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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 20, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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and snoring? does your bed do that? right now during ultimate sleep number week, save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed with adjustable comfort on both sides. ends monday. visit for a store near you. now at 11:00 -- allegations of sexual assault and kidnapping by a man accused of posing as an uber driver. we are learning more about him tonight and wa police say you can do to keep yourself safe. another day, another
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power accused. cbs news man charlie rose responding to allegations of sexual misconduct. and the emergency landing you saw live only here on news 4. tonight hear the dispatch calls as emergency crews scramble to the scene. they needed a ride. so they flagged down an uber driver. but tonight police tell us what they got, those two friends got, was a driver banned from the company for life. >> now that man's been charged with kidnapping and sexual assault on the american university campus. news 4's shomari stone is live with new details and advice from police. shomari? >> reporter: good evening. the mood here at american university for some students is one of anxiety. they tell me that they are surprised, stunned that police say that the sexual assault happened on campus. the university sent out a crime alert reminding students, warn
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they use the uber app when they get rides. >> that's horrifying. >> reporter: melanie mckenzie and amy lau are american university students. they're concerned after police say a man posing as an uber driver sexually assaulted a woman on campus after 3:00 sunday morning. >> i'm surprised that it happened. that's really terrible. >> reporter: the 21-year-old woman and her friend told police they saw an uber sticker on a car, flagged down the driver, and got inside near du pont circle. according to these court documents, 36-year-old el husin jordali was posing as an uber driver. he yelled at the friend to get out of the car. once the friend got out, he sped off with the woman inside. police say he drove to american university, forced her out of the car, and sexually assaulted her. court documents also say video surveillance showed an uber sticker on the car but when officers went to jordali's house the sticker was no longer on it. police arrested
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uber says he was a driver from january 2014 to july 2015 when he was permanently suspended. police say the woman did not use the uber app for the ride. >> you actually have to call the driver through the app. look i wouldn't just flag down someone. >> reporter: police recommend that uber riders use the app. check the driver's photo, license plate number, first name, color of the vehicle and the driver's rating before you get in the vehicle. >> do you ever feel unsafe? >> i use uber pool a lot so a lot of times there's another person in the car with me. >> reporter: -- did not tell us why jordali was banned from the ride service. he is being held without bond. he is in jail charged with kidnapping and first degree sexual abuse. his next court hearing is in a few weeks. live here in northwest d.c. at american university i'm shomari stone, news 4.
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just seem to grow every time you turn on the tv. now, we know there are a lot of cases in the news now but we're going to do our best to take you through what's new tonight. this is just today. first, charlie rose. eight women now telling the "washington post" that the highly respected tv host made unwanted advances toward them. new tonight the reporter who wrote that expose says her inbox is now flooded with messages from other women who allege they've had similar encounters with the journalist. rose tells the "post" that he is embarrassed and has "come to a profound new respect for women and their lives." also new, an attack from the campaign of alabama senate candidate roy moore. they're saying that moore did not assault one of his accusers, asserting that two restaurant employees say that he never ate at the restaurant where one of his nine accusers says an attack happened. the campaign says that voters will see through the, quote, fake news. "new york times" now suspending top political writer glenn thrush. he's well known for his coverage
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white house correspondent. even earning him a slot on "snl" in a skit there where melissa mccarthy played sean spicer. accusations against thrush range from unwanted touching to drunken sexual encounters. the "times" says it supports his decision to enter a substance abuse program. and senator al franken says that he doesn't remember groping a woman seven years ago and now a second accuser has come forward today. senator franken tells cnn that he he feels badly. franken's staff tells other news outlets he has no plan to resign for now. jim, doreen, back to you. >> thank you. new response tonight from fairfax county public schools after police arrested two employees for assault and battery of an autistic child. school bus driver james duffy iii and aide edmund bailey are accused of assaulting the 11-year-old boy twice in one week. police say the incidents happened last month. a staff member witnessed the second assault and intervened. then schoolff
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to look at surveillance video. duffy's on administrative leave now. bailey has resigned. a statement from fairfax county public schools says "their actions do not reflect the expectations of fcps nor do they represent the dedication of fcps employees who care deeply about the well-being of all students, especially those who are most vulnerable." a mother tonight says she's not comfortable letting her daughter walk to school alone any longer. a man exposed himself to the little girl. and prince george's county police tell us he also targeted a little boy. both incidents happened at benjamin stoddard middle school in temple hills. our county bureau chief tracy wilkins talked exclusively today with the girl and her mother. we're not showing the girl's face. >> i was walking to school and a man was in his car and he was playing with his private parts. and it scared me that night. and i couldn't go to sleep. >> police are now looking for
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have much to go on. they posted extra officers in the area around the school. a chilly start to our thanksgiving week but we could have a whole lot more to complain about this time of year. >> that's right. we sure could. meteorologist amelia draper is in for doug font. is this going to be nice all week? >> it's going to be feeling very much like autumn all week. we're going to have our temperatures warm up a little tomorrow but then cool right back down for our thanksgiving holiday. the good news is it's looking dry for thanksgiving. but first i want to get you out the door tomorrow morning. 43 degrees right now. 6:00 a.m. it is a chilly start. 36 in washington and around 30 in the suburbs. here's the thing. it's already going to be breezy by 8:00 a.m. and those winds are really going to help us warm quickly. 10:00 a.m. we're at 45. i have new information coming in on the outlook for some rain over the long holiday weekend. i'll have that coming up in a little bit.
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this is the -- we've got the target over here. beyond that is a costco. >> right now, folks, look at this. a massive fire burning. it's near what looks like a shopping center. live pictures here coming in from auburn hills, michigan about halfway between detroit and flint. and our sister station in detroit says this fire is so big they can see it from their cameras downtown. nearly 35 miles away. now, we know there was some kind of explosion before this fire. our sister station there in detroit is calling this a gas fire. not sure if it's natural gas or gasoline. but we'll keep our eye on this and let you know. firefighters already there on the scene. we're working to learn more about what's going on there, whether anyone is hurt. what's going on with the neighbor
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but we'll update you as soon as we get some new information here. >> leon, thank you. tonight a local funeral home is shut down thanks to a lawsuit by d.c.'s attorney general. they're accused of taking advantage of grieving families. news 4's jackie bensen is outside austin royster funeral home in northwest d.c. with the allegations. jackie? >> reporter: well, doreen, i can tell you this lawsuit is unprecedented in its nature and scope. and tonight news 4 spoke with some of the families affected. >> terrible. >> reporter: by phone quantella gregory told news 4 about her family's prolonged ordeal with the austin royster funeral home while making funeral arrangements for her grandmother barbara ann roux who died in september of last year. she was a muslim and the family requested her body be prepared according to religious practice. >> they left my grandmother in the freezer for almost a month and a half, did not clean her for almost a month and a half.
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florida joleen hayes talks about the trip she had her husband made back and forth to d.c. in the months after austin royster handled the funeral of his father livolia hayes. the lawsuit accuses the funeral home of accepting an insurance payment of $53,000 for funeral services costing about $5,000 and failing to return the remaining $47,000. >> i don't know if she chooses the family she wants to victimize. i don't know how she does that. maybe because we're out of state and she didn't think we were going to pursue this. or maybe she just thought we were fools. >> reporter: the family says at one point they were issued a check for $47,000 but it bounced. now, someone who answered the phone at the funeral home tonight said there would be no comment on the matter. live in northwest, jackie bensen, news 4. >> disturbing. jackie, thank you. take a look at this new surveillance video of an armed ca
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here on kennelworth avenue saturday. police tell us two suspects approached the victim while he was seated in his suv. you can see one point a gun at the victim, is pointed. and he's forced out of the vehicle. then a second suspect takes the victim's property and speeds off in his suv. it is a gray mercedes-benz with maryland plates. if you know who these guys are, police want to hear from you. you may experience less hassle when you fly out of dwi marshall airport over the holidays. that's the hope anyway. the baltimore sun reports that from now until mid january shuttles, taxis, and ride share vehicles must pick up and drop off passengers on the upper departure level. airport leaders hope it will ease congestion on the more crowded lower level. the airport is also offering free parking for the first hour in its hourly garage during the holidays and adding 50 spaces to its cell phone lot. we're going to n
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issues starting bright and early tomorrow morning. transportation reporter adam tuss is working for you. he'll be keeping an eye on the roads, the rails, and the airports tomorrow morning on news 4 today. >> when we come right back on news 4 11:00 we're keeping a close eye on the breaking news in the detroit area tonight. a gas-fed fire in auburn hills. incredible pictures comingrom ou fr ♪ ♪ think of your fellow man, ♪ lend him a helping hand, ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ you'll see it's getting late, oh please don't hesitate...♪
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♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart. (vo) going on now, our subaru share the love event will have donated over one hundred fifteen million dollars to those in need.
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you aw it unfold live on news 4 at 4:00. the pilot of a small plane in maryl p
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hits betweenen gin plane. >> tonight we know he had to circle the runway at st. mary's airport for more than 90 minutes. that's because his landing gear wouldn't deploy and we he needed to burn off fuel to avoid an explosion when he tried land. listen to the radio call from county dispatchers when they first learned the pilot was in trouble. >> 44,174 airport road. coltonwood parkway. for the aircraft emergency. >> do we have a crash or what? >> sounds like a hung landing gear. >> are they still in the air? how many souls on board? how much fuel? >> one soul. still circling. fuel is unknown. >> okay. type of aircraft? >> a twin engine. >> a lot of people holding their breath. now we know that that plane is a 1966 piper pa-30. and the pilot's name is anthony
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after landing, hands in his pockets, waiting on firefighters, and no big deal. >> stand by. there's no ems services needed. he's okay. >> just need to secure the aircraft and give me a recommendation. >> okay. and he has a leak on the aircraft we will secure. >> there was some minor damage to the bottom of the plane. the faa investigating why that landing gear does not deploy. >> doesn't get much better than that landing. today the virginia board of elections certified the vote that made ralph northam the governor-elect. but two house of delegate races are still not certified. one of them the 28th district in fredericksburg in stafford county, where republican bob thomas leads democrat joshua cole by just 82 votes. the board says at least 83 voters in that district in
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district. if cole ends up winning the race, the balance of power in the house of delegates would shift from 51-49 republican to an even 50-50 split. president trump will head to florida for thanksgiving tomorrow but not before he pardons a turkey or two. the president will carry on with the tradition, pardoning either drumstick or wishbone at the white house. it's the 70th anniversary of this event. earlier the first lady welcomed the white house christmas tree with son barron. the first family will fly out tomorrow for mar-a-lago. meanwhile, two former trump campaign officials are asking a judge if they can leave their homes for thanksgiving. paul manafort and rick gates are currently on house arrest. they face charges in robert mueller's russia collusion investigation. the judge will hear the request tomorrow. a lot of excitement around howard university this weekend. film crews from nbc's hit show "this is us" were in the neighborhood. you may have seen some of their
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we reached out to the producers for a little hint about the plot and why they were shooting at howard. they're keeping quiet for now. but they did tell us that the episode will air next tuesday here on nbc. we'll let you know when we hear more. more exciting news to share. you've helped us raise more than $50,000 to help give local families a nice thanksgiving. thank you so much today. on top of that we've collected almost three tons of food and more than 3500 turkeys. safe to say this food will need at least 15,000 people, feed them, this thanksgiving. and there's still time to help. search food for families in our nbc washington app for ways to make a donation through wednesday. you've still got time. it's easy to do. a lot of people stepping up. >> yes. and thanks to everybody who donated over the phone or online. a whole lot of people showed up at the arena today. >> yes. so many wonderful stories. i was w
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a man that was homeless came down and donated goods and money, and it just makes you realize why this time of year is so wonderful, being thankful. as we look to our forecast for our thanksgiving holiday, it's definitely looking on the chilly side. temperatures only in the 40s for highs on thanksgiving. but before we get there we probably have at least one more workday tomorrow and for your tuesday. it is going to be warmer and breezy. our high today 53 degrees. tomorrow high temperatures near 6307 take a look at your second weather headline. wednesday morning. i can't rule out a shower. but that would be very early. and mainly east of 9357 if you're planning on traveling wednesday i'll have that forecast coming up in just a second. then here you see cold for thanksgiving but dry and plenty of sunshine as well. speaking of cold, it is chilly out there right now. especially in manassas coming in at 32. 37 in gaithersburg, 43 in the district right now. we start off tomorrow morning at 36 degrees but with breezy winds. those winds actually help us
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lunchtime. 59 will be our high. we hit that at about 4:00 in the afternoon. tomorrow night not as cold as tonight. 55 degrees at 7:00 p.m. walking the dog or out with the kids getting some fresh air running some errands, maybe going to the grocery store, you won't need the puffy coat or all the layers at least. as we look to your travel weather wednesday morning i'm starting you off at 4:00 a.m. if you're leaving this early here's a small chance of rain. i'm talking about east of 9 507b into parts of new jersey and delaware as well. but that chance of rain quickly pulls away from the area by about 7:00 a.m. we get plenty of sunshine by the midday hours. we also see the winds pick up again wednesday afternoon on into the evening hours. then take a look here. stopping future weather at 9:00 a.m. thursday morning, plenty of sunshine to start off our thanksgiving holiday and it stays that way throughout the day. a high temperature on wednesday of 53. we warm up tomorrow, we cool back down for wednesday, and then we continue to tumble on thursday. lunchtime 42. cr
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afternoon. 47. and then during the evening hours 40 degrees. if you're heading to the redskins game, make sure to bundle up. temperatures for the game will be in the 30s. perfect to stay at home and watch it right here on nbc. then of course we'll have the news after that game. i know lorne and carol will be down there. very excite for the game. as we look to friday, 53 for a high. saturday it's the penn state-maryland game among other things going on. i'm going to be there. that's why it's such a vested interest. maybe a shower but most of saturday the good news is looking dry. >> thanks amelia. we're going to go back to leon at the live desk with more about this big shower near detroit. >> yeah, doreen, we've got some breaking news coming in on this massive fire as you see here burning so brightly against the night sky outside of detroit. we just got off the phone with our sister station there and they have confirmed this is a natural gas fire and they say there was at least one explosion. we're also hearing reports that the 911 system there is dn
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reports of any injuries. this fire's burning in the town of auburn hills in orion township if you know that area about 30, 35 miles northwest of detroit. we'll keep our eye on this situation and well have the '
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk. all right. wizards back in action. some history on the court too. and it wasn't john wall you say. >> no, it was not john wall. it was his back court mate. bradley beal. it was his turn to shine. as the wizards bench plays like it did tonight, john wall might take some more games off. that is a good
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wall tries to play through everything. each of the last four seasons he's missed no more than five games. now he has a sore knee. and his teammates took control. there's john wall. 15 points, six assists in his return. not too shabby. third quarter watch this history. boom, that three. he becomes the youngest in nba history with 700 three-pointers. on the other side, yanis -- you know his name, guys? adetokumbo. he's greek. work on his name. we play him again. beal taking over on the drive. he lays it in off the glass. 23 points from badly beal. wizards up six. fourth quarter wizards started with a seven-point lead but the bench came up big as we were talking about. that's kelly oubre jr. the bucket and the fall. 18 off the bench for him. and the wizards go on to win it 99-88. hey, let's do
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that phrase coming to a t-shirt near you. jaromir jagr and the flames in town. first minute of the game pass too far for jacob rana. catches up to it, then passes to lars eller. great play by rana. eller catches in. second period now, tied at 1. flames on the power play. puck loose in front. out to johnny gud roe. calgary comes up with it, scores. tough break there. flames add two more. they win it 4-1. back to the court. maryland hosting jackson state. big night for freshman bruno fernando. first half terps with the two-point lead. anthony cowan throwing it up bruno throwing it down. terps up five. later in the half maryland up seven and on the run jared mickens going for three. count it.
11:28 pm
terps up 13 at the break. second half terps pulling away off the miss. pass inside to fernando. another slam makes it look so easy. 18 points for him. maryland rolls 76-45. and spend your thanksgiving with us. live pregame coverage of the giants and redskins starts at news 4 on 6:00. special redskins pregame report at 7:30, kickoff at 8:30, then we're going to have you covered with live post-game coverage all right here on news 4 while you get to eat your turkey. >> you're eating before the game. >> as we're doing it. you know that press box turkey. >> so good. >> thanks, carol .
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iton the only bed that sadjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort your sleep number setting. does your bed do that? right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. ends monday. visit for a store near you. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- bryan cranston, stephen curry, musical es


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