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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 27, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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heroes to take a swipe at elizabeth warren? and what senator warren thinks about it. >> and a news4 consumer investigation gets results. >> to call this the move from hell, would that be an understatement? >> oh, not at all. >> the owner of a moving company facing new legal troubles tonight as a result of our investigation. >> announcer: news4 at 6:00 starts now. >> panic, fear, shock, just some of the emotions a woman says she felt when she realized her massage therapist was sexually assaulting her. >> at first she hid her identity, but now she's showing her face and sharing her name, hoping to encourage other women to come forward. >> he got on his knees and he begged me and grabbed my left hand and pleaded with me not to tell anybody. >> news4's mark segraves broke this story surrounding the massage envy chain back in september. now the story
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with a report that more than 180 women all over the country had something similar happen to them. >> i was panicked. i was fearful. >> reporter: tara woodley is describing the moment during her assault last september at this massage envy location in northwest d.c. she's suing the national chain and speaking publicly after learning that other women had made the same allegations. and according to her lawsuit, massage envy management allowed the employee to continue working despite knowing of allegations of earlier assaults. >> the magnitude of the amount of people who have been affected by this is greater than massage envy realizes or maybe even cares. >> reporter: three women have come forward to allege the same therapist assaulted them at massage envy locations here in bowie, maryland and northwest d.c. but the allegations against employees at massage envy aren't limited to the two locations here in our area. an investigation by the news
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than 180 women have reported cases of sexual assault at massage envy franchises across the nation. including oregon, california, maryland, washington, d.c., virginia, pennsylvania and florida. nbc news spoke with three of those women who all told similar accounts. >> this turned so evil so fast. >> when he pulled my underwear down, i knew i was in trouble. >> he leaned over at the end and said, our little secret. >> reporter: several of the women have filed lawsuits and in several cases arrests have been made, including a massage envy employee in pennsylvania who admitted to assaulting nine women at the same location. according to the lawsuits in the pennsylvania case, as alleged in the cases in our area, massage envy management was told about the allegations, but allowed the employee to continue seeing clients. while it was the hardest decision she says she's ever had to make, she's
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police and she's no longer afraid to speak publicly. >> it stops with me. >> reporter: now, the owners of this franchise here in washington and the franchise in bowie declined to speak with news4, but the national headquarters did tell nbc news that they have a zero tolerance for this kind of behavior, but they declined to answer specific allegations laid out in these women's lawsuits. in the district, mark segraves, news4. >> the story is not going away. amazing. >> hopefully the lawsuits and the women speaking out will lead to changes. mark segraves, thank you. senator al franken is facing the media for the first time since november 16, the day he was accused of kissing and groping a woman without her permission. >> if you had, you know, asked me two weeks ago would any woman come forward with an allegation like this,
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it's been extremely humbling. i am embarrassed. >> al franken, just one of the lawmakers accused of varying degrees of sexual misconduct, president trump has publicly defended senate candidate roy moore, but he will not campaign in alabama on moore's behalf according to the white house today. this as lawmakers return from thanksgiving with pressing agenda items. blayne alexander is on capitol hill to break some of it down for us. hi, blayne. >> reporter: well, doreen, you're absolutely right. members of congress coming back from thanksgiving break to a lot on their plate. they are also coming back to some of those headlines, those same headlines that have been dominating for days, those allegations of sexual misconduct, and now facing renewed debate over how these cases should be handled. the focus on capitol hill today, less policy, more apology. >>
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people down. >> reporter: minnesota senator al franken speaking after being accused of forcibly kissing one woman and groping three others. >> this will not happen again going forward. >> reporter: but stressing he has no plans to leave the senate. >> i am embarrassed. i feel ashamed. what i'm going to do is i'm going to start my job. i'm going to go back to work. >> reporter: this as congressman john conyers denies harassment allegations, but gives up his position as top democrat on the house judiciary committee amid an ethics investigation, adding, i very much look forward to vind -- vindicating myself and my family before the house committee. the houseworking to reach a deal to avoid a government shut down next friday. and senate republicans pushing for a vote on tax reform this week. >> i am confident that we are going to get this done n,
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the president is eagerly looking forward to signing it. >> reporter: today president trump posting a group of gop senators at the white house. >> it will be the biggest tax reduction in the history of our country. it will bring jobs, it will bring a lot of income coming into the country. >> reporter: asking congress to deliver what he calls a christmas present to the american people. and passing a tax reform bill would also be a present for president trump. of course, that would make his first major win here on capitol hill and also signify the fulfillment of a campaign promise. doreen? >> blayne alexander on capitol hill. thank you, blayne. meanwhile, president trump is drawing fire for reviving an insult that many critics perceive as a racial slur. it came today in the oval office during that event to honor three native americans who served as navajo code talkers during world war ii. >> you were here long before any of us were here, although
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congress who they say was here a long time ago. they call her pocahontas. >> the president's insult is aimed at massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. she has said her family includes some cherokee ancestry. >> donald trump does this over and over thinking somehow he's going to shut me up with it. it hasn't worked in the past, it is not going to work in the future. >> in recent days senator warren has criticized the president's decision to put budget director nick mulvaney at the head of a consumer watch dog group. three years ago mulvaney called the consumer protection agency in his words, a sick sad joke. >> in northern virginia tonight, we just got an update on that double murder suicide in spotsylvania county. the medical examiner performed autopsies on the three people discovered dead over the weekend. police believe the husband shot and killed his wife and daughter, then took his own life inside their home here on waterford drive.
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several neighbors today who said the husband was friendly and often talked to them as he walked his dog. >> reporter: did you ever think there could have been any kind of trouble going on in the house? >> no, i would have never expected that whatsoever. >> reporter: and that's what's so shocking, no one saw it coming. an entire family, husband, wife and their disabled adult daughter, all dead in an apparent murder suicide inside their home. it happened on waterford drive in spotsylvania county, the homes are akecres apart on wood lots. many have lived here for decades including the skully family. neighbors tell me they don't recall the police ever being called to this street. it is quiet. you wouldn't know anything happened here, except for this short piece of caution tape at the end of the driveway. police were called to the home after a neighbor spotted the family dog running loose. the front door was open. when police went in, they found the bodies. 68-year-old mary scully
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69-year-old husband robert and their 38-year-old disabled daughter megan, they had all been shot. >> my neighbor called me, someone had called her, and told me. it was just unbelievable. you know, nobody would ever think that. >> reporter: neighbors say they had never seen his wife or daughter even though they lived here two decades. you never saw them before? >> no, i can't say that. i didn't. they may have been in a car pulling out of the driveway, but, you know, sometimes being across the street here, you don't see very well, so, yeah, never met them. >> reporter: many neighbors now left wondering why this happened. was there something they could have done to help. in spotsylvania county, darcy spencer, news4. >> while you were busy shopping over the weekend, fairfax county police were busy, too, watching for criminals targeting malls. their efforts busted what's believed to be a big shoplifting ring. bureau chief julie carey joins us live near tyson's corner center with some
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merchandise recovered. this is a success story, julie. >> reporter: it sure is, doreen. we're not talking about hundreds of dollars or thousands of dollars. tens of thousands of dollars in merchandise. these women had gotten their hands on and were trying to return for cash at bloomingdales and other stores at tysons'. this time they got caught when the cat thieves pounced. on friday night, news4 behind the scenes with the fairfax county christmas antitheft team, cat for short, they showed us items seized for cases used for training. >> these are regular household tools. you don't need pliers, but these can be used to cut off sensors. >> the specialized training paid off big on saturday after an alert staffer at bloomingdales noticed some strange activity involving several young women. >> saturday afternoon, store staff saw four suspicious women in the store and they
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was on scene at the mall at the time. hey, you might want to come check these people out, they're acting a little strange. >> reporter: the cat offer certificates, both in uniform and under cover started watching and caught the women in the act trying to return goods they never actually purchased. >> they were returning items that they never originally purchased. so, we believe they're stolen. >> reporter: the cat team recovered $29,000 in merchandise from 13 different stores. the four women shopping far from home. they're all from brooklyn. they are charged with multiple felonies. fairfax county police believe they were working for a bigger shoplifting ring. >> this is part of a organized crime ring. it's been happening all across the united states. i believe 18 different stores have been hit and we were able to take them down. >> reporter: the cat team prepared for this to be a very busy holiday season for them. now, last holiday season the catea
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goods and seized items. so far they expect to break that record this year. by the way, they are not just keeping watch here at tyson's corner center. they are also at springfield town center and fair oaks mall. back to you now. >> goods to know they are getting the job done. julie, thank you so much. a man told us a local company put him through the move from hell. >> he said the movers wouldn't give him his stuff unless he paid quadruple what they asked. the new legal trouble for this company after our consumer investigation. >> reporter: he hired a woman to clean his house, and in the end, she cleaned him out. next news4. >> and click, save, repeat. the mad dash on this cyber monday for deals. what's going on behind the scenes at the brick and mortar stores that could mean savings for you. >> and a beautiful day today, high temperature of 62. that's nearly ten degrees above average.
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warmer in some spots. yeah, hard to believe. yeah, christmas right around the corner. take a look at the lights. the gardens in vienna. chopper 4 right over that scene. a beautiful one for sure. nice night, love this time of year. absolutely fantastic. but it's not going to feel much like the holidays.
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most of us worry about our l
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up in years. well, tonight a couple is facing decades in prison for taking advantage of a man in his 90s. prosecutors say they stole more than a million dollars from him, something that wasn't uncovered until the victim had passed away. news4's pat collins is in aspen hill tonight with a closer look at the scam and where the money went. pat? >> reporter: doreen, clue: it was the housekeeper with the victim's power of attorney. the housekeeper raking in all his money. it was the housekeeper that's the center piece of this heartless crime. this woman, betty molena, and her husband javier, convicted today of stealing more than a million dollars from this man, gustav shapiro. it was a four-year conspiracy that began when mr. shapiro was 95.
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was said to be depressed and vulnerable. >> it's elder abuse, it's financial elder abuse and it's theft. this is a theft by deception, theft by defrauding, and theft by coercion. >> reporter: so, what did the molenas do with all that cash? well, there was the wilton oaks home, $390,000. the $50,000 toyota suv. their daughter's $64,000 tuition at the new york school of art. and -- and then there are the gambling losses. $109,000 in charleston races and slots, and $76,000 at maryland live. guess where the money came from? prosecutors say mr. shapiro hired betty molena after his wife died. >> i want you to sign your name. >> reporter: that she tricked him into
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attorney and putting her name on his bank accounts and then she and her husband started drawing chunks of money from his savings account. >> the theft scheme went on for nearly four years and in grand sum total they got away with nearly $1.2 million. >> reporter: the molenas face a maximum sentence of 55 years in jail. and mr. shapiro, mr. shapiro died last year before this case came to trial. he was 99 years old. jim and doreen? >> such a sad story. >> very. >> beyond disturbing. pat, thank you. hey, we have proof tonight how news4 is working for you and getting results for consumers. maryland's attorney general is now taking action against a local moving company at the center of a news4 consumer investigation. >> viewers contacted us claiming that they had been ripped off by swift van lines llc and the
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tonight. consumer reporter susan hogan is here with the new developments on a story that you saw first on 4:00. susan? >> that's right. we first introduced you to al wilkins last september. he hired swift van lines to move him from fort washington to district heights. but his one-day move turned into a four-day nightmare. he told us the movers disappeared with his belongings on their truck for hours, and when they finally showed back up, the company's owner, that guy right there, juan carlos martinez, demanded four times the price quoted to him in cash. so, when al refused to pay, he says they left again and held his stuff hostage for two days. we contacted the maryland attorney general's office and told al and several others we heard from to do the same thing. well, the consumer protection division of that office has now filed charges against swift van lines and its owner juan carlos martinez. according to the complaint, swift van lines and martinez
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act and the maryland household goods movers act. the state is also looking forest institution for the consumers as well as civil fines. now, if you used swift van lines or revolution moving and storage as it used to be known, or hired juan carlos martinez, the attorney general's office would like to hear from you and so would we. the case is scheduled to go to court in january, but there is a hearing this week for a temporary injunction. we will keep you updated on any developments with that. >> and in the meantime, what keeps this guy from operating under another name and doing the same thing to somebody else? >> nothing. and we found that out through the lack laws that are in the state of maryland and really actually a lot of states as well. so, we'll keep you posted on that, too. >> great work. >> sure. >> thank you, susan. he admitted to secretly snapping private photos of a woman coworker. >> that's just one of many upskirting cases recently ro
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why he isn't going to prison. >> plus, doug is watching our forecast. he'll tell when we could see temperatures drop this week. >> and one of the big stories of the day by now you know about the royal engagement. what we know about the royal couple from the wedding plans to the wedding ring and how princess
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all those people holiday shopping didn't
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like holiday -- >> no. >> that's almost short sleeves and no jacket. >> you go, you're carrying out all those bags, you have the gloves, the hats, the coats. you didn't need any of that today. very good news. >> we were all indoor shopping, cyber monday. >> it is cyber monday, exactly right. i got on and i bought this many items. let's take a look, show you what we're dealing without side right now. it is a very nice night. actually chopper 4, take a look at this guy. we've been over a couple of the holiday light celebrations over the region. holiday lights at bull run regional park at centerville. they have some rides at this one. i didn't know this one was here. this is actually a 2 1/2-mile-long ride around and they have right now it's $20 a car. turns into $25 a car here as you move on out. so, a very nice time. again, 2 1/2 miles you can go through and, like i said, this one has some rides. little ferris wheel of their own down there in centerville, manassas park. around the bull run park raer
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rest of our area, clear skies, a very nice night. temperature right now still 52 degrees. winds out of the south at 7 miles per hour. our average high is 53. we got to 62 a little earlier today. 48 gaithersburg, 44 right now in culpepper, 45 in winchester. as always, sun goes down, starts to cool this time of year. tomorrow morning waking up to some cool numbers in the suburbs, about 38 degrees early. 41 by 8:00. 45 by 9:00. so, we warm up quickly. really by 9:00 if you're not leaving the house till 8:00 or 9:00, you may not need the jacket. the sunshine will help keep things warmer for you. no rain to speak of. no rain here. look at the entire eastern half of the country. there is almost nothing going on. a few clouds coming through. sun even getting through those. a really nice day. we'll have a few clouds tomorrow. all in all not bad. mostly sunny, another great day, high temperature 62, close to 10 degrees above average. could be warmer in some spots.
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cooler to the west in the mountains. we expect that. 58 martinsburg. tuesday and wednesday, englund ev -- i think even warmer, some areas 65 on wednesday. that before the front moves through, the front coming through on thursday. a late night chance of shower. thursday night into friday. you notice both days will be dry. 66 on thursday. 53 on friday. little breezy, cooler on friday, but that is still the average high temperature. we go right back up into the mid 50s by the end of the weekend. some really nice weather over the next ten days. there is a change, however, after ten days for some cooler weather. but that's a long way off. so, enjoy the nice mild weather while it lasts. >> we'll do it, thank you, doug. >> thank you, doug. >> there are still plenty of cyber monday deals to find. >> you still have time, doug. and the brick and mortar retailers know it. some of the things happening behind the scenes to keep up with amazon and why it could mean savings for you. >> the heart breaking case of murder s
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her 2-year-old's life and then kills herself. i'm tracee wilkins. coming up on news4, the father tells me what he believed happened inside this house. >> also ahead tonight, if you still have some of those thanksgiving leftovers in your idge, a quick heads frup
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news4 at 6:00. >> welcome back. at 6:30, i'm doreen gentzler. >> i'm jim handly. here's a quick look now at some big stories making news this evening. president trump is drawing new criticism for reviving a campaign trail nickname that many people find offensive. during a white house event to honor native american veterans who served as code talkers during world war ii, the president referred to democratic senator elizabeth warren as pocahontas. >> prosecutors call it elder abuse. a man in his 90s tricked into signing over power of attorney to a woman he hired to clean his home. tonight that woman and her husband are facing prison after stealing millions from his bank accounts. >> the president's choice for the job sent a note to staff this morning telling them to ignore communication from the other acting director who is challenging the take over in federal court.
6:31 pm
>> an unthinkable tragedy hits a maryland family. loved ones are left wondering why a young mother killed her young child and took her own life. >> the man closest to both of them has a theory tonight. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins spoke today to the grieving husband and father. >> reporter: it's a disturbing case of murder suicide and lots of questions as to why it happened inside of this house. the family that lived in this landover home moved out, had a new house in glenn bernie. according to prince george's county police, the mother returned to this house with her 2-year-old, took her 2-year-old's life and then took her own life. today i talked with the father of that child and he tells me he believes the mother was suffering from depression. today when i spoke to the father outside of his glenn bernie homeland, he told me he was going to make funeral arrangements and did not want to talk on camera, but said his wife was battling depression. overcome with emotion, he told me that's why he thinks she killed their 2-year-old jonathan an
6:32 pm
life. >> it leaves you without words. >> reporter: their new neighbor crystal johnson said she was just getting to know the family. they moved in shortly before thanksgiving. >> holidays, this time of year is always, you know, a challenge for people for whatever reasons. >> reporter: neighbors in their old landover neighborhood describe the family as quiet and friendly but say they kept to themselves. they all knew they had two children. now only one is left, along with a grieving father. >> we need to, you know, ask each other, are you okay? do you need anything? how are you today? you just don't know where that could -- what that can do for someone. >> reporter: tracee wilkins, news4. >> all of us at news4 are committed to shining a light on domestic violence and helping families in dangerous situations find help. we call it safe at home. for more information about domestic violence and for resources in your community for you or a loved one, we invite you to open the nbc washington app and search safe at home.
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becomes a robbery scene and so did two other work sites in northeast washington, including a church. you'd think all are unlikely targets, but police tell news4's kristin wright the people working there have a bull's eye on their back for one reason. >> i heard what happened. are you okay? >> yeah, we're okay. scared. >> reporter: construction worker giovanni lopez is shaken up. >> they say, just lay down, lay down, don't move, okay. >> reporter: low tez says one of the robbers put a 45 in his helper's back and forced him down on the ground behind the house they were working on on 30th street in northeast. what did he say? >> nothing. just stay there. don't move, don't call anybody. >> reporter: one guy? >> yeah -- three guys, three guys. >> reporter: last thing lopez expected at 11:00 in the morning. >> i was scared. and then i was on the floor and he put his hand on my wallet and my pocket and took my
6:34 pm
off and hit new canaan baptist church down the street. they held up landscapers in the parking lot and continued the crime spree. around the corner on yoest where barbara taylor keeps an eye on everything. >> early i heard this pop, and i said, sounds like a gunshot. >> reporter: witnesses say someone from the church chased the guys and so one of them fired a shot while the others went into a house and robbed workers renovating it. police in and out all day. >> and he said, they're targeting hispanics and they're targeting them wherever they're working. >> reporter: that's right next door to you. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: lopez believes the thieves targeted work crews thinking they're carrying cash. police will only say they're investigating. giovanni lopez grateful he only lost a wallet and a phone and not his life. he has a family at home. >> two kids, twins. >> reporter: in northeast d.c.,
6:35 pm
>> a federal worker who admitted to secretly taking illicit photos of a female colleague will avoid prison time. his tori wstory was a recent st about upskirting cases in our area. scott macfarlane joins us with an update. scott? >> doreen, in december juan santos pleaded guilty. cortez santos used a camera disguised as a pen to take secret images of a colleague. it happened in the administrative office at nasa campus in green built. he pleaded guilty. the judge sentenced him to two years and mental health treatment. no prison time. upskirting cases are frequently increasing in our area. taking photos without women consenting or knowing it. the i-team found a sharp spike in prosecutions for this crime in the past year including a man r
6:36 pm
suspected upskirting incidents on escalators at metro stations. to watch those rorgts rye now, visit our nbc washington app and click on investigations. scott macfarlane, news4 i-team. >> scott, thank you. this hasn't happened in more than half a century, the mount agung volcano on bali is erupting. this is a live picture from bali right now. people refusing to evacuate, may be forced to leave. about 40% of the villagers in the danger zone actually followed evacuation orders. some don't want to leave their livestock behind. others don't really believe they're in real danger. 60,000 tourists are stranded right now because the airport in bali is closed. planes can't fly with all the volcanic ash in the air. >> now, waiting to i guess go home. we have to now find a hotel and spend more of our money that they are not going to cover us for when we get
6:37 pm
>> some travelers are taking ferries to other islands where they can board planes. about 1100 people died when the volcano erupted in 1963. >> secret's out. the new et royal couple goes public today. what we know about what will be the wedding of next year, and how princess diana played a role in meghan markle's engagement ring. >> plus package thieves just love this time of year. they've already struck and it can happen to you. we'll let you in on some ways to keep the thieves away. >> out there today, nice and warm. temperatures into the low 60s. more nice weather to come over the next couple of days, but we're going to continue to track dry air continuing, too. we need to see some rain. not coming any time soon. then cooler temperatures later this week and into the weekend.
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we're following some breaking news right now. at least
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these are live pictures just into our newsroom. >> officials tell us a car and a motorcycle collided here on arlington boulevard near south street in the falls church area. no word on what caused it. you should expect delays in this area for sometime. >> right near seven corners. that's going to be bad. the hints, rumors and speculation over. prince harry and the actress meghan markle are getting married. >> there's the ring right there. harry's father prince charles announced the engagement today in a statement from clarence house saying he's delighted. the prince and his fiance were engaged in london earlier this month and will be married in the spring on a date that hasn't yet been specified. after the couple went public with the news today, reporters asked harry, when he newmarkknee was the one, and he replied, the very first time we met. good answer. later they described harry's proposal. it happened one night at home as they roasted aic
6:41 pm
>> just an amazing surprise. it was so sweet and natural and very romantic. he got on one knee. >> was it instant yes from you? >> yes, as a matter of fact i could barely let you finish proposing. can i say yes now? >> she didn't let me finish. it was hard because i had the ring on my finger. can i give you the ring? she goes, oh, yes, the ring. it was a really nice moment. it was the two of us. i managed to catch her by surprise as well. >> after all that a anticipation, they were in such a harry that night. by the way, meghan markle's ring was designed by prince harry using diamonds that belonged to his late mother prince ses diana. so, who is meghan markle? >> here are four things you need to know about her. markle was born and raised in los angeles. she has played the character rachel zane in a legal drama called "suits" since 2011. this will probably be great f
6:42 pm
>> you know. >> markle is biracial. her mother is african-american and her father is bhiet. she has written that she struggled with her identity until she came to embrace the, in letter worher words, a stront mixed race woman. >> make a nice couple. before you make dinner tonight, we have a warning about those thanksgiving left overs. >> why you might want to have a plan b for dinner. also still not too late for those cyber monday deals. how today could actually be one of the biggest shopping dayin americs an
6:43 pm
what if we could keep more amof what we earn?d. trillions of dollars going back to taxpayers. who could possibly be against that? well, the national debt is $20 trillion. as we keep adding to it, guess who pays the bill? him. and her. and her. congress, we should grow the economy. not the debt. ♪
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the metro commuters are pretty steamed. a partial shut down of the
6:45 pm
line began today. shuttle buses are carrying riders between the silver spring and fort totten stations. metro says it announced the closures weeks ago, but some commuters were caught off guard this morning. it's enough to make some people scream. >> why? i come to these things, it's not well advertised what they're doing. >> i don't like it at all. >> why not? >> at all. it's an inconvenience. very inconvenient and they should have did it better. >> ooh that's an unfortunate long line. metro says it's fixing the rails and upgrading communications systems. the silver spring to fort totten closures will last through december tenth. those gifts you bought online during your lunch break today, wink, wink, are expected to help set a new shopping record. >> but the rise of cyber monday is not a death sentence for brick and mortar stores. innocence's jo ling kent describes the
6:46 pm
retailers are using to take on amazon. >> reporter: doreen, jim, happy monday. i have been flooded with e-mails on the best deals out there. as you try to navigate, we want to show you what it's actually like to process those orders and all the people and the stuff behind cyber monday. the numbers are expected to be record breaking this year. 6 1/2 billion dollars expected to be spent by you on this cyber monday which would make it one of the biggest shopping days or the biggest shopping day ever in u.s. history. we're actually at a target right now which is on the outside a regular target store. but behind the scenes it's a busy fulfillment center. it's taking in your orders and shipping them out right away. the idea here at target and also at macy's and other big box stores is to hopefully make better use of its space, become more efficient, and ideally compete with amazon, which is expected to come back as the big leader today on cyber monday. so, coming up tonight on nbc nightly news, we're going to be telling you all about cyber monday and what you need to know going forward and how you can keep gi
6:47 pm
guys? >> jo ling's story coming up after nightly news with lester holt at 7:00. >> package thieves are waiting for the right opportunity. we are working for ways to protect those packages from thieves. here are some tips. have your package delivered to a location where someone will be present, like your work, or a trusted neighbor's house. you could also ship it to a carrier's location or to the store. also sign up for package updates so that you can track its location and know when that box has been delivered to your door. >> here is some important news for you. this is the last night you can safely get away with reheating those thanksgiving leftovers for dinner. the academy of nutrition and dietetics says most leftovers spoil after four days. that includes cooked turkey, doug. your
6:48 pm
cooked vegetables. other foods like stuff i and gravy only last three days. the same is true for fruit and cream pies. if your mom's turkey is just too good to toss, put it in the freezer. did you hear that, doreen? [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> meat you freeze tonight should last through the end of effec february. i can't finish something about february. i'm hurting. that's pretty lame. >> no more turkey chili. >> we're having pot pie tonight. >> say a blessing over it. it's officially over after tonight. >> i think a week-and-a-half. yeah, you keep the stuff for a week-and-a-half. >> explain why doug is under the weather. >> maybe that's why i'm sick all the time. i keep eating whatever is in there. you get a lot of leftovers this time of year. four days to eat them? whatever. take a look outside right now, it is turkey pot pie tonight. right now nice cool nig
6:49 pm
temperatures have cooled pretty quickly after a high of 62. we're now down to 52 degrees. most areas in the 40s. we'll be in the 40s in the d.c. area next hour or so, 50 degrees in about -- 48 degrees by 9:00, 45 by 11:00. 46 in leesburg, 49 in camp springs. cooler 44 degrees towards college park. yeah, it's going to be cool tonight, but not cold. not overly cold anyway. this morning was a little chilly but not bad at all. sunshine today, no rain out there. not just -- it's almost like i didn't turn the radar here on. the only area you have snow showers is up toward vermont and new hampshire. that's it. the rest of the country, at least the eastern half, is all dry. we're going to stay that way. no real significant weather as far as the storms go. really impacting our area at all the next few days. so, nice tomorrow morning. maybe a jacket at the bus stop tomorrow morning. temperatures in the upper 30s to around 40 in the city. 54 by recess. tomorrow the jackets come off quickly. recess no jacket needed. by the time you pickup the kids 62. nice for your tue.
6:50 pm
your workweek outlook here. decorating, looking good. if you're getting out there doing decorating the next couple days i'm going to do some tomorrow. exercise this week no problems. zoo lights looking good. take the coat. again, temperatures do cook so quick. speaking of decorating, jim and doreen, love this part. hey! doug holiday lights. if you have friends, they have a great light display, you have a great light display yourself, do the hashtag #dougsholidaylights. also on my facebook page there is a place you can put your name in there as well. i want to come live to your house and see how -- see the lights that you've got going on. i want griswold type lights. that's the kind i'm looking for. 63 on wednesday, 66 on thursday. much cooler the end of the week and the weekend. the average is 53. we'll be above that just the entire next ten days, even into this weekend and next week some really nice weather. we need the rain but it's looking good right on through next week. >
6:51 pm
their lights to work right, though. >> he got them to work right five seconds. remember that? turn them on, oh, beautiful. >> better be there for that five seconds. >> thanks, doug. >> coming up, the redskins prepare for dallas with a short week and a short roster. but pause to remember the legacy
6:52 pm
yeah, i just saved a whole lot of money by to geico. we should take a closer look at geico... you know, geico insures way more than cars. boats, motorcycles... even rvs! geico insures rvs?
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uh, the thing we've been stuck on for five years! wait, i'm not a real moose?? we've been over this, jeff... we're stickers! i'm not a real moose? give him some space. deep breaths, jeff. what's a sticker?!? take a closer look at geico. great savings. and a whole lot more. >> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk. >> cowboys week, all right, sheree, here we go. a little
6:54 pm
>> a little revenge. last time they played it was home. good guys didn't win, but now a chance to sort of dish of revenge as you said it. redskins and cowboys are two very different teams since they faced each other just over a month ago. both missing star players, but none as impactful for dallas being without ezekiel elliott. offensive lineman trent williams would be a huge help thursday. he did not participate this afternoon or against the giants, but is holding out hope for thursday. just like fans are holding out hope the team can win every game remaining and make the playoffs. for more we turn to the good, the bad, the junkies. ♪ ♪ >> all of a sudden at 5 and 6 you still have a glimmer of hope for the playoffs. >> absolutely. if they do what they're capable of doing and that is beating these last five opponents down the stretch, they all have records ee kwi
6:55 pm
come playoff time. i'm not expecting them to riff off five straight, but each one of these games down the stretch is imminently winnable. >> that glimmer is like when you look up to the sky and the furthest star away from earth, you can barely see the light. >> that's not true. >> that's the glimmer that you're -- >> you're overstating it. >> i don't think so. that's my opinion. i don't think the team is good enough to go 6-0 down the stretch with the injuries. how are they going to win six straight? dallas is gone in my opinion. they folded their tent up and they're done. >> they're averaging 7 points a game the last three weeks. >> they can't do it without zeke. >> prescott has five interceptions in the last two. >> i don't get it. >> he's been sacked 14 times the last three games. teams don't respect the running game dallas is trotting out at this point. dak isn't special without zeke behind him. he's proven that the last few games. the redskins have to play well to win. if they do, they'll be another
6:56 pm
don't write them off. >> it's possible. >> they have a shot. >> and you can watch this week's game right here on news4 on thursday. but sean taylor is the standard for an nfl safety, even ten years after his murder. hard hitting, relentless, to this day that is how he is remembered and respected by players in the league. a decade ago today, taylor died and the memory of the redskins legend still pulling at the heart strings of those who knew him or ever watched him play. and you want hard hitting, can't forget pro bowl 2006, the fake punch never faked the physicality. pro bowls are supposed to be the nfl's version of a pillow fight. not forte letter. joe gibbs said if there was ever a loose ball, sean's hands found a way to get it. taylor style widely imitated today as players both on and off the field. >> it was a lot, grew my hair out actually when i was growing up. to play like that, the
6:57 pm
ball carrier, i get more excited about that than i do going up in the air and getting an interception to be honest with you. i'd rather that i can a big hit over a pick any day. >> it was so exciting to see him play because it's like he was -- that was his domain back there, you know? so for me it was big. it was really inspiring because i used to like the youth coming up and then seeing him and all the other guys, it was just crazy how stacked they were there. just kind of take that i don't care attitude, like when everyone did on the field. >> incredibly touching to see the way taylor being remembered by teammates today. switching gears to hockey, the capitals on the verge of their longest win streak of the season. on thursday the caps playing for their fourth win, that win streak thanks to alex ovechkin, five games in a four game stretch. he had extra motivation on saturday. as part of hockey fights cancer, he invited 13-year-old alex louie, a survivor of a rare form of bone cancer. he lost his left
6:58 pm
a great time with alex ovechkin, gave him a stick, a glove, really special night. >> good guy, bothof
6:59 pm
z2i1zz z16fz
7:00 pm
y2i1zy y16fy tonight, president trum april kused of using a racial slur at an event honoring native-american war heroes. >> you were here long before any of us were here. although we have a representative in congress who they say was here a long time ago. they call her pocahantas. >> the president referring to elizabeth warren who tonight is firing back. also tonight, critical week in the fight over your taxes. a cliffhanger in congress. britain's prince harry and his bride to be american actress meghan markle, their first interview on the royal engagement. >> just an amazing surprise. it was so sweet and natural and very romantic. he got on one knee. >> tonight, princess


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