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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 30, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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driver he pulled over. >> dramatic video with fists flying in the halls of a local high school. one employee says parents don't know the whole story. >> they know there is no consequence for what they do. >> why she says the school isn't doing enough to keep students and teachers safe. >> growing calls for the longest serving member of congress to step down. plus a celebrity caught in the web of scandal. >> announcer: news4 at 6:00 breaking news. >> did you feel it? people felt the ground shaking under them after an earthquake in delaware. >> we sent you a breaking news alert. it happened over an hour ago and rumbles were felt all along the east coast and as far north as connecticut. >> reports are pouring in on social media. take a look at what some of you had to say on facebook and twitter. so far no reports of major damage. >> let's get right to amelia
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tracking the developments on this rare quake, amelia. >> yeah, absolutely, pat. this quake happening at 4:47 this afternoon. here's the epicenter right here, coming in as a 4.1 earthquake. in no way is this a major earthquake. a magnitude 4.1 will produce little to no damage. you'll feel the tremors for a mere 2 to 5 seconds. you could feel it up and down the he east coast. the reason you can feel a magnitude 4.1 earthquake so much further in the east versus the west is the crust. the surface of the earth here is older than it was. you can feel it all the way from parts of connecticut down through north carolina. so, as fara way as 200 miles. in our area from the epicenter, folks could feel it 125 miles out. again, guys, we're tracking a magnitude 4.1 earthquake that happened at 4:47 this afternoon. it is rare from the location where it occurred. we're going to have much m
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2011, and why this is rare, pat, as we continue our team coverage right now. >> all right, thanks, amelia. and just in the past hour we spoke to geo physicist paul crusoe, the u.s. geological survey. he talked about lou rare today's earthquake was and what we can usually expect in terms of damage reports of a quake of this size. >> we would not expect to see significant damage or injuries from this quake. normally we don't see damage or injuries until quakes get up into the mid 5 magnitudes. most of the time when people feel a magnitude 4 quake, they're just feeling a few seconds of vibration. >> how unusual is something like this in our area here, mid-atlantic? >> very unusual. talking with some of the other seismologists here, none of us can remember working a quake in delaware. >> the earthquake we all remember that shook the d.c. region back in 2011 was centered in virginia. about 150 miles from the ste
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quake. it did extensive damage to the washington monument and the national cathedral, costing tens of millions of dollars. just this past august we reported that repairs to the cathedral are expected to take several more years. >> new fallout tonight for long-time today show anchor matt lauer who was fired after sexual misconduct complaints from one of his colleagues. >> the married father of three issued a public apology today. he writes, quote, some of what is being said about me is untrue or mischaracterized, but there is enough truth in these stories to make me feel embarrassed and ashamed. >> but as news4's erika gonzalez tells us now, his apology comes as more women come forward with complaints about his behavior off-camera. erika? >> well, in fact, jim, tonight we know as many as six women have come forward with complaints against matt lauer. he was fired 24 hours after a female employee came forward alleging inappropriate sexual
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behavior began at the 2014 olympics in russia and continued after that. well, now, "the new york times" reports a former employee says lauer sexually assaulted her in his office in 2001. and variety magazine describing a pattern of alleged sexual misconduct by lauer with three women, telling the magazine he sexually harassed them. matt lauer breaking his silence today, issuing a written statement which reads, in part, to the people i have hurt, i am truly sorry. repairing the damage will take a lot of time and soul searching, and i'm committed to beginning that effort. it is now my full-time job, end quote. other women say nbc executives ignored their complaints, but current management says they were never made aware of any complaints about his behavior. pat? >> thank you, erika. now to sex assault allegations rocking the music world. russell simmons is stepping down from the companies he
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screen writer jenny lumet says the music mogul forced her to have sex with him in 1991. lumet made the allegations in a letter to the hollywood reporter earlier this month. in a statement, the def jamb co-founder apologized saying he had a different recollection of the encounter, but he said it was clear lumet felt fear and intimidation. >> disturbing news out of prince george's county this evening, a man charged with raping another man while impersonating a police officer. our bureau chief tracee wilkins is outside police headquarters in palmer park now to explain exactly what happened. tracee? >> reporter: well, they have their suspect in custody now, but prince george's county police are very concerned that there may be other victims. he has been charged with several charges to include rape, assault and impersonating a police officer. prince george's county police want you to take a hard look at this man. police say 3
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been pretending to be a cop. and on sunday morning sexually assaulted a young adult male. >> this young man was preyed upon. >> reporter: police say bell is a security worker who has his own company and also works for another security company. they say he had this badge made for his company, kind of looks like a prince george's county police badge. the crown vik looks like a police car. he told the victim in this case he was an under cover police officer. >> he is wearing a badge. he's got a flashlight out, much like a police officer would, and a badge that looks like a police officer badge. >> reporter: according to charging documents, bell got the victim to get into his car by promising him a safe ride out of a dangerous neighborhood in hyattsville. >> bell forces our victim to perform sexual acts. >> reporter: bell took the victim's i.d. and police say after serving a search warrant they found other i.d.s and
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there are a >> there are at least two i.d.s we found belonging to other adults. >> reporter: a quick tip, prince george's county police say under cover cop would never stop someone in a traffic stop or stop them on a sidewalk like this guy did. that's one way to know when you're dealing with a police officer. they should be in uniform. reporting live, i'm tracee wilkins. back to you all in the studio. >> thank you, tracee. only on 4 tonight, video that will make you think twice about your children's safety at school. this is from inside gaithersburg high school. students punching each other, pulling each other's hair, wrestling each other to the ground. one employee says it's out of control and putting everybody at risk. chris gordon is in gaithersburg with a look at what the school system plans to do about this. chris? >> reporter: well, the source who sent us the new video of students fighting is an employee here at gaithersburg high school. we are told that it can be dangerous for teachers and staff who try to stop the fighting.
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gaithersburg high school last week when a school security officer fell and the students continued fighting. apparently right on top of him. six students face disciplinary action. now we have nine more videos of fighting in the school or on school grounds sent to us from a source employed by gaithersburg high school. our source doesn't want to be identified fearing violence saying some students seem to be out of control. >> they know that they kind of have the power of the school and that the teachers can't do anything. they'll constantly say, you can't tell me what to do, or you can't tell me this. they'll curse you, cuss at you and now it's gotten to the point where they have been physical with several of the staff members, meaning if they don't like what you say they'll punch you or threaten you. >> reporter: the students take video of the fighting on their cell phones and post the videos on social media. there is an instagram page dedicated exclusively to
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montgomery county public school system says it is taking action to stop the fighting. >> we can't stop at discipline, it's not going to solve the problem. what we do is try to change the culture, i inviting students back, providing a way for them to be part of the community in a safe way. >> reporter: the school tells me the principal here at gaithersburg high school met with teachers and staff to make sure that strategy to stop the fighting is being followed. that's the latest from gaithersburg. pat, back to you. >> all right. that's very disturbing and clearly needs to stop. thank you, chris gordon. >> growing calls tonight for congressman john conyers to resign. his support slipped away after a woman accused him of sexual harassment went public. conyers is accused of mistreating women in his office. allegations against him range from verbal abuse to sexual advances. now the bipartisan call for him to resign includes the entire ho
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>> i pray for congressman conyers and his family and wish them well. however, congressman conyers should resign. >> yes, i think he should resign. i think he should resign immediately. i've just been briefed on the to or entitle of allegations and i think he should. >> this aggressive stance follows the appearance on the today show from a former conyers staffer who settled harassment claim against him back in 2015. >> inviting me to hotels with the guise of discussing business, and then propositioning me to, you know, for sex. >> congressman conyers was admitted to a hospital in detroit overnight suffering from what he has described as a stress-related illness. his attorney told reporters today that nancy pelosi did not elect conyers and, in his words, will not be the one who tell him to leave.
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>> they stood in the atrium of the heart senate office building and they asked the question. what have you done lately for the poor and vulnerable? the faith leaders were there to protest the republican tax plan. roughly a dozen people were arrested. the demonstrations come as we learn of new white house intrigue. nbc news confirms a major cabinet shake up may be in the works with a potential plan to replace secretary of state rex tillerson. but we begin tonight with blayne alexander and that tax bill that is barrelling toward the president's desk. >> reporter: republicans starting the day on a high note. >> we're going down the homestretch headed toward the finish line. >> that deal was cutback there in senator mcconnell's office. >> reporter: and tax reform is it debated on the senate floor. senator john mccain previously a hold out. >> we'll let you know. >> reporter: today announcing the plan is not perfect, but he supports it. the nonpartisan congressional budget office
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class and poor americans will fare worse, paying more taxes over a decade while the wealthy will pay less. president trump insifrting that's not the case. >> believe me. belief. this is not good for me. >> reporter: the senate focused on tax reform today, but lawmakers reacting to new reports of a possible cabinet shake up that secretary of state rex tillerson could be fired as early as next month and replaced by the cia director mike pompeo who would then be replaced by senator tom cotton. >> i don't think secretary tillerson is getting ready for ousted. >> i would support mike pompeo over rex tillerson. >> reporter: asked today about tillerson's future? >> chief of staff kelly called our department this morning and said that the raumors are not true. >> do you want rex tillerson on the job, mr. president? >> he's here. rex is here. >> reporter: president trump stopping short of praising him. >> thank you, everybody. thank you. >> reporter: and also new tonight, nbc ws
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robert harwood is also under consideration for cia director. you'll remember that he's the one who turned down the job of national security advisor to replace michael flynn. pat? back to you. >> blayne alexander. thanks, blayne. >> well, as events along the elipse wind down now, traffic is starting to pick up. we are live with the impact on drivers trying to navigate the crowds and the closures. >> a prescription for trouble as a local man is arrested for writing scripts to hooters workers. how this crime was uncovered. >> plus a rare look at recent repairs inside the white house as we track how your tax dollars are being spent. we're coming right back.
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2, 1. [cheering and applauding] >> spectacular. and with that, the first family officially kicks off the holiday season here in washington. we brought you that big moment live about 45 minutes ago. >> chief meteorologist doug kammerer loves this event. he's been covering it for several years for us now. so, doug, what's happening right now? >> well, you can tell, guys, we do not have lights. we are not able to use our lights right now. but you can see what's happening behind us. they have asked us to turn off our lights on the stage. you can see what's happening. this is by far -- i've done this for seven years. this is the most well-run and the best show
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here in the seven years that i've done it. most of which the lighting here is just absolutely spectacular. if you haven't had a chance to come down the last couple years, i urge you to come down and see the national christmas tree which is going to be lit up between now and just after christmas. a lot of the lights here, a lot of the trees around it, 56 different christmas trees around the main tree as well. the white house, of course, all lit up as well. really a beautiful picture here tonight. of course, the weather could not be better. let's take a look at the temperatures. areas into the upper 40s as we move. this is why we had to turn the lights off. guys, let's come back to us live here. the president is coming up. this is why they asked us to turn our lights off. it's because of the president making his way back up with the first lady. they are making their way back up to i believe say good-bye to everybody as this is about to come to an end. there he is right there. and i'll tell you, he had a good time. he was really, he was really enjoying what was going on there. he loved wynonna, he loved man heim steam
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off. i think they are going to -- i don't know if they're going to say a few words. if they do, we'll pause for a second. >> thank you very much, everybody. this is a great honor and it's something very, very special. i also want to thank you for doing a fantastic job right from day one secretary zink. thank you very much, secretary. today is the day that i've been looking very much forward to all year long. it's one that we have heard and we speak about and we dream about. and now as the president of the united states, it's my tremendous honor to finally wish america and the world a very merry christmas. [cheering and applauding] >> well, there you have it. the president and first lady pretty much a picture-perfect night there, right on que. the lights lit up that tree and the weather was pretty good. doug isn't the only one that likes the christmas tree
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the white house tonight. they are not just there to see the tree and all its glory. doug mentions there is an entire show that follows the tree lighting. >> the entire area is closed off to drivers. heads up for you, steer clear. here's a map that shows which streets you should avoid. adam tuss is monitoring any back ups. adam, what are you seeing? >> reporter: jim, we have different lights on the street. we have police lights closing off the streets down here around 14th and pennsylvania. this is what we're dealing with down here as you see the traffic control officers who are trying to keep things moving along the roads here. but every year we tell you the traffic is going to be bad and it is bad. you're taking a look at the traffic outbound. now let's look at the traffic headed into the city right now. yeah, we are jammed up here downtown. so, if you're coming into this area, just be aware you're going to be dealing with this. now that the event is actually over, could get even worse as we go through the next couple hours. guys, these road closures will be in effect until 8:00 tonight. by the way, that dark lighting looked pretty good on doug. don't te
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>> all right, adam tuss with back up by the beach boys there. thanks, adam. only on 4 tonight, a glimpse at what is needed to fix and clean the west wing of the white house. when president trump took office, federal records obtained by our scott macfarlane show a flurry of repairs and redesigns over the last two years. even rodent problems at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. they've got them, too. >> using the freedom of information act, we asked the federal government for every work order, for every job they completed here at the white house. we got hundreds of pages of work orders in return. an indication of how huge a job it is to keep up all the our local federal buildings and an education our large government must keep track of small things. nearly every week and every year of every presidency, the white house needs repairs. >> these are old buildings. and any of us who have older houses know that old houses need a lot of work. >> from paint touch ups
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in charge of the work is the federal government's landlord. the general services administration for which brian miller used to serve as inspector general. >> it's an enormous job and is assigned to manage that job. they don't do it themselves. they will hire contractors and subcontractors and they will watch them. >> general services administration work orders obtained by news4 show the frequency didn't change during the final year of the obama administration and the first year of the trump presidency. they do show a wide range of requests made just after inauguration day 2017. a request for a new toilet seat for the oval office bathroom. the vice-president's request for a new direct tv dvr system in his office. the national security officer asked for a professional decorator for his office. the first lady sought a big screen tv for hers in the east wing also requested new drapery for the first lady's office to, quote, give the overall fact of the room being taller. especially this time of year,s
6:22 pm
the east wing and west wing are not only functioning government offices but national attractions, sights of tours and ceremonies. dozens of new orders asked for paint and carpet. in one case in 2017, a new chandelier for the oval office dining room. there are work orders that are less beautiful. cockroach problems in a west wing dining room. mice in the white house situation room and the navy mess. federal records indicate $100,000 a year in white house repairs and maintenance. the gsa provides maintenance on 31 buildings in d.c., the white house is just one of them. >> you want the government to know what it's doing, what it's spending money on. you want to know the government is planning for this, that it has an inventory so you don't want that inventory to be wasted. >> the work orders include replaced light bulbs. one federal official said yes, we keep track of all the light bulbs changed. it's your tax money. nationwide, those light bulbs a
6:23 pm
at the white house, scott macfarlane, news4. >> who knew cockroaches in the white house. >> every old house has its issues no matter who lives there. >> i've got one. a lot smaller. a progress, one day after we told but that software glitch that led to a pilot shortage? what we've just learned about the impact on your holiday travel plans. >> inside the interrogation, chilling new video that you'll only see on news4. as a man confesses to his role in e brutal gangth
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the british backlash is building over president trump and what may have been a tweet too far. the anger stemmed from three videos the president tweeted yesterday from a fringe group known as britain first. it is an anti-muslim group and it is roundly denounced as racist. today prime minister theresa may rebuked the president for raising the group's profile. >> and i am very clear that retweeting from britain first was the wrong thing to do. >> to further inflame the matter, one video purportedly shows a muslim immigrant beating a dutch boy on crutches. dutch authorities were forced to
6:27 pm
correct the record. both boys involved in the incident were born and raised in the netherlands. >> now to a different kind of feud. redskins versus cowboys, always a big one. and this year it's really big, folks. the teams have identical records and both are grasping the playoff home. we're heading down from d.c. to arlington, texas. the at&t stadium. they call it jerry world. sheree burruss joins us for the count down. >> neither team can afford to lose. they met up over a month ago, the cowboys winning at fedex field. it's been a roller coaster ride for both. a primetime match up, you can catch the game here on nbc4 pregame coverage starting at 7:30, kickoff at 8:00. more on the special cleats the redskins are
6:28 pm
one interview with tony dunge. >> all right, sheree, thanks so much. we cannot wait. and we'll join her for news4 at 11:00 as well which could come a little before midnight and we're hoping for the winning reaction from the coach and players then. >> all right, we'll see. meanwhile, more women are coming forward with complaints against matt lauer, as the former today show host issues a public apology. >> a closer look at his alleged conduct off-camera and the allegations from some women who say their complaints were ignored. >> only on 4 tonight, we are getting our hands on the evidence from a brutal gang murder. just ahead we're going to show you the police confession on camera that led to several arrests and several convictions. >> and we are staying on top of the breaking news after a rare earthquake hits delaware. >> people in bowie, bethesda, silver spring, upper marlboro, glenn bernie, and all around the district say they felt rumbles from a magnitude 4.1
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other side of the break. so, stay th us.wi
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and breaking right now at 6:30, an earthquake strikes near dover, delaware. rumbles felt up and down the east coast including right here at home. >> it was a magnitude 4.1 quake. no reports of any
6:32 pm
plenty of curious people asking questions on social media. >> we want to head up live on i-95 to nbc philadelphia's tim furlong. he's in south philly. tim, what did you guys feel up there? >> reporter: you know, it's funny, jim, that you ask that. i'm usually the delaware reporter. i happened to be in philly working today. i didn't feel anything by the sports complex here in south philadelphia where the eagles and the phillies play. in wilmington delaware, smyrna, the air force base, my phone exploded. everybody telling me it felt like a bomb was going off, explosion, cara los angeles rams, rumbling going offer in the areas. everybody trying to figure out what it was that was happening. we've been through this a few years ago. everybody quickly thought, i think we had another earthquake like the one that came out of virginia back in 2011. that being said, no significant damage reports.
6:33 pm
i called the dover, delaware emergency center. they hadn't gotten one call from anybody. they saw on social media that everybody felt the rumbles and roars. no reports of damage. i heard of one broken glass door. what it spawned was a whole half hour full of memes of patio furniture knocked over saying we will rebuild. everybody laughing it off saying it was a close call, but no damage to report out of delaware. that's a good thing. we're live in philly tonight, news4 washington. >> lots to talk about over dinner. tim furlong. tim, thanks so much. >> matt lauer says he is embarrassed and ashamed. the former today show host speaking out for the first time since he was fired for inappropriate sexual behavior at work. since then we heard from more women. >> as chris palone reports tonight, some have complained to nbc directly, and others took their stories to journalists. >> our top story is once again -- >> reporter: a day after viewers and
6:34 pm
20-year long host of today matt lauer had been fired, lauer has broken his silence. in a written statement he expressed sorrow for the pain he's caused, writing, to the people i have hurt, i am truly sorry. and while he says some of what's being said about him is untrue, lauer admits there is enough truth to leave him feeling embarrassed and ashamed. he writes, repairing the damage will take a lot of time and soul searching and i'm committed to beginning that effort. it is now my full-time job. >> this is a sad morning here at today. >> reporter: nbc news fired lauer about 24 hours after a female employee made an allegation of inappropriate sexual behavior against him. since then nbc news reports two more women have come forward to the company, also accusing lauer of inappropriate sexual behavior. "the new york times" reports a former employee alleges the anchor sexually assaulted her in his office in 2001, and following the two-month investigation variety magazine published a report describing a pattern of alleged sexual misconduct by lauer, with three women telling the magazine lauer
6:35 pm
that report also says several women say they complained to nbc executives about lauer. they allege those complaints were ignored. nbc news responded in a statement, we can say unequivocally that prior to monday night, current nbc news management was never made aware of any complaints about matt lauer's conduct. one of lauer's former colleagues offered support to his accuser. >> the story today is the courage of a colleague who did come forward. >> reporter: nbc news confirms the alleged inappropriate behavior which led to lauer's dismissal began at the 2014 olympics in russia and continued after that. chris palone, nbc news, new york. >> only on 4 tonight, we take you inside the interrogation of an ms-13 gang killer. two weeks ago a jury found 21-year-old wilmer sanchez serrano guilty of murdering 15-year-old alexandra reyes earlier this year. tonight news4's virginia reporter david
6:36 pm
police to several more suspects in this very disturbing case. >> reporter: taking a sip of his drink, wilmer sanchez serrano is about to spend 90 minutes explaining to detectives how he was involved in the brutal killing of alexandra reyes. fairfax county investigators found the teen girl's body in february, ray month after prince william county detectives found the body of kristen jenner. through questioning it became clear the two deaths linked by the same ms-13 gang. the gang members brought alexandra into a wooded area on january 8 near a lake in springfield. >> did you know she was going to die? >> translator: she said she knew she was going to die. >> reporter: they believe they sed up
6:37 pm
before. others wanted revenge. >> when they were hitting her they were saying if was for christian. >> reporter: this is a still frame used to record the killing and torturing of the teen. it shows a knife and large stick. serrano admitted to being one of the two who thrusted the stick into alexandra's neck. he said everyone took turns hitting her. >> translator: they left her like underneath the bridge. >> reporter: police swabbing serrano's mouth, snapping his mug shot. he's now been convicted and is in jail along with nine others, some of whom have pleaded guilty, the others to be tried in the coming months. in fairfax county, david culver, news4. >> a porch thief caught in the act. we're working for you tonight with steps you can take to protect your presents. >> and the nation's largest airline making progress a day after we told but that pi
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you're looking at a thief in action. this is off 13th street in northwest. people in this house and the ones next door both had packages stolen. it appears two men worked together to hit both homes at the same time. police are hoping someone can identify them. and here's another guy caught on camera. this one knocked before stealing the package outside this door in prince george's county. so, here's what you can do to protect your packages. sign up for alerts. some carriers offer text or e-mail alerts so you'll know when a delivery will be made. require a signature for delivery, especially when you have a big ticket item being delivered. consider sending your packages to your work address, and pickup
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send amazon purchases to one of its locker locations. now to an update on the american airlines holiday travel debacle. >> on wednesday the nation's largest airline faced thousands of scheduled flights without pilots to fly its planes over the holidays. today the airline said only a few hundred flights are still impacted. a system scheduling glitch allowed pilots to take vacation, all at the same time, leaving no one in the cockpit. american says tonight the number of open flights continues to decrease as pilots step up and pickup trips. the airline says it also has more reserve pilots on hand in december compared to other months. >> new rape allegations at one of the historically black colleges. a 6th woman has asked to join a federal lawsuit against howard university. she said she was sexually assaulted by a repeat offender
6:42 pm
university was slow to investigate her case. the federal suit was filed in 2016. >> the naacp is asking maryland's governor to do more to fix prince george's county's embattled school system. the organization sent a letter to governor larry hogan writing, quote, we need to know the state has our back. a recent state audit found widespread grade changing in public schools across the county. the naacp says it doesn't trust the county to correct its problems and wants to meet with the governor to see how he can help. today governor hogan promised to see what can be done while county executive richaun baker says there is still time to respond to the report's findings. >> but in the report it gave the county, the school system 60 days to respond back. is he saying the 60 days or up or he doesn't understand his own report? that i can't answer. >> governor hogan plans to meet with the naacp this month. >> a d
6:43 pm
busted for writing fake prescriptions for employees at hooters. we are learning more about this bizarre case against him that is growing. >> and more than just a hospital. the major changes coming to the community in prince george's county. more than a decade in the king. we'mall
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
a local doctor faces life in prison for writing unauthorized prescriptions. many of those went to waitresses at a hooters restaurant. news4's mark segraves has the developments from federal court. >> reporter: dr. william s. vaughn iii has practiced medicine in our area for years. most recently at this urgent care clinic
6:46 pm
maryland. he was arrested today by fbi agents from the baltimore field office and charged with 66 counts of writing prescriptions for aderol for nonmedical purposes. prosecutors allege vaughn prescribed thousands of the pills to four employees at hooters restaurants in rockville and maryland. it is an a.mphetamine used to treat attention deficit disorder. the maryland state board of physicians say his license was suspended in d.c. for writing unauthorized prescriptions for a patient who did not exist. prosecutors told a federal judge today after his medical license had lapsed and he had surrendered his dea registration, he continued to write prescriptions and forged another doctor's name on some of those prescriptions. now, dr. vaughn
6:47 pm
answer any questions as he left the courthouse this evening with his attorney. he's facing 20 years in prison for each of the 66 counts. he is not charged with practicing without a license although prosecutors say he could face additional charges in the future. the fbi field office in baltimore is asking anyone who may have been a recent patient of dr. vaughn's to give them a call. from greenbelt, mark segraves, news4. >> it's more than a decade in the making. today prince george's county broke ground on its long-awaited new medical center. the university of maryland capital region medical center is a $543 million project. this will encompass 26 acres on what is now the boulevard at capital center shopping center in largo. the hospital will replace the prince george's county hospital in cheverly featuring a level 2 trauma center. it will open in 2021. now to a familiar winter
6:48 pm
year this time. >> chief meteorologist doug kammerer live at the national christmas tree lighting near the white house. >> hey, doug, we know you love the lights there. how is the weather? tonight i think it goes down probably your top one of all the ones you've been down there, right? >> absolutely. the president actually got up there, president trump actually got up in front of everybody and was talking about the weather, just how nice it was. saying it's the best weather we've had here in 25 years. that's true. high temperatures today into the upper 50s to around 60, it was really quite nice as we move on through the evening. everybody really enjoying it. they just had the big finale about 10, 15 minutes ago. santa claus came up on stage. they were singing the songs along with the navy as well. and everybody else including kathie lee gifford. she was out there singing a little bit in the way of those songs, too. let's look at video from earlier this afternoon. we did see the christmas tree lit by the president and the first lady right around 5:05 this afternoon. as i mentioned before,
6:49 pm
seems like this kbreer so muyea more vibrant. they added lights to this show, and the show run a lot more smoothly this year as well than it has in the past couple of years. so, i'm excited to see what it's going to look like when everything is taken down, the stage is gone, the seats are gone. you can still come down and take a look at this tree. each night there are going to be perm fox busine performances through christmas. the current temperature, 51 degrees by 7:00. down to 45 around 11:00 tonight. all in all, though, a very nice night as we move on through. temperature wise the rest of the region going to be in the -- let's get that started for me, play on that. i'm looking at my graphics now as we move on through the rest of the night tonight. those temperatures, 52 degrees in reston, 47 in fort belvoir. as we move on camp springs 50 degrees. look at the rain, we're looking at shower activity, making its way through parts of west virginia. not a lot of rain with that system, however.
6:50 pm
the next kwup l couple of hours. the next thing we're watching is colder air coming in. the next couple days will be okay. average temperature this time of year is 52. we'll be above that through most of the next four to five days, with the exception of saturday. saturday down to about 52 degrees, but a beautiful sunday. look at the next ten days. you notice here temperatures in the 50s, all the way through wednesday and then a huge change, huge change. thursday a high of 41. only 38 degrees on friday. we're going to be watching a storm that could make its way up the coast that could give us our first snow fall of the year. that's something we'll be watching and staying cold as we move towards next week. the coldest air of the season by far coming in later next week. but we've got about a week to figure it all out before we get there. guys, i'm going to toss it to break right now, but a great time and a night to really unify everybody here across
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk. >> here we go. what are we now, just a couple hours away? and identical records. >> 5 and 6. redskins and cowboys. >> i'm telling you. >> i promise you, if the redskins lose and i just told you guys i think they're going to win tonight. but if they lose, i will never say the word "playoffs" or possibility the rest of the season because it really hinges on tonight. from here on out, according to nfl power rankings, the redskins have the fourth easiest schedule down the stretch. so, you're saying there's a chance. they have to get it done tonight, though, in big d. that is where we find our own sheree burruss live from sheree's world where the redskins are the favored to win. it's skins minus one. it looks like it will be tough. two teams going in different directions. >> reporter: yeah, carol, the winner gains the edge in the division standings. dallas is coming off three ss
6:55 pm
coming off the big win on thanksgiving. these players tonight are playing for more than just is that. this game has extra meaning. we got this up close and personal look at the cleats the guys will be wearing. some of these are being auctioned off on the team website. you're seeing the cleats dedicated to sean taylor. half man, half beast. and a shoe for his sister diagnosed with fibromyalgia. the star is 24, and nick's charity, loads of love, helps schools in prince george's county. meanwhile i just spoke with super bowl winning coach and football analyst tony dunge here tonight. >> kirk cousins has players that can make plays. dallas struggled in the secondary, struggle to pass for us. i'll watch them to see them put the ball up.
6:56 pm
makeshift offense on offensive line. >> offense has been injured. jordan reed has been in and out of the lineup. terrell prior hasn't delivered. i admire what he's done. i think he's going to play well tonight. >> announcer: coach dunge told me the x factor tonight for the redskins are going to be turnover and that loss last month they turned the ball over three times. carol, the redskins need to get, want to get this win. they're going to have to take care of the rock. back to you. >> absolutely. take care of those dumb penalties. they killed us lately. you can watch the redskins take on the cowboys here on nbc4. football coverage begins 7:30, kickoff on this network at 8:30. also tonight after the game, more from our sit-down with clinton portis. this week marks the tenth anniversary of sean taylor's tragic death. the emotions still run high.
6:57 pm
current players it does. the recovery process from this loss will never end. ♪ ♪ >> how did you guys come out of that dark place? did you ever fully come out of it? >> i don't think you come out of the dark place because you look at 2007, 2008 was probably -- could have been or would have been my best year in football. and all of a sudden the [ bleep ] just really like -- he ruined that. he ruined that recovery trail. >> clint with an open and honest take about celebrating his life and still being so angry about his death. tonight they share never-before-told stories about how sean and his buddies lived together and how they continue on without him. all right. tiger woods is
6:58 pm
tiger woods is back, what? that's the way i should say it. either way it works. when woods returns to competitive golf he shoots a score better than three of the top eight players in the world. round 1 of the hero world challenge. tiger's first competitive round in 301 days is a pretty good one. check out woods, a number 4 here. a putt from the green, drains it and fist pump. then ar bogeying 9, he bounces back on 10. knocking down the 15-foot birdie. tiger finishes at 3-under, 69. three shots back of the lead. >> looks like he's back to me. >> tiger's back, what? >> look forward to your interview tonight. >> thanks, carol. >> nightly news starts in 60 seconds. and we'll see you right back here for news4 at 11:00 after the game with the latest on the earthquake that hit the mid-atlantic today. >> and we leave you now with some of the best moments from the national christmas tree lighting on the elipse.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, your taxes. senate republicans on the brink of passing their sweeping plan as a new nonpartisan report finds the plan would add a trillion dollars to the deficit. a closer look at the potential hard hit for families with big medical bills. >> i can't see us taking away care for him, so most likely it would be, you know, putting ourselves into debt to be able to care for him. 're also following breaking news. a rare earthquake shakes the northeast. rattled from new york to philly to baltimore. high drama swirling around secretary of state rex tillerson and whether the white house is hatching a secret plan to push him out. we're learning more tonight about the allegations against matt lauer. as many as six women now accusing the fired "today" host of sexual


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