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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 30, 2017 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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now at 11:00, a rare earthquake in del
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the east coast for hundreds of miles. >> tonight, how it compares to what we felt in 2011. an accused police impersonator charged with rape. cops say he lured his victim with a badge but that victim fought back. and squatters claiming legal rights to empty homes. we've seen the video. >> who are you? >> now police say this couple is at it again. >> news 4 at 11:00 begins with breaking news. and that breaking news as we come on the air tonight, take a look, a plane crash in prince george's county sends a man to the hospital tonight. >> it's dark but chopper 4 lit up the scene near freeway airport in buoy earlier tonight. >> we learned the pilot is michael pillsbury, he is 72 years old and lives in the district. pill pi pillbury told first responders the lighting was bad and clipped the treeline on his approach. first responders say pillsbury was able to walk away from the scene. maryland state police are
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investigating. all right. now we go to that earthquake that rattled the ground across our area. not a major tremor but enough to light up social media this afternoon. >> boy did it. it brought back a lot of memories too, we felt in 2011. news 4's shomari stone is live outside the national cathedral where they're still rebuilding. nothing as bad this time around. >> reporter: not as bad as 2011 but certainly shook some nerves. >> was very surreal. >> reporter: edward moore felt his house jolt back and forth in falls church. >> made me very nervous. >> reporter: he was in his living room watching tv about 4:45 in the evening. >> i was sitting here, shomari, watching news 4. i was going to watch the tree lighting ceremony. when all of a sudden, i just felt the couch kind of shake. >> reporter: he looked at -- >> birdie. >> reporter: -- to see if she was jumping on the couch. >> she was curled up in a ball. >> reporter: he checked out
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united states geological survey website on his iphone shocked to found out he felt a 4.1 magnitude earthquake that hit delaware. >> very unusual. talking with some of the other seismologists here, none of us can remember working a quake in delawa delaware. >> reporter: the earthquake wasn't just felt in fairfax county, virginia, some people till us they fell it all around the area. the usgy has reports from north carolina and connecticut. >> i felt it as i was walking. wasn't as intense as the one i felt in 2011. >> reporter: the 2011 earthquake was much more powerful, cracked foundations and shook items off shelves. even know it wasn't that bad. >> come on, over here. >> reporter: edward moore says he will never forget this unusual day. >> what a way to end november 30th. i tell you. rmp definitely one for the record books. now, there weren't any reports of damage, or injuries. live in northwest d.c., shomari stone, news 4. >> thanks. exactly how much stronger was
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we felt today? well, that one six years ago in mineral, virginia, near charlottesville, was 5.8 magnitude. today's in delaware was a 4.1. that means the 2011 quake was more than 50 times bigger and more than 350 times stronger than today's. in terms of the energy released. the epicenters of the two earthquakes were roughly 150 miles apart. and we noticed a lot of you having a little fun with this on social media today sharing this meme, something like it. we pulled this one from amelia draper's facebook page. "i survived the 2017 delaware earthquake." not exactly a harrowing experience, is it is. well, back to the redskins now. it was a first half to forget, and things didn't get much better after the break. playoff hopes for the burgundy and gold, they're fading fast tonight. let's go to carol maloney for more on how this played out down in dallas. it was ugly, carol. >> reporter: yeah, it was ugly at
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from there. there were a couple good moments for the redskins but needed a couple hundred more. kirk cousins winless in dallas as a starter. that streak continues. trailing by 17 here, cousins, he's trying to mount a fourth-quarter comeback. a 50/50 ball to josh doctson who snatches it over the defense. redskins cut the lead to ten but former redskins running back alfred morris puts it away, a one-yard touchdown run. a home run swing. the cowboys roll 38-14. redskins fall to 5-7, now sitting way out of the playoff pictures you're saying, not officially eliminated yet but not looking good. more reaction coming up in sports. >> carol, we will see you then, thank you. tonight, police in prince george's county want to know if anybody else was the victim of a police impersonator. they say 36-year-old michael bell of upper marlboro has been pretending to be a cop. on sunday morning, he raped a n
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police cruiser. according to documents he got the victim of getting in his car by promising him a safe ride out of a dangerous neighborhood in hyattsville. >> wearing a badge, got a flashlight out much like a police officer would and a badge that looks like a police officer badge. >> bell took the victim's i.d. and police say they found the i.d.s of two other adults in his car leading them to believe there may be more victims. the couple who tried to claim rights to a multimillion dollar d.c. mansion that wasn't theirs are back at it again. this is surveillance video from that incident. we told you about a few weeks ago. police tonight confirm the two were arrested again this week. as news 4's darcy spencer reports, this time, they found a new home. >> reporter: the house on lenire place in adams morgan is vacant, a no trespassing sign sits in the window. according to police, that didn't stop two suspect from moving in. it's not the first time they've been accused of squatting. nei
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u-haul truck pull up and someone taking tufurniture inside the house. it's been vacant under construction for some time. those neighbors were wondering what was happening here. this neighbor didn't want to be identified. >> no, we have something in this countkucountry called private p. they're on somebody's private property. i don't think they had a right to be there. >> reporter: police confirmed the couple who moved in were morsh nationalists who claimed sovereign rights to the property. this time it was a row house. earlier this month the same couple was caught in a multimillion dollar mansion near rock creek park. >> it's our land. >> reporter: when the owner was alerted that the alarm was going off, she found the suspects, a man and woman, who claimed they owned the land. the confrontation between the owner and suspects was caught on their home security camera system. >> i'm terrified that they could come back here. they're very scary people. >> reporter: surveillance video shows the man and woman breaking into the home then taking down the for sale sign. the suspects were charged with misdemeanor unawful entr
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court today. according to police the suspects antonio bay and maya waddell were charged with failing to appear in court and now facing new charges. in adams morgan, darcy spencer, news 4. now to the moment president trump says he's been waiting for all year long. a chance to say merry christmas. how he kicked off tonight's national christmas tree lighting. >> two, one. >> we brought you the moment live on news 4 at 5:00. the president kept his comments short encouraging everyone to have a fun night. hundred came to see the tree lighting and performances that followed as well. among those in the crowd, our own chief meteorologist doug kamerer. >> larger than life. doug, you looked like you had a lot of fun out there. the weather was awesome. >> guys, it was the best weather i've had in the seven years doing that. they say it's the best weather they've had in a quarter century. temperatures today mid to upper 50s ahold of a cold front. the cold front nowe
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the rain that it brought already out of here. we saw some shower activity over the last couple hours. take a look now, storm team 4 radar all dry. it will stay that way. we're not going to see any more rain. actually do need to see the rain. we've been very dry. here's that front. see the showers moving through the region. did provide us with a little bit of rain. now it's moving out and will provide us with cooler weather as we move through the day tomorrow. cooler? yeah. colder? next week. much colder. that forecast, updated ten-day forecast. i got you in about ten minutes. >> all right, thank you, sir. right now, protests as the gop plan for tax reform hits a snag in the senate. a nonpartisan committee now says the plan would increase the deficit by $1 trillion over a decade. even when accounting for economic growth. some republicans wanted a trigger mechanism that would hike up taxes if the bill doesn't recover its own cost. that's been shot down. senators could vote on so
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tomorrow morning. the government will shut down a week from friday unless congress can pass a spending bill. new tonight the "washington post" reports president trump told at least two confidants he thinks a shutdown could be good for him politically. those confidants told the "post" the president would blame any shutdown on democrats. we expect house republicans to introduce a bill tomorrow to keep the government open through the 22nd. this week marked ten years since the death of redskins great sean taylor. >> monday we shared part of carol maloney's interview with two of his closest friends and teammates. tonight, we're hearing more of that conversation. >> it's hard to even be sad about the situation now, of course, you lost a great friend, but to me, we had so many great memories and so many good times. >> next at 11:00 tonight, clinton, santana moss, share a story we haven't heard before about tension in the locker room after taylor's death. ls
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accusations against former "today" show co-host matt lauer. after s apology hith
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this week marks the tenth anniversary of sean taylor's tragic death. the redskins young safety was killed during a home invasion while trying to protect his fiancee and 18-month-old daughter. >> his death shook the core of the redskins franchise. our carol maloney joins us with more from his closest teammates who have carried on but will never forget. carol? >>
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everything changed the moment they lost their friend. always eager to talk about sean taylor, remember him, share their favorite moment. tonight, their never before told stories how sean and his buddies lived and how they continued on sometimes in anger without him. >> crazy that a lot of the greats legreat s leave us so soon, he was one of those guys. he was on the path to just be unstoppable. ♪ >> how did you guys come out of that dark place? did you ever fully come out of it? >> i don't think so. you come out of the dark place because you look at 2007, 2008, was probably could have been, or would have been, my best year in football. and all of a sudden, the [ bleep ] just really, like, he ruined it, and if you think about it, it was around the same time. he ruined that moment. he ruined that -- that recor
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even if it's not known, i don't give a damn, i'm grown. prior to the game, we would take a little shot like, you know, take a little shot. >> vodka? what are you taking a shot of? >> we did this for a year and a half before anyone knew. it was never two, three, four shots. it was, you know what, here go, let's go be, let's go ball. >> it right. >> from that point, we did it every game. all of a sudden coach come in and oh, yeah, guys are taking sips for sean. >> it bothered me when that happened, too, because we was doing it way prior to him getting here. and it got to the wrong people. >> so never heard the story before. >> yeah. because it wasn't meant to be told. it's something we just did, we didn't want to be magnified, didn't want it to be about us. we did it and went out there and played the game of football the way we knew how to play. >> what happened, what happened after that? >> you know, he said that, that
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together when it came to him, like, man, he spoke of that name wrong. that's kind of like a low blow, don't bring his name up in that way. you know what i mean, that's wrong. >> the stuff we was going through after that situation kind of threw it from that one, you know, year, 2007 when we lost our good friend. for me, it's hard to even be sad about the situation now. of course, you lost a great friend, but to me, we had so many great memories and so many good times that they overshadow the sadness of losing her. >> you have to find the bright spot. for so many years it choked me up. i'm going to be real with you. it was family members i went to funerals and i didn't cry, but he meant that much. i just felt like it was wrong, you know, i felt like when i finally could say something was wrong and it hurt you, it hurt. >> so many emotions you can tell there. they're still raw. guys, not just the past players, they're also remembering among current team d.j.
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who's the defensive captain right now, he honored sean tonight with cleats and a tape face mask like sean did. swearinger says he watches se sean's highlights before every game. >> ten years later, still healing. >> gone but not forgotten. >> carol maloney, thank you. other news now, former "today" show co-host matt lauer says he's embarrassed, ashamed after being fired following sexual misconduct complaints from one of his colleagues. tonight we know as many as six women have now come forward with complaints against lauer. he issued a written statement today saying in part, "to the people i have hurt, i am truly sorry. repairing the damage will take a lot of time and soul searching and i'm committed to beginning that effort. it is now my full-time job." nbc news confirms the alleged behavior began at the 2014 olympics in russia and continued after that. now "the new york times" reports a former employee says lauer sexually assaulted her
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office back in 2001. and "variety" magazine described a pattern of alleged misconduct by lauer. three women telling the magazine he sexually harassed them. it's more than a decade in the making, and today prince george's county broke ground on its long awaited in u medical center. the university of maryland capital region medical center is a $543 million project. it will encompass 26 acres on what's now the boulevard at capital center shopping plaza in largo. the hospital will replace the prince george's hospital in cheverly featuring a level 2 trauma center. it will open in 2021. >> going to be a big day there. sorely needed. all right, doug is joining us now. it was a beautiful night to be out on the ellipse and eventually we got some real cold to talk about. >> yeah, that's not coming until about this time next week. we're talking cold, i mean, that's really some bitter wintertime cold.
11:51 pm
month of december. tomorrow. out there right now, not bad. we saw some rain earlier. take a look at storm team 4 radar. we are all clear at the moment. we're going to stay that way right on through early tomorrow morning. take a look at front. see that storm system moving on through the region. not a lot of rain with this. again, it came through very briefly. we saw about an hour to two hours of rainfall around the d.c. area,less les thanthan a t an inch in most locations. one thing it will bring in, slightly cooler air tomorrow. it's going to start off fairly chilly. see temperatures tomorrow cooler than they were today for sure. 60 degrees, what we got today. average high is 52. look at 63 in fredericksburg, 57 leesburg. temperatures tomorrow will be about 5 degrees warmer. or cooler than this. so not all that much colder. still i think above average during the day. out there right now, currently sitting at 52 degrees, winds on the calm side. winds will begin to pick up, though, tomorrow morning. it's going to be a chilly start to the day tomorrow. current temperatures arounth
11:52 pm
region 43 in frederick. 45 manassas. 47 in fredericksburg. tomorrow morning it will be on the chilly side early. 43 degrees at the bus stop. above average. still chilly with a little bit of wind. 51 at recess. 55, rather breezy during the afternoon. not windy, just breezesy. we're talking a pretty nice day on friday. friday night is a chilly one, if you're going to be heading out, bundle up there. saturday definitely on the cooler side. 52 degrees for a high on saturday. that's the average for this time of year. subu suburbs, only in the mid 40s. sunday, high temperature 56. i think sunday is going be a phenomenal day. beautiful on sunday. 55 monday. also looking good. then we get to the big change. 62 on tuesday. that's ahead of our next storm system. that brings us rain late tuesday into the day on wednesday. and it could be a lot of rain. beneficial rain because we do need it. temperatures on wednesday in the 50s. but changing pattern here. and this is what i'm talking about. we're going to be warm out ahead of this system then here comes the cold. the canadian air open for business as we see thatir
11:53 pm
region. we're tracking the coldest air of the season by far. turning much colder, more frequent storms. this is going to be something to watch. will we see rain or snow? yes, snow could be in the making here. of course, we are continuing to track it. nothing is in h stone just yet. i'm not calling for any kind of a snowstorm. been all over social media. don't think it's going to happen. again, we're watching a system that could bring us a little bit in the way of rain or snow next week. 38 degrees is for a high on friday. one thing for sure, the cold will be here. 38 may be too high on friday. 40 is what year going for next saturday. computer models don't get us above freezing next weekend. some cold air finally making its way in. >> all right, thanks, doug. coming up, the cowboys crushed the redskins' playoff hopes tonight. we head back
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this is the xfinity sports desk. >> oh, this is tough to watch from the get-go. >> and now what? >> and now what? where do we go? >> where do they go? there's four games left. is it evaluation mode? someone said they should start negotiating right away with cousins. they doncan't until after the season -- >> he's the only one who had a great game. he plays well. >> cowboys lost their last three games each by 20 points tonight, they beat the redskins. the numbers don't tell the whole story, of course. we have ugly pictures to show you. trent williams starting tonight at left tackle. trent missed last week with the nagging knee injury. some people think he's going on the ir tomorrow. he does need surgery. he returned to a sloppy performance by h
11:58 pm
first quarter in the red zone, kirk cousins, pass intercepted. it comes up the pick. jameis crowder. dallas didn't score but ended a washington chance. in the second here, they're up 10-0, the boys are. ryan switzer fielding that punt y , you can ski whee what happens. nothing in front of him but end zone. 8 3 yards to the house. slips in the end zone. dallas up. no quit in kirk cousins and the redskins. ryan grant bring it in. 20 yard touchdown pass. redskins on the board. fourth quarter, ten-point game. dak prescott to dez bryant. goes up and gets it. 13-yard touchdown. cowboys up 24-7. but kirk cousins kept his team in it. later in the quarter, cousins let josh doctson, a 50/50 ball. doctson goes up and gets it. 451 yards. two touches. two interceptions for cousins. skins down ten. alfored morris punching it
11:59 pm
thanks a lot, alfred. cowboys win this 38-14. for more we're going to head out live. to see the debacle in big "d" in person, what do you make of tonight? >> reporter: carol, this was such a tough one. i don't know if you could see what's happening behind me here, these cowboys fans are excited. they're still celebrating after snapping a three-game losing streak. but that is not the scene inside the redskins' locker room. this is the second time this season they've given up 38 points to their opponent. as they say, everything's bigger in texas. this was a big loss for the team. their playoff hopes certainly sli slipping away. here is what head coach jay gruden said moments after the loss. >> wouldn't say it was flat, we dropped the ball. i don't think we came out flat. we didn't present the football. going to figure out a way to compete the last four games. blocking room in there. so that's what we're going to do, we're going to figure out a way to compete against the chargers next week. one game hat a time ando
12:00 am
in the locker room saying the exact same thing. they is a tough test coming up against the chargers. baing back to you, carol. >> you're going to l.a. you'recovering a victory. it's going to happen. >> reporter: i hope so. alex ovechkin and the caps hosting the kings tonight. 105 game home stand tonight. bringing it up. stop on a dime. fires and scores. second goal of the night. caps take a 2-1 lead later in the second. l.a. ties it at two. nice passing up hice. the caps lose, 5-2 to the kings. they have four more home games in front of them. >> all right. carol, thank you. let's try to come back
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