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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  January 8, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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glazed. chocolate cake. those are my favorites. in case anybody was wondering. stay with us. your favorite is blueberry. this i know. >> news 4 continues now at 5:00 a.m. >> news 4 begins now with storm team 4. >> one punch, two punch, three punches. we are once again in weather alert mode. getting home could be tricky. >> that does sound painful. >> paying for your pain. >> why metro is considering giving riders cold hard cash. >> a new day is on the horizon. >> it's a rousing speech that had people on their feet. the powerful message from oprah that has everyone talking today. >> when oprah speaks, people listen. do you see the things she delivers. >> she's a performer.
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i'm eun yang. we're going to get to more about the golden globes. we'll talk more about the crazy weather. >> because of a system headed our way, it could cause problems tonight. we'll get to that in a second, as well as water main breaks. >> the temperatures causing school delays and closings. >> marlton elementary school will be closed because the heating isn't working. in virginia, spotsylvania, page and shenandoah county schools closed. jefferson county schools in west virginia are also closed. as for the delays, fredericksburg city and stafford county schools will open two hours late. right now, let's turn to meteorologist chuck bell for a look at the forecast this morning. 20 degrees right now outside the studios. >> it feels nowhere near as cold as it was. dulles and bwi set record low temperatures. bwi marshall fell to plus one yesterday morning.
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national airport, the record was 5 and we only made it to 8 degrees. so with the cold air in place, the ground is frozen solid. have a winter weather advisory from 1:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. today. here's why. that little wave of moisture back out to our west as it tries to come in here. the cloud cover moves in first and steals out a warmup. any bit of light rain that comes down is likely to freeze on contact. even as late as 6:00, when the radar shows mostly rain, any cold surface will be able to support a little bit in the way of ice in it. this comes to an end after 9:00 or 10:00 this evening. it is not going to be a warm day to be outside today. we're only in the upper teens to 20 now. we'll struggle mightily today to get up to maybe 32 or 3 degrees. but, again, just because we're above freezing doesn't mean we can't still have ice on the han
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for more on all the traffic troubles that you deal with this morning, let's go to melissa. >> good morning. breaking news in first 4 traffic. take a look at this problem here. this is what we've been talking about where justin finch is live for us as well. we're talking about the college -- takoma park area here. take a look at the map. we'll show you a live picture here in a second. east-west highway, east of new hampshire avenue, traffic blocked in the area. montgomery to pg or prince george's county. northbound bw parkway, right shoulder blocked. back to another water main break. this one in northwest. 34th at porter street. icy conditions reported there this morning. problems still hanging around on 95 in virginia. northbound after stafford, left side blocked by the crash. beltway looking good, aaron? >> melissa, thank
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it's 5:04. more on that water main break that she mentioned. justin finch has more on the water main break. >> reporter: that's right. the work going on for several hours. behind me, you can see the backhoes are out. the lights here are on as there's continuous work going on to repair this water main just behind us. take a look here, east-west highway between redhawk road and new hampshire avenue. seeing blockages right now. two lanes are open clearly going westbound. one lane on the eastbound side as crews continue to work in the area. complicating issues out here, of course, the cold. lots of ice on the roads. they will find themselves encountering that. you want to slow down. several crews working right now to restore and repair these water main breaks. now, as well, here, we
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juncture between prince george's and montgomery county. a major route for many people traveling in both directions. as you approach this stretch between red top road and new hampshire avenue, you may encounter this repair work going on behind us. we are live in takoma park. back into the studio. >> justin, thank you. now 5:05. developing news out of new york. >> chris lawrence at the live desk. >> we've been talking about the water main breaks. this time, a terminal flooded. take a look at this. the new york port authority is launching an investigation after a pipe broke sunday and flooded one of the terminals. this mess just adds to the weather-related chaos. they're still dealing with the delays from last week's winter storm when they had to close the airports. we
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30-minute delays. all of this after a weekend when two planes collided on a tarmac and a man was arrested at jfk with a stolen gun. it's six minutes after 5:00 now. this cold weather is causing a lot of problems at howard university. >> the school postponed classes for more than a week. the cold caused steam pipes to burst filling two classroom buildings in douglas hall and the annex with moisture. ceiling tiles had to be ripped out of and giant hoses installed to vac ul out of moisture to prevent mold. the cold also caused problems for the campus's boiler system. they don't have consistent heat in the buildings. >> the most comfortable setting our students will have is in their home. >> it gives us an extra week to get ourselves together. >> classes are expected to reshum january 16th. you can learn the latest on weather alerts and school
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washington app. a disturbing find inside a car in silver spring. police got a call last night after somebody spotted a body in a vehicle. that car was found on thayer avenue not far from dale drive. right now the man's name has not been released but police do not suspect foul play. more details on the missing man with dementia. he may have been picked up last tuesday by a driver as he walked along route 1. officers believe that driver dropped dehaven off in gam brels in anne arundel county. he was last seen at a costco store in beltsville. they're asking search parties to meet at the beltsville fire department at 11:00 this morning. starting today, metro riders are not allowed to carry negative balances on their smart trip cards. one way to avoid a negative balance is to sign up with the auto reload system that adds money w
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below $10. metro says unresolved negative balances through the years added up to $25 million in lost revenue. there could be another change coming for metro riders. >> this one involves putting money back into their pockets. news 4's transportation reporter adam tuss live at the greenbelt metro station. adam, you broke the story when it happened. what could this mean for riders? how is it going to work? >> reporter: imagine this, eun. you're more than 15 minutes late and metro gives you a credit back on to your smart trip card or on to your pass for the entire cost of the trip. that is what the transit agency is proposing to do. they're going to present this at the board of director on thursday. they're going to vote on it. metro riders dealt with crowded stations, there have been many trips delayed over the years. that's been an issue. this is a signal from the transit agency, a t
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transit agency and give them confidence in the fact that they're going to get where they need to go on time. the caveat here is what does on-time really mean. that's what metro will have to define. do you wait at the platform for a couple of minutes. how long does it take to get from the fare gate to the train. take a look at what they're talking about here. a full credit back on your smart trip card if you're more than 15 minutes late. a way to win back riders to the system. metro is doing this because they really have confidence in their system. that's what they're putting forward this morning, guys. >> adam, do you know if there will be a cap on the refunds. a lot of passengers would say, this would be every other day for me, to get credit on my card? >> reporter: at this point, the general manager has to define things. he's working on details. theoretically, you could get a refund every time you are more than 15 minutes late.
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be day after day. we'll have to see how the general manager defines the terms. that's coming up at a board meeting this week. >> adam tuss live for us. it's one of hollywood's biggest nights. the golden globe awards aired on nbc. one of the biggest, oprah winfrey's speech after receiving the lifetime achievement award. take a listen. >> so i want all the girls watching here now to know that a new day is on the horizon. and when that new day finally daw dawns, it will be because of a lot of magnificent women -- >> oprah, as you can imagine, quickly became a trending topic on
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should run for president. it wasn't oprah who walked -- not just oprah who walked away with hardware. >> some of the biggest names were honored. gary oldman and frances mcdormand won. james franco and seer shah ronan won. this is us was honored with a win for sterling k. brown, best actor in a drama series. >> yea. >> big winners of the night. coco for best animated film. >> i saw it with the kids. >> lady bird -- >> i forced him to see it with the family. >> lady bird scored a win for best musical or comedy and three billboards outside ebbing, missouri, took home the top prize for best drama. almost all of the attendees wore black as a way to bring attention to the me too movement which has brought down several major hollywood figures.
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able to end abuse and sexual harassment, but i think that people now will be -- there will be repercussions for that kind of behavior. people will be held accountable for it. >> that was allison janney who won for her role in i, tonya. >> seth myers, the host, getting high marks because he didn't shy away from cracking a few jokes at the expense of the men implicated in the scandals. >> kevin spacey and harvey weinstein. neither were at the show last night. fairfax county schools are closed today. that's because they're concerned apparently, chuck, about the weather coming this afternoon. they don't want to start because of how rough it could be this afternoon. >> an abundance of caution sometimes never a bad thing. afternoon highs today, as you can see here, on the forecast map will strugge.
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>> school closings and delays keep coming in. all the closings at the bottom of your screen. there's wet stuff headed our way. that can make it a tough time getting home. chuck bell is pinpointing the timing of the wintry mix headed our way fl we'll check back in with him in a few minutes. developing this morning, the punches keep coming for travelers at new york's jfk airport. >> one of the terminals is flooded. nbc's katherine creag is live with more on the impact for flights. katherine, what's going on? >> reporter: eun and aaron, good morning to you. a rough morning, though, for passengers here at kennedy airport. some of those travelers are telling us that inside this terminal and this is terminal 4 international terminal. inside it's a still a bit wet on the floor from the water pipe break from yesterday. 2:00 in the afternoon. let's show you video. it really was such a mess with
5:17 am
around 2:00 in the afternoon, a pipe feeding the terminal's sprinkler system broke. workers dealt with flooding all around in the arrivals and customs inspection areas. utility crews then had to cut off power as a safety precaution, so it was dark for a while and add the to the frustration for travelers dealing with flight cancellations and delays from the storm. baggage claim was backed up. a traveler estimated 500 pieces of luggage had been piled up in one area. the baggage situation is a little bit better now. one woman was telling us that she had to wait for five hours for her baggage. that was after getting her flight situated after a flight was canceled. then she arrived here. but then had to wait five hours for her baggage. >> tough times for those passengers. hope they get that cleaned up soon. katherine creag live in new york for us. thanks so much. 5:17. we have a few more school
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loudoun county and frederick county in virginia decided to close schools today. two ships collided in a fiery wreckage over the weekend. >> this is still very much a developing situation. it happened saturday. take a look at the footage of the aftermath there. look at all that black smoke and the flames there. a u.s. navy plane joined up with south korean search and rescue crews looking for survivors. most on board were iranian. it was on the way to south korea. president trump heads to nashville today to speak at the american farm bureau convention. this will be the president's first major policy address since the passage of the republican tax plan. he'll call for a boost to world prosperity, this after a weekend spent at camp david where the president continues to play defense following the release
5:19 am
the book "fire and fury" which put him in a public feud with steve bannon. 3, 2, 1. ignition. liftoff. >> there you have it. a spacex rocket made a successful trip out of atmosphere last night. it was the first launch for the private rocket company for 2018. it took off at 8:00 and was carrying secret government satellite. northrup grumman made the satellite. they won't say which agency it was made for. we can't know anything. >> it's a secret satellite. we know it's there. >> you don't know where it is or what it's looking for or what it's doing. >> secret satellites for the national park service. >> not everyone thought they had to bundle up for the cold this weekend. >> some people stripped down, believe it or not. >> i don't understand this nonsense. >> it's the annual no pants metro ride. dozens of riders took off their
5:20 am
this ride is a protest or part -- it's not a part of a protest or any agenda. it's fun and silly in some cases. they do this all around the world on the same day. >> fun and silly. >> chuck? >> if you say so. >> i'm not a meteorologist or anything, but i would not recommend leaving your pants at home today. >> no. we never recommended it yesterday either. >> or any day for that matter. we've got school districts in virginia closing. fairfax went the extra mile and they're worried about having buses on the road when you're calling for icy roads. it doesn't take that much freezing rain, even a little glaze sometimes. in addition to making the roads slippery, watch out. if it looks wet later on today, assume that it's ice. don't think the handrails will save you. they may be as coated as the stairs themselves. outside, it's almost mostly cloudy morning
5:21 am
very cold yet again. 20 degrees. 23 for a high yesterday. this is the best thing. winds turned back around to the south. any breeze at all with temperatures that low, feels-like factors are in the high single numbers and teens. actual air temperatures, 15 in manassas now. 21 leesburg. 16 in martinsburg. what to wear today? winter parka, insulated gloves, wool hat, thick socks and pack that small 'em umbrella as well for later on. winter weather advisory for all the shaded counties. that goes from 1:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. so not expecting trouble before noon. as early as noon in the shenandoah valley, we could have a little sleet there and a chance for sleet and/or freezing rain inside the d.c. metro area starting as early as maybe 3:00. but towards 4:00 for sure. highs today, again, just at or above the freezing mark. but, again, the
5:22 am
the ground is frozen. here's the moisture back out to the west. mostly light snow in pennsylvania and ohio. but this again as it comes east and gets into this slightly warmer air. that is the reason for at least a chance anyway. nothing happening this morning. any of that could be a light glazing of freezing rain during the afternoon. if you need just a little bit milder weather, we get that tomorrow and wednesday. a lot milder mid to upper 50s thursday, friday and saturday. that does come with a rain chance. so maybe finally get all the road salt washed off the roads. my car is a mess. >> so is mine. it's going to be that way for quite some time. breaking news right now in first 4 traffic. the ice, the cold causing problems all over the place with the water main breaks. this is in takoma park. east-west highway near new hampshire avenue where justin finch is this morning. right now, eastbound lanes still blocked. one westbound lane has just
5:23 am
and then. >> northbound bw parkway before 202, right shoulder blocked by the crash there. still northbound 95, left side blocked there. beltway, not so bad. aaron. >> melissa, thank you. it sounded like something out of a futuristic movie much the new product amazon is expected to unveil at the consumer electronics show this week. >> join us for the ellen degeneres show. she welcomes debra
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alexandria may be home to a taco bell cantina. the company will file a request to build a restaurant on king street right across the street from where the city council meets. the restaurant would have chalupas and cheesy gore dit as and tv sets and alcohol. taco be
5:27 am
area last year but it didn't go through. >> i've never had one of those or a chalupa. >> neither have i. the gadgets in your house in the next five years will be seen for the first time at the consumer electronics show. >> more than 4,000 companies will be in vegas to show off 8k tvs and self-driving cars and will also likely to see big advances in virtual assistants. amazon will be showing off glasses to go along with alexa. that's the voice inside the amazon speakers. >> the company hasn't announced when they'll go on sale, but we expect they'll cost about $1,000. soon alexa will be running our lives. >> i don't trust her. beach drive bummer. when drivers can finally expect to use a shortcut in their commute again the votes are in, but the decision may not be final just
5:28 am
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more. you're doing great. [laugher] you look amazing. the egg white grill. so you can bring on the day. water woes. water main breaks plaguing the city. the intersections to avoid and the biggest break already causing trouble for your commute. >> free rides on metro. the proposal you heard first on news 4. why metro is making a bold new offer and how you can take
5:31 am
advantage of it. countdown to the winter games. just one month away from the pyeongchang olympics. the leaders emerging on team usa. good morning. we have school closings coming in including fairfax. the winter weather advisory that kicks in just in time for your afternoon commute. this could be tricky. >> it may have you changing your plans today. a look at what you can expect from storm team 4. sniem >> yes, indeed. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. skies are becoming increasingly cloudy. it remains bitterly cold. 20 degrees right now in washington with a windchill of 10 above. temperatures in the outlying suburbs,
5:32 am
gaithersburg. 18 at dulles airport. dulles was down at 1 below zero for a record low temperature yesterday morning. with temperatures having been so cold for so long, even with a little hint of a warmup today, temperatures gradually getting up to just about the freezing mark. maybe 1 or 2 ticks over it. the problem is the moisture back to the west. anything that falls will absolutely stick to the ground. there's warmer air aloft. it could fall as rain which then freezes on contact. keep that in mind. already a few snowflakes to the west of winchester. if you see a snowflake or sleet pellet here, send it to me at chuck bell 4. otherwise, the winter weather advisory goes from 1:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. today. be weather ready. >> breaking news, i will, chuck bell. breaking news in first 4 traffic. we're talking about takoma park. east-west highway near new
5:33 am
here's what exactly is closed. east-west highway after new hampshire, we have the eastbound lanes shut down. one westbound lane is open, though, at this point this morning. northbound 95 after 630, stafford, is cleared. also northbound, bw parkway before 202. right shoulder blocked by the crash. have a tow truck on the scene. you can see we're looking pretty good here on bw parkway. beltway, no major problems into town, out of town. rolling along nicely. travel times coming up. melissa, thank you. it's 5:33. these cold temperatures once again causing school delays and closings. we learned that barnhart elementary school in charles county, maryland, is -- is it closed, april? >> closed. >> more to tell you about. prince george's county, marlton elementary school is closed. spotsylvania, schenn dougha fairfax, loudoun and
5:34 am
closed. jefferson county schools in west virginia closed as well. fredericksburg city and stafford county schools will open two hours late. here are the other top stories we're following this morning. it's something we've been talking about nonstop since the temperatures dropped. water main breaks. melissa just mentioned this one. this is on east-west highway at new hampshire. this is a live look. crews still have work to do there. that road will likely be shut down during the remainder of the morning rush. >> new details in the search for a missing maryland man with dementia. prince george's county police say 65-year-old daniel dehaven may have been picked up by a driver as he walked along route 1. officers believe he was dropped off on annapolis road in anne arundel county. he was last seen at a costco store in beltsville. today the teenager accused of murdering a 15-year-old girl will appear in court.
5:35 am
charged with the murder. >> investigators say she was a member of the ms-13 gang and this was a revenge killing. you may remember news 4 cameras were there when she was reunited with her mother after being reported missing. prosecutors say she took part in the brutal murder and stabbing of the victim 13 times and slicing off a tattoo. today, nationals analyst ray knight will be back in court. he was arrested back in october for assault and battery. back then he admitted that he was involved in a fight with friends at his apartment. he'll be in the courtroom today. you can look for updates in the nbc washington app. a high-end d.c. jewelry store has been rockbbed for the second time in weeks. somebody hurled a rock through the window. the burglar smashed three display cases. the owner says there will be changes at the store after the latest
5:36 am
>> just cross your fingers when you go home at night and everything is locked up. but i think a gate is coming soon. >> the owner says this could be the same burglar who hit the store a few days before christmas. there is surveillance video of the break-in and police may be releasing that soon. if you drive into d.c., you might need to wait a bit longer to use beach drive again. a stretch of that road was po supposed to reopen today. each stretch has been closed for construction since august. it will reopen by monday. we'll let you know when they announce the opening. a change for metro. the important deadline to know about and one thing you want to do before you get to the metro station this morning. >> plus, excitement is building for the winter olympics. one month until the caldron is burning in pyeongchang, south korea.
5:37 am
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tone of the most pristine and beautiful parts -- of the world. but barbara comstock just voted to put it up for sale. why? to pay for tax cuts for billionaires and big corporations. comstock supported donald trump's tax scheme for the wealthy, adding $1.5 trillion to the debt and leaving us with the bill. tell barbara comstock we won't stand for selling our wild lands
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one month until the opening ceremonies and the hackers appear to be targeting the winter olympics in south korea. several organizations associated with the olympi
5:40 am
e-mails that say they're from the counterterrorism center. investigators don't know who is sending e-mails right now. representatives from north and south korea are set to sit down for talks tomorrow ahead of next month's olympic games. we now know who will represent the u.s. in one of the most popular olympic sports to watch. figure skating. in ice dance, reigning national champions, maia and alex shibutani. on the ladies' side, an upset for alexandria native ashley wagner. she did not make the team after competing in sochi. she came in fourth place. wagner was upstaged by bradie tennell who won the championship. >> which one is a bigger deal for you? >> the winter olympics. i've been dreaming about it since i was a little girl. i can't put into words how happy i am right now. >> nathan chen continued his undefeated season by win
5:41 am
championship. he's only 17. just stellar. he's a favorite to win gold in pyeongchang as well. very exciting, aaron. >> the unexpected winter wonderland popping up and when we can eventually see the thaw. the thaw probably not going to do much good today. the forecast's daily grade today, putting a check mark next to unsatisfactory. a lot of districts are delayed or closing. here's your nbc washington app or follow the closings on the bottom of your screen. kid, one more day to get that history paper written. high today only 34, melissa. it is chilly out there for sure. causing problems on the roadways. east-west highway near new hampshire avenue, a partial
5:42 am
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>> rallying cry. oprah's shining moment. the golden globe speech that has people sharing it on social media. tired of delays on metro? how about a free ride to ease your pain? the cash back offer you heard first only on news 4. >> unfortunately, no cash back offer if you don't like the weather forecast. here's a little good news towards the weekend. temperatures will have moderated. saturday on the showery side. cold air comes back on your sunday. i'll give you your ten-day coming up. i'm following breaking news in boston. we've been showing you all the water main breaks in our area. take a look at what's happening in downtown boston. this road is literally become a
5:46 am
this is in the heart of downtown boston near city hall and the old statehouse. crews have been on the scene for the last 45 minutes trying to repair this water main break. they're telling people, this is going to last well through the morning. just nightmare scenario in boston. they were at negative 9 the other day. and boston just tied a record for 20 below zero for seven straight days. look, they're getting it just as bad as we are. eun, back to you. >> chris lawrence, thank you so much. rough there and a rough start for the week of 2018 for president trump and his administration is trying to look forward. >> this while steve bannon issues an apology for comments he made in a new book which ig nighted a feud between him and the white house. tracie potts is here with more. >> bannon says that donald trump jr. who he criticized as treasonness in the book, he now says he's a patriot and good man that the
5:47 am
were directed at paul manafort also in that meeting and campaign chair at the time. he is also talking about the president, saying that he's unwavering support for president trump and for his agenda. very different than what he talked about in the book. >> tracie potts on the hill for us this morning. tracie, thank you. it's 5:47. this weekend, virginia voters appealed a federal judge's decision denying their request for a new election. the result of this appeal could determine which party controls the house of delegates. the lawsuit says 147 people received the wrong ballots for the 28th district in the stafford county area. republican bob thomas won the election. the gop holds a 51-49 edge in virginia's house. there could be yet another change coming for metro riders. >> it would involve putting money back into their
5:48 am
this was a story first on news 4. adam tuss live at the greenbelt metro station with more on what riders might expect here. adam? >> reporter: good morning, aaron. this is a huge change for metro. think about this. you're more than 15 minutes late and they are now willing to give you a full credit back on your smart trip card or a credit on whatever pass you're using. a massive change for the transit agency. this is a plan that's going to be unveiled at a board meeting this morning. if it gets full approval, it could take effect by the end of the month. so many people have been stuck in med metro delays over and over again. that's something that the transit agency is starting to figure needs to be adjusted and there needs to be something given back to the riders. metro is down 100,000 trips per week day for riders on the rail system. the general manager is starting to realize that he needs to do something to win those riders back. what does this all mean?
5:49 am
minutes late, he'll get a credit on your smart trip card. this is about winning riders back to the system and the transit agency believes it has confidence now to do this. to make this adjustment, because trains and buses are running on time according to them. the one thing we'll have to watch, guys, what defines on time. what defines 15 minutes? is it the amount of time on the platform. the general manager has to set those parameters. this is still a massive change that the transit agency is talking about. back to you. >> adam, i'm curious too about what triggers this refund? will people have to ask for the money back or is it automatic somehow? >> the smart trip is pretty advanced, aaron. they can tell what station you tapped into and what station you capped out of, the time you got in and out. it will be a credit that goes right back. but, we'll have to define that late
5:50 am
could that be something like your trip is 25 minutes late. metro has to define what that is to make sure riders understand when they'll be getting that refund back. one thing we should say, metro thinks this is a small percentage of people that are actually 15 minutes late most of of the time. a very, very small percentage. but we'll see. >> adam tuss. live for us this morning on the metro changes. big deal, adam. thank you. i want to turn to chicago now. show you images here. broken sprinkler system started a leak that turned into all this ice on a fire escape. look at that. the water streamed outside and down the metal stairs until the frigid air turned it into a spectacular ice show here all the way down the building. police were afraid of falling ice hurting people walking by. so they had to shut down the street below. it's 5:50. we want to mention that clark county schools in virginia are closed. hampshire county schools in west virginia,
5:51 am
ridge elementary school in bowie closed as well. we're seeing more closings and delays because of weather. not happening right now but the potential is because of the afternoon when school lets out. >> we've been stuck in arctic air for a long time. our longest stretch of cold weather, 35 degrees or below, our longest stretch since 1961. >> of course you know this. >> he remembers it well. >> that's rude. >> mr. gilchrist, that is six years before my personal entrance into the world in knowing of all things since then. >> he knew everything as soon as he came into the world. >> starting right then. but before then, i'm having to read up on it. >> 20 degrees in washington. just a little bit of a breeze. it's out of the south. it's a big improvement for sure. although the wind dhils are down in the single numbers to 10 degrees. there's the moisture we're
5:52 am
this isn't going to be a big event, the problem is, we're so cold and the ground is so frozen solid, that anything that falls will stick. it may come down as a little sleet or snow first. some light snow showers up near martinsburg and winchester. up into the mountains of west virginia. winter weather advisory for all the shaded counties. basically everywhere north of prince william county, prince george's county, points north of the mason-dixon line. only places not affected are across southern maryland. here's your weather. a dry morning. clouds coming in very quickly. full overcast by noon. that's problem number one. because it will really slow down any ability to get above the freezing marng. even though it's showing rain here, it may be falling on to frozen surfaces. that's the reason for the concern here. starting as early as late morning to lunchtime. again, the
5:53 am
rain here. it doesn't take into the fact that the ground is so cold. all this will be coming to an end probably not that long after 7:00 or 8:00 this evening. here's the ten-day. today may be the last weather alert day for a while. then into the 40s tuesday and wednesday and dry weather. then rain and 50s thursday, friday and saturday. let's go back to melissa mollet. >> good morning. breaking news here in first 4 traffic. take a look at this. we're talking about takoma park. a main route from montgomery county to prince george's county and vice versa for a lot of people in the morning. east-west highway near new hampshire avenue partially closed here. eastbound lane shut down there. one westbound lane is open because of this water main break and the repairs under way. northbound 28 here in centreville at 66. crash there in the left lane this morning. inner loop at telegraph road, a crash on the shoulders. not really slowing things too much there. as far as your travel time,
5:54 am
top of the beltway, inner loop and outer loop. no big problems there. taking a look at virginia. 66, okay. 95 northbound from fairfax county parkway to the beltway, looking good on 66. quantico to the beltway is fine. so is 270. listen to wtop 102.5 fm when you hop in your car today. good morning. i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. two big investors in apple are trying to curb the growing addiction of smartphones in children. they sent a letter calling for apple to develop new tools to help parents control and limit smartphone use and to study the impact of overall use on mental health. i'm landon dowdy for this report. landon, thanks. it's a golden globe moment that is still trending this morning. oprah winfrey's speech aft
5:55 am
achievement award. >> chris lawrence joining us from the newsroom now. chris, what was it about the speech that seemed to get everybody talking. >> aaron, i think it was a rallying cry. not only for actors in america, but really women, anyone affected by the me too movement. a lot of piem began to wonder if oprah should run for president. take a listen. >> all right. wie don't have that clip. she's be commended for not only addressing the sexual harassment in the television and film industry but all aspects of society. at one point she referenced this isn't just about entertainment but about women who work in restaurants, factories, the engineers, nurses and soldiers who have been impacted by this as well. she made mention of women like her mother who worked hard and pushed through adversity. aaron, eun, back to you. >> all right, chris. thank you.
5:56 am
are you hoping this is the year you stick to your resolutions. we're working with you with ideas on how to stay fit. >> molette green will take us inside fitness facilities to show us the ropes. she's kicking things off at fab body factory in upper marlboro. molette, looks like a lot of activity at 5:56 in the morning, too. >> reporter: high energy already. this is for women'sly. this is women's only focused training here. we're into the second week of the new year and these women are committed to staying fit, getting fit. we have a woman in here who is five months pregnant. we have a woman who just survived cancer. finished up her treatment and is in the gym for the new year, 2018. we're going to talk about it all with master trainer deanna jefferson coming up throughout
5:57 am
you can stay fit. get fit in the new year. keeping your resolutions. >> that's a lot of cardio. my heart is racing fast watching. it looks good. next at 6:00, a top secret mission. a blast-off into space. a launch that the government doesn't want you to know about. plus, classes on hold. cold weather wreaking havoc at a local college campus. the reason some students are being told to stay away. >> reporter: crews in takoma park making repairs for hours. i'm justin finch. how it could impact your morning commute, straight ahead. mommy you're strong! aw, you bet i am! the egg white grill. so you can bring on the day.
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thanks for coming! congratulations! my first customer! the egg white grill. so you can bring on the day. to cause problems. how you can avoid the mess. >> lost in the cold, a possible break in the case of a missing man. the new lead that could help find a person with dementia. three billboards outside ebbing, missouri. >> golden globes. the morning after. host seth myers tackles the hollywood scandal and this morning the reviews are in. for the male nominees in the room, this is the first time in three months it won't be terrifying to hear your name read
6:00 am
so far the reviews are good, right? >> he did it. >> get more on the golden globes. but first, we have to begin with a storm team weather alert. we're preparing you for a winter advisory and a chance for freezing rain. temperatures all across the region as the brutal winter delivers another blow. we continue to see more water main breaks and we'll have more on that in first 4 traffic. first, chuck bell has a look at the timing of the next storm. it could be tricky for the afternoon rush, chuck. >> absolutely right. we're all dry this morning. but we're just freezing cold as we have been all weekend. temperatures are in the teens to 20 degrees now. we're in weather alert mode yet again. the reason this time, after lunchtime, a possibility of some freezing rain, sleet or snow. freezing rain being the main


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