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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 13, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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took her and parked his car in a deserted area behind the restaurant. she said she became alarmed and asked what he was doing. >> instead of answering my question, mr. moore reached over and began groping me and putting his hands on my breast. i tried to open my car door to leave, but he reached over and he locked it so i could not get out. i tried fighting him off while yelling at him to stop. but instead of stopping, he began squeezing my neck, attempting to force my head onto his crotch. i was terrified. he was also trying to pull my shirt off. i thought that he was going to rape me. i had tears running down my face. at some point he gave up. and he then looked at me
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child and he said, i am the district attorney of the county, and if you tell anyone about this no one will ever believe you. >> nelson's statement follows a washington post report that roy moore had sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl when he was 32 and that he pursued three other teens. today senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he believes the women in the post story and he called on moore to step aside. moore responded with pay tweet, calling on mcconnell himself to step down. and moore released a statement before beverley young nelson spoke today, calling the allegations a witch hunt. still, pressure is mouptding from a growing list of republican leaders that include now maryland governor larry hogan and virginia congresswoman barbara come stock, all of them calling on moore to step aside. at the moment, though, roy moore is resisting those calls. we'll have to watch and see what happens in the coming days. doreen, jim, back to you. >> leon, thank you.
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that's roy moore controversy is putting sexual harassment in laser focus on capitol hill where there are concerns about how to prevent harassment within the halls of congress. nbc's kasie hunt is working this story and joins us to talk about how the me too campaign is hitting the capital. that's ahead at 6:45. >> also breaking right now in prince george's county, two families will have to find someplace else to sleep tonight after a car crashed into their building. surveillance video shows the vehicle hitting an apartment complex in the kent land area, then driving away. residents tell us they felt the vibration and went out to check what happened. >> i saw the guy and the guy was like he had a brick -- >> i had to run away. it's crazy, man. i go run away. they're going to know you, man. >> investigators do have one big clue with this, that nissan grill left behind. news4's pat collins will have a live report o
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hour. >> he was heading to the gym one minute and then staring down the barrel of a gun the next. tonight a maryland man is sharing his story only on news4 after getting car jacked outside a planet fitness gym in hyattsville. bureau chief tracee wilkins joins us now with his message to others at the gym. tracee? >> reporter: doreen, the victim in this case tells us he got out of his car, closed the door, locked it and wasn't even a few steps away before he found a gun sticking in his face. when we told planet fitness members about what happened in this parking lot -- >> it's something that will frighten me because i will be like what if it was me. >> reporter: a man heading into this planet fitness found himself staring down the barrel of a gun. because the gunman is still out there, we're not showing the victim's face. >> at first you think about your family, and then you fear for your life. and then you look at this young man and you say, wow, he couldn't have been 19 or
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that's somebody's child. >> reporter: for three years the victim worked out at the 24-hour planet fitness in the 8500 block of landover road. at 2:30 a.m. november 6th. >> i got out, set my lock, beep beam, got out, started walking, bam,ways right up on me. >> reporter: he said he'd never seen the man before and did not see where he came from, but he saw his gun. >> and he asked me to give him my phone, my wallet and my cell phone. >> reporter: the gunman takes everything including his car, but he left him with what's most important. >> i paused for like five segds and i thought about it, i said he could kill me. >> reporter: three days later he was able to recover the car. the suspect is on the loose. he's worried about the safety of others who use this gym. >> it's heartening number one, because you always want to be safe whenever you come to the gym. >> reporter: none of the members we spoke with were aware this happened. >> it's so asad you can't go ou of your house whatever time of
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do without somebody bothering you, it's crazy. >> reporter: we have been working closely with the hyattsville police and their ongoing investigation into this situation. now, again, planet fitness is saying that they are working on security here. prince george's county police working to catch the suspect in this case, but so far no one is in custody. the car was recovered. reporting live in hyattsville, i'm tracee wilkins. back to you all in the studio. >> all right, tracee, thank you. >> no answers tonight from the prince george's county police department on why an officer shot a man in bladensburg last night. police tell us they were called to the blade enwoods condos around 9:00. someone said there was a man in the area with a gun. officers confronted the man and one of them shot him. the officer is now on routine administrative leave. police tell us they did recover a gun from the suspect. >> the man accused of killing his girlfriend because she tried to end theirf
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country illegally. the woman who was married with a child was found near a dumpster in wheaton on friday. her boyfriend admits he attacked her. now he's charged with murder and could face deportation. news4's darcy spencer joins us now with the new details on this case. darcy? >> reporter: doreen, i did receive an e-mail response from i.c.e. earlier today confirming that information that the suspect in the case is in the country illegally. they have placed a detainer against him, meaning at some point he could be deported to el salvador, and this would not be the first time, according to the e-mail, he was deported back in 1994. but he came back. 47-year-old elmer campos-martinez ordered held without bond in the murder of his 21-year-old coworker, dania mendez de guerra. charging documents confirm they were in a romantic relationship and when she tried to break it off, he beat her and strang
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her. they both worked here at the kfc in wheaton not far from where had her body was found. she was married with a 4-year-old son. she moved to the united states from el salvador in january in search of a better life. her husband had reported her missing when she didn't come home from work. >> with the help of the public and the hard work of the police department, they were able to find unfortunately this missing person deceased. >> reporter: investigators say campos-martinez admitted to attacking de guerra as she walked home from work early monday morning. he said she wanted to end the relationship. they argued, then he punched her three times. she fell and hit her head. he escaped in a taxi with her purse and cell phone. her body was found friday afternoon. an autopsy showed de guerra died from blunt force trauma and strangulation. charging documents show she had trauma to her head and face and she suffered wounds trying to defend herself. gomez is a kfc customer. at
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>> she's nice, always pleasant, always nice and friendly. it's just sad that it had to happen. >> reporter: back out live, this is the dumpster area where the victim's body was found friday afternoon. from what we understand, family members are now raising money trying to send her body back home to el salvador. reporting live from wheaton, darcy spencer, news4. >> darcy, thank you. now to our weather and don't put away those -- forget the sweaters. we need jackets this week. >> uh-huh. doug is tracking the temperatures that are a little cooler than average for this time of year. doug? >> yeah, it's all about the puffy coats. yeah, i still have yet to buy myself a puffy coat. i refuse. out there we're dealing with nice conditions. yeah, it's on the cool side, but not terribly cold considering where we were this weekend. there's the storm that came through this morning, provided quite a bit of rain in some locations up to a third of an inch in the southern. 2/10 of an inch in the d.c. metro re
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in the north there is cold air associated with it so yes, some snow with this, too. we're going to start seeing more and more of these types of storms as we move on through the season with the rain/snow mix in parts of the area. not here, it's all rain for us. 53 d.c., 49 in hagerstown. these were the highs. notice the highs today still on the cool side. our average high is 59 so we're well below that. i think we'll stay below during the day tomorrow, but still going to be a pretty nice day currently sitting at 49 degrees. no real cold air here but it is going to be a chilly morning to wake up to. we'll talk about the morning forecast, take you hour by hour and when we see a next batch of real cold air as we head towards the weekend. >> okay, we'll see you soon. thank you, doug. a photo op that made part of president's trip grimacing during a summit handshake. the headlines from this trip has been as much about what the president said as what he did not say. this as he gets ready to return from the longest asian trip any pren
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hill to break it all down for us. hi, blayne. >> well, doreen, hello to you. that somewhat awkward handshake certainly marking the president's final hours overseas, including a moment of singing as well. so, two different occurrences that we're seeing as he wraps up his trip in asia. but today the focus is on conversations that president trump had with two controversial world leaders. >> in one, two -- >> reporter: president trump in manila on stage during the asian nation summit seemingly stumped by the traditional handshake. but a smoother interaction with philippine president rodrigo duterte, casually referring to him by his first name. >> rodrigo, i would like to commend you on your success as asean chair. >> reporter: and duterte, more than friendly. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: serenading the president were lyrics, you are
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this from the controversial leader accused of killing thousands in a philippine war on drugs. the white house says president trump did bring up human rights violations, though briefly. duterte spokesperson said that conversation never happened. >> the former u.s. presidents had used that power and influence to promote human rights and due process, and that is not what president trump did. >> reporter: president trump also facing criticism for appearing to take vladimir putin's word that russia did not interfere in the 2016 elections instead of believing the intelligence community. president trump now walking that back. >> i believe that president putin really feels -- and he feels strongly -- that he did not meddle in our election. as to whether i believe it or not, i'm with our agencies. >> reporter: and trying to look forward at what he says the u.s. and russia can accomplish together. but the kremlin is telling an entirely
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altogether. a spokesperson says that despite president trump's account of the conversation, he says that trump and putin never even discussed the issue of russian meddling in the 2016 election. jim, doreen? >> blayne alexander, thank you. it's something that challenges all of us, the struggle to find a place to park. >> yeah, it does. and what one county is doing to make it easier to find spots in some places, and more difficult in others. >> holidays, they're almost here and one retailer has a new strategy to keep us from shopping online. wt you need to know hato
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now to the balance of power in the virginia house of delegates. there is a republican majority right now, a 51-49 seats. but three races still too close to call after last week's election. the bureau chief julie carey reports one of them might hinge on a stack of absentee ballots found at the stafford post office the day after the election. >> count those votes. do your job. count those votes. >> reporter: demonstrators outside the stafford county elections office determined to keep the spotlight on two controversies they fear could leave critical votes uncounted. in the razor thin house of delegates race, republican bob thomas leads josh cole by 84 votes. >> this election is so close it is
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the registrar's office. >> reporter: issue number one, 55 absentee ballots some sent in by service members. they didn't make it into the elections office in time to be counted, 7:00 p.m. election day. they were discovered the next morning just down the street at the stafford post office. the board then voted behind closed doors to seek a legal opinion on whether those 55 ballots can be counted. >> the court will make the final decision as to whether these 55 ballots will be counted. >> reporter: issue number two, provisional ballots, often cast by voters who are missing proper i.d. they get notified to come before elections officials and make their case. their vote should count. but democrats how oled make ingt impossible for political activist s to come in today. the board decision, voters will get one more day until tomorrow to appear. the
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again at 10:00 tomorrow morning to work towards a final ballot count. in stafford county, i'm julie carey, news4. >> a short time ago we got new numbers in the close race between republican delegate tim hugo and democratic challenger dante tanner. the fairfax county electoral board counted 16 ballots affecting that race, giving tanner 12 more votes, and hugo four more. and from provisional ballots accepted in prince william county tanner gained three votes, hugo two. hugo still leads this race. the final numbers will be sent to the state board of elections to be certified. then candidate tanner will have to decide whether to seek a recount. >> will he or won't he? former vice-president joe biden is not ruling out a possible presidential run in 2020. >> i can tell you honestly, if the lord almighty came down and sat in the middle of the table and said, joe, the nomination is yours, but you have to take it now, i would say no. because i am -- i am just
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lot. >> mr. biden has written a new memoir about his late son bo's battle with brain cancer. it's called promise me, dad. bo biden died in 2015. >> on capitol hill, the house is expected to vote on republican tax reform measures this week. plans to eliminate deductions for state and local taxes and mortgage interest would hit this expensive region hard. news4's tom sherwood has a look at the impact. >> reporter: even modest homes here can carry expensive mortgages, 40% of residents deduct mortgage interest from their federal taxes. incomes and local taxes are higher here, too. so, state and local tax deductions are popular. the benefit can be thousands of dollars. so, this region would be especially hit if republicans cut or killed those federal deductions to balance tax cuts elsewhere. >> the state and local tax deduction prevents double taxation on income earned by
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hard-working americans. >> reporter: alexandria mayor alex silver burg called for local leaders and congress to keep the deductions. some in place since 1913. d.c. mayor muriel bowser called for more fairness. >> to be fair and to make sure that middle class families aren't paying for tax deductions for the super rich. >> reporter: in this growing area, mixed reactions to republican plans. >> i think it would simplify it, it's okay. it's obviously going to have more impact, but you have to start somewhere with tax simplification. >> that's the worst thing they could do. this bill that is pending before congress was supposed to benefit the taxpayers, but taking all of that away doesn't benefit us at all. >> reporter: a house vote on taxes is expected thursday. in the district, tom sherwood, news4. >> a local county is making it easier for you to park in neighborhoods while visiting friends or family.
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scott macfarlane reports the changes come months after a news4 i-team investigation that showed people struggling or braking the rules to park in montgomery county. >> it will be approved by montgomery county council to give them a second pass if they live near a school, metro station or any of three dozen communities in the county with restricted residential permit parking systems. this is particularly common down county bethesda, rockville, and silver spring. the county will also change the rules to make it easier for communities to eliminate those parking restrictions if they want out of the system. freeing up more street spaces for any and all visitors in their neighborhoods. in may, an i-team investigation revealed suspected parking cheats, people including high school students, illegally parking in those restricted residential spaces. we also found homeowners investigated and charged in district court with transforming their driveways into makeshift parking lots. for which they have charged money.
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montgomery county's council also expected tomorrow to clear the way to set up new restricted parking systems near the future sites of the purple line in montgomery county. that program still progressing, doreen. >> all right. scott macfarlane, thank you. crash and dash, tonight new surveillance video shows the moment of impact as police try to zero in on the person behind the wheel. >> plus, the new tactic to evict some of the city's most if you'd have told me three years ago... that we'd be downloading in seconds, what used to take... minutes. that guests would compliment our wifi. that we could video conference... and do it like that. (snaps) if you'd have told me that i could afford... a gig-speed. a gig-speed network. it's like 20 times faster than what most people have. i'd of said... i'd of said you're dreaming. dreaming!
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is how i got this far. now more businesses in more places can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. now more businesses in more places can afford to dream gig. ♪ ♪ it feels good to be back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ what if we could keep more amof what we earn?d. trillions of dollars going back to taxpayers. who could possibly be against that? well, the national debt is $20 trillion. as we keep adding to it, guess who pays the bill? him. and her. and her. congress, we should grow the economy. not the debt. ♪
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hey, it's a novelty of ice skating outside is wearing off on you, it's time to kick it up a notch. the new rooftop rink at the watergate hotel has some of the best views in town. it's pretty awesome, kee bridge there. take in warm drinks by the fire, the rink opens thursday, doreen. you have to get up there, because i love it. i haven't ice skated up there. >> i was trying to see how big it looks. it looks small. >> you can't do your triple jump. it's enough to make the cold temps stick around. >> it looks beautiful up there. doug, should we head up to the rooftop at the watergate tonight? >> it's 70 by 20, doreen. so, it's kind of -- >> the whole caps team up there, right? >> $20 to get the skates for that. but it's next to the bar. >> there you go.
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>> maybe we can come up with something. it is going to be on the cold side tonight. all of the ice skating rinks are open. reston town center, rockville ice skating rink, they are open as well. so it is that time of year where we are get being on the cool side. temperatures dropping close to the freezing mark in many locations over the last couple of days, well below setting that record early on saturday morning. down to 26 in the city. tonight not nearly that cold, but it's still going to be a cold start to your day tomorrow. 49 degrees now, winds out of the northwest at 12 miles an hour. so, the wind chill down in the low 40s right now. in i am -- any time that wind blows, it's cooler. 46 in winchester, luray, stan or, fredericksburg. easton, baltimore. 46 happens to be the number now. i guess that's what's going on with that. nothing on the radar to show you. this is ground clutter going on. that means the radar is in sensitive mode, not picking up any rain. the storm system we had earlier today that actually brought us
6:26 pm
into early this morning is way up toward the north now. up around the boston area. their temperatures currently are only in the mid 30s. they are going to be dealing with ice on the roadways there. but for us not really dealing with much tomorrow. we have a few clouds, but that's it. mixture of sun and clouds, chilly start, nice afternoon. we'll call it cool but not bad. 54 in the afternoon with some sunshine. i'll take that. pretty nice day even though we're going to be 5 degrees below average once again. now, we do see temperatures on the increase early, but starting off on the cold note. so, coats to step out the front door. temperatures around 39 degrees for that morning commute. no problems weather wise on the roadways. 48 degrees by noon and by 5:00 in the afternoon we're back down to 52 after that high of 54 right around 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon. again the sun goes down -- this should be a moon. sun goes down 4:55 tomorrow afternoon. 55 degrees coming up on wednesday, 59 degrees on thursday. bye, amelia. 52 on friday -- amelia is leaving.
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friday. friday is the day we see the cool air come in. and look at the weekend. highs on saturday of 58, it's going to get rather windy during the day on saturday. a good chance for some shower activity. not a wash out of a day, but notice sunday. much cooler, wind chills on sunday upper 20s to low 30s. much colder air making its way in here for that part of the weekend. even thanksgiving, the week of thanksgiving, right now looking well below average. >> all right. we're all trying to plan travel for thanksgiving. so, keep us posted. thank you, doug. some breaking political news, an embattled senate candidate refusing to step aside amid new allegations from his past. >> tonight we have a closer look at the claims against roy moore and his somewhat surprising response. >> quite a mess here in kent land. an unusual hit and run, the striking vehicle a car. the victim an apartment building. the dverri
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now at 6:30, crews wrapping up some temporary repairs at an apartment complex in maryland. >> yeah, a car slammed into this building this afternoon, but the driver wound up taking off. now two families will have to find someplace else to sleep tonight. >> news4's pat collins is at the scene in the
6:31 pm
where he talked to residents. pat? >> reporter: doreen, caution tape tonight here across the scene. plywood band aids at the place it happened. this bizarre car crash that forced people from their homes. she was asleep when it all went down. >> i'm cold. i'm hungry. i'm going to go to bed. go back to sleep. that's all i know. >> reporter: you were inside? >> yes, i was on the ground floor. i don't know what's going on. >> reporter: that's joan thomas. she was rushed out of her apartment when this car hit that building and, well, you get the picture. this is security camera video of a car crashing into an apartment building. it moves into a parking space and then keeps on going right into the building. slowly it backs away. and then moves away from the scene of the crash, leaving behind this
6:32 pm
evidence, a grill from a nissan car. the impact caused the building's brick wall to buckle, caused fire fighters to evacuate that building, and caused the brothers to get out fast. you see, though were inside right above the place where that car crashed. >> it's like a vibration, i was thinking somebody downstairs like did something. >> i saw the guy and the guy was like he had a brick -- i was scared. real any thank god nobody was standing right there. i'm there in the evening sometimes on my phone listening to music. >> i went to put my jacket on and coming back again. >> i heard he ran away. it's crazy, man. how they going to run away? they're going to know you. >> reporter: they and another family will be displaced until workers can sure up the building. other people who live here will be allowed back in tonight. police still looking
6:33 pm
that car, looking for that driver, trying to figure out how this all came to be. jim, doreen? >> good thing that wasn't worse. >> exactly. could have been a lot worse. pat, thank you. the driver of a food truck involved in this horrible crash in virginia is now charged with manslaughter. a grand jury indicted tony dane today. back in september, you'll recall, dane was behind the wheel when he t-boned a car on evergreen mills road in leesburg. that crash killed erin kaplan and seriously injured her teenage son. dane was charged with reckless driving and driving without insurance. >> the opioid epidemic continues to be the deadliest crisis in america, devastating lives across the country. families and advocates directly impacted were on capitol hill today demanding action. the group is urging lawmakers to increase funding for treatment and overdose prevention.
6:34 pm
speaker paul ryan's office as well as senate leader mitch mcconnell, but they were met by capital police. >> we're very concerned about just the waves of death and dying that are sweeping the entire country because we're not doing what it takes to fight opioids. >> president trump declared the opioid epidemic a public health emergency last month. senate democrats propose $45 billion to address the crisis in the recent bill. some members of a local church tried to send a message to the prince george's county counsel council today. they are protesting a marijuana dispensary that wants to set up shop next to the connect church in temple hills. that is not far from joint base andrews. they are concerned about public safety and the fact there are so many family activities right next door. >> i'm just concerned that it's not a good fit for my neighborhood, and that there is a time and a place for e
6:35 pm
a better place for those to fit in. -- in the county. >> state and county law can make finding a location for marijuana dispensaries tricky. the county council will take up this issue tomorrow. >> manage your garbage cans. district leaders say it is one of the simple things we can do to keep a nasty intrude era way from our homes or businesses. news4's mark segraves is working for you tonight with advice on controlling rats. >> reporter: rats in our alleys, rats in our backyards. so far this year the district has received more than 5,000 complaints from residents across the city about rats. >> the city needs to do something. not only the people around the neighborhood has to do something, the city has to do something. >> reporter: today mayor muriel bowser walked the streets and alleys of dupont circle to see the problem firsthand and to talk about solutions. >> well, our message to the business owner is that we need you to be responsible. we need you to know what the rules are. >> repoer
6:36 pm
behind those rats are teams like this one from the d.c. department of health trying to control the rodent population. one group that sprays in their underground hiding places, and another group of inspectors who issue fines to businesses and homeowners who don't keep a lid on their trash. one thing the city has done in the war on rats is a grant program so that more businesses can do this. have a compacter out back. experts say this is the best way to cut down on rats because there is no way for them to get in so they are just not attracted to all the waste. this woman wants to see the city do more enforcement, but admits rats are part of living in a big city. >> you get used to it if you live in d.c. tha that's all it is. >> reporter: to see how many complaints came in your neighborhood go to the nbc washington app and search rats. in the district, mark segraves, news4. >> hope we didn't spoil your dinner. >> still ahead there is a big
6:37 pm
pressure is treated. >> impacting nearly half of all americans, but researchers now say that's actually a good thing. >> plus a major retailer is raising prices to get an edge over the competition. what? what you need to know to make sure you get the best deal. >> what? out there right now getting our little bit on the cooler side of things, but not too cold tonight. still in the 30s. i'll show you what you'll wake up to. your bus stop forecast
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6:39 pm
the minimum wage in montgomery county is on its way up to $15 an hour. county executive ike leggett signed the bill into law today. the current minimum wage, $11.50 an hour. the higher wage will be phased in over the next several years. >> speaking of money, the holiday shopping season is here and cash registers are ringing. >> yes, they are. one major retailer has a new stra
6:40 pm
react? >> our consumer reporter susan hogan tonight has the story as part of our week long series, reinventing retail. >> wal-mart is reportedly trying to get more customers in its stores by charging you more online. the world's largest retailer is quietly raised prices for some food and household items sold on its u.s. website, including boxes of kraft mac and cheese, toothbrushes and dog food according to the "wall street journal." wal-mart responded online stores are sometimes different than store prices. this comes as wal-mart has tripled its online selections for the holiday season. and speaking of the holiday season, retailers are pulling out all the stops to get you to shop and they need a good year. it is no secret. retailers are hurting for your business. just this year alone, 7,000 retailers will close. starting tomorrow morning on news4 today, we are taking you inside local r
6:41 pm
reinventing retail. you can see our other story on what malls are doing to survive. you can get that right now on our nbc washington app, just search retail. back to you. >> thank you, susan. so, what do you think? are the malls doing enough to get you to shop in person? most of those who voted in our flash survey say no, and would like to see more in-store sales. >> the number of people in the united states diagnosed with high blood pressure increased today. under new guidelines from the american heart association late today, nearly half -- half of u.s. adults are now designated as having hypertension. the new target pressure was lowered from 140/90 down to 130/80. that lower target will mean that more patients will be recommended for medication to control their blood pressure. but the majority will be prescribed life-style changes, like exercise and weight loss. >> a senate candidate in
6:42 pm
trying to discredit his accusers amid new claims of sexual misconduct from his past. tonight the growing calls from within his own party for roy moore to step aside. >> all this coming on the heels of the me too movement that started in hollywood and spread to the halls of capitol hill. nbc's kasie hunt joins us next as we dig deeper and lk at whaoot
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6:44 pm
we go back now to our top story, a fifth woman has come forward now to accuse alabama senate candidate roy moore of sexual misconduct. >> her flame name is beverley y nelson. she said she was 16 and a high ol
6:45 pm
she described today moore offering her a ride home from her waitress job. she said he parked the car in a desolate spot and tried to to have sex with her. moore eventually gave up, but left her with a chilling warning. >> he said, you're just a child, and he said, i am the district attorney of the county, and if you tell anyone about this, no one will ever believe you. >> moore calls the allegations against him a witch hunt, but senate majority leader mitch mcconnell called on him to step aside today. kasie hunt from nbc news is tracking this story from capitol hill. kasie, where does all this stand right now? >> reporter: well, jim, doreen, republicans here on capitol hill are rapidly putting out tweets, statements, talking to reporters here on capitol hill to call on roy moore to drop out of this race. we've already seen those senti
6:46 pm
republicans and some are going even farther. the man who is in charge of getting senate republicans elected, cory gardiner saying they should not seat him here in the u.s. senate. john mccain saying that republicans should do whatever is required to make sure that roy moore never becomes a senator. his colleagues from arizona jeff flake just tweeting that to be clear, he says he would rather vote for the democrat than vote for roy moore if given the choice. >> wow. beverley young nelson summed up a common worry among young people who feel harassed by their superiors, no one will believe them. tell us how that may be changing at the capital. >> well, that's the question. we've seen these scandals rock media, hollywood, state houses across the country. and now there is increasing pressure on lawmakers here on capitol hill to do something about this. senator aim i klobuchar spearheaded sexual harassment training. a lot of the policies
6:47 pm
as policies in corporate america. so, congresswoman jackie spear, she's going to have a hearing tomorrow on the house side where they are also going to look into this. she put out a pretty graphic video saying #metoo, she had also been sexually harassed when she was a congressional staffer. so there is quite a bit of pressure in politics, as you can imagine, not to speak out because others -- there are added layers. maybe you work for a political party that you want to see do better in the elections, or if your boss loses his job, you and your colleagues might lose your job as well. there is a shift. guys? >> feels like this is a beginning. kasie hunt, thank you. more tonight on nightly news with lester holt. that is right after this broadcast. doug is back with more about our weather and what kind of temps we can expect tonight and tomorrow. >> going to be a cool night tonight. you're going to wake up to fairly cool numbers out there. nothing like what we saw
6:48 pm
>> it was very cold. >> it was cold. it was kind of the first taste of some really cold air. i mean, it really was more like january than november the last couple of days. today a little bit better. we saw a high temperature of 53 degrees. average high now down to 59. we're still below average. 49 degrees, temperatures dropping the next hours, 42 by 11:00. that puts the suburbs down around 34, 35 by that point. we're not going to get too cold tonight. i don't think most areas will stay above freezing so that's some good news. still going to be a cool start to you are why day tomorrow. 45 in leesburg, fort belvoir coming in 45 degrees annapolis 46 degrees, edge water 46 anne arundel county. no rain, we're dry. going to continue to stay that way after last night's rain. we saw pretty good rain last night. we've been needing the rain, we've been fairly dry the last couple months. tomorrow notice the temperatures here. i have everybody above freedsing. could there be one or two areas that hit the freezing mark? sure.
6:49 pm
38 in la plata. waking up to chilly temperatures. if you're heading to the bus stop, maybe still the coat, gloves and hats day. temperatures 39, up to 48 by recess. recess depending on what grade your kids are in, third grade recess for my.certifica daughte. just letting you know. making sure you know that. 54 degrees coming in at pickup. this is going to be the nice time. by the time the kids get out, still a couple hours to enjoy nice accuweatherer out there. temperatures are going to be going up the next few days. not a lot. 55 on wednesday, 59 degrees on thursday. rather breezy thursday. could see an isolated shower early in the day. the wind may be gusting over 20 miles per hour so that's going to make for a fairly chilly day even though the temperatures are warmer. warmer still in behind this with a temperature of 52 on friday. saturday is very interesting day. we have a storm system, strong storm passing to our northwest. that will help bump temperatures up. but the wind could be upwards of
6:50 pm
20, 30, even 40 miles per hour, and that brings in much colder air on sunday. highs 45, wind chills close to 40 degrees. sunday a very cold day and we are staying cool for thanksgiving week as well. there it is, thanksgiving. now on the ten-day forecast. >> we're in the final count here for the holidays. hard to imagine that it's so close. but it is just around the corner. news4 is working for the community to provide food baskets for people in need. if you'd like to help us out, head to our website and search food for families. you can make a donation online or find a location near you to drop off canned or boxed foods. it's a great project. >> oh, every year. helps so many. coming up in sports tonight, how a loss to the vikings leaves the redskins looking for a new running back. >> what a letdown. first here's lester holt. he's got a look at what's ahead on nbc nightly news. >> jim and doreen, tonight a new accuser stepping forward against senate candidate roy moore, this time on camera to claim he sexually assaulted her. you'll hear her story, plus
6:51 pm
blood pressure. the new guidelines, what they me
6:52 pm
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call 1-800-501-6000 today. >> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk. >> they listed a job last weekend, only to -- roller coaster, right? >> three weekends ago you were talking playoff. >> he's done with that. i'm embarrassed you brought up the chances that they would make it. and here i go again.
6:54 pm
the postseason. the redskins have four, with seven games to play. so, can they win six of seven? who knows. today jay gruden asked if practice intensity is the blame for this loss after a number of players expressed frustration that the team just didn't seem up for this one after last week's big win. >> maybe that's the case, if they feel that way, then i have to do a better job of making sure they don't get a big head. it has been difficult to practice on fridays, thursdays with the amount of injuries we've had, guys not being able to practice, we can't go very long. for the most part, players have to get ready to play. and i have to do a better job of getting them ready to play. if they're not ready that's on me. >> well, with more on the redskins loss, the vikings, here's the misery monday edition of the good, the bad and the junkies. ♪ ♪ >> putting kirk in a bad spot where he has to attempt 45 passes, that's not his sweet spot. can he do that, yes.
6:55 pm
big games when he throws 45, 48 times, sure t as happen happened before rp but that's not where you want him. you want him probably in the mid 30s for attempts. you want a balance with the running game. it's just a disturbing trend with the skins over the last five games. they cannot establish a rushing attack and it's hurting them. >> all that being said, they scored 30 points. when you go through and look at the losses, it's not like they're losing games 14-13. they're generally speaking generating offensive scoring points. what is letting them down week after week is the defense. >> i don't think that changes. it might change a little bit based on the opponent. if you put the giants twice, you can't imagine the giants are going to score on you. i certainly don't think it changes against the saints. >> the saints are going to look at that film and see what adam did and see what stefan did and drew brees is going to be licking his chops. he has a running game. speaking of running games. redskins have no running game. that's been a theme throughout the season.
6:56 pm
went 200 against the rams. they can't generate a rushing attack. it all falls on the passing game. that passing game is limited, too, because most of the pass being games is to tight ends. >> pryor is going to have a buck 50. >> that's the same thing you said in 2017. they have to throw it his way. if the redskins are going to salvage their season, it's probably not going to start this week. it's going to start those last six games. >> that's a tough job. in new orleans, doug, that's where the game is. there's not much hope from them the next game. this doesn't help running back ag ra vated his ankle sprain. he could end up on the injured reserve with chris thompson, the only other back on the team. gruden said today the redskins will sign another running back and quickly. wizards hosting the sacramento kings tonight, looking for their third win in a row. they don't have to
6:57 pm
kidney stones. i know. he's out. he's 40. wizards have all their guys in, tip at 7:00 on nbc sports washington. in case you missed it from maryland basketball, the competition, this clip went viral. two maryland students really wanting to win this one. and my female friend -- >> she did it. >> she's sitting there, at least in this round. she's so proud. so proud. we call that bitter time with my two boys, actually. >> is that the way it works at your house in >> at my house, yeah. isn't that so fun? >> good stuff. >> they're both laughing at it. a little more violence than we're used to. don't play that version with grandma. a shocker in the soccer world. we all know united states isn't heading to the world cup, but it is a stunner. italy is also missing, out. sweden. >> crazy. >> sweden beating the four-time world cup champions today. italy will not be going to the world cup for thers
6:58 pm
>> the italians last won the world cup in 2006. >> a lot of guys get a chance. thank you,
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, another woman comes forward for accuse senate candidate roy moore of sexually assaulting her when she was 16 years old. >> he said you're just a child, and he said i am the district attorney of etowah county, and if you tell yawn one about this, no one will ever believe you. >> a dramatic showdown is brewings senior republicans threaten to expel moore from the senate if he wins. major medical news breaking. brand new guidelines classify nearly half of u.s. adults as having high blood pressure. are you one of them? and should you be taking medicine? more breaking news. a bombshell report, donald trump jr. was exchanging secret messages with wikileaks during the 2016 campaign. what they reportedly said.


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