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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 20, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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there, wasn't it? chopper 4 captured this drama and we brought it to you live this evening. the pilot performed a belly landing here at the st. mary's county regional airport. >> the pilot count get his landing gear to come down so he circled the airport for at least two hours trying to burn off fuel. everything about the landing was textbook. he walked away from the plane without any injury. if you want to watch the entire landing, go to the nbc washington app. now to an urgent warning for anyone who uses those ride sharing services. >> this is beyond disturbing. a local woman allegedly kidnapped and sexually assaulted by a man posing as an uber driver. the victim told police she hailed the ride around 3:20 sunday morning. moments later she was forced out and attacked on american university's campus as the suspect faces the judge, new details tonight about his past are coming to light, including claims that he was banned from uber back in 2015.
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kristin? >> reporter: well, that's right. uber banned this man from driving more than two years ago, but that didn't stop him. students here at american university find this upsetting. feelings of anxiety on the campus of american university today. >> i feel as though like we are very vulnerable in these situations. >> reporter: court documents say he pretended to be an uber driver and sexually assaulted a 21-year-old woman who saw an uber sticker on his car and got in near dupont circle. she didn't use the app. police say he drove the woman to the asbury building on campus and attacked her. >> it's making me like more cautious to keep my guard up more, making sure that i walk in a pair now or something like that or like a group. >> it will always be in the back of your mind whether the person picking you up is going to be harmful to you or not. >
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used to be one of their drivers, but they banned him in 2015. they won't say why. police are highlighting safety tips tonight. >> make sure you get in the right car. before you get in the car, check the license plate, check the driver photo, the driver's name. make sure it all matches your app. >> reporter: police gave us a few other safety tips. they say ride in the back seat. makes it easier perhaps to get out. share trip details with family and friends. protect your personal information. police say there is no reason to ever give out your phone number, and follow your instincts. that is an important one. so, he is in jail tonight. and, guys, uber won't tell us why they suspended him permanently in 2015. back to you. >> what a frightening ordeal. kristin, thank you. doreen? >> there is another name on the growing list of high-profile men accused of sexual misconduct. the washington post reports that eight women are accusing long-time tv
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of sexual harassment. the women say he groped them, made lewd calls, and walked around naked in their presence. the allegations sen interpretce work on pbs as host of charlie rose show. the post said he behaved insensitively at times and accepts responsibility, although he says he does not believe all of the allegations are accurate. now to the alabama u.s. senate race scandalment for the first time we are hearing from the woman who said roy moore tried to seduce her when she was just 14 years old. her name is lee corfman. the washington post account of her story sent the alabama senate race into turmoil two weeks ago. more women have since come forward with accusations that range from inappropriate flirting to sexual assault. >> i was a 14-year-old child trying to play in an adult's world, and he was 32 years old. it took years for me to regain a s
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and i felt like i was the one that was to blame. >> meanwhile, congress is grappling with another accusation against senator al franken. blayne alexander has new reaction. >> >> reporter: today roy moore's first accuser lee telling her story on camera for the first time, describing what she says happened inside of moore's home when she was 14. >> during the course of that, he removed my clothing. he left the room and came back in wearing his white underwear. and he touched me over my clothing, what was left of it. and he tried to get me to touch him as well. >> i have not been guilty of sexual misconduct. >> reporter: moore forcefully denying all allegations, calling them political lies, tweeting, the elitists in washington don't want christian conservatives in their club. his supporters promising alabama
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on moore. >> they're going to come out and they're going to vote for him. i predict in huge numbers. why? because he has a proven track record of being a good, godly principled man. >> reporter: the former judge continuing his public fight for the senate as current senator al franken remains out of sight today amidst a new allegation. days after radio host leeann tweeden said he groped her, he grabbed someone while taking a picture at the minnesota state fair. nbc news has not confirm the allegation. in a statement to cnn, franken said he did not remember taking the picture, but added he felt badly that she felt disrespected. as for roy moore, the republican group of bam pulled its support from the candidate. doreen, election day in alabama is just over three weeks away. back to you. >> blayne alexander, thank you. a "the new york times"
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hitting questions in the white house briefing room is now the one under fire. a report in vox accuses glenn thrush of a pattern of inappropriate behavior toward women. often younger reporters in settings where alcohol was consumed, thrush is also a contributor to msnbc which is owned by news4's parent company. "the new york times" has suspended him while the allegations are investigated. msnbc says it will await the outcome of the investigation. thrush issued a statement to vox apologizing. he says he's entering substance abuse counseling. >> leon harris with breaking news from the news desk. both are accused of assaulting a boy with autism twice in one week. police say the incidents happened last month on a school bus. the driver is james duffy iii, and edmond bailey are facing assault and battery charges. officers say a staff member witnessed the
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the 11-year-old child. school officials recovered surveillance video. duffy is on administrative leave. jim, doreen, back to you >> leon, thank you. >> a little girl told us she's so scared she can't sleep. she spoke with prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins about a man who exposed himself to her. as tracee reports, the girl isn't his only victim. >> when children are victims, they don't look for the make and model of a car, tag numbers to let the police know exactly who it is. >> reporter: so now this mother is walking her daughter to school after what happened two weeks ago. >> i was walking to school and a man that was in his car, and he was playing with his private parts. and it scared me that night and i couldn't go to sleep. >> reporter: the mother and daughter don't want their faces shown. >> he purposely roll his window down so, so the kids could s
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what he was doing. >> reporter: then a second incident is reported near benjamin stoddart school in temple hills. this time a victim the boy. >> when the second child reported it is when a detective was assigned to the case. >> we have additional resources in the area and we are doing everything we can to find this individual. >> reporter: police don't have the best description to go on, so for now the school system is reminding parents. >> we don't want anyone to be afraid to walk to school. we want people to be smart. so, walk in groups. walk at the crosswalk. and, of course, report anything suspicious to a trusted adult. >> reporter: for this mother, walking in groups with other kids isn't good enough. >> and now she actually said she's ready to walk to school again by herself which is not going to happen because i'm going to prevent anything from happening to my child. >> reporter: prince george's county police say there are additional resources aren't that obvious because they are work under cover here. they have a general idea of what this guy looks like and what his car looks like and they are also asking the public o
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call. in temple hills, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. >> chopper 4 was up over the scene as crews worked to put out a small fire in this apartment building in fairfax. it began around 11:00 this morning and spread to the roof of the building on bob court near george mason. now, fire fighters were able to put it out pretty quickly, no one was hurt, but there is extensive damage. no word yet on the cause. turning now to our weather, feels a lot like fall out there as we look at the conditions outdoors. beautiful sunset, it was. >> amelia draper is here with a look ahead, whether you're heading out of town or staying home for the holidays. amelia? >> well, the good news, doreen and jim, thanksgiving for the weekend is looking quiet, plenty of sunshine. it is going to be on the chilly side. i'm going to have more on that forecast coming up at 6:25. take a look now, we're at 48 degrees, highs today in the low 50s. and low 50s not normal for this time of year. typically we would expect highs in the upper 50s. so
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monday, and we stay chilly and dry through the evening hours. 9:00 we're right around 44, 11:00 this evening with clear skies, 43 degrees so tomorrow morning as you are heading off to work getting the kids ready for school, you definitely want the warm coat, but the sunglasses as well. tomorrow's temperature will be warmer than today. i'll let you know by how much. again, take a look at the thanksgiving forecast whether you're traveling or staying here in the washington area. coming up at 6:25. jim? >> we're all waiting for it, lot of pressure. mel, thanks. >> the first trials are getting underway. demonstrators say this video doesn't tell the whole story. >> a 22-year-old mcgruder high school graduate here in montgomery county was hit and killed by a drunk driver just minutes away from his college campus in south carolina. >> there is damage to his brain. >> reporter: tonight his family remembers his life. >> it could be a gridlock game changer. we haveou
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to transform one of our area's most congested corridors. >> and it's an effort close to our hearts. our food 4 families campaign still underway. we need your help to offer free meals to families in need this year. our volunteers are ready to take your calls. call the number on your screen to make a doation.n
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a police chase ends in a crash, sending a car rolling down the road. d.col
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help them find two persons of interest. officers say they may know about an incident last tuesday on barn by terrace in southeast where somebody was carrying a gun without a license. >> the first of several trials got underway today for the hundreds of people arrested during those riots on inauguration day. they are being tried five or six at a time. news4's mark segraves takes a close look now at the arguments both sides are using to make their case. >> reporter: nobody on either side of the trial disputes that laws were broken on inauguration day. fires were set. businesses were damaged. and a limo was destroyed. and prosecutors acknowledge there's no evidence that any of the six people on trial today actually destroyed any property or set any of those fires. still, prosecutors told the jury the defendants are guilty of rioting because video shows them as part of the crowd, wearing
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black and rather than walking away from the violence, they remained with the crowd. >> telli telling the jury each defendant made a choice to participate in a riot, to participate in violence and destruction. the defense attorney said their clients were exercising their constitutional rights to free speech. prosecutors disagreed, telling the jury, this is not about politics or free speech. this is about violence. again, defense attorneys insisted their client didn't cause any of the damage, saying they were only there to protest the election of donald trump and that police were trying to restrict a person's right to associate and a person' right to speak their mind. one of those on trial today said he was working as a journalist. another said she was there as a nurse. the trial is expected to last weeks. it's the first of many inauguration day trials scheduled as more than 200 people were arrested. at d.c. superior court, mark segraves, news4. >> virginia's board of elections formally certified ralph
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today, but the board took the rare step of delaying the decision on two races in the house of delegates. both districts cover parts of fredericksburg in stafford county. election officials tell us some voters were assigned to the wrong district. one of the races is especially close and democrats are now filing a challenge. meanwhile, the first transgender woman to win in office in virginia made her red carpet appearance last night. delegate elect danica roem was demi lovato's guest is the american music awards in l.a. lovato says she is inspired by roem's story. the singer says she invited rome because of her advocacy work to stop bullying. >> a closing chapter in the long strange odyssey of charles manson, he died in prison yesterday at the age of 83. he died of natural causes, according to california corrections officials. manson became the face of evil back in 1969 as the leader of a cult of mu
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los angeles. he orchestrated the gruesome murders of seven people including the actress sharon tate. tate was 8 1/2 months pregnant at the time and married to the film director roman plan ski. manson spent most of his life in prison, but has long remained the subject of morbid fascination. it is going to be a very tough thanksgiving for a rockville family after the loss of their son. police say a drunk driver hit david newell while he was riding his moped. that crash happened near the campus of the university of south carolina where newell was a senior. meagan fitzgerald spoke with his mother today. >> david was an amazing person. >> reporter: david newell was also a proud graduate of mcgruder high school and a guide principle lee evans says he'll never forget. >> he's very friendly in many, many respects, very thoughtful, very caring. >> reporter: sitting next to his m
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girlfriend rachel thomas. their lives changed when they received a call. >> there wasn't much hope for his survival but they would try to maintain him on life support until we could get there to say good-bye. >> reporter: david was on his moped heading to his home in south carolina when police say he was hit and killed by charles davenport, jr., who was drunk. david's mother said these are the types of crashes her son worked so hard to prevent. >> he was a very strong advocate for not drinking and driving and he wrote a speech. in fact, here at school. >> reporter: he delivered that speech for one of his classes at the university of south carolina where he was a senior. many of his friends who knew his passion for saving others were by his side until his family arrived on thursday morning to say good-bye. >> we were supposed to see him on wednesday. he was supposed to get a ride home for thanksgiving. instead we're going to be at his funeral and we're going to bury him and we'll never, ever get a chance to see him again. >> reporter: david used his life to try and save others from the
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his family now hopes his death will continue to do the same. david's mother says he was an organ donor and ended up saving five lives. as for the suspect, we are told he is in police custody and is facing charges of felony dui. now, a gofundme page has been set up for the family to help them with funeral expenses. if you're interested in helping, you can find information on our nbc washington app. just search david newell. reporting in montgomery county, meagan fitzgerald, news4. >> when we come back, the short list of potential sites for amazon's new headquarters and hundreds of high-paying jobs. >> the holidays are almost here and we have our eyes to the skies. storm team4 is helping you plan whether you're staying home or heading ou
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the white house christmas tree arrived a little bit early this year. it showed up by horse-drawn carriage this afternoon. the first family usually accepts the tree on the friday afternoon thanksgiving, but the president will be spending the holiday down at mar-a-lago in florida. this year's tree, a 19 1/2-foot balsam fir which will be in the blue room which is the custom since 1929. getting the holiday started a little early at the white house. amelia, all the pressure is on you guys this time of year. we all want to
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should we leave or what is it going to be like at the airport? how bad is it going to be? >> the good news is this is a pretty pressure-free forecast for a meteorologist. hopefully not going to regret saying that, but for thanksgiving we are looking at dry weather, plenty of sunshine. it is going to be cold, but we're not worried about any major weather systems impacting your travel or if you're staying here at home. take a look at your weather headlines. warmer and breezy tomorrow. as we look to wednesday morning, if you're getting out of town super early, by that i mean before 7:00 a.m., i can't rule out a shower especially east of 95, but for most of us the entire day on wednesday will be completely dry. and then again it's cold for thanksgiving. that's your third weather headline. currently temperatures in the 30s and 40s, already down to 37 in manassas. 41 in gaithersburg, clear skies and a cold start for your tuesday morning. 36 degrees at 7:00 a.m., and again breezy winds throughout the day at about 10 to 20 miles an hour, but that's going to help make our temperatures warmer than we are we
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today. 55 degrees at lunch time. we hit our high 56. tomorrow not as chilly. 55 degrees at 7:00 p.m. walking the dog, out with the kids tomorrow evening, not looking too bad. here's the chance of the shower i mentioned on wednesday morning. take a look at future weather. this is at 4:00 a.m., notice this line mainly right along 95, areas off to the east. if you're heading down to parts of the north carolina coast, could be driving into some rain again, very early, but look at what happens by lunch time. sunshine. not just in our area, but you can see across most of the midwest down through tlatlanta d up through boston. it will be breezy tuesday and wednesday. it won't be huge enough to have an impact on travel. wednesday night we keep it try, fast forward to thanksgiving morning, sunshine greets you as you wake up and put the turkey in the oven nice and early. 53 degrees for a high on wednesday, sunny breezy we
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and you're trying to rake the leaves before company comes. remember we are going to be dealing with the winds tomorrow and wednesday. mainly drew conditions for this upcoming week on into the weekend. if you're getting the tree after thanksgiving, friday, saturday or sunday, unfortunately right now i'm watching saturday for the chance of rain. you might want to plan to get the tree either friday or sunday. but we're only at monday, the forecast is going to change. here you can see the storm team4 four-day forecast. 59 again tomorrow, warmer than today. there's the breezy conditions tomorrow and wednesday. thanksgiving 47, so it's a chilly one. there is a chance of showers on saturday, 56. and then colder on sunday, 46 degrees for a high. with a mix of clouds and sun. and i can't believe, guys, this ten-day takes us to the end of november. >> no. >> yes. where did the month go? >> a lot of pressure this time of year to get everything done. >> uh-huh. >> we can do it. thanks, amelia. still ahead, two families
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victims share their heart break as the man behind the wheel learns his fate for driving drunk. why some feel justice was not served here. >> scandal in the alabama senate race as one of roy moore's alleged accusers goes public in her first television interview. why she says she was haunted by the encounter. and waited decades before coming forward. >> pay a toll and get around traffic. even during rush hour. i'll tell you about the latest
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>> announcer: you're watching news4 at 6:00. >> a spotsylvania county man has to live the rest of his life knowing he is responsible for ending the lives of two of his friends. >> it happened in january, and today we learned he'll spend the next decade in prison for it. that dashcam video is enough to make anyone think twice before drinking and driving. >> only news4's chris gordon spoke to the parents of the young woman killed last night on her -- killed that night on her 21st birthday. >> reporter: this video was shot on a camera in a sheriff's cruiser. you can see the truck off the roadway crashed and burning. two people trapped in the back seat, but sheriff's deputies didn't know it and couldn't try to save them at the time because the driver of the truck, brandon
6:30 pm
sh scheneman, denied he knew anything about the accident when he was questioned. >> i want to know what happened right here. >> that's not my problem. >> that's not your problem? >> were you in the vehicle? >> no, sir. >> reporter: now 26-year-old brendan scheneman is remorseful and takes responsibility for driving drunk and speeding the night of january 12. the crash killed his close friend and roommate taylor wolf, the father of three children. wolf leaves daughters ages 2 and 8 months, and a 5-year-old son who asks if he can go to heaven to visit his dad. wolf died along with chelsea favro who was celebrating her 21st birthday that night. >> this is a tremendous loss and a lesson to all. love your loved ones and be safe and be kind. >> reporter: brendan scheneman is sentenced to ten years in prison phone for manslaughter while driving under the influence of alcohol. in court he apologized to the families saying, i'm not a monster, i never
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happened. many of the family members who testified here in court about their loss reached the same conclusion. that this tragedy could absolutely have been avoided if scheneman had not made the deadly decision to drink and then drive. reporting from the spotsylvania county courthouse, chris gordon, news4. >> a quick look at some of our top stories tonight. a woman says a man posing as an uber driver sexually assaulted her. >> the victim told police she got into the man's car in dupont circle early sunday morning and he drove her to american university, forced her out of his car, then attacked her. uber says tonight it banned the suspect from driving back in 2015. >> the woman who accuses roy moore of trying to seduce her when she was just 14 years old and he was 32 told nbc's today show that it took years to recover her self-confidence. she said she did not go public earlier because she had small children and she worried they would be shunned in alabama where moore was a powerful state
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moore denies her allegations. >> only chopper 4 captured a picture-perfect emergency landing in southern maryland this evening. a pilot brought down a small plane on its belly after having problems with the landing gear. the pilot circled the st. mary's county regional airport for at least two hours burning off fuel. he walked away without a scratch. pretty casually, hands in pocket. you can watch the entire landing on our nbc washington app. >> major changes are coming to i-66 on two separate stretches. two weeks from today, new toll lanes will take effect inside the beltway, and today construction started on express lanes which will stretch from gainsville all the way to the beltway. transportation reporter adam tuss tells us construction will last several years. >> reporter: i-66, what a joy to drive, right? well, big changes are coming. what's going do happen here along the roadway is two new express lanes in each direction from gainsville all the way to
6:33 pm
the beltway and they'll run alongside three regular lanes. now, we need this work here in this area officials say because of this. take a look at chopper 4 as we toss it up into the sky. you can see the traffic that spills over 66 on a daily basis. doesn't matter what time of day. it's always here. and back on the ground as we look from our mobile unit, you can see that things aren't better down here either. you're constantly dealing with the delays and the traffic and that's a big problem. and that's why so many people want something to be done along this corridor. and the work, it starts today. >> 3, 2, 1. go! >> reporter: a groundbreaking for major changes. and this major corridor. >> the most congested road in the united states of america. >> reporter: but not everyone knows what to expect. >> no, i don't. >> reporter: andrea has lived along the 66 area in centerville for 20 years, hearing about new express toll lanes that are coming outside the beltway. >> we shouldn't have to pay, but
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they're doing something to 66. >> reporter: the construction will last 4 1/2 years. >> it will make it even worse. >> reporter: the state actually worked out a deal where a private company pays all the construction costs here. in return they get to collect the tolls, but you only pay if you want to use the newly built express lane as a non-hov vehicle. one thing is certain, though. this entire corridor is getting a massive make over. along 66, adam tuss, news4. >> and we're going to be on top of all the holiday travel and traffic issues starting bright and early tomorrow. transportation reporter adam tuss is working for you. he'll be keeping an eye on the roads, the rails and the airports tomorrow morning on news4 today. >> well, this took three years to finish. getting to maryland and delaware beaches will be a little stressful, less stressful after today. state leaders opened an 11-mile stretch here on route 404. the two-lane road is a four-lane
6:35 pm
shoulders and eliminated points of entry between route 50 and denton. the state spent about $158 million on this project. it took workers almost three years to complete. people on the eastern shore hope the widening project will reduce the number of deadly crashes on this stretch of roadway. >> chances are you've seen the video, but you may not know the whole story. what went wrong behind the scenes of this dramatic demolition? >> and before you start your holiday shopping, we have an early look at the black friday bargains and why skipping the stores and going online may be your best option. >> and here's a look at your out the door forecast tomorrow morning on your tuesday. 36 degrees at 6:00 a.m., you want the warm jacket, sunglasses as well. coming up around 6:45, i'm breaking down thanksgivi hour by ngho
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well, not everything went as planned during this implosion of the georgia dome down in atlanta. the dome's walls were still standing at the end of this morning's blast. the demolition company admitted the wall was supposed to collapse. crews will remove the wall tomorrow. the dome was the former home to the atlanta falcons, the 1996 olympic games, and dozens of major events including two super bowls. >> a lot happened there. as you run those last-minute thanksgiving errands, we invite you to pickup something for a family in need. >> we're working for you in the community gathering your donations in person and over the phone. we've been taking your credit card donations since 6:00 this morning and there is still time to give. you can call us at 202-885-4949. before 7:00 tonight to make sure every local family has a warm meal this holiday. our pat lawson muse has more on today's food drive. >> we are
6:39 pm
capital one arena after 12 straight hours of collecting food 4 families. we collected food for seniors and veterans and families and children in need for thanksgiving. we got a very special visit earlier today from cadets, recruits with the metropolitan police training academy. >> we want to help every citizen in the district of columbia this holiday season. >> you brought a lot of food. >> this was all donations by all members of the metropolitan police academy. >> okay, thank you all! happy thanksgiving [ applause ] >> happy thanksgiving. >> so, now the hard work ginbeg. now that the collecting is done, the volunteers are packing up the food to take it to the greater washington boys and girls club where it is going to be boxed up and distributed to families in the metropolitan area. you can still donate at
6:40 pm through wednesday. the phone bank is going to shut down and we are leaving, please still go there and donate. and thank you so much from all of us at news4 for your incredible generosity to food 4 families this year. it's just been an absolute joy to have you join us in this effort this thanksgiving. back to you, jim and doreen. >> well done, pat. this week our news4 today team is visiting families to try some of their favorite holiday dishes. it kicked off this morning in rockville, learning how to whip up a broccoli and rice casserole. my sister makes a pretty good one. we posted the recipe on our website and app. tomorrow a family in northern virginia will show chris lawrence and melissa mallay how they make their special stuffing. got to have that. check it out tomorrow morning on news4 today. i wonder how many plates they have. erin has. >> i'm getting hungry watching this. the fight for amazon's new headquarters continues as experts zero in on the cities
6:41 pm
coveted bid. >> and we're counting down to the biggest shopping week of the year, but before you hit the stores you'll want to watch this. why some of the best black friday bargains m ay
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the d.c. area has a fighting chance to land the new amazon headquarters, according to some business experts. d.c., maryland and virginia all submitted bids. according to cnbc, northern virginia probably has the best shot because it meets amazon's stated criteria the best. 'amazon wants a metro area with at least a million people, a stable business friendly environment, and easy
6:44 pm
mass transit. but experts say places like raleigh or charlotte, north carolina and even atlanta may be more appealing because of lower taxes and cost of living. chances are you're going to spend a little time this week doing some shopping, and this year you don't have to wait until black friday to get the good deals. there are plenty of offers online. this year tvs and toys are expected to have the deepest discounts. experts say there are lots of advantages to hitting the ipad rather than the mall. >> what is also great about shopping online is that there are great deals out there. you can always find a cash back offeror a coupon code. and then the other great thing is the inventory is much larger. so, something you might not necessarily be able to find in store, you will be able to find online. >> you are going to want to stay tuned for nbc nightly news. jo ling kent breaks down when to buy different items on your list and where to find the best deals. >> in her first television interview,
6:45 pm
she feels like a weight has been lifted. she accused alabama senate candidate roy moore of making sexual advances on her when she was just 14 and he was 32. since she went public, a number of other women have also made accusations against moore. there's also been a somewhat mixed message from the white house. nbc's gabe gutierrez has been following it in alabama. in nightly news he's talking to one of corfman's friends. gabe? >> reporter: hi, jim. we're in gadsden, alabama where lee said she first met roy moore 40 years ago when she was 14. as we mentioned in the first television interview, she tells savannah guthrie she now feels like a weight has been lifted off her shoulders and she described the encounter in detail. i also spoke with a friend of lee, patty who describes how she heard about this encounter decades ago and she believes her friend compley.
6:46 pm
reputation that roy moore had at the gadsden mall where he was frequently seen, according to this friend. now, here in alabama, 22 days ago, until the special election, roy moore held no campaign event today, but president trump once again declining to answer questions today about the scandal. the white house press secretary, though, she says and she's been repeating the line that the president believes this is all up to the voters in alabama. back to you, jim. >> gabe, thanks so much. and much more tonight on nbc nightly news with lester holt right after this broadcast. >> amelia is back now with a little more about our weather. sounds pretty good so far. >> yes, actually not that bad. as we look to thanksgiving, we're going to keep it dry. going to keep it on the chilly side. no major snowstorms or even rain storms in the forecast. i am, though, keeping a close eye on saturday with a chance of showers. more on that when i show you the ten-day forecast. right now it is a chilly monda
6:47 pm
and 43 degrees in college park. clear skies, we are dry overnight tonight. and throughout the day tomorrow. now, tomorrow you are going to notice the winds. it's breezy for your tuesday from start to finish. but it's also warmer than today. by about 5 to 10 degrees. highs in the 60s. not a bad autumn day. i'm jumping thursday morning if you're running in the turkey trot. look at the temperatures. 7 to 8:00 a.m., that's frigid out there. plenty of sunshine. by 10:00 a.m., just beautiful with a temperature around 40 at that point. so, again, looking ahead to thanksgiving in the morning, very, very cold. in the afternoon still on the chilly side. but before thursday we have all of our travel out there on wednesday. so there is the chance for a shower on wednesday morning east of 95, but for most of us the day is looking completely dry. we are noticing the winds again on wednesday, but at that point not all day, just during the
6:48 pm
53. we look to black friday, 53 again, plenty of sunshine in the forecast. so, the weather not hindering all those shoppers out there. now, here's saturday. notice the chance of showers. this is not a guarantee, but just a chance at this point. people on twitter and facebook saying, i'm watching and what exactly does the chance look like? it's not great right now, and i think if we did see rain it would favor the midday and afternoon hours. it's certainly something we're going to keep an eye on. lot of plans going on this weekend. but if you are trying to figure out when to hang the lights or get the tree right now, i would plan if you want to play it safe and you have to plan now, friday or sunday. stay tuned. the forecast is going to change and we'll be able to gchl you more details as the week wears on. as we look to sunday, then, it is cooler, we're only in the mid 40s. and we continue to cool. monday, 42 degrees. at this point we're heading toward the end of november. this is the last day, november, november 30th next thursday. not too bad. 58 degrees, actually looking pretty mild. but again, guys, all eyes on thanksgiving,
6:49 pm
overall most parts looking good. >> thanks, yeamelia. >> what jay gruden is saying after a controversial call that has redskins fans irate. >> but first here is lester holt with a look at what is ahead on nbc nightly news. >> jim and doreen, her story rocked the alabama senate race. now the woman who says she had a sexual encounter with roy moore at age 14 speaks to us on camera. plus the sounds raising hopes in the search for a missing submarine and its crew on
6:50 pm
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk. >> always a pain. it's a painful monday after, isn't it? >> how many times do you hear whenever the redskins -- >> we were saying it would have been better if they lost big, like everybody expected them to. >> i know. >> lot less stress. >> the most painful way to go out. >> to be up 15. now there is a lot of debate surrounding that intentional grounding call on kirk cousins late in regulation. we're going to see it here. that pushed the redskins out of field goal range. they didn't have any time-outs left. a sack after that, so it ended regulation here. now, a report today that the league contacted the skins after the game and confirmed this call was incorrect. this does not make jay gruden feel any better. >> it doesn't sit very well with me at all. i can handle non-calls from time to time, but i can't handle calls that aren't
6:53 pm
threw it over their heads. it is per legal for a quarterback to overthrow a receiver, a receiver not to be looking to the ball to fly over his head. happens all the time. he wasn't under duress. i'll understand the rule. we'll get clarity on t. if i'm wrong, i'm wrong, costly mistake. if i'm right, it's too bad. >> too bad either way i think. it's a would have, could have, should have misery monday. for more we have the good, the bad and the junkies. ♪ ♪ >> we all know this team and we all know what they're capable of in terms of let-downs. i don't think anyone of us really are surprised that it happened. >> yeah, i'm not surprised. the defense allowed another 30 plus point from an opponent. sadly it came in the last three minutes of the game. >> defense has been bad in particular last month, maybe injuries. you have to gain a yard. if you gain a yard, the game is over. third and one. how about the intentional grounding? there are a couple of plays that if it went their way they'd win. all
6:54 pm
the playoff mix. >> how about the stupid challenge? >> the stupid challenge of the obvious catch which cost them a time-out late in the game where they wouldn't have even been in position for the intentional grounding. bad call, which by the way the league later acknowledged was an incorrect call. whatever could have gone wrong for the redskins in the last five minutes went wrong. >> if somebody came up to you yesterday and said, kirk cousin is going to throw a touchdown for three yards, he's going to throw a touchdown to jeremy spink l. by the way, he's going to usual over 100 yards and score a touchdown. that's a big fat winner for the washington redskins. we're at the low hanging fruit for the schedule. giants twice, cowboys without zeke. >> i've never seen a softer six-game stretch in my tenure as a redskins fan. and the sick part is they've been here before. they've been 4 and 6. they've been -- yes, they've been 3 and 5 or whatever and have to put together some epic second half come back.
6:55 pm
few years they tend to pull it off. don't write the skins off yet. >> it's a long shot. it's not over yet but that's it from us, the good, the bad, the junkies. >> not many people are saying that right now. what's the reaction? >> he talked about low hanging fruit. we have the giants coming up on thursday. where are you on the playoffs now? >> everyone thinks 10 is the number. they have to win all six remaining games. so, i am -- my ee, emoji of the week. it's the nfl, i don't think any schedule is soft. it will all play out in the end. it will be tough. they're down, not out mathematically yet. >> good, i like that. >> we'll see. >> hard to be hopeful after the last five minutes. >> we have thanksgiving, we'll be excited. they're on for thanksgiving for the first time ever. >> that is exciting. >> on nbc, right, 8:00? >> hosting on turkey day the first time ever. they've been on nine other times. anyway we're used to
6:56 pm
turkey out while watching. >> or the drink we needed after last night. >> 2 and 7 on turkey day. so, on top of chris thompson, the reds squinz lost another offensive weapon this season. jay gruden announced pryor had surgery on his injured ankle and is going on i.r. his 20 catches for 240 yards might be it for his redskins career. speaking as we were talking about thanksgiving, i wanted to show you our thanksgiving 15th annual harvest feast at fedex field. redskins defensive lineman anthony lanier not thinking about yesterday's loss, all smiles, he helped handout turkeys to families in need. and the big guy dishing out the hugs, too. about 30,000 pounds of turkey, 90,000 pounds of fresh produce, and packaged food handed out at the event. that will make you feel better. we have caps in action, wizards taking on the bucks on the road and john wall will return,
6:57 pm
earlier that wall will play and start. he sat out yesterday's game with a sore knee. wizards will be happy to have him back. two straight losses after uh four game win streak. wall and wizards taking on the up and coming milwaukee bucks. tip off at 8:00 over on nbc sports washington. that could end your misery monday. kap caps and wizards. >> nice distraction. >> thank you, carol. >> well, speaking of birds, we just saw the redskins passing them out. it may sound like something you'd like, a luxurious two-night stay at a nice hoe toll in downtown d.c. >> sounds good to me, ends with a visit to the white house. what's not to like? it's what's in store for these two big fat turkeys. meet drum stick and wishbone. they flew in from minnesota over the weekend and will be officially pardoned tomorrow. they've been staying at the willard hotel. >> fancy after their visit to the white house it's on to gobblers rest on the virginia
6:58 pm
virginia where they will spend the rest of their lucky lives. >> they're moving inright
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, a tv icon accused of sexual misconduct facing suspension after eight women say charlie rose engaged in inappropriate and lewd behavior over two decades. we have late details and a flood of accusations and how he's responding. also our nbc news exclusive. the first woman to accuse roy moore, her first television interview. >> roy moore denies these allegations and further says he does not even know you. >> i wonder how many mes he doesn't know. >> leigh corfman tells her story. a major reversal tonight. the u.s. designates north korea a state sponsor of terror. what it means in the fight to contain the nuclear threat. the u.s. navy joining a race against time to find a missing submarine with dozens


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