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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 19, 2017 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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t...two for five deals all across the board! here it comes... (crowd cheers) a big mac and 10 piece mcnuggets! they got em! get your fan favorites on the mcpick 2 menu. choose any two for just five bucks. they did it! unbelievable! ♪ let me get a mcpick 2 >> announcer: welcome to the volkswagen post game report. >> mike: the team's best record in the nfl rolls. a 30-point second half. 37-9. philadelphia beating dallas. maybe there was rust off the bye week. that went away quickly in the second half. dominating performance. both sides of the ball by the philadelphia team. continues to gain nt
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al showed you the schedule. philadelphia, a great opportunity to be a top team. it was a top heavy nfc. we'll talk about dallas in a moment. the players of the game, carson wentz, solid for philadelphia. especially in the second half. mistake free football. jenkins represented the defense. game balls for them and the interview with michele tafoya. >> michele: you guyed scored seven in the first. then scored. what was the adjustment that paid the dividends? >> staying with the game plan. came out early, went down the field. they were making plays. if we stayed with the game plan we had a great one. the big boys up front comey out angry. ran the ball the second half effectively. it's fun to be out there. >> michele: the offensive line and running backs. what kind is it to have it with three different styles? >> makes my job easier.
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they are great in pass protection in the routes. the big boys lead the way. fun to play behind them. >> michele: you lost your kicker midway through. didn't have a kicker for the second half which limited you in terms of point after attempts and field goals. how do you look at the challenge? >> you have to keep going. nice two-point conversions. we have to go back to the drawing board. it's within of those things. adversity strikes. we have to keep going. >> michele: congratulations, carson. jenkins led the defensive performance. you had a deflection on the first interception. you came up with the third interception and didn't let them in the end zone. what made this defense work tonight? >> everybody's doing their part. we knew it coming into the game in a hostile environment. everybody would have to do their job. nothing more than that. you saw guys contributing.
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big personnels. moving the ball well. everybody stepped up. we have four take aways and a score. didn't let them in the end zone. that's what we hung our hat on. not doing anything special. everybody doing their job. when the number is called step it up. >> michele: 2009 you win with the saints. special teams. >> we hadn't won a super bowl yet. being on the 2009 team you have to enjoy the moment. enjoy the road. that's the biggest thing. we are trying to stay in the moment. this is a special year, special season. we have fun out here. we'll continue to stay that way. >> michele: it feels special? >> definitely special. the city is excited. the fan base is traveling well. we are having a good time. we'll stay in the moment. >> michele: thanks. mike?
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in the beard but a lot of life in not just malcolm jenkins but the defense. tony, i think over the last eight days we saw new england on sunday. pittsburgh. eagles have the best record at 9-1. in your estimation where are they in the conversation about the best team in the league. >> tony: i have to put them at the top now, mike. i was impressed tonight. carson wentz, we know what football he played. he wasn't red hot today but they have many ways to win. they are a complete team. speed everywhere. he talked about the offensive line. he wasn't hot but they ran for over 200 yards. that helped take pressure off him. jay ajayi has been a big addition to the team. defensively, they have speed everywhere. they have pass rushers. they are good in the secondary. a lot of ways to score. two turnovers tonight. really a complete team. i have to say they are playing the best football of anyone now.
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last two games. they lost by 48 points. a lot of work to do with the short turn around to the chargers on thanksgiving. happy holiday to you. let's bring in mike florio from pro football they went with nathan peterman the quarterback. five interceptions in the first half. buffalo loses to the rj chaers. kansas city next week. what are they going to do at quarterback? >> mike: coach mcdermott said he'll evaluate the position. this is after benching tyrod taylor and putting in peterman. this is about having a franchise quarterback. the bills don't have one. sean mcdermott got his job in part with the fact that cam newton is a franchise quarterback. they tend to get guys hired elsewhere, make everyone successful and the bills haven't had one since jim kelly. that's the play here for the bills, finding a franchise quarterback.
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they decided it's not taylor or peteren ma. now getting through the season until the draft. they have the ammunition to move up and get one of the best guys coming out and maybe a couple years from now we'll talk about their version of carson wentz or deshaun watson or another young person who is a franchise quarterback for the bills. >> mike: interesting. we head to the wild card season. tomorrow morning mike hosts pro football from 7:00 to 9:00 eastern followed by the dan patrick show from 9:00 to 2:00. big win for philadelphia here. al and cris look ahead to thanksgiving night after this. [ joe cocker's "with a little help from my friends" ] ♪ vw drivers have always put others first.
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redskins. >> down the left sideline and the pass is caught. the giants have upset the kansas city chiefs in overtime. >> al: indeed they have as they knock off kansas city. first of all, the redskins. at one point today kirk cousins looked like he was on his way to a $900 million contract. >> cris: i was saying the same thing. how can they not pay that guy. then they are up 15 and basically give it away in the last four minutes. the saints just keep on rolling there. give ben mcadoo credit. they responded for sure. >> cris: said come on out. we'll give you a show. winning it in overtime they pulled off the win. >> cris: not bad. >> al: then to the steel city. we'll have green bay and pittsburgh. packers are reeling, of course. minus rodgers. pittsburgh red hot.
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what do you think of the game? >> cris: the steelts are setting up for a great run. they have so many games at home in the second half of the season. also looming out there the new england patriots. that one will be one for the ages. that will be a great match-up. those three teams are the ones to beat. new england, pittsburgh. that's what we saw tonight from philadelphia. >> al: the steelers and patriots game comes on the 15th week. it's giants and skins on thanksgiving night. join us at the end of your day. packers and steelers. your final score from arlington, texas, 37-9 after dallas led 9-7 at halftime. until thanksgiving night, our whole gang saying good night from at&t stadium in arlington.
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right now an injured chris thompson burying his face in a towel and skins on a game they should have won. the feel-like temperatures now. and a
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fire and she's fighting for her own life. news4 at 11 starts now. >> hello. >> a hypothermia alert tonight because many of you will be feeling the 20s. >> and snow in the area. >> we saw snow in western portions of maryland and even the d.c. and baltimore areas that won't amount to much. mountains of west virginia, it is still snowing out there. i-68 in western maryland portions of gary county. they will continue to see snow and cloud cover radar. as you look at that, what's going to be happening, this rain and snow making its way down again, here it is, coming down from the great lakes and hits the mountains and
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and snow. as far as temperatures, how about wind chills? gusting from 40 to 50 miles an hour earlier and now looks like we have wind chills 20 to 30 miles an hour. 28 hagerstown, 38, d.c. much colder when you wake up tomorrow morning. when we talk about that, the little thing coming up called thanksgiving, that coming up. >> definitely a hero for the family. an awesome person all around. >> that man's sister is in a coma after saving her mother from a house fire. >> we learned she's a teacher. >> she's not far from the minds of her students. >> this is the toughest thing i've ever experienced personally. >> jonathan looks at what's left of his mother's home. his mother just got out of the
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intensive care unit and his sister, cheryl morning is in critical condition with burns over 70% of her body. >> this is hitting my heart in a way i could never imagine. >> reporter: cheryl is a teacher in d.c. and this poster was made by her students. her brother says she's a hero, she was in the basement where the fire started parm in the dryer. >> she came upstairs to alert my mother and -- >> reporter: she apparently tried to get out this door but couldn't find the key and ended up trapped in the basement. bystanders kicked in the door and firefighters pulled her out. >> reporter: she says vandals have broken in and stolen stuff and put up these padlocks. >> reporter: what do you think of people taking your stuff when you've lost so m.
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but my mother and sister can't be. >> reporter: an ems captain with d.c. fire says there were working smoke alarms in the home and thankful for the firefighters who rescued her sister. >> this is day 7 and she's still here. thank god for that. >> reporter: darcy spencer. a warning for american university students, the school put out an alert after someone was sexually assaulted on campus and apparently drove the victim in a hired car. they don't know each other. the victim is a student and they're investigating. trump versus lavar after trump's angry tweet storm sunday, taking credit after getting three basketball players released from china after they were arrested for shoplifting. lavar ball, the father of one of the players, dismissed the president's role,
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unaccepting what i did for his son, i should have left them in jail. an hour putting out another tweet, should have gotten his son out during my next trip to china, very ungrateful. the prospect of a sitting president leaving americans in an overseas jail not sitting well with a lot of people. the top democrat on the house intelligence committee, adam schiff said, how can someone in such a big office be so small end quote. minutes of great redskins football but the game will be remembered for the final few minutes. saints make history with an epic comeback on their behalf. carol maloney joins us with the painful pictures. keep it clean. you know what i feel about this game, they should have had this one, couldn't get it done. >> man, come on! fans in new orleans were actually leaving the stadium,
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the game because redskins were up 15 points late, 15 points! not enough when you have a guy named drew brees in the saints and they figure out a way to tite and send it into overtime. kirk cousins and offense doing their part. cousins finds his fourth string tight end, jeremy sprinkle. third career catch for sprinkle. redskins with five minutes to play but saints have a guy named andrew brees pretty good, to alvin kamara, bobbles it, holds on, scores two point conversion, good, heading to overtime. all kirk cousins can do is watch the game-winner. saints come back to win it 34-31, afterwards, redskins beyond frustrated. >> any time fans leaving you got win the game, man, i don't care what happens, i don't care what
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>> i feel bad for the players. they laid it on the line and came out to a hostile environment against a team won sepp in a row, don't get anything for close. >> now, playoffs are so far away, we'll break down the game and loss of one of their offense's mvp, chris thompson. later in sports in the final doug does not have to join me for because of the loss. >> lockucky for him, snatching defeat out of the jaws. lawmakers ready to act, virginia congresswoman barbara comstock said on nbc "meet the press" today the culture must change. >> to get mandatory training, universal uniform anti-harassment zero tolerance policies in place, we
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of fund pay for their harassment. >> comstock says she also wants to better protect victims. in one part of baltimore, how to get home. a $215,000 reward being offered for information in an arrest in this case. the cordoned off area of the crime scene will be taken down tomorrow. his family set up a gofundme page. go online to find more. police looking for a man who shot and killed a man overnight. officers found the victim on spring road northwest and he late died at the hospital. officers found marcel harrison shot on 30th street late last night and he later died. no arrests marked in either case. >> this week marks two months
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puerto rico and still need help. in a unity rally, they have one message for puerto rico, you are not forgotten. over half of the u.s. territory is still without power. lawmakers in the hurricane zones say they need more money to rebuild. a big day for an iconic church in our area. the first baptist church celebrated its 100th anniversary, one of the oldest churches in our area, also one of the largest with more than 1,000 members. giving back to the community is a very important part of its mission. >> we are the life changers for people not only inside our church but outside the walls and around the world. >> the church is expanding to a bigger building in upper
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is in full swing now, providing food baskets and volunteers organized it at the boys and girls club in d.c. and make sure you tune in about four hours from now. four hours and six minutes, patton news broadcasting from f street from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. tomorrow and other members of the news4 family will be stopping by. why don't you stop by? bring canned goods for cash contributions or donate online at incredible dash cam video shows a plane flying dangerously close to a florida
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and zero due at signing on select volkswagen models. now with the people first warranty. check out this dramatic video from florida after two police dash cameras captured this street. this plane crashed this morning near tampa. as you can see here, it looked like the plane might hit one of the deputy's cruisers who just happened to be in the area there for a separate call and dash cameras captured this crash. the pilot had engine trouble and landed on this street and walked away from wit his passenger unhurt. nbc4 response is working for you revealing the top four complaints into our consumer unit. all year long we get thousands of complaints and some categories get more hits than the r
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reporter susan hogan is here to reveal starting with number four. >> hi, erika. over the next four days we reveal the top fourth complaint including the biggest complaint is about a contract. >> i feel you have either a very good story or bad story about a contractor, what is the issue? >> the first story we hear about is shoddy workmanship, contractors not returning to fix an issue after the job is completed. >> as a consumer, what do i have to protect me as a homeowner? are there any laws? >> it depends where you live. some counties have their own protection and others not so much. wherever you live, follow these steps, hire only a licensed contractor. they're obligated to make payments to a guaranteedd
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and homeowners can get some money back. pay one-third at the time of the cracked, a thi contract and a third in the middle of the job and a third when the job is complete. verbal references not enough these days. you want to go and see the workmanship at former clients' houses. don't assume the contractor is pulling the permits and double-check with the town to make sure they're being done. no permits means no inspection by that city or town. >> thanks. we appreciate it. tomorrow, we move to complaint number three. >> we do, absolutely. something every single one of us is impacted by and i will reveal what we can do to protected ourselves from this tomorrow on news4. >> thank you. we appreciate
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customers after chards of glass and plastic were found in some packaged chicken and turkey salad recalling 37,000 pounds of chicken and turkey salad packaging all sold on the west coast. those sold on other parts of the country were safe to eat. a man wanted to get a closer look at the white house this morning and thought he would jump over the barrier. he was arrested. he tried to jump over metal bike racks. thousands will have a little extra sparkle this year. thousands worked to pack up the christmas ornaments. they will be mailed up to veterans around the world. >> it's special. it has a special feeling that we have, i have, means i'm not forgotten and always thinking
12:01 am
>> that's right. you are not forgotten. the semper fi fund has been sending out ornaments for nine years now. >> storm team 4 chief meteorologist joins us with the chilly temperature. >> temperature-wise, we're actually above average where we normally would be. you add up to the wind, it's so much colder, gusting at 50 miles an hour today and now at 20-25 miles an hour, peak gusts, and still a pretty good wind chill. temperatures, 43 degrees, winds northwest at 6 at the airport. still seeing some gusts from time-to-time. we will continue to see those winds come a little more throughout the night. current temperatures, 39 in martinsburg. 41 in leesburg. a little above where you would normally be on midnight. the wind chill is the big
12:02 am
factor. 28 in winchester, 38 in gaithersburg. she's outside braving the elements because it is not only about the temperatures but the wind and what you will wake up tomorrow morning. >> reporter: precisely, what it feels like. i want to take you to the future wind chill. you just saw the feel like temperatures. it will feel even colder. through the morning those temperatures will feel more like the 20s heading to the 7:00 hour and 8:00 hour and feel things warm up a bit. for all my early risers, 5:00 a.m., up per 20s and as we push through we see them start to balance out, winds grow calmer heading through your monday, the good news. a still very coldgé start mean all the kiddos at the bus start have to be bundled up.
12:03 am
the sun will be out, i will tell you that but won't feel like it's working much. doug. >> even a couple snow showers and flurries across parts of our area throughout the evening. i was looking for those. you can see what's happening. the flow out of the northwest off the great lakes and we had lake-effect snow still snowing through parts of the mountains and west virginia. it will be a very chilly one, slow start. breezy, 10-20 miles an hour and wind chills in the low 40s and starting off in the 20s. 49 on monday and tuesday, 58. plenty of sunshine and 58 on wednesday. how about thanksgiving, 40 degrees, still on the chilly side but the wind not that big of a factor, mashed potatoes, thie
12:04 am
44 by noon and 47 by 3:00. you're thinking of playing football in the backyard, should be okay. bundle up for it. ahead of the storm systems in the mid-50s. 46 on sunday and 42 for a high on monday and puts many of you in the 30s. we have much colder air coming in next week. >> that forecast is missing the second serving temperatures, nap-time temperatures. you need too adjust, please. >> the belly rub pictures. >> there we go. >> belt loosening temperature. >> we are counting down to thanksgiving with recipes from you. all week we're working for you revealing local thanksgiving dishes you want to have. cornbread stuffing, cheesy broccoli casserole,
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the saints, they just marched -- they just marched all over the redskins. >> they did again. carol is up. more on today's heartbr getting bread delivered is way easier than hiring real bakers... ...who work all night and morning


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