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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  November 23, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EST

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>> i think i'm ready. >> food is ready you've done the run. >> i went sunday. i was the first at the store on sunday. because i hate crowds. i did all my prepping yesterday. i'm good. >> same boat. i did everything i'm going to do was done yesterday. today we eat. there are a lot of people waiting until today to get to thanksgiving destinations. if you leave now, you probably won't run into many problems. reagan national airport, as well as the roads where things seem to be running pretty smoothly in our area. i was there yesterday at 5:00 p.m. >> you were. >> absolute nightmare. it took from entrance to exit on the airport property, one hour. took me a full hour to get on and off the property. >> the live picture. yesterday morning at this time, it was bumper to bumper cars in that picture. now it's nothing. >> it was awful yesterday. >> today we're colder than we've been all week. >> yes, it's cold. below freezing. it's one of those --
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you start thawing your turkey. it's freezing outside. look at these feels-like temperatures. it feels like 27 degrees. 31 in clinton. everyone feels like freezing. the actual temperatures are below freezing except for the district. it's all right, we feel below freezing. if you have any prep work to do, 7:00 a.m., still below freezing. by 8:00 a.m., 33 degrees. if you have to get up early, walk the dog or head outside, it is a cold one. bundle up. by 9:00 a.m., sunny skies, temperatures in the 30s. a chilly afternoon. we'll look at your thanksgiving forecast coming up. sheena, thank you. right now, many of you are waking up, only to realize you forgot something. safe to say you won't be alone in the stores today. take a look at these last minute shoppers in a wegmans rate into last night. make sure
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times for the grocery stores. many close early this evening. after the turkey and stuffing are gone, the next thing on the agenda is shopping. let's run down the stores open tonight at 5:00 p.m. best buy, macy's and toys-r-us will open. at 6:00 p.m., walmart, target, kohl's and sears will open to shoppers. david culver spoke with shoppers who wanted to get a really early start on these sales. >> we noticed shoppers carrying bags full. we have not even made it to black friday yet. as you prepare to hit the stores the next few days, police warn be mindful walking alone. instead, shop with a buddy. don't leave valuables in plain sight. too tempting for thieves. crystal simpson headed to a friend's house for the holidays. her plan? >> eat up everything they have there. turkey, ribs, chicken, everything. >> bringing anything? >> a cake. >> what kind of cake? >> a pound cake. >> did you make it?
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>> so crystal's friends, you can rest assured that her pound cake is, in fact, homemade. tysons corner mall, quiet behind me. that will change this evening at 6:00 when it will reopen to shoppers. gives you enough time to eat, nap and shop and then repeat. in tyson's, i'm david culver for "news4 today." we are working for you. making sure you shop safely in holiday season. the stores and parking lots can get crazy. here are a few trips from triple amount. try not to shop alone. it's good to have someone looking out for you or someone to vent to about the insanity. if you bring kids with you, god help you. keep an eye on them. kids can get separated in a group in the crowded stores. keep the cards and cash out of sight. along those lines, we put whatever you buy in the trunk of
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that way potential thieves won't be as tempted to break in. if you're doing your shopping online, stick to the retailers you know. beware of deals too good to be true. they usually are. >> the redskins will take on the giants at fedex field, sherry burruss talked to a few players. >> happy thanksgiving and gameday. redskins in need of a big win against division opponents. the new york giants. this will be the 'skins first time hosting a thanksgiving matchup on this stage with a lot on the line. this team ready for the game and really give the fans something to be thankful for. >> a great opportunity to play on thanksgiving night on national tv in front of our fan base. what more could you want. >> two years ago i was on the couch on thanksgiving. but i'm here now. so it will be a big game for me. never played on thanksgiving. >> it is really cool. i've been fortunate to py
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couple thanksgivings in the past, never at home. this will be an opportunity to have the fans have their thanksgiving day and come out to the stadium at night. >> don't eat too much turkey and get sleepy on the giants. they're coming off a big win from kansas city. the redskins only won one of the last five games, they have a chance to improve their record to keep their playoff hopes ali alive. i'm sherree burruss. the redskins pregame report starts at 7:30. kickoff set for 8:30 and news 4 will be right after that here live. right after the game. we'll have post game coverage and early look at your black friday as well. we'll see you after the game tonight. if you're thinking maybe a pickup game in the backyard or the front yard, wherever you want to play football, layers might be a good idea. you may sweat but it's going to be cold. >> temperatures below freezing. do that before you
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then lay on the couch and watch football. look at these temperatures. before i showed you the feels-like temperatures. here are the actual temperatures. we are in the 20s for much of the area. in the district, 34. that number will tip to drop before sunrise. we'll look at how your afternoon is shaping up and what to expect for your black friday shoppers straight ahead. now, you can play like beyonce. the new holiday line available from the queen bee. take a look around. the fall season is here. so is deer mating season which means there's a greater chance that you might encounter a deer on the roadway. i'm justin finch. you might be surprised to hear what area in our region is
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it's a bird, it's a plane. no, it's a ball of fire. look at this. closer shot for you. this was spotted in japan yesterday. a couple different areas of japan. the falling light from the sky, a lot of people were thinking this might have been a meteorite there. it was about 9:30 at night when people started seeing this flash of fire in the sky there. it lasted about three seconds. >> it was not a meteorite? >> i can't remember how it works. it's a meteor and then a
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>> but they're saying it's not? >> people assume it was. >> it's a fireball. what? >> it makes sense. it probably was something like that. this happens every few days in japan. >> concerning. >> people don't always see it. obviously, not a lot of damage to report. whatever it was, it burned off. >> it's still concerning if it happens every couple days. >> it's not here. don't worry about it. let's talk dollars and cents. apparently thanksgiving will cost every family about $50. i'm at $150 for what i spent on -- >> is that $50 per four people or individually? that number doesn't make sense. you think about the little things, they add up. i guess depends what you're making. >> there's a restaurant in new york city selling a thanksgiving package 1500 times as expensive as that. it will make sense in a second. it's
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we're talking about. the costliest thanksgiving experience. $76,000. wrap your brain around that one. this package includes a $100 imported oysters. sweet potatoes with $1600 an ounce calfier and farm raised. organically grown turkey that will walk on to your table, cook itself -- no. they sold seven of these packages. >> this is ridiculouridiculous. >> if i had that kind of money to throw away, i wouldn't throw it away on a meal for one night. >> you get four tickets to see hamilton. $7500 shopping spree on fifth avenue. two-night stay -- >> it's way more than a dinner. okay. >> it's an experience. >> that's a lot. maybe if i had w
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live, i would do it. >> you could blow it. >> there's nothing that says holidays like beyonce. the megastar is -- everybody thinks that, right? she's come out with a new line specifically for the holiday season ahead of black friday. you can shower your favorite beyonce fan with holiday once gear. even a t-shirt with the word beyonce's holiday sweater. everything she puts out is a big hit. we'll see how well this does. the baby, the t-shirt, the sweatshirt. >> if you have to see beyonce's stuff, that had her face and name, it's concerning for a while. i wonder if you were a crazy, super fan. >> people would think you were weird. except for the other person who is wearing the same thing. oh, my god, me too. >> this whole other group we'll never know about. >> never know. speaking of sweaters, to
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sweaters. >> you're wearing a sweater. >> warm up a little bit. it's cold. >> out there too. >> sweater weather for sure. hopefully you can get your ugly christmas sweater ready after today too. look at your thanksgiving planner. below freezing this morning. it's a cold one through the afternoon. highs around 47 degrees and it's going to be cold tonight for you. shoppers, if you're brave enough to head out there, you want to bundle up for that too. closer look at the extended forecast coming up. what you can expect to see
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we told you about the car crash in prince george's county. three children and five adults spending the holiday in the hospital because of it. chopper 4 shows you the damage along the inner loop of the beltway in prince george's county. a sedan clipped an officer's cruiser sending it into two other vehicles. they say no serious injuries came out of this accident. the man accused of posing as an uber driver and raping an american university student in a parking lot says it was consensual. this morning, he's out of jail. he still faces sexual assault charges. his accuser got into his car after a night of drinking because she
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uber driver. although he was banned from uber, he still has a sticker in his window. the woman was too drunk to give consent. the suspect is due back in court in january. former team usa gymnastic doctor larry nasser is facing 25 to 40 years in prison. he pleaded guilty on wednesday to multiple counts to criminal sexual conduct that was in a michigan courtroom. in exchange for the guilty plea, didn't press more charges against him. he's accused of sexually assaulting dozens of girls. aly raisman and gabby douglas. final preparations under way for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. from floats to performances, this parade kicks into holiday gear. nbc's jay gray is live in new york city with the final preparations for today's festivities. jay, what's going on there? >> reporter: good morning, aaron. a lot of people getting ready.
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you said. more than 3.5 million people will see this live on the ground here in new york city. and what a spectacle it is. it's becoming tradition for thanksgiving for so many families across the country. one of the new floats, looks like he needs topping off before he gets out and along the parade route. you walk over here, they line things up, all of the floats lined up and ready to go. led by tom the thanksgiving turkey. down the street, they get ready to go off of central park. should be quite a morning here. two miles, that's the parade route through the heart of manhattan. a lot of new floats this year. a lot of new balloons and a lot of star power in this parade as well. dustin lynch, the country star will be a part of this. along with smokey robinson. somebody who hasn't been a part of the parade for a long time. that will be fun to watch and hear as well. aaron, it's going to be a great morning. hope you'll be
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that's the latest live from new york. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to you. absolutely, i'll be watching. olaf will be a big starve the parade. look out for him. jay, thanks. our coverage of the macy's thanksgiving day parade begins at 9:00 and runs until noon. watch right here on nbc4. why the long face. national dog show happening today at noon right after the parade. more than 2,000 purebred dogs are competing to see who is best in show. john o'hurley has been hosting the event for years now. the national dog show runs today at noon. again, you can watch it here on nbc4. sheena, we know you'll be peeking at the dog show. we know how much of a dog lover you are. >> i love the dog show. i love it so much. when i worked in philly because they tape it in philly, the dog show, so i have interviewed
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him -- well introduced him. i totally exaggerated there. but i do love the dog show a lot. it's really entertaining. that, the macy's thanksgiving day parade, those are great background for the kids at thanksgiving. if you want them to be amused also and stare at the dogs. yes. i do love it. nice day tofor that. >> it is cold this morning. if you have to step outside early this morning around sunrise, you need to bundle up. puffy coat this morning. dress very warm. even though the temperature is a couple degrees above freezing in the district, it feels like 27 degrees. everyone is feeling below freezing and most areas are below freezing. here's the feels-like temperature. we have a breeze but it's making a big difference. 27 in gaithersburg. dulles and quantico, feels like 31 in clinton. we are dry across the
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boston is now long gone. if you are driving to relatives' or friends' houses, you will not have any issues. we'll have a lot of sunshine in the forecast. this morning, below freezing. your roads are going to be staying dry. you need to dress pretty warm. throughout the day, your thanksgiving planner, 11:00 a.m. -- temperatures dropping in the mid to low 40s later today. the commuting tomorrow and saturday, we obviously expect to be busier as a lot more people are heading back home. black friday, if you are up early and shopping, 35 degrees by 7:00 a.m. we'll be cold overnight. again, by 5:00 p.m., mid-50s for your saturday. we're looking at dry roads again with temperatures closer to 60 degrees. we have really cooperative weather in the forecast. we'll look at the rest of the weekends in a bit. sheena, thank you. if you're driving to thanksgiving dinner
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you want to be on the lookout for deer. tis the season. we'll tell you why more and more seem to be making it on to the roadways. an update after a brawl broke out at an area high school football game. what we're learning about who
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drivers, probably have seen them out there. deer all over the place right now. it's deer mating season. that runs until the end of the year. people know that navigating around the deer is just a part of life in the d.c. area. but you might be surprised to hear where deer crashes rising. news 4's justin finch explains. under the changing fall foliage, traipsing amid bushes and branches, deer moving majestically where most of us prefer to see them. problem is, all too often they're winding up
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on the road and in traffic, for the next month experts say you'll see more deer as mating season ramps up. with this month said to be their peek time. insurance company state farm finds between now and december your chance of hitting a large animal doubles. even in the district their collision rates are rising. >> don't be surprised if you encounter a deer in the middle of the road in washington, d.c. >> if you think you've seen more deer and car crashes recently, your eyes are not deceiving you. turns out, aaa counts a 50% deer and vehicle spike in collisions. they measure about 100 deer per square mile. >> you have so many deer who are moving about and moving about during the same time that we're doing our morning and evening commutes. that can be a
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>> justin finch, news 4. good morning everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang. along with sheena parveen. thanks for joining us on this thanksgiving morning. happy thanksgiving to you. >> you have no idea how grateful that you get up with us every day. >> are you ready for thanksgiving? >> i'm getting there. i set my table yesterday. ridiculous things. staying up late. >> that i use once a year. literally, we never bring it out. why do you even have it? but it's the occasion. >> it's exciting when you get to break out the stuff and you're like look at my beautiful -- >> melissa says she leaves it out all year long. >> oh, melissa. >> there are a lot of people who are waiting until today to get to their thanksgiving destinations, believe it or not. if you leave now, you probably won't run into a lot of problems out there
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national airport as well as the roads this morning. things seem to be running smoothly in our area. if you leave thanksgiving, that's the best time because you won't have any traffic. >> my mother flew out of atlanta yesterday. took me an hour to get from -- >> took me literally on bw parkway at the entrance to the airport, from there to the exit, pick her up to the exit took me an hour. >> were you pulling your hair out? >> not a lot to pull, not by choice. >> so much lighter now. if you look at reagan national on the camera, there's no traffic now. >> i get headaches easily, so i try to avoid crowds. >> colder than it has been. >> it is colder. it feels below freezing for everybody. in the district, the district is the only place that is actually above freezing. but it feels below
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really don't have that much of a wind, but enough of a breeze to make it feel like 27 degrees. everybody else is below freezing. here are the actual temperatures. 27 for -- 29 dulles, 32 in leesburg. 30 quantico. 27 lorton. look at manassas. 22 degrees. it's a cold start to your thanksgiving. here's your planner. if you have to step outside, around 7:00 a.m. plenty of sunshine. not really going to warm us up. puffy coat this morning. by lunchtime, around 43 degrees. chilly through the afternoon. this is football weather, though. this is what we like to see for the redskins. we're looking at clear skies throughout the day today. dry conditions. but it will be the type of weather where you want to bundle up all day long. we'll talk more about what you can expect for black friday and the weekend coming up. sheena, thank you. right now, many of you are waking up, getting ready to put the turkey in the oven only to realize you forgot something. >> that is the worst feeling. >> be sure that you won't b
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only one in the store today. i can tell you that. take a look at the last minute shoppers at wegmans in prince george's county. before you head out, check the grocery store closing times. a lot will close early. >> it might be -- you might not find everything you're looking for. >> they were still pretty stocked up yesterday. after all the turkey and stuffing are gone, the next item on the agenda for a lot of folks will be shopping. >> let's run down the stores opening tonight. >> at 5:00 p.m., best buy, macy's and toys-r-us open. >> 6:00 p.m., walmart, target, kohl's and sears open to shoppers. david culver spoke to shoppers who wanted to get an early start on the sales. >> we noticed shoppers carrying bags full. we've not even made it to black friday yet. as you prepare to hit the stores the next few days. police warn, be mindful walking alone. instead, shop with a buddy and don't leave valuables in
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crystal, headed to a friend's house, her plan? >> eat up everything they have there, turkey, chicken, everything. >> are you bringing anything? >> a cake. >> what kind of cake? >> a pound cake did you make it? >> i will be. >> you can rest assured that her pound cake is homemade. at tysons corner mall. quiet for mall. that will change at about 6:00 this evening when it will reopen to shoppers. gives you just enough time to eat, nap and shop and then repeat. in tysons, i'm david culver for "news4 today." we're working for you to make sure you shop safely this holiday season. the stores even the parking lots can get crazy as you know. as david culver mentioned in his report. >> here are a few tips from tripaaa. try not to shop alone. it's a good idea


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