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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  November 24, 2017 5:00am-5:58am EST

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>> i'm molette green along with sheena parveen. talking about the weather and how you feel after all those carbs. you may have to work out a little bit. just running somewhere. >> sweet karate moves that adam showed. >> that's what you do on the -- the whole show we'll be doing this. >> what's the weather going to be like today? >> i want to see the -- >> i have a forecast for your tree topping. you want to do that? we'll get a picture of adam tuss, photoshop it into a christmas tree background and -- >> i get enough of this at home. >> will you be sweating towards the end. we'll see. temperature right now, if you are walking out the door, maybe to go black friday shopping in the district, clear skies, 34 degrees. as we look at the suburbs, your temperatures right now in the 20s. if you're not in the s
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freezing. we slowly rise to the upper 40s. nice and dry. we'll take a look at the afternoon. weekend forecast for any travel going on. let's check the roads with jack taylor. good morning, jack. >> sheena, good morning. southbound on the -- stopped in the roadway. police were headed to the scene. they've just arrived. southbound on the george washington parkway. after the cia exit, there is a broken down vehicle in the right lane. the trouble we're hearing, not sure which vehicle it is. it's a dark colored vehicle. please be careful if you're headed out to these roadways. be cautious early. meanwhile, breaking news in capital heights this morning. >> a firefighter hurt after an early morning fire. we have justin finch out there live this morning. what can you tell us now,
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victims involved in this fire. we know that one person in that home who was critically hurt was an adult woman. as you mentioned, also a firefighter who was injured fighting this fire on the 6800 block of wilburn drive. let's give you a sense of where we are. this is wilburn drive off of addison road in capital heights where the fire broke out this morning. 35 firefighters responded to the scene overnight to a two-story house. mostly wood frame here as well. that fire was eventually brought under control. right now, fire crews remain on scene to work on these hotspots. still seeing smoke in portions of the home. at this time, they're working to further eliminate the risk of a flare-up. the hoses are out here. there are several fire trucks remaining on scene and many firefighters as wel
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he was taken to the alt home, we know she remains in critical condition at this time. we're live here in capitol heights, i'm justin finch. news 4. back to you. >> justin, we'll check back in with you later this morning. it's that time again. black friday is upon us. if you haven't hit the stores by now, you're a little late. serious shoppers at macy's in tysons corner got started right after thanksgiving morning. i cannot believe how many people are at the mall this morning. >> it's serious. that's where we find consumer reporter susan hogan. the last time we talked to you, we saw a lot of people around susan. there are good deals this morning? >> reporter: yeah. there are amazing deals. i'm telling you, like right now it's really cool about black friday and being here so early, some of the stores are giving you or enticing you with 50% off deals up until a certain amount of
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early. being a good consumer reporter, i have to talk to you about safety and black friday safety. let's take a look at a few things to know before you head out here. if you want to keep your -- keep your cash and credit cards out of sight. black friday is an extremely busy day. keep them in your wallet or purse much don't put it down. remember where you parked. i say this because i have lost my car a couple of times at the mall. you kind get caught up in the shopping experience. so when you're at the major outlets, the retail mall, just make sure you know where you have parked. never shop alone. one way to alleviate your black friday annoyances, bring someone with you. keep an eye on your youngsters. i cannot believe how many young kids are here today. there are probably, i'd say, like oh, my
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so many teenagers and little therdsittle thing, my daughter came with me. i woke her up. she said i want to come with you. so my 18-year-old daughter, i gave her my credit card and i have not seen her for a while. she's somewhere out there. it's a little nerve racking. hopefully she's finding bargains. not spending all of my money would be a good thing as well. >> what is wrong with you. you're a consumer reporter and you gave your 18-year-old daughter your credit card. >> you're in trouble. tell her the tesla store is on the second floor of that mall right there. that's where she's at. >> no kidding. >> reporter: and she did buy me a coffee. i guess it's the least i could do. maybe it's too early for me and i don't know what i'm doing. it could be that, too. >> you know what. we're running a tab throughout the morning. we'll check back in with you. >> she bought you
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coffee with yourcastuff. we've got you covered this holiday season of course. head to the nbc washington app for tips and tricks to get the most bang for your buck. got it all for you in the nbc washington app. developing this morning, a thanksgiving tragedy to tell you about. police tell us two separate cars hit a man who was in the road in adelphi. he died at the intersection at new hampshire avenue. the first driver stayed on the scene but the second driver drove away. they think maybe he didn't realize someone was hit. we're waiting to learn the names of three missing u.s. sailors. yesterday the u.s. navy called off the search for them after their plane crashed south of japan on wednesday. eight sailors were rescued in good condition. it was headed to the "uss ronald reagan" when it
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at least two homes between 9th and t streets flooded. crews made it to the scene late last night. but they requested more help from d.c. water. we'll he get you more details as soon as we get that information. the time is 5:07. starting tomorrow, get ready for major slowdowns on metro's red line. through december 10th, no trains between silver spring and ft. to the ten. the closure will extend to glenn mont. limited shuttle buses will replace trains and metro says it has to fix a part of the rails where it switches the track. any time a metro car breaks down, you get delays, of course. some of the problems have to do with the new 7000 series cars. our news partner reports that those cars are falling short of contract requirements because of a series of system failures.
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kawasaki to come up with fixes. metro is having problems getting the parts it needs for the cars. redskins fans this morning got quite a lot to be thankful for. after the win over the new york giants. >> it was also first for the team to host a thanksgiving guy at home. >> cousins in trouble. on the run. throws, caught. touchdown jamison crowder. >> carol maloney was there on the sidelines last night and tells us the win may not have been pretty. it wasn't pretty. it did feel good for the team. >> with little res and a lot of guys out, the redskins get a win that they needed desperately. hosting the giants on thanksgiving day, final minutes of the fourth quarter. game tied at 10-10. cousins finds doctson. what a throw. better catch.
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game stealing interception by fuller. the flight marshall ground the gian giants. the redskins win 20-10. it tastes as good as it feels. >> obviously, the locker room coaches, the trainers, sacrificed this day to be here. so any time you can walk away with a win like to and on thanksgiving, man, at home it's a big deal with the turkey leg. >> quite a foose. they're hungry. the cowboys are up next. thursday night football night next week. carol maloney, nbc4. the matchup between the redskins and the giants had people laughing during "the tonight show." >> he listed off favorite superlatives for some of the washington players. >> colt
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he was voted shelfis. here's chase roer he was voted most likely to play buzz in the version of home alone. you're in trouble kevin ♪ >> washington offensive tackle morgan moses, also got a shout out last night. >> fallon took down to fun at the opponent yesterday. got to be fair. the new york giants. >> i love when he does that. elfis on the shelfis. sdwriefrj if you're headed out to do shopping, you want to bundle up. >> you do want to bundle up. plenty of sunshine today. 32 degrees by 10:00 om. throughout the morning hours, still in the 30s by 9:00
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morning. nice and dry for any traveling lowser look at this weekend, coming up his surgery put on hold because his dad, who was also his kidney donor was in jail. good news for all of you who have been following this little guy's story. how he managed toet the li gfe
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it is a sad holiday for the family of a trooper shot and killed in texas. >> the trooper was gunned down during a traffic stop around 4:00 in the afternoon. suspected gunman used a rifle to shoot the trooper. he was arrested after driving away from the scene. trooper allen had been with the texas highway patrol since 2002 and leaves behind a wife and three kids. this just into the newsroom about an hour ago. south african olympian oscar pistorius will spend more than 13 years in prison for killing his girlfriend in 2013. you remember the case here. pistorius said that he thought his girlfriend was a burglar when he shot her. prosecutors countered and said that pistorius and steenkamp got into an argument and led to the shooting. he was originally sentenced to six a
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years in prison. a boy born woud kidneys has a lot to be thankful for. a.j. is recovering from kidney transplant surgery in atlanta. they expected it would come from his dad who was going through the transplant approval process. he couldn't make that donation due to a probation violation. after many protests, hospital officials changed their minds. but while the family was waiting, a call came in that a kidney was ready for a.j. >> that's good. it may be black friday at the stores. but in fairfax county, it is black fur day. we're going to get to that story in a second. as parents, we want nothing more than to give our kids their favorite toys around the holiday period. >> we're finding the most desired toys for the holiday season and how to score the best discounts.
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>> this is toys that feature the element of surprise. >> hidden doll toys in the lol surprise and hatchimals. >> twins. >> are topping many christmas wish list. >> you don't know which one you're going to get. once it does, there's an interactive feature you teach it and it learns. >> including the love a bella doll. it moves and talks like a real baby and learns as you play. but these finger ling monkeys, he gave me a kiss, are perhaps getting the most love this holiday season. >> shows you how robotics is making things more cute and bringing them to life. >> the monkey reacts when you pet it. falls asleep when you rock it and it's just $15. >> the monkeys are pretty low priced relative to the other items on the toy list. >> low price but high
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endangered species list of availability thisear. >> toys are selling on e-bay for two to five times the retail price. >> savvy shoppers have to balance getting the absolute lowest price with the risk of out of stock. >> for toys that aren't in short supply -- >> the biggest discount of the year will be on cyber monday for those toys. >> keeping the surprise under the tree and off the credit card bills. >> liz mclaughlin, nbc news. good information there. while many of you are working on scoring some of the great deals for this black friday, some of you may decide the hash tag opt outside. rei is closed and encouraging americans to spend the day outdoors. the company will pay its 12,000 employees to get fresh air too. rei says millions of people have joined the
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over the last two years. n we're talking about the zoo lights. >> very cool. >> they put up 500,000 lights to transform the zoo into a winter wonderland complete with music. it's beautiful. the zoo is only closed christmas eve, christmas day and new year's eve. you may have to pay for specific attractions and of course the food. >> absolutely. >> fun stuff at the zoo. it may be black friday at the stores but in fairfax county, it's fur day. they're waiving adoption fees. bring a photo i.d. also brio owe you have to show proof of home ownership or your apartment or lease. if you have all of that, you can bring home a new friend today. what else -- there's a lot of stuff there. we got to make sure everyone is right and not just
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animals. >> it's a popular gift. getting a pet. >> hopefully you do your research. it is black friday. a lot of people are shopping. adam has big plans tomorrow. >> i do. i'm chopping down my own christmas tree. >> adam, here at nbc4 we're working for you. >> honestly, i should have never brought this up. >> this is adam last year. >> that is me. >> don't i look satisfied with my work? >> i like the beard too. >> look, adam, your own forecast. >> he doesn't look excited. >> that's a big tree for a lumberjack. get out of there. >> adam tuss, looks pretty good. don't forget your ax. you want gloves. >> you can't tell anyone anything. >> keep it up, sheena. >> adam said he's going to pennsylvania. >> you clearly don't know about me and revenge
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better watch your back. >> adam, you're lucky i'm telling you the forecast. otherwise, you might go out in a short sleeve shirt. you're going to thank me tomorrow. it's not just adam. a lot of people are probably picking out christmas trees. if you're going black friday shopping, if that's your tradition. temperatures in the 20s. your black friday forecast. bundle up. 10:00 a.m., 42 degrees. nice and dry through the afternoon. travel looks good too for today and tomorrow. we're not looking at any big airline delays. weatherwise, we have a chance for an afternoon shower tomorrow. breezy on sunday. it looks pretty good going into next week. we take a look at the ten-day forecast coming you. let's head to jack taylor with a check on the roads. good morning, jack. >> good morning, sheena. the good news, the broken down vehicle is gone. southbound on the george washington parkway after cia, the broken down vehicle in the right lane. they're getting ready to get it out of the roadway as
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otherwise, it's very quiet if r. all the hov restrictions, this is not a holiday. the roadways go into the two-way traffic pattern, going into the morning rush hour. back to you. >> all right. jack, thanks so much. when you're not busy planning to chop down the tree, you've been covering a lot of stories about these self-driving cars. >> yeah. >> a lot of people a little wary of them. you definitely are not going to like what we're going to talk about next. >> the new report says the vehicles will decide who has to die in an accident. >> it could happen to you at any time. you're in the car and you strike a deer. what do you do next? i'm justin finch with what experts are recommending as we
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will the self-driving cars be programmed to decide who dies in a crash? it's the latest ethical dilemma that car make remembers facing. one issue has to do when self-driving cars get into a no win situation with pedestrians or cars driven by other people. overall, they're expected to stabilize because the technology that comes with them. this is going to be an interesting discussion as we go forward in the whole process. >> absolutely. now that the fall season is in full swing, you likely have seen more deer out. >> i certainly have. >> everywhere. especially when you come in early in the morning. >> absolutely. with less daylight, there's a higher chance you could hit a deer while driving. news 4's justin finch has more on what to do if you're in a crash. >> reporter: there's always another car to fix at bethesda auto dimensions body garage. the work picks up. >> deer mating season, this time of year, i can see it getting busy in here. >> we're always busy, yes. but this ti
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with the deer. stories. >> most of it is the deer bolts out into the road, old deer in the headlights, they see the headlights, bolt out and the collision happens. >> even minor damage can mean a major blow to your wallet. >> looking at this, the dent in the front, doesn't look that bad. what would you say this is? >> probably $1500. >> $1500. the average claim is just above $4100. up from last year. a reminder from aaa that deer strikes should be covered under your auto insurance through comprehensive coverage. >> the first thing you do is park your car in a safe place. get out of your canned take a look around and survey your vehicle for any kind of damage. then take out your smartphone and take photos of any damage that you see and also use that phone to take down any names and numbers of witnesses
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course, call 911. 4. you see them everywhere. >> everywhere. he saved her life. now she's changing his. up next, how a connection made on the side of the highway is inspiring thousands this holiday weekend. that is a great story. if you're headed out for shopping, look at the tv real quick. look at the temperatures. we're in the 20s through the area. so needless to say, you need a warm puffy coat this morning, gloves maybe, a scarf before you head out. nice and dry. we'll take a look at the black friday forecast and plus if you're traveling this weekend. we're tracking that breaking news where a woman and a firefighter are seriously hurt after an overnight fire. we'll tell you -- take y back to outh
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right now at 5:30, we're following two breaking stories. one woman is -- a firefighter was also hurt the flames broke out on wilborn avenue. justin finch is on the scene.
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figure out how this three-alarm fire got started. flames broke out around 1:00 this morning at a condo building. we're waiting to learn if there were injuries there. keep an eye on the nbc washington app for updates. good morning everyone. i'm molette green. thanks for joining us. happy black friday. >> i'm adam tuss. we're in for aaron and eun. hopefully catching up on some rest, guys. want to get you out the door on this black friday. sheena parveen is here with the key for today about layering up. >> dress warm if you're headed outside. it's 34 degrees in the district. we don't have much of a breeze. the windchill is not much of a factor. by 8:00, we're in the 30s. -- by 10:00. 42. dry roads for any traveling you have to do today. whether it's heading to the shop for black friday or if you're trave
5:32 am
temperatures around 48 degrees today. here are the current temperatures for many of our subur suburbs. 27 in clinton. we'll take a look through the afternoon and the weekend forecast for the weekend plans straight ahead. speaking of travel, it's whatever you're doing today for black friday. let's look at the roads. hey, jack. >> hey, sheena. thanks, good morning. good news. the probable lemts on the george washington parkway. the broken down vehicle. >> headed towards 14th street bridge or towards reagan national airport. a live look in clarksburg, headed towards the outlet. volume still light. which is good. headed out around midnight. some of the stores, you see, there going to and from. at this stage, everything is very, very quiet. we'll see how long it lasts on this black friday. adam, molette, back to you. update to breaking news we told you about yesterday. we know
5:33 am
killed early yesterday morning 30-year-old christopher padilla died after running into a stopped tractor-trailer. the truck was pulled over on the side of the beltway near van dorn avenue. padilla's honda ran into the back of the tractor-trailer. the truck driver returned to the cab. he wasn't hurt. padilla died at the scene. good news if you need to take metro today. it's running on a regular weekday schedule. the rails just opened a while ago and will stay open until 1:00 a.m. fares and parking fees -- the red line will shut down starting tomorrow for two weeks between silver spring and fort totten. >> the redskins beat the giants in their first ever thanksgiving home game. hard to believe that was the case. they won 20-10. the 'skins have a week to prepare for next matchup. another thursday night primetime game this time against the cowboys. by the way, the cowboys lost their thanksgiving matchup to the chargers.
5:34 am
>> they're in trouble. ezekiel elliott being out, exposing a lot of things about that team. ready, set and shop. another black friday is here. >> it's here. if you haven't hit the stores by now, you're tardy for the party. >> tardy for the party. >> susan hogan hanging out with some of the early bird shoppers at tysons corner center. how is it going now, susan. where are you? >> she's on the second floor. >> reporter: how did you -- you're so smart, adam. yes. i am at tysons corner center. yes, i did make it up to the second floor. i am here joined with myself and like 3,000, 5,000 of my best friends. the place was packed. you can't -- people sound asleep on the couches over here. i'm with some cute little girls from sterling, virginia. let me tell you, i asked if -- they had nothing in their hands. i
5:35 am
bargains. >> four shirts for $29. >> that's crazy. >> then this free blanket because we spent over $75. >> nice job. high five. >> reporter: cute girls. they were so cute. as you know, i got here with my daughter with my debit card somewhere in this mall. hopefully she's finding bargains. at my expense, guys. >> is your photographer -- >> that is the funniest shot. >> yes. she had a nice close shot of that woman sleeping below you with the mouth open. >> she just put that person on full blast for our whole area. that person is tired. >> thank you. >> takes a while to wake up. >> she's y
5:36 am
the gifts may be cheaper.yo christmas treee expensive if you can find one at all. >> inspiring story. how a woman is changing the life of a
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5:39 am
happy thanksgiving, you guys. >> volunteers served up a traditional thanksgiving meal in silver spring yesterday. the hope restored organization sponsored a common unity dinner to bring the community together. everyone was welcome regardless of their circumstances. everyone received a hot meal. lots of good food there. >> nice to see that. we have this heartwarming story for the holidays. it began with an empty tank of gas and ended up being a life changing amount of money. >> johnny bobbitt jr. came to kate mcclure's rescue when she ran out of gas on a philly highway. bobbitt is homeless. he spent his last 20 bucks to fill her tank. in return for his selfless act, she started a go fund me page. donations started pouring in. >> $769. holy [ bleep ] that is
5:40 am
>> a lot of people out there lot. >> in less than two s, strangers donated more than $275,000 on the go fund me page. >> it's incredible when her original goal was $10,000. it's just -- it's incredible. >> when you hear about paying it forward, especially this time of year, it rings true. >> definitely does. maybe you know others will be inspired to do that for somebody else in need. >> all right. >> love the story. we've got black friday shopping going on out there. people headed out to run outside to work off the carbs that sheena and i ate. >> i think i only ate carbs. i had a piece of turkey. love the stuffing an the rolls. >> if you're running it off today, bundle up. we are in the 20s in the suburbs. through the afternoon, thursday pretty cool but nice and dry. a look at the afternoon forecast. leta
5:41 am
jack. goquiet. inner, outer loop, along 95 if you're traveling down potomac mills, prince william parkway, nothing in your way. volume still light. again, that reminder. hov restrictions. it's a normal day. news 4 continues after the break. >> reporter: prince george's fire crews remain on the scene of a heavy house fire overnight. i am justin finch. we have one firefighter injured and a woman now fighting for her life. we'll have more deta
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8:00, around freezing for the area. 10:00 a.m., nice and dry. low 40s. by lunchtime, upper 40s. plenty of sunshine today. i'll tell you the weekend forecast coming up. if the christmas tree is on your shopping list this weekend, listen up. the warning about why you need to act fast or pay the price. first we begin with breaking news. justin finch is in capitol heights outside a fire. >> a woman and a firefighter have been hurt. justin, what is the latest? >> reporter: molette, gathering new information. the woman who was hurt who lives in that home in her 07s and was taken from the scene here by medics in very critical condition. they're still here tamping out hotspots. there's still smoking going on from the embers
5:46 am
this is the 6800 block citol heights just off of addison road. 35 firefighters responding to this fire here and crews from across the county as well. heavy fire, eventually rescuing that woman and pulling her out in the nick of time. again, she was in very critical condition, leaving the scene. this all happening close to 3:15 this morning. since we've been on the scene, we've gathered new information. including some conditions that made fighting this fire here at this home, somewhat burdensome for firefighters. we'll tell you more about that coming up in a live report here on "news4 today" at 6:00 a.m. we're live here in capitol heights. i'm justin finch. news 4. back to you in the studio. >> all right. justin. thank you so much. hoping for the very best for those -- that woman and the firefighter. >> this thanksgiving, it almost did not happen for yun local firefighter.
5:47 am
following months into his job. >> dane smothers jr. was critically hurt after responding to a scene. you may remember this scene in august. smothers is recovering well. his family welcomed news 4's kristin wright into their home to show what they're thankful for. >> you definitely look at things differently. being thankful for life. >> he's such a great guy. smothers says he's not worried about the permanent scars. he's in physical therapy and is working hard to get back to fighting fires. well, if you are shopping online, you'll be getting holiday packages in the mail. >> i love to -- i like that. there are some things that you can do to make sure a thief does not steal those gifts. montgomery county police, say you should have
5:48 am
someone can get the maybe your workplace or a neighbor's house. you can ship it to a carrier's location or to the store. also sign up for package updates so that you can track the location. >> sure. absolutely. >> if you are pushing through the crowds and pushing through the crowds doesn't seem to be your kind of thing on this black friday, might want to think about some deals that will help you get away with -- >> you don't want to go to the mall and be a part of that. business correspondent joe ling kent tells us how to snag great travel deals. the sky is the limit for black friday deals. beyond deep discounts in stores or online, this year airlines and hotels are offering huge sales on flights and vacations when you buy on black friday and cyber monday. fly from the u.s. to europe, london, amsterdam and dublin for $99 each way. round
5:49 am
las vegas, $137 round trip. united offering flights from new york to ft. lauderdale for $80 round trip including taxes. to find the best deal, they recommend being flexible with your dates and do more than check websites. use the hopper app. airline watchdog and google flights. >> among millennials, we see a lot of activity and gifting, a lot of travel, a lot of experience something with me together as gifting. >> for those who want a gift under the tree, deals from many retailers, capitalizing on the new iphone. walmart is offering a $300 store gift card with the purchase of an iphone 8. 8 plus tore 10. target giving $250 gift card with the purchase of an iphone 8 or 8 plus. major retailers slashing prices and get holiday season on a high note. >> jo ling kent
5:50 am
the ballou high school knights are d.c. football champions this morning. >> they beat woodson, the warriors in the annual turkey bowl game. woodson was the four-time defending champion. >> but ballou started out strong scoring two touchdowns. for the knights, first-year coach, a huge win. >> talking about playing for our community. we needed this championship. we played a good team. they're four-time champions. so i mean, tough game. it was down to the last play. >> mark segraves covering the game. >> he always does. >> he's been there the last ten years. the woodson warriors were down 17 players. they were suspended because of a fight during the semifinal game against eastern high earlier this month. eastern players will serve
5:51 am
thousands of families ran for a good cause yesterday at the 35th annual turkey chase. it's raised 4.7 million bucks for montgomery county ymcas since it began. it's the largest race. it's for a good cause. there's a new top dog in town, molette. >> that's right. his name is newton. take a look at this brussels -- crowned best in show yesterday. this was the 16th annual national dog show hosted by kennel club of philadelphia. newton beat out more than 2,000 other dogs for the title. cute little pooch there. >> lives in south carolina and has earned more than 20 ribbons during his show career. >> i love his beard. it's very, like -- you know, there were some beautiful dogs
5:52 am
stiff competition. i mean beautiful. >> you like to see one of them win it, go off the -- >> i would. i have no idea what they're looking for in the judging. it's nice to see these dogs of all these -- >> a brussels griffon. >> i feel there's a new dog breed every day. people are mixing them. >> you're a lab person, right? >> i love my lab. i didn't know she was a lab when i found her. she had no fur. she was in bad, bad shape. i literally pulled her off the side of the road. >> rescue. >> we love the rescue dogs. >> it's plaque friday. people are shopping. already. they were at the mall when we were sleeping last night. hopefully, the ones already out there are dressed warm. i'm sure if they're out, they did. not even col
5:53 am
your morning commute will be dry. even themu travel for that for those traveling today. trying to runoff the pounds you've put on yesterday, bundle up this morning. it's 27 degrees in leesburg and winchester. 27 in clinton and 22 in manassas. 34 degrees in the district. your black friday planner for today, by 7:00 a.m., 34. by lunchtime, 48 degrees. sunny across the board today. that's fantastic for everyone. getting out and about. by 4:00 p.m., 53 for a high. we're nice and dry outside. no weather issues across the northeast. here's future weather. we go into your saturday. we'll be dry most of the day. the clouds increase. a few light showers trying to move through. shouldn't be a big deal. by sunday, cooler and breezy. >> saturday and sunday looking -- upper 50s. we go into sunday and we are cooler and
5:54 am
degrees for whatever you're this week and into next week. a couple days. the temperatures near 60. let's check the roads with jack taylor. wtop. we're off to a great start if you're headed out. remember, this is not a holiday. if you're headed out there, two-way roadways. normally in the holiday pattern going in both directions. they'll be in the morning rush hour. heard virginia state authorities on 66 eastbound. car bumper in the roadway. i'm sure that was not being shopped for but they located it. in the far right lane, if you're headed in that direction, all travel lanes should be open and moving well above the posted speeds. back to you? >> thank you, jack. you may want to move up your plans to buy a christmas tree this year. the national christmas tree association. there won't be many trees available. they blame the short o
5:55 am
recession. fewer people b so less were planted. now there aren't as many to go around. i thought they kept going. >> i did too. >> christmas tree farms are struggling to import trees for the holiday season. >> farmers in the northwest went out of business during the recession. we're seeing the repercussions of trees not going into the ground. >> the report says that speaking of the holidays, you know what, a bar dedicated
5:56 am
all things. the winter miracle on 7th street. that's a pop-up bar that will serve as the district's indoor winter wonderland. the decorations include a wall covered in candy, an army of toy soldiers and train sets. lovely. there's also a room dedicated to take -- i like the movies: it will be open weeknights through new year's eve and afternoons and nights and weekends. you have to leave the kids at home for this adventure. you must be 21 to enter. there's a lot of booze going on. >> you're at a bar. it is what it is. i love that idea. these pop-up bars have become popular. >> it's popular. >> the game of thrones bar is the same kind of group. that took off. very cool. coming up at 6:00, black friday frenzy. >> if you're still home, you're alad
5:57 am
with our rporter susan hogan for tips you can use as you start your shopping spree. we're tracking that breaking news. a woman and at least one firefighter hurt in an overnight blaze. we'll go back to the scene for another update from justin finch, coming up next.
5:58 am
5:59 am
breaking news, two people hurt in an overnight fire. the flames sending a firefighter to the hospital on this holiday. bundle up for black friday sales. starting off cold as you take a look at the nation's capitol. double boxes here. we've got you ready for whatever is in store for the day today. >> you need to see it twice. >> maybe you ate too much turkey and that's going on. we'll check with your storm team 4 forecast. >> the day of deals is already under way. our consumer reporter susan hog hogan, she's inside that mall checking out the sales before you head out. >> look how happy she looks to be there. absolutely: with all the shoppers. >> hey there, susan. >> she says she did. she woke up her 18-year-old and brought her with her to the mall. >> and gave her, her
6:00 am
card. >> that's all the reason to get eatuss. aaron and eun have the morning off this morning. ple out and about. trying to work off the holiday stuffing or the mosmashed potath the shopping. >> it's really a cold morning. >> it is a cold morning. we have 20s on the map here. if you are exercising, bundle up. the temperature has dropped in the district to freezing. we'll keep seeing the temperatures get colder until sunrise. sunrise is the coldest point of the day. now by 8:00 this morning, 36 degrees. by 10:00 a.m., good news. dry road all day for any traveling you may be doing. black friday, driving from store to store. 42 degrees by then. by lunchtime. sunny, 48 degrees. so a fantastic day to get outside. but, again, here are the temperatures. if you're about to step out. scarves, gloves, coat.


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