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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  November 23, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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i love to buy things on a bargain, on a discount. >> we are revealing offers that are truly worth the hassle of standing in line, looking for the parking space. consumer reporter susan hogan shows you the top four best buys. >> our friends at wallet hub compared pre-black friday pricing with the actual black friday prices of a bunch of products to see whether they're going to be worth the wait. the lines and the crowds. >> let's take a look right now. the top four deals that will have additional discounts on black friday, the dell gaming laptop on black friday will cost you $630. a 13-inch mac book air black friday deal $689. whirlpool 6.4 cubic foot electric range, $550. and the canon t 60 slr camera, $450. the top four categories to shop
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music, video games, software only on that and toys and computers and phones. don't bother looking for deals on jewelry. wallet hub says the category is offering the lowest amount of discounts out there. back to you. that breaking news on the beltway. >> justin finch is in franconia now with details on a terrible accident. justin, what's going on there? >> reporter: hey there, eun. crews are working to respond to the scene. they're trying to dismantle the week wedged under this tractor-trailer. just to the left that tractor-trailer you'll see that tow truck in place to begin the clearing process. we spoke with a witness, a short time ago. he tells us that he saw what he believes was a honda civic moving at a decent rate of s
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this tractor-trailer which he says at the time was parked on the side of 495. he says several cars did o stop to wave over authorities to this area. when he came back, this is now the scene he has seen. fire rescue on scene, police on scene, as well as v-dot crews. at this point, that car is certainly wedged deep beneath the back of this truck. you have to imagine there are some pretty heavy injuries suffered by anyone who -- we're awaiting word on what the injuries are and the conditions of those who were involved in this crash overnight. we're live in franconia, i'm justin finch. news 4. back to you in the studio. >> justin, a question for you. it's hard to imagine that somebody could have gone under the truck like that and walked away from there. with that big emergency response, have you seen any ambulances or anything on the scene there? >> reporter: we have not yet seen
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at this time that we have been here. although, i can tell you that the sheath is wrapped around the car windows when we arrived. that sends you a signal as to what could be inside. we're awaiting official word from officials about the conditions of those involved at this time, aaron. back to you. >> bad situation anyway you look at it. justin finch live for us in alexandria this morning. thank you. everyone is talking about the thanksgiving weather. because a lot of people head out after the meal to play football or go for a walk. >> get outside, go burn some of that energy off. >> get outside so we can relax now. >> exactly. >> no. it is cold this morning. >> it is cold. >> bundle up if you're playing football outside after your turkey dinner. come back inside to watch the redskins play, of course. right now, it's 32 degrees in washington. this is the actual air temperature. this is not the -- the
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colder. i'll show you that in a bit. it is 30 degrees in leesburg, 27 is the temperature in dulles, 26 clinton. 21 in manassas. the numbers are continuing to drop. they'll drop until sunrise. if you're in the suburbs, you'll say in the 20s. by lunchtime, only around 40 degrees. we'll take a look at your entire thanksgiving day plus black friday straight ahead, guys. thank you, sheena. many of you are waking up putting the tufrkrkey in the ov. >> you don't have black pepper in your house? >> everything elsie remembered, eun. >> is your momma wake right now do you think? >> i hope not. >> last minute shoppers at wegmans. one in prince george's county last night. before you head out today, check the grocery store closing times. many of them will close early. >> i want to say hi to
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>> she might be up. >> hi. welcome back to d.c. we're working for you to make sure you shop safely this holiday season with stores in the parking lots can get crazy, as you know. >> here are a few tips from aaa. try not to shop alone. it's a good idea to have somebody looking out for you or somebody to vent to about all the craziness in the mall. >> bring two people in case of that. if you're bringing kids, keep an eye on them. children can get easily separated from the group in the crowded stores. >> they make the harnesses now. >> i could never use those. >> keep your cards and cash out of sight too. along the same lines, put everybody you buy in the trunk. that way they aren't at the present timed to break in. >> if you're shopping online, stick to the retailers you know and read the return policies. when it comes to holiday shopping, head to nbc washington app to get the most bang tore your buck this holiday season. right now, it's 5:06 just about. let's loo
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>> we start with the latest on the murder of baltimore police detective sean suiter. he was raised here in d.c. baltimore's police commissioner gave an update on the murder investigation wednesday. davis says suiter was shot with his own gun. there's video from a private camera that shows suiter's partner immediately taking cover and calling for help after the shooting. here's a significant update. we know now that suiter was a federal witness against other police officers. >> this is straight from the acting u.s. attorney and the fbi special agent in charge directly to me. detective sean suiter was not the target of an ongoing criminal investigation. he was, however, scheduled to offer grand jury testimony the day after he was murdered. >> investigators believe suiter's murder was the result of a spontaneous confrontation. the killer is still out
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children. we're learning more about the u.s. navy plane crash. search and rescue efforts are under way on this thanksgiving for three sailors. they were among 11 aboard the c 2 greyhound aircraft that crashed on wednesday. the navy says the plane was flying from a marine base in japan to the "uss ronald reagan "wgs when it went down in the sea. the people rescued are said to be in good condition. engine failure may have played a role. this morning, a texas congressman is apologizing after a nude picture and sexual text messages from him surfaced on social media. joe barton came clean about the photo and messages and apologized for not using better judgment. this hit the web about a month after the veteran lawmaker announced his intention to run for reelection. a spokeswoman says right now he is not resigning. now to the latest in decision 2017. a federal judge den
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from democratic voters in fredericksburg to block the final certification of votes in a house delegates race. state officials revealed at least 384 registered voters were assigned to the wrong house district. our news partners at wtop report it is not clear how many of the voters actually cast ballots or whether it could have changed the outcome of the district race. danica roem made history this month bobbiecoming the fir openly transgender official. kurt cox now wants to do away with the term gentlemen or gentlewoman on the house floor. he wants to refer to lawmakers as delegates. a spokesman for cox feels it's more timely and appropriate. critics say it's shameful. roem down played the comments saying what matters the most is that i'm here. now to the chaos that broke out at a montgomery county high school
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recording as a security guard was caught in the middle. >> my mother what? [ bleep ]. >> that wild scene playing out at gaithersburg high school on monday around noon. in the video, you can see a security guard trying to break things up that. guard appeared to get knocked down. montgomery county schools says he was not attacked. he actually tripped and fell. the district says six students were involved and all of them will be disciplined. nobody was hurt here. the investigation continues into that brawl. only one of nine players who appealed their suspensions for today's turkey bowl in d.c. will actually get to play in the annual championship game. h.d. woodson high school players took part in a brawl earlier this month. a woodson player posted this video of what he says were dirty plays that led to the fight. d.c. public schools suspended 18 woodson players and with only one suspension overturned, that means 17 players will not suit
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big game. big game. if your thanksgiving plans involve football, after the feast get ready. the redskins are taking on the giants at fedex field. the first time the redskins are playing on thanksgiving. >> sherree burruss talked to a few players for a gameday preview. >> reporter: tonight the redskins in need of a big win against division opponent the new york giants. this will be the 'skins first time hosting a thanksgiving matchup on this big stage with a lot on the line. this team ready for tonight's game and really give the fans something to be thankful for. >> it will be a great opportunity to play on thanksgiving night in front much our home fan base. what more could you want? >> two years ago i was on the couch for thanksgiving. i'm here now. so it will be a big game for
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>> it is really cool. i mean, i've been fortunate to play in a couple thanksgivings in the past. never at home. this will be a good opportunity for our fans to have a nice thanksgiving day and come out to the stadium at night. >> don't eat too much turkey and get sleepy on these giants. they're off a big win in kansas city. the redskins only won one of the last five games, they have a chance to improve their record to keep their playoff hopes alive. for news 4 sports, i'm sherri burress. >> you can catchall the action tonight on nbc4. the pregame report starts at 7:30. kickoff is at 8:30. news 4 will be right here live after the game. we'll have post game coverage and an early look at black friday. hope to see you then. go 'skins. >> absolutely. >> must win. keep hope alive. all of it. i was at the caps game last night, by the way. i love hockey games. between periods, the littlei
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were all dressed as turkeys. it was so cute. i put it on social media much it was adorable. they're so little, they go to hit the puck and they fall. it was adorable. >> i was surprised how many people were there. i mean, it was a packed game. but i guess nobody is working today. why not? with the family in town, go to the caps game and watch the redskins later on today. what you need to know before you head outside. bundle up. we have a dry black friday. great weather for travel. we do have a nice dry stretch ahead, too. waking up on your thanksgiving morning, look at these temperatures. below freezing for much of the area. we'll look at the afternoon forecast coming right up. thank you, sheena. it is one thing most americans say won't be at the dinner table this thanksgiving. what people plan to skip when it comes to dinner conversation. if you still need a side dish to make for tonight's dinner, don't fret. we have last-minute ideas.
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going back for seconds. we have breaking news, especially if you're hitting the beltway to get to your thanksgiving destination. take a live look at alexandria. the inner loop of the beltway near van dorn street where a car crashed and is under a tractor-trailer. a terrible situation there. we'll have the very latest right here on "news4 today."
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welcome back at 5:16. right now volunteers are getting ready to make this a special thanksgiving for local families in need. yes! >> news 4's megan mcgrath is a trooper. she's live at food and friends where they're preparing 3500 thanksgiving meals. she's ready to give a helping hands here. >> the consummate professional, megan. >> reporter: oh, yeah. when i gave you the choice between the ball cap and the hair net, i knew you would choose the hair net. here it is. one time wonder. i'll be switching to the cap. thank you. you can see since i spoke to you last all the activity, the volunteers, they are here and they are assembling the holiday feast. we're talking about fea
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8500 pounds of turkey. there are 94 gallons of gravy. cornbread stuffing, wouldn't be a meal without that. over a thousand gallons of it. incredible feast for people living with life-threatening illnesses and all of this is being done with the help of volunteers, including peanut. you're with the platinum dreams motorcycle club. you come every year. what brings you back? >> i think it's because we love giving back to our community. we start with our christmas season with food and friends knowing that everything we do helps others. that's what we're about. >> i'll let you get back to it. it's quite an undertaking. they'll be at it all morning long. then they go out for deliveries. it's a feast for not just the clients but their friends as well. more on that coming up. >> reporter: by the way, i'm switching to the cap. >> all right. you tried it. thank you, megan. we all look forward to catching up with our fams
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during our thanksgiving meals. >> but if you want to keep the peace, politics may not be the best topic of conversation. >> we're going to try and keep it as far away from politics as we can. >> start about trump or the clintons, you get yourself into a real mess. >> different views on immigration than i do. we try to steer away from that as much as possible. >> yeah. you know, you don't want a food fight at your thanksgiving table. before you sit down for dinner, you may want to think before you speak. especially maybe -- it's a good thought to talk about something else. >> even if you know you have similar politics, don't go there. you'll find a way to separate. >> on "news4 today," we've been visiting local families to try out their favorite dishes. >> melissa mollet and chris lawrence went to leesburg to make mashed potato stuffing. >> mashed ta
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grandmother's, and i spent a lot of time with her. you could smell that stuffing coming in the door and my grandmother loved the thanksgiving dinner, and we cooked it all year long. it starts with mashed potatoes, it then has bread and other stuffing ingredients and it goes inside the turkey. it's not a dressing. >> it goes on the side. >> i like that. mashed potatoes in the turkey. >> so we start with your favorite mashed potatoes, however you want to make them. and then what? >> your loaf of bread. >> like you're feeding a duck. >> exactly. you need to chop your onion and celery fine. i do think that the bread is what absorbs a lot of the juices from the turkey itself. you want to beat your egg. pour it right in. >> this is to make it cohesive, right? >> exactly. >> you want to add about
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three even pieces of poultry seasoning to that. you're going to stir that and stuff your bird. cook it according to your tirk i's directions. >> wow. mashed potato stuffing. >> now we get to enjoy the fruits of our labor. >> sorry about that. >> that is so good. >> wow. >> it tastes like a mix of mashed potatoes and your average bread stuffing. yeah. >> i guess it saves you a little time. you put the two sides together. >> you don't have to worry about it -- >> stuff it and throw it in the oven. >> i do love stuffing and mashed potatoes. >> my favorite is a roll and i dip it in the gravy and i love it. >> gravy. >> that's exactly the way to do it. >> that's all i want. i used to do that. i wanted the cheapest rolls possible, the absolute cheapest and i'd dunkit
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hopefully, your thanksgiving turkeys are thawed. if they're not thawed yet, you're going to have a big problem in a little bit and as we go through the afternoon. freezing temperatures outside. that's for sure. now in the district we are at freezing. just a little bit ago, the temperature was 34 degrees. now it drops to 32. it's going to keep getting colder until sunrise. that's our coldest point of the morning. feels like 26 with the breeze out there. rest of the area, look at this. many 20s for the feels-like temperature out there. feels like 25 gaithersburg. 21 manassas. winchester feels like 27 degrees. nice and dry across the area and the entire northeast if you're driving to friends' or families' houses today. pretty cold still. by 3:00 p.m., 47. that's where we'll top out and then it gets cold into tomorrow morning. travel weather for the airlines or at least for the local airports, friday and saturday, it will be cooperating. don't expect any weather delays for t
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possibly. into the weekend, we stay dry. tomorrow for black friday, drive and bundle up if you're out
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final preparations are under way for this year's macy's thanksgiving day parade. from the floats to the performances. >> hello kitty. >> there she is. parade kicks the holiday into high gear. aww. nbc's jay gray is live in new york where the preparations for the festivities are there. >> good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we've seen hello kitty, we've seen snoopy and behind me one of the new balloons, olaf from frozen. olaf is the balloon that's going to lead them out and on to the
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there's two miles through the middle of manhattan. 30.5 million expected to take this in live and some of them lining up along the guardrail before the parade starts. take a look quickly down central park west. you'll see the folks lined up led by tom turkey. amazing thanksgiving day parade. that's what you would expect. lot of activity along central park. a lot of people making sure that things are ready to roll here. a perfect morning. we shouldn't have any issues with that. 85 to 90 handlers for each balloon marked out and on to the route. that is the latest live in new york, guys. happy thanksgiving, aaron, eun. back to you. >> happy thanksgiving to you, jay. thanks so much. 85 handlers per balloon. how massive that is. >> a lot of fun for sure. our coverage of the macy's thanksgiving day parade begins at 9:00. it will run until noon. be sure to watch here on
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and we're looking forward to the parade and followed by the national dog show. don't miss it. locally, it is a cold start to your thanksgiving. we're talking about the feels-like temperatures in the mid-20s. actual temperatures there, around freezing still by 8:00 a.m. and throughout the day today. we'll take a look at black friday and the weekend coming up. we continue to track breaking news right now. a serious crash on the beltway. we check back in with
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breaking news, a bad crash blocking lanes of the beltway on this thanksgiving morning. news 4 is live with a warning for you. first, though, a live look outside for you. your holiday morning starting out really cold around here. it is 5:30 on this thanksgiving morning. good morning everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang. we check in with justin finch at the scene of that crash in a moment. first, we're going to turn our attention to storm team 4 meteorologist sheena parveen. it's 32 degrees. >> it got colder. >> it did get colder. the coldest point is before sunrise. temperatures will keep dropping off. everybody feels below freezing. by the way, we took a live look at reagan
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way busier than it was 30 minutes ago. i guess people are arriving on this thanksgiving morning. temperaturewise, it feels like the 20s for everybody. but right now, the actual temperature is 32 in the district, it's 30 in leesburg. 27 dulles. and manassas is the coldest spot at 21. clinton, 26. fredericksburg 27. a cold start to your thanksgiving morning. through the day, it will stay pretty chilly. by noon, 43 degrees. by 4:00 p.m., sunny. 47. nice weather. football weather too. later on tonight for the redskins. if you're heading to any of the black friday stores opening around 5:00 p.m. today, it's going to start getting colder once the sunsets. bundle up by tomorrow morning. we'll take a look at that forecast plus your weekend is straight ahead. 5:31. we're following that breaking news in franconia. here's a live look at the scene of a major accident on the beltway right now. news 4's justin finch is li
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going on. terrible scene there. >> reporter: terrible scene here, eun, indeed. from our vantage point, several things have gone on at once. one, the operation to dismantle that tractor-trailer from that car wedged underneath. as well as what appears to be a crash. the fairfax county fire rescue are out here on the scene as well. now, i can tell you from what we have seen so far, we have two left lanes of 495, inner loop, near the van dorn street exit. they are moving, as you can see, pretty much at speed as more cars come out this morning, you'll likely want to bear in mind this investigation is still going on. a short time ago, we spoke with a man who says he saw all of this happen about 3:00 or so this morning. listen now as he describes what he saw. >> looks like he veered off. a truck wasn't in the st.
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they may have been distracted. it didn't look good. >> the tractor-trailer parked and the car struck it? >> the tractor-trailer was where it's at now. >> it went into it head-on. >> reporter: as you might imagine, there's a lot more investigate to go do at this time. that man says he saw that tractor-trailer parked and that car crash right into it. now, at this time police have not confirmed the conditions or injuries of anybody involved in the crash. once you look at the scene, you can see that car took a lot of impact and anyone who was inside likely facing serious injuries or perhaps worse. we do have calls in for more details about what happened here. again, these two lanes, two left lanes here of 495 inner loop are moving at this time near van dorn. that crash investigation is continuing here at this time. we're live in franconia. i'm justin finch. news 4. back to you in the
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justin, thank you. other our top stories this morning, metro is operating on a sunday schedule today with off-peak fares all day. rail service will begin at 8:00 and close at 11:00 p.m. parking free at all metro facilities. metrobus operating on a sunday schedule. rail and bus service on a weekday schedule for black friday tomorrow. >> giants matchup. kickoff at 8:30 at fedex field. tickets going for as little as $11 on stub hub. redskins have lost the last four out of five games. the giants are 2-8 this season. if you're not going to the game though, you can watch it here on nbc4. our pregame coverage begins at 7:30. >> the turkey bowl game will kick off later this morning but 17 high school players will not be on the player. they were suspended because of a fight after a game earlier
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season. kickoff against belew high school set for 11:00. >> an update on the teacher who pulled off a student's hijab in the classroom. we told you about the incident last week. now the superintendent of the fairfax county schools says the teacher will return to the high school on monday. he says there does not appear to be any malice in the teacher's actions and he was disciplined. he says he was trying to pull off the hoodie and didn't realize the hijab was underneath and has apologized for his actions. all bus drivers are getting retrained. >> the move comes now that a third employee is charged with assaulting a child with autism. he's accused of abusing a 12-year-old boy twice. three men are suspended without pay. the driver retraining will emphasize
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deescalation and if necessary, intervention. when someone poses a threat to others. there are a lot of people who love wegmans. according to our news partners, the grocery chain wants to open another store in loudoun county located off of route 50 near arcola, virginia. before plans are set in stone, other details have to be worked out. loudoun county has wegmans in dulles and leesburg. they rave about it. >> there's child care, amusement park-style. >> there's a ferris wheel in the back. >> the coffee counter, watching the kids. it's a big day. thanksgiving is here. the holiday traditions often bring trouble. >> up next, which yearly celebrations result in the most hospital visits. still ahead, we're really not trying to
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thanksgiving. but we have a look inside the
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welcome back. it's thanksgiving. you want to be extra careful in the kitchen today. >> did you know the number of kitchen fires more than triples on thanksgiving day. there was an average of 1400 kitchen fires on thanksgiving compared to about 400 on other days of the year. to cook your dinner safely, avoid loose clothing with long sleeves. your burners and ovens. keep your kids away from stove tops and turn all panhandles towards the back of the stove to prevent the kids from spilling hot foods on themselves. don't ever leave your stove or oven unattended. you have so much to do, you're doing something else, you forget that your oven is on. family members are getting hurt from the backyard football games. they're becoming more of a tradition for some people. doctors are expecting a batch of men of a certain age. >> i don't want to say that. >> they show up with football-related injuries. >> monday morning, they roll into the doctor. health officials report an
5:41 am
associated with football last thanksgiving. that's up from the 2016 average of roughly 1,000 a day. bottom line here, be careful out there this thanksgiving. let the kids play. you can -- >> don't overexert yourself. >> cheer from the sides. >> we're going to get phone calls. >> i'm a guy of a certain age. i'll embrace that. the millennials are like, you're old. volunteers spending the holiday giving back. up next, we'll check in with megan mcgrath at the event feeding thousands today. well, it is a cold thanksgiving morning. everyone is feeling below freezing. look at the temperature in the district. 32 degrees. feels like 26. this is pretty much the deal across the entire area. feeling like the 20s.
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as you spend your morning preparing your family's holiday meal, local volunteers are working to feed thousands who are in need. news 4's megan mcgrath is live at food and friends in the district where they're preparing 3500 thanksgiving meals today. megan, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys. they are actually the volunteers and there are quite a few of them. they're taking a break right now. not a lot of activity in the kitchen. they'll be back out here in a few minutes starting to assemble the holiday meals. joining me is the executive chef here at food and friends. we're going to go into the cooler here. what do we got? >> we're talking an entire thanksgiving feast here. >> we really are. here's where we store all the turkeys that will be wrapped with the group you just mentioned. that's what we'vet
5:46 am
year. 12-pound turkeys. these are unwrapped. we'll get the volunteers to wrap them in foil. we'll get them with the companiments. cranberry sauce, collard greens, corn. fruit. >> little bit of everything. it really allows them to have a nice little feast at home with their loved ones, which is great. >> how heart is it? most people find it a challenge to cook for family and friends. you're talking about cooking for hundreds. >> it is challenging. the logistics involved are obviously very crazy. but we've got the best volunteers in the world that helped us get it done. we have a great staff. we keep organized and keep everything safe and secure. we just let it all happen. it's really a well-oiled machine. we're thankful, yeah. >> thanks for joining us this morning. when we speak to you next, no doubt the kitchen will be alive with activ
5:47 am
together all of the boxes of food. later on this morning, they're going to go out to delivery to people around the dmv battling life-threatening illnesses. the staying healthy and feeling good today and spending time with friends and family and not worrying about cooking the turkey and everything that goes along with it. >> it is a wonderful effort every year and nice to see so many people benefiting from the hard work. megan, thanks. we know not everyone has plans for today. aya a -- la plata restaurant has hosted the open thanksgiving for several years. the owner tells us many diners are military members who can't make it home and others are homeless and some don't have families to spend the day with. we've posted the information on the nbc washington app. if you'd like to join, it does help to know how many people will be ea w
5:48 am
the true meaning of giving back and communities, it's terrific. >> really nice. this is usually a greek restaurant. but they do the turkey. all the normal stuff for thanksgiving. really nice. another free community dinner at boston market in riverdale. there's another option if you need one. another reason to be thankful. the american farm bureau federation says the cost for feeding ten people is $49.12. that is the lowest price in the last five years. for the big ticket item you get turkey and the cost of a 16-pound turkey is down. they surveyed shoppers from across the country. that's not my reality when i wept to the grocery store this week. i wish. >> it adds up so fast. you know what's expensive, the spices. >> really? $5 for nutmeg or whatever crazy -- >> you're never going to use it agn.
5:49 am
>> i'll brief you a bag of stuff that will never be used in my kitchen again. >> family and friends and, of course, the food. >> delicious, local family holiday dishes and we checked out a dish from rockville from kate. she helped us learn how to make a broccoli and rice casserole. >> my great aunt mimi created this. this is something that my mom makes every thanksgiving. >> what dots this recipe mean to you and what kind of emotions does it elicit? >> oh, my gosh. just the smell and everything. ans you fry -- as soon as you fry up the onions, you think of home and family and everything like that. anyway, you start off with two sticks of margarine. >> everything bad for you, perfect for thanksgiving. >> there you go. >> fry up your onions here. after they brown a little bit,
5:50 am
you add your velveeta cheese. after that melts, you pretty much just throw in everything else. chopped broccoli, two cans of cream of mushroom soup and then you put two cups of milk. after that, the 14-ounce box of minute rice. half of the box. and just teaspoon of salt and mix it up. >> seems foolproof. which is why it's good to share, too. >> you're right. >> i think she called me a fool. >> that looks great. >> after that, you dump it in the casserole dish. you cook it for 50 minutes at 350. you're good to go. >> take that out of the oven. there's your finished product. >> very nice. >> hope it's good. >> very good. >> excellent. >> cheesy. right? >> that is good. i'm not a casserole guy, but this is good. you saw me
5:51 am
stirring. my mother told me she watched this and laughed because i'm left-handed. i'm stirring with my left hand and i guess it looks backwards to her. >> i go this way. you go this way. but you're left-handed, you do everything with your left hand. >> that's right. it is right. >> it's aaron's normal is what it is. >> hi aaron's mom. >> shoutout to all the lefties out there. living longer and running the world. >> living longer, how is that -- >> start making stuff up. >> we're better looking. >> all true. >> well, anyway, this morning, if you are doing any stirring in the kitchen this early, lucky you. you're going to be near something. because you need it and it's cold outside right now. bundle up. temperatures are feeling in the 20s for almost everybody. we're going to stay chilly through the afternoon for your thanksgiving. bundle up if you're headed outside later on today and if you're going to the redskins game, it
5:52 am
for black friday. for weekend travel as well. that lessens the headache that you may be stressing. the feels-like temperature right now, we're in the 20s. feels like 26 degrees in washington. 28 in leesburg. quantico feels like 23. needless to say, you need that puffy coat this morning. nice and dry across the northeast. our mid-atlantic states, the eastern half of the country, except to florida where we have rain. if you're traveling to friends and family's houses, it's going to be dry. 3:00 p.m., 47 degrees. if you're headed out for black friday shopping, dry roads for that tomorrow. but chilly in the morning. we're talking about the 30s saturday as you're traveling back home. we're also looking at dry roads for that. your black friday forecast, heading out close to midnight, 40 tiegs. 7:00 a.m., 35 degrees by lunchtime tomorrow. we're around 50.
5:53 am
into the weekend, dry roads for travel. that's good news. cooler on sunday. look at this, we have a nice dry stretch and a couple 60s on the map, guys. >> looking forward to that, sheena. thank you. 60s. >> never looked so good, right? >> just wait. >> we want to get you caught up on stories you should know about this morning. >> a federal judge denies a request to block the final certification of votes in the house of delegates race. the results would have given republicans control of the house. officials revealed at least $384 registered -- 384 registered voters were assigned to the wrong house district. our news partners report that it's not clear how many of those voters actually cast ballots or whether it's going to change the outcome of the 28th district race. >> this morning, a texas congressman is apologizing after a nude picture and sexual text messages from him surfaced on social media. republican cre
5:54 am
photos and messages and apologized for not using better judgment. this hit the web a month after the veteran lawmaker announced his intention to run for reelection. a spokeswoman says right now he's not resigning. this next story should help parents feel better about allowing their kids to surf the internet. youtube is cracking down on its program willing to help protect kids. in a block post, they have toughened guidelines forcepable content. they've kicked off 50 champs for unacceptable content. youtube has also removed thousands of videos. i was just having a conversation about this. you can't search whatever you want, even if your intentions are right. all kinds of things pop up. you know what i mean. >> it's nice they're trying to get a handle on that. new holiday tradition will carry on for another year in d.c. it's called miracle
5:55 am
street. >> tommy mcfly gives us an exclusive first look inside the holiday pop-up bar. >> reporter: this is on 7th street northeast in shaw. miracle on 7th here. we're getting an exclusive first look inside. this is the gingerbread house. they have sprinkles and cupcakes and a giant ginger 3d man that pops off the wall. you're walking into the winter wonderland complete with, get this, a working train that rolls around the bar all holiday season long. when you come you're told to sit and look at the christmas village, take in all the little details that all the little elves have been working on to make this holiday pop-up bar come true. if you don't celebrate christmas, don't worry. we have the takeout and a movie bar. maybe that is your holiday tradition. a whole bunch of fantastic takeout menu items in the idea of a cocktail with other great movies. we've got, of course, coming to star wars and also
5:56 am
league everyone is excited about. the holiday is fantastic. it does not stop there. you make your way in through the holiday lights and this is where you enter the sleigh bar. like beyonce. this sleigh, you can take yourself i is from 1890. we have elves working to get it ready. this opens in shaw on friday. you can enjoy your turkey tomorrow. >> so fun. >> you know how awesome it would be to have a bar fight there. >> that is the wrong thing to say. >> spend so much time working on it. >> it really is lovely and festive. good time to check it out. and instagramable. >> nothing says the holidays like beyonce. >> isn't that what you just said? the megastar has released a new line on her website specifically for the holiday ceseason ahead black fra
5:57 am
these favorite things. shower your favorite beyonce fans with holiday-once gear. t-shirts and the sweater. beyonce's holiday t-shirt. she can just write beyonce on all of those things sniept and she did. >> it's going to be a hit because she's beyonce. apparently for the holiday season, kids stuff, onesies. all the holiday stuff, until your heart's content. >> something for everybody. >> i'm going to buy all that stuff for you for christmas. >> you'll get it back. next at 6:00 -- talk about a thanksgiving feast. it is a meal that will make your hard work look cheap. what's included in the 75,000 dinner? >> plus, ready, set
5:58 am
we'll tell you which stores are opening up in hours.
5:59 am
it's 56 km 56
6:00 am
crash is shutting down lanes. what to know before you start your travel. temperatures below freezing for most of you. storm team 4 has the forecast for all of your holiday fun. >> never played on thanksgiving. >> plus, players getting pumped up. it is a franchise first for the 'skins. a thanksgiving game on our home turf. let's win this one. shop till you drop. the deals start in hours. we'll fill you in on the best deals around these parts. >> that would be a fitting thanksgiving ending. the 'skins beat the giants. put a bow on the holiday. >> say a little prayer this afternoon. >> there you go. my kids do that all the time. god is listening to all kinds of prayers from all the teams, right? >> of course. >> pray for the redskins. >> after the game, they eat the turkey on the field, usually. >> wheel it all out. >> i guess


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