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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  January 8, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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icy mainly on sidewalks. i have not seen a lot of reports say on trees, on cars. that is normally something we do see with events like this. so, we're dodging a little bit of a bullet so far. >> this is where you can help us. if you're watching right now and saying i see ice on my tree, take a picture, tweet us, share it on facebook. here in the metro area and south, we're talking about wet reds roads. that's because the temperatures are well above freezing. 35 degrees in the city. take a look. you see the rain, freezing rain, the sleet coming down across our region. even this says mixing with snow here, but i don't think that's the case. i think this is all falling as rain and then freezing on contact in some areas. down to the south, yes, it is all rain. you can see there is more moisture back to the west with this. so, we're not done just yet. and that's why this winter weather advisory is until 9:00 tonight. now, still below freezing, gaithersburg around the rockville area, fort belvoir, most other areas above freezing. so, that's some good news here. 34 in d.c., so we've come down a little bit. yes, we may all drop another couple degrees. if we go ow
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see some ice on area roads and sidewalks especially. so, we're going to have much more on this. we're going to take you hour by hour. something we haven't seen in close to three weeks, guys. we're going to like this one. >> boy, all right. >> might be flip-flop weather. lots of schools in our area decided to let the kids out early so they could get home safely. >> big changes today and perhaps tomorrow morning. news4's amee cho continues our team coverage now in aspen hill. she talked to parents and administrators about the day's tough call. hey, amee. >> reporter: hi, jim and wendy. it was tough because they had to make that call early in the morning when they still weren't sure what was going to happen. it's looking okay out here. it was sleeting a little bit on and off earlier. roads are looking good. we did see a lot of early school closures. as you can imagine that made for some very happy kids and their parents took the news in stride, too. as buses loaded up and kids headed home, one student had a
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very important question. >> is the weather really going to turn up really bad or is it going to be really big or is it going to be hailing really small? >> reporter: as it turned out, hailing like really small. parents still weathered the supposed storm really well. >> that's what you do as parents sometimes. >> i'm off on monday so wasn't that big of a deal for me. >> for safety it wasn't an inconvenience. i'd rather safety come first. i'd rather people stay off the roads. >> people make fun of washingtonians foreclosing up school early, but ice is tricky stuff. i support the close. >> reporter: surprise, surprise, school was right there with him ton that. >> i don't have to do much work. >> i feel good. i feel really good about it. i get the ipad. >> reporter: but for some serious students, there's no such thing as a day off. >> i think the closing is pretty cool. >> reporter: why is that? >> because we got to leave school early, work on homework more. >> reporter: now, she is certainly going places in life.
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sure download the nbc washington app to find the latest on school closings. live in aspen hill, amee cho, news4. >> amee, thank you. more than 100 water mains have broken in our area and crews are working to patch them up. a cracked main in by those da caused water to flow down the streets. homes in the area of ross moore drive at cheshire may experience low water pressure this evening. and a water main break has part of east/west highway at new hampshire avenue in takoma park shut down. wssc crews have been out there on the scene this morning. we'll let you know when all lanes reopen there. >> and this cold weather forced howard university to cancel classes until next week. some steam pipes ruptured in the frigid temps. filling some classrooms with moisture. the ceiling tiles were ripped out. giant hoses brought in to vacuum out the humidity. and the school's boiler system is also taking a beating so some buildings don't have consistent heat. classes are e
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january 16th. we're working for you to keep you updated on school closings and these delays. if you have the nbc washington app, make sure you allow push alerts so you can get real-time information. if you don't have the app, download it during the break and stay in the know with instant weather alerts. >> shame on you, donald trump. >> shame on you -- >> donald trump. >> shame on you. >> donald trump. >> now to those demonstrations outside the white house today, the trump administration is ending protections for certain immigrants. you can imagine the order is devastating for families it affects, 200,000 immigrants from el salvador. 30,000 of them live in the washington area. news4's meagan fitzgerald joins us with some local reaction tonight. megan? >> reporter: jim, a lot of these folks came here to this country back in 2001 when a series of devastating earthquakes struck parts of el salvador. so, imagine over the last
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decades, they set up their homes. they married, they've had kids, they've even purchased homes in this area. so, once that announcement was made this afternoon, a lot of folks came out here to the white house to make sure their voices were heard. >> congress, congress. >> fix it now. >> reporter: there wasn't a large crowd in front of the white house, but these men and women delivered a clear message to president trump and his administration. hours after their decision to end temporary protected status or t.p.s. which allowed more than 200,000 people from el salvador to live and work here legally. >> so, the decision that this president has made today, it's shameful. it's inhumane. >> reporter: back in 2001, a devastating earthquake struck el salvador, destroying infrastructure and leaving many without a home. so, their citizens were allowed to apply for temporary protected status in the u.s. one recipient is jose freddy
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i start to make tax and every year, so i've been doing that. and i think the way i help this country. >> reporter: for nearly two decades freddy has called montgomery county home. he works long hours doing construction work for a landscaping company. he married his wife here, and together they're raising their two young boys. >> we have two childs. one is 14 years old, the other one is 10. and i have a little town house because of my payment i can work legal in this country so i can make money. >> reporter: but in september of 2019, the program freddy and thousands of others count on will end. so, he's worried about what this means for his family, especially for his two young boys. >> i can't take them back to my country because there is no future in my country for them. >> reporter: now, organizers of this
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working with congress, lobbying congress to try and create a path to citizenship for these t.p.s. holders. the trump administration says they are willing to work with congress, but they insist that this program was only supposed to be temporary when it started. back to you. >> meagan fitzgerald, thank you, meagan. >> thanks, meagan. >> a closer look now at what the t.p.s. country. there are ten countries whose citizens are eligible for t.p.s. they're given that temporary status because of one of three reasons. there is an ongoing war or conflict in their country, there has been a natural disaster, or some other extraordinary condition there. t.p.s. is not a legal status, but it does allow holders to apply for a work permit and a driver's license. and that, in turn, allows them to open a bank account, rent an apartment, even buy a home. el salvador first gained t.p.s. status during that civil war that lasted from 1980 to
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it then received another designation after tud two devastating earthquakes occurred in 2001. this is the third country to lose its t.p.s. protections under the trump administration. 2,500 nicaragua were stripped of t.p.s. protection earlier this year. >> when you think of a car break in, you believe a window was smashed out because somebody spotted a bag or a phone. but in alexandria, an unusual kind of crime, thieves went into a secured garage and actually stole doors, even airbags from a handful of vehicles. sounds odd, but this isn't the first time we've seen this in our area. last month, we told you about similar crimes in both arlington and baltimore. news4's pat collins joins us now live in old town with a look at this latest case. pat? >> reporter: jim, in the list of low-life crimes,
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stilling from a poor box, taking candy from a baby, and then ripping off somebody's car door. saint asif square, a stylish condo complex in old town alexandria. this place is thought to be safe with a capital "s." well, until last weekend. >> this is very disturbing. i've lived here since the building became a condo. and so it's very, very upsetting to me. >> reporter: early friday morning, very early friday morning, a team of thieves began systematically stealing car doors from vehicles parked in, well, what they thought was a secure garage. these thieves took a driver-side door. then they took the door directly behind it. maybe they're
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in all, five car doors ripped off. what kind of person would steal somebody's car door? >> i think the world is filled with them now. >> reporter: really? >> i do. >> reporter: now, it wasn't just car doors. they also stole airbags from about eight cars. how did they get in? how did they get away? and what are the residents here going to do? what are you doing to protect your car? >> just cross my fingers. >> reporter: really? >> and keep it locked. >> reporter: keep that car locked up. you know, as smart as these thieves appear to be, they weren't that smart. they left a tell-tale clue inside that garage. more on that coming up at 6:00. jim, back to you. >> all right. pat collins. pretty ugly to see a car with no doors on it. best of luck to all those people. thank you.
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>> our bitter blast of cold air means a lot of ice on the local waters. still ahead, news4 takes a ride on the ice breaker boat that makes sure others don't get stuck around annapolis. >> plus, a guilty plea today from a teenage girl and an ms13 gang murder. the strong words from prosecutors in this case that was shocking in its brutality. >> some kids are prodigies at the violin, and some kids are prodigies at violence. this is a prodigy at violence. >> and some medical experts are calling it digital heroin. some major investors agree. their message to apple about the amount of time kids are spendin on theirg s
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back now at 5:15, storm team4 has issued a weather alert. the big story is the threat of freezing rain. the storm team4 4 by 4 driving through gaithersburg right now. doug and amelia will be joining us in less than two minutes to tell us what to expect tomorrow morning. >> a measure of justice tonight for a grieving family. exactly one year ago, after a 15-year-old gaithersburg girl was killed by ms13 gang members, the chief attacker, another teen girl, is pleading guilty. news4's julie carey and our partner telemundo are the only stations there as prosecutors play cell phone video that showed the girl's torture and death. >> reporter: it seemed a joyful
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a missing 17-year-old girl returned to her mom in her fairfax county home. >> i love you, mama. >> minutes later, though, she was arrested, charged along with nine others in the gruesome gang killing of another teen girl, dameras alexandre ray he is. one year later she plead the guilty. >> some kids are prodigies at the violin. some kids are prodigies at violence. this is a prodigy at violence. >> reporter: the cell phone video played in court. the video shows her surrounded by gang members at the park forced her to remove her shirt and shoes on the frigid day. she shivers violently as they interrogate her. she blamed reyes for luring her boyfriend another gang member to his death just days earlier. in a final deadly assault, she cut off reyes' tattoo, stabbed her 13 times, and delivered a message. >> she tortured her and then she to
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and make sure the victim understood what her full name was. that's just the level of cruelty that even i'm not used to after almost 35 years in this business. >> reporter: so far seven of the ten accused in the murder have pleaded or pled guilty. the commonwealth attorney hoping this prosecution helps halt the surge in ms13 violence. >> hard working people come here for the american dream. this gang is ruining for them. they're terrorizing people who are here working two, three jobs and we've got to stamp them out. >> just turned 18, she faces up to life in prison when she's sentenced in may. the commonwealth attorney says he'll be seeking a lengthy term. in fairfax county, i'm julie carey, news4. >> we could be just weeks away from a meeting between president trump and investigators with the russia investigation. according to the washington post which reports special counsel robert mueller's team could be interviewing the president on some limited questions, mr. trump has repeatedly denied any collusion between his campaign and russia.
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discussions for a potential meeting between the president and mueller's team. kristin welker looks at what's on the table. >> reporter: there are a number of options that are being considered, including whether the president would be interviewed by the special counselor his team directly. also, the time and duration, the legal considerations as well as the legal team considering a range of compromises, like submitting answers to written questions. all of this, according to three sources familiar with the matter. >> ahead on nbc nightly news, legal experts weigh in on the options and how the white house is responding. that's ahead at 7:00, just after news4 at 6:00. >> well, let's get an update on that weather and a tricky ride home for a lot of people out there, doug. >> yeah, guys, the good news is we have not seen a lot of ice on the main roads. this is not one of those situations where the city is shutting down because of ice. however, the secondary roads, sidewalks still an issue. >> yeah, people are weighing in
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it is especially areas north of town like frederick up around baltimore where we're hearing a lot of reports of icy sidewalks. >> let's take a look and show you what we're dealing without side. you see what's happening temperature wise, we're sitting in the 30s, 34 degrees at the airport. you see the cloudy skies continuing across the area now, seeing the rain move back into d.c. we are now seeing rain in the d.c./metro area. winds out of the south at 8 miles an hour, the wind really helping out as far as the temperatures to get them above freezing today for the first time really, only the second time this month we've been above freezing. here's the winter weather advisory until 9:00 tonight for everybody here in the purple. does not include parts of southern maryland or parts of the mountains here back towards west virginia because mountain temperatures here way up there. they're at 45 degrees now back into portions of west virginia. until 9:00, again, your evening commute may be a little difficult. wintry mix and seeing some freezing rain out there in spots as well. here's the mess. and you notice this says snow, but i'm sure this is coming down at some freezing rain or sleet in this area from baltimore over
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right on towards downtown. filling back in nicely here with rain, down to the south. but temperatures are still very, very close to that freezing mark. that's why we're continuing to see at least some issues. you can see what's happening with this. more moisture, watch it fill in the last couple of frames. we're going to see it the next couple of hours. and as the sun goes down, the temperatures are going to come down a little bit, too. we're now at 30 degrees in frederick, 32 in gaithersburg. this is the area we've been looking at all day long for the potential for that freezing rain and for that ice on some of the roadways. so, watch out anywhere across our area with the latest on that. let's toss it over to amelia because, amelia, travel could still be difficult. we haven't seen a lot of big problems here, but which may overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. >> people are saying there is so much salt on area roads, we can see this measured in feet and it would be melting. let's get you into your road forecast. it's roads have been treated right now, wet roads out there, especially all of the major areas, like the beltway, 66, 70, 270.
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neighborhood secondary roads, will be icy in spots especially if you're north and west of town and that will continue to be a concern early tomorrow morning. we're also hearing about a lot of sidewalks and driveways that have a thin sheet of ice on them. you want to be careful walking to and from your car probably more than anything tonight on into tomorrow morning. take a look at your road conditions. some slick spots out there tonight through tomorrow morning, but by tomorrow afternoon, it's dry and we're well above freezing. so, as the kids head out to school tomorrow morning, maybe a few delays. i think we'd be really surprised with any cancellations. they'll want the jacket, maybe the boots. once again, because of how much salt is out there. doug, we warm up tomorrow, talking about a pattern change finally. >> that pattern change we've all been waiting for 16 days now with our temperatures well below average. many of those in the single digits across the region. so, yes, the cold air has been here. the cold air sitting in place. that is going to change. cold air making its way back towards the west and warmer air moving up for a couple day
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temperatures will be about 15 degrees above average as we head towards the end of the week. let's take a look at that seven-day forecast for you, ten-day forecast. 42 degrees wednesday. 60 on friday. that comes with a good chance for some rain as we move into saturday and sunday. well, the colder air does return so a chance ever rain early on saturday and the colder air during the day on saturday with temperatures falling. sunday a high of 34, could see snow sunday. wouldn't amount to anything. also tracking another system in the middle of next week. so, lots to talk about, guys. another roller coaster, but at least this roller coaster heading in the right direction. i like 60. even though we're expecting a little bit of rain. >> we love that. >> i'm loving 44. i'll take anything above 39. okay. a message today as survivors of sex assault demonstrate outside the pentagon, the changes they're seeking as they add their voices to the "me too" movement. >> plus a search in the district after
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♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ all because of you ♪ ♪ all right. the good news, those single digit temperatures we've been dealing with, they're gone. but tonight commuters are having to put up with some sleet and the threat of freezing rain. a winter weather advisory is in effect until 9:00
5:25 pm
kammerer will break down the impact tonight's weather could have on schools tomorrow. that's coming right up. >> medical marijuana users in maryland may have to give up their right to buy and own a gun. that's according to the baltimore sun which reported on growing concerns for people who get medical cards. marijuana is illegal federally, and federal law prohibits drug users from owning guns. state police oversee gun ownership in maryland and asked potential buyers if they have a medical marijuana card. the sun reports that other states have informed medical card users they cannot purchase a gun and they're even told they need to surrender any weapons that they already have. >> here in the district, police had a different kind of pot problem to deal with. the police department posting on twitter asking if anyone lost 9 pounds of weed. well, somebody found it in a box left at the southwest arts club. they told police
5:26 pm
knew anything about it. but they later got a call from someone looking to pick up the box. an officer met with that caller, a 25-year-old leesburg man, and arrested him on felony charges. woops. i guess he didn't see twitter. >> he didn't see that coming. there's a buzz is rounding the golden globes a day after the awards show. it has nothing to do with best picture. >> so, i want all the girls watching here and now to know that a new day is on the horizon! [cheering and applauding] >> what oprah's stirring speech meant to some young girls who were watching last night. we're going to get their perspective. >> coming up on news4, what it takes to break the ice in annapolis. >> good shot. and live pictures from the storm team4 by 4 better known as the nation's capital. we're tracking this mixed bag of sleet, rain and freezing ra
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back now at 5:30, the entire area under a winter weather advisory until 9:00 tonight. >> and we continue to track the conditions on the roads right now. the storm team4 by 4 now approaching rockville.
5:30 pm
looking slick. doug kammerer is in the storm center. >> yeah, guys, so far so good on the main roads. we are seeing some fairly good news there. temperatures come up to around freezing, maybe a little above because of the recent salt on the roadways, most of the main roads okay. look at this. we have another round coming through of rain, sleet and freezing rain that is now trying to make its way on through here. so, heads up especially in our northwest zones we are getting reports of some ice in parts of the area. now, you can see what's happening as the storm system moves on through. watch it fill right back in here over the last hour or so and that is going to be the case. and temperatures are going to continue to come down a degree or two. down to gaithersburg 32 degrees there, 33 in rockville, 32 fort belvoir, and back towards dulles we are seeing some ice, but mostly, mostly on secondary roads, sidewalks, back decks, maybe some cars as well. main roads had been pretty good. actually really good throughout much of the evening commute today. much more on what to expect the rest of the night tonight. for tomorrow morning as well. i've got that forecast in just a minute. >>
5:31 pm
these frigid temperatures have not only frozen our pipes, but they've frozen our bodies of water. >> in maryland, parts of the annapolis harbor are an icy pond now. >> as news4's mark segraves shows us. the ice breakers have been called in. >> reporter: as the sun rose, captain jeff and his crew were preparing to free the harbor from the frozen grip of mother nature. captain lill has been working these waters for nearly 30 years. it's been three years since he's seen the ice this thick in the harbor. >> back in the day, we went through some ice that was 18 inches thick. >> reporter: on shore, steven grace has been working the docks for the past 25 years. the fishermen and the construction crews in this area depend on him for marine fuel. his business depends on boats being able to reach his dock. he says without the ice breaking
5:32 pm
other people would be out of work right now. >> and it would shut us down. some of the smaller vessels, you know, cannot approach the docks when they have this much ice in. they just can't break it. it's not safe. >> reporter: the department of natural resources operates four boats like this in our region, breaking the ice so that first responders like this coast guard crew can be there when they're needed. and commercial crews can keep doing their jobs. doug has spent the past 25 years on this boat. most of the year the crew tends to navigational bowies and debris in the water. he says this year the freeze came early and fast. >> everything froze so quick with this cold snap. it usually takes awhile for the bay to freeze over. it took two weeks for everything to happen where it usually takes a month or so. >> reporter: tomorrow morning they'll be back out here again. they expect this to refreeze overnight. in annapolis, mark segraves, news4.
5:33 pm
>> we are learning new details about the death of a teenager in bethesda last month. navid was found in a wooded area after a party on elgin lane. police now say a bottle of vodka found near the teen's body was purchased outside of montgomery county. they also say he had two fake i.d.s on him. police say he was at the party when police broke it up. he left. investigators also say that no charges will be filed against the owners of the home where the party was being held because the couple says they did not provide alcohol and they called parents once they figured out that alcohol was being served. >> dozens of military sexual assault survivors and their supporters are now lending their voices to the me too movement. with signs in hand reading, denial is not a policy. they demonstrated outside the pentagon today. they said sexual assault is pervasive in the armed forces and they want more co
5:34 pm
>> time's up. it's time for the military to take action. as p time for secretary of defense mattis to take action and to do more to help women who are currently victims of sexual assault and sexual harassment. >> the pentagon responded today to the demonstration encouraging military vi military victims to report it to improve the culture. wendy? >> the buzz following the golden globes has nothing to do with anyone's gown or performance on screen. oprah's inspirational speech is encouraging women and men to think about the future. >> fighting hard to make sure that they become the leaders who take us to the time when nobody ever has to say "me, too" again. [cheering and applauding] >> her words resonating immediately, the #oprah 2020 trending, as
5:35 pm
news4's kristin wright talking to young women who are paying very close attention to oprah's message. >> and it is not lost on me that at this moment there are some little girls watching as i become the first black woman to be given this same award. [cheering and applauding] >> reporter: oprah's inspiring words are echoing through the hallways of kip d.c. northeast d.c. academy. they watched the golden globes speech again hanging onto every word. >> i will actually remember her words because i feel like they are very empowering and like they guaranteed to give you the perseverance and the hope that you actually need to get through any situation. >> reporter: the students say oprah pushes them to go after their dreams. >> anybody can achieve anything, and that's who people fail to realize. >> oprah is a role model next to my mom. that's like a really high standard. >> repr
5:36 pm
knows about dreams. she says she's the first african-american woman with a black belt in jujitsu. this is what she wants her students to take away from oprah's speech. >> powerful, powerful. you are powerful. >> reporter: and as for calls for oprah to run for president, these girls are all for it. >> she would be more compassionate and be more understanding and give more opportunities. >> reporter: in the district, kristin wright, news4. >> so, asking you if oprah should run for president. there is a good mix of opinions. the most popular is no, she shouldn't. followed by, yes, i would vote for her. and the third most popular answer is, i don't care. >> metro ridership is falling, but the agency now has a new plan to win back your business and it includes putting money back in your pocket.
5:37 pm
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tone of the most pristine and beautiful parts -- of the world. but barbara comstock just voted to put it up for sale. why? to pay for tax cuts for billionaires and big corporations. comstock supported donald trump's tax scheme for the wealthy, adding $1.5 trillion to the debt and leaving us with the bill. tell barbara comstock we won't stand for selling our wild lands to give billionaires a tax cut.
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on storm team4 radar now continuing to track a wintry mix, mainly rain, freezing rain and sleet. area wide, most of us will be below freezing by tomorrow morning. so, what does this mean for the school outlook? i'll have that forecast coming up right around 5:45. >> all right, mel, thank you. police in prince george's county say they're making your neighborhood safer. murders are down. police tell us crime has been on a downward trend for several years now. except in one area.
5:40 pm
on that. >> reporter: violent crimes and murders are down in prince george's county. the latest numbers show there were 80 homicides in 2017. that's 18 fewer than in 2016. there was a 6.6% drop in violent crime and a 50% decline in violent crime over the last seven years. police chief. >> that's the product of men and women going out on the streets of prince george's county day in, day out, and working to prevent crime from happening in the first place. >> reporter: the numbers were announced at a press conference involving the chief, the sheriff, the state's attorney and the county executive. they say working together has been key to driving down the numbers. >> today is not mission accomplished. today is not to say that we have solved the issue of crime, but we have solved the issue of partnerships. >> reporter: they say violent crime has dropped every year for the last seven years in a row. >> it's a bit emotional for me. >> ror
5:41 pm
year as county executive, he says he is confident the numbers will continue to trend downward. >> how do we make sure what you see today is not an anomaly? this is seven years of work that is going to continue into 2018. >> reporter: one area that has increased theft on auto. residents frustrated when thieves steal tires and rims off their cars. there was a 14% increase in those types of crimes. but after an awareness campaign, the chief says there was a 4% drop by the end of the year. officials here also talked about combatting domestic violence. if you know someone who is being abused, go ahead and report it. hopefully authorities can intervene and prevent it from escalating. in palmer park, darcy spencer, news4. >> this week, metro's board will consider a proposal. it would put money back into your wallet if your train is late. the idea is if the train is more than 15 minutes late, metro automatically credits the cost of that ride to your smartp
5:42 pm
issue when it meets on thursday. this would only apply, however, during the weekday peak travel times. transit agency says since that safe track era ended, less than 1% of metro trips have been delayed 15 minutes or more. >> that's good. well, when it comes to kids, smartphones, how much is too much? the call to action for apple as concern grows about the impact of all that screen time. >> we're one month out from the olympic games. a look next at one of the newest attractions that is giving visitors,heck this out. c
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5:44 pm
a winter weather alert at 5:45, be careful if you are headed out this evening. some slick spots out there because we have a mix of sleet and some freezing ra
5:45 pm
storm team4 by 4 in bethesda. we are under a winter weather advisory until 9:00 this evening. >> and we're tracking the chance now for a refreeze overnight. doug joins us with that updated forecast. what are the chances for that? >> well, we're seeing that right now. temperatures that got into the mid 30s are not coming back down. now that we don't have the sun helping to melt some of that freezing rain coming down, i think we are going to start to see some more ice in parts of the area. so, i really want to make sure you watch out tonight. i'm getting a lot of reports of people driving home saying, hey, i'm fine driving home. once i got to my driveway, my driveway was coated in ice. a couple people have taken a little bit of a spill there. so, watch out there if you're making your way home or somebody is. make sure they know maybe the driveway not the best place to keep it parked today. especially if you're on a little bit of a hill, you have a driveway on a hill. i've got one of those. made sure my wife's car was off the hill before i left. 34 degrees right now. temperatures dropping to around freezing. wet roads at 9:00. notice even in the city we drop to arounhe
5:46 pm
right around the 10:00, 11:00 hour. it will be rather chilly. we could see a refreeze tonight. dulles 32, 32 in gaithersburg, 32 fort belvoir. these are areas we have seen problems. i've gotten a lot of reports towards leesburg, the ashburn area and sterling of a lot of ice there. more reports around montgomery village, olney and aspen hill have reported ice, too. we have a winter weather advisory for that exact reason. it is an ice event we are seeing now, although most of us have seen just plain rain today and that is some good news. evening commute wintry mix, some freezing rain likely, too. now, here it is coming through the area and we have actually seen it coming a little more, little bit harder in parts of the region. most of this is coming down as rain and then freezing on contact. some of the frozen surfaces, d.c. looking okay. as we move on through the rest of the night this comes in the next couple of hours. the temperatures go down. that's why we could see
5:47 pm
it all afternoon. amelia? >> i'll show you future temperatures. starting off tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m., this is when a lot of schools are making that decision, are we going to delay or not, what are the conditions looking like out there. take a look, you can see just about everybody is at or below freezing. so, that's why we're worried about a refreeze and some icy spots tomorrow morning. and like doug said, especially the sidewalks and driveways if they have not been treated. we're right at freezing in the district. 29 degrees in gaithersburg. at 8:00 a.m., temperatures still around that freezing mark. but look at what happens around 11:00 a.m., we're near 40 degrees. so, that's why i think a delay is probably the right way to go tomorrow versus a cancellation. i would be highly surprised based on the forecast. and speaking of that, here is your school forecast and this is just a forecast based on what we're hearing right now with conditions out there. i think delays, maybe some cancellations are looking likely. delays, that is, in areas of loudoun and fauquier counties, and areas around th
5:48 pm
counties in maryland that will see delays, montgomery, frederick, washington, howard, the baltimore area and up around carroll county. but again, this is just a forecast. by the tomorrow we're not worried about ice at all. talking about a big pattern change not just for tomorrow, but the rest of the workweek. >> that's right. a lot of us have been waiting for warmer weather. i enjoy cold weather every once in a while. but not 16 days like we've had. looking pretty good to get to 47 tomorrow with some sunshine. tomorrow afternoon quite nice after that freeze in the morning. 44 degrees on your wednesday. 55 thursday. thursday we start to see the clouds move in. maybe some rain thursday night into early on friday, a good chance of rain on friday early, and again late with a high of 60 ahead of our frontal boundary. behind the system, we drop, temperatures will actually be falling saturday from the 50s down into the 30s and 40s. we'll be 34 degrees next sunday. cold air moving back in, but a nice little warm up to end our workweek here. a little bit of rain on friday. >> all right,
5:49 pm
start the official count down. we are now just one month from the start of the winter olympics. and pyeongchang. and over the weekend we learned who will be leading team usa on the ice. bran difficu brandy tanel and karen chin. a surprise snub, ashley christiaan wagener who won bronze with the team in sochi, remember that? she did not make the cut. she will serve as an alternate in south korea. >> and news4's ann yang will be headed there. she goes to seoul in one of the newest attractions giving visitors an eagle eye view of the city. >> reporter: it is seoul like you've never seen. nearly 2000 feet up in the tallest building in south korea and the 5th tallest in the world. the views will take your breath away. the look day world tower is a 123-story sky scraper in
5:50 pm
capital city that wows locals and tourists alike. the top seven floors are open to the public for observation, giving visitors a panoramic look at the sprawling metropolis with buildings as far as the eye can see, and cars that look like toys. we're on the 118th floor of the look day world tower, the third highest observatory in the world. on a clear day, you can see 25 miles outside of seoul. from this vantage point you can see the density of seoul, a sea of tightly packed apartment complexes and high rises. nearly half the population of all of south korea live in seoul. that's 10 million people, which is more than new york city and about 15 times the population of washington, d.c. the look day world tower is considered the crown jewel of korean architecture. it opened in the spring after 13 years of planning and six years of construction. the project cost
5:51 pm
the country expects the winter olympics to attract more tourists and eventually draw 50 million visitors a year. one of the highlights of the observation deck is the unobstructed view of the han river. the city of seoul is divided by the han river north and south, the yin and yang of the city. the north is the older traditional part. and the south is the newer, more modern part of seoul. as you might expect, the look day world tower sits on the south side and that's where you'll find the trendy neighborhoods where a lot of people spend their money at shops and cafes. you'll still have to head north of the river to find the more traditional tourist destination. no matter which side you're on, seoul will look large as south korea is ready to host the winter olympics and for 17 thrilling days be on top of the world. an yang, news4. >> be sure to like and follow her on
5:52 pm
of the winter games. >> the lincoln memorial will be new and improved in eight months, workers begin repairing cracks to the upper and lower roofs of the monument last week. they are also cleaning water stains off the interior walls. now, repairs to the monument will be completed by late summer. you'll still be able to visit the memorial during this process. >> starting tomorrow, we get a look at the future of electronics in america. the annual consumer electronics show kicks off in vegas. more than 4,000 companies debuting upcoming products. experts say expect more smart gadgets. improvements to the a.i., and powers that voice assistant devices. you can also look out for the latest and greatest when it comes to self-driving cars. and if your 4 ktv isn't sharp nup, get ready for the 8-k revolution. they're looking into our pores. >> two major investors in apple
5:53 pm
make moves to help curb smartphone addiction among young people. the investors who control $2 billion in apple shares say they're concerned about the effects of devices and social media on kids. they cited studies and surveys that say heavy usage can negatively affect children's physical and mental health. they say it's a growing health crisis and want apple to develop software to help fight smartphone addiction. >> and we're proud to announce that nbc washington and telemundo working for you. today our parent company nbc universal announced the launch of something called project innovation. local nonprofits compete to win millions in grants if they can use technology to solve everyday problems. the grant applications will open on january 12th and the winners will be announced in march. for more information, just search project innovation in our nbc washington app.
5:54 pm
>> love that idea. hey, it's been a week since a man with dementia was last seen by his family. >> and now they are expanding that search. the clues that are leading them now out of prince george's county andnto other parts of i
5:55 pm
locally-owned novec keeps the power delivery system in tip-top shape throughout the year. that ensures novec customers enjoy dependable power. novec holds the record for the most reliable electric service in the region... and has for almost two decades. novec also uses proven technology and round-the-clock response to maintain one of the highest utility customer satisfaction ratings in the nation. novec. keeping you connected.
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we're still in weather alert as we approach 6:00, a mix of sleet and freezing rain falling in parts of the d-m-v. doug joins
5:57 pm
look at the potential for school delays tomorrow morning. and the trial is underway now in prince william county for a church youth group leader who is accused of sexual assault. jordan bared is accuse of having an inappropriate relationship with an under age girl in his congregation. this is the life church in manassas two years ago. he says he is innocent. the trial is expected to last for three days. family members are not giving up hope of finding a missing man with dementia. prince george's county police say that -- now say that daniel dehaven may have been picked up by someone as he walked along route 1. news4's justin finch explains how this development is impacting the man's family. >> reporter: we spoke with dehaven's family and volunteers. those volunteers met here at the firehouse before continuing on their search today, telling us they will be checking the beltsville area and also encouraging the public to keep their
5:58 pm
county. their plan today is to leave no lead unchecked as they continue their search for daniel dehaven. take a look now. he is 65 years old, stands about 5'9" ftc and has salt and pepper hair. he has dementia, nonverbal, but he will answer to his name which is danny. they, of course, have been in agony over the past almost week as he has been missing. they looked for him the second he vanished from that costco off baltimore avenue. however, over the weekend, volunteers did join in that search. and then on sunday came that lead from police. the family also calls credible that there may have been a sighting of dehaven in anne arundel high school in anne arundel county and he may have been dropped off from the route 1 area where he was last seen to the 800 block of annapolis road in gambrels by an unknown driver. we did ask dehaven's son ifhe
5:59 pm
arundel county area and they say that they do. and that may be why they want to take this lead extra seriously as they look for their father who has now been missing for almost a week. we have additional resources on our nbc washington app. the family also has an account set up on twitter and facebook to inform the public. in beltsville, i'm justin finch, news4. back in to you. >> news4 begins now with the storm team4. >> now at 6:00, a winter weather advisory for all of us as rain, freezing rain, and sleet impact the rush hour ride home. the big concern right now, ice on our roads. >> most major school districts making the call to dismiss students "early today" to get ahead of the system. now we're looking ahead for any potential school closings or delays tomorrow. >> our storm team4 by 4 has been tracking the evening commute for us. this is a live picture right now as they drive through the chevy chase area. so far no
6:00 pm
have had some issues. >> it is slick out there. our team coverage begins tonight with doug and amelia in storm center 4. guys? >> the good news here is we have seen the roads, main roads have been okay. but getting a lot more reports of secondary roads, parking lots, cars, and driveways and sidewalks that are really starting to ice up now. >> once the sun goes down and you lose that lack of heating, that's when you start to worry about refreeze and that's what we're hearing out there right now. especially on sidewalks and driveways. >> yeah, that could lead to possible delays tomorrow with some of the schools i think in our northwest zones. down to the south and east it has been well above freezing all day. however, even here, temperatures are going to start to come down. you see what's happening. this is where we have the freezing rain, sleet coming down across the area. it's mostly all rain toward the south and continues to be. part of the wider view here showing we're not quite done with the moisture just yet. we have more back to the west making its way on through here. we have a few more hours, and that's why the winter weather advisory continues until 9:00 tonight. but look at the numbers.


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