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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  November 20, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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officer sean suiter died a day after being shot in the head. officers have kept the crime scene roped off since then. suiter was a father of five. a go fund me page has been set up. it's raised more than $13,000 since yesterday. we posted a link to it in nbc washington app. a d.c. fire ems captain says his family is being targeted by criminals during the darkest point in their lives. his mother and sister have been in the hospital. it is a distraction he doesn't need as his family focuses on the victims. >> this is the toughest thing i've ever experienced personally. i mean, everything can be replaced. but my mother, my sister can't be. >> street says the smoke alarms were working, his mother was just released from an intensive care
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his sister cheryl is still in a coma in critical condition. she is a teacher in a hospital room filled with get well messages from her students in northwest d.c. american university is warning students to be aware of what's going on around them. sexually assaulted on campus. campus police say the victims thought the suspect was a car service driver. it's unclear if the victim is a student at a.u., but d.c. police are investigating. extra police near prince george's county school. they're looking for a man who exposed himself to students near benjamin stoddard middle school. it's happened twice in the last ten days. the man is driving a gray car. justin finch is headed to the school now. he'll bring us a live report. a major road construction project caused a lot of
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route 404 will fully reopen with more lanes between route 50 and denton. this is a popular road that takes us to the delaware region. added shoulders and eliminated points of entry. governor larry hogan will be there. a major construction project that could impact your commute for years. state and local leaders will be there on the toll road on 66 outside the built way. the plan to build two express lanes, new park and ride lots and expand bus service from the beltway to gainesville. all right. this was an excruciating loss. >> you're up, you're happy, excited. >> up by 15 points. we were going to wichblt aaron, we were going to win. collapsed. choked at the end. we still have to get up. it's monday. look
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i'm running out of adjectives. frustrating. dejected. >> in case you missed it. saints had a -- touchdown! >> yep, the 'skins lost in overtime and lost a key player for the rest of the season. sheri burress has more from new orleans. an emotional 34-31 overtime loss for the redskins in new orleans. third quarter, redskins lead the saints 17-14. a kirk cousins scramble has chris thompson in front of it. thompson gets rolled up. potential pro bowl cena peers to end with a fractured fibula. a 15-point fourth quarter lead for washington evaporates under drew brees' direction. they scored twice in the final
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then in over time, a field goal to win. >> you got to win the game, man. i don't care what happens. i don't care what the case is. you got to find a way to win. >> feel bad for the players. they laid it on the line. came out to a hostile environment. came out to a team that won seven in a row. don't get anything for close. >> a tough one to take and a tough turn around. a short week for the redskins as they host the new york giants on thanksgiving this thursday. from new orleans, sherry burr s burruss, news 4 sports. >> you don't get anything for close. at fedex field, 8:30 thursday night. >> it's hard to -- it's horrible. >> the redskins had a 99.6% chance of winning that game. >> we were done. i'm like oh, my gosh, i can't believe we won on the roetd road. the saints are hot.
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redskins. >> no. no. >> another check on your weather and traffic. >> let's go to chuck bell and sheena parveen first. the cool temperatures this morning. >> good morning. >> if you need -- >> it is cool outside. >> if you need someone to cheer for the sooners, we have room for all that want to come on. >> it doesn't matter how they do. i'm still going to be a fan. i'm not jumping on your bus. i'm sorry. if you have heat on your bus, i might get near it. i'm not going to touch it. close enough to get a draft of the heat. the feels-like temperatures in the 20s and 30s. look at that 35 in washington. 28 leesburg. dulles, manassas, feels like 31 in clinton. 34. needless to say, you need a warm jacket. by 7:00 a.m., it's going to be feeling like the 30s. breezy out there. that's why we have the
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the morning. nice and dry for traveling today. if you're lucky and you can take off work, tomorrow let's take a look at that forecast. >> starting off tomorrow morning. almost as cold as it is this morning. but the return of a little bit of a southerly breeze will make tomorrow, i think, the mildest day of the week. around 50 today and temperatures dropping into the low to mid-30s by early tomorrow morning. tomorrow even bigger travel day than today i'm sure. southwest winds tomorrow up near 20 to 25 miles per hour. again, that's a southwest wind. milder. highs tomorrow in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. this is pretty good. you can stay ahead of the weather whether here at home or traveling abroad for thanksgiving with our nbc washington app. you can find and friend me on social media. chuck bell 4. now let's go to first 4 traffic on twitter. melissa mollet is here. definitely follow us. take a look at the beltway. nice and cleefrmt inner loop and outer loop. everything is rolling
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inner loop near university and that's moved out of the way. live look at beltway near coalsville road. 270 from 70, on time if you're going 70 miles per hour. take you 25 minutes to get there. same thing out of town here this morning. nice and open as well. pennsylvania avenue, indian head highway, everything running nicely. melissa, thank you. it's 4:37. we're going house to house. the only problem is, the company -- new scam making the rounds in our area. she bought tickets to see lady a gaga here in concert. but never made it. an update on how one family is using the tickets to put an end to the disease that took one of their loved ones. it could be the key to a successful black friday.
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strong wind picked up waves on to a ferry yesterday afternoon. two cars crashed into each other. the video was shot by a passenger in another car. it shows one car being pushed back ten feet. no ii
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that is the good news. all over the water and the cars crashing. lady gaga brought her -- to d.c. last night. the winchester family used it as a chance to honor someone. >> you might remember this story we told you about. melissa daf et bought 26 tickets. she wanted to thank her friends and medical team that helped her with her cancer battle. sadly, she passed away in september. her family used a few of the tickets and raffled off the rest of them to raise money for a trust in her name. >> we wanted to make a big impact in a big footprint for fewter patients. >> it raised thousands of dollars. jay, her husband says being at the concert was bittersweet for him. he was happy to raise the money to help others dealing with
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cancer. he's been looking forward to attending a concert with his wivment. >> for those who didn't get to attend, we'll show you how part of last night's show made it on to the american music awards. if you are hitting the road for thanksgiving today, be ready. sunshine may be slowing you down, today? >> we'll have sun glare. but you probably want the heat on. the windchill factor is going to be in the 30s. for the kids at the bus stop to start off the shortened week of school, you want the warm jackets through the afternoon. still pretty silly and unseasonably cool. take a look at the travel weather coming up. president trump tweets up a storm about one of the ucla basketball players he helped free from china. why he says he shoul
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good monday morning. if you are about to head outside, it's cold out there. it's feeling like the 20s and 30s. they want a warm jacket. if you're traveling today, here's a look at the northeast. mostly dry conditions. lake-effect snow showers. wider look at the country. pretty quiet travel weather. that's where you may run into issues today. the rest of the week's forecast coming up. 15 before the hour. this morning, a tweet from president trump is getting a lot of criticism online. >> one of the critics is someone who caused online rivets in the past. lavar ball. tracie, this is an interesting back and forth on twitter between these two. >> the players said that he feels like -- [ inaudible ]
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players, lavar ball has said that he said in the espn interview that president trump really a lot to do with that at all. the release of his son and the two other players. the president then on twitter said that he should have left the three in jail. this was after being fairly complimentary after the players thanked him. but then on twitter after hearing the father's interview, president trump said i should have left them in jail. he goes on to say that shoplifting is a big deal in china, suggesting that the charge against these three shoplifting suggesting that the father thought that it wasn't a big deal. so, yeah, sort of a back and forth between this interview and twitter between president trump who initially was complimentary now is saying, getting backlash by suggesting he should have left the three in jail and the father suggesting that president trump talking to the chinese president didn't have a lot to do with
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released. >> tracie potts on the hill. thank you. it is 4:47. the first trial to get under way for demonstrators charged with rioting on inauguration day. you remember the violent scenes we brought you as they unfolded that day. the trial begins for six of the 200 defendants. they're each charged with six felonies for unciting or urging to riots and destruction of property. the extra security outside the white house fence isn't discouraging people from getting on to the grounds. the secret service says someone tried to jump a row of fencing. president trump was inside during the incident. the extra fences were installed after a series of jumping incidents in recent years, including a man who made it inside the executive mansion in 2014.
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live desk with breaking news in alexandria where someone has fired a gun inside an apartment. right now, police are investigating the incident. it happened on north van dorn street behind landmark mall. someone did fire that gun off inside an apartment there. fortunately, no one was shot. obviously, the incident under investigation. as we learn more, we'll bring it to you. chris, thanks so much. a new scam is affecting loudoun county homeowners. our news partners say the suspect is claiming to be with economy blinds and shutters has been scamming residents. they're taking measurements and requiring residents to pay a deposit for future services. economy blinds ant and shutters has been closed since 2016. anybody who believes they're a
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call police. due to the opioid crisis in virginia, prince william county police officers will carry narcan. it counteracts the effects of an overdose. since june, 24 people died from overdoses in prince william county. in news for your health, a comment about a child's weight stays with them longer than you realize. that's why there's a policy change about the way they discuss weight. doctors say helping children lose extra weight isn't the only symptom of obesity that needs attention. the psychological affect of bullying is something that's -- it's not just happening on the playground. many children say the stigma at home from family members who only focus on weight makes them feel alone and sad. >> focus conversations on health and health behavior rather than the number on the scale. we can all improve health regardless of what ou
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for children to hear. >> pediatricians have suggested that the entire household take part in a living healthier lifestyle. instead of just giving nutritious meals to one child, have the entire family eat the same healthy dinner. really, don't -- create a healthy home life for your kids. the white house is preparing for the official christmas tree. it arrives today. the first lady, melania trump will be there to accept it. the 19.5 foot balsam fir is coming from wisconsin. it will be displayed in the blue room. usually isn't set up until the day after thanksgiving. it's early this year since trump plans to spend the holiday in florida. volunteers, local volunteers got into the giving spirit of the holidays this weekend. >> they packed thousands of christmas ornaments for wounded veterans. the volunteer center packed 13,000 ornaments for
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veterans. we spoke with a veteran at the event. the small ornaments provide more than an extra sparkle on the tree. >> it's special. has a special feeling that we have, that i have. it means that they're always thinking about me. >> this is the 9th year that the semper phi fund has been sending out ornaments. just to see the men and women giving back to all those who served this country, it's wonderful. >> happy about that. getting into the spirit a little bit. come down to the convention center today. pat lawson muse will be there. >> if you can't make it, we're taking phone calls all day long. you can make a donation. everything helps in every way.
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>> you can go to our website. >> dogs and i will be making our trip down to our dropoff with pat this afternoon. come on down, say hello. she'll be there all day long. one of her thanksgiving traditions. outside, it's a mostly clear sky here in town. temperature down to 42 at national airport. but that northwest wind which was gusting to near 50 miles per hour yesterday remains northwest at 14 miles per hour. the feels-like temperature at 35. temperatures this morning may not be the issue. but windchills will be. 37 now in frederick. 29, the windchill in martinsburg. 24 the windchill in winchester. 30 degrees in culpepper. layer up this morning. get your warm coat on. the umbrella at home. you leave the sunglasses a little -- you'll need the sunglasses later as ll
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outside. wind will be laying down later in the day. there had been snow showers across far western maryland. they're not coming our way. tuesday at 5:00 p.m. clouds coming in tuesday evening. a sprij or two, late tuesday evening into the pre dawn hours of wednesday morning. most of our day tomorrow, will not be a bad one at all. increasing clouds. on the breezy side tomorrow. since it's a southwest wind. here's the ten-day forecast. 52 today. 59 tomorrow. a little drizzle drop or two and very late tuesday night into early wednesday morning. thanksgiving will be a cold one this year. going out on black friday, friday morning, the big shopping day. about 34 degrees for a start-off temperature. you will need to layer up if you're doing a little shopping. melissa mollet, are you on early morning shopper like that? >> you know, i'm an online shopper. on friday, i'll be
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i do like to go to the stores on a day off. i might be there on friday morning. soub rock creek parkway before virginia avenue. did have the left -- it's cleared out of way. taking a look at 95 in virginia. quantico to the beltway. going to be on time there. 68 miles per hour. getting there. headed southbound there. on 95. nice and green. 66. out of town there. into and out of town looking quite good. a busy weekend. i did this weekend, this is national adoption day at the montgomery county courthouse. it's an honor for me to be there and give the keynote address and talk about my connection with our adoption. 7 children. i can't even look. it makes me cry. adopted on friday. so inspiring.
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i cry tears of joy for these families. adoption fairy is there with gifts for the kids. lots of smiles and hugs. i know barbara harrison did the same thing on saturday in d.c. it is one of the best days of the year. i'm happy to have been a part of it. guys? my eyes are perspiring too, melissa. every time i think of you and your story as well. we're working for you to help you score some of the best deals come this black friday. online shopping too. good news if you're hitting the roads this thanksgiving. how much you can expect to pay when you stop to fill up as gas
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it was a big weekend for an iconic church in our area. it celebrated its 100th anniversary on sunday. it is one of the oldest churches in the area. giving back to the community is an important part of the church's mission. >> we have been life changers for people. not only inside our church but also on the outside of the walls and around the world. >> wow. the church is -- 11,000 parishioners, you might need -- congratulations. if you're hitting the roads for this thanksgiving, y
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car. gas prices have remained fairly stable the last few weeks. in d.c., gas is averaging $2.73. gas is $2.50 in maryland. in virginia, $2.30. across the state. in west virginia, an average of $2.57. if you're panicking about your thanksgiving feast, bob evans wants to help. it's selling pre-made reheat and serve thanksgiving farmhouse eats. the meals serve eight people and you have until wednesday to order. the feast includes the traditional fixings for $109. the official start of the holiday shopping season is just days away. a new survey done by the national retail federation says that millennials are set to rule black friday this year. >> the survey found that nearly half of all 18 to 34-year-olds plan to spend more this year. but
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towards all ages. what are some of the deals to watch out for? >> jewelry and fitness gear will be the deepest discounts of the year. >> all you fashionistas and fitness fanatics, the shopping season was made for you. how about that? beat you to death with it and i wouldn't feel a thing. >> now on "news4 today," breaking news as one. nation's most infamous cult leaders dies. what we're learning about charles manson's final moments. it's the change that could make getting to and from work a lot smoother. the construction that could be a game changer for virginia drivers. first, though, say it ain't snow. where the flakes started coming down in maryland overnight. >> the reality is that at this point in our season, snow is a very real possibility. this is something we need to accept. >> it's a real thing this time


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