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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 22, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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now at 11:00, last-minute stops tonight before thanksgiving. many of you stocking up for the big meal and getting a jump start on your holiday shopping. plus an emotional start to the holiday season for a local drunk driving task force as they hear from the father of a fellow
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duty. ten hours and counting until the macy's thanksgiving day parade. how a halloween terror attack is changing things this year in new york city. >> announcer: news 4 at 11:00 starts now. first tonight, a much colder start to thanksgiving than we saw this morning. good evening. i'm erica gonzalez in for doreen. >> i'm jim handly. it's going to be a cold morning for a trurky trot or anything else you have planned for tomorrow. let's get right to chief meteorologist doug kammerer for your holiday forecast. >> you walked outside this morning if you left for work this morning without the jacket you needed it when you came back home because temperatures have really fallen. take a look at where we were earlier today. up to near 6 0 degrees. 59 d.c., 59 in fredericksburg, 59 lees burgh, 57 clinton, maryland. it was quite nice out there around 10:00 this morning but after that time the winsds started picking up and the temperatures started to come down. look at these numbers. 20 to 25 degrees colder right now is the way it feels. it's currently 33. the wind chill in c.
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manassas 29. and culpepper. you know we're in for a very cold start tomorrow. of course tomorrow thanksgiving much colder weather. out there tomorrow afternoon. a chilly thanksgiving but a very nice rebound and a quick rebound at that. but the roller coaster continues. we're going back up as we make our way into a friday and parts of the weekend but we're coming back down once again. we'll talk about that. i'll walk you through hour by hour. your thanksgiving forecast. your black friday forecast. and that weekend as well. >> thank you, doug. we've got new details tonight on a crash that we first brought you as breaking news live at 6:00. we've learned a police officer, three children and five adults are in the hospital because of it. chopper 4 shows you the damage along the inner loop of the beltway by committee 13 in prince george's county. police say a sedan clipped an officer's cruiser sending the cruiser into two other vehicles. they say nobody was seriously hurt. the night before thanksgiving is known for an increased risk of drunk driving. lots of us are off work tomorrow. college students are home with
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months. bars and police are busy. tonight a special holiday dui task force is out in montgomery county and news 4's jackie bensen is out for us with them. jackie, the night got out to an emotional start for these officers. >> reporter: it did. and jim, police don't want us to tell you exactly where we are but take a look over here. you can see they are getting ready to set up these dui enforcement zones. before officers headed out this evening, they heard from someone who knows all too well the dangers of drunk driving. >> i wouldn't be here tonight if it wasn't for the tragic and senseless death of my son officer noah leotta at the hands of a reckless and irresponsible multiple-time offender, drunk and drugged driver. >> reporter: behind a display of pictures of his late son, montgomery county police officer noah leotta, rich leotta spoke to officers from
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law enforcement agencies assembled for the 2017 holiday alcohol task force. in the nearly two years since officer leotta's death he was struck by a drunk driver while working on this same task force, his family has become a vocal force for tougher penalties. >> i can't change what happened to my son. but i can try to make certain that it doesn't happen to anybody else and save lives. >> reporter: policea with mothers against drunk driving says statistics show thanksgiving weekend has become the deadliest on the nation's roadways. >> over the past four years drunk driving crashes killed more than 800 people over the long thanksgiving holiday weekend, making it the deadliest holiday on our roadways. >> reporter: this task force will continue through the new year's eve holiday. live in montgomery county, jackie bensen, news 4. >> jackie, thank you. well, thanksgiving travel hit its peak today.
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hour earlier tonight. hopefully, it will be a little easier to get to where you're going between now and sunday. news 4's david culver caught up with some people out making last-minute preparations tonight. >> reporter: location, location, location. all about finding the right spot in this tyson's mall parking lot. competition over spaces has some going backwards. just to swoop in. we noticed shoppers carrying bags full. we've not even made it to black friday yet. but as you prepare to hit the stores over the next few days, police warn be mindful walking alone. instead shop with a buddy. and don't leave valuables in plain sight. too tempting for thieves. before thanksgiving thursday some picking up last-minute grocery essentials. >> struggling lifting all this heavy stuff. >> we can help you too. i gout. >> thank you. >> molly's finishing off her sh
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>> i am cooking. we're making a turducken. a turducken. >> reporter: a turkey in a duck i assume? >> i think so. in a boyfriend insisted on it. it's the first time we're doing it. yeah. i'll let you know how it goes. >> reporter: others focused on one meal at a time. >> what's the meal the night before thanksgiving? >> it's delicious pizzas here from the italian store. >> reporter: you can't smell this, but the smoke is coming up. it's steam. >> yes, it is. it smells pretty good. >> reporter: crystal simpson heading to a friend's house for the holiday. her plan? >> eat up everything they have there. turkey, ribs, chicken. everything. >> are you bringing anything? >> a cake. >> what kind of cake? >> a pound cake. >> did you make it? >> i will be. >> are you being honest right now? >> i will. in the morning. i have my butter out and my eggs out and i'll be making my cake in the morning. >> i believe you. i'm just asking for those who will be attending said party. >> thank you. >> cal
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will in fact be homemade. meantime, behind me you see tyson's corner mall. quiet, right? not going to stay that way too long. in fact, tomorrow at 6:00 in the afternoon it will reopen to shoppers and it will stay open all through the night. you can essentially eat, nap, shop, and repeat. erica, jim? >> that's a good plan. i think you're just treeg to get invited to somebody's dinner table, though, my friend. i see your plan. >> he wants that turducken. >> i might just show up and surprise her. >> david, thank you. hey, if your thanksgiving plans involve big tv, lots of football, we hope we'll be seeing you here tomorrow night. the redskins and giants kick off at fedex field right here on nbc 4. our coverage starts at 8:00, and we'll be right here live after the game for post-game coverage and an early look at your black friday. only one of nine players who appealed their suspensions for
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will actually get to play in the annual championship game. h.d. woods and high school players took part in a brawl against eastern high earlier this month. a woodson player posted this video of what he says were dirty plays that led to that fight. d.c. public schools suspended 18 woodson players and with only one suspension overturned that means 17 will not suit up against balue tomorrow. we are a few hours away from another annual tradition. the macy's thanksgiving day parade. and today we got a sneak peek at some of the floats that you'll see on display. we also got a preview of the tight security. sand-filled trucks line the two-mile route to stop vehicle attacks. police will be in the crowd and sharpshooters will be on rooftops. new york mayor bill de blasio says the city is ready and the celebrations will go on. >> we have a lot to celebrate, but we also have to take stock that we're having this event just
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horrible terrorist attack we experienced on halloween. but i want to remind everyone adds painful as that was, as much as we continue to mourn the eight lives that were lost, we have to remember that attack was an effort to undermine our values and our democracy and it failed. because here we are weeks later, everyone's out in force, no one's afraid. everyone believes in their city and their country and believes in celebrating together. so we're going to have a great celebration and we're going to remember that it's very important to come out and show faith in each other. >> you can watch that right here on nbc 4. an update tonight on two major search operations on the high seas we've been following for you. good evening, everyone. i'm leon harris, and we're going to start with the search and rescue operations for three
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u.s. navy plane crashed near jap japan. this is southeast of okinawa if you're familiar with that area. the navy says it's notified their families that their whereabouts now are unknown. the plane slammed into the ocean while out on a routine mission. eight sailors were rescued. they we hear are in good condition. also tonight a possible breakthrough in the search for a missing argentine sub and its 44 crew members. a noise made a week ago just hours after the last contact in the south atlantic could provide a critical clue to the vessel's location. that noise came just hours after we said the final contact that could have come from the vessel. ships and subs hunting for the sub are now going to be returning to a previously searched area. relatives of the crew are getting increasingly worried because the sub has been missing for seven days and it may be reaching a critical point of low oxygen on board. jim, back to you. >> leon, thank you. new action tonight from the fairfax county school system. all special ed bus drivers are
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is charged with assaulting a child with autism. young lee recently turned himself in. he's accused of abusing a 12-year-old boy twice in october. that same month james duffy iii and edmund bailey are accused of assaulting an 11-year-old boy twice in one week. all three men are suspended without pay. the school system tells us driver retraining will emphasize "prevention, deescalation and if necessary intervention when the behavior of an individual poses a threat of harm to themselves or others." a man accused of posing as an uber driver and then raping an american university student says it was consensual sex and for now he's out of jail. hussein jordali still faces sexual assault charges for the incident in a campus parking lot early sunday morning. police say his accuser got into his car in du pont circle after a night of
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thought he was an uber driver. prosecutors say the suspect had been banned from uber but still had the sticker in his window. today the judge said the woman was too drunk to give her consent. he's due back in court in january. she made history as the first transgender candidate elected to virginia's state house. next at 11:00 tonight, the new controversy over what danica roem will be called when she gets there. will. plus, what retailers are doing to get you to shop in stores this weekend instead of online. and news 4 gets an exclusive cool and early look inside the holiday pop-up bar in d.c.'s shaw neighborhood before it open for the season. s
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danica roem made history this month. she became virginia's first openly transgender elected official. but now virginia republican house leader kurt cox says he wants to do with the terms gentleman or gentlewoman on the house floor. cox told the "washington post" he instead wants to refer to state lawmakers as delegates. a spokesman for cox says he feels it's more timely and appropriate. critics say it's shameful. roem downplayed the comments saying in part "what matters the most is that i'm here." tomorrow the turkey, maybe some shopping. friday the big sales and monday the online sales. but there's a new push by brick and mortar stores to keep you from shopping online. more shoppers say for the first time this year they want to shop online rather than in the stores. so retailers are offering some incredible deals to try to entice you to leave the house. take macy's, for instance, who says it's going to offer shoppers ten items
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>> what? wait a minute. >> having foot traffic in the stores, it's easier to sell additional items. but i think they also understand they have to be where consumers are and quite frankly consumers are going more and more to online shopping. >> many major retailers are once again opening on thanksgiving. we posted the hours of many of those stores for thursday and friday on the nbc washington app. i actually shared that on my facebook page as well to search black friday. >> your gift is coming from macy's. so is yours. it's free. >> free package of towels and sheets probably. a new holiday tradition will carry on for another year in d.c.'s shaw neighborhood. starting friday. they call it miracle on 7th street. >> good luck getting in there. tonight news 4's tommy mcfly gives us an exclusive first look inside the holiday pop-up bar. >> reporter: this pop-up bar is right on 7th street northeast in shaw. miracle on 7th street. we're getting an exclusive first look inside. this is the
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they've got sprinkles and cupcakes and a giant ginger 3-d man that pops off the wall. and as you make your way back in, you are walking into the winter wonderland. complete with, get this, a working train that rolls around the bar all holiday season long. and when you come i'm told you need to sit and look at the christmas village and make sure you take in all the little details that all the little elves have been working on to make this holiday pop-up bar come true. if you don't celebrate christmas, don't worry because we've got for you the takeout and a movie bar. maybe that is your holiday tradition. got a whel bunch of fantastic takeout menu items in the idea of a cocktail with other great movies. we've got forthcoming since "star wars" and also justice league everyone's excited about. but the holiday fantasticness does not stop there. you make your way in through all the different holiday lights and this is where you enter the sleigh bar. s-l-e-i-g-h. get it? sleigh bar? like beyonce? this sleigh you can sit in and take your selfie is
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and we still have elves working to get ready. this pop-up bar opens in shaw on monday. you can enjoy tall holiday season long. in northwest i'm tommy mcsly, news 4. >> he can walk around it. nobody's going to be able to move in there. >> you've got to ask yourself how bad do you want that instagram photo? >> exactly right. i don't want it too bad. i was looking up the ten things that are free at macy's. >> yeah. >> the left shoe is free. that's one of them. >> there you go. >> the pants are free but you have to pay for the sportcoat. an a., let's show you what's going on weatherwise. if you're doing some shopping tomorrow it's going to be a cold one out there but especially early tomorrow morning. if you get some last-minute items picked up from the store get ready to bundle up. out there right now temperatures about 15 to 20 degrees colder. right now it is 20 degrees colder than it was at 10:00 a.m. this morning and the wind chill's even colder than that. 39 winds out of the northwest at nine miles per hour. current temperatures 34
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38 -- you can tell things are going to get on the cold side tomorrow morning. we're not talking any rain or snow. some of us are hoping for it. satellite and radar together showing not much in the way of cloud cover either. some clouds to the south but that's it. storm system that came through early this morning is now way out of here. then behind it you know this is where our air is coming from. some snow toward minneapolis heading back toward chicago. it's a little system that's going to move right across our region to the north. not going to bring us much but it will make for a cold thursday. your thanksgiving, most below freezing by early tomorrow morning. that means mid up toer 20s. the roads staying on the dry side. if you're traveling tomorrow don't worry about any wet roadways. weather should not be an impact as far as driving is concerned. mid-atlantic or toward the northeast, whatever. what to wear, puffy coat type of day. that's for sure. because temperatures are going to be cold. 43 at 11:00 a.m. wind chill around 35 at this time. 47 by 3:00 and with less wind, 47 and sunshine, that's not too bad. but it will actually quite
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notice sun going down at 4:49 tomorrow. tomorrow night the sun goes down at 8:30 at night. redskins taking on the giants. out at fed kz. 42 at 6:00. if you're thinking of getting out there doing some tailgating maybe you're doing some turkey at the game. going to be a cold one but without the wind as long as you're bundled up shouldn't be that bad. 37 by the time you're all said and done. how about that friday shopping? if you're going out shopping friday morning cold start. 36 degrees for those of you that enjoy camping overnight into early friday morning. 49 degrees at 6:00 p.m. 4 p at 8:00 on saturday. saturday looks a lot nicer. i'm going 55 at 6:00. and that means friday or saturday afternoon we could be near 60. a very nice day on saturday. and after a cold day tomorrow thanksgiving the coldest day. a.m. a little breezy early. 53 on friday they go right back up. 59 on sunday. or rather 507b9 saturday. back down to 49 on sunday. sunday's going to be rather chilly. but then look at this warm-up. temperatures into the low 60s by the time we hit nex
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so much milder air making its way in and all of next week temperatures at or above average for the most part. that's something we're going to be watching. that is a different story than what we've seen the past two weeks where it's been a little bit on the cold side. might be able to put away that puffy coat. >> at this rate i don't know when we're going to see some snow. you're talking 60 degree temperatures? come on, man. >> normally about december 10th i believe. we have some time. >> thank you. coming up, busy night in sports with both the wizards and caps in action. caps got some goal support from an unexpected source. >> sports is coming up next but first, here's jimmy fallon. >> hey, guys. denzel washington is my guest tonight. plus we have allison wliams, il
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk. another tough ending. i don't know how many more of these we can take. >> well, knock on wood, jim. there's a football game tomorrow. >> exactly. >> no laughing matter, though. for the wizards they needed this two-day break coming up -- coming off this disappointing road trip, wrapping up tonight in charlotte. they won one of their last three, and it's time to hit the reset button for washington. not only did they allow the hornets back into this game but forced overtime. and again, the wizards blowing a lead and falling short. john wall returning to his home state of north carolina tonight. in the first quarter bradley beal exploding to the hoop for a nice finish there. giving the wizards an early five-point lead. in the second quarter jeremy lin
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including that incredible dunk and the foul. third quarter wizards go on a 10-0 run late in the third to regain the lead. dunk by kelly oubre jr. in the final seconds of the fourth ball game tied at 114. beal with the chance for the win and dwight howard with the block. we're headed into overtime. wiz trailing by three. markieff morris driving to the hoop, denight by lamb. picks it up and taking it the length of the court. the wizards -- hornets win in overtime. 129-124. hockey. caps hosting the senators. jakub vrana gets the rebound. finishing. washington up 1 307 later in the period the line change pays off. alex ovechkin finishes on the breakaway. caps go into the dressing room ahead 2-0. the second period now caps with the man advantage. t.j. oshie finds kuznetsov for
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later in the period get this, vrana again. puck gets stuck, though, in the top netting. and after some confusion the ref awards the tally. first two-goal game for the rookie puts washington ahead by four. the caps go on to win 5-2. one other score for you. george mason losing to fresno state 79-73 at the cancun challenge. but switching gears to football. tonight the redskins preparing to host their first thanksgiving game -- thanksgiving day game. they need a big win against division opponent the new york giants. the skins have yet to beat a team in the nfc east this season. on a big stage with a lot on the line, this team really ready to give their fans something to be thankful for tomorrow night. symbol it will be a great opportunity to play on thanksgiving night, national tv, at home in front of our fan base. what more could you want? >> two years ago i was on the couch on thanksgiving. but i'm here now. so it will be a big game for me. never played on ks
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i've been fortunate to play on a couple thanksgivings in the past. never at home. this will be an awesome opportunity. good opportunity for our fans to have their nice thanksgiving day and come out to the stadium at night. >> nbc 4 will have you covered all night from fedex field starting on news 4 at 6:00. the redskins pregame report at 7:30, kickoff against the giants at 8:30, and we'll have all your reaction on news 4 following the game. maybe not like totally go all in on that turkey so you can stay up for the game. >> by that point you're probably having like a turkey sandwich. >> leftovers. >> anothe piece of pie. r
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