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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  November 30, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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misconduct. we are hearing from matt lauer for the first time since he's hired saying he's embarrassed and and ashamed. and conyers. the national christmas tree. everything you need to know if you are headed to the elipse tonight. and you'll need to know if you might need a small umbrella. i' i'll show you the timing of some rain. plus much colder weekend in the forecast. news4 midday starts
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mollet. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. in just a few hours one of the celebrations again. tonight is the national christmas tree lighting. >> and while the event is be loved celebration, it's one of our areas most dreaded nights on the road. i know all about that. kick in at noon road closures. here's a look at all the roads shut down to traffic starting at noon. we've posted all of the closures on the nbc washington app. short story is to avoid the area if you'll be driving. news4 meg hand mcgraph has the preview from the elipse. >> reporter: well, all of the seats are empty but that will change in hours. this dates back to 1923. kathie lee gifford and dean cain are the hosts tonight. and y
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are a few things you need to know. the colorado blue spruce is fully decorated. everything is ready to go for tonight's national lighting of the national christmas tree. tonight trump will do the honors. the acts will be lots. >> owe holy night for the whole borld. >> great to have people celebrate coming together no matter where you are from, and what you do, and how old you are, everybody agrees on this fight and what a great thing it is. >> reporter: if you have a ticket, you need to pass through security and be in your seat by 4:30. gates open at 3:00. and watch what you bring. prohibited items include tablets and ipads, selfie sticks and
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home. now, this is a sold out event. you have to already have a ticket in order to attend. from the elipse, megan mcgraph, news4. now you can watch tonight's tree lighting from the comfort and warmth of your home. storm team 4 meteorologist doug kammerer will be their live all evening starting at news4 at 4:00. he looks seriously. >> smol derring on your tv set. >> nearly 75,000 lights should be turned on during the 5:00 hour. okay. so we covered the road closures. entertainment. what about the weather? >> how cold will it be, sheena? >> the good news, if you don't like the cold, we are not going to have it. temperatures will be in the 50s, believe it or not. 51 degrees is the temperature right now in he shall wa. we have a few more clouds. we have a cold front coming and rain on the way. but the good news is it should look like it holds off until after the tree lighting. so after 8:00.
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so 4:00 p.m. temperatures topping out around upper 50s. once the sun sets temperatures drop. so more clouds so won't drop up too quickly. 6:00 p.m. mid-50s. by 8:00 p.m. 53 degrees, then we start to see showers move in. i'll show you timing of the rain and how much the weekend will be coming up. >> thank you. breaking news coming in about congressman conyers, they have confirmed in the hospital right now. faced multiple sexual harassment claims. described himself as political consultant says he was hospitalized for stress related illness. he is 88 years odd. longest serving member of the house of representatives. meanwhile, pressure is mounting for conyers to resign. this morning a woman who said she was fired because she rejected his advances told the "today" show he harassed her for years. >> h i
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and he has undressed, you know, down to his under wear, and, again, it was the proposition of sexually satisfying him. >> he asked you to do something sexually? >> yes. >> multiple sources tell nbc news that democratic leadership is huddling to determine whether conyers should remain in the house of representatives. >> now, to the latest on the firing of matt lauer. the former "today" show host broke his silence this morning. >> just a few hours ago he issued his first statement since being terminated from nbc news following sexual misconduct allegations. it reads in part, quote, some of what is being said about me is untrue, or mischaracterized. but there is enough truth in those stories to make me feel embarrassed and a shamed. we have posted the full statement in the nbc washington app. >> meanwhile, more acquisitions agaima
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light. we have the latest here. >> reporter: the alleged misconduct began at the 2014 olympic games . said i am encouraged to first raise a dplant and do so without making in idea manned other than asking the company to do the right thing. late wednesday variety magazine published a report laying out a pattern of alleged sexual misconduct by matt lauer including exposing himself to employee in his office and inviting women employed by nbc late at night to his hotel room while covering the olympics. three unnamed women told variety they were sexually harassed corroborated by friends or colleagues. also reports that several women said they made complaints to executives at nbc which were ignored. nbc news issued a response, quote, we can say unequivocally prior to monday night nbc news
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of any of matt lauer conduct. nbc news. tan tonight show host jimmy fallon didn't go easy on matt lauer. watch. >> matt lauer from the "today" show after accused of inappropriate sexual behavior. so if you are wondering where he is, he's probably at the bar with charlie rose. >> the "today" show team was also on prime time last night, for the rockefeller tree lighting, they did not mention matt lauer during the event. >> we are learning about one of the rape allegations at the colleagues. 6th women is being asked to join a federal lawsuit against howard university. the woman says she was sexually assaulted by a repeat offender last year and the university has been slow to investigate her case. the federal lawsuit was filed back in 2016. and court documents the woman says it took the school more than a year
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case. federal lawsuit also accuses the university of retal gating against victims to report assault. >> a major milestone for the new university of maryland medical center, right now hospital officials are at aground breaking, latest move in the decades long effort to transform health care. it will replace the prince georgia center. our country chief is at this morning event and will have more on what the hospital offers on news4 this afternoon. that is the opening bell on wall street where the dow hit a new record. it climbed above 24,000 for the first time. take a look at that. let's take a live look at the board at the new york stock exchange. the dow is still up. look at that. 182. 182 points. pretty cool. all right. this morning a major airline is trying to
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nightmare. american doept have enough pilots to cover the busy travel season. the airline says too many were granted vacation time. hear what's being done to get them back to work. >> i keep going over, you know, did we say something, did we do something. and the mom of a missing teenager trying to figure out what she did wrong. police think the teen ran off with her adult coach. the country wide effort to track her do. wn
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that is the moment north korea ignored international rules and carried out latest missile test. regime released this new video overnight. also showed kim jong-un inspecting the missile before tuesday night's launch. pentagon confirms this missile went farther than any before it. at an emergency united security council meeting yesterday, ambassador nikki haley says the united states does not want war, but she says if it comes to that the north korean regime would be, quote, utterly destroyed. this morning president trump doesn't seem to be de-escalating it with north korea, he tweets the envoy seems to have no impact on rocket man. president has used nickname to refer to kim jong-un several times. he also went on to
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and chooiina condemn the launch the latest missile. >> pope francis arrived in bangladesh and confronted what u.n. is calling ethnic cleansing. recent violence between them. rohingya refugees are fleeing and most going to bangladesh. the pope demanded they take decisive measures to help this. other groups need to help the government provide for the refugees. now to the latest on problem with potential to keep us grounded over the holidays but not in a good way. >> american holidays is racing to remove a glitch about pilots. nbc tom costello working this story. >> reporter: with the holiday travel crunch just weeks ago american airlines is scrambling
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some 15,000 flights. >> the issue is how we fill them with pilots. >> reporter: the problem is it a computer scheduling error. december 17th through the 31 str r-st. >> we are looking at repairing the program and ensuring the over 15,000 flights that are not manned over the critical last two weeks of december do have pilots in the cockpit. >> reporter: american released a statement saying it expect to avoid having to cancel flights, adding we have reserve pilots to help flying in december, and we are paying pilots who pick up certain open trips. 150% of their hourly rate. as much as we are allowed to pay them per the contract. so what will it mean for passengers? too soon to tell according to travel experts. the airline hasn't said yet which, if any, flights could be affected. >> we expect increased air travel this holiday season. so if you have a flight booked, you'll want to get in touch with the airlines as soon as possible
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to see what your options are. >> reporter: with more than 5 million expected this season, american facing pressure what the union calls a manmade snowstorm before it snow balls in a system wide slow down. >> i think whatever they have to do to take care of their customers they need to do it. >> reporter: so i talked to american, it remains confident it will be able to get enough flight crews to come back into the cockpits over that period of time. but they'll have to pay a lot of money to do it. bonuses and ot to make it worth those pilots time ap effort and being away from their families. guys, back to you. >> tom costello there. this morning deputies are looking into new reports of kkk flyers. "the washington post" says found one on the driveway. in lou den county as well. another says
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and synagogues of sat and. police were called to that scene before 6:00 a.m. police are not released the victim's name. now to the developing story out of tampa with sus spegted serial killer there. today 24-year-old howell donaldson first court appearance. stood silently as judge discussed charges. accused of randomly killing four people. some family members were in court. another hearing will be held tuesday to determine whether he'll be held without bond until his trial. we are also following another developing story out of florida where authorities are expanding the search for this missing teen. he disappeared over the weekend with her soccer coach. shaken her family to the core. as nbc carryan
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there may be a new clue in the case. >> reporter: this morning deputies say new surveillance pictures say caitlyn and ryan rodriguez 27-year-old coach at the high school together and on the run. >> none of this fits with the young daughter you know? >> no, it does not. >> reporter: can you make sense of it? >> no, i really can't. i don't know what brought this on. >> reporter: detectives say the two are, would go their way north to florida. first spotted in st. mary's george at atm where the teenager used her debit card to withdraw $200. at 7:30 a.m. their car turns up at a gas station in south carolina. it was about this time that her parents wake up and discover her missing and nightmare begins. >> i can't fathom. i just don't know. it's brea
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>> reporter: they are cited at another gas fligs in st. george. deputies called to their home and immediately start investigating. sunday afternoon the two are spotted again at a pawn shop in fayetteville, north carolina, investigators not revealing what was pawned. >> we don't feel that she's in dangered at this point. >> reporter: gone fr four days the family says caitlyn has never been out of contact for them for this long. >> so it feels like an eternity. >> reporter: caitlyn's brother chapped letter nearly in tears. just wants his big sister home again. >> i just want her to talk to. so just give me a call if you can't give anyone else a call. please. >> authorities believe someone will spot the two and call police and hopefully bring the ordeal to a safe conclusion. she will survived the las vegas m
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and today she is celebrating another birthday. tina frost turns 28 today and the community will honor her with a fundraiser. being held at the green turtle in maryland. the restaurant is donating 20% of all sales to the christina frost trust fund. frost family is also having a silent auction from 7 to 9. holiday pictures, we know they'll help you get the best prints for the best price. and meet a prince george's man and family
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many of us use our phones for op holidays, but now to print them owl aall out 30,000. >> you have to be careful. not all printing services are the same. susan hogan working for you to let you know what you need to know. >> reporter: checked out photo services, looked at everything from ordering, to editing, cost, and of course quality. so let's take a look at how things checked out. walgreen's had the best quality for around 30 cents for 4 by 6 prints. but walmart had only 9 cents each.
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online editing, photo cropping, which should enhance the photo. >> some photos were cropped so severely so cropped off their heads. >> reporter: so review the orders. all of the photos examined were cheaper than the ones we printout on our home printers. back to you guys. >> all right. well, that's problem also with phones, is you don't tend to print these out anymore. you have it on there, i have a note in my phone to save everything. >> and like the e card, i get the e card, i know people do still the mailing and paper cards and i do enjoy them. >> then you have to find a trash can. >> fits awful. >> we are going to buy aaron a special basket to put his cards in. >> and a tree. >> that's cute. >> aaron, we'll have one. >> we'll find one. >> speaking of christmas and maybe christmas trees, we have the national christmas tree lighting tonight.
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don't have too much in the way of cloud cover right now but we have more clouds moving in later on today. some part of the area seeing clouds currently. we'll be dry for the christmas tree lighting so that is good news. and other piece of good news it won't be that cold. we should be mostly in the 50s for that shower chance will be later after 8:00 p.m. so right now 51 degrees in washington, 49 manassas, 46 in fred rigs. for today we should get around 59. shower chance mostly after 8:00 p.m. so here is the white house christmas tree lighting by 4:00 p.m. upper 50s topping out. then once the sun sheet mid-50s. by 8:00 p.m. staying dry. here's future weather, so here you see now showing little bit of rain by about 8:00 p.m. this isn't very much. kind of scattered spotty in nature. mostly north and west of the district. and this is mostly on the lighter side. through the overnight
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and for tomorrow morning the commute will be dry. ha is the good news. tomorrow breezy and cooler 55 degrees. what's coming late tonight is part of the cold front that knocks temperatures down on saturday lows in the 50s. 52 for sunday. still dry. 57 degrees. so as you are making the weekend plans already or maybe heading out to get a christmas tree this weekend, weather is looking good, nice and dry. if you are curious normal high this time of year is actually 52 degrees. so today not as warm as yesterday still a little milder than normal. take a look at the ex-end forecast and see what next week looks like. we have rain in the forecast. >> the senate could vote today on tax reform bill if it passes some cole he can students say they will not be able to finish their degree. why they want lawmakers to vote no. and we have heard all
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warnings of thieves
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welcome back. right now the senate is in the middle of debating tax reform. if passed it will be the biggest overhaul of our country's tax system in twi decades. last night senate republicans
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a floor debate over the next several days with no democrat support republicans can only afford to lose two votes. some unsure of the bill so likely have to be anne med. senators are hoping to vote on the bill tomorrow. well, with potential biggest tax overhaul in decades looming over us, we have to understand the impact it could have. >> this new plan would actually do away with many deductions that families rely onto make college affordable. and now students are speaking out about this. nbc tom cotestello has more. >> reporter: across the country walk outs about a plantar getting college students. >> i'll not be able to continue studying micro biology. >> reporter: no longer to deduct student interest from their taxes. also targeted graduate students many involved in medical research who work on campus in
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republicans want to treat that waived tuition as income. hitting them with estimated 400% tax increase, yet little income to pay for it. at american university, nina would have to pay tax on her graduation which is waived. >> i already have a student loan i'm trying to payoff. i don't know if i can take out another student loan, which means i don't know if i can pay to finish my degree. >> reporter: 70% of students leave with some form of debt. takes the average person 20 years to pay off their student loans. but every day 3,000 people default on their federal student loans. michael drake is a medical doctor and president of the ohio state university. >> we want people to be he educated, being able to borrow money. making it hard to pay it back makes it hard for the country. >> reporter: although the president insists it is good for the country overhaul. >> the bea
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that's what it is. >> reporter: but tonight's concern that cuts taxes on corporations and rich could make college less affordable for millions of families. tom costello nbc news washington. >> and another federal government shut down is it looming if agreement isn't reached the funding bill will expire next friday. and this time there may not be a deal to prevent t democrats want daca protections to be added to republican spending bill. republicans refuse to add them in. but they will need at least some democrat support. the bill needs 60 votes to pass. for nearly a decade a so-called doctor treated pregnant women at prince george hospital center. but as it turns out credentials were fake. jasmine continuesly says charles fraudulently obtained a medical license and put her and her baby at risk. he was her object
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they claim the hospital failed to do their homework. >> the fact that i'm just finding out this man was a fake at the end of the day is really hurting me. >> maybe they should have checked his social security number. they would have learned that he's a fraud. >> reporter: prince george hospital tells news4 it will vigorously defend this lawsuit. they admit he had a complex and sophisticated identity theft scheme. >> a local man from maryland is making a big name for himself in the sports world at just 29 years old. he has been named to forbes 30 under 30 list. native prince george county and news4 caught up with him to hear what he's accomplished. >> reporter: he's a man on the move. >> fast
11:33 am
>> reporter: as he arrives on an amtrak train from new york. >> new york is awesome. >> reporter: after appearing at the nasdaq closing bell. what was going through your mind at that moment? >> what an honor, surprise, giddy, i never thought i would be in times square ringing a nasdaq bell. >> reporter: the 29 year old was invited because he made the 30 under 30 list in the sports category. he contacted me on sports media. >> i thought you would do a good story. >> reporter: graduated from high point high school and bowie state university. he manages athlete off the field. placing them in internships at companies and helping them to return to school to finish their education. >> i got a lot of guys on the redskins, guys that you may
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>> reporter: his mother is pleased. >> i'm extremely proud and just happy for him because i know how hard this road has been for him. >> reporter: he wasn't always happy. he grew up without a father. >> but it was also encouragement, used my chip on my shoulder in a positive way. >> reporter: he cares for his son carter and he'll teach him and others to focus on education. >> you have to be focused. >> reporter: to stay on the right track. >> i can use this honor to encourage other kids. >> reporter: the forbes 30 under 30 edition will be sold at magazine stands and book stores in about three weeks. congratulations, dior. i'm news4. this years forbes list has washington capitals, goal tender of only one three hockey players to be included. amazon hit a new record on cybermonday. i swear i had nothing to do with
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it. biggest shopping day in the companies history. sales increased 30%. amazon through the app increased 30%. most popular cyberproducts was the echo dock. >> look at you driving those numbers. >> the search is on a guy in prince georgia county. a theft. it happened in camp springs. shows the suspect ring the bell, wait a moment, then take the package and drive off. they are urging homeowners having your packaged sent to someone else or have the new amazon thing where you put inside your house. >> but if this is the time of year maybe you call and say can you hold it i'll come get it. or you have amazon lockers now. so there are other options. up
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chat. >> and why dogs may have upp
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well, you might want to update your snapchat. tech, what you view the most will now be to the left of the camera. ads and the search bar will be featured to the right of the camera. that's a big redesign. snapchat users can download the new version on friday. >> i need to start snapping. nbc reports from kensington palace about. >> reporter: the palace has
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meghan markle will help harry with charitable work. just one big change as she joins the royal family. she now has around the clock security protection. and she also is neighbors to a future king. prince william speaking out. >> we are very excited and delighted for them. and wishing them all the happiness. >> reporter: meghan markle also facing speculation about the press about her former husband, and her father, and whether heel wa he'll walk her down the aisle. but first things first, the royal engagement, all eyes on the future princess. nbc news, london. call it a battle of the brains, we are talking about dogs versus
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are dogs smarter than cats. according to vanderbilt, yes, they are. researchers say a dogs brain contains more than twice the neurons, neurons are cells associated with thinking, and complex behaviors. dogs have roughly 530 million compared to a cat 250 million. how many do you have? >> that's a very good question. >> i'm going to go with at least 1,000, right. >> you never know. >> i'm not surprised by that though. because why else would we use dogs for government purposes. >> tracking, hunting. >> military purposes. >> i think the cats want to do what they want to do. they don't want to listen to anyone else. they come up and want to be fed. >> and then they are gone. >> sounds pretty smart to me. >> but if you are heading out with your dog later on today, it won't be as warm as yesterday. today nice day for the pets outside. clouds are around the area.
11:41 am
51 degrees currently. we'll be in the upper 50s later on this afternoon. if you are indul dulles, 58 degrees, so everyone is pretty much around 50 degrees now. so walking the smart dog today, or if you need a dog to adopt, we have gay they aunther, find o adopt him. we do stay dry. even stay dry by 6:00 p.m. 57 degrees. so for national christmas tree lighting it does look to be on ts dryer side. here's future weather. so go through the rest of the day clouds increase. not really until 8:00, we can see light showers. here's 10:00 p.m., not too much. breaks up as it gets here. all part of the cold front. then dry by tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon big area of high pressure pulls down the colder air from canada, so go into the weekend we will be colder. morning tem turls in the 30s. saturday morning
11:42 am
sub'd morning 39. but by the afternoon only in the low 50s on saturday. about 57 degrees on sunday. but staying nice and dry. across your weekend. that's the important thing there. and we'll see temperatures back around the mid-50s monday. maybe low 60s on tuesday. but as we go through the middle of next week, make sure you have your umbrella, then it will get cold after that. >> we knew it was coming. >> it is almost december. but that's okay. >> it is a must win game tonight for the redskins in dallas. hear from the players who are hoemg f hoping for another w on thursday night. >> and the team to took the
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redskins just hours away from big night on the field. for a second week in the row they are playing prime time on thursday night football and taking on dallas cowboys in texas. big knnight for the redskin. visiting the dallas cowboys. every game a must win. and then they need help. just to think about making the playoffs. bracing for a battle in big d tonight. kurk cousins trying to win for first time in his career. the road is never easy, but the skins have proved they can get it
11:46 am
losses away from fedex field. including their most recent road game which of course they should have won in new orleans. now the ones they have done is impressive. they know what works and what doesn't. >> any time you go on the road you want to go into who ever's place and try to sea the crowd. >> we need to make sure we answer their momentum with aur own and try to maintain that consistency throughout the game. the games we have lost on the road had key turnovers or penalties. if we can stay away from shooting ourselves in the foot we'll have a great opportunity to win. >> you can watch the redskins cowboys here on nbc4 tonight. we'll have live reports on 5 and 6:00. picks up the coverage the
11:47 am
p.m. kick off. if they can beat the boys. rest up, it could be a late night. news4 sports. >> the game tonight. >> i know. come on. >> so how did the redskins get to dallas? they took a commercial plane just like the rest of us do. >> however, service on that plane was a little different for the players. our transportation reporter adam tuss had a rare access on board the redskins play. story you'll only see here on news4. >> reporter: wow, this is a normal commercial airplane, there are differences with next flight. nametags specifically prepared for the seats. >> here we are at 23 b. >> reporter: look who it is 23 b. >> kurt cousins. >> reporter: they eat lots and lots of peanut butter and jelly sand twishs. and drawers of candy. we should say fruit too. some players have spia
11:48 am
bears. so i'll put them in his seat. >> reporter: you might think this entire plane is made up of first class seating, but it's not. that's where the coaches sit up in first class. the players are back here in coach. coach is first class. players in coach. but players always have at least one space between them. lenny brooks with united has been helping manage the redskins planes since the second coach gibbs stint. he has funny stores. listen to this one about tailor. >> he was zard and scared of turbulence. >> he was scared of turbulence? >> yeah, it was scary. >> reporter: the crews hope for a win. >> the plane is alive. after a big win, we all are. >> reporter: after a loss, it can be tough in here. but as for prediction
11:49 am
dallas. >> 27-10 consider 27-10 over cowboys. scores two touch downs. good luck. adam tuss for news4. this morning, more congratulations are in order. >> the cy young award winner is now a dad. him and his wife erika welcomed a gil girl to the world on tuesday. she is pretty. she says she is happy and healthy. >> i want to see the color of the eyes. >> each eye two colors. >> split. that would be really reared. news4 plays dress up in seoul. >> and can we call it a come back, we'll find out sign.
11:50 am
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tiger woods is returning to the professional golf course today. he'll tee off first professional round since february. he's in the bahamass. this is a video showing in the pro-am. 41-year-old is coming off fourth back surgery since 2014. that's rough. only played 19 official events since then. woods says he's excited
11:53 am
fantastic. we are now a little more than two months away from the winter olympics in pyeongchang, south korea. people are making plans to see the thrilling games and also experience korean culture. news4 visited the country to preview everything. she took us to a house in seoul that specializes in designing korean clothes. >> reporter: the clothing is traditional clothing of korea. the women's version has jacket. men's version has pants. koreans wore them daily up to 100 years ago now mostly reserved for special occasion. shun is the designer at the house in seoul. people come from around the world to see the house craftmanship up
11:54 am
and every outfit is hand sewn. and some can be up to a month to complete. to get the right color for the season. she explains if you choose a vibrant skirt, you have to match it with softer color jacket. you can add special features such as embroidery or beading. customers benefit from her expert eye. now i get to play dress up and try on some of her famous designs. for exact fit, she takes my measurements. because the skirt is so full, she focuses on the top half. the first one i try on has a beaded jacket with pleaded skirt. evening a fair. the fab rit is
11:55 am
says it would be best worn during the fall or winter. swaps out the top for a bright pink one. the jacket has a bell shaped design over the skirt. this one is best suited for spring or summer. shin says a lot of handiwork went into making this particular top because the extra beading and fabric. the next one is a special design. shin created it for a popular korean drama where the lead actress wore it for an important scene. it has iridescent fabric and embroidery plus unique skirt. she modeled it after the korean royalty centuries ago. my personal favorite is a style i've never seen before. a pale pink pleated skirt with a white lace jacket. modern take on the traditional design. even with no where to go, visitors are starting to rent these from
11:56 am
pictures wearing the traditional clothing in front of the signs. but to have a design of your very own and take a piece of korean culture with you, you have to seek the expertise and experience of someone like shin lung who will take you on a journey to take the perfect fit for you. news4. that is just gorgeous. >> look for more on her adventures on her facebook page. she will beheaded to pyeongchang in february to head up our coverage on the winter olympics. >> as lovely as that is, you'll see her in more like scar haves and hats. >> wrapped up. >> right. cold up in the mountains. >> she says i have to go out now. looking good. >> as far as around here, not quite that cold just yet. schein sheena is here with our forecast. >> you are right. national christmas tree lighting
11:57 am
year. 54 degrees top out. then by 6:00 p.m., sunsets, we'll have more clouds around temperatures after sunset will not be dropping as quickly as they would if we had clear skies. clouds still around 8:00 p.m. and a few showers start to move in north and west of the district. but i think the tree lighting should stay on the dry side by 8:00 p.m. either way looks dry at the time the lights go on. as we go into tomorrow, any rain late tonight will belong gone, dry 55 degrees, so cooler and breezy. in the weekend 30s. saturday afternoon 32. 57 degrees on sunday. next week very rain chances in the forecast. then we get colder by the end of the week. yes, we are watching a chance for some precipitation, but still pretty far out so updates as we get closer. >> thanks, sheena. that's it for news4 midday. thanks for joining us. we are back on air this afternoon first at 4. >> you can get news and weather
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washington app. have a good
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we're live, in five, four, three, two, one. of. >> five, four, three, two, one! ♪ joy to the world >> it's so weird, the show went on without matt lauer last night. suzanna, hoda and al putting on the show at last night's christmas tree lighting. all smiles with the clear tension, al did put out the nice instagram pic, not this one, but this was yesterday as the show, they were discovering the news. but it had to be rea


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