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tv   Today  NBC  January 5, 2018 7:00am-8:59am EST

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now through january 10th. ikea. good morning. ice age. 139 million americans facing dangerously cold temps this morning. windchills well below zero across much of the the deep freeze adding to the misery. caused by that massive winter sto storm. heavy snow bringing traffic to a stand still. entire towns iced over. breaking overnight.
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and fury speaks out for the first time in exclusive live interview. war on marijuana. the justice department ending the policy that paved the way for states to legalize pot. so is there about to be a major crack down. what does it mean for states where weed is already legal? those stories plus the jeopardy tribec. that has the game star on hold. a look at the golden globes from seth meyers. and billion dollars bonanza. get your tickets. this weekend megamillions worth a jaw dropping $990 million combined.
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welcome to today. we have an exclusive interview to get to today. >> you might call him the man of the moment. who wrote this book, "fire and fury." it's got washington talking. got the whole country talking actually. we will speak to him first exclusively in just a few moments. brutal 1-2 punch from mother nature this morning. at least five deaths being blamed on the monster storm. >> it dumped as much as 20 inches of rain from maine down to florida. >> more than 100 customers lost power. more than 1300 flights canceled just today. >> this morning, that deep freeze is deepening. potentially record shattering cold is expected throughout the weekend. we're talking temperatures that feel 10, 20, 3
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>> we've got it all covered for you this morning. beginning with al's icy forecast. >> this is dangerously cold. we're talking about folks that are under a we've got 139 million folks under windchill advisories. freeze warnings down south for 11 million people. right now feels like 17 below. columbus ho, 3 below at this hour. make our way to the east. windchills still brutal here in new york. 4 below. burlington. west virginia feels like 17 degrees below zero. all the way down to tampa where the windchill is at 30. what we're looking at after another cold day tomorrow, record shattering temperatures. philly and new york have a record of four. they'll see one degree and as we make our way north, providence, minus seven. boston minus six.
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below zero, but the good news. we do have temperatures moderating as we get to the beginning of next week. bad news another little storm coming this way. >> all right. keeps going. it's january all right. >> let's get more on the misery being caused bid the cold and the storm. back in boston for us this morning. city dealing not only with snow and bone chilling temperatures, but also historic flooding. good morning. >> >> yes, i was right by the flooding yesterday. something i've never seen before. most people in boston have never seen that before. east coast is catching their breath after being pounded by the massive hurricane winter storm. folks are digging out of snow and ice. cold is setting in. windchill is minus 1. it's the warmest it's going to be for several days. >> this morning, millions in the northeast waking up to a bone chilling cold s
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the mercury not expected to break zero in most places. and with the windchill, it could feel like 20, 30, or even 40 below. the arctic blast coming day after blizzard conditions and hurricane force winds punished the region. for massachusetts, more than a foot of snow wasn't the biggest problem. the nor'easter generating a record three foot tidal surge along much of the state's coastline. overnight, another high tide battered ocean side homes again. >> this is our house. oh, my god. >> the historic streets of boston flooded. >> dominique: this record high hide came all the way up here. most of the water receded: a lot of it didn't. slick slush is going to freeze up solid. >> leading to stranded cars and dramatic rescues. eventually the weather channel lead
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>> keep going, keep going. i think you're all set. >> others were not so lucky. like those parked outside this high school in gloucester. now that the blizzard has moved on, sub freezing temperatures are the main concern. >> it's going to be wicked bad. wi wicked cold. that's for sure. >> a brutal few days in store. especially for the tens of thousands without electricity. >> reporter: i need to stress just how cold this is. frostbite can kick in in just 30 minutes. pile on the layers. cover your extremities or better yet, stay inside this weekend. >> good idea. as we said, the storm is having a your impact on travel coast to coast. airports throughout the northeast brought to a stand still thursday with thousands of canceled flights. seeing a new round of cancellations and delays this morning.
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national. >> 5500 flights canceled yesterday. at the moment up to 1400 nationwide. a lot of delays too. these boards look better than yesterday. come with me. look outside on the ramp at reagan national airport. they've cleared the snow. they've cleared the ice. they're back to normal here, but that is not the case around much of the country. >> many morning, wind, ice, and snow. worst possible combination. still crippling air travel along the east coast. airport dig out from the whitehouse. >> they don't call them nor'easters anymore. this was like a cyclone. >> new york's big airports shutdown for most of thursday. >> here we are, new york airport. and this is what it looks like outside. >> passengers taking to social media to vent. no florida for me, wrote one traveler. stranded at laguardia. dozens of international flig
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headed to new york and boston also diverted to ierairports outside of the storm zone. argentina to new york flight. one of 19 diverted to dallas. >> we sat on the tarmac for something like four and a half hours. >> reporter: way down south, who would believe stranded passengers in charleston, south carolina. >> in new york, called on a quick girls trip. >> we're walking through central park. >> reporter: stuck after their flight was canceled. >> here we are live from the train. they managed to grab two of the few remaining seats left on the train. other amtrak passengers, not
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>> hopefully we can get on a train. if not, new york is a pretty good place to be stuck in. >> reporter: amtrak still operating on modified schedule today. as for the airlines, hoping their back up and running over the weekend. if you are stuck somewhere and you need a get a hotel, this is san act of god. you're on your own paying for that hotel. >> tom costello, thank you. a lot more to get to this morning, including fresh controversies for the president. the russia scandal back in the headlines. amid a report that the president lobbied for attorney general jeff sessions to remain in charge of the russia investigation. this as the war of words grows over "fire and fury," that exkhloe siee explosive new book aboue president's first ye in the office. first, nbc national peter alexander at the white house with all of it. good morning. >> reporter: cold
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even in the frigid weather, people were lining up overnight to get their hands on this book. how is this for a marketing line. the book the president doesn't want you to read. let's start with new reporting. "new york times" revealing how far he went trying to stop attorney general jeff sessions from recusing himself in the russia investigation. raising the question whether the president obstructed the president's inquiry. >> new this morning "new york times" reporting that the president gave strict instructions to the white house's top lawyer last march to pressure attorney jeff sessions to remain in charge of the russia inquiry. times siting two people with knowledge of the episode. when sessions stepped aside anyway, the president erupted in anger. saying he needed his attorney general to protect him. so far the white house declining to comment. ultimately deputy would green light the reporter mueller.
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the book's accomplisher siting unprecedented demand. calling author michael wolff's work a distribution to national discourse. wolff tweet r here ing here we thank you mr. president. >> sending cease and desist letters. one to steve bannon. president trump privately fuming, but publicly pulling punching. >> did steve bannon betray you. >> i don't know. he called me a great man last night. obviously changed his tune pretty quick. >> bannon on the raid trying to play down any rift. >> nothing will ever come between us and president trump and his agenda. >> the white house again attacking fire and fury as a book of lies. >> i'm not going to waste my time or the country's time going page by page talking about a book that's complete fantasy and full t
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>> i'm not aware they were ever particularly close. >> the growing feud heading up the conservative breitbart news website. main financial backer, rebecker mercer highlighting support for the president and distancing herself from recent actions and statements. my family and i have not communicated with steve bannon in many months, she told "the washington post." >> the white house even weighing in whether breitbart shoulder fire bannon. >> the book fire and fury reegg nights questions about the president's mental stability. writing that the president repeats himself. trump aides dismissing those claims as disgraceful and laughable. >> steve bannon hasn't disputed any of his quotes in the books. number of former aides said they were misquoted. still michael wolff the author and the accomplisher stay by
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i authorized zero access to white house. actually turned him down many times for author of phony book. never spoke to him for book. full of lies, misrepresentations and sources that don't exist. look at this guy's past and watch what happens to him and sloppy steve. apparently new nickname for steve. >> thank you. michael wolff joins us now. good morning. >> thank you for having me. >> the book is accomplished as of 9:00 this morning. the president's lawyer sent a cease and desist letter. they sent that yesterday before they actually had read the book. actually what i say is where do i send the box of chocolates. >> you think he's helping you sell books. >> absolutely. not only is he helping me sell books, but he's helping me prove the point of the book. this is extraordinary that a president of the united states would try to stop a publication of a
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has not happened from other presidents. would not even happen have a ceo of a mid sized company. >> the president as you know tweeted about you last night. said i authorized zero access to the white house. actually turned you down many times. said he had never spoke to you for the book. full of lies, misrepresentations and sources that don't exist. as good a place to start as any. did you start to the president. >> what was i doing there if he didn't want me to be there? >> let me ask you, did you talk to president? did you interview him for this book. >> i absolutely spoke to the president. whether he realized it was an interview or not. i don't know, but it certainly was not off the record. >> you spoke to him at the white house after he was sworn in. >> i spoke to him after the inauguration. yes. i had spoken to -- i spent about three hours with the president over the course of the campaign and in the white house. so my window into dona t
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more to the point, i spent this -- and this was really sort of the point of the book. i spoke to people who spoke to the president on a daily, sometimes minute by minute basis. so this book was really in a sense, there was one question on my mind when i began this back. what is it like to work with donald trump. how can you work with donald trump? and what is the -- how do you feel having worked with donald trump. >> i want to get to the substance which you've written in the book, but just to clear this up. the president is saying it's full of lies. that you didn't have the access you said you had. >> one of the things we have to count on is that donald trump will attack. he will send lawyer's letters. this is a 35 year history of how he approaches everything. >> do you have recordings of
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some of these conversations. >> i work like every journalist works. i have recordings. i have notes. i am certainly an absolutely in every way comfortable with everything i've reported in this book. >> would you release any of those recordings since your credibility is being questioned. >> my credibility is being questioned by a man who has less credibility than perhaps anyone who has ever woalked on earth a this point. >> before i leave it. the tweet eludes to your past. i assume referring to a profile about you in 2004. the reporter said of you the scenes in your writing aren't recreated so much as created springing from wolff imagination. >> i've written many books. i've written millions upon millions of words. i don't think there has ever been one correction. >> so you standby everything in the book. nothing made up. >>
7:17 am
book. >> let's talk about the book itself. one of the overarching themes is that according to your reporting, everyone around it will president, senior advisers, family members, every single one of them questions his intelligence and fitness for office. >> let me put a marker in the sand here. 100% of the people around him. >> jared kushner, his son-in-law. ivanka trump, question his fitness for office. >> every time -- i and i want to be careful about who i spoke to. the nature of this kind of book is you grant every one a vail. having said that, certainly jafd and ivanka in their current situation which is a deep legal quagmire are putting everything on the president. not us, it's him. >> what are some of the ways the president was described by thos
7:18 am
everyone gave, everyone has in common, they all say he is like a child. and what they mean by that is he has a need for immediate gratification. it's all about him. this letter for the cease and desist letter. sources in the white house. and i know everyone was going, we should not be doing this. this is not smart. and he just insists. he just has to be satisfied in the moment. >> you said these senior people insult his intelligence. what are the kinds of things people would say. >> they say he's a moron, idiot. actually, there's a competition to sort of get to the bottom line here of who this man is. let's remember, this man does not read. does not
7:19 am
so he's like a pinball. just shooting off the sides. >> one of the more disturbing observations you make in the book is that the president's close advisers, people around him have noticed him repeating stories, expression for expression you say within a short period of time. >> in a shortened period. so they've all tracked this. it used to be i know people would point out in the beginning it was like every 25 or 30 minutes he would get the same three stories repeated. now that's the same three stories in every ten minutes. >> and what's the suggestion there because that goes beyond saying okay the president is not an intellectual. what are you arguing there. are you saying for example he was at ma ra r-la-go and didn't recognize life long friends. >> i will quote steve bannon. he's lost it. >> let's talk about
7:20 am
record with you. made some pretty bold assertions as you mentioned. has disparaged the president and in the last couple of days says he's a great man and nothing with separate us. what is bannon doing here. >> the president has tried to put this. this book is about steve bannon. so let me say very forthrightly. this book is not about steve bannon. this book is about donald trump. as fsteve bannon, i spoke to steve as i spoke to many people throughout the length of the reporting here. it really saw a transformation. not only of steve, but of everyone, but steve in the way his most vivid or language is the most vivid. and the transformation was, you know, he thought this presidency was -- could work. we thought donald trump is an interesting unique character and we might be able to do something here and they saw him over that tiom
7:21 am
cannot do this jock r jb. >> i am out of time. your former editor says he's not surprised you wrote this book. he's surprised they let you in the door at the white house. >> are you surprised. >> no. i'm a nice guy. >> did you flatter your way in. >> i certainly said whatever was necessary to get the story. >> thank you for being here. the book is called "fire and fury." chuck todd's exclusive guest on sunday. lake effect snow. watching that very closely. wet weather in central california. moving to pacific northwest. mountains, icy snowy conditions. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
7:22 am
it is cold out there this morning. 13 now at national airport. breezy as well. windchills below 0 this morning area wide. current windchill, minus 11. be ready for a very cool start to the day and frigid weekend and a chance of wirntery weathe on monday. coming
7:23 am
on the battle legalizing pot. battle is on to sunday's golden globes. talk to seth meyers about the unique challenges he'll face at hollywood's biggest party of the year. first, this is today on nbc.
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yeah girl, 13 grams of protein. yaaassss! we're the new light & fit greek nonfat yogurt with zero artificial sweeteners. 7:26 is your time now on this friday. january 5, 2018. still early. good morning to you. in the news this morning, things are getting back to normal at reagan national airport this morning. dozens of travelers were forced to camp out yesterday after flights were canceled because of snow hitting the east coast. >> now, to the trains. today amtrak is operating on modified schedule between the district and boston. there will be fewer express and northeast regional trains. trains between washington and norfolk are canceled. so is the auto train from virginia south to florida. now check on the morning commute with melissa. how are the roads looking. >> the skie
7:27 am
water main repair happening near the kennedy center. also westbound virginia avenue. southbound 27th street. we have a big problem there. and a lot of closures and ice through the area. drivers also cannot use i straight ramp to westbound 66. rest of the main roads actually looking quite good. light volume. >> thank you. we're going to take a quick break. your forecast is next. iand i like these award-winning cheddar puffs. first place. both events? booyah! we're an awards family. you'll like them both but love our price. award-winning organic cheddar puffs from aldi. simply smarter shopping.
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a lot. let's see who delivers more. comcast business offers fast gig-speeds across our network. verizon doesn't. we offer more complete reliability with up to 8 hours of 4g wireless network backup. verizon, no way. we offer 35 voice features and solutions that grow with your business. verizon, not so much. get internet on our gig-speed network and add voice and tv for $34.90 more per month. call 1-800-501-6000. sun is up. i'm not sure it's going to do good for the warm up today. likely to stay in upper teens for the highs today. only half the deal. current windchills below zero across the area today. high around 19 here in washington. by the time you walk up tomorrow morning. even colder still. with air
7:29 am
morning. saturday also a cold one with highs in the teens. >> can we hibernate until march. >> although local news update in 25 minutes. >> back to the today show.
7:30 am
7:30, now, friday morning, the 5th of january, 2018. the final full day for that beautiful tree across the street. if you're coming to see it, take a good, long look and bundle up because guess what. the feels-like temperature in manhattan, 4 below. >> what does that say for our crowd outside, hanging in there. that dangerous cold and its impact on the first winter storm of the year top's today's headlines. >> winter wallop, after a massive blizzard covers the east coast with snow, ice and record winds. >> this tide came all the way up here. and this thick slush is going to freeze up solid. >> now, nearly 150 million
7:31 am
brutal arctic blast. >> this storm is so huge, it's pulling down a frigid air mass from canada. war of words. trump slamming steve bannon and that tell-all bookover night. michael wolff, speaking exclusively this morning. >> everyone around the president questions his intelligence and fitness for office. >> let me put a marker in the sand here. 100% of the people around him. >> the winner of house district 94 is david yancey. >> strange draw. the virginia house of delegates pulls names from a ceramic bowl to determine the winner of a closely contested race, now giving the republicans a majority. >> during the holiday break, i had a slight medical problem. recovering. alex trebek says he's taking a
7:32 am
show after undergoing surgery for blood clots on his brain following a fall. >> i expect to be in the studio taping more "jeopardy!" programs very, very soon. and cold-blooded, indeed. frigid temps are causing iguanas to fall out of trees. experts say to leave them alone. they will be fine as soon as they warm up. friday, january 5th, 2018. >> i had no idea that would be true. >> frozen iguanas fa meantime. new this morning, just days after california legalized recreational marijuana, there are growing questions over whether federal authorities are gearing up for pot crackdown. nbc is at dispensary in west hollywood with that story. >> here in california, if you're over the age of 21, you're legally allowed to buy any of this under state law. under federal law and under attorney general jeff sessions he says this the
7:33 am
does that mean that pot shops like this are going to be raided by the feds. that is the billion dollar question. >> it's week one of legalized marijuana in california. and while sales are been nonstop. >> the excitement is through the roof. >> a decision by attorney general jeff sessions is casting a haze over the future of pot. >> here we are having a wonderful party and he wants to rain on the parade. >> inspiration behind the hit show weeds. >> we have so many people who voted for this. so sad to go against what they voted for. >> obama era memo that direct e policing pot to the states. unless it involves gangs or crossing of state lines. sessions now taking these views on pot a step further. >> this drug is dangerous. you cannot play with it. it's not funny. it's not something to laugh about. good people don't smoke marijuana. >> sessions says pot is still illegal ve
7:34 am
they can enforce federal law wherever prosecutors want. stocks in companies dealing with pot down. some in the double digits. factors spooked by the possibility of raids operating under state laws. senators like republican cory gardener blasting the statement. >> this is a constitutional states rights decision. might be at odds during the campaign said he wouldn't use federal laws to shutdown state pot sales. >> i think it's up to the states. i'm a state's person. i think it should be up to the states. absolutely. >> as for dispensaries like this one, the public has spoken. they aren't going back. that sets a stage for possible showdown between states and the federal government. >> he doesn't realize is by shutting down legitimate businesses like we are here, you're going to create the black market. >> the doj is now expected to leave it up to local
7:35 am
prosecutors on which cases they should take. marijuana advocates say it could be tough to get a conviction in a state like california where the voters have already decided that spot should be legal. back to you vrge. let's go back to al. this cold is serious. >> we will see a little bit of a break as we get in the beginning of next week. start off with today. icy conditions in the mountains and pacific northwest. lake effect snow. of course the bitter cold here. now we're watching what is going to be happening the beginning of next week. for sunday, we got one system coming out of canada. another one diving down out of the central plains. that will bring, snow, sleet, rain. missouri to michigan. move on to monday. heavy rain for the south and looking for light snow and maybe a little ice for the northeast. and northern new england: that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. good morning. storm team 4. we will also be watching that little chance of w
7:36 am
and then, it is just all about the cold. suns up on a frigid morning here in washington. 13 degrees right now with a minus 3 windchill. winds out of the west at 15-25 or 30-mile-per-hour today. actual air temperatures hovering around 10-12 degrees. highs today and tomorrow both in the mid to upper teens. >> that's your latest weather. don't forget we can get the weather any time you need it. check out our pals at the weather channel. >> coming up. excitement, an tticipatioantici maybe anxiety. we're going to take you inside the u.s. figure skating championships where olympic are on the line. justin timberlake. robot pioneer. cool new video. first, hoda moments
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that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how. packing to the last minute. guys, i have a couple of things to wash we got this. even on quick cycle, tide pods cleans great 6x the cleaning power, even in the quick cycle it's got to be tide we're back. 7:41. it was made official this week. l hoda is today's new co-anchor. it was a very special time for us. >> you have been here for years. we have a tradition of welcoming newest member. >> besides smelling
7:42 am
we couldn't pass up the opportunity of celebrating hoda. >> light of my life. take one. >> hey hoda. this is your life. >> this is today with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb. one more time. >> i cannot believe this is happening. i know it's a cliche, but it is a dream come true. >> hoda has done great work with kathy lee in the 10:00 hour. >> it's wine:00. we want to be classy. >> classy. >> i'm sitting here looking at the co-host of today host. co-anchor. >> what? >> just perfection. and feels so good. >> i'm pinching myself. >> as you see the trending hashtags. number one trend in the u.s. >> savannah guthrie. she's funny.
7:43 am
oh. i'm sorry. no. go on. i didn't mean to interrupt. no, you were on a roll there. i thought it was everything together. we're like that. >> exactly. >> excuse me. we're very busy. >> we just click. >> cheesy. >> just having her there makes your feel good. >> hoda ckotb working the crowd it's what she does. >> her smile just gets bigger and bigger and bigger. >> if you could invite a handful of people to dinner. who would they be? they're sitting around that table. >> not everyone realizes what an accomplished, birilliant journalist she is. >> what happened to the hundreds of people penned in on this tiny island when the tsunami hit. >> she's trovl etraveled the wo covered wars, covered disasters. >> we
7:44 am
including the north korean crisis. >> it's the marriage of the news stuff that i used to do and the fun that i love to have. how often do you get to put those two things in a blender and have a job. >> she's always up for it. whatever it is, hoda is up for it. >> hey. nothing. i'm just in the elevator. >> nice wheels baby. >> she makes it feel like you're not even doing your job. trump administration so much fun. >> cheers to the pregnancy. >> this place has allowed me to grow and show other sides and they've accepted that. >> come on. come on. >> please read to me as if i were your child. >> waffle. >> prayers and a man on the stairs. >> hoda's life is one great sound track: >> co-b♪ >> i don't love all the music hoda loves, like what is this song. >> and she's doing
7:45 am
uh-huh. her head is moving and she's got her finger snapping. >> hoda has a real gift of connecting with people and also sharing their joy. >> happy birthday. >> are you kidding me? hoda. >> or make someone's dream come true at the very moment they need it most. >> hoda! hi, how are you. >> she is there to inspire all of us. >> i want to see you be brave. >> i know she's excited about doing this new job with the "today" show, but nothing compares to the joy that she has received with haley joy. >> that little girl, haley joy, is my daughter. >> yes. >> the day i
7:46 am
the day that everything else pailed in comparison. everything. >> if there is a dream job, i know i found it. i've never worked in a place that felt like family before ever. like this is it. this is that spot. >> hoda, congratulations, you're a beautiful beautiful woman and i love you. >> i'm so thrilled you're here with us every day, every morning. i love you. >> i'm over the moon. i'm so excited. i feel like the luckiest person in the world and i can't wait to wake up with you every day. well, monday through friday. >> oh. [ applause ] >> that was so nice. and just everything. the haley stuff. you guys, thank you. >> they told us what to say. >> it
7:47 am
>> i've known you so long, you used to have an e at the end of your name. >> remember that. you don't know if you deserve something. >> that's five minutes of proof. >> that's this job. thank you. that was really nice. >> it's so exciting. we've heard from everyone this week. everyone in the whole world. like literally so happy for you. it's because you deserve it. >> well, we made it through the first week. >> yes, we did. >> keep it going. >> thanks, guys. >> just ahead. this is a good one. you're going to like this. would you eat another a place where you catch your own meal. the fish come swimming on over. new restaurant taking fresh food to the extreme. first, these messages. >> look. i like that little pig in the pen there. like any size soft drink. or two dollars like a sausage mcgriddles. or three dollar favorites, including happy meals. it's your menu... use it to build the, "my roommate ate my lunch meal" the "breakfast is on me meal" or the "father and son meal" so you said two mcchicken and a medium sprite for only $3. exactly! it's your menu, with your favorites.
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7:56 am
happy friday. i'm melissa with a first look at traffic. some water main repairs. slowing things down a bit. very icy roadway. all being impacted. drivers cannot use i street ramp to 66. or get to white creek parkway. beltway looks okay. also a problem westbound north washington at patrick henry drive. back in a minute. it's time for sleep number's 'lowest prices of the season' on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting. does your bed do that?
7:57 am
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7:59 am
windy and cold day to be outside. temperatures hovering around 10-12, 13 degrees. factor in that northwest wind and windchills are near 10 below zero in many locations. highs today plenty cold. only the mid to upper teens today. 19 for a high today here in washington. that will make it coldest high temperature in nearly 5 years. maybe even a degree colder tomorrow. i know how you love the cold. >> too cold more me. this just in. francis c hammen middle school will be closed because of heating issues. speaking of the cold weather having an impact. for now, back to the today show after the short break.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, winter wallop. this morning, nearly 150 million americans waking up to record-breaking freezing temperatures, as the east coast digs out from that monster snowstorm. >> it's wicked cold. that's for sure. >> the arctic weather snarling travel across the country, making roads a nightmare. we're live with the latest. plus, hollywood's biggest party. ♪ seth meyers joins us with a preview of the golden globes. the movies, tv shows and the scandals rocking hollywood. >> we have a lot to talk about. >
8:01 am
with the olympics just a month away, figure skaters are vying for a spot on team usa this weekend. natalie is there with your first look and the skating stars to watch. this is friday, january 5th, 2018. ♪ >> from minneapolis to manhattan. >> hi, mom. >> we traveled 2,000 miles to celebrate our anniversary on the "today" show. >> the cold weather can't stop us from meeting al roker. >> we are in the plaza from miami. >> it's my dream come true to be on "today." >> how adorable are the kids out there today? >> loving it. >> welcome back. we appreciate you being we appreciate you being with us this friday morning. cold one out there. everyone is talking about it. >> we have a lot going on. millions of americans are slivering as they dig out from messy
8:02 am
cold wind and snow. hey, dylan. >> reporter: a little bit of everything. right now the windchill is seven pl below in boston and not going to warm up at all today. all of this cold is surging in as the entire east coast is digging out of snow and ice. blizzard conditions and hurricane like winds. all the way up through new england major night. we are going to begin to see the cold continue to surge in. in boston, even though we picked up a foot of snow. that wasn't the biggest problem. we had record storm surge that caused the water to flood in from boston harbor. stranding cars, stranding drivers as it flooded the streets like never before. up and down the coast of massachusetts waves were crashing and stranded cars in a flood of icy water. now the cold is on. we have windchill warnings that will go in effect overnight and last through the weekend. dangerous cold. windchills get down to 20 below. you get frostbite
8:03 am
minutes. stay bundled up. make sure extremities are covered and stay indoors as much as possible this weekend. >> good advice. the white house is pushing back hard against fire and fury. provocative new book about the trump administration this morning. heard from the author in exclusive interview today. consi kristen welker joins us with the latest. >> good morning to you. michael wolff. author strongly defended his book today. the white house called it a book of lies. he said he stands by every word and has notes and recordings of his conversations with the president's top aides. here is wolf's response to cease and desist order earlier on today. >> this is extraordinary that a president of the united states would try to stop the publication of a book. this doesn't happen -- has not happened from other presidents. would not even happen from a ceo of a mid
8:04 am
>> send many aides to describe their boss this way. >> the one description that everyone gave. everyone has in common. they all say he is like a child. and what they mean by that is he has a need for immediate gratification. it's all about him. >> reporter: now for his part. president trump tweeted overnight. i authorized zero access to white house. actually turned him down many times for author of phony book. full of lies. a lot of push back here. >> kristen, thank you very much. if there's one thing people are talking about besides politics and weather. it's mega millions jackpot. grown to 445 million. and then tomorrow night saturday you'll have a chance to
8:05 am
drawings. why don't you add them up. you've got nearly a billen. shovel out a path no nearest lottery ticket machine. >> stay ohm. get warm. scratch those. two for the price of one. i think you're going to love them. first, this video comes from alberta canada. turns out these babies were all watching a movie together when there was an overwhelming sense of love that swept over them. they just kept hugging each other. >> my hormones can't take this. >> it went on and on. >> look at those babies. >> how about that. so we got some love there. check out a couple of adorable siblings from missouri. big brother john rocking his baby sister to sleep. at the doctor's office waiting for test results. big brother is going to look after that one for a long time. >> i mean. >> come on. >> this is pegging t
8:06 am
it's baby pa fever. beautiful. why justin timberlake is getting filthy in his new video. >> no pressure. hosting the golden globes for the first time. first look ahead to megyn kelly today. >> hi, this morning. the reporters who broke the hai harvey weinstein and bill o'reilly sexual harassment stories join us this morning. the new reports coming and when we can expect them. plus the go to recipes you need when you have a craving for italian, but don't want to reck your resolution to eat right. we'll have all that. first, these messages. and things they can't unsee. they see life. and they see love. every time they see you. maybe dogs can't see color. but what they see is so much more.
8:07 am
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8:12 am
welcome back. hollywood award season kicks in sunday night. >> talk to first time seth mires in a moment. joe in place on the red carpet. hi, joe. good morning. >> hi. good morning. they've already rolled out the red carpet here. come sunday, this place will be packed with stars. this year brings a new host. also brings questions about how hollywood will handle a series of scandals. >> the golden globes have a certain reputation. >> do good evening peers and regular people. >> as unpredictable show. >> already the teleprompter is down. >> that doesn't take itself too seriously. >> so the nominees of five of the most tainted men. >> talented. >> it's talented. >> not all fun and games this year. many stars plan to wear black to protest sexual harassment and assault in an industry rocked by
8:13 am
>> we've got a lot to talk about. >> a challenge for seth meyers hosting the globes for the first time. as for the actual awards, the shape of water which put as fairy tail spin on a monitor movie leads all for nominations. along with the post. >> i want to go where culture is. >> the battle for top comedy hits the coming of age tale lady bird against the scary social satire, get out. >> do you have the papers? >> not yet. >> in the acting category, several contenders have won before. like 31 time nominee meryl streep. tom hanks, denzel washington. daniel day louis and christopher plumber who could be rewarded for replacing kevin spacey at the last possible moment in all the money in the world. first time nominees include 22-year-old timothy and veteran
8:14 am
churchill. >> you cannot raise him with a tiger. >> the globes do love newcomers, especially on tv. the hands maid tail, march loea >> many predict you'll here these words a lot. big little lies. also the award of the globes equivalent of the lifetime achievement award will go to oprah winfrey. >> he is the host of late night. now seth meyers is adding to hosting duties this weekend at the 75th golden globe awards. seth, hello. >> hi. how are you. >> how are you feeling
8:15 am
>> it's a cool thing to be asked to host. you've hosted the emmys. you've hosted the espys. where does the golden globes fall on the list of cool things. >> i think it's one of the cooler shows, one, it's the first of the award season. two, people are drinking. that's helpful. >> it combines movie and tv. that part is really neat as well. and yeah. i've been in the audience for it before. i've been backstage for it before. it's the most fun i've had in an award show. >> this is a weird year. to put it mildly. given everything in hollywood and around the country with all the sexual harassment stuff, what do do you as a host of one of hollywood's biggest nights to acknowledge it, but not make everything about it. >> i think the same way we handle late night. you have a conversation with your writing staff. you talk about how the strike the right tone. we definitely aren't going to
8:16 am
you just try to figure out how to address it in a way. you don't want to distract from the great things that happened in hollywood either this year. hopefully we find a balance. times like these, i think make it more exciting to watch shows like this. >> they do. >> i think they do. >> in that look, if it was just talking about how great movies and tv shows are, there are probably better hosts than me. hopefully i can bring a unique skill set to this. >> if you're going to call friends, other writers to say hey, what do you think. who are your top three. >> i'm in this great situation with i'm friends with two of the people who i think hosted the globes better than anyone, amy and tina. i think when we get in script nail down, the first people we will e-mail to are them to see where their taste lie on it. >> they'll be like, seth, i don't think so. or seth,
8:17 am
go got to go forward. they're both swingers. big hitters. >> big hitters. we'll cut out swingers. the sorry the world found out this way, but. >> so you're life in addition to the globes. which is super cool thing. your life is family's expanding. you've got. i heard there's news you have another baby on the way. >> little boy coming. >> my favorite was when you decided to call your mom and tell her the news and she revealed how that went down. she said you were a crier. >> she knew we were having a baby. telling my mom it was a boy. my mom is a mother of two boys and yeah. i got emotional. i get emotional all the time. wasn't that big of a deal. >> what does it for you now these days. >> kids. anything about kids. i'm a mess. and my wife is all business. so i'm just making life a lot harder for
8:18 am
>> so you're the sappy one. >> i can't believe it. this is the first time he had three diapers changed in an hour. >> dude, change him. >> when is this little one due. >> in the spring. >> yes. >> we're happy for you and your fame. >> thank you. >> we're excited about you hosting the globes. >> thank you. you can catch the 75th golden globes award this sunday. weeknights at 12:35. let's head over to savannah. >> thank you. got a get a check of the weather. all pink on this map. we're talking frost and freeze warnings down south. talking about windchill advisories for 139 million people. 11 million down south. for those freeze warnings. look at windchills anywhere from 5 below to 18 below. make our way to the east, the same kind of thing. look how far south this goes. talking about windchills of zero
8:19 am
washington, d.c. 6 below and sunday the coldest air of the season. windchill of 10 below in philly. 23 in providence. feel like 34 degrees below zero and make our way out there, we're going to continue to see all that cold air. sunny and mild out in the southwest. that's what is going on around the country. look, hoda is coming back in. what are you doing back there? >> hiding. >> that's always what i would tell people to do during my forecast. that's what's going on around the country. here's your neck of the woods. morning. storm team 4. right here at home in the washington area. it is so cold outside. temperatures now only hovering in the low teens. windchills down at or below zero in many spots. so extra layers required today. afternoon highs likely to stay below 20 degrees. mid to upper teens for highs today. everyone bit as cold again
8:20 am
sunday. and a little chance of wintery mix on your monday. we're watching that for you. and that's your latest weather. hoda? okay. hiding behind the robes anymore? >> time to trend. we're going to take a look at what's trending on twitter this morning. useless trivia i know. filthy. and game of thrones. another story trending online. we have a question. who loves seafood at the table. there's fresh seafood and really, really fresh seafood. so check this out. restaurant. it's a new restaurant called zao where you can actually fish for your own dinner. you fish. >> like with bait. >> you fish from a tank inside the restaurant. you can get the catch of the day. and then the chef will prepare that for your meal. >> you have to catch it. >> then they prepare it. this is a big deal in japan. now trying it over here in new york.
8:21 am
fishing deal, is that the best condition for the fish? i'm not sure. >> probably not. >> charlie the tuna. >> i feel bad. >> would you -- i'm like. i like to see -- this is terrible. i was telling you, i like the filet of fish at mcdonald's that's square and you don't know it's real fish. i don't like the fancy restaurant. the whole guy is there. you know he had hopes and dreams. they're filleting him. i don't want to know. >> i don't want to see him alive before he's on my plate. >> swimming with all his friends. then you come along. >> farm to table is a big trend. that's going far. >> could you imagine if they brought out a you. >> here's your bow and arrow. the pigs are in the back. >> this is in new york. >> not jet. it's in japan. coming to new york. >> not much different than a lobster in the tank. >> and rubber bands. >> i know. i know. >> all right. so
8:22 am
i would try it. >> let's get to that. you say filth trending there on twitter. justin timberlake released a single overnight. man of the woods. called filthy. channelling inner steve jobs in the video introduces a robot who captivates the crowd with his awesome dance moves. >> baby don't you mind. if i do ♪ >> it's exactly what you like ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> man of the woods going to be released. you can turn into super bowl 52 right here on nbc. >> robot of the woods.
8:23 am
we're going to move on to serena williams announced thursday she's withdrawing in australian open. has not played an official match since she won it last year when she was two months pregnant. incredible story that was. she of course in september welcomed her daughter alexis and since returned to the practice court. she shared the statement on snapchat that reads in part, i realized although i'm super close, i'm not where i personally want to be. my coach and team always said only go to tournaments when you're prepared to go all the way. winners coming game of throne fans know what i'm talking about. not until 2019. eighth and final season will not premier until next year. fans have suspected this for a while. the season will also be its shortest. only six episodes long. some actors hinted the episodes may be longer. we'll have to sit tight for that. here's your daily click. if you're a brave bmx ri
8:24 am
here he is at a skate park. going to go don in the pool and try to stick the landing. watch the video. trying to go over the fence. >> how are you. >> oh, my. he lands right on top of the fans. what is that? how lucky are you. >> he's so lucky. no injury whatsoever. >> that could have been so bad. >> all the comments on this video it's just you're so lucky. >> there you go. get ready to be blown away. latest deal of the day. >> cute dress too. >> italian feast your family will love. they won't even know howl healthy it is. first, check of your local news, weather, and these messages. at.
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning. 8:26. i'm aaron gilchrist. just into the newsroom. francis c hammen middle school is going to be closed today because of a heating issue. amtrak is operating on modified schedule between the district and boston. there will be fewer express and northeast regional trains. training between washington and norfolk are canceled today again. so is the auto train from virginia south to florida. we'll have a check on your forecast when we come back. stay with us.
8:27 am
8:28 am
northwest wind aren't an issue right now. unaround 20-25 miles an hour by later in the afternoon. so current temperatures are hovering in the low
8:29 am
the mid to upper teens. even colder tomorrow. some small recover coming up on sunday. >> chuck, thank you. of course you can get the latest news and weather any time in the nbc washington app. the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea. ♪ ♪ start the car! start the car!
8:30 am
wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea. 8:30 now on friday morning. it is the fifth of january. 2018. let me tell you, it is so cold out here. we have to get in. it's real cold. 11 degrees right now. the real feel is 4 below. >> so cold i saw a lawyer with his hands in his own pockets. >> oh. she wanted us to wear leg warmers. we did. just a day late. >> ankle warmers. >> both from savannah's personal collection. >> these are actually my leg warmers. i bought them in. >> those are a little wicked witch of
8:31 am
>> boeetle juice. >> we heard the temperature dropped ten degrees. i'm looking for somebody who has been married for ten years. wait a minute. lisa and dan. hi guy, where are you from. >> memphis, tennessee. >> you decided to celebrate with us today. >> absolutely. >> thank you for coming to celebrate. happy anniversary. you want to say hi to somebody back home. >> tell our boys conner and cooper, mom and dad love you. see you in a few days. love you guys. happy anniversary. >> happy anniversary. >> conner and cooper throwing a rager. >> just ahead. who is going to represent team usa at the glamour event of the winter olympics. figure skating. competition to find out is underway. new stars could be emerging. we'll be there live. and jill marten is back with another new steal and deal to help with your
8:32 am
resolutions. >> and speaking of resolutions, how do you make an italian dinner that won't weigh you down. youtube star is here with a delicious and lighter take on a classic dish. and mrs. megan, other than that awesome joke at the top, what do you have for us today. >> first of all, ridding your life of toxic people. sometimes you form a friendship you don't realize it's gone bad until months later. why do i feel so unhappy when i'm around this person. talk about toxic friendships and how to end them. the two reporters who broke the harvey weinstein and bill o'reilly scandal join me life to talk about what is coming next. >> what's coming in the weather. you got to tell us. starting your day with a weekend on saturday. record lows in the northeast. lake effect snow for the grate lakes. look for mountains snow. sunday, sunday, we are looking at record lows again. brutally cold in the northeast and new england. we've
8:33 am
south and into the gulf coast. icy conditions in the upper ohio and mississippi river valleys and snow moves into the western plains. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. good morning. we may be down to record low temperatures in the washington area as well. these are the records for the next couple of mornings. saturday 2 and sunday 5. so we'll be close to record lows particularly on sunday morning. with the wind laying down saturday night. that will allow sunday morning to be the coldest of the bunch. ten-day forecast. frigid through the weekend. little chance of wintery weather on monday. then a little milder late next week. get that weather any time you need it. check out the weather channel on cable. no sunday night football, but it's because we've got it on saturday night. that's right. oh, you want to stay inside in the warmth of your tv. it's a wild card saturday. la memorial
8:34 am
falcons fly into the rams. partly cloudy and warm. 66 degrees they'll be butting heads. who wins? you do because it's wild card saturday. 7:30. falcons/rams. nbc be there. carson? that falcon noise was terrifying. now to deal of the day. contributor jill marten with us. a bargain you're going to do this. a deal, every single day for the entire month. things to help you stick to new year's resolution. >> this is a chance to dance at back through the new years. the headphones. retail $69.99. these are the inear headphones. they're noise isolating. and they have if you can zoom in right here, interlocking design and that will prevent tangling. we all go through that.
8:35 am
for a perfect fit. they won't fall out. >> how is the sound. are you used them. >> the sound is great. great for travel. retail $69.99. deal $30. that is 57% off. all the details are on >> i lose these all the time. for this deal you could get two for the price of one. in case you lose it. sounds good. >> find this and all of the bargains at opening ceremony of the winter olympics is just five short weeks away. things are really heating up for team usa and hopefuls. >> that's right. this weekend we learn who is going to represent the u.s. in fan favorite figure skating and natalie is in san jose california at the u.s. figure skating championships. getting a jump on everything. >> i'm practicing my triple ale as we speak. the competition already underway. the competition already fierce with a new generation of skating stars being born. 19-year-old brady is the one to
8:36 am
she turned into the highest short program score ever at this event, putting pressure on skaters like ashley wagner to prove she has what it takes to make it on this olympic team. >> get ready for triple axles, jumps and impressive throws. the best of the best compete in san jose california to prove why they deserve to be on the u.s. olympic team. >> what a moment for ashley. >> looking to make olympic return. 26-year-old ashley wagner. 2014 bronze medalist and three time u.s. champion has faced tough questions over commitment to the support. now alonging to pyeongchang with renewed focus and the pressure is on. >> we're all perfectionists and figure skating, more than anything else, you're going for the most perfect moment and that doesn't always happen. >> wagner will have stiff competition and her stunning triple axle. after making the
8:37 am
2010, now 24, was passed over four years ago in favor of wagner. despite a strong finish at the u.s. nationals. that controversial decision dashing her dreams of competing in sochi. this year, she's hoping to come roaring back. >> karen chin, takes the ice. >> it won't be easy. karen chin is the reigning u.s. champion and known for difficult jumps and strong placements. >> and newcomer, brady is shaking up the competition. bursting on the scene. by delivering the best performance of her career this week. as for the men, nathan chen is the clear favorite. >> oh, my goodness. triple toe. >> 18-year-old utah nay tive stunned the skating world. becoming the first skater ever to land five quads in a single program. his
8:38 am
raising the bar. high hopes after suffering serious set backs, including a broken foot looast year. at 27 struggled to win a spot on the olympic team. this year coming strong. >> barring the catastrophe, brother and sister ice dancing team, are likely headed for their second olympic fames. the two time u.s. champions are now metal favorites. >> we've been working really hard over the past three years. i think we've taken skating to another level. >> what did you do to take it to another level. >> grown a lot as people and managed to find a way to bring that to the ice. >> these just some of the biggest names to watch this weekend as the countdown to pyeongchang rolls on. >> and guys, this weekend the u.s. oc will anno
8:39 am
women, three men and three ice dancing teams and just one pair to represent america for that pair look for alexa and chris, the husband and wife dynamic o duo. >> can you imagine the nerves? all leading up to this. their olympic moment. >> thank you. >> by the way, big moment. >> yes. they're on line for the women tonight. you can catch full coverage 8:00 p.m. eastern. i believe on nbc. >> yes. >> and tomorrow night 8:00 on nbc sports network if you want to catch it. coming up next, would you believe what one minute could be all it takes to improve your life. true meaning of mindfulness. first, this is today on nbc.
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8:41 am
♪ this morning on o is this morning on serious start. friends and family. a look at what it means to be mindful and simple ways to do more of it in your daily li
8:42 am
maria shooifr here with more on that. i admire so much about you. this is one of the things especially. >> this didn't come early. came later in life. good morning so good to be here. seems to be increasingly difficult for a lot of us to hit the pause button. in 2017 the well-being was on the decline for the first time in three years. if you're one of those people, what can you do. some people believe mindfulness or being mindful is a crucial part of daily self care. that's as important as exercise and eating well. >> in 2018, mindfulness is going. millions of americans of all ages are practicing mindfulness. to improve their health and well-being. you've heard the buzzing wellness word before.
8:43 am
of mindfulness, but what exactly is mindfulness. and why should we give it a try? >> most of us are walking around with judgements and criticisms and worries. mindfulness is using focused attention to calm the mind. and to be aware of the present mu moment just as it is. >> practicing mindfulness can help you feel more connected to yourself and others. allowing you to find clarity in the chaos of every day life. >> you don't have to sit and meditate to practice mindfulness. you can do it while you're walking from your car to your office. from your car to the store. maybe it's three deep breaths or maybe a minute of silence. just as a way of landing, letting all the clutter begin to settle in your mind. i'll take my cup of tea, my morning tea and spend a minute with that feeling the warmth of the cup. smelling the tea. tasting it.
8:44 am
experience. it gives me a different sense of being connected. than if i were to just jump out of bed. go get in the shower and get in my car and leave. >> still unsure, turns out there are real health benefits to practicing mindfulness. >> with mindfulness training we see structural changes in the brain. >> research shows mindfulness improves the ability to handle stress and decreases inflammation in the body. some report better sleep, less anxiety and less depression. and it may even give your immune system a boost. most people think you need to turn off your devices to unplug, but mindfulness is getting a modern makeover with more than 1300 apps on the market. promising to help you on you were journey. >> apps like shine putting piece of mind at your fingertips with daily inspirational tips, mindful moments and uplifting
8:45 am
>> you are enough. focus on yourself when you look in the mirror. >> when you practice that kind of gratitude, you stave off depression. you feel like your life has meeting. >> boutique studios are popping up across the country. guiding groups of modern soul seekers through mindfulness classes. >> mindfulness is an exercise for our mind. doing an actual mind training for our mental health. we're becoming more aware of how we are. >> i think it's really mindfulness didn't come to me at an early age. i think the good thing is any age is the right age. how every morning i have a really specific practice of meditation. i read. that's sometimes it's a poem. sometimes it's a article on co-dependency and i try to meditate on that. that works for me. whatever works for you is a good way tost
8:46 am
>> what you said worked for you once one day you went on a listening tour and soaking things in. there are so many things. little things we can do every day that can help. >> just help us go through our day better and how we relate to people. >> we love you maria. >> we'll be back after this. but first, this is today on nbc. your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with small victories like giant's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 1,300 items. eat well for less. only at my giant.
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"what if" more of the came from renewable resources? "what if" the electric grid could detect, fix and even prevent power outages? "what if" our grid were less vulnerable and more secure? "what if" all these "what if"s became a reality? well, they are. at dominion energy, we're completely transforming our power grid and the way we think of energy... move from "what if" to "what's next." dominion energy.
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we're back with "today back with food this morning. dinner done light. if you set a new year's resolution to cook delicious, but also healthy meals for your family this year, we've got a recipe just for you. laura. host of insanely popular youtube channel laura in the kitchen. you wanted to taste dlirks yet you owe your family this year yet keep it nice and light.
8:49 am
plain broccoli and grilled chicken. this is broccoli and chicken done right. flavorful to the max. easy and so good. you're going to lover it. it's heavily bred and cooked in butter. wanted to scale thing down a bit. this is better than the traditional. >> there's your ingredients right there. what did i say was almond. >> ground almonds. this is almond meal. basically pinched almonds that have been pulverized. >> can you buy this pull have aized. >> absolutely. i would never make it myself. create a little bit of grind in here. act like the bredding, but without tasting sweet or nutty. just taste absolutely delicious and gives you just right amount of coating so the sauce can adhere and not slip off. i've got some chicken breast. >> you can buy them already like
8:50 am
myself. come best friends with the butcher they do it for you. you want to set them aside for a few minutes. the almond meal and mixture can adhere. i have here a little bit of bouter and oil. not a lot. tablespoon of each. >> what's the key ingredient to keep it healthy and not be boring. >> to use good ingredients. olive oils. nuts. healthy fats. >> garlic. >> citrus. parsley. a lot of flavorful stuff that doesn't add fat and calories. >> i like a little extra parmespardon me i'm going to cook this a couple of minutes on each side to brown it. >> so thin. >> you probably could because they're so thin. traditionally using a six ounce chicken breast. once the pan comes out. you've got all this beautiful
8:51 am
pant. >> the chicken is in the oech. >> oven. >> make a sauce out of the pan. did you want matter. going to make -- that's all good stuff. extra flavor from the chicken juice dripping. you've got wine. you can use stock if you don't want to use wine. >> would you like cheese in there too t. why not. it's all going to work out fine. the chicken is lufovely. >> look at this gorgeousness. just as flavorful. if not more than traditional. >> hoda, al. >> that's terrific. >> really is. >> flavorful. really good. >> what's the perfect side for this. i love brocolini.
8:52 am
two minutes. give them the crunch and color. >> look how green those are. >> i know. looks like that. >> i love it. i make it at least once a week. >> do you know the relationship. >> what's that? >> i don't know. i thought you knew. >> i thought it was a joke. >> distant cousin out in california. >> it's the baby broccoli. baby brother. putting a little oil. garlic. start with the oil cold before you add garlic. infuses oil. have the beautiful flavor throughout the entire thing. not just the garlic'ses. i like a good pinch of. you put the broccoli here. once the garlic sizzles a few minutes. you try that. once it cooks in the garlic a few minutes. becomes lovely and
8:53 am
>> this whole thing was really ten minutes between the chicken. couple minutes down. finish it. five minutes for the broccoli. no one is going to tell me healthy food can't be fast. easy on the wallet. and beautiful to look at it. so good. >> you lost no flavor anywhere making it this way. >> the key is to make it without coating so the sauce doesn't just run after the chicken. >> look at our plates. we're done. >> light and delicious in the new year. if you want the full recipe, go to we're back in a moment. first, this is today on nbc.
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8:55 am
welcome back. savannah headed home a little early to start the weekend. to craig melvin. you're getting ready for the weekend. a lot of this record breaking cold we're talking
8:56 am
down with one of the hottest couples around. curry. how they handle it all and a busy family life as well. then on sunday today going to sit down with golden globe nominee. star talks about fifth nomination how he handles life as a single dad. >> it's going to be a great weekend. you guys are going to golden globes. megyn kelly is up next. first your local news. this is a news 4 today news break. 8:56 is your time now on this friday, january 5, 2018. good morning to you. let's check on your commute. what's going on melissa. >> reporter: good morning. still happens in northwest near the kennedy center. 27th street. lane closures because of water main break and icy conditions.
8:57 am
the center of the road. getting slow there. nice light volume almost everywhere this morning with kids going into school late or perhaps not at all. broken down vehicle branch avenue. >> we'll check the forecast when we come back. stay with us. tone of the most pristine and beautiful parts -- of the world. but barbara comstock just voted to put it up for sale. why? to pay for tax cuts for billionaires and big corporations. comstock supported donald trump's tax scheme for the wealthy, adding $1.5 trillion to the debt and leaving us with the bill. tell barbara comstock we won't stand for selling our wild lands
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning, everybody. windy and cold outside. windchills are still below zero right now. across much of the area. they'll be not much in the way of a warmup for afternoon highs. barely making the upper teens both today and tomorrow. lows down into the single numbers the next couple of mornings. >> too cold for me. thank you. get the latest news and weather any time in the nbc washington app. have a great day.
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[ applause ] good morning, everyone. hi, everybody. thank you so much for being here. i'm megyn kelly. the golden globes are this sunday. will you be watching? yeah. i'm going to be watching, too. this is the first time the biggest stars are going to come together in one place since hollywood was shaken to its core by the string of allegations of sexual harassment and sexual misconduct. some very famous faces will be missing this year because of that. and we are learning this morning the #metoo movement is far from over. more reporting is coming. from the journalists responsible for breaking some of the biggest stories so far. watch. harvey weinstein, bill o'reilly,


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