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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  January 7, 2018 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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now through january 10th. ikea. tonight former white house chief strategist steve bannon pulls back from prurp's son after facing harsh criticism himself from the president and his staff. many in hollywood taking a stand tonight using the golden globings to make a powerful atement about sexual misconduct. as the opioid epidemic greatens, plans to get off. a royal wedding, a controversial proposal to remove some people from the neighborhood. and the triemts and crushing defeat as american figure skaters find out who will be going for gold at next month's ol
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this is nbc nightly news with kate snow. good evening. the 25th amendment to the u.s. constitution lays out a process for removing the president from office if he is, quote, unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office. today, the author of a provocative new book about the trump administration told chuck todd he spoke to white house officials who routinely referred to the 25th amendment in conversations around the west wing. the president today again dismissing that book as his former top advisor steve bannon changed his tune and seemed to apologize for helping the author. we get the latest from kelly o'donnell at the white house. >> reporter: brutal cold on the president's return from camp david today. while a biting wind blew across twitter as the president blasted again. i have to put up with a fake book, written by a totally discredited author, adding, ronald reagan had the same problem and
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will i. on "meet the press," that author, michael wolff made a striking assertion that officials regularly discussed constitutional procedures to remove a president. >> 25th amendment, they would bring up the 25th amendment? >> yes, the 25th amendment is a concept that is alive every day in the white house. >> reporter: the book's fallout and mr. trump's response has made addressing the president's mental fit anis central question. cia director mike pompeo. >> i'm with the president nearly every day, we engage in complex conversations about some of the most weighty matters facing the world. >> reporter: a more blunt assessment from lindsey graham. >> i don't think he's crazy. i think he's had a very successful 2017. >> reporter: ousted trump advisor steve bannon gave the author insider white house access, wolff writes that bannon accused the president's son of treasonous conduct for a trump tower meeting with a russian lawyer.
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white house as dysfunctional in part, in large part, because it was being run by the president's family. >> reporter: but today, after the president cast him aside, bannon backed out with an indirect apology. i regret that my delay in responding to the inaccurate reporting regarding don jr. has diverted attention from the president's historical accomplishments. today wolff defended his journalistic methods and his alarming par trat of the president. >> this book is not about my view of donald trump. it is about the view of all of the people closest to him. >> reporter: the president has insisted he did not give the author an interview for the book. michael wolff says he had face to face interactions with the president but concedes that mr. trump may have not considered those an actual interview. the president heads to tennessee tomorrow to address a farm-related convention, putting him back
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audience and back in rural america. kate. >> kelly o'donnell at the white house tonight, kelly, thank you. in los angeles tonight, the golden globe awards will have a different edge with hollywood confronting the issue of sexual misconduct in it's ranks and beyond. for some, the preferred color on the red carpet will reflect their concern, steve patterson has more tonight. >> it's known as hollywood's biggest party. the awards show fueled by fun and more than a little bit of booze, but this year, expect a different tone starting on the red carpet. >> it'll be a very different awards show in my opinion. >> reporter: the me too movement is morph into time's up. high powered stars formed to fight sexual misconduct across the country after the scandal swept through hollywood. tonight they're encouraging supporters to wear all black. >> it'll be interesting to see how people react on the red carpet, how it's addressed by the host, seth myers, how the winners and the presenters
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>> i'm hosting this year's golden globes and we've got a lot to talk about. >> reporter: myers says he'll be walking a very fine line. >> this is a different year and we're very aware of that going into it. we to want make sure it's not so serious to the point that it isn't a celebration. >> i have never been more vulnerable -- >> reporter: but the elephant in the room, sexual harassment, audiences will see christopher plumber nominated for his role in all the money in the last minute replacing kevin spacey embroiled in his own scandals, also a concern, security. months after the las vegas mass shooting, new measures in place. metal detectors, more barricades, and police patrols. the first big celebration in a new era for tensile town with millions tuning in, it's a heavy load for hollywood's lightest show. so the expectation is that some of these acceptance speeches tonight will address this scandal, but the time's
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raising awareness, it's also about raising money. more than $15 million for a legal defense fund raised so far. kate. >> steve patterson out there, we'll check in with al roker live on the red carpet later as well. thank you. the blistering cold wave that's kept the east in it's grips may finally be easing tonight, but not before dozens of new record lows were recorded in the last 24 hours. >> my bags might be subject to water damage. >> reporter: this after a weekend of travel nightmares. flights canalled, planes delayed for hours, and now passengers scouring aisles of piled bags
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luggage. >> trying to get my bags for like three days. it's crazy. >> reporter: the bitter chill not loosening it's grip just yet. in the midwest, cars sliding off the road due to freezing rain in springfield, missouri. while officials in chicago had to shut down an entire street as icicles dangled dangerously from a city high-rise. in boston, firefighters working around the clock, battling flames with icy equipment. >> the weather conditions have certainly complicated the problem. >> reporter: still, some took the freeze in stride. philly's finest enjoying the snow steps away from a frozen river. that wasn't enough to burst their bubble. tonight is the coldest night ever recorded in jfk airport's history at six degrees. there were power outages and hundreds ever flights delayed. this as
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pipe, kate. >> morgan, put that hood up, would you? morgan, thank you. while the east coast will finally get relief from the frigid cold, there's more rough weather ahead. dylan driver with us with what's ahead, dylan. >> that system will continue to move through the midwest overnight and then through monday where lake effect snow will kick back in, heavy rain falls down in from the gulf coast. most of the snow that we'll see will be in the form of lake effect snow, just north of syracuse, we could see up to eight inches of snow, about four to six in eerie, pennsylvania, because it's a quick-moving clipper system. finally expanding warmth. chicago should get 45 degrees to wednesday and man, it's going to feel good in
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near 60 degrees, kate. >> dylan driver, thank you. at camp david this weekend, president trump said dealing with the opioid drug crisis is one of his top priorities calling it a difficult situation. more than 250 million prescriptions are written for opioid painkillers each year, and it's part of what's fuelling that epidemic, but now a new approach to getting people off those painkillers is having some success. they're called, deprescribing clinics. a place to teach people how to cope with their pain without medication. our medical correspondent dr. john torres went to california to see one of them. >> reporter: marty desperately wanted to get off methadone. she was prescribed it for chronic pain after cancer treatments, but couldn't quit on her own. >> after a day and a half i was was in withdrawal, nose running, in pain. i couldn't do it. >> reporter: but then she met kelly garretty
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a way out. >> i said is it possible to get off them? and she said, well, i did. >> breathing in. >> reporter: they both got help. patients work with doctors to stop taking addictive medications. more importantly they work together on coping techniques. there's meditation, physical therapy, even walking as a group. this is a community, this is what it's all about. >> yeah. this is what really helps us to move into managing our pain. >> reporter: taking opioids rewires the brain so patients can't manage pain on their own and become dependent. but doctors have discovered that working together as a group actually helps to retrain the brain. >> our goal ultimately is to retrain the nervous system and open new pathways that will allow them to better manage their pain. >> repr:
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long-term data yet, but so far, emergency room visits physiotherapy participants are down 80%. doctors visits are down 20% as they learn to deal with their pain without drugs. >> today, we're going to go back -- >> reporter: something kelly wasn't able to do until she came here more than two years ago. dependent on opioids for back pain. >> you're isolated, me pressed, lonely. zplr she attends sessions daily as both the patient and mentor. both women are now off opioids completely. >> i'm enjoying life versus just struggling to survive. >> it's opened up the possibilities of many things that i did before that i was convinced that i could never do g again. >> reporter: thanks to the friendship and support, living life drug-free. dr. john torres, nbc news, santa clara, california. a disaster at sea tonight after a tanker carrying iranian oil collided with a chinese freighter and caught fire off china's east coast. the chinese governmen
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crew members on the tanker we are missing, most of them iranians, the ship was sailing from iran to south korea with just under one million barrels of oil. officials said the crew of the chinese ship was rescued. and in the south pacific, a long dormant island volcano in new guinea has come to life forcing the evacuation of the 500 people who live on that island. at this point, the volcano is spewing ash, but there are concerns the eruption could become explosive. there is no confirmed record of that volcano ever having erupted before. with just one month to go before the winter olympics in pyeongchang, south korea, this was a big weekend for team usa. one of the highlights of the games, of course, will be figure skating, and we now know who many of the americans competing will be. including some fresh faces. here's joe frier. >> reporter: it's only fitting brady skated to a medially from
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cinderella. her own fairy tale is coming true. a long shot two months ago, the 19-year-old is u.s. champion and heading to her first olympics. which one's a bigger deal for you? >> definitely the olympics. i've been dreaming about it since i was a little girl. i can't put it into words how happy i am right now. >> reporter: in a stunning turn, she won't be joined by ashley wagner a 2014 olympian who finished fourth this weekend and was visibly upset with the judge's scores. >> i'm furious. >> reporter: she tweeted, as an athlete, i'm allowed to be mad, adding, congrats to the lovely ladies of the team, you've got me in your cheering squad now. that team includes karen chen and mariah, redemption after she was left off the sochi team despite a top three finish the nationals. >> beautiful, triple flip, triple toe. >> it made me a stronger person. i wouldn't be here today if that hadn't happened to me. >> reporter: nathan chen who dazzled with his five soaring quads, another beautiful thought is mak h
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for the olympics. >> my team is to be standing on top of the podium at the olympics. >> reporter: he's an early gold medal favorite. >> you have nathan chen that's the face of skating going into this olympics. >> reporter: also olympic bound for the first time, vinson joe and adam rapon, elected despite finishing fourth. >> i'm incredibly grateful for this opportunity and like, so relieved. >> reporter: in pairs, alexa and chris, a married duo are looking forward to their first opening ceremony. >> i feel like it's going to be the most magical moment of our lives. after our wedding day. >> reporter: for these skaters, childhood dreams once etched in ice will now become a reality. joe frier, nbc news, san jose, california. >> still looking forward to that. still ahead tonight, a controversy involving planning for the upcoming royal wedding. calls to remove some people who live near windsor
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about in fairy tales. >> i'm not here by choice, i don't want to be on the streets. >> reporter: but when prince harry, an american actress megan markell parade through windsor for their wedding this spring, some worry the royal spotlight will shine brightly on poverty hiding in the shadow of queen elizabeth's castle. a local leader asked police to remove the homeless, saying, sadly, there's an epidemic in windsor. it sparked outrage, now 80,000 have signed a digital position demanding police leave them alone. >> i think it is unfortunate that we counsel's work hard to ensure that they are providing accommodation to feed the homeless. >> no comment but the royals have a history. a prince exposing the paupers just outside the castle walls.
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gillette - the best a man can get. . as we noted at the top, this is a big night for hollywood wearing all black to demonstrate their concern about the issue of sexual misconduct in hollywood. let's check in with al roker, he's out on the red carpet at the befr i had hills, hey al. >> hey kate, good evening and we are a perfect sky, we've got right now there's james franco who is nominated for the disaster artist and all of these folks are here
6:52 pm
but, you know, there is a more serious part to this event tonight, time's up, #metoo. a number of the actresses have brought activists with them right now. michelle williams, emma watson, susan, and james franco joins us now. >> hey brother. >> and my brother. >> and your brother. >> so making a movie about perhaps the worst movie ever, it's either genius or somebody -- somebody thought you were crazy. >> i think a lot of people thought we were crazy including the producer seth rogen, oh, this is crazy, but, i just thought, you know, as weird as this story is, it has so much heart and that if we did it right, that would come across. that it would be a bizarre film, but at the same time, it would be a very universal film. >> well, everybody's just clambering about it. and we hope off great time in there. >> thanks, brother. >> nice to meet you. and again, a lot of women bringing the stars bringing activists with them. as their
6:53 pm
it's a dual purpose. kate, it's celebration, but it's also about activism and the two are really going together really well, hand in hand, it's a real celebratory feel on this carpet, kate. >> all right al roker out there live. thanks so much, al. in case you missed it, a truly amazing play this weekend as the tennessee titans battled the kansas city chiefs. marcus mariota thought he saw someone open in the end zone, but when he threw the pass, it was deflected into the air and he was there to catch itten none other than mary owe that himself catching his own pass, plunging into the end zone, the titans went on to win it 22-21, and move on in the playoffs. amazing. when we come back, an unusual program that tames wild horses and gives the men the great emperor penguin migration. trekking a hundred miles inland to their breeding grounds. except for these two fellows. this time next year, we're gonna be sitting on an egg.
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finally tonight, there are tens of thousands of horses running wild in this country, and in colorado, there's an unusual program to tame some of them. as harry smith reports, it's not only about the horses. >> reporter: by the looks of this spread, someone's put together quite a ranch. a big outfit up in the colorado rockies near canyon city. inside the pens and corrals are wild horses that were literally running free out on the open range. here, they are gently turned into working stock. >> if i can control those back hips, i can control the horse. >> reporter: taylor is the trainer. but he sure is no cowboy. what's it like to be able to work out here with the horses every day? >> better than anything you
6:57 pm
prison to find this, but i'm super grateful that i do. >> reporter: you heard that right, taylor is a criminal, a prisoner of the state of colorado. prison industries here run a program based on the notion that if you can teach a man how to tame an animal like a wild horse, the man himself learns a lot more than a trade. what's the most important thing you think you've learned out here? >> reporter: patience. there is nothing that'll teach you more patience than working a horse. you can't just jump to a conclusion, be mad, it's a horse, it feeds off your energy. >> reporter: but if you can take the reigns of your own emotions, the horse will do just about whatever you want it to. >> i've been training now about ten months. i've learned more about responsibility than in my entire life. >> reporter: used to be that to train a horse, you had to break him. there is often something broken in the men who find themselves in prison. >> how many times you been incarcerated? >> oh a handful. >> rep
6:58 pm
thinks learning to handle horses has taught him how to handle himself. >> you have to have perseverance to deal with your troubles. you have all the elements you have in the community. stress factors, it teaches you thousand act as opposed to react like we have in our past. >> reporter: i sure hope this works for you. >> i think i've got a right this time, i really do. >> reporter: harry smith, nbc news, canyon city, colorado. >> great story to end with. that is nbc nightly news on a sunday night. lester holt will be back in tomorrow. i'm kate snow, for all of us here at nbc news, have a great night.
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..... live from the beverly hilton in beverly hill hads, the "2018 golden globe arrival special." ♪ and welcome to nbc's "golden globe arrival special." i'm carson daly. >> fun to be with you. >> we're in beverly hills. this event does kick off hollywood's award season and a good opportunity to see some of the biggest stars and celebrate their


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