump? >> oh, gosh. i don't know. former vice president joe biden not willing to commit on that question.
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he run in 2020? th answer after the breaek.
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u.s. officials have close the consulate in hong kong for the day after someone opened an envelope and found a suspicious white powder. they immediately called in a
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investigators with biochemical protective gear. hong kong police received a statement saying initial tests show the powder does not contain a harmful substance, but due to the activity you can see here on your screen, they've had to suspend all visa applications for the day. well, it is a question former vice president joe biden will hear everywhere he goes between now and 2020. are you going to run for president? >> he was asked that question earlier on the "today" show while promoting his new book. the answer, he hasn't made up his mind. >> i can tell you, honestly, if the lord almighty says the nomination is yours i would say i don't know. right now i want to focus on the book. >> biden says he's not closing doort on a possible run, though. if biden were to run he would be 77 years old by 2020 and that would make him the oldest potential candidate in the democratic field other than senator bernie sanders. xt
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ground breaking on the new 66 toll lanes outside of the beltway, but this week you can weigh in on this massive project. the lanes are expected to go in each direction on 66. they will be between the beltway and gainesville. if you want to have a say about some of the detailed designs you will want to go to one of these meetings this week. take a look tonight there is one at oakton high school from 6:00 to 8:30 and tomorrow there is one in centreville and on thursday there will be one in bristol and you can submit comments online. now on news 4. take a look at this a remember laing situation at the orlando airport on friday. this video posted on instagram by the tsa, our affiliate in orlando says the lithium-ion battery inside the bag caught fire and started smoking. look at this. the passenger dropped the bag, and at first the tsa agent thought the bag might have contained some type of explosive device. still, he picked it up and moved ity
11:33 am
if you fly for the holidays this is the time of year you dread. at the peak, more than 2 million people a day will cram into airplanes. is there a way to make sure you get where you're going to go on time? here's nbc's tom costello. safe to say holiday travel is not on most people's bucket rs. the cold, the crowds, and the cancellations, i don't want to sleep on a cot. >> nbc news asked aviation data provider mast flight to run the numbers and get this -- >> the best flights tend to be the ones that are the least expensive. >> you heard right, the cheaper flights are most reliable because they usually leave early. at 6:00 a.m., 88% of flights leave on time. by 9:00 p.m. only 62% leave on time. >> get up early, leave early. >> that's the secret. >> that's the secret. leave early. >> since the weather is usually better in november. thanksgiving travel usually runs
11:34 am
the airports with the most departure delays over thanksgiving, newark with fewer than 79% of flights leaving on time, followed by san francisco, laguardia, lax, o'hare and denver, but over christmas denver has the worst delays with just 61% leaving on time followed by big hub airports, lax, newark, dallas, las vegas, and chicago midway. fly direct and avoid the snow. if you're going to connect, your point is make it a longer connection in a southern city. look at airports like atlanta. they have outstanding performance. >> another tip, when comparing airlines, look at which is building in extra pad time to ensure you get there on time. if you can, avoid small, regional planes and the bigger the aircraft the more passengers, the less likely the flight will get canceled. >> if your flight gets canceled my heart goes out to you, and it will be very, very hard this holiday season to get on
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>> the start of this yearly ritual is now just a week away. tom costello, nbc news, washington. malls are not just for shopping anymore. the extra event that could lure you back into stores this holiday season. >> take a look at these beautiful dishes. they're not being served in a fancy restaurant. the foot is made d is made by fs and served in a firehouse. what they're s er
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firefighters are some of the bravest in the community and this week they'll put hats aside to pick up
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bragging rights is on the line and molette green has day one by the manassas city fire department. >> this firefighter cookoff has really kicked off in manassas engine company number 1. these guys have been in the kitchen since 2:30 this morning and dustin and justin are cooking it up and let's bring on the final plates and show you what they have here. braised shortribs. that is the entree with broccoli, mashed potatoes and the shrimp scampi over there. then we want to show you the appetizer and we've dug in already. >> it needs to be -- >> it used to be six. crab risotto right there, just delicious. >> kevin schaefer is here. >> good morning. >> good morning to you. tell us where the food is going to go today. >> later we'll have the kids from osborne city high school and they'll have the special ed kids come over and they'll have a tour of the firehouse and look at the museum and we'll have lunch with them. >>
11:39 am
there. >> we have the original and we also have the 28 and the 1929, we have the 1947 and a 1966. >> and the tours come through usually on sunday. >> it's open to the public for free. >> okay, perfect. this is a challenge. >> it is a challenge and because it is a challenge we're not going to lose. >> even though we're the first and we thought for a hot second that we thought we'd go against someone else, and we got to the county and we wrote it down and then we went with montgomery county and look loat what we've had to do, and we're going for ten trucks. we're coming for you tomorrow. tomorrow we'll see you tomorrow. >> that's a challenge. d.c., you're next, all right? i'm molette green, news 4, out here in wonderful manassas. even it out. let's eat. let's eat. >> he has it
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>> prince george's out, montgomery out. d.c. >> see what the food is tomorrow. >> it looked really good. >> it made me hungry just now looking at that. >> and they're good cooks the firefighters because they're in the house and they cook and wait for a call and i'm sure they do other stuff, too. but it's a big part of it, though. but any who, today is the day when you want to eat outside for lunch, you can, but it will be chilly. aaron says no. never mind. >> aren't they putting out heat lamps? >> it's too cold. >> never mind. don't do it, aaron. but it is going to stay dry at least for the rest of the day today, and that's good. here is a live look outside. we have some of these clouds trying to break. so don't be surprised if you see filtered sunshine and we'll continue seeing improvements as we go through the afternoon and more clouds breaking and once those clouds clear, we're going to get much colder tonight and temperatures in the 30s for way moha
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morning. 47 degr 47 degrees right now and we'll see more of a break in the cloud cover and farther west of the district and fauquier county seeing more in the way of sunshine and a lot of these low, thinner clouds are still sitting there waiting for some of the sunshine to build in. it's 43 degrees right now and leesburg, winchester, 45 and clinton, 46 quantico and the normal high this time of the year is 59gr eedes and today we'll get to 53 and we're still saying unseasonably cool even with the afternoon sunshine developing and as we go into thursday we'll start to get more around normal and we'll have a big change coming for your weekend and for today, no more rain, the clouds start to break and look what happens overnight until early tomorrow morning and 7:00 a.m. and we're talking about temperatures in the 30s. many suburbs north and west of the district will be on the colder side and we're looking at the mid to low 30s and tomorrow afternoon, more sun than today. that's the next chance
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cooler around 50 degrees and saturday, there's the rain chance coming in, pretty rainy and we go into sunday and the high of 48 degrees and blustery windy and two very different days this weekend. >> thank you, sheena. after the break we'll hear about two very interesting men and one is philanthropist david rubenstein who has donated millions to the most popular monuments. >> he is pushing himself every day to live his life to the fullest and we'll update you on rob jones who ran 31 marathons in 31 days. find out what drives the double amputee through the physical and haotional c
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you may want to lace up your sneakers after hearing this next story. that is marine corps veteran rob jones running along the national mall this weekend. the vet lost both of his legs in afghanistan, and on saturday he ran his 31st marathon in 31 days. talk about impressive. jones was able to complete the remarkable feat while raising money for other wounded warriors. after reaching his goal he said i want people to know that a wounded veteran is not a broken veteran. just an incredible journey for him and so inspirational. >> setting a great example, for sure. >> you've heard of his name, david rubenstein in a town full of politicians he is leaving his mark on
11:46 am
leaving public office. >> he's the living threat to the zoo and the work work monument and so many others. news 4's barbara harrison shows us how he's getting national attention as the host of a new tv ♪ ♪ >> they're known by one name, there's oprah, elvis, jesus, very few people. >> reporter: wait. is that uncharacteristic hint of a smile on the unusual straight-faced billionaire? he seems to be enjoying this and from oprah to bill gates to yo-yo ma, warren buffett and many more, no one seems to say no to being interviewed by who? david rubenstein? >> if you don't get to be president -- >> reporter: that was three years ago at the economics club of washington dinner. david rubenstein doesn't do politics on his peer to peer television show. it's about letting viewers in on the lives of people who usually don't talk about themselves. >> i try to bring out what
11:47 am
them tick and what made them rise from the modern circumstances to whatever they are. >> and his questions aren't always meant to be serious, but sometimes his quintessential straight face can camouflage the obvious. >> sometimes it can get lost in translation. so when i interview bill gates i said bill, do you think you would have been more successful in life if you'd gotten a college degree? how utsch more successful could one be? he didn't quite get the joke. >> while he seems to be enjoying his rising tv fame, he still has his other well-known responsibilities. >> i love everything that i'm doing. to me it's a great privilege to be the chairman of the kennedy center and the smithsonian board and the library of congress. i love all of those things and to me it's a great privilege to do and i love the philanthropy. >> david rubenstein takes
11:48 am
responsibility of wealth very seriously. he's chosen to funnel his philanthropy into american treasure, preserving, protecting and procreating when it came to funding an heir for a pair of pandas at the national zoo. most recently he's given over $12 million for the restoration of this place known as arlington house. >> it's also known as the mansion and i've been involved in helping to restore it. it is the official government monument to robert e. lee and one was it was built as a monument to george issue wash by his step grandson. >> reporter: he says it is more than that. >> secondly, it's the crown jewel or the crown of arlington cemetery, the most sacred ground in the country. i thought people should have a chance to get more of american history. it will have the slave quarter there so people will know it was a place where slaves lived and they can understand the good and the bad. >> reporter: how does he respond the heated question over co
11:49 am
re-examine what we tend to do with the museums and monuments. >> he gave $10 million to the smithsonian's new african-american museum of culture where he hopes the people will learn the good and regretful times in our country's history and move forward to make the future even getter. >> our country is the best country on the face of the earth and we still have challenges and everyone wants to make the world a better place and i have limited time and resources to be able to do it, so i'm trying my way to do things that will happen help people, but there are so many things i could do with my life that i haven't done or probably won't be able to do. >> at 68 he's on a sprint to do whatever he can. i don't know when the finish line will be. david rubenstein wants to get a lot more done in his life. he's serious about that and what about having some fun? his new show may be the answer to that. >> my mother used to say smile more so maybe ish
11:50 am
better job at smiling. >> i think you're doing just fine. ♪ ♪ even at the end! >> not quite a smile. >> david told barbara if he could interview any american ever it would be abraham lincoln and any american woman? abigail adams or eleanor roosevelt. reinventing retail. this holiday season could make or break the local malls. up against online shopping they need a game changer. new this morning, consumer reporter susan hogan looks at how malls are reinventing themselves. >> reporter: here's a question for you. what was the last time you've been into a mall? it's been a while. you're not alone. just in the past several years we've seen 13 malls in our area actually close down. so what would it take to get you back? would this? this is not an urban street and it's the wheaton mall in montgomery county and it's
11:51 am
exactly what got marylee out of d.c. into the suburbs. >> the graffiti art. i heard they were painting the car. being an artist, i had to come. i just thought this looks awesome and i wanted to be to feel a part of it. >> they're looking to drive traffic and you can drive traffic by again, taking space that might be unproductive and turning it into event space. >> it's all about creating an experience. nbc 4 is working for you and we're showing you how some local malls are literally reinventing retail on news 4 at 4:00. we are a couple of weeks out from thanksgiving now. christmas isn't coming fast enough, here's video for you. national harbor is already in the holiday spirit. it is 65 feet tall and it's on the waterfront plaza and adorned with 20,000 lights and last night folks bundled up for the tree lighting ceremony, hot chocolate, and
11:52 am
it really is. >> yes. >> nice and early. >> i need to get to eat my turkey dinner. >> a lot of people feel that way. >> this summer's hurricane devastated more than any of us realized and many communities remained abandoned and the children left h
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irma tore through the caribbean many are still trying to recover. the tiny island of barbuda was nearly decimated. morgan radford shares how volunteers are delivering hope to many there. >> reporter: an entire island nearly wiped off the map. sergeant neil george was there as hurricane irma barreled through barbuda at 150 miles per hour, leaving complete destruction in its wake. is this the type of damage that we're seeing all around? >> yes. basically, you cannot come here because there is nothing to do. >> reporter: there's nowhere to go. >> nowhere to go. >> reporter: here in barbuda, a virtual ghost town. this town square was once filled with shops and homes and now blue tarp and debris as far as the eye can see. with their homes obliterated and their schools destroyed, the island's children have been forced to evacuate with their families to nearby antigua, many of them living in shelters like this one at the local cricket stadium. >> it's been a challenge.
11:56 am
[000:55:58;00] >> i miss my toys. >> reporter: which is why a group of volunteers in north carolina working for christian non-profit samaritans first is loading up a plane filled with shoebox shoeboxes filled with toys for the children of barbuda. >> his wife sherry understand the heartbreak all too well. their own home in texas was destroyed by hurricane harvey. >> as we start helping others, our problems become smaller. they've come to antigua to put a smile on the faces of these children living in limbo. >> is that a bracelet? >> do you like it? how does it feel with these boxes?
11:57 am
>> i feel hope. >> a gift of hope, amidst the >> just to see the effort and the smiles on those faces knowing that the recovery is still far from over. >> nice to see, though. let's get one last look at our forecast. sheena parveen is in with some low numbers. >> yeah. especially if you look at a morning low down here. these are pretty low number, too. it will be cold as you walk out to your car in the morning, should i say. this afternoon the clouds starting to break. high 53 and tomorrow morning we're in the 30s by tomorrow afternoon we're in the mid-50s and rain returns thursday morning and we cool down friday into the weekend and we have a rainy saturday and that will lead us to a pretty blustery sunday and colder air moves in and it's these morning numbers that we're watching and we could be freezing in the district by next monday morning, guys. sheena, thank you. that does it for news 4 midday and thanks for join us and we're back on the air this
11:58 am
afternoon first at 4:00. >> you sound so excited about that. >> she's ready to go.
11:59 am
12:00 pm
>> we'll be ba tomorrow ckmo ♪ we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ ♪ i can never be alone breathe breathe ♪ ♪ lights down low >> her new cd "reputation" sold 700,000 copies in the first couple of hours, if you can believe that. taylor swift there performing "ready for it" with her snam chain microphone on "snl," shot right behind us here in rockefeller plaza. on a rainy monday. >> welcome, everybody!


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