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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 23, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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. well, the dinner dishes aren't even cleared away yet, but some are off to the races. we're live at one of the biggest shopping destinations, where for many folks, thanksgiving means spending. >> a must-win for the redskins in front of a national audience. our team hosting a thanksgiving day game for the first time ever. we're live on the field as we count down the kickoff. >> i'm kristin wright, a d.c. firefighter who almost lost his life on the job is thankful to be alive and thankful to be with his family. happy thanksgiving everybody. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm jim handly. >> i'm
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whether finishing up your dinner or getting ready to watch the football game or going shopping. it may be the holidays, but we're working for you. we begin live in tysons where jackie bensen is caught up in the shopping frenzy. it's not even black friday yet. >> reporter: that's right. a lot of people are home, finishing up the turkey dinner. they are getting ready to watch football tonight. but here it just looks like thursday. take a look at the video we shot a short time ago when the macy's store opened at 5:00 this afternoon. there were people already lined up to get inside. now, they are doing something a little different at tysons this year. we're told that the stores today are staggering their opening hours. so macy's opened at 5:00. there are some other stores in the mall opening at 6:00. thre
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and of course, some are not opening at all. that was an effort to sort of cut down on the type of crowd that we saw last year. it is a busy hectic day here. people checking out those holiday season bargains. there are plenty of things for them all over. things are picking up as people finish up their thanksgiving dinner and head out and figure out something to do. a lot of people are here with their families. live in tysons corner, jackie bensen. >> one way to burn off the calories: jackie, thank you. now to breaking news. there's been a shooting near a school in prince george's county. police tell us two people were hurt near a field at charles flowers high school. on ard wick ardmore road. one was shot, the other had cuts from glass. we're working to learn how the victims are now and what the motive was to this afternoon's violence. police are searching for a suspect. it was a rough start to the holida
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accokeek. you're looking at why. they're looking for a place to sleep after fire burned part of their house. investigators say it looks like the fire started on the grill in the back deck. the flames spread to the back part of the house, charring part of the roof. thankfully, no one was hurt. new tonight, we know the name of the person killed early this morning on 495 in virginia. 30-year-old christopher padilla died after running into a stopped tractor-trailer. that truck was pulled over on the side of the beltway near van dorn avenue. padilla's honda ran into the back of the tractor-trailer. the truck driver had just returned to the cab and wasn't hurt. padilla died at the scene. the president is spending this thanksgiving in florida. earlier today he visited a coast guard crew and spoke with troops overseas. with this holiday message for all of us. here's nbc's edward lawrence. >> hello everybody. happy thanksgiving. >> president trump addresses troops overseas through video
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conference during their thanksgivi thanksgiving. >> we opened it up. we're going to fight to win. we're not fighting any more to walk around. we're fighting to win. >> the president telling the troops, unemployment is down, the stock market is up and this is what they're fighting for. >> thank you very much for your service. very important area. for each of you, i know it's hard to be away from home. >> in afghanistan, the general in charge of the 16-year-old war says the sacrifice is worth it. >> we've built the afghan army up to 350,000. they own the fight. they want to own the fight. they need our help, but they're willing to fight and die for their country. >> at the coes guard station in riviera beach, florida. >> the press i know doesn't have any questions. if you do, we won't take them. that's all right. >> on twitter, president trump recorded a video message for the rest of us. >> this year the face of painful hardships, we have seen the incredible strength of the american spirit.
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>> the president then reminded us about his successes. >> our stock market has hit a new all-time high. unemployment is at a 17-year low. we've created $5.5 trillion worth of values. >> president trump adds, he is doing something special. >> president trump has no more scheduled public events for the holiday. the first family returns to the white house on sunday. edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. this thanksgiving almost didn't happen for a local firefighter. months into his job, d.c. firefighter dane smothers jr. was critically hurt responding to a scene. you may recall this scene back in august. smothers is recovering well now and only on news 4 tonight, his family welcomes kristin wright into his house to show all they're thankful for. >> reporter: firefighters put everything on the line to row tekt and serve. at this row home fire in august, a rookie
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gave his life. so this thanksgiving, d.j. smothers jr. is what it means to be thankful. >> you know, when something like this happens, you definitely look at things differently. just being thankful for life. >> because d.j. could have died. he says he's getting a hose, a fire truck hit him. three month in the hospital and nine surgeries later. >> i woke up this morning, you know, i got to see my family again. >> thankful to see another thanksgiving. this year at his uncle's. he's also a firefighter. they took this picture together hours before d.j. was hurt. d.j.'s father says this family has rallied. >> we had just made it a point that every time he opened his eyes, somebody is going to be there. >> the best thanksgiving. >> grateful. i'm completely grateful. he's here today. >> d.j.'s most thankful for
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>> he makes being thankful enough. >> the permanent scars are nothing. d.j. is in physical therapy working hard to get back to fighting fires. >> i want to have that impact on people. >> thankful for the chance to keep living his dream. in upper marlboro, kristin wright, news 4. >> wow. >> great to see him. >> i love that. >> well, it was a cold day for turkey trot. >> it sure was. a lot of people are braver than i. that's for sure. head over to meteorologist -- i had no eggnog or anything today, folks. amelia draper is in the storm center. >> hey, jim. it was a cold day for a turkey trot. i got you. meteorologist is sometimes difficult to say. we had so many going on across the area. up in bethesda, we had the turkey chase. 10k, the 35th annual. look at the video we shot earlier today. it was definitely cold out there. but the runners excited because this eve
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it benefits the ymca of bethesda at chevy chase. we were up in bethesda this morning. then we enjoyed our thanksgiving dinner with friends and family. right now we're talking about cool temperatures across the area. 36 in gaithersburg. 42 in washington. 34 in manassas. clear skies right now. the good news on radar, not tracking any rain at all. so if your friends or family are leaving your home tonight, the weather cooperating. maybe you're heading to the redskins game or know somebody there. hopefully they bundled up. temperature of 39 degrees. as the game is wrapping up, we're in the 30s around 37. coming up, i'll let you know what to expect the rest of the holiday weekend travelwise or if you're staying in town. jim? >> thanks so much. tonight, as you know is a big night out at fedex field. the redskins hosting their first ever thanksgiving game. >> that's right. carol maloney live on the field with lauryn
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thanksgiving games are cool. but you know what, guys, we need a win. >> yeah. this is a huge game for them. necessity need to get what happened sunday out of their mouth. they said it's left a really bad taste. historic night here at fedex. first time they've had a home game on turkey day. you know how big it is when my girl lauryn is with me. >> the thing is, i shouldn't say this. i'm a huge redskins fan. just to be down here, incredible. i can't wait fort stands, everybody starts coming in. the thing is, we were out and about in the parking lot and at a tailgate that won super bowl tickets. we'll let you know why. you got to see this video. >> fans here won super bowl tickets. lauryn has the story coming up. she's told me to wear long johns. she did not tell me to wear moon boots, but she knows what she's talking about. my toes are freezing while hers are toasty. >> i want to see her run up and down the stairs in those things.
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good stuff. we'll look forward tot ladies. >> thanks, ladies. many of you spent today surrounded by family, maybe grandma or your favorite aunt. >> gathering in silver spring was full of strangers today. news 4's darcy spencer tells us the special dinner was billed as an opportunity to meet someone new. >> thanksgiving, happy thanksgiving. >> volunteers are serving up itraditional thanksgiving meal with turkey, stuffing and all the sides. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. go to the other side to get your desserts. >> this is a little different from most thanksgiving events. it's a common unity dinner. everyone is welcome here at the civic center in downtown silver spring. jeffrey tyms is president of the -- which sponsored the event. >> they can be sitting next to business owners. we had a dentist come out earlier today. we have m
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veterans is here. you don't know who you're sitting next to. that's the point of it. to get to know your neighbor. >> thames says sometimes the homeless feel isolated. having everyone come together and sit at the same table brings a sense of unity. >> last year we had just the homeless. last year. when i heard about jeffrey's program's, i thought it's beautiful. it brings everybody together. >> they were able to organize and raise the money for this event in less than a week. with the help of many, many volunteers, they're hoping to see 200 people this thanksgiving day. >> what do you think of the idea of having something like this? >> i think it's amazing. you don't see too much community nowadays. i think this is really nice. >> it's a good way for people from all walks of life to spend part of their thanksgiving day. in silver spring, darcy spencer, news 4. >> good for them. it's a thanksgiving tradition here in d.c. >> it sure is.
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teams vie for the championship title in the annual turkey bowl. this year, things were a little tense on the field. what happened today days after 18 players from one of the teams were suspended? >> how many people are at your thanksgiving table? maybe 5, 15, 20. try feeding thousands. >> next, we'll introduce you to the community volunteers who spent this day giving back to
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it's an annual tradition that dates back nearly 50 years in this town. the turkey bowl. it's a championship game for d.c. public schools. >> a big one. this year's game was clouded by controversy after 17 of the players from the defending champs were suspended for today's game because of a fight during the semi-final game last week. news 4's mark segraves covered the last 11 turkey bowls and he spoke with the winning coach today and people on both sides of this controversy. >> reporter: coming in to today's game. the warriors had a chance to make turkey bowl history, becoming the first team ever to win five consecutive championships. woodson would play the championship game without 17 of their players, including their starting quarterback, their starting running back and kicker. they were all suspended after the semi final
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woodson and red. throughout that game, the woodson players complained of being targeted by the eastern players, including this late hit out of bounds that sparked a bench-clearing brawl. councilmember vincent gray was at that game. >> the worst cheap shot i've ever seen in any football i've ever played in, any football game i've ever attended or having coached kids in little league, it was the worst cheap shot i've ever seen of any game i've ever been around. >> reporter: the chancellor announced the suspensions last week. gray objected arguing the punish thement for the woodson players was more harsh than the punishment for the eastern players who are suspended for one game next year since their season is now over. >> there should have been fairness and equity. they should have gone ahead and suspended kids for woodson next season. >> fighting mongs sue dent athletes will not be tolerated. >> sometimes when these things happen, there are people who have more to l
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i think that's an important lesson to make sure our students learn now. >> ballou scored two touchdowns. they struggled behind a third string quarterback. closed the gap late in the game. for ballou's first-year coach, it was a big win. >> talking about playing for community. we needed this championship. we played a good team. they're four-time champions. i mean, tough game. it was down to the last play. >> reporter: in the end, a celebration tore the ballou knights downing the warriors 21-14. woodson tried to overcome the deficit of 17 players. but ballou proved to be too much. from the 48th annual turkey bowl, mark segraves, news 4. giving thanks to the men and women who put their lives online every day. police officers, firefighters and emergency room workers were honored at
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thanksgiving on the mayflower. the four seasons hotel washington served more than 500 meals for 53-foot mayflower trailer. preparing a big thanksgiving dinner is no small feat. food and friends pulled it off with your help. the man who got one of those meals tells news 4's megan mcgrath, it's just like mom used to make. >> reporter: turkey, potatoes, and pumpkin buy. imagine trying to pull together a holiday feast when you're battling a life-threatening illness. >> their challenges are enormous every day. they have cancer, they have aids, they have advanced diabetes. cooking is a problem every day. >> you got the bird. >> with the help of volunteers at food and friends, hundreds of people in the d.c. area will be able to focus on feeling better rather than cooking. they'll receive full
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holiday feasts. enough food so that they can invite friends and family to join them. >> thank you for coming in this morning. we rile appreciate it. your best cheer right now. [ cheering ] >> reporter: that's what keeps volunteers from the platinum dreams motorcycle club coming back year after year. >> knowing everything we're doing this morning is going to help others. that's what we're about. not only does it show that we really care, but we just take into consideration that there are people less fortunate than ourselves. i think that once you realize that, then your heart is always open. >> open to people like lucious green. >> happy thanksgiving, sir. >> happy thanksgiving to all of you. >> green is living with aids and cognitive decline. >> this is the classic apple.
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thanksgiving. >> so this is a great help being that i am disabled and i can only stand for certain length of time. to prepare all this, it would require a lot of -- a lot of work and a lot of standing. >> looks like all the other trimmings that mama used to make. >> megan mcgrath, news 4. there are so many people and organizations all over the dmv that give time and resources during the holiday season. look for their inspirational stories in our nbc washington app. every day some 450,000 americans are in jail waiting for their day in court. many are charged with low-level crimes but can't afford to make bail. a nonprofit called the bail project is using charitable donations to help. the goal is to get more than 160,000 low-income people out of jail in the next five years. a hedge fund manager is the largest contributor and
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>> in some ways it's a middle finger to the system saying hey, you know what, the system is so broke we're going to show them. >> the project received some $30 million in donations already and has the support of big names like british tycoon richard branson and actor danny glover. more on this nbc news investigation tonight on nightly news after our broadcast. normally when police officers come into a home with backup, well, it's not a great thing. today may be the exception as these fairfax county police officers and their families are spending their holiday giving back. we're going to sh
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though far from home, troops in afghanistan are celebrating thanksgiving in traditional style today. they started by playing football at kandahar airfield. >> then almost 3,000 soldiers ate together enjoying all the favorites, including turkey, ham, stuffing and of course, a little pumpkin pie. >> all they can put away after playing football. worked up an appetite. our hats off to them. >> absolutely. you know, it was sunny outside. >> it was sunny. didn't warm us up much. amelia? >> chilly walking my dog early. my husband matt and i were out there. i had my gloves on. i hope you're having a wonderful
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cold start during the morning hours. you want to bundle up, especially the shoppers trying to head out early to cash in on the deals. we will have warmer temperatures overall tomorrow. we continue to warm through saturday and the best news, i think, is we're looking at good travel weather here. whether traveling friday, saturday or sunday. weather pretty much across the country pretty quiet. it's puffy coat weather in the morning. plenty of sunshine. a crisp, nice autumn late november afternoon. around noon, at 50 degrees. 54 is the high temperature tomorrow. tomorrow night, not as cold. 46 degrees at 7:00 p.m. so take a look at a low impact on your friday. again, heading out to the stores early for black friday. want to bundle up. travel weather is looking quiet. as for exercise tomorrow, running off some of the food you indulged on today, it is
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future weather, 8:00 a.m., plenty of sunshine. as we move to the lunchtime hours, the clouds move n a small chance of a quick moving shower north of washington saturday afternoon with a front. most of us will have a dry day. everybody has a dry saturday evening. if you're heading to the penn state/und game st. afternoon. i'll be there with my friday. that's our celebration this year. the weather not too bad especially for this time of year. it could be a lot worse. could be comfortable. noon if you're heading down to do tailgating. 3:00, game starting to get under way. actually near 60. by 6:00 p.m. it cools off. you probably want to bring layers to the game. as we look at your four-day forecast, breezy on sunday and cooler. a high temperature of 48. but when you factor in the winds, it will feel like 30s and low 40s with the windchill. as we look to monday, sunny skies. temperature around 52. after that, we see our temperatures warm tuesday on into wedsd
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derrick ward who is at redskins park. all the celebration getting under way. derrick, right? >> indeed they are. talk about thanksgiving dinner in a parking lot. more fun than you think. especially if you're tailgating. mo more on that coming up on news 4. a thanksgiving feast with a twist. coming up on news 4, i'll tell you abtou
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now at 6:30, we're counting down to that other favorite thanksgiving pastime, the tradition. our washington redskins take on the giants in just a matter of hours. >> news 4's carol maloney is fieldside covering the game from inside fedex field. we'll be back there for a second. first, out there to derrick ward. >> you were out there tailgating? >> yeah, yeah. indeed. people are out here, you might say they're multitasking. a tough decision to decide if you want to catch the game or have thanksgiving dinner. we found a bunch of folks who decided to have their turkey and eat it too, in the parking lot, of course. a lot of folks, this is their first time doing this asphalt thanksgiving dinner. in the parking lot while tailgating. they found a way to meld the traditions, the pregame gathering and the thanksgiving dinner. it's easier to
6:31 pm
think. we talked to one couple, the redskins fans from connecticut. they're season ticket holders. as soon as they saw the schedule that they had this thanksgiving day game, they knew exactly what they had to do. >> well, we're going to fry a turkey today. we're going to fry a turkey. i've got mashed potatoes and stuffing i made at home. we're going do it. >> you've got a table set back here. >> we're going to have a candlelight dinner for two for thanksgiving night before the 'skins game. >> we've been here since 2:00. we cooked our turkey at the hotel. just warming it up. going to cut it and eat it. >> reporter: of course. the second guy, he is a new york fan. you see what they d cooked it in the hotel and brought it. a lot of deep fried turkeys are out here. of course, they're being safe. we don't want to see anything bad happen to the folks. it's kind of neat out here. like an autumn night. what better way to
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night. the nfc east rivalry. sort of facing off against each other. happy thanksgiving to all of you. cranberries, turkey, all that stuff. live at fedex field, derrick ward. >> bring some of the fried up turkey back to the studio, derrick. it looked good. >> i'll try. we'll be in late, though. >> true. >> going to be a long night. when you consider the things you're thankful for, president trump wants to you include him at the top of your list. the president used his thanksgiving day message to explain why he thinks the country is in a better place now than last year. on twitter, mr. trump touted the record breaking stock market and low unemployment rate. the president and his family are celebrating thanksgiving at his private club in palm beach, florida. >> everybody, happy thanksgiving. you're very, very special people to me and to everybody in this country. that i can tell you. >th
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words from his home in mayor a lag owe. he thanked god for the men and women in the country. after speaking to troops overseas, the president and first lady visited a coast guard station today. a congressman says he's the victim of revenge porn. republican joe barton of texas apologized after one of his nude selfies made the rounds online yesterday. he says it's the work of a scorned lover and says u.s. capitol police are now investigating. when he ended the relationship, she threatened to make his private sex life public. a woman spoke anonymously to the "washington post" and provided a recording of barton saying he'd report her to the capitol police if she shared his photo. on the other side of the aisle, more trouble for congressman john conyers. a woman who worked for him during the '90s said he was abusive to the staff and would verbally berate here. this is a
6:34 pm
sexual harassment by two different women became public. conyers denies all the claims and says he won't step down even though some members of congress are calling on him to resign. a maryland family isn't resting in their home. >> because smoke and flames chased them from their beds early this morning. >> smoke in the home on bellefonte lane in clinton. it's close to joint base andrews. >> three children and two adults escaped safely. investigators blamed the fire on items left on top of an extension cord. here are four things you need to know. metrobus and rail are up and running today. but on sunday schedules. rail service closes tonight at 11:00. parking is free at all metro lots and garages. rail and bus service returns to a normal weekday schedule tomorrow for black friday. no more waiting outside. the doors are open at best buy right now. if you're not too stuffed and can actually get off
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lots of stores are open for business this evening. macy's, target, toys-r-us and dozens more just opened within the last hour or so. and an important reminder about trash and recycling collection. the schedule will shift one day because of the holiday. thursday collection slides to friday. if your collection day is friday, your trash and recycling will be picked up on saturday. news 4 is working in the community this thanksgiving. it's leon harris. he's passing out plates of food at the mission. it provides hundreds of thanksgiving meals to the homeless. some good ham there. >> they do great stuff at the mission. >> they really do. >> for many who serve our country, spending the holidays far from home can be tough. >> to make things easier, some soldiers got a special surprise at lunch. aimee cho is in ft. meade with the story. >> just a couple. here we go.
6:36 pm
>> reporter: those people dishing out this fancy feast -- they're in charge of ft. meade. but today they carved out the time to serve out some food and gratitude. >> we're part of a big team. the opportunity to serve our service members and families here today is a small token of appreciation. >> an effort that certainly sliced up the day for these soldiers. >> it was weird. it's kind of nice, though. >> it's an honor, really. it's always an honor to have a senior officer around, be in his presence. >> having the senior members of the military serve the holidays is a tradition. they also do it during christmas. >> you're serving them, you're helping them out. this time they're giving back in a sense. >> giving back to the soldiers who sacrificed to keep us safe. >> it is definitely hard being away from family. seeing everyone else be with their families. >> it's tough being away from home and we told each
6:37 pm
so it's good. >> a family that lets each other know they're appreciated this day and every day. aimee cho, news 4. if you're getting on the road tonight to head home after thanksgiving dinner, be on the lookout for deer. why more and more seem to be making it on to our roadways. if you stuffed yourself today with turkey and stuffing and sweets, you need a lot more than a stroll to burn it off. right now, it's chilly with a temperature of 42 degrees. tomorrow, a cold start once again. we start out with temperatures in the 30s by 10:00 a.m. we'll have the latest travel outlook at 6:4 5.
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meet the new top dog. this little brussels griff fon named newton won best in show in philly. beat over 2,000 other dogs.
6:40 pm
newton's handler says she's taking him out for ice cream to celebrate. >> ice cream. >> boy, that's a tough field. look at that posture. >> i know, right. >> makes you want to sit up on your own. deer mating season runs until the end of the year. >> it's ramping up. this month is supposed to be the peak. insurance company state farm says between now and december your chance of hitting a large animal doubles. there's a lot more deer. for example here in rock creek park, they measure about 100 deer per square mile. >> so many deer moving about and moving about during the same time we're doing our morning and evening commutes. that can be a lethal mix. collision rates are rising in d.c. aaa counts about a 50% spike in deer and vehicle collisions between 2015 and 2016 here in the district. in news for your health
6:41 pm
the calorie control council says the average american eats 3,000 calories on thanksgiving. after dinner, a walk doesn't do much to help. you'd need to walk for nine hours to burn that many calories. a jog will still take a long time. you need to run for five hours to undo the damage of a traditional turkey dinner. basically, just don't think about. >> don't even. don't sweat it. >> tomorrow is another day, right? >> let it sink in. >> diet starts monday. >> i like that plan. >> anyway, nbc's own seth myers will be hosting the upcoming 75th annual golden globe awards. the hollywood foreign press association made the announcement. jimmy fallon hosted last year. you can watch the awards here on nbc4 on january 7th. mark your calendars. local officers hitting the streets and they're already off the clock. >>
6:42 pm
this position to be able to help the friend and to help this family here on thanksgiving. what better day to do it. >> just ahead, how the men and women of fairfax county police and their
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
thanks for spending part of your holiday with us tonight. >> let's get you caught up with four things to know. two people are hurt after a shooting near a high school. prince george's county police say one person was shot, another cut with glass. we're told both victims are men. we're working to learn more about them and what led up to the afternoon violence. president trump is spending part of his holiday with coast guard
6:45 pm
he also thanked troops overseas. in a message to all americans, he said the spirit of the country is strong in the face of many hardships this year. tysons is now open for the early black friday shoppers. the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season is almost here. today we found people camping out in the freezing cold overnight in front of best buy in montgomery county. >> we invite you to keep it here on nbc4 as the redskins take on the new york giants tonight. kickoff time 8:30. news 4's redskins pregame report starts at 7:30. we'll have all the reaction and highlights coming up on news 4 at 11:00. just hoping for a win, right? >> got to be. >> we need it. all right. wearing their uniform and badges, several fairfax county police officers hitting the streets today to serve and protect. >> one group of officers working off the clock and bringing their families along with them. news 4's david culver explains their mission this thanksgiving. >> turkey dinners
6:46 pm
families. >> reporter: morning roll call at the mason district police station. >> thank you everybody for coming today. i know it's your day off. >> reporter: these officers with their families aren't clocking in today. yet, they're here with a mission lieutenant christy kiernan leading the assignment. they're about to hit three homes, three families in need. this is how christy learned about the van family. >> i write this letter to ask for your help. i have a friend a single mother with three children. she's been struggling with her job, she later lost her car. this has been extremely difficult for her to get around with her kids. to top it off, she has stage 2 cancer. >> how could you resist helping? the officers headed to the apartment. >> happy thanksgiving. >> then they moved in. swarming every room of the house, covering all angles. >> officer gary moore focused on the table. while others began building bunk beds for the children. new mattresses
6:47 pm
>> so now i have a bed i could sleep comfortably. >> when fairfax county police officers first came into this home, the family had about three cans of food. they got the community involved and filled up this counter space with more food. they brought in this whole rack, built it and added food for several more days. >> it's not that we want to advertise it. we want to do it because it's the right thing to do. >> you don't need a sit-down interview to understand what it means for the van family. watch mom's reaction. >> wow. officers encounter angry residents. this makes up for most days. >> yes. i thank you. >> gratitude. in fairfax county, david culver, news 4. wow. >> good for them. >> good story. lots to be kf
6:48 pm
>> including the weather, which we know could be a lot worse. we complain about the cold. but boy, some parts of the country even colder. >> absolutely. it was dry. so it's good for travel. our high today 47 degrees as we look to tomorrow. we're going to be warmer. it was a cold start this morning. a lot of turkey trots going on across the area. we had the annual -- 5k in d.c. this is sponsored by some so others might eat. really popular 5k. you can see there we had the presidents from the nats family friendly event taking place at freedom plaza between 13th street and 12th street? northwest washington. just love to see the kids out there running, getting in their exercise before enjoying their thanksgiving meal. 42 degrees in washington. clear skies and that means a cold start tomorrow morning. we start off the day in the 20s and 30s. bundle up early. but an afternoon high of 54 with plenty s
6:49 pm
year. >> as we look to saturday, the weather having a low impact on your day once again. small business saturday. if you're going to support local businesses, you want the light jacket. it would be fine. >> hang up the holiday lights. looking completely dry. including at the penn state university of maryland game in college park. you want the warmer jacket there. we'll start around 3:30. but as the game wears on, the sun will set and it turns cold. this is sunday at 7:00 a.m. this is travel weather with future weather. we're starting off chilly. 29 in pittsburgh, 35 in the district. 40 degrees in raleigh. notice we're dry in the mid-atlantic through new england. boston at lunchtime. around 40 degrees. even during the afternoon hours arriving home. temperatures not all that bad. but more importantly, we're not tracking any rain or snow across the area. but it will be breezy here on sunday. dry cold fr
6:50 pm
that's what sets our winds off on sunday and lowers our temperature. from 59 on saturday to 48 for a high temperature on sunday. as we look to monday going back to work and school, the weather still looking nice. very quiet pattern in the forecast. 52 for a high temperature on monday with plenty of sun. then, guys, on tuesday, a high around 60 degrees. >> amelia, thank you. coming up in sports, kirk cousins warming up a few minutes ago. we go live to fedex field for the big and must win game. >> first, here's lester holt with a look at what's ahead on "nbc nightly news." coming up, stores are already open for shoppers. did you know that there are deep discounts to be found on air travel this year. and on this thanksgiving, how one family's tragedy saved so
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm
not a whole lot of time to recover from the last game. but this is a must-win game tonight as we keep saying, carol. >> got to win. >> reporter: yeah, six games remaining for the redskins. none more important than tonight. this day, of course, about food and football. we take our football seriously as we take our eating. the redskins tonight wanting to feast. it's been four days since they've been on the field and you know what happened in new orleans. it's a four-day heartbreaker. we've been sick since t
6:54 pm
the redskins, they had a 15-point lead late. the burgundy and gold lost four of the last five games. yet, a very small sliver of playoff hope exists. but for that hope to remain, a win against the giants tonight is a must. >> these guys have shown the ability to bounce back and continue to prepare and work hard. i don't think -- it doesn't matter what our records these guys will prepare the same way and give it all they got. that's the only thing they can do. >> we need to get this w. we really do. we've been due for one. gosh, i tell you, if it don't come this thursday, we got to make it come. so that's what we're looking forward to. >> to be the best guest for your thanksgiving day meal and who might be one of the worst. >> best guest. on our team? >> best guest, maybe worst -- >>
6:55 pm
overeating up all the food. you got to stay in the house. i need all my turkey. >> d.j. is a courageous man. he was saying that right in front of trent. he loves his turkey when he's eating meat. more from the players on the redskins pregame report at 7:30 p.m. we're having a lot of fun this holiday. so that and much more coming up in just a half hour. as we said, the only time it happens that it's food, family and football, it's the super bowl. for the redskins tonight, that's kind of what it feels like. you know it's big when my friend and meteorologist from news 4 lauryn ricketts joins me. this is her first time on the field here. she's usually sitting she told me right up there. >> oh, man, it's a big, big day for meechlt and a big day, of course for the redskins. they're playing on thanksgiving night and a big time for a lot of fans. i thought this hat was coolment this is from the '80s that my
6:56 pm
take a look at this video with some of these fans that went all out with their turkey hats. we saw bonfires, we saw an ambulance that was turned into the sambu lance. we got winners that won super bowl tickets. i asked if the redskins are going to the super bowl. that's to be determined. we're watching this. we're of course, watching this game. we have video coming up in the pregame show about the fans and what you can see that they had at their tailgate. pred i incredible. >> you had a lot of fun in the parking lot. a great time on the field. larry michael got a picture with lauryn. he's such a big fan. he's like your favorite person. you said that in front of me, larry michael. more football today. you can probably hear the chargers and the cowboys. they're playing it on the loud speaker right now. of course, the game we're
6:57 pm
detroit lions. they're hosting always on thanksgiving. they're taking on a division rival minnesota in today's game. vikings leading the nfc north. you can see why. second quarter, case keenum, 22-yard touchdown to kyle rudolph. two touchdowns on the dpa for the tight end. minnesota up 20-3. back come the lions in the third quarter. marvin jones jr. makes a great catch and 43-yard touchdown. gets detroit within four. now under 3:00 to play. lions down 7. trying to mount a drive. stafford is picked off by xavier rhodes. that seals it for minnesota. vikings win a seventh straight game 30-27 the final. hope it's not that close here tonight. guys? >>let hope. make sure that lauryn gets you a turkey hat for the
6:58 pm
all right? see you later. after on news 4 at 11:00, enjoy the game everybody.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
on this thanksgiving night, the holiday season kicks off with an intense level of security. parades on high alert after the recent mass shootings and terror attacks. giving thanks for the troops. how americans in harm's way overseas are getting a taste of home this thanksgiving. and president trump's message to them. the congressman apologizing after a graphic photo of him appears on social media. why he says he may be a victim of a revenge crime. new twists in a murder mystery. who killed a police detective and father of five with his own gun? a day before he was set to testify against fellow officers. the north korean soldier recovering after he was nearly killed running for freedom. tonight, the role am


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